i finally tried purple carrot! vegan meal kit review / june 2020 💜🥕

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Vegan Dynamite

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Amanda Rozze
Amanda Rozze 8 aylar önce
I’ve always wanted to try going vegan, trying to get my kids to go that way, though. 👀😅 The spicy almond noodles looked so tasty! That’s nice you had backups!
Sarah Webster
Sarah Webster 8 aylar önce
I’ve definitely been getting so bored of my meals in this lockdown, I need to try this out!😍
Lorna Sharp
Lorna Sharp 8 aylar önce
This looks delicious ! I love spicy food and the sweet potatoes yummy 🤤 Would love to know how to cook like this haha
Kaitlin Sonday
Kaitlin Sonday 8 aylar önce
This is so cool how they make vegan meal kits!!
Gabriella Frances
Gabriella Frances 8 aylar önce
I'm not sure if it's available here in the UK but it should be! the meals look really tasty, the curry looked yum
Jodi Elizabeth
Jodi Elizabeth 8 aylar önce
We have hello fresh in Australia but i would loveeee a purple carrot type company! This looks delish and i love making my own meals and cooking it up fresh! The spicey almond butter noodles look so yummy!!!
Darcy Jackson
Darcy Jackson 8 aylar önce
Omg, I've heard of Purple Carrot before. These meals look great. I'll have to try them out.
Adriana DosSantos
Adriana DosSantos 8 aylar önce
Those almond noodles sound so amazing!!! I love flavors like that spicy and nutty yum
Laura Cristina
Laura Cristina Yıl önce
I've never heard of this before but it looks really good. I've been considering going vegan for a while and this may help get me started!
Gabrielle Ishell
Gabrielle Ishell Yıl önce
I’ve never heard about this before! This looks good! I’m going to have to let my step mom know about this!
Life Of Lydia
Life Of Lydia Yıl önce
This made me so hungry. I need to look more into this box. Thank you for the upload 😀
Jasmine Hewitt
Jasmine Hewitt Yıl önce
purple carrot must be getting popular, i've been hearing about it a lot lately!
YS Reviews
YS Reviews Yıl önce
wow, the meal looked super delicious! and super healthy!
Twisted Glam
Twisted Glam Yıl önce
Ok yummmmm this looks AMAZING!!! I love vegan food so much and this made me hungry af
Callie Mileham
Callie Mileham Yıl önce
Wow the meals look so good! I could totally be a vegetarian, but my husband, not to much lol! Thank you for sharing this, looks like a great meal service!! ❤️
Omg this looks so good! I tried a meal kit service for the first time this week too!! Was so convenient and tasty 😅
Anita Belle
Anita Belle Yıl önce
I've never tried subscription meals since they are quite expensive but I love seeing other people try it. :) Everything looked delicious
Eat Your FORKing Vegetables
Eat Your FORKing Vegetables Yıl önce
Great review on this meal kit service! I've never tried anything like this but looks great for trying out ingredients (like gai lan) that you've never tried before! Thanks for sharing your honest review!
cuisines tanha
cuisines tanha Yıl önce
Never try yet Gohjugang, look delicious! Love kimchi, gai lan and mussaman curry ;)
PlantishDelights Yıl önce
When i saw the title i also thought that you were just eating a purple carrot variation 😂 I've always been a bit skeptical of subscription meal kits but really enjoyed watching this, nonetheless! Thank you for sharing your experience with us :)
Lauren Vacula
Lauren Vacula Yıl önce
Looks like you made some bomb meals with it! I kinda like the idea of Purple Carrot for forcing you to switch it up with meals. I feel like I sometimes make the same 5 go-to's over and over again 😋
Vegan Voyagers
Vegan Voyagers Yıl önce
We've always wanted to try one of these subscription boxes, but the price tag has always deterred us from following through. However, now that we don't have a kitchen, these seem like such an EASY way to get a fun mixture of different kinds of meals without having to buy a ton of spices and seasonings every time. Plus you get to try things you'd never buy yourself in the grocery store!
LiveLifeLori Yıl önce
I also prefer to cook less, and get more meals out it. Kimchi is awesome, if you can find it vegan, and I was addicted to it, since I just LOVE it. That cream sauce with the yellow summer squash looks amazing. Glad you enjoyed the 2 dishes you wouldn't have chosen before. Rice and quinoa mixed together is a fabulous idea. All the meals actually looked very tasty. Too bad about the radishes and pepers were already gone bad :( Thanks for the review!
Jericho Baylon
Jericho Baylon Yıl önce
Hiii new friend here sending my full support, stay connected and keep safe
Happy Potato
Happy Potato Yıl önce
The meals looked good, sorry to hear about the radishes and bell peppers though. I think that's why I would be skeptical about ordering meal kits but on the other hand, I like new ideas and surprises. 💚😍" Getting sick of each other"🤣🤣
The Spicy Vegan
The Spicy Vegan Yıl önce
It seems a bit expensive, but it could be suitable for like busy people that don’t have much time to do shopping.
Kuro Neko Kitchen
Kuro Neko Kitchen Yıl önce
never heard of purple carrot! I love korean food though (like mommytang on youtube) :)
Ashley Alexander - Living Free Ashley
Ashley Alexander - Living Free Ashley Yıl önce
I've been hearing so much about Purple Carrot and have been wanting to try it, especially after seeing how good the food looks in videos like these. I think it would be such great way to get inspiration for new meals, but the added packaging has definitely held me back. Thanks for sharing!
Olá Ananás
Olá Ananás Yıl önce
I love the hair 🥰
Joshua's World
Joshua's World Yıl önce
Hi! New friend here sending full support. Hope you will do the same. Keep posting 😍
Mainstreet Explorers
Mainstreet Explorers Yıl önce
Just subscribed good video
Ivymirzz Yıl önce
Hi I’m a new subscriber, enjoyed learning something new!
Belle Holiday-Rose
Belle Holiday-Rose Yıl önce
“Momentarily felt the effects of a wfpb diet “ OH MAN! Solid gold! I actually think that’s pretty reasonably priced. Seasonings and whatnot are super expensive. I bought clubhouse garlic powder the other day and it was $15! Let alone some fancy curry. I think this would be helpful for either new vegans or people freshly in charge of cooking for themselves or a family or like you said, big time helpful for someone just getting into the vegan health scene! Is this subscription service all vegan?
Foodmakeupskin Yıl önce
Ahahah I thought you literally were going to eat purple carrots (which are tasty ahaha ) kimshi is good it’s a bit bitter for me . I’ve only done hello fresh and every plate so don’t know much about this subscription I do like however it seems they consolidated most of the food in one package I think the other food unboxings I’ve seen everything was packaged seperately and I hate wasteful packaging . Omg the noodles looked soo tasty 😋 interesting how it wasn’t very spicy tho
Into the Dragon's Den
Into the Dragon's Den Yıl önce
Ok so this is dumb on my part...when I saw “purple carrot” I thought it was actually a purple variety of carrot, like how there are purple sweet potatoes & cauliflower 🤣🤣🤣
Laura B
Laura B Yıl önce
Purple carrots do exist! 😊
Sue Logue Johnson
Sue Logue Johnson Yıl önce
The meals look good but it seems awfully expensive.
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