EAM S Jaishankar speaks on India's G20 Presidency |Chandrayaan-3|PM Modi |BRICS summit|China|Russia|

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3 aylar önce

Live: EAM S Jaishankar speaks on India's G20 Presidency with students of Hindu college
#SJaishankar #G20 #Live
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@TealLion Aylar önce
The best example of simple living and high thinking. FM S Jaishankar.👍
@RajkumarSharma-fn3mp Aylar önce
Bro your channel and your thought are very specific and different than others. I highly appreciate your innovative work. You deserve more viewership and attention among others. keep it up.
@soumendranghosh6974 Aylar önce
Gem of India Govt. Dr. Jaishankar is the best foreign minister of bharat since independence
@samburande 19 saatler önce
Loved the episode . Please try to get Dr Aseem Malhotra to speak about cardiac issues, myocarditis as cardiac medicine sector is the fastest growing sector.
@bbbbbccccd 2 aylar önce
You are my inspiration sir 🙏 Jai Bharat 💫
@alfman6150 Aylar önce
what an outstanding and honest man this Minister Jaishankar is! I wish we had more of these kind of politicians in europe. greetings from Vienna!
@sumitsutradhar2085 Aylar önce
Very nice Sir👍👍👍 See the negative commenters who hate BJP & their good works. Try to stop those who are real fake politicians not those who are working for the development of our Bharat👍👍👍
@bhaktravikant 5 gün önce
Jai Shree Ram 🙏🏻♥️ Proud of Modi Government
2006 President Putin and George W. Bush of the USA. President of great Russia Vladimir Putin. The US, which was a time of peace and harmony, was a great reset in relations with Russia. What's happening now? Why do we have to fight? We need to trade together. We need to have cultural exchange, scientific exchange. We must do everything to ensure global transparency for all working people. And I'm Polish-American promotion 36. I want a piece. I don't want to have wars. We've had enough of war in the twenty-second century
@THEMADPROFdj 2 aylar önce
The Marxian process of change through the conflict of opposing forces, whereby a given contradiction is characterized by a primary and a secondary aspect, the secondary succumbing to the primary, which is then transformed into an aspect of a new contradiction.
@PrashantSingh-gk2wu Aylar önce
audio quality is not good.
@akhoyokezo8677 2 aylar önce
Talking about helping other countries is very sad, it's cleaning other's kitchen forgetting the untidy of our own kitchen...
@purupune 2 aylar önce
Incredible diplomat, politician and an intellectual. We need many like him in political arena. Kudos
@AtlasGaming4k Aylar önce
Great speech, horrible audio on the video.
@talkpresent 2 aylar önce
Very nice. The world should be open and acceptable to changes that bring it together and ensure shared and sustainable growth to all. We should work together to progress to Type 2 civilization. Conflicts will only ensure destruction of human race
@Sassy-Sam Aylar önce
Well said.
@danie_2 Aylar önce
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@Dinop12233 Aylar önce
how do i find MRS EVELYN LEWIS , i need help with my portfolio..🙏
@elizabethjames4427 Aylar önce
@elizabethjames4427 Aylar önce
@thedinneris Aylar önce
In love with Jaishankar!... absolutely and deeply ! love him !
@shubhamrawat-sj8bo Aylar önce
Someone who doesn't sympathise with the innocent children in gaza and some who doesn't consider HAMAS a terrorist group are equally inhumane.
@KarthickKarthick-mv7wi Aylar önce
@sanjaykhasa Aylar önce
समंदर में जीव जन्तु भी है और बहुत गहराई मे जीव आत्म जगत भी मौजूद हैं जय महादेव जय श्री कृष्णा
@avinavstar Aylar önce
@AaEwsh Aylar önce
Sir, my right ear enjoyed you speech which was outstanding but, Am I getting any compensation? 😅 That would be Nicest of Nice of you.
@mdmeraj8430 Aylar önce
@mdmeraj8430 Aylar önce
@mdmeraj8430 Aylar önce
@mdmeraj8430 Aylar önce
@mdmeraj8430 Aylar önce
@lbasavaraj Aylar önce
Wow so much hate??
@ammachiye 3 aylar önce
Motivational impact
@mangesh9051 2 aylar önce
@akshaykhatsuriya7903 Aylar önce
@akshaykhatsuriya7903 Aylar önce
00😊0😊 ki😊
@kadiralam1736 12 gün önce
@ngumtheocharisngek1952 2 aylar önce
@abhinavbhrigubansh9535 3 aylar önce
Pls like for S JAISHANKAR JI
@user-jz4up7eq4v Aylar önce
All Fake Chinese account in the comment section, spitting venom against our FM, we all know what a gem of a person he is... Plz ignore such Chinese virus in the comment section ✌️
@sunildwivedi6538 Aylar önce
@sajidkhalfe9968 3 aylar önce
Wow. Great speech. By the way, have you heard of a place called Manipur?
@un-karnish2967 3 aylar önce
Sajid, I guess you have to talk about Manipur for the next 10 years since people like you don't seem to find another topic.
@fathinnoushad480 3 aylar önce
They are changing the name of country now . Insane😂
@sajidkhalfe9968 3 aylar önce
@@fathinnoushad480 No worries. I.N.D.I.A party will also change their name to INDIA-BHARAT-HINDUSTAN party. And then the name of the country will change to MODISTAN and MODISTAN Ocean. Yaay! So BJP still wins ..... you lose.
@senuyt9388 Aylar önce
​@@fathinnoushad480jali hai bhai 😂😂
@MohaddisMedia 2 aylar önce
سبحان اللہ
@akishyasingh 2 aylar önce
@soumendranghosh6974 Aylar önce
Modi govt policy has transformed India
@wongchanthong Aylar önce
Double speaking
@rajendrasuryawanshi4254 2 aylar önce
@nupudhar4918 Aylar önce
ঠিক চাই সৃষ্টির জন্য ভারত সরকারের কাছ থেকেই অফ দ্য ম্যাচ খেলার সুযোগ নেই বললেই চাই নাই ক্যান ভাই বোন নেই বললেই তার উপর নির্ভর করেই জানেন নিশ্চয়ই জানেন
@PremKumar-yb2wv Aylar önce
@readmylisp Aylar önce
India is all talk .
@sakshamdreamz2318 Aylar önce
Please speak bit loudly.. Hindus aren't able to listen it sharp n sound like Amit and Narendra's voice. Next 25 years, after the people left after civil war in India?
@freeindian5724 2 aylar önce
Can we stop this india never attacked anybody in history. Right from initial times, the monarch would send out horses with armies to annexe near-by lands. Then they started sending out monks, one of whom very recently was exiled back to india by china.
@vineetmishra2690 Aylar önce
So sending monks and horses now amounts to "attacking"? 😂
@alexcorrea4828 Aylar önce
Really?????? Cmon now...get educated
@alexcorrea4828 Aylar önce
I think one time they sent a swarm.if bees at pesky tourists
@user-kx7ut4tc6t 29 gün önce
Biswame Do kanoon hai-eka Nesnal Act Aur Inter Nesnal Act.Intar Netional Antar gat nyaya hos,Shubhakamana.
@j.p.chaudhary2048 16 gün önce
Jo log baat baat mai majhab ko samne late h vo paap kar rahe h ye koi khilona nahi h jo baat baat par samne laao ijjat h parde mai rakho tab uski value Hogi👍
@sudhadhulia5509 26 gün önce
Negative comments without facts n substance are nothing but running an agenda on someone's behalf. Those who love the nation would love to listen about their nation n its achievements.
@CanadianBONGs 24 gün önce
😊😮 added
@karunalondhe7746 16 gün önce
@user-lc9np5qe4z Aylar önce
Kabhi kabhi hum dekhte hai hamare samaj mein... Lallu panju ko bhi break milta hai... Goodman but on the wrong side...
@vickym4307 Aylar önce
Kashmir belongs to my india 🇮🇳 jai Shree ram
@yadwinderyadu3185 Aylar önce
Love ❤❤
@RajeshArya-wq9oh Aylar önce
Sahi baat hai tum log wo bhoot ho nahi isliye rasta bhi nahi hai,ki kaya kalp banao or story k liye thought mile,
@user-lc9np5qe4z Aylar önce
You should speak on our lost lands... All know very well how strong china is but! Bharat ke bete ko cheen par baat karna chahiye...
@RajeshArya-wq9oh Aylar önce
Prabhas ek kaam kar ya abhisek Bachchan big ka kya kalp wala movie bana log bolega kis ka behtar laga,
@soumendranghosh6974 Aylar önce
All the tukde tukde Chinese gang is active in the comment box
@ajay262134 Aylar önce
Multiple propaganda bots posing as an Indian spotted 🧐
@RajeshArya-wq9oh Aylar önce
Iske liye bhoot power chahiye thought pakar lega or hoga, karte karte,tab hi maja aayega.
@jeff271 2 aylar önce
now. just give me your itunes gift card
@KannyValentine Aylar önce
Jealousy alert
@Naps56 18 gün önce
The correct term in Islam is " "Taqqiya"
@bittugym8282 Aylar önce
tslk in Urdu mix hindi 😂
@bosepalash897 Aylar önce
Saddening that capable people needs to leak boots of frauds with duplicity.
@abhishantprasad Aylar önce
Robotic science
@kisunsoren9889 Aylar önce
@nattyp7801 28 gün önce
It’s crazy how we don’t hear anything from India about what’s happening in Palestine…….
@manobm Aylar önce
Indians are good... And west use goldilocks tactics ... India will care for its people not serve west game plan !!! And today our per capita is $2500 and they enjoy the golden billion a percapita of $50000-$80000!!!!!
@jonatmajhong3761 Aylar önce
12:08 12:08
@jonatmajhong3761 Aylar önce
12:08 12:08 12:08 12:08
@jonatmajhong3761 Aylar önce
12:08 12:08 12:08 12:08
@jonatmajhong3761 Aylar önce
@jonatmajhong3761 Aylar önce
@naveenchouhan7763 6 gün önce
@voice-of-SUMIT Aylar önce
नोटेबन्दी कैशलेस इकॉनमी बनाने के लिए की थी क्या
@Ajjubhai-cg5yz Aylar önce
Joker chaplin.
@Meraj-zr2ry 2 aylar önce
India should feed its own population rather than worry about the world. You starving your own regional Indians. The majority are stunted growth due to malnutrition. In the 21st century, women still go out to paddock for relief due to no attached toilet at home and sanitation.
@Elliezj 2 aylar önce
Indians all like to invest and they are good at using their spare money.
@satyadarshanglimpseoftruth3125 Aylar önce
​@@KannyValentine 80% Indian are facing poverty and don't have toilets at their homes
@rahulagrawal6668 Aylar önce
Nation comes first 🎉
@priyavibhuyadav3701 Aylar önce
Next. P. M. Jaysankar
@PardeshiChodhari Aylar önce
@PardeshiChodhari Aylar önce
😅s 1:28 😊
@ginnip8670 5 gün önce
@Law-7376 2 gün önce
@RajeshArya-wq9oh Aylar önce
Rajesh Khanna ka kaya kalp movie bana warna mar ja qki lagta hai hoga bhi nahi tum log se,
@AffiliationVed Aylar önce
Bhai hindi me bol tere baat smjh nhi a rhi 😂
@bhagwangurung6859 Aylar önce
In😅oKim oioik mi😅
@bhupindersinghkanwar5681 19 gün önce
@kmodha44 Aylar önce
You comment that India looks after its people. This is utter lie. What about the fierce and merciless attack on indigenous Christians. Their homes and Churches are being burnt down, their men are killed, their women are beaten and raped and their children orphaned. Be a man of integrity and bring freedom for Indian Christians to live in peace and worship with out fear.
@MatrixMultiplication Aylar önce
Thank you for bringing attention to this situation. We always need to speak Truth to Power. God bless you!
@piranha3037 Aylar önce
You mean to say in Manipur. But that has no religious dimension at all. Two communities are fighting. Each community is targeting other's houses, shops, places of worships. Not all of Kukis are Christians, not all are Meites are Hindus. This is not a religious struggle. Moreover, its a border state. Chinese arms are coming from Myanmar. Without Special power Act India military is hesitant to take drastic steps. Please don't comment without understanding the gravity of the situation.
@RajeshArya-wq9oh Aylar önce
Bhoot k liye uska respect mode apne aap chalta hai, lafu time k liye lafu act ,mar ja lafu ban k qki us se jada story kaha tum log k pass
@sunilpoudel815 Aylar önce
@domainexpress Aylar önce
cods wallop
@lexxy1178 Aylar önce
Poi marik
@AmitSingh-ou6kj Aylar önce
😅 qqc
@lestat2dark 2 aylar önce
Tera number aa 001
@ChandramohanSing-gl4cj 25 gün önce
Jai Hindi jaysankar ji
@amityadav-lt5bc Aylar önce
To kya hum bigger economy se haq maang lein? 😂 New fatu Bharat 😂😂
@user-im2rr6kb7s Aylar önce
ANI also godi media
@gkgsstudyclasses5488 Aylar önce
@gkgsstudyclasses5488 Aylar önce
@krishnakumar-oo1tt Aylar önce
@prajapatichandreshsingh9543 Aylar önce
The worst product of jnu👺
@birranson8881 Aylar önce
Nonsense wated lot of money on G20 India got the presidency on roation not because India is a outstanding excellent country. Mofani couldnt even speak.Modani
@swarupghosh9945 Aylar önce
😢😢😢😅😮😢🎉😢😊😮😮 3:07:33 😮🎉😅🎉
@swarupghosh9945 Aylar önce
@swarupghosh9945 Aylar önce
@swarupghosh9945 Aylar önce
@swarupghosh9945 Aylar önce
@user-dn7po7fc4i Aylar önce
Poor audio
@roshanthing2606 Aylar önce
What is the greeter Nepal
@felixdesouza3993 Aylar önce
U can’t make peace in Manipur 😂😂
@pammidsingh Aylar önce
Mr. Failed Videsh mantri… stop giving lecture and do something…
@indiancodm2470 Aylar önce
No matter how mighty a person might be, there would always be some stray dogs barking from afar.
@geethu2021 Aylar önce
@skjain247 Aylar önce
Agar ye fail hai to pass kya tera fufa Rahul Gandhi hai.
@niteshbaniya7752 Aylar önce
Ghutka chap
@samsak5869 Aylar önce
This guy is solid but his boss is a snake 🐍
@merecartoon8119 Aylar önce
Palestine zinabad
@benzionkandleker5752 2 aylar önce
Jai shreram
@user-ne8qy4zb6k Aylar önce
Such a fraaaaad
@abhikapoor3906 Aylar önce
😈 rakshash
@user-gb7ub2bj4m Aylar önce
@uniquemr05 Aylar önce
@juned649 Aylar önce
Worst FM ever
@grajiv1979 Aylar önce
Why because he is not shining Shoes to Master and giving it back?
@manojsalunkelive4814 Aylar önce
Worst comment ever 😅😂
@rajyavardhanaSingh-nt1gn Aylar önce
@znelgarments912 Aylar önce
Bad soun3
@sukhvirsingh9315 Aylar önce
What you talking you just keep talking blablabla
@rohansingh1015 10 gün önce
गंगा सफाई का प्रचार में जितना खर्चा किया उसका 2 पर्सेंट भी इन पापियों ने सफाई में किया होता तो आज गंगा साफ होती सिर्फ घोटाला हुआ है
@jasondsouza7214 Aylar önce
@ajinkyapatwekar6006 Aylar önce
@AbdulRazzaq-bt3gm Aylar önce
@ashishverma00 2 aylar önce
Puppet of bjp
@shyamprasad3357 2 aylar önce
@TM69FF 2 aylar önce
@ashishverma00 2 aylar önce
@@TM69FF chauthi fail andh bhakt ??
@behwajah Aylar önce
Sinanla kafes dövüşü yakında
Emre Gül
görünümler 3,1 Mn
kahve telvesinden şampuan yapma deneyi #shorts