ISSEI funny video 😂😂😂 I try Travel Hack ! 👍

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ISSEI / いっせい

ISSEI / いっせい

4 aylar önce

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Narrator (Warthunder)
Narrator (Warthunder) 4 aylar önce
*after the flight* *literally forgets about the phone recording*
Vanja 4 aylar önce
John Meixner
John Meixner 4 aylar önce
​@Vanja when I first saw your name😳
Vanja 4 aylar önce
@John Meixner what? -
THEreal10_rxthewarrior 4 aylar önce
@Vanja it sounds like woman part
Soullette S.
Soullette S. 4 aylar önce
​@THEreal10_rxthewarrior lmao
Baranwal wallah
Baranwal wallah Aylar önce
He's the first man to follow the trend firmly😂
darsh channel
darsh channel Aylar önce
Russian game Lover
Russian game Lover 26 gün önce
Не работает на русских самолётах....
yomna 25 gün önce
اه 😂😂
Christian Dare
Christian Dare Aylar önce
As an aircraft technician, I always wondered why the window shades would be destroyed when we replaced them during heavy maintenance. Now I see why 😅
marwa Aylar önce
الان تري لماذا 😂
Raulzitokkkkkkk Aylar önce
Bruh no way 😂😂😂
Rescueplayz & Finem Ludum
Rescueplayz & Finem Ludum 12 gün önce
Tara Ramadhan
Tara Ramadhan 6 gün önce
​@marwaiya bener nih, ternyata ada yang usil🤣🤣🤣
Minhyuk Park
Minhyuk Park 3 aylar önce
Cabin crews always ask us to open the window cover while taking off
Raz nature lover
Raz nature lover 3 aylar önce
exactly last week same situation i faced
YHArkan 3 aylar önce
and landing
luya ☆
luya ☆ 3 aylar önce
Ardi 3 aylar önce
yes, cause of safety reasons
Saravanan Subburaj
Saravanan Subburaj 2 aylar önce
Bro took a flight just for this😆
Ready to Learn!
Ready to Learn! 2 aylar önce
think about forgetting your mobile was there 😎
Henrikpromp Aylar önce
Aleya Akter Alo
Aleya Akter Alo Aylar önce
Mohd Iqbal
Mohd Iqbal Aylar önce
Absolutely correct 😂
L͓̽e̽o͓̽ Aylar önce
bro think about it getting stuck behind thete
ALI Aylar önce
I will stop thinking
Gurpreet Kaur
Gurpreet Kaur 13 gün önce
He take the Plane for do it😂 He's a true legend❤
🖤Park Mishi 🖤
🖤Park Mishi 🖤 Aylar önce
Legends say the charging is still finished and is still on the plane😊
AviatorB77W 3 aylar önce
man just slept through the *"please make sure your window blinds are open"* during the safety demonstration.
Si_Anu Itu
Si_Anu Itu 3 aylar önce
In my domestic flight, all airlines would require the window blind are open. I guess it's applied globally too, unless private flight 😎
AviatorB77W 3 aylar önce
@Si_Anu Itu it is globally. the reason behind this actually is so that cabin crew has a clear view of the wings and engines in case of an emergency.
Stun X Playz
Stun X Playz 3 aylar önce
@AviatorB77W It’s for your own view too :)
AviatorB77W 3 aylar önce
@Stun X Playz exactly bro
@guru ka khalsa#.1984
@guru ka khalsa#.1984 2 aylar önce
Bhi video ke lie plane me chla gya😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
anti countryhumans German ball
anti countryhumans German ball Aylar önce
Welcome to Cambodia issei
Kadir Cakir
Kadir Cakir 2 aylar önce
You have to keep open the window blind during takeoff and landing time.
Camila Antelo
Camila Antelo 27 gün önce
Yes our cabin crew does check those so they won’t let this slide
Mute Claude
Mute Claude 3 aylar önce
Everybody gangsta until they found out that the 8 hour flight video took 98% of the phone's storage space 💀
Romeo 3 aylar önce
the majority of recent smartphones have a time-lapse mode
Moustafa Shaal
Moustafa Shaal 3 aylar önce
FurniGesmis 3 aylar önce
Me who has extra 256gb external storage and google drive with extra 2 gb and the phones extra 67 free space:
قمر الدنياء
قمر الدنياء 3 aylar önce
Capitano 3 aylar önce
@Romeo bro forgot that you need to still be recording for 8 hours to create a time lapse later 💀
T. Sravantika
T. Sravantika Aylar önce
Even I tried this but airhostess said not to close the window😂
My Gaming World
My Gaming World Aylar önce
Ur crazy man 😂
Ashish U
Ashish U 3 aylar önce
Just for information, the cabin crew will always instruct you to keep the window shades open during take off. So either you did not follow instructions or the cabin crew is inefficient.
zenji 3 aylar önce
يسر ي.
يسر ي. 3 aylar önce
Abd also when landing
Tejaswi 14
Tejaswi 14 3 aylar önce
Per 3 aylar önce
Sometimes they don’t do that, on a West Jet 787 they didn’t even bother to tell you to stow your tray table or open the window shades during take off😂😂😂😂
Bimbo Tontottuso😶
Bimbo Tontottuso😶 3 aylar önce
Qeetaixes Aylar önce
And when you're already at the hotel, you can't remember where your phone is...💀💀💀
Axlchem 12 gün önce
everybody gangsta until the phone heats up
1 hour songs
1 hour songs 3 aylar önce
guys, don't try it for too long, i did it once and i leaved my smartphone like in the video for the whole flight. when I took it again it was extremely hot and would not turn on anymore, this is because when you pass the cloud layer, the phone has direct access to the sun's rays (the clouds covered them a bit)
Carl1234 3 aylar önce
How long was your flight?
Huge pizza313
Huge pizza313 3 aylar önce
How was your flight?
Benny Mcnally
Benny Mcnally 3 aylar önce
Do it the opposite side then .
Soapevar 3 aylar önce
It would heat up either way…
THE LONE WOLF 3 aylar önce
I tried this and my phone was frying I got it out just in time lol I got a cool vid at least
G O A T🇵🇰
G O A T🇵🇰 2 aylar önce
Bro changed the country for a video 💀
สวนภูมิกะภีม Aylar önce
Welcome to Thailand ❤😊😊
Siddharth Sankar
Siddharth Sankar 3 aylar önce
During take-off and landing procedures, you are not supposed to close the window shades because an aircraft engine undergoes major controlled stress on all its peripherals. Thus there is ONE in a million chance that some fault may occur and you as a passenger may be the first one to observe it (such as sparks or fumes) and you can save everyone's life on board. Primarily it's for the flight attendants, so that they can have a clear view of the engines. So don't close the window shades during take-off and landing. Thank you for reading.
Camila Antelo
Camila Antelo 3 aylar önce
@Siddarth Sankar A flight attendant would probably be asking you to please leave the window open for take off especially if you're sitting in a seat that's really close to where the jumpseats are and if a flight attendant saw because your seat is close to where they are sitting they would ask you to have it open.
Pieter de Brauw
Pieter de Brauw 2 aylar önce
HCN Roman M
HCN Roman M 2 aylar önce
You don't decide I put it on so I don't tan
Marines Cristovão
Marines Cristovão 2 aylar önce
Alvina Tsydenova
Alvina Tsydenova 2 aylar önce
Camila Antelo
Camila Antelo 27 gün önce
That trick won’t work with your cabin crew because they check the window shades before take off and landing so they’ll probably ask you to have it open if they see that it’s closed
Beast Gaming
Beast Gaming 2 aylar önce
That excitement 😂😂
자동차덕후의 잡다한 게임
자동차덕후의 잡다한 게임 3 aylar önce
It may vary depending on the type of aircraft.
Dziuginta Bulone
Dziuginta Bulone Aylar önce
Where did you fly to?😂
ihavenoname Aylar önce
Bro went to a whole travel only to see if it works☠️
Camila Antelo
Camila Antelo 27 gün önce
This won’t work with your cabin crew they do check the window shades
Aaditya Ranjan Moitra
Aaditya Ranjan Moitra 2 aylar önce
GUYS! NEVER TRY THIS. The most crucial time of a flight is 3 minutes after takeoff and 8 minutes before landing. In order to see what's happening outside, the blinds should stay open
Нету название
Нету название 2 aylar önce
Нету название
Нету название 2 aylar önce
Adnan Özdemir
Adnan Özdemir Aylar önce
Bro changed phones language accidently and cant fix
Sunny Singh
Sunny Singh Aylar önce
Flight wale window close ni krne dete
FNSIOA 3 aylar önce
I'd actually forget my phone 💀 i meant like i would actually forget my phone, me being my stoopid self lol.
mark 3 aylar önce
​@Gael Martiez he say I'D which means i would, he didnt say he already has lost his phone 🤓
Medous 3 aylar önce
Could be a low chance since before take offs and landing the captain always tell us to put our windshield up
Gael Martiez
Gael Martiez 3 aylar önce
@RARAAN my bad I forgot what that meant. Sorry.
YHArkan 3 aylar önce
I thought windows are not allowed to be closed when taking off and landing so the flight attendance will always remind you to open it
Nazish ansari
Nazish ansari Aylar önce
Bro the “ahweaaa” was tooo funny 😆
I_killed_SiRiUs_bLaCk_⚡️ Aylar önce
I wanted to do this but couldn’t as we had to keep our windows open during take off and landing
Whiprain 3 aylar önce
이륙과 착륙시에는 바깥상황을 승무원들이 인지해야 하기때문에 열어둬야 합니다.
Mottu Uber pop 110i
Mottu Uber pop 110i 3 aylar önce
Não entendi!
ahyoung cho
ahyoung cho 3 aylar önce
@Mottu Uber pop 110i try to use google translate.
sadra goudarzi
sadra goudarzi 3 aylar önce
Unexpected 3 aylar önce
​@Mottu Uber pop 110i when plane takes off and lands you should keep window open for flight attendant to check outside
कम्बोजदेश ខ្មែរសុរិន្
कम्बोजदेश ខ្មែរសុរិន្ 3 aylar önce
이거슨 유용한
bharatrathor6064 Aylar önce
Later found out that the recording could not start.....😅😅
Weird Leon
Weird Leon Aylar önce
#Ask, I read an article about don't turn on your phone when it take off or landing moment even u turn plane mode... Is that true?
RARAAN 3 aylar önce
my man actually traveled to another country just to do this life hack🥶 props to him guys👏
Craft And Play
Craft And Play 3 aylar önce
Why can’t it be between two airports in the same country🤓
Mr. 🍕Pizza🍕
Mr. 🍕Pizza🍕 3 aylar önce
​@Craft And Play its actually in the same country🤓🤓
Craft And Play
Craft And Play 3 aylar önce
@Mr. 🍕Pizza🍕 That’s what I mean bruh 🫠
RARAAN 3 aylar önce
@3000subs without videos ok?
@Dipa 09
@Dipa 09 2 aylar önce
Thank you bro ❤
Tonie 10 gün önce
That's awesome!!!!!
Qutbuddeen Abbas
Qutbuddeen Abbas 3 aylar önce
Majority of the airlines tell you to open the binds during the takeoff and landing
Mile 3 aylar önce
international flying law tells that
Daniyar Imashev
Daniyar Imashev 3 aylar önce
Look for u
MADE Garage
MADE Garage 3 aylar önce
Yes thats fatal.. becasause flight atends want to see around clearly thru the windows.
Singh Singh
Singh Singh 3 aylar önce
Yes, but ,a flight attendant came to tell me to uncover the window but then she saw I was recording so she said it ok
Kitty_nasta 18 gün önce
the main thing is not to forget the phone there 🤣
Indhira Devika katthula
Indhira Devika katthula 23 gün önce
Amazing brother 🌹
Amjad HAMRAOUI 3 aylar önce
Bro booked a flight ticket just to try this thing 💀
Jon 199102
Jon 199102 2 gün önce
It's a requirement of most airlines for shades to be open during take off and landing. Expect a telling off.
Moni Aylar önce
Oh noooooo!!! Your phone can fall through and good luck. Some aircrafts.. you just never know with them. Take this from experience working coordinating flights and having to solve the most complicated issues with passengers. Lol we just wanna get your flight out on time.❤ people would accidentally drop their phone in the most strange places everrrrr Edit: I do understand the windows are sealed lmao I’m just saying you never know 😅 but looks like an amazing trick so I don’t have to hold my phone up myself the entire flight 😂❤❤❤❤
CrishCrosh 4 aylar önce
Bro the cabin crew tell you to keep the window open during takeoff and landing
Ari Parker
Ari Parker 4 aylar önce
@Jim Hanseder yes they do. They always do
nts 4 aylar önce
@Jim Hansederthey do lol
Yamil Mustafa
Yamil Mustafa 4 aylar önce
But they ask you for that during takeoff and landing, then you can close the window
New Zealand Aviation
New Zealand Aviation 4 aylar önce
@Jim Hanseder yep they do
Zerked 4 aylar önce
then just hold it there
ONLythISGIrL Aylar önce
I'll do that right now lol-
Soothing Mind Music
Soothing Mind Music Aylar önce
ThatGarryMan 3 aylar önce
Bro actually asked himself "what am I doing with my life"
rekia mouz
rekia mouz 3 aylar önce
no_more_yesquad 3 aylar önce
Me why wasn't it recording battery ran out
no_more_yesquad 3 aylar önce
Me why wasn't it recording battery ran out
Nilla09 Aylar önce
On a night time flight, shoot for a long exposure and you’ll get stars 🍿
Chauthi Pratham Panchakshari
Chauthi Pratham Panchakshari 3 gün önce
I tried doing this but it is a bad idea because your phone battery will die depending on the duration of the flight so it is better to do it for a short period of time, and plus your phone may also overheat.
Jasper 3 aylar önce
Please don't try to do this if you still love your life. Pulling the window coverings during takeoff and landing is to ensure the passengers' safety. Besides that, long-term phone recording can cause a fire or explosion on the plane 💁
DAYTONANDO✓ 3 aylar önce
LightRock 3 aylar önce
The only normal person i can find in this short lmao
Stoner Strains
Stoner Strains 3 aylar önce
Stoner Strains
Stoner Strains 3 aylar önce
Maybe you should start going with a drink in mind
The guy who can't english
The guy who can't english 3 aylar önce
​@LightRock There are plenty of those "normal" person with common sense. It's to ensure passenger's safety afterall.
Geckoed Aylar önce
Dude that has got to be like 50 gigs of storage 💀
♡𝚢𝚞𝚛𝚒♡ Aylar önce
honestly I have a fear of seeing clouds that I’m above on an airplane it’s just a fear-
Karim Sydney
Karim Sydney 3 aylar önce
If you’ve ever been on a flight, you know that the cabin crew will ask you to keep the windows open for take off and landing.
yo 3 aylar önce
Si.Yo cuando era más pequeña lo intenté y me llamaron la atención.
Jason Niemand
Jason Niemand 2 aylar önce
fatima Aylar önce
I traveled to try this cute trick 😂
Camila Antelo
Camila Antelo 27 gün önce
Did any flight attendants notice this I bet that they would’ve noticed it right away
Game_offical 2 aylar önce
haha and now such a window opens during the flight 😅😂
Late Line
Late Line 4 aylar önce
no way, I might actually try that!!!
kurt orejas
kurt orejas 4 aylar önce
I_Forgot_My_User 4 aylar önce
The amount of storage it will take up is insane
Virtual Ambience Sounds
Virtual Ambience Sounds 4 aylar önce
Plot twist: the window gets broken and the phone gets sucked out
Rblxavitation 4 aylar önce
Rblxavitation 4 aylar önce
человечек) 4 gün önce
reel:he decided to fly to another country to check out the life hack
H Y 2 aylar önce
Isn't it required to open the window shades when taking off and landing due to a safety reason?
Camila Antelo
Camila Antelo 27 gün önce
Yes and the flight attendants do enforce this rule
hanif arffn
hanif arffn 4 aylar önce
If I’m not mistaken, the flight attendant will ask you to pull up the window cover during take off and touch down isnt?
Magda Lena
Magda Lena 3 aylar önce
Yes, you are right.
Lord Pepsi
Lord Pepsi 3 aylar önce
ちゃんこ 3 aylar önce
Charlotteee Aylar önce
pov: u do all of this and don’t get a window seat 😢
Takian 2 aylar önce
Amazing 👏 next time when I travel I will do that
M.trangg 🍓
M.trangg 🍓 2 aylar önce
No no
chandru chandru
chandru chandru 2 aylar önce
​@M.trangg 🍓 ❤.ab 😊 😊 q
SubbingToPeopleThatSubToMe Aylar önce
a special tomato
a special tomato Aylar önce
dont do it it not safe
Smiling 4 aylar önce
Danger ⚠️: The phone might explode cuz while recording the phone produced heat and the sun direct shine the sunlight to the phone make it’s hotter, think about it before do that. Issei is playing with his live
leviosa 3 aylar önce
We're not in the late 1900s anymore.
Prabhu 3 aylar önce
I was expecting this comment and I found it 👍👍👍
Night_Soldier™ Aylar önce
*oops,i forgot to turn on the airplane mode* 💀
Chan YY
Chan YY 2 aylar önce
My phone literally doesn't have enough memory to do that.....
Navoii Gamer
Navoii Gamer 3 aylar önce
You’re not legally allowed on all flights, if any. The windows must be open during takeoff and landing
r ysf
r ysf 3 aylar önce
why bro . idnt understand
Lrmy 3 aylar önce
@r ysf one of the very crucial time in the flight are take off and landing. Thats where most of the accidents or incidents or crash happens. So flight attendants can easily see the outside view. especially the engine if on fire or not or any problem in outside part of the aircraft 🙏🏻
FoodLover👹 2 aylar önce
My issue would have been not having my phone for the whole flight
EnchantedPower Aylar önce
Woah, I Didn’t Expect That 😅😂
Dev Styx
Dev Styx 4 aylar önce
Bro just booked a flight for us. Legend 🤝
Tomislav Maras
Tomislav Maras 4 aylar önce
Dev Styx
Dev Styx 4 aylar önce
@Tomislav Maras I totally understood the assignment
Ayva 4 aylar önce
@Tomislav Maras agreed
ARSLAN 3 aylar önce
@Dev Styx😂😂
Camila Antelo
Camila Antelo 27 gün önce
This will catch the attention of your cabin crew
Potterhead123 29 gün önce
*my phone would run out of battery in 4seconds* 💀💀💀
karina Wagner luis
karina Wagner luis Aylar önce
Meu sonho voar de aviao❤❤
Pao Haokip
Pao Haokip 4 aylar önce
Jeeez,the way you carry your bag matched my way quite too well
Ana Aylar önce
Nice 😂😂👍🏻
Figure Aylar önce
The video:gets 100k likes Also the video:625GB
Gandhi Choron
Gandhi Choron 4 aylar önce
Before takeoff: A decent phone. After landing: *A 70°C toaster*
Spiderdach 4 aylar önce
khiet do tuong thanh
khiet do tuong thanh Aylar önce
This tip is actually dangerous cause the sudden temp change could make the phone explode (I don’t have to talk about the consequence to the plan and passenger). Be alive first, people.
★Queen Valentina★
★Queen Valentina★ 2 aylar önce
Nobody talking about him who traveled somewhere far just to record this 💀
Chandhana 3 aylar önce
Bro went to a trip just to shoot this. Respect
Dina Tawfeeq
Dina Tawfeeq Aylar önce
Us; bro this is Useless Tiktokers; this was worth it
Mukesh Pareek
Mukesh Pareek 3 aylar önce
When you forget to turn on the recording 😂
Manoel 28 gün önce
Killer batery😂
Mohammad Nahid
Mohammad Nahid Aylar önce
Kxyii 4 aylar önce
Actually sounds cool, but with my memory, I’d be lucky enough to remember to take my suitcase after the flight.
mediocer botw player
mediocer botw player 4 aylar önce
they make you open it at landing.
Auxity 4 aylar önce
I thought you were talking about phone memory 💀
فايزه جلال
فايزه جلال 4 aylar önce
Çok güzel vibyo
Alexander R
Alexander R 2 aylar önce
Omg I will try that with my iPad lol
rinaaaa 2 aylar önce
the fact that he booked a flight just to try this out🤣🤣🤣🙄
SMA Being Human
SMA Being Human 3 aylar önce
I can’t stay away for so long without my phone 😂
Relax sound ดนตรีผ่อนคลาย
Relax sound ดนตรีผ่อนคลาย 3 aylar önce
So get another one
꧁Afiya꧂ 3 aylar önce
@Relax sound ดนตรีผ่อนคลาย what if your broke 💀
Sweety Matlani
Sweety Matlani Aylar önce
Amazing 🤩
Jila Moutzouri
Jila Moutzouri Aylar önce
Wow!! I'll do that too when I travel!❤❤❤❤🇬🇷🇬🇷
Camila Antelo
Camila Antelo 27 gün önce
This trick will be catching the attention of your cabin crew
Shy Man
Shy Man 3 aylar önce
By far the best airline in South East Asia, Cambodia Airways!
Cy’s Life
Cy’s Life 29 gün önce
When you are excited for this but then you forget your phone after the flight💀
Haydar🔥 14 gün önce
Jeffin Jis
Jeffin Jis Aylar önce
Bro forgets his charger💀💀💀
Modisto 3 aylar önce
At the end of the flight “ uh oh i forgot to press record” 💀 EDIT: bro 400 likes.! MOM I FAMOUUUSE
Ari Kurniawan
Ari Kurniawan 3 aylar önce
No problem than forget the phone
Dilek Özcan
Dilek Özcan 3 aylar önce
최영민 3 aylar önce
ha ha ha
ARSHDEEP SINGH 3 aylar önce
No issues take another flight 😂✈️ yay!
Meme Man
Meme Man 3 aylar önce
Forgets about the phone battery 💀💀💀
Jack Aaron
Jack Aaron 9 gün önce
Everytime I am on the plane we have to have the blinds up for take off. Is that just a European thing?
LittleQuackers 2 aylar önce
Imagine ur phone going up with the shutter and just going into the plane 😢
seegurke93 3 aylar önce
You are not allowed to close the window for takeoff ans landing. Its a safety aspect. Its about situational awareness if you have to evacuate and for the firefighters who look inside the plane to check if anyone is still inside or needs help. Dont do it.
Maria Eugenia Risso Patron
Maria Eugenia Risso Patron 3 aylar önce
Nawa Nawiyatul
Nawa Nawiyatul 3 aylar önce
Nawa Nawiyatul
Nawa Nawiyatul 3 aylar önce
@Maria Eugenia Risso Patron 9899
Alee神 Aylar önce
He only had to fly from one city to another because the battery would run out.
Mushtaq 2 aylar önce
Nice ❤
Mesak Lallawmawma
Mesak Lallawmawma 4 aylar önce
Storage space be like :gotta hold a little longer!!
ash💛 Aylar önce
Guys a month ago i took my first flight ever and i tried this, i was so excited to see the results but it didn't even work for me, the phone kept felling down 💀
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