Music Gear: What I’d Buy if I Had to Start Over

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Gabe Miller Music

Gabe Miller Music

Yıl önce

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I discuss the music gear I'd buy if I had to start my studio setup over from scratch, including software, hardware synths and grooveboxes, and recording equipment.
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My current favorite music production gear:
Novation Circuit:
Korg Electribe 2:
Roland MC-101:
Arturia MicroFreak:
ATH M40 headphones:

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Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music Yıl önce
I should specify that the MC-101 hasn't necessarily supplanted the Circuit, but come alongside it as my other favorite, if that makes sense. I still think the Circuit is the best choice for beginners and people looking to do live performance, but this video assumes that budget and a bit of minimalism are constraints. In that case, the MC-101's extra features make it make sense for me personally. But as it is, I'm very glad to have both, and I still use the Circuit and the 101 more than anything else.
Алексей Дроганов
Алексей Дроганов 10 aylar önce
Hello Gabe! All the people, who used earphones like yours using iphone earpods I guess🤔🙂What model of Panasonic you prefer more than iphone? Thank you
alexshdvideo 11 aylar önce
@Luminous Brilliance dumping into a DAW would be a HUGE deciding factor for me. Too many good choices.
Luminous Brilliance
Luminous Brilliance Yıl önce
Yeah Gabe, I think that it is bold that you actually recommend the Roland MC-101 for first best. Why? Because It will just let you dump all the tracks straight into any DAW with out workarounds. I just built a monster production A/V PC-and that alone would make me actually productive. To conclude, though-NOBODY buy anything-NAMM show is going down as we speak-the new Circuits look to be insane-and we haven't heard from Korg or Novation or Omigosh! :-) Peace!
Jeremy Hairston
Jeremy Hairston Yıl önce
The MC-101 is truly inspiring. The other day I made an entire track including drums,bass,synth,and vocal one shots entirely on track 1. Just for fun. Also the keystep 37 really takes the Roland sound library to the next level. I used the CC bank on the keystep to route 8 parameters from the 101. I can load a sound on the 101 and tweak resonance, decay, reverb, vibration depth etc all from the keystep. This creates a tactile heaven pairing these devices and eliminates some menu diving. The list of the 101 CC Channels can be found online and set in the keystep software. You only need to do this once. Great video and ideas!
Devin Lopez
Devin Lopez 11 aylar önce
thats awsome thanks for the tip
HoraceAndTheSpider Yıl önce
definitely an MC-101 convert here. I still go back to the Access Virus (and other synths) for depth in layers, but i've been incredibly impressed with the 101's versatility and the overall sound, and most important of all - it's fun.
Michael Moore
Michael Moore Yıl önce
I'd agree on Reaper for editing and mixing, but for creating, I prefer the Ableton / launchpad workflow. I also agree on Serum. Cool video topic to get you thinking. I picked up a 707 recently and it is so deep, it is going to take some time to wrap my head around it's potential. Like you said about the 101, the usb streaming is really powerful.
Dylan Paris
Dylan Paris Yıl önce
you get a lot of high quality output out of cheaper / lower tier hardware and software. It's super impressive and a sign of your ability with the craft.
Greg Dixson
Greg Dixson 10 aylar önce
Really liking your channel, tons of good info, and this guide helps a lot for starting over - Interestingly back in the day - we are talking 1990's :-s , I had the MC-303 Groovebox, MIDI synced to an Atari running Cubase.. After years of pricey DAWs and plugins, it seems things have come full circle :)
Luminous Brilliance
Luminous Brilliance Yıl önce
Ah-great post Gabe. I am shopping for a second sampler/synth widget to complement my Circuit/Microfreak current config. The Microfreak is just pure joy in a box-the only synth as powerful I can think of the old school Oberheim Matrix-1000 from 1987 (!). For people shopping controllers- the Arturias are all utterly fantastic build quality, as well-I enjoy just looking at them. But as to the Mashine's-I've really been tempted by the budget Maschine-just to get into their ecosystem and get all of those factory samples. The Maschine+ is spendy for what hardware it represents-but it is standalone...I'd wait for a Maschine ++ or a push or MPC Live if I was going to go all in for a monster Live performance rig. But eh, I'm a newb. Microfreak is God-like-I'm really tempted to just get two and call it done-that would be left hand/right hand for the crazy Buchla keyboards. :-)
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 10 aylar önce
Gabe's knowledge and presentation = great. The Midnight tee locked me into a subscribe. Anyone with this type of info and data AND taste is someone to follow.
Jason Dukes
Jason Dukes 2 aylar önce
Gabe, these are great videos, excellent subjects, excellent quality with a good deal of humour thrown in. well done mate and keep them coming.
couchcamper Yıl önce
Hi Gabe, if I lost all my stuff I would start over with a Korg Monologue, I love that little synth. The Microfreak would be in my "tier 2" as you named it. My then lost Keystep and Beatstep Pro would get replaced by the Keystep Pro, my M-Audio Oxygene 49 and Roland RS-70 would be very hard to replace, that would be a severe loss. Hard to find these days, and the more current Oxygenes are not as good by miles, and other Roland products are also not convincing. (Imho) They took the RS-70 off the market after one year and replaced it with the Juno, which has a few more Juno sounds I don't need but a comparingly limited sequencer, it's also been way more expensive, and still is, because of the "Juno" in the name. My PC is an old, used Office Hewlett-Packard Intel Dual Core for 60 bucks from ebay with Reaper and a 19" HD TFT for the same price. Sounds not impressive, but it works fine for me. I would try to get something similar. My interface is the Behringer 1820 and I would probably get it again, or save up for a multitrack USB mixer from Presonus or the likes. It would be ideal for a hybrid hardware and DAW setup, the interface solution lacks faders.
OttoNL Yıl önce
If I lost everything in a fire I'd get MC-101, a Keystep and a Precision Bass. There's plenty more I'd like, the Mono Station is the coolest mono synth, but just the MC could do 90% of the things I want to do. And I just love the P-Bass. Oh yeah and $50 AKG headphones, tend to be pretty neutral too.
MichaelY Yıl önce
Couldn't agree more on the keystep. Absurdly interactive, fun, and capable device for the size and cost.
Radek Pilich
Radek Pilich Yıl önce
@OttoNL That's great. It's my first / only mono synth. I agree with your assessment, although I would like it much better if there was second envelope / LFO and more mod destinations. The sequencer automation is nice to have, it's just that I miss additional fast modulation for sound design purposes and cannot really dive deep enough to be fully engaged by it.
OttoNL Yıl önce
Firstly the sound and the Circuit like workflow, both are excellent. But also how you can chain up to 16 1 bar patterns together and while that 256 step loop is running you can automate every single parameter on the synth, you have a powerful mod matrix, you can even automate those mod matrix parameters. It's absolutely insane. On top of that you have a pretty rad 'mod sequencer'. It's so much synth for the money, not even Behringer could touch that bang for the buck. Can't think of any analog mono under $400 that's so cram packed full of features and it's not just gimmicks or features you use every now and then. If you don't want to get rythmic or glitchy you can use the automation as 40+ lfo's. Sort of. (They do repeat every time the sequence chain loops, so not like you can emulate free running lfo's). Edit: Typo's.
Radek Pilich
Radek Pilich Yıl önce
Why do you adore CMS so much?
elsanto productora
elsanto productora Yıl önce
I would love a device with the sound engine and build quality of the mc101 but with the opz's interface and workflow. The Mc is great but the menu diving drives me nuts. A keystep pro with an ipad is a great starting point too. Thanks for the video!
baltimorebjj Yıl önce
Good video. I'm looking at the Microfreak or Model Cycles as an external sound module for my dawless MPC Live based setup. People sleep on MPCs because the workflow is a little different, but when you understand what you can do with the current gen it's amazing. Similar to Machine+, but with more affordable offerings.
Luminous Brilliance
Luminous Brilliance Yıl önce
The Microfreak, man! It's stupidly powerful-very Thicc! ;-p
Mayhew Music
Mayhew Music Yıl önce
I agree the Roland MC-101 is good as a sound module, eg just playing the sounds via midi from another device, as it has a wide range of sounds and small size
My Mockumentary
My Mockumentary Yıl önce
The circuit is great as a real digital synth, but I never got on well with it. One friend really loves the circuit, and is super nerdy with it. I find the 101 far easier to access a song structure. It definitely lacks as a synth, but.... under the hood of the 101 it's pretty much infinite. I agree that the 101 is a great start. In my opinion. A great start is the 101, a mono analogue synth, and a poly digital synth. I'm a bit old school and use Samplitude 11 (it has object editing which for me makes it a powerhouse of sound manipulation)
Rani Osnat
Rani Osnat Yıl önce
Props on the Sony RX100. I have the mark II myself, the quality you get is superb and it does depth of field shots really well.
chaocrator Yıl önce
if i had to start from scratch, i would do exactly the same what i have - a solid groovebox, a bunch of tiny synths to pair with the groovebox in various combinations, and a recording mixer to record jams OTB. did not mention a laptop, because i assume everyone has it, but would get two different DAWs for jobs of different kinds - Bitwig for producing & Mixbus for mixing/mastering.
Rory Sparshott
Rory Sparshott Yıl önce
This is by far the most criminally undersubscribed channel on TRshow.
Luminous Brilliance
Luminous Brilliance Yıl önce
Yup-this is my favorite EDM tutorial site. :-)
Rory Sparshott
Rory Sparshott Yıl önce
@Gabe Miller Music Subbed!
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music Yıl önce
I have one, I just don't promote it much!
Rory Sparshott
Rory Sparshott Yıl önce
Please get a Patreon so we can throw money at you
Hod Sarid
Hod Sarid Yıl önce
Hey Gabe been following for some time ! Always fun to watch your vids 😌 I’ve been planning for some time to start my own channel with some music and tutorials etc. would love to see a detailed video about how you would recommend on starting a TRshow channel from scratch! Referencing gear from audio to video and how to edit and upload including file formats and do on. And most important- the work flow , how much time does it take to create a video? What is your daily routine in creating and keeping the channel up and running? Tnx again s as no cheers from Tel Aviv
Hod Sarid
Hod Sarid Yıl önce
@Gabe Miller Music tnx for the info! Really helps to kinda think about it . Sounds like I should aim to clear a couple more hours weekly for editing, I am already at the studio everyday now and gear wise I’m already there I think . Anyway, any kind of “behind the scenes “ video will be much appreciated! Cheers
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music Yıl önce
Really glad you're digging the videos! I should probably do a full video on the process at some point, but in the meantime, I can say this... The video creation process varies wildly in terms of time spent, depending on the format of the video. "Talking head" style videos like this one or videos where I walk through how I made a song are fairly quick to film and edit, probably under a day of work. Video essay style videos take a bit longer, and I usually spend a good amount of time mulling a topic over in my head before even writing an outline or hitting record. As for daily routine, at the moment, I set aside a couple of evenings a week to tinker with music stuff and work on video outlines and thumbnails. I batch film stuff on weekends (usually 2-3 hour sessions), and typically set aside extra time on weekend mornings to take on bigger musical projects. Those musical projects get directly turned into videos. I edited all of my own videos for a long time, but in the last year, I brought on my friend Ian to edit them, and he takes a cut of the channel revenue.
Magnus Lööv
Magnus Lööv Yıl önce
Got into (more) hardware (again) a year ago and have bought some Synths. What I have learnt and regretted are (at least) two things: 1. A Synth that can't store sounds. Behringer Model D. I will never buy any more Behringer Clones of classic hardware no matter how great they sound since I find it unusable if you have to take a photo of the patch you have made and manually tweak it back again! To add to the "problem" with it I also have bought Synapse Audio Legend as a Reason RE (I use it in Cubase as a rack plugin.) and it sounds extremely close. In addition to that it is polyphonic, can store sounds (Duh!) AND as a Reason RE it has become modular with several ways of patching it from other devices! (And itself). So I will sell Model D. The real small knobs on the Behringer also makes the point of hands on tweaking less of problem. I have a Behringer BCR-2000 controller with really big knob (the one with endless knobs with led lights around them) and the hands on experience is actually better with it in combination with the Legend than the real Model D! 2. An analog polyphonic Synth that actually don't sound better or give me anything "extra" compared to the best VST-i;s/Reason RE:s I already have. I'm talking about Korg Minilogue Xd. I will sell that one too. What have I learnt from these "wrong purchases"? Well, the hardware I WILL keep are hardware Synths that have a special type of sound I can't get (Easy) with softsynths in the DAW , that have patch storage and some even integration with DAW (like a VST for Uno Synth). Also good if it has some really neat unique ways of controlling them and if they get updates. So I will keep Arturia Microfreak, which is unique in so many ways, plus the neat vocoder. Extremely funny and quick to tweak some wildly different great and crazy sounds! The Arturia Uno SYnth that just sounds great and with patch storage plus VST-integration. Behringer TD-3 which you can very easily make/control sequencing on the computer, either via the editor or directly in the DAW (where it can send accents and glides when you record with midi keyboard). In addition to that I will buy the new Korg BCR-32 when it gets released. THat is an updated BCR-2000. I'm really into great controllers and some of the knobs and buttons on my old BCR are broken. In addition to that it doesn't work with USB-midi with Windows 10 anymore (Win XP was the last OS that it worked in). What I really didn't regret was buying another used Synth workstation, the old Yamaha Motif 6, from 2001. It has the best keybed of all Synths and works fantastic as an overall "Master Keyboard controller" where you can do splits/layers that sends on 4 separate midi channels (among other things). In addition to that it actually have some decent sounds in itself and you can use audio in to pass some external sounds through the, actually, great sounding multi effects (I think there are 90 of them in total). I bought it for peanuts (less than the price of the Microfreak) Another thing I bought two years ago is Crumar Mojopedals (midi Bass pedals) and a Behringer FCB 1010 midi foot controller(With loads of switches/pedals and two "real" pedals). Yeah, both my feets and my both hands are occupied with four different devices at a time (have a Yamaha Dx7 and two other midi keyboards too. Yeah, I'm really, really into the early 2000:s Behringer midi controllers. Hands AND foot on experience with real-time playing/tweaking is what its all about! Playing as much at the same time (chords with left hand for chord pads and arpeggiators, lead with right, bass with left foot, sustain/Holding(for arps and leads and low hold sounds) and patch switching with right foot (Behringer FCB1010) and with total control of everything is making the music making/playing as fun as possible! But it has taken me years to get there (the setup, what to get, how to use it/play with it(the arpeggio/pad sustainpedal holding and patch switching) /setting up everything for my own "Super multis" (both external and also in Cubase) to get that instant starting point with everything going on at the same time (a complete big part of a backbone of a song can be played/recorded in real time). You can work extremely fast that way and you also will have much less of a problem with "loop fatigue" since you get as much as possible of a "sketch" of multiple instruments in at the get go! And, frankly, also practising to get better at playing (learnt to play an electric organ when I was 5 so that's where the foot-work and playing different keyboards/manuals comes in. But got lazy before going into this setup. And my feet hadn't also been doing any work for decades!) But the practise and investment in setting this up payed back for me. Having a total blast with it now!
GeorgeL909 Yıl önce
If I had to start over and my budget was 1g usd max, I'd go Polyend tracker + yamaha reface Dx + volca drum. Out of those I only have the dx, but the Polyend functions as a sampler+tracker groovebox, dx is a midi controller and super fun fm synth, and the volca drum is a cheap drum machine to sample from and feed the Polyend. I guess the drum machine is interchangeable with other stuff, but the volca is tiny, cheap, and flexible. Then I would resample and layer everything for functionally infinite sounds
Solaris 5 aylar önce
Thanks for this video! I am about to get the 707 (yeah, the big boy) and ATH-M50X. Two questions: 1) Do I even need an extra interface in my case? 2) How many samples are offered in your 5$ package?
Solaris 5 aylar önce
Just spotted it, 200+, sounds good! I will play with the huge on-board library first and then add your samples. Thanks and keep on rocking, Gabe 👍
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music 5 aylar önce
1. Nope, you won't! 2. I don't remember off the top of my head, but it should be listed on the sales page for the pack.
JC Olano
JC Olano Yıl önce
Gabe, bec of your videos on MC-101 I bought that wicked groovebox I am still learning but really enjoying. But also I am still wanting to try the original Novation Circuit. That being said, any chance discussing those leaked new versions of the Circuits, and discuss/speculate what can we expect from the pictures that was posted? I am hoping everyone buys it so the prices of the original goes really cheap 2nd hand 😁. Carry On! You are doing good stuff!
Porterville Music Society
Porterville Music Society Yıl önce
Been following for about a month and I love your videos. Thank you for your work.
Limestrael 9 aylar önce
Aaaaah, Vital is mentioned :) Also the Tracktion Waveform 11 free edition seems as feature-rich as Reaper, but maybe you'd want to do a more in-depth comparison.
Jason Thorpe
Jason Thorpe Yıl önce
You forgot to say that sometimes if you get the Novation stuff you get a copy of the "lite" Ableton DAW, which could help beginners. I think I've had about 3-5 copies of that now which is great for learning. Also totally agree with the Microfreak that is a great synth for learning and sound design.
Jason Thorpe
Jason Thorpe Yıl önce
@Gabe Miller Music Completely and if they do another one I will probably buy that within the first few weeks. :)
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music Yıl önce
True that! I definitely have no regrets about the Circuit being my first groovebox, although I didn't use the Ableton Lite because I was using Logic at the time. I still think the Circuit is the best option for a lot of beginners, and it's proven itself to be plenty deep to grow into.
I totally agree with that MC-101 choice and thanx for the DaVinci tip. :)
Andrew Small
Andrew Small 11 aylar önce
Right now I just have Circuit and Reface CS. I think I will add the Reface CP and Circuit Tracks and maybe eventually Circuit Mono Station and I'm not sure i would really need anything else.
Jeremy Landry
Jeremy Landry Yıl önce
I would advise against the cycle for your drum synth and get digitone instead. It can do everything the cycles can do and so much more. It's probably the best sounding drum synth I've ever used which is funny because most folks seem to use it for ambient sounds. I suppose that's fine since it's just a 'general synth' in which you basically get two oscillators formed out of various FM sounds, but because of that it's ridiculously versitile when it comes to drums. I've made accoustic sounding drums with velocity sensitivity changes as well as hard edged super huge dancy snares and a million and a half other kinds of percussion sounds. The cycles doesn't exactly cover all bases in this regard and I feel like if you settled on that, you'd constantly be further editing the output in a wave editor rather than just sampling raw and dropping right into your song, which I think is just more fluid for working with a synth. Anyway. Good vid. I had a 707 and downgraded to a 101 since for a sketchpad the 707 doesn't make sense for the size it is, though having direct access to the zencore synth is nice, there's plenty that can be done with what's available on the 101 and I must say just chilling out in my car making tunes on this thing is something I could never do with the 707. I know the car isn't the main space anyone makes music, but that option being there is just spectacular. I think the 101 is what the electribe II should have been. It's a shame it doesn't have audio in jacks for sampling, but that's just a minor issue compared to the fun this little box provides.
ajarnsteele Yıl önce
agree on the Reaper, it has been my go to DAW for ages.
Antoine Guilbeault
Antoine Guilbeault Yıl önce
Damn we don't have the same experience! (and it's totally fine) I don't even have a groovebox yet and been producing for few years. I would personally recommend a nice audio interface and a quality pair of headphones first. It's really annoying to have to upgrade those down the line so I wouldn't recommend cheaping on those. I would get a few nice plugins with a midi controller and than jump into synths and grooveboxes
John Booze
John Booze Yıl önce
Gabe, have you tried FL Studio? Lifetime updates for $200 seems like a great deal. Many examples of professionals using it, too. Trying it out could be great content for a future video. I believe there’s a free trial version so wouldn’t cost anything. If you end up pursuing this I’d recommend checking out the tutorial videos by In The Mix to quickly get up to speed.
shitmandood Yıl önce
I've bought a bunch of gear over the past 3-5 years, but a lot of it hasn't seen much action. If I had to do it again, I'd probably just stick with a DAW and sample packs. I've done my best work so far with a DAW and sample packs. Everything I've tried with sequencers is nice, but they're very machine-like sounding and pretty much sound like everything you've already heard all over TRshow and elsewhere. It won't stand out from the pack. I might be able to make use of the existing gear I have to produce my own sample packs for the music I make, but I doubt it'll generate interesting music if programmed. I'm also a guitarist, so I'd have to have a guitar and an amp, as well as the DAW and the computer. I've recently got the new Polyend Tracker, but I can see it'll probably take me a long time to make use of it, despite the fact that it promotes quick music creation. Every DAW also makes the claim you can build music fast, but I haven't found quick music creation to be worthwhile. The creativity is really kicking in for me when I have to push my way into something interesting and I'm not sure how it'll end up. It might be my next favorite piece or it could end up in the blooper reel. Tier 1 would probably be: Kiesel HH2 custom, Kemper Profiler, Bitwig, TAL Sampler, VCV Rack, a small MIDI keyboard or pads, and specific sample packs from Loopmasters. Fortunately, most of the software you buy you can re-download from their websites with your account, so you can't really lose your software like you can your hardware. I really appreciate the details about your video setup. I'll probably look into getting a camear similar to yours and using the video software. I'm interested in understanding it and making use of it to have something to look at with the music I make (not really interested in YouTubing).
Corey Bramwell
Corey Bramwell 8 aylar önce
for the DAW id go with ableton live suite 11 and the push 2. the integration is next to none.
Alfred Dawson
Alfred Dawson Yıl önce
Yay on the MC-101 Pick!!!! 15 years ago when I got into music production I got the Roland Fantom, which was the closest thing to the MC-101 in 2005. Lol
Greg Dixson
Greg Dixson 10 aylar önce
mine was the MC-303 - the first groovebox 1997. belongs in a museum :) wish I still had it :(
Mark Kenney
Mark Kenney 11 aylar önce
The MPC X, Live, or One can replace all but the monitoring speakers/headphones, with the One's cost not too much more than the MC-101, especially for true home studio practitioners and those not making their living via music production. Even the basics you mention can run into the thousands in cost. The MPC's can record audio, are great samplers, come with great samples built in, has built in synths, and effects galore. if your main goal is making music, not buying gear, the MPC series is highly recommended.
RoxieRedwood Yıl önce
I don't even know anything about this topic. I just enjoy hearing people discuss stuff they're passionate about. Either that, or the singing mushrooms sent me. Beep boop.
citruesilver Yıl önce
I would choose for Tier 1: Novation Launchkey Mini MK3 with Ableton Lite included and a Roland MC101, some free Synths and cheap Panasonic Headphones. Tier 2: Upgrade Ableton Live, some mid tier studio monitors and headphones, a mid tier audio interface and a Modal Argon Synth. Tier 3: Upgrade Ableton Live again, Novation 61SL-MK3, Arturias V-Collection and a Roland Tr-8S...
Joe Herbert
Joe Herbert 4 aylar önce
Mad props for plugging Reaper! I personally prefer Renoise. Which is not for everyone. If you need a daw and don't want to go with the big expensive ones - check out Reaper and Renoise. They are fully capable, and both less than $100/license!
OffestKings25 Yıl önce
How do you feel about the Novation Launch-key mk3? I was tight on money and I am just starting.
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music Yıl önce
It's definitely a good option if you want something to control DAW stuff! I personally really enjoy standalone devices, but having something with hands on control of a DAW is definitely a priority as well.
Citizen of Earth
Citizen of Earth 10 aylar önce
I'm an FL Studio user, pay once and update free for the rest of life. I have bought Arturia's Pigments 2 as my main soft synth (will combine that with Vital Synth too). If going the software way I'd definitely invest in a biiiiig display. Also, the CPU should be the best you can afford.
alexshdvideo 11 aylar önce
Too many good choices out there right now.. You basically just gave me some ideas for a question I just asked on one of your other videos.. (hahaha). But new Novation and new Rolands around the corner this list might be adjusted. I like my Native Instruments M32 midi (USB) keyboard and Komplete Kontrol. Cheap and good. Native Instruments plug ins 50% off in Summer usually so only buy then unless you have a project you need to get out and a plug in on their store you need then. On a Mac and Ableton is recommended, but it’s expensive, Ill probably just go Logic Pro. I see that Logic is working with Novation Launch (Not just with Ableton). I do have a Roland VT-4 (live hardware effects for voice). And I love my JBL 308 powered monitors with Peavy USB to XLR interface ($50?). Super clean.. I mean SUPER CLEAN! No 60 cycle hum with XLR from USB. Get JBL monitors when on sale.. if they are not when your looking and you can wait.. then wait.. other monitors are good.. but JBL is a industry known standard, and these JBL’s are pretty good 8” XLR input so so so vital. RCA is ok.. 1/8 or 1/4 is terrible.. I may convert my Strat to XLR and bypass the 1/4 just to get cleaner audio. But obviously if your playing live, no one cares... With the new Novation Rhythm and new Roland direct competition to new Rhythem Performer... ???? Lots of good options under $500. Anyway I personally am looking for some gear like a groove box and possible synth that can work and experiment on their own but can also send easily to a DAW to develop later.. sometimes use computer sometimes while computer is busy or I just don’t want to look at it.. just sit on the couch or bed and experiment.
Wilderness Music
Wilderness Music Yıl önce
Studio's are highly personal, it would be nice if you addressed the range of music genre's you intend to record. Also many studio's are designed around whether you are an accomplished musician, master of an instrument, or a tweaker who has a mastery of music, but not an instrument. Because a full sized keyboard is missing, I can assume it is not a studio scenario I would want at all.
Alfred Sterphone, III
Alfred Sterphone, III 8 aylar önce
You didn’t mention the OP-1, during your tier 3 ruminations. Curious if you still use it. Cheers!
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music 8 aylar önce
If I was starting over, I probably wouldn't buy it now. I honestly don't use it much, although I do bring it out every now and again. I'm really glad I bought it when I did though (before the price gouging).
Ismael Florentino
Ismael Florentino 7 aylar önce
Hey Gabe, now that the Circuit Tracks and the Verselab are out, do you still pick the MC-101 first?
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music 7 aylar önce
Assuming I'd have to go for months with only one device, yeah I'd say so. It's super feature packed but super portable and compact. Although I'd probably get a Circuit Tracks soon afterwards if I had to start over.
Beatagonia Dawless
Beatagonia Dawless 11 aylar önce
What do you think about the Korg Minilogue and Minilogue xd as entry level synths for, maybe, rank two of this list?
Beatagonia Dawless
Beatagonia Dawless 11 aylar önce
I mean, I just recently discovered your channel (it's awesome!) and I didn't yet saw a video of you talking about minilogue stuff. I'm curious about your opinion on that.
David Holmes
David Holmes Yıl önce
Have you contacted Roland to see if they’ll give you an MV-1 to review?
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music Yıl önce
I'm working something out to get my hands on one, although I might have to wait a bit.
Sam Madden
Sam Madden Yıl önce
I'd get a used 6 string bass and an Akai mpc one
Creating Space
Creating Space 3 aylar önce
Good job. Do you have some equipment to send me so I can get started? I can only pay in installments. Working towards a more happy life on a budget and music makes me happy.
Eric Hanuise
Eric Hanuise Yıl önce
Interesting to see that there is no keyboard in the list. Of course the MC101 pads somehow are keys, but a 25 - 61 keys keyboard with pads and knobs is nice for play and tweak DAW or synth parameters
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music Yıl önce
Yeah, I forgot to mention that in the beginning I'd also use the MC-101 as a midi controller. But yeah if I was starting from scratch I'd probably get something by Arturia or maybe Akai in levels 2 or 3.
Mikael Schwartz
Mikael Schwartz 11 aylar önce
That The Midnight t-shirt!
Sam Madden
Sam Madden Yıl önce
Gabe who do we need to email to get you an Akai MPC one? Seems really cheap for an Daw in a box
Morty Mcfly
Morty Mcfly Yıl önce
I was thinking the same. I got a 101 & I've hardly touched it. I'm tempted to sell it and get the MPC one but, Gabe seems to know his stuff though and loves it. Ig I just gotta put some time into it.
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music Yıl önce
I'd definitely like to give one a go at some point!
Michael Cozine
Michael Cozine Yıl önce
The Midnight rules. Great video.
Doc Bolus
Doc Bolus Yıl önce
Hhhhmmm, makes me think, been playing with studio stuff again for about a year now, and my main tools I have bought in that time. Might have to do a video on why I bought what I did, and if I would change anything.
Florian Rachor
Florian Rachor 7 aylar önce
How times change. Microfreak is now around 100€ more expensive and basically not possible to get anymore anywhere. Everyone who has one can count himself lucky.
Gerald Adamson
Gerald Adamson Yıl önce
Gabe, why do you need the portability of the Mc-101? Do you ever produce outside of your studio?
Alan Campbell
Alan Campbell Yıl önce
My best work is done in the bathroom
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music Yıl önce
Before COVID, I produced music in cafes and generally out and about all the time. I really miss it.
GarFlips Yıl önce
I advise folks all the time though I don't have a voice on a channel currently. I'm not going to knock the choices you make they're all valid and coming from experience, but what about this: besides the computer you need an audio MIDI interface, at least one decent mic and I'd put my money into a controller, perhaps one with drum pads and weighted action if we are talking about a keyboardist used to that. Then I'd just put my money into Reaper or another inexpensive DAW and then some free VST synths and effects. Then I'd get two or three paid VST that fit the genre one is looking for and their experience level as a patch designer or preset user. After this I'd see if there was budget left over for a Microfreak or one of the bBehringer clones, etc. Just my $0.03. (Note wherever I say VST you can substitute AU for Mac compatibility depending on the DAW)
Rian Trost
Rian Trost Yıl önce
If I was going dawless, I'd go OP-Z and Keystep 37. If I wanted to go the DAW route, I'd have to go with a used Maschine MK3 and a Keystep 37. I think I'd eventually always want to add in a SP-404sx, and then a Zoia, Organelle or a Poly Beebo. If I was on a serious budget, I'd get a used PO-33.
FuZZbaLLbee Yıl önce
Recently got an OP-Z and ik can do most things my other gear can. So would get something like that and a keystep37
Rian Trost
Rian Trost Yıl önce
I started with the SP-404sx, then added the OP-Z and Keystep... and have been adding from there.... adding too much, honestly.
FuZZbaLLbee Yıl önce
@Gabe Miller Music Yeah 101 seems cool too. I started with a Circuit but always whished it had an extra synth, one for lead, one base and one for pad sounds
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music Yıl önce
That definitely makes sense. I just went for the 101 over the OP-Z because I know it really well and it does exactly what I want it to do, but I've heard some fantastic stuff made with the OP-Z. The keystep would definitely allow some expandability as well.
Migraine Gainn
Migraine Gainn Yıl önce
If you were building from nothing the MC707 would probably be better because of the audio inserts, more controls and better screen. Still divey, but not quite as bad. You could run one stereo and 2 mono instruments into that (and it's great effects section) and still leave 4 channels for it's onboard sounds or samples.
Migraine Gainn
Migraine Gainn 5 aylar önce
@Solaris the latest update on the mpc range has upped their value as a standalone considerably, but I still prefer the workflow on the 707.
Solaris 5 aylar önce
Exactly my point, I think the 707 at least should have deserved to get mentioned in your T3 list, you can get it for $600 on ebay and still be somewhat mobile with a powerbank + ripcord/birdcord. Also can act als audio interface, saving another $150 and expanded with the TR6S (which has ACB and less menu-pain that the MC101)
Migraine Gainn
Migraine Gainn Yıl önce
@Gabe Miller Music valid points.. :) I do really like my 101. I've recently been using it powered from an MPC live and it adds a whole other sonic dimension to that beastie. 'Before The Couff' I had powered my 707 off a power bank with a RipCord, so while it's not exactly 'pocket sized' it's still possible.
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music Yıl önce
It would definitely be a great option, but I do really like how portable the 101 is. Pre-rona I would work on music in cafes a lot and that's a lot more doable with a 101. Plus it's less expensive and therefore easier to recommend.
Max Powers
Max Powers Yıl önce
What are the novation rumors? I haven't heard much since the last circuit firmware update.
Matt French
Matt French Yıl önce
Two new Circuits on the way, apparently; Rhythm and Tracks
BEASTO Yıl önce
love u rocking the midnight shirt :) epic band :)
Garry Bartlett
Garry Bartlett Yıl önce
In the first five mind you have already spent enough money to buy a standard version of ableton... Not sure who this video is for...someone starting out..? Someone restarting...? Tier one has hardware...? Tier Two involves headphones and a synth... So at tier one, you have no way to hear what your doing... Tier one should be simple as fuck, Daw, apcmini or similar, monitors/headphones...
Garry Bartlett
Garry Bartlett Yıl önce
@Gabe Miller Music well that does make sense... I didn't know you channel looked more at hardware...
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music Yıl önce
You're right, it makes sense for a lot of people to start with a DAW like Reaper or Ableton and then get something to control it. However, my channel puts an emphasis on hardware, especially standalone music production stations. I and a lot of my regular viewers have gotten pretty attached to that style of working, so if I had to start my gear collection over, I'd want to get back into that world as quickly as possible. This video is not necessarily a direct recommendation for everyone, but should hopefully give some insight into how I'd think about buying gear with more experience and intentionality based on how I like to work, rather than just buying stuff without knowing what to look for.
Sister Rose
Sister Rose Yıl önce
IMO For cheap Headphones JVC Flats do really well
shane blyth
shane blyth Yıl önce
Bitwig I just got it after logic and Ableton . Nice
eaman 9 aylar önce
Aye, I'm 50 years old and Reaper is so antiquated that I lolled hearing a kid using that.
Martin Aylar önce
Budget Panasonic Headphones started teens music production since early 90' :D
Metaldude X
Metaldude X 11 aylar önce
I’ve never heard of photopea before. Thanks the recommendation.
John Billington
John Billington Yıl önce
Such Blasphemy from the Novation Circuit cult leader! Very surprised at the MC-101 pick... I’m still working on my Circuit chops (hat tip to your old tutorials) and have been avoiding watching your 101 videos because I don’t want more Synth FOMO.
John Billington
John Billington Yıl önce
@Gabe Miller Music No fence sitting Gabe! You should wear a Roland shirt for the next video 😂. Kidding aside - yes that all makes sense. Looking forward to more vids... regardless of the hardware.
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music Yıl önce
I'm still a hardcore Circuit fanboy, and still absolutely recommend it for a lot of people. But yeah the 101 has grown on me a lot, partially because of its sound, but mostly because of its features and how they're implemented in a device this small and relatively inexpensive. The video that marked the change was the updated review of the 101 I put out a couple of months ago, but that's not to say it's supplanted the Circuit. It's just taken its place alongside it, rather than below it, if that makes sense. And in the confines of this video, I made the assumption that, if I was starting over, I'd be trying to work within a budget and a slightly minimalist philosophy, so the 101 would give me a couple of extra features that would fit perfectly with my current needs. Hope that all makes sense! I've got more Circuit videos on the way next week, I've been trying to cycle through devices and it's been a bit to juggle, especially since I run this channel in my spare time. I have to go with what I feel like working with as well as what I think people want to see. And I don't necessarily want to pigeonhole myself as just "the Circuit guy," although that will likely change whenever Novation lets us know what's going on the the new stuff.
shitmandood Yıl önce
Yeah I was really surprised to see him pushing the MC-101 after seeing such devotion to the Circuit even just 11-12 months ago. I haven't seen the video that caused the switch, or perhaps there was boredom with the device or was it GAS?
Kyle Gaywood
Kyle Gaywood Yıl önce
can't help but laugh that we're wearing the same shirt today.
Vectrex Boy
Vectrex Boy Yıl önce
Sold my Synthstrom Deluge to get a MC-101 ;-)
Kose Moja
Kose Moja Aylar önce
Im sending the alesis drum pad back and getting the novation circuit track
danharris 9 aylar önce
PANASONIC EARBUDS HA! I use the $15 sony earbuds from walmart, those wires are indestructible. Agreed.. I've been using them for over a decade and I know exactly how the sound translates. so ya, mix / master between proper monitor headphones/speakers... but always cross-reference in the truck and on a jog with my little sonys.
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music 9 aylar önce
In this case, I'm counting the MC-101 as that, since it can work as a midi controller as well and I'm assuming a really bare bones setup in the beginning. But yeah I do have a proper keyboard controller and it's super nice to have.
danharris 9 aylar önce
i forgot, with your daw you gotta have a cheap 2 or 3 octave midi controler.
Liam Moore
Liam Moore Yıl önce
microfreak or minilogue xd for first hardware synth?
shitmandood Yıl önce
@Yuzuki1337 I wish Korg would license the Noise Engineering algorithms to put those sounds into the Minilogue XD (I own one), but for weird noises, I can use VCV Rack. I also own Reason 11 and all of the Noise Engineering rack extensions, so I have a substitute for the Microfreak (of course I'd still like to have a Microfreak one day).
Yuzuki1337 Yıl önce
The minilogue xd is an insane synth for the money and definitely on my top 3 list of first synth recommendations (the other two being the Roland JD-Xi and the Korg Volca Keys) - if you can afford the price go for it, you certainly won't sell it any time soon.
Liam Moore
Liam Moore Yıl önce
@Gabe Miller Music microfreak being $500 cheaper than the korg is very tempting. Do you think I could get more of an analogue feel out of the korg due to the analog vco's that I couldn't get on the microfreak? Might eventually get both and sell the one I prefer the least
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music Yıl önce
Either will be great, versatile options. The MicroFreak has a reputation for being a bit weirder and having lots of modulation and potential for chaos.
Robert Steinberger
Robert Steinberger Yıl önce
dont buy the volca keys, if you change a note it gives a small crack. It is worth the money but not more than that. Go for the behringer crave, microbrute, neutron or pro one or something, if you have money go for the odyssey or even minilogue xd......
Trey Hudson
Trey Hudson Yıl önce
How are you not peeing your pants over the Verselab?! I wish Novation would slap some keys and screen(s) on a Circuit or shove the Circuit engines into a Push. As for using Circuit in your DAW, I've seen your approach. Could you not record the solo tracks through the whole pattern bank? Or are you trying to get realtime track recording? Maybe the latter could be done with a firmware update?
Trey Hudson
Trey Hudson Yıl önce
Maybe we should build our own groovebox?
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music Yıl önce
It looks awesome, I just haven't had a chance to properly look into it yet. But I'm loving how much Roland is pushing the groovebox world forward lately. My actual entry into the standalone hardware world was the Circuit and I've always preferred to use it self contained and use it for live jamming when possible. The soloing method I showed definitely works and isn't much of a pain, but I like that the MC-101 doesn't make me choose between multitrack recording and live jamming. Plus it has the extra synth track and some additional features.
Eklipse_media 7 aylar önce
Now THATS a t-shirt
Mod Grip
Mod Grip 8 aylar önce
Keystep Pro 👍
Curi Yıl önce
Just some featback I think the s aller Mike on the shirt sounded not as harsh as your new approach as maybe a pop Filter could smooth it out?
Jim Shannon on Sounds
Jim Shannon on Sounds Yıl önce
Cakewalk by Bandlab is free
NZU TYBO Yıl önce
NZU TYBO 7 aylar önce
Magnus Eriksson
Magnus Eriksson 7 aylar önce
Yeah the Verselab if you do vocals and easier to work with than the 101 I would guess? The MPC one, njaaaa.. what about the Mashine plus?
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music Yıl önce
Either would be great. I'm hoping to give the Verselab a go soon
Chris Caulder [The Mixtape / Ousted Productions]
Chris Caulder [The Mixtape / Ousted Productions] Yıl önce
Valley Robot
Valley Robot Yıl önce
my advice, is saving up for a while and buying an MPC ONE, rather than buying separate gear at 100 quid of so, a used MPC one is like 500, and it will cover almost everything you need, but after that, get a microfreak as well
Sharkus 7 aylar önce
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