[ENG SUB/Full Interview] BTS Joins KBS News9 | 200910

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Yıl önce

September 10th, BTS joined KBS News9 for exclusive interview after topping the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 2 weeks in a row. Find out the full coverage with KBS KLAB.

DR JING Yıl önce
Is it just me who feel like they look so calm when interviewed by Korean but they're so hyped and goofy when interviewed by Americans? haha. I love them though. ARMY ❤️ BTS
Sophie 3 aylar önce
They are on the news here though which definitely requires another level of formality. Plus American interviewers don't usually ask them serious questions.
Patricia Williams
Patricia Williams 3 aylar önce
@GillyNZ G. I love their American interviews. You can see their little quirks and silly parts. As well as their carefree sides. I would hate to have to tone down who I truly am to fit in.
Patricia Williams
Patricia Williams 3 aylar önce
So true. I think because their country is very reserved and America is wild! I love when they are hyped and goofy. We can really see their personalities. I'm American and kinda flamboyant. I so love wacky people 😂.
Zaynab Muhammad Jibia
Zaynab Muhammad Jibia 9 aylar önce
and I think even namjoon is relieved in korean interviews since he doesn't have to keep translating and talking alone
Zaynab Muhammad Jibia
Zaynab Muhammad Jibia 9 aylar önce
you are right because of the English they don't speak makes them uncomfortable
Sandra S
Sandra S Yıl önce
Everyone was so nervous first and Jin initiated the talk and finally then everyone became calm. As expected from the eldest.
PurpleU🚵☔ 5 aylar önce
that true..
viii dii
viii dii 6 aylar önce
@Mr Sprite no lmao
viii dii
viii dii 6 aylar önce
Yesss 🤧💜
Albatross 007
Albatross 007 9 aylar önce
Lol haven't u seen RM never taking initiative??
JD30 11 aylar önce
Worldwide handsome you know? 😆🤣😂
Areeba Rashid
Areeba Rashid Yıl önce
I can listen to Namjoon talk all day.Whenever he opens his mouth he amazes me.His intelligence and eloquence is dazzling.
Asma ✨💜
Asma ✨💜 8 aylar önce
Same here
moon 8 aylar önce
kim benk
kim benk 10 aylar önce
But you don't understand Korean?
Malia Blossom
Malia Blossom Yıl önce
His words are truly so carefully chosen. A true leader
Namjoonie Forever
Namjoonie Forever Yıl önce
materidouska286 Yıl önce
RM and Suga are so incredibly well spoken and eloquent when they express their thoughts and talk about music and creative process that goes into it. All the guys are very sincere and super sweet but RM and Suga always take my breath away / they truly live for, breath and eat their music. Creative master minds and irreplaceable pillars of BTS. So proud of their achievements. Well/done.
BTS paved the way The Fact
BTS paved the way The Fact 10 aylar önce
BTS Brains
J on
J on Yıl önce
The reason I am so attached with BTS is exactly what Taehyung-ah said. I feel close to them because they are with me through pain, depressing moments, sad moments, happy moments, celebrations, and even in my usual idle moments. They are always there, and with that, I am forever in love with this group, no matter what, no matter what future may bring, I am in love with this group and I will continue loving them tommorow and the days after that.
Harjot Kaur
Harjot Kaur Yıl önce
We needed an interview where the person knows what they are talking about and not just asking about their personal lives but their music. I admire her now she really did her research and asked questions that we wanted to know
Tharunika Ramesh [4205 - 20]
Tharunika Ramesh [4205 - 20] Yıl önce
@Meraid *Ellen DeGeneres is exposed* lol
Aomsin Narak
Aomsin Narak Yıl önce
They talking about army Stan who always cheer and support each other and now switch off bc disappointed
Meraid Yıl önce
I love when interviews focus on their inspirations and methods behind their music. Ask them about being an artist! Not just which celebrities they like and if they've dated their fans 😅
Dunja O
Dunja O Yıl önce
I like how RM talked about the world wide success of BTS not happening overnight. These guys have been maintaining their connection with ARMY for so long through so many channels. I guess many people don't understand that there's a huge difference between liking someone's music and being someone's supporter and wanting them to succeed. I for example, never paid much attention to the music of BTS until I came across some of their interviews - and I said the same thing so many people have said - how can you not love them? And then there's Run BTS, BTS in the Soop, and so on. And when you grow to like someone, you experience their music and everything they do differently...
mono RM
mono RM 11 aylar önce
남준이가 리더로서 중심을 제대로 잡고 팀이 나갈 방향을 긍정적으로 제시해주는 멋진팀. 팀원들의 팀웍이 환상적인 조화를 이룬 최고의 팀. 남준이는 이제 어느 자리에 내세워도 믿음이가는 언변 최고다.
Judy by
Judy by 4 aylar önce
맞아요. 언제나 믿음이 갑니다
Forever Young
Forever Young Yıl önce
긴장은 하지만 쫄지는 않는 이들의 당당함이 좋다 진짜
문재앙탈출 11 aylar önce
뭐가 부족하다고 쫄아요 ㅋ
김아무 11 aylar önce
RM은 어떤 분야를 했어도 성공했을 것 같다 이 인터뷰 하나 보는데 이런 확신이 든다 그냥 똑똑함
Bheeshma yo
Bheeshma yo Yıl önce
No matter what the mood or climate or place or situation is Jin : I'm world wide handsome Jin of BTS😂😂😂
Lovksj 10 aylar önce
Anita Ranjan
Anita Ranjan 11 aylar önce
And v I'm your hope v
boo yee
boo yee Yıl önce
@hyukie's chingu mee too. i wanna catch all his flying kisses lol. such a cutie :)
Chim Chim13
Chim Chim13 Yıl önce
That's why i love him soo much confident😊
boo yee
boo yee Yıl önce
thats why i love him sooo much. because is he WWH. he's a lovely human being 💜
Rosa Lama
Rosa Lama Yıl önce
V is on another level here. He looks ravishing. He is extraordinary. He is a piece of art.
sarti 💜
sarti 💜 2 aylar önce
Yeah I'm 💯 agree with you ...v look so gentle.. smart and handsome ..wow he is amazing ✨
aloj love
aloj love 4 aylar önce
as always!!!! that's his charm! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Baili Randle
Baili Randle 6 aylar önce
priya bansod
priya bansod 6 aylar önce
Completely agree with you
wonder place
wonder place Yıl önce
카메라 감독님 방황하는거 웃기다ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 질문 하나하나에 진심으로 답변하는거 보기 좋다. 방탄 부모님들 좋은 일로 뉴스 인터뷰까지 하는거 봐서 엄청 뿌듯하실 듯
Yun 6 aylar önce
방탄은 처음이라 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
우리그자체로빛나 7 aylar önce
저 나이에.. 저 위치에.. 어쩜 저렇게 생각이 깊고 겸손할 수 있을까. 진짜 너무너무 멋있다 당연히 다 멋있지만, 특히 알엠 진짜 와~
햄볶을까나 7 aylar önce
완전 빛남준👍 넘 멋지죠
ㅇㅇ Yıl önce
와 RM 놀랐다. 겸손하게 말잘하네. 정말 인정한다. 그래미 수상 꼭 하길 빈다. 이상 과거 아이돌은 쳐다도 안봤던 아재의 응원이다. 유일하게 방탄은 호감이 가고 응원한다.
Amy Li
Amy Li Yıl önce
Korea is truly their home, you can tell that they are most comfortable and speak their mind when they are interviewed by and in Korea. No disrespect to American interviews but BTS continuously prove that their roots is within Korea no matter how big they are overseas. They are continuously healing us and the world with their words and messages, especially when we need it most. Let’s all hope that they win the Grammys and perform there, they deserve it to the moon and back.
Rahaf Yıl önce
performance is confirmed! praying for the win now :)
Aspen Faqueer
Aspen Faqueer Yıl önce
exactly they always seem so comfortable in korean interviews and in American interviews namjoon is the only one who talks here they all get the chance to say something
As If Nothing Ever Happend
As If Nothing Ever Happend Yıl önce
The good thing is that now in Corona times when the interviews aren't live, some international shows started to let them answer in Korean and put subtitles underneath. Like Jimmy Fallon or James Cordon. You can tell that both of them genuinely respect BTS. I hope other shows will do the same, at least for prerecorded interviews.
ECLAT777 Yıl önce
Deb Oz
Deb Oz Yıl önce
I actually thought Jin was really great here answering questions. He seemed relaxed, mature, confident and very natural. They all did great .
YT 4 aylar önce
I think Jin is also mindful of the dynamic between him as the oldest and RM as the leader. Like when they question is about how the older members act vs the final message BTS want to send.
Albatross 007
Albatross 007 Yıl önce
I think no one can beat in giving answers like RM...
zainab hameed
zainab hameed Yıl önce
I love how he is so witty in answering unscripted questions...clearly everyone was thrown off by the first question but he answered it tactfully. Again at the end the question was clearly meant for the leader to answer but when RM pointed to him he firmly pointed back and suga even said "leader RM" ....also love suga cute smiles after every answer.
leo kr
leo kr Yıl önce
이 깊은 청년들을 한 팀으로 모은 것 자체가 월드클래스이다.
jasmine veronica
jasmine veronica 11 aylar önce
같은 배를 타고 있다는 것만 명확히 인지하고 + 적절한 거리를 유지하면서(서로의 경계를 존중해주면서) 유지해나가는 팀웍 ♥ 리더남준 넘나 멋짐..
처럼청류 Yıl önce
시작은 아이돌이았으나 그 한계를 넘어 아티스트로 성장하고 발전하는 멋진 청년들. 가치관과 신념이 확실하고 흔들리지 않고 끝임없이 성장하는게 정말 멋지다. 고마워여.
Rainbow Yıl önce
RM speaks so intellectually...every time he opens his mouth he speaks like a wise man who have experienced everything and now motivating their fans..like how can someone speak so poetic kind of way..i don't know how to describe...but i always fall for that how intelligent,thoughtfully he talk ..damn...definitely leader for a reason...
moon Yıl önce
Thats y i love him
Ziyen Jauliun
Ziyen Jauliun Yıl önce
Don't forget the moment when his member (hip-hop group) left Bighit because Bang pd want to change the group from hip-hop to Kpop and RM is the only one who didn't left. After that Bang pd and RM decided to create BTS. You know how Bang Pd really trust RM and make him as a leader. RM was only 19 when he become a leader and now look how they become today. I really appreciate his leadership. He is my role model.
Jerah Limpot
Jerah Limpot Yıl önce
And also he never stop to remind himself that being humble is his top priority
Princess RENEE
Princess RENEE Yıl önce
zavagirlz Yıl önce
RM is always so composed and well spoken. I admire the way he carries so much on his shoulders.
펌킨라떼 10 aylar önce
너무나 소중한 대한민국의 BTS!!!최고!!그동안 단 한번도 아이돌 보이그룹에 관심1도 없던 나를 움직인 유일무이한 존재들!너무나 소중한 7명
Serah Baby
Serah Baby 9 aylar önce
V killed it with his visual here. As always! And his Dream Challenge … as always, so creative. 💜💜💜 Love all of them.
Summer Endless
Summer Endless 10 aylar önce
어떻게 하나같이 다들 말도 이쁘게 하냐.. 곧은 생각과 마음가짐을 가지고 있으니까 그런거겠지 특히 마지막에 RM이 말한 얘기는 얼마나 생각이 깊은지 알 수 있는 대목이네. 이런 친구들이 잘 되니까 내가 다 기분이 좋다
Jennifer Dalumpines-De Jesus
Jennifer Dalumpines-De Jesus Yıl önce
I am so inspired on how they started and the stragglers they have been through.. and now I am here as a fan 💜 I love RM.. my definition of WOW.. 🥰 I wasn't here at the beginning, but I will be here till the end.. 💜
이름없음 Yıl önce
방탄소년단분들 모두 너무 말을 잘하시는 것 같아요 특히 리더인 알엠님이 말을 너무 잘하시는 것 같아요 방탄소년단분들 모두 거만하지 않으시고 겸손한 모습이 정말 좋네요 세계적으로 인정받는 방탄소년단이 너무 자랑스럽네요 앞으로도 멋진 음악 많이 보여주셨으면 좋겠어요 항상 응원하겠습니다 방탄 보라해💜
사이버돌쇠 Yıl önce
인터뷰부터가 성숙하고 목소리, 단어 선택 차분한 분위기 유지..역시 방탄이다..
Letizia Cella
Letizia Cella 11 aylar önce
this interview is so worth watching. in particular, i loved the way Jimin and Namjoon expressed their own feelings and thoughts. i think their way of speaking is beautiful, polite and elegant. also very smart. love them. ♥
clia richie
clia richie Yıl önce
What Yoongi says, yoongi gets. ARMY, let's give them Grammy.
Amir Bell
Amir Bell Yıl önce
@La chona :'(
La chona
La chona Yıl önce
Well this didn’t age well🥲
Lost girl
Lost girl Yıl önce
This comment aged well. But broke the heart of army's.
cup of tae
cup of tae Yıl önce
let me tell you something💔
Sia- Music lover
Sia- Music lover Yıl önce
Why not?!🥺💜✨ Let's get it together 💜✨🤗
Angela Karni
Angela Karni Yıl önce
When the host asked about past difficulties and Jin answered about the fruit flies and the lack of food....😂 Jin the joker guy😜💜
Onya Beia
Onya Beia 17 gün önce
@Sanguinem Corda it is ok and we still need to be strong all of us together and support them. We need each and every ARMY to stay strong. They always kept their promises to us. And this last 2 years they've received a lot of hates again. They've constantly being criticised, they are always asked to prove their talents (album title Proof ). So you see you are much needed. Borahae
Sanguinem Corda
Sanguinem Corda 17 gün önce
@Onya Beia thank you so much for saying this, I always feel like insecure about not being here earlier, this reassurance from our old army means the world to me.
Kookie Jung
Kookie Jung Aylar önce
But it's not a joke.. it's true.. many fruitflies comes in in their small dorm I remember RM once said he woke up early 4am and see Jungkook vacuuming all the fruitflies in their kitchen.. and they really had a lack of food 2011-2014 they struggle a lot..
Lizzie Aylar önce
Maybe because Jin don't want to talk and think about their past difficulties and only talked about flies and fruits and left it there just so the others don't recall their past difficulties which were very, i say very difficult for them.
cateyez 10 aylar önce
If u don't understand anything then pls don't say anything...it's good for u dear 😊
yg sm
yg sm Yıl önce
인기있는 그룹이 맞네요. 진짜 매력이 있습니다. 앞으로 더 좋은 노래를 기대합니다. 그리고 항상 응원하고 지지하겠습니다. 화이팅!!
han sy
han sy Yıl önce
참 장한 친구들이다...말도 잘하고 생기기도 잘생기고 애들이 인상도 말씨도 착해보이고..참 장하다
쭈누맘 Yıl önce
순수하고 열정과 실력은 프로고 맑고 착하지만 바보스럽지 않고 예술의 혼을 담은 7명의 아티스트가 한국에서 나왔다는 것이 너무 자랑스럽고 볼 때 마다 전율이 느껴집니다.
Esther Yıl önce
암만 맏내라지만 나이 무시할 수 없는게 평소랑 다른 인터뷰 환경에서 석진이 확실히 여유롭고 진득하니 으른스럽다..
Naomie Yıl önce
Namjoon is just so wise and metaphorical when he speaks. I love how I am always learning something new, or looking at life differently after he says something.
kim benk
kim benk 10 aylar önce
He is a genius.
박호비 Yıl önce
어쩜 다들 잘생겼냐.. 제이홉 너무 선하게 잘생겼다.잘 웃고..경청하다가 탁 치고 들어가서 대답도 잘하고
Ananya Yıl önce
The boys are looking awesome no doubt, but V is killing it. So simple yet looking like a prince💜
Nove Yıl önce
The “ I studies a lot so I will not be scolded by Army” for me... salute her!😌😌😌🥺
Winter Late
Winter Late 7 aylar önce
Now, the world see the power of ARMY! 💜
Reshmi Yıl önce
That was so funny 😂
Cate C.
Cate C. Yıl önce
Take notes, @JimmyKimmel !
Annie Jane Luberanes
Annie Jane Luberanes Yıl önce
I really laughed because of that
MAYA Yıl önce
@Nove Thanxx
anne Yıl önce
17:00-18:00 I’m DYING. It was like the main cameraman had to use the restroom and asked the person next to him to handle the camera real quick but they were like “wait no I don’t know what to do” and cameraman was like, “dude it’s so easy, just hold it steady and when someone talks just point and focus the camera on them” “ok yeah that sounds easy, I think I got it”
PURBA SIL Aylar önce
The way he zoomed in and out of Jin's face 🥰✨
MEC 😘♥️
MEC 😘♥️ 8 aylar önce
LOLLLL, I AM DEADDDDDD!!! 😭😭😂😂😅😅🤣🤣🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️💜💜🇨🇦🇨🇦
Tiny Tan
Tiny Tan Yıl önce
How did u know
𝓠𝕣ᔕᵗ𝔂❀ Yıl önce
Lol 😂 make me dizzy 🥴
Princy Yıl önce
That made me laugh hard 😂😂
Julia Stanley
Julia Stanley 11 aylar önce
Their honesty, sincerity, and expression through their lyrics are globally attractive. The passion and lyrics speak things I feel so even though I am from the US, they really moved me. They are humble, hardworking, and when you learn more, extremely inspiring for people of all ages, through all socioeconomics as well as nationalities.
Abcdefgirfriend A
Abcdefgirfriend A Yıl önce
다들 조심조심 인터뷰하는 모습 너무 귀엽고 멋있네요 지민 차분히 얘기하는거 보기 좋아요
이희자 Yıl önce
뉴스에서 방탄을 보니 너무 자랑스럽고 행복하네요. 탄이들 너무 멋져요 ♡♡♡
이본 Yıl önce
저 위치까지 갔는데도 겸손이 찐이네. 참 착한 얘들이다. 빌보드1위하고 그래미 가는것도 좋지만 오래오래 좋은 곡들 들려주시게
성이름 Yıl önce
@다덤벼 직업군인 정년퇴임하신 우리아빠도 쟤넨 면제해야 된다고 하는데ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ꼭 이딴소리하는 애들 '그 팬덤'이더라^^
제발그만떠나여돌들아 Yıl önce
@다덤벼 니랑 비빌 급이 되나 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 하루하루 역사를 써내려가고 나라에서도 방탄 부둥부둥 해주는데
제발그만떠나여돌들아 Yıl önce
@다덤벼 실드가 아니라 쉴드야..
mystérieux Yıl önce
@다덤벼 니혼자 풀발하고 난리노
ECLAT777 Yıl önce
빨리 다 이뤘다고 더이상 보여줄 게 없다고 해체하면 안된다...
이희숙 11 aylar önce
이제 방탄 알아가는 아줌만데..왜 이 젊은 청년들을 이제야 알게됐는지... 매력이 끝이 없어요..끝이. 말들도 넘 이쁘게 잘하고. 더 크게 비상했음 좋겠다. 군면제해줍시다..더 훨훨 날도록 날개 달아줍시다..그게 국가가 해줄수 있는 큰 선물인거 같으니
Michigan Gabby
Michigan Gabby Yıl önce
우리 방탄이들 어쩜 말도 이리 잘하고 생각도 깊은지.. 한명한명 모두 아름답고 귀한 녀석들.. 대한민국의 자랑.. 👍🏻
Nathalia Gonçalves
Nathalia Gonçalves Yıl önce
O V é tão doce! 💜 Amo a forma calma dele de falar!
min_bani edits
min_bani edits Yıl önce
스마일링 11 aylar önce
와우~RM의 사고력에 감탄을 합니다
Malini Banerjee
Malini Banerjee Yıl önce
The more I see them, the more I listen to them, the more I respect them, the more I love them. I wish they stay together always ❣️ and RM I really wish you come up with another mixtape of yours.
Priyanka Verma
Priyanka Verma Yıl önce
I was jus waiting for Namjoon's answers all through the interview...the way he speaks is just makes me admire his intelligence...words come out of his mouth like a poem... Like he said" we are seven people on a boat looking in different directions , maintaining safe distance and knowing we are on the same boat" What a beautiful way to describe the team work.. That's y he is a leader indeed ... Love u joonie❤️
햄볶을까나 7 aylar önce
BTS paved the way The Fact
BTS paved the way The Fact 10 aylar önce
moon Yıl önce
Malia Blossom
Malia Blossom Yıl önce
So eloquent
1904 Bhadane Sarveksha D.
1904 Bhadane Sarveksha D. Yıl önce
Same dear...
Ruth-Ann Yıl önce
And I thought Tae couldn't look any more handsome... He looks ethereal! That hair colour suits him really well
Geetanjali Moirangthem
Geetanjali Moirangthem Yıl önce
This is the best interview for Dynamite and Billboard .Americans interview isn't satisfying or like ask them the question they should. Thankful to KBS
Que Williams
Que Williams Yıl önce
You might consider that this is her job she is a news woman and the interviewers on the shows in America are more pop culture and gossip
MCK Yıl önce
Comparing apples and oranges. There is a huge difference between an in-studio 25 minute news-style interview without a live audience where every single member is able to comfortably give long answers and the type of short live interviews on U.S. entertainment programs that all musical artists do. BTS has won American hearts even with different type of exposure. 💜
KiTA Yıl önce
It's not all American interviews. There are some that genuinely want to know about BTS and ask questions that they like enough to be comfortable and even have fun.
ECLAT777 Yıl önce
@Liza Israel She said she studied a lot not to be scolded by Army. HAHA.
aida ronquillo
aida ronquillo Yıl önce
There were meaningful american interviews too, the one from the Grammy museum, was one
마루 Yıl önce
와우~말하는 인성까지 쩐다~👍💜💜💜💜💜 어떻게…이렇게 멤버가 다좋아~~💜💜
LV forever
LV forever 11 aylar önce
"One thing that didn't change is how we feel about our fans and our attitude towards music and our sincerity. " ~Junkook
Jin Yıl önce
까불까불이들 뉴스에서 진지하게 인터뷰하는 모습 넘귀여움
Susan G Lim
Susan G Lim Yıl önce
I love watching this video❣️ they are all amazing 💜💜💜 RM is a great leader❣️
lesa le
lesa le Yıl önce
호사다마 어렵지만 우리에겐 희망이 있고 이시기 잘극복하면 다이너마이트 처럼 좋은일이 빵 터질거라봅니다. 대한민국 BTS가 있어 자랑스럽고 감사합니다. 저도 힘내겠습니다 파이팅!!!
Janelle Bird
Janelle Bird Yıl önce
RM had EXCELLENT answers!! I loved everything he said. 💗💞💖
정아 Yıl önce
9시 뉴스가 입덕영상이 될 줄이야…. 나이먹고 주책인줄은 알지만 멤버별 제가 느낀점은요.. RM: 천상리더+인성갑 진: 잘생긴 얼굴+태평양어깨+솔직한(?)피부색 슈가: 진중한 말투에 그렇지 못한 순둥순둥외모 지민: 소년미 낭낭한 말투에 아련한 동공 제이홉: 밝고 천성이 착하고 만들어진 느낌이 아니라 그냥 좋은사람 뷔: 엉뚱한 매력에 얼굴은 순정만화 정국: 귀엽고 섹시한데 자긴 그걸 모르는 순진한 막내미 철철… 9시 뉴스에서 이런 느낌을 받다니요..ㅠㅠ
팡팡이 2 aylar önce
딱이다 ㅎㅎ
Minkyung Yoon
Minkyung Yoon 5 aylar önce
아련한 동공에서 빵 터졌어요! :-))하하.
따뜻한아이스아메리카노 7 aylar önce
아니 처음이라기엔 너무 정확하신데....ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
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