(ENG SUB) BTS Permission to Dance On Stage Press Conference Highlights

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BTS had a blast at their first in-person concert for Permission To Dance on Stage in LA on November 27. Ahead of their second concert, BTS sat down for a live press conerence at SoFi Stadium to talk about their experience, AMAs, Asian hate and more. Here's what the group had to say!

You can watch this video at koreanow.com

Edits by Nancy
Edits by Nancy Aylar önce
RM pronunciations and his English is stupendous.....he's like a native speaker...I swear I could watch him talk for hours, he is so unique. Never ending respect for this man.
Velma Legaspi
Velma Legaspi Aylar önce
If it wasn’t for RM they wouldn’t have gotten as far as they are now. Because of his English and understanding how to speak to reporters. Most of the songs they wouldn’t have, because he write most of the songs. What true leader, so please give him more attention and love like the others members.
Kelly K
Kelly K Aylar önce
@Amelia I hear the disdain in your conclusion of how you think native English speakers see you, and I'm sorry that anyone has caused you to feel that way. However, I would invite you to shift your perspective to consider that when non-native English speakers can speak English with us, we are grateful to be able to communicate with you. Since English is so widely spoken, it's less common for English speakers to be fluent in other languages, and we see and respect others who have worked hard to learn other languages in general because we know it's not easy. It's not that you speak our language better than we speak our own, but you speak our language better than we could speak your native language with the situation reversed. I've struggled speaking another language in different countries, and had people speak to me like I'm a child just because that's the level I'm at in their language. Whenever I learned new words it was like a celebration lol. It's a strange experience but it's only a language barrier, not reflective of our self-worth. Also honestly Namjoon makes many mistakes when speaking English, but of course he still speaks very well and we can understand him perfectly. We're proud of him and impressed to hear him speak as well as he does because we understand the extra effort he makes to do so, on top of everything else he does. It's just about seeing someone and respecting them for the hard work they do. I hope you are proud of yourself too :)
Sanjsana Mathiyalagan
Sanjsana Mathiyalagan Aylar önce
Where i can watch the full interview
KONNECT Aylar önce
Hi, ARMYs all around the world! Are you curious about the exact Korean expressions that your favorite member used? We prepared a special video for you!!!! Anyone who loves BTS, or Korean language, WELCOME💜💜💜💜 -----> trshow.info/watch/E7zj2AJza0M/video.html
alyanna jemalyn
alyanna jemalyn Aylar önce
ShellRock Aylar önce
So articulate, so composed, so humble. True professional artists with integrity.xx
Nooriya Zaidi
Nooriya Zaidi Aylar önce
That Asian hate question was a really meaningful question. I'm Asian too and to hear RM say that they were doing their best to get rid of Asian Hate and Racism and more...I just felt so proud. They've really come a long way and the morals and values they stand for show us exactly what amazing, generous, considerate, caring etc people we stan. They were even respectful to the Press Conferencers even though most people just forget about them or forget to thank them or whatever.
Velma Legaspi
Velma Legaspi Aylar önce
BTS have done lot and set example. I can’t bring myself to look or listen to any other KPop group but BTS, or I feel disloyal.
Sejal Modhwadia
Sejal Modhwadia Aylar önce
I'm Asian to I live in the uk my mum is from India. It make me proud to be a army and a Asian they music has helped me in my bad times. I wish people would listen to there music instead of hating them 💜💜💜
SueZie Kom
SueZie Kom Aylar önce
I would like to say it again and again that South Korea is so lucky & blessed to have BTS 💜😘
KONNECT Aylar önce
Hi, ARMYs all around the world! Are you curious about the exact Korean expressions that your favorite member used? We prepared a special video for you!!!! Anyone who loves BTS, or Korean language, WELCOME💜💜💜💜 -----> trshow.info/watch/E7zj2AJza0M/video.html
babitha shetty
babitha shetty Aylar önce
Totally agree 💯💜💜
hello i like youtube
hello i like youtube Aylar önce
@dalda care yes! sk is now nearly as influential, in the music, entertainment, political and many more ways, as countries like UK USA etc.. proud of bts :)
dalda care
dalda care Aylar önce
@Viktoria Huge now sk is the most advanced and has culturally influenced and famous all over the world..I just feel how would Korean people feel when everyone praise their country?it's truely a blessing
Viktoria Huge
Viktoria Huge Aylar önce
Right! SK is so lucky to have BTS
Silvia Pellicioli
Silvia Pellicioli Aylar önce
In my opinion, it's impossible not to admire these 7 guys. Kpop & their music may be liked or not, but how they behave (always polite and with good manners) and how much effort and passion they put in what they do is really admirable. They are conscious of their importance and impact, but they still act genuinely, straight-laced and really putting their heart in everything they do. And this shows they are young yet mature and really good-hearted people. To me they are a source of inspiration, in myself and in the world in general (which sometimes deceives me quite a lot), also because they always have a big smile on their cute faces, they are human suns. I, as an army and as a person, will support them because, beyond being great singers and dancers, they are great people. #ipurplethem
Silvia Pellicioli
Silvia Pellicioli Aylar önce
@jin's windshield wiper laugh :)
jin's windshield wiper laugh
jin's windshield wiper laugh Aylar önce
Correctly said.
BB vistas7
BB vistas7 Aylar önce
The guys are so cute walking to the reporters to bow and acknowledge each row. Then they turn around like a train wreck. Hilarious. Very BTS thing to do when it is unexpected, but they get it together. Gotta love our boys. They are putting in the work and paving their own way in the industry. Did no one ask about the 2022 Tour?
beaglestar Aylar önce
I'm Asian (Chinese) but I still think it's cute haha
KONNECT Aylar önce
Hi, ARMYs all around the world! Are you curious about the exact Korean expressions that your favorite member used? We prepared a special video for you!!!! Anyone who loves BTS, or Korean language, WELCOME💜💜💜💜 -----> trshow.info/watch/E7zj2AJza0M/video.html
Melody Aylar önce
@Olga G y'all need to calm down I don't think op meant anything bad.
Olga G
Olga G Aylar önce
it's culture and respect. not everything is meant to be "cute"
chi n.
chi n. Aylar önce
That's part of their culture. It's not really "cute" lol.
Emmanuelle ⟬⟭
Emmanuelle ⟬⟭ Aylar önce
I'm not Asian but I'm as proud of these amazing seven human beings.
H Jan
H Jan Aylar önce
What they have done that you proud offf???
cíntia reis
cíntia reis Aylar önce
@Kolla Miller ahhhh buona notte :)
Kolla Miller
Kolla Miller Aylar önce
@cíntia reis yup, calm conversation are the best. Love from Italy😊
cíntia reis
cíntia reis Aylar önce
@Kolla Miller btw I know some anti-vax things on the internet are pure bullshit, but others are being said by researchers and even nobel prizes. I also think that some of the pro-vaccine articles are true. I don't deny that. Yes, I'm glad too. Some people of both sides have this weird superiority complex and I think that calm conversations are super important. Greetings from Portugal 🇵🇹
Kolla Miller
Kolla Miller Aylar önce
@cíntia reis I’ll look the interview up :) glad we are keeping it friendly
Bella Brahim
Bella Brahim Aylar önce
I'm not even Korean but I feel sooo proud with this young men.. make me happy seeing them succeed and the fandom whoaaaa.. always be happy Bangtan..Army and everyone..
Anastasia_7 Aylar önce
@Ms Jadhav oh yes! Btw have you seen Spotify's most streamed singers globally this year? The top 3 is so diverse: Bad Bunny, Taylor Swift, and BTS! Hopefully Bangtan will make amazing albums in the future so non-kpop fans and non-BTS fans could shut up and accept them as amazing singers and performers.
Ms Jadhav
Ms Jadhav Aylar önce
@Anastasia_7 for me, it's not because they are Asian, it's more removing borders, because this will be future. People will mix around the world, so they have that influence as well. History
Ms Jadhav
Ms Jadhav Aylar önce
Anastasia_7 Aylar önce
Yeah, I feel like they bring 'power' to us Asians. Seeing them get nominated for anything (Grammy, AMA, etc.) make me want to pursue my dream too!
Nur Nadhirah Tauhidah
Nur Nadhirah Tauhidah Aylar önce
BTS is not respresnt as idol but play role as leader that can spread postive message to whole world.
Myra G
Myra G Aylar önce
we are very happy that BTS’s historic first concert in the U.S. since 2019 is being held at SoFi Stadium. BTS sold out four shows for the first time in SoFi Stadium history. this concert achieved the highest ticket sales among any concert held by a single band or artist at the SoFi Stadium....it’s also the first time that the live concert and TRshow Theater livestream are taking place simultaneously.” Congratulations, BTS
Rutherford Ashley
Rutherford Ashley Aylar önce
Style, class, and decency. Thank you BTS and S. Korea and ARMY 💜
A trash from Holy NamSeokYoonHoJiTaeJung Timeline
A trash from Holy NamSeokYoonHoJiTaeJung Timeline Aylar önce
Them speaking about ARMYs always....... God this relationship between BTS and ARMYs is beyond Universes... 🥰🥰💜💜💜
Beany Aylar önce
Dear ARMY can I please ask you not to use God name like this. It really hurts my heart. I'm not offended because I know you meant well.
Anastasia_7 Aylar önce
Thank you bts for making so many inspiring, funny, heartful, and wholesome songs. This is the first time I really like some group's whole discography, from what people called "generic" songs to complicated songs. Thank you for making so many genres and broaden my music taste. Hopefully, you guys will always be relevant in music industry and keep creating music that bring people all around the world together 💜💜 Waiting for Rocktan, country Bangtan, Trottan, Punktan, and many more songs from you guys!!!
bashar dakhnous
bashar dakhnous Aylar önce
this the second time we hear "the new chapter" I'm really excited for what these guys gonna do in the future, they don't say something without meaning, let's wait💜✌️💜
nymp tonks
nymp tonks Aylar önce
So true!!! 💜
Vi Phuong Ngo - Pianist
Vi Phuong Ngo - Pianist Aylar önce
I know!!!!
Abena Safo
Abena Safo Aylar önce
Rm making all Virgo Sun,Mercury,Mars,Venus,Moon proud of his eloquence,humility,intelligence and grace👌🏽🙌🏾🤩
Dilip Srivastava
Dilip Srivastava Aylar önce
I am very happy to be in this fandom
Genesis Aylar önce
Liza Aguilar
Liza Aguilar Aylar önce
Anastasia_7 Aylar önce
Tasty Mochi
Tasty Mochi Aylar önce
Me to
Salome Vergara Caneda
Salome Vergara Caneda Aylar önce
So proud of our boys. Thank you for sharing your talent to the world BTS. truly South Korea's Pride.
catz003 Aylar önce
I think these boys can help with hate every where. I am so proud of these young men. From a 62 year young Nana in Alabama
Mike Dillinger
Mike Dillinger Aylar önce
@catz003 66 years old army for many years now… I believe these young men, hold the key to worlds peace ☮️ Love you boys.
Gratia Karmes
Gratia Karmes Aylar önce
I am a 74 year old great grandma in Mississippi... My granddaughter introduced me to BTS and she and I just went to California and saw the 1st 2 concerts. I've been A R.M.Y. since the beginning of the pandemic... And I think they can change the world the way they changed my life.
Dana Abshire
Dana Abshire Aylar önce
@catz003 I became their fan 4 years ago because of the positive messages in their songs and they are so charming and funny💜
catz003 Aylar önce
@Dana Abshire thank you. I said my age because people think that only young people listen to BTS but there are a lot of older people that listen to them. I love the message they send to people. I will check you out on FB
Dana Abshire
Dana Abshire Aylar önce
I’m also in Alabama and am half Korean. I am 53, you are never too old to be a BTS fan 💜 We have a small group BTS Army Alabama on Facebook,you are welcome to join us if you want 💜
Chem-jha Aylar önce
Namjoon always speaks with passion and intelligence. He so pure and down to earth. Don’t even ask why alot of people love these 7 men from korea . They are just so humble and a sweethearts
6 3 2 7 5 Tanisha Prashar
6 3 2 7 5 Tanisha Prashar Aylar önce
RM has always had undeniable aura but recently this man's aura is dripping outta him like???!!!! I can't explain...this man is just sooooo charismatic and wise..it's seriously unbelievable 😍😍😍
Velma Legaspi
Velma Legaspi Aylar önce
Thanks for Singling out RM. He’s the best and get the Least attention. Remember there is 7 members. It Breaks my heart at times when everyone is mentioned and how cute they are, Yet RM so Manly and handsome he’s most time overlooked. I guess because most like the Soft feminine look in a man man. I wouldn’t want to compete with a man in who looks the. Prettiest
Emmy Del Rosario
Emmy Del Rosario Aylar önce
BTS guys are so calm, composed and articulate in expressing themselves about issues being asked from them. It's so sad that the other BTS members were not given the chance to speak up. Anyways, congratulations to all the BTS guys for making us proud of you! You have our support, ARMYs, shout out louder for our BTS guys! You are all amazing!
Hilda S
Hilda S Aylar önce
@Peaches & cream you are right.. i hope there's a full video on yt
Peaches & cream
Peaches & cream Aylar önce
This was edited. The conference was about 1 hour long so all the guys had a chance to speak.
Kanbulo Moosa
Kanbulo Moosa Aylar önce
I don’t think like that... it’s up to them to speak I guess... RM always encourage the members to speak... he is a great leader..
Winter Late
Winter Late Aylar önce
We need the part when RM mention that their success is : 50% from ARMY, 5% from each member (so it's 35%), & 15% from the company. So that's why they can always be remain humble
ayah ghie
ayah ghie Aylar önce
Very well said RM👏👏👏they are so humble.... 💜💜💜💜
Guinevere E. Manalo
Guinevere E. Manalo Aylar önce
Proud of you BTS...well said Namjon,thank u for being the voice of Asian countries..like us here in the Phil...
Sejal Modhwadia
Sejal Modhwadia Aylar önce
Yes same as India 💜💜💜
Kaycee Aadhavan Aadhavan
Kaycee Aadhavan Aadhavan Aylar önce
Much proud to have BTS in my life as family members with me💜Saranghae💜Love you so much from South India🇮🇳Tamilnadu❤
amirthavarshini Aylar önce
@KONNECT sure 👍🏻
KONNECT Aylar önce
Hi, ARMYs all around the world! Are you curious about the exact Korean expressions that your favorite member used? We prepared a special video for you!!!! Anyone who loves BTS, or Korean language, WELCOME💜💜💜💜 -----> trshow.info/watch/E7zj2AJza0M/video.html
A trash from Holy NamSeokYoonHoJiTaeJung Timeline
A trash from Holy NamSeokYoonHoJiTaeJung Timeline Aylar önce
Tamil army 💜
amirthavarshini Aylar önce
Tamil army 💜🥰
Suraiya Perween
Suraiya Perween Aylar önce
Barbie PR
Barbie PR Aylar önce
I love them so much. They are so humble and so respectful. They bowed to the press even though they are not in their country, that shows how deeply rooted their well manners culture is. I'm so grateful to them, to their parents and to South Korea for giving them to the world. BTS Is making the difference in this world as human beings, as persons and, as professionals by singing and vibrating positive energy throughout the planet always making us happy despite any situation or circumstance.💜
hellosola Aylar önce
come to think of it, as suga said nothing comes easy for them. and it’s TRUE some might say it's easy because of the armys and those folks that caging us in the 15 years old girls shit. I mean armys impact is recognized and appreciated by BTS but do also consider their love and passion for music they really worked hard for all the things they have now and I hope everyone would see that.
Rani Bu
Rani Bu Aylar önce
For skeptics who believe that the persona of these boys are "manufactured" need to understand how difficult it is for people to have this level of consistency of character. It only means that BTS are genuine souls who work hard, and give of themselve fully.
A Bul
A Bul Aylar önce
I love how they replicated the Korean style press conference in the US lol. They are bringing new and fresh things to American people
Sofija Glisic
Sofija Glisic Aylar önce
I couldn't be more proud of them as artists and as humans. Respect, kindness, love and understanding they are showing always warm my heart and makes me believe in good in the world. I am so happy they are finaly meeting ARMYs after such a long time. I know how much it means to them. They deserve so much and i hope there are only good things in their future. Also can not wait for that new chapter to start. Purple you all💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
kara dizon
kara dizon Aylar önce
BTS brought back some sort of normalcy for a lot of people from all ages. Pandemic really messed up a lot of people from sadness and depression. Music truly have a positive impact on one’s mood and enlighten one’s heart. They know it’s the fans that made them who they are today and how they become successful.
Chylormicron Aylar önce
I am realy proud to be in this fandome and stan this amazing 7 souls..Thank u for every thing BTS..
Jheszana Aduca
Jheszana Aduca Aylar önce
Thank you for giving us the highlights!💜
Esther Lee
Esther Lee Aylar önce
I almost burst into tears after Suga said almost nothing have come to easy for them at all.....yet we will support and protect them till the end.
Raquel Arcienega
Raquel Arcienega Aylar önce
The best choice of my life BTS. I'm so proud of them. THE 7 NEW WONDERS OF THE WORLD!!! 💜🌍
kim tiu
kim tiu Aylar önce
everything is so good, compost and so formal till JK at the end says, "thank youuu....." 😁✌️ btw thanks BTS for giving a lot of motivation to all the people who believe in you guys. 😊
Ирина Ким
Ирина Ким Aylar önce
Уровень, на котором выступают ребята группы BTS очень высок...Такого примера профессионализма и самоотдачи я просто не знаю...Всем сердцем я желаю им здоровья.
SueSchultz82 Aylar önce
I’m so happy for BTS and all your success! You guys are so respectful, professional and well spoken. The subject of Asian hate makes me so sad because you guys deserve all the love. 💕
Smriti Sinha
Smriti Sinha Aylar önce
Even after reaching heights...the level of modesty they maintain and how down to earth they are...my heart goes out to them
Bangtan_A.r.m.y_JkBiased Aylar önce
Amazing to hear them speak now. They are the perfect gentlemen, always so honest, genuine & charming. And they look very smart & attractive in those suits especially Jungkook wow he is always so breathtaking 😍♥♥ Love and support BTS always xoxo
Charity Hooper
Charity Hooper Aylar önce
So proud and happy for the guys! They deserve so much for bringing so much joy and positivity. As an ARMY member, their music, lyrics, skits and beautiful personalities have helped me get through some dark times, so they will always have my love and support. 💜
Katalin Aylar önce
Never saw more intelligent man than RM in my life
Himarani Yamamoto
Himarani Yamamoto Aylar önce
Thank you to the journalist who asked about Tae's plan for his music. It's not shown in this video though. Tae really enjoys making heartwarming and great music. Snow Flower, a beautiful Christmas song he composed last December, has gone viral on Tiktok and Twitter. He is going to release a self-composed Christmas song soon. I'm so excited about it.
Love Jade
Love Jade Aylar önce
Wow BTS is always humble down to earth as usual! Well explained RM & rest of the 07 men! South Korea is truly blessed to have a treasure as BTS I'm truly speechless on what u have achieved and what is ahead for u guys! One thing I'm so sure that u.guys are limitless & many good wonderful things are ahead of you & that u would be able to reach the highest level!! Pls stay safe healthy keep the energy love going on! I'm not blessed to watch ur performance but thanks so many ARMYS I was able to enjoy the clips of LA concert you guys rock the stadium & the cheering of ARMY was beyond amazing as far as far as I heard saw that's the best cheer or the encouragement & respect an artist have received! Bless u abundantly BTS! Love u
Anne Min
Anne Min Aylar önce
I can listen to them just talking for hours esp. Yoongi. They are so inspirational, not mention gorgeous. Borahae!
bibiz Aylar önce
Namjoon always so articulate and thinking "group". He's so genuine and at the same Time, his words make so much sense. The way he adresses some political or touching issues is always level headed, truly what makes the strength of bts, the way there aren't only singers. Suga is also really interesting anyway a great pleasure to listen to their thoughts 🤷🏽‍♂️
𝓑𝓪𝓷𝓰𝓽𝓪𝓷 𝓪𝓻𝓶𝔂 💜
𝓑𝓪𝓷𝓰𝓽𝓪𝓷 𝓪𝓻𝓶𝔂 💜 Aylar önce
Kim Namjoon! Kim Seokjin! Min Yoongi! Jung Hoseok! Park Jimin! Kim Taehyung! Jeon Jungkook! _ BTS 💜
ana antonio
ana antonio Aylar önce
Im proud to be an ARMY. These kids really grown up so well. The manners wow! They are amazing human beings.
Hiria Celia James
Hiria Celia James Aylar önce
BTS Army they look so stylish in their suits 😁 And the this pretty good to give the answers what the conference ask 🤗it didn't take long because it sounds like the members are pretty busy for tonight 🥰 Army knows the members look like they wanted to get their practices done and jungkook might wants some snacks 😁 Suga yes this is reality and this is a dream your fans been waiting for to those lucky fans in the audience enjoyed the moment together with BTS and stay safe stay safe and healthy all around you 💜🤗💜 amazing Army amazing
Hiria Celia James
Hiria Celia James Aylar önce
@Pristine White Yes Army he is so dammm handsome 💜🤗💜 but in our hearts we include the rest of our members too 😁 Army please be aware of that dangerous virus just pop up just yesterday it wired , it so scary 🥺 please love stay safe stay safe 😌
Pristine White
Pristine White Aylar önce
Seokjin is so handsome
mary lee
mary lee Aylar önce
Good to see and hear BTS again! I’m very proud and impressed by the seven of these boys! Thank you for representing the Asian people.
Farjanarahman Omi
Farjanarahman Omi Aylar önce
I'm feeling so proud right now.i love you guys being an Asian I'm feeling proud.how u guys are dominating music world 💜
Dawn Halsey
Dawn Halsey Aylar önce
I Always LOVE when they do their original introduction...It makes me Proud 💜💜💜 it's Beautiful 😍
Piyanka Sengupta
Piyanka Sengupta Aylar önce
I m soooo soooo proud of them..they feel like home❤️❤️❤️❤️ and the last pat by V to Jin was the fun touch of such a beautiful interview ❤️❤️❤️😁😁😁😁
k i r a
k i r a Aylar önce
Namjoon is so eloquent
Nattie G.
Nattie G. Aylar önce
They are so genuine, humble, well-spoken, & of course handsome. I’m so lucky to have found them several years ago when I happened to see the a live performance of DNA at the AMA. Since then, my life became brighter just to follow their BTS journey via social media. They deserve everything good in this world & my wish is to see them live soon
Euphoria Aylar önce
It is so precious to see genuine gentleman. They are so young and so smart, kind and polite. Love them all!
Anna Albanese
Anna Albanese Aylar önce
South Korea must be so proud to have 7 smart, talented and elegant men represent. I as an American fan am so amazed on how well mannered they are. BTS I bow down to show my respect back to you.
Rachael Parsons-Edwards
Rachael Parsons-Edwards Aylar önce
They are all so unbelievably beautiful, hopefully one day soon I'll get to see them in concert! 💜❤💜
Pristine White
Pristine White Aylar önce
JK doesn't have tattoos anymore.yes!
Mindy Fields
Mindy Fields Aylar önce
They are the world's prize!!!!! They came into this world 🌎 to help us push through to get to a better world. 💜💜💜🇺🇸🤟💜💜💜🐋🧈💜💜💜 STAY HEALTHY AND HAPPY ALWAYS 💜
Patricia Caprara
Patricia Caprara Aylar önce
Just love these young men! Hope to attend a concert in 2022. They are so special in so many ways.
While the whole conference everyone was so patient...the moment it ended everyone's mobile camera opened 😁. I can really feel their emotions of not missing the chance to capture the best idols of the world. They truly deserve this. Loads of respect 🙏 and admiration 🥰 to them.
Aparna Agrwl
Aparna Agrwl Aylar önce
The most handsome & humble boy group ever 💜
Sunny Aylar önce
Wow let’s acknowledge their interpreter as well, he’s so quick and articulate, amazing job 👍
Nikita Aylar önce
I am Asian and they make me proud every single day 🤟💜They ll be the best till the end💞
Pakistani Talks
Pakistani Talks Aylar önce
Namjoon speaks so calmly his voice makes me listen to him comfortablyy!!! Relieving stress
Bonnie Ho
Bonnie Ho Aylar önce
They are incredible. Love RM so much! His speech never let you down!!!!
Jk M
Jk M Aylar önce
They did amazing and are so humble
joonie's  crab 🦀
joonie's crab 🦀 Aylar önce
I m so proud of my Bangtan Boys!!!
itispam Aylar önce
Fabulous performers, ambassadors for SK and human beings. Bless them all for their hard work and global effort, to keep us entertained during this damn pandemic and for spreading such joy.
DS Gaming
DS Gaming Aylar önce
Sooooo proud to be army 💜💜💜💜
Liza Aguilar
Liza Aguilar Aylar önce
FiReAn Aylar önce
Wish many more guys were like them.
Robyn Lagi
Robyn Lagi Aylar önce
I'm so proud of them. They are such an inspiration love you BTS FOREVER
Beany Aylar önce
Our OT7 are well-spoken, humble, gorgeous and I'm a very proud ARMY.
Alyssa Jones 💋
Alyssa Jones 💋 Aylar önce
I just love their introduction. Boys have maintained it since day 1. I love it! 💜💜
Sharvari Lagoo
Sharvari Lagoo Aylar önce
JUNGKOOK answer is awesome we are so proud of you 💜💜😘
Lisa Hughes
Lisa Hughes Aylar önce
I have so much respect for these 7 amazing guys! I want the best for them always, I cannot wait to see what else life has in store for them.
Bharathi Bharathi
Bharathi Bharathi Aylar önce
BTS recognised by all over the world proud to be an Asian ....from 🇮🇳
Adriana Justino
Adriana Justino Aylar önce
Parabéns BTS,eleganterrimos 💜💜💜💜
angie o
angie o Aylar önce
Desde Mexico 🇲🇽🇲🇽admiro la caballerosidad, empatia, amabilidad e inteligencia de BTS. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👍
ana kirola
ana kirola Aylar önce
Namjoon is always so eloquent and compassionate! Respect ✊
Top Creation
Top Creation Aylar önce
So proud of you guys!
Yoongi's Tangerine
Yoongi's Tangerine Aylar önce
It's not just their music everything about all seven of them is just wonderful 💜💜💜💜
Alonzal Brown
Alonzal Brown Aylar önce
They're such professionals in their own way. 👏💜
Normancita Mangubat
Normancita Mangubat Aylar önce
Thank you very much BTS for being our hope and sunshine in a despairing world. It is a great responsibility but i want you to know that you are doing a great and wonderful job of making us happy.You all are such kind and gentle young men for this generation.Kudos to seven of you.💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏BORAHAE!!!!!!!
Καμέλια Aylar önce
Imalsha Ushani
Imalsha Ushani 4 gün önce
These boys are just amazing. I'm so lucky that I met them in 2014 for the first time and now they are the biggest idols in the world. I love so much because they help me a lot to keep going in this life with everything that I face in my life. They taught me so many things through their amazing music creations. Love them forever. My forever love BTS. My precious seven souls💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜Bora hae
K_Hong 07
K_Hong 07 Aylar önce
We are one of he luckiest kpop fandom . Proud to be an Army #Bts_army_forever
Mahmuda Akter
Mahmuda Akter Aylar önce
Namjoon's speech delivering and full formal dressup just like a president or parliament member🥰. And RM is kpop star and a artist ☺️. Dual personality
Jyoti Wadhawan
Jyoti Wadhawan Aylar önce
God bless all of you BTS stay blessed n safe n healthy always. Best wishes for your concerts n future endeavors I purple you BTS Borahe
Maria Theresa Payumo
Maria Theresa Payumo Aylar önce
With this interview, everyone can see how much our boys have matured.
Steph DeWaegeneer
Steph DeWaegeneer Aylar önce
I couldn't love them more, or be more proud of OT7. 💜
dalda care
dalda care Aylar önce
They are so humble even in top this is what I love so much
Milca Erasmus
Milca Erasmus Aylar önce
I am so proud to be a BTS Army for 5 years! 💜
JK Vlogs
JK Vlogs Aylar önce
Being an ARMY 💜 is the biggest flex 💪🏻 I really love you guys! Namjoon truly the best leader indeed 💜🙌
ZS Eeima
ZS Eeima Aylar önce
Suga... Why U so Handsome!. We so Proud of BTS....❤️💪💪
Rumki Mondal
Rumki Mondal Aylar önce
These seven boys never let us down.we are proud Army💜🥺
Kiki Annisa
Kiki Annisa Aylar önce
They pushed in the chair back to the table that was really really well mannered, I'm so proud of them
mina buka
mina buka Aylar önce
They are man of word , everything byhey say they'll put into reality 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
J-Epiphany Aylar önce
Gosh, I love them all sooo much but RM is on another level. So much respect for that man.
Siya Sun
Siya Sun Aylar önce
They're so awesome !!!
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