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Check out my reaction to BLACKPINK - 'How You Like That' M/V | COMEBACK REACTION!!!


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Angelo Cowan
Angelo Cowan 6 saatler önce
React to their partition dance video. Its lit🔥
Takarasu Huhi
Takarasu Huhi 6 saatler önce
Gangster In the area 😎
Alexsandro Oliveira
Alexsandro Oliveira 11 saatler önce
ricky fernaldi
ricky fernaldi 11 saatler önce
blackpink in your area.. always makes me fall in love with this girlgroup.. sounds like very effective branding🥳🥳
Chun Hong Yang
Chun Hong Yang 12 saatler önce
Have any HongKonger fans?
TeaTime 13 saatler önce
you fanboying over them is everything
Маргарита Караваева
Маргарита Караваева 15 saatler önce
I. O. I whatta man
Jordan Evum
Jordan Evum 16 saatler önce
"Bring out who??" Me:boss b**ch lol hahaha
kimtaev 19 saatler önce
this got too overhyped 💀
Jakkapan Arunvittayagun
Jakkapan Arunvittayagun Gün önce
OH....Patrice Latyr Evra
Manunu Girl
Manunu Girl Gün önce
Looks like this mv will be your highest reaction....oh yeah did you see Lisa’s gold tooth...loving it...❤️🌺
아틀란티스소년 Gün önce
국뽕이 차오르는구나
Shobhit Singh
Shobhit Singh Gün önce
Marion Corpus
Marion Corpus Gün önce
Lisa said, "Bring out the hostage"
Adyson D.
Adyson D. Gün önce
I love his energyyy💀🤣
Robin Murray
Robin Murray 2 gün önce
I jus ran across the making of the M/V. Check it out!
Eva Silverstorm
Eva Silverstorm 2 gün önce
How about you react to play Chung ha you'll love it
FiFo Squared
FiFo Squared 2 gün önce
Loved your reaction! Lool you should check ours out! We got our friends to react to it and it was mad 🙃🙃 Hit us up if you do🤙🏾
HS Garage
HS Garage 2 gün önce
Gotta do a throwback reaction to girls day-something
Usha Rawat
Usha Rawat 2 gün önce
Bris of the day (BRING OUT THE WHO)🤔
Diana Arana
Diana Arana 2 gün önce
Bring out the WHO?! lmao this video was so funny , love it
Glenda Antenor
Glenda Antenor 2 gün önce
i'm a Kdrama and my son is a kpop lover too. i would like you to please react to another rising group SB19 GO UP mv and dance practice where they landed top 5 in US Billboard Emerging artist..we would appreciate it much from SB19 fandom A'TIN
al-el 3 gün önce
jaja man you represent us i swear lml
Myung suk OH
Myung suk OH 3 gün önce
나만 한국인인가? 한국사람 손 ✋
Oppa Joon
Oppa Joon 3 gün önce
Hi guys!!! I do have a reaction video also in my channel and covers. About black pink. Please come to my channel and subscribe and like. Thank guys!!!!
sshar nawir
sshar nawir 3 gün önce
Please react toward Betrand Peto Putra Onsu " Apa salah dan Dosaku " music Video on MOP CHANEL :) Thank you broooo All the best. GBY!!!!!!
sshar nawir
sshar nawir 3 gün önce
Please react toward Betrand Peto Putra Onsu " Apa salah dan Dosaku " music Video on MOP CHANEL :) Thank you broooo All the best. GBY!!!!!!
Brittany Gidley
Brittany Gidley 3 gün önce
Lisa kills me ugh 😩 her little dance move she does too, she’s just the mother fucking queen 😍💜
Saraswati Batala
Saraswati Batala 3 gün önce
whatever rose is always best
F.T.P. TV 3 gün önce
Debora SC
Debora SC 3 gün önce
If you wanna know the very meaning of these video go to: This explains everything and what's happening right know in corea
mochafrappe80 4 gün önce
Coffin dance 🤣
Turya AS
Turya AS 4 gün önce
Sir,please react to Secret Number
StaN txT, BtS, AnD StrAy KiDz
StaN txT, BtS, AnD StrAy KiDz 4 gün önce
Omg but can we talk about how pretty jennie looks she so beautiful
Oumayma Elgharbi
Oumayma Elgharbi 4 gün önce
When it come to bris's reaction to blackpink the vues are crazy
Paulina☁️ 4 gün önce
If you don't understand much about the video and you think is a bit chaotic i recommend you to see this video, that explain a lot of things .
Shahrzad Alasvand
Shahrzad Alasvand 4 gün önce
Love you bris!! You're the best brother God bless you!
Shanuza Arumainayagam
Shanuza Arumainayagam 5 gün önce
Or you can see the box using letter cc in the video
Shanuza Arumainayagam
Shanuza Arumainayagam 5 gün önce
You can find English subtitles in setting
razan alrefai
razan alrefai 5 gün önce
Bring The Who?😂😂 Omg😂😂
ศุภิสรา ขําระหงษ์
ศุภิสรา ขําระหงษ์ 5 gün önce
Pls 🙏 reaction how u like that by bowky loion from thai plssss
Zero __xx
Zero __xx 5 gün önce
Same thought : that’s it ????
Gaby Ginzara
Gaby Ginzara 5 gün önce
I love the way you react the video..every video you have reacted you look so happy when it is lisa's part hahahaha i love u
Rùa Mix
Rùa Mix 5 gün önce
Reaction “ Co Chac Yeu La Day - Son Tung MTP “ Mv Hot , thank You please
Jade Brown
Jade Brown 5 gün önce
If you really think about it BlackPink is way more current than any of the other kpop stars out right now. Their style is super up to date, which means their team really works on producing them as being the well rounded and highly westernized group. It’s probably why they take so long releasing music. Even Lisa’s dancing in the second chorus, she’s doing hip hop moves that you see people doing today. “Bring Out The Boss Bitch,” is also an example of how they’re trying to be mainstream and appeal to a western audience, which naturally appeals globally. YG entertainment has their issues, but they’re pretty good at production
Catherine S
Catherine S 5 gün önce
2 things: 1) seeing bris absolutely whipped for Lisa gives me life 2) i haven’t seen this anywhere else, but that statue at the very beginning is a recreation of Nike of Samothrace, which depicts the winged goddess of victory, Nike. This song is about Blackpink rising above their haters. It’s about their victory. They won. you like that?
army souzan
army souzan 5 gün önce
This is rosé's area for me
wenasperrozuwu \\
wenasperrozuwu \\ 5 gün önce
Bring out tha whooooooo xD
K_ILL Weston
K_ILL Weston 6 gün önce
I always have similar opinions as him lol and man he's hot lol
Genesis Liddick
Genesis Liddick 6 gün önce
Hey Yol
Hey Yol 6 gün önce
Hi please react to SB19. They are a filipino boygroup from the Philippines under a korean entertainment but is promoting Ppop music. They are one of the many Kpop inspired groups in the world but I hope you’ll check them out. They are talented and I hope the world can also hear their music. They are the only Southeast asian group that is included in Billboard social 50 alongside other kpop groups. Hope you’ll give them a chance. Here is there Go up dance practice video where u can see their choreography. They write and choreograph their songs themselves. This is their korea times interview if you wanna know them I hope you will watch them. Thank u. Have a nice day^^
I AM BHATMAN 6 gün önce
Nobody: Not even Blackpink: Bris: she went gangsta
Alex Armanto Min 1306
Alex Armanto Min 1306 6 gün önce
Đẹp đấy????
reymart santiago
reymart santiago 6 gün önce
Bro can u react on this video...analysis/story of the BP MV.
Jenny Burg
Jenny Burg 6 gün önce
React to monster by red velvet!! Irene and seulgi
markhyuck are in love
markhyuck are in love 6 gün önce
jisoo looks amazing, they all do. godddd
IceQueen975 6 gün önce
You are totally sprung on Lisa and it's super adorable~
septimius the destroyer
septimius the destroyer 6 gün önce
Very impressed with this one good music :-)
Paisley Jeffcoat
Paisley Jeffcoat 6 gün önce
I'm tryna drink water my guy can't have me choking like thiisss
HitStep08 6 gün önce
Best reaction EVER!! 🤣🤣❤️
HaveYourWay 1984
HaveYourWay 1984 7 gün önce
please react to Jennie kim's mistreatment by her company and own fandom.
Rana magar
Rana magar 7 gün önce
the lyrics don't make sense the music is same a s ddu ddu ddu it sucks.
GUiDe GUiDe 7 gün önce
Jhonson Nawakama
Jhonson Nawakama 7 gün önce
Yow bruh, try to react fanfare by twice, and fever by jyp
Jacinta 7 gün önce
Pls pls pls react to Jae of DAY 6 new song called “Pacman” 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Ma Burke
Ma Burke 7 gün önce
Thank you Bris. The inordinate and irrational hate directed at Blackpink is beyond weird. If you like hip hop you appreciate elements of HYLT, both rap/song and dance, while those who don't only hear repetition apparently. I'm also looking forward to the new album and what I hope is a variety of songs. Thanks again for standing up to the haters.
Anannya Saxena
Anannya Saxena 7 gün önce
Guys honest reaction over here !! Bris you're so fake..
the_ verifiedfangirl
the_ verifiedfangirl 7 gün önce
It's pointless to argue with haters who insist their bias is better. But FACT is everyone may not acknowledge as they favor their bias. But ladies/gents #LISA will not be a mentor for no reason. Show a receipt first before you throw stones at her skills.
Shawn Yamaguchi
Shawn Yamaguchi 7 gün önce
BlackPink New Song! I Scream SO LOUD TO THIS SONG!
ming 8 gün önce
Please also react to AC Bonifacio How you like that Music video ... Tnx
United Differences
United Differences 8 gün önce
Best part is when he says "that's it?!" He was not ready for the song to end nor did we ❤️💜 Blackpink are Queens
Rodriguez Grocrigos
Rodriguez Grocrigos 8 gün önce
키야 국뽕 미쳤다
まさみ 8 gün önce
MH 27
MH 27 8 gün önce
Diamone Evans
Diamone Evans 8 gün önce
Every time he see Lisa I swear he starts drooling, or about to have a stroke!!!!! 😂😂😂
이용희 8 gün önce
당신의 컨텐츠는 나에게 최고다. 좀 더 많은 사람들에게 알리려 하는것도 존중한다. 그러니 우리 한국사람들도 당신을 알릴수 있도록 해주길 바란다. 한글자막도 넣어주길 간절히 바래!!
이용희 8 gün önce
Mounir ani me
Mounir ani me 8 gün önce
Best reaction
Meersha Mj
Meersha Mj 8 gün önce
Blinkersss 😍😍😍
Kpop JUNGKOOK 8 gün önce
*Am I the only one who can't take How You Like That's choreography seriously? No hate but LMAO*
Somi Li
Somi Li 8 gün önce
Can you react to JK and JM’s “Own It” choreo video? I don’t know if you’ve seen it or not (it’s pretty old) but it’s still pretty lit! 🔥🔥