They Said This Wood Was Unusable

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Foureyes Furniture

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Building an Epoxy Resin Slab Table
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In this video we're building a live edge, epoxy, resin, slab coffee table. We've worked with slabs before, and we've worked with epoxy before...but never like this! We decided to make things extra difficult on ourselves by making the table's top circular, and more so by using a slab that most people would consider unfit for anything more than a fire pit. The top is made of Elm, and the base is made of Maple with Elm details. In the end we're very proud of how this piece came out...and we hope you'll enjoy it as well :)
#epoxyresin #LiveEdgeTable #woodworking
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0:00 Intro
0:58 Picking Out Table Top Orientation
2:45 Dealing With Bad Wood Sections
5:00 Preparing For Epoxy Pour
6:55 Epoxy Pour 1
7:38 Designing & Building The Base
10:54 Hardware Explanation
12:35 Epoxy Pour 2
13:41 Building the Base Part 2
18:05 Flattening The Slab
19:52 Final Top Shaping and Edge Details
21:56 Attaching the Top & Base
23:45 Applying Finish
25:10 Final Assembly & Reveal

Foureyes Furniture
Foureyes Furniture 8 aylar önce
Jebmo 58
Jebmo 58 Aylar önce
Fact! Pepperoni is definitely not as good as sausage as a pizza topping! As far as the table goes it's a pretty damn good-looking table
DAAV KIETS 2 aylar önce
Not sure if you decided to make that desk from the remaining slab, but I like it! I have a Milo Baughman "Perspective Desk" that is similar to your concept
R JENKENS 2 aylar önce
You did all of that work and showed less than five seconds of video of the full finished product WHICH IS WHAT WE ALL CAME TO SEE!!! Please show more of the finished piece while you're talking in the background. Thanks
Anthony Peters
Anthony Peters 3 aylar önce
omg.. breakfast nook table as coffe table... yo. like a tv in the bathroom
Hargrim 3 aylar önce
i will make that wooden bandage in a circular form like a big dot
Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson 8 aylar önce
I'm not sure how this video came across my feed. But honestly, this is the most real content I've seen in years. You can tell you have such a passion for this, and that you pour your heart and soul into it. Production of the video 15/10, commentary throughout 15/10, genuinely interested for the full length? 15/10. Love this channel now, will watch for many years to come
Theo Bolt
Theo Bolt 15 gün önce
No! He pours in epoxy. 😜😄
Lois Davis
Lois Davis 26 gün önce
Led me to think
SherKhan Aylar önce
I totally agree
reapercupyt 3 aylar önce
Honestly, I have some blacksmith videos and gaming videos and this appears, I love wood work and it's pretty calming too. Keep up the cool creations!
firefox71 5 aylar önce
Beautiful piece. The large epoxy is not a problem for me as I think it draws more attention to the grain in the center where the branches split into the Y and has a lot of interesting detail.
Kinetic Comedian
Kinetic Comedian 3 aylar önce
This is the first video I’ve ever seen from you but this was so cool to watch. You’re incredibly talented for one, but it also just feels like you’re having a genuine conversation with the viewer. Just saying exactly what youre thinking; it feels so real
2O22 Adopt me trading
2O22 Adopt me trading 3 aylar önce
Malcolm S.
Malcolm S. 2 aylar önce
I’ve seen a lot of woodworking content of late, but this channel sets itself apart with all the great camera work and editing. A+
Foureyes Furniture
Foureyes Furniture 2 aylar önce
Wow, thank you!
Brady McPhail
Brady McPhail 4 aylar önce
I’m learning a ton from your videos man! I’ve been a metal fabricator for almost 50 years . Your style is a bit modern my family home, but the techniques are all so much the same & that’s what is so important. Your furniture is freaking Beautiful by the way!
Sheila Hodson
Sheila Hodson 4 aylar önce
Absolutely gorgeous and perfection. Thank you for the video I stumbled on my chance and am totally intregued.
астро космо
астро космо 3 aylar önce
Imagine having such a beautiful piece in your home, having watched all the work and passion going into it. Incredible.
Barbara Lee
Barbara Lee 8 aylar önce
It’s a lovely table. I love woodworking. At 70 I finally had the money to buy more tools than clothes. But it’s too late to get really good. My eyesight is poor. My arm strength is weak. Who cares. I watch videos like this .. live vicariously… then go out in the shop an build burnable junk. It’s fun and it makes me happy! To everyone that commented below: THANK YOU ALL so much! You have made me so happy and I feel so encouraged!! I need two barn doors for my (yard ornament) donkey and Miss Cow. I’m going to try a fancy cross hatch top half ( for air flow) out of 1.5 inch cedar strips and a conventional metal bottom but within in a frame of oak. Gentlemen!! Thank you for the hope!
E Louise
E Louise Aylar önce
@Rogue Wolf I have heard of what you have, but cannot remember the name of it. Good luck with your projects! Keep on going!
E Louise
E Louise Aylar önce
@Jonathan Ramiro • 100 years ago Hey, but at least you know how to speak in 2 languages, I am assuming. That's better than I can do and I am not learning disabled!
Jasmine DoggieTvn
Jasmine DoggieTvn 3 aylar önce
Did your project go through?
dumb biiihh
dumb biiihh 2 aylar önce
just discovered your channel and i appreciate how much work and effort you put into it! it’s not at all like these tiktok quick diys. ur builds look so regal and modern at the same time 🤤❤️
Foureyes Furniture
Foureyes Furniture 2 aylar önce
Thank you so much!!
Raine Flores-Peña
Raine Flores-Peña 5 aylar önce
hey! im a wood shop assistant and honestly this is so cool to see! i only stared working this august but this is so inspirational to watch!!! also i think its kind of inspiring that i can identify some of the machinery and techniques!!! makes me feel super good about my work & that I have much to learn :)
Benjamin 6 aylar önce
Finally came across someone who can create something amazing while having the time and honesty to explain the decisions made with the knowledge to follow, and bonus whit always makes it more enjoyable. Subscribed!
Foureyes Furniture
Foureyes Furniture 6 aylar önce
Glad you found us...and hope you enjoy our other videos as much
P Klass
P Klass 3 aylar önce
Love you guys work, your projects are always incredibly beautiful. With the extra wood please make a library table (I think that is what it is called. A long skinny table that fits behind the couch) or an entry table… In my home both of these pieces would be the first thing you see entering from my front door.
Scrapwood Hobbyist
Scrapwood Hobbyist 6 aylar önce
Another beautiful build! I'm working on a hexagonal coffee table for myself, and I knew I wanted 3 legs with the angle you used, joined together in the center with #3x3Custom - Tamar inspired 3 way half lap, but I was unsure what to do for the top until I saw this. Thanks for the further inspiration!
Better Betty
Better Betty 8 aylar önce
The “I’m trying to convince my wife” subtitle took me out!!! Too funny and you’re incredibly talented! The table is gorgeous!!
Brad Russell
Brad Russell 2 aylar önce
7 inches is more than enough to convince me! 😅
karaniii 2 aylar önce
Frankie Ortiz
Frankie Ortiz 7 aylar önce
bruh 7 aylar önce
7 inches is huge tho
Ryan Shen
Ryan Shen 7 aylar önce
@Gear Bangin' Entertainment even if it’s predictable, it’s still funny
Connie Wojahn
Connie Wojahn 3 aylar önce
Absolutely beautiful. Your and your helpers' talent is astounding. It's great to see people who know what they're doing, are willing to challenge themselves when they're not-to-sure, and truly enjoy their endeavors. God has blessed you.
Coconut 28 gün önce
Really cool video and loved how the table turned out! One thing I've learned if you're using an epoxy resin finish is that you don't necessarily have to get rid of those rotted sections. If you tape off one side of the rotted material and pre-pour some resin around the area, it absorbs very well into the more pithy material and will harden it, perhaps to a greater degree than the rest of the piece depending on the type of wood. The coloration might not exactly match in the finished product, but sometimes that's a good thing!
Mike Estevez
Mike Estevez 7 aylar önce
This video was amazing start to finish. The depth of skill in both woodworking and video editing is incredible! This is literally how you leave your signature on the world. Humble passion that inspires.
John Wente
John Wente 6 aylar önce
This is without any doubt the most ambitious and complex woodworking project I have ever viewed. You guys are amazing! Would you have ever done anything like that if you didn't have a TRshow channel to show off your work? Oh, and I must compliment you both on your video creation and editing skills. I'm betting you have nearly as many hours in creating the video as you do in making the table--or maybe even more. I've done a couple of 1 to 2 minute videos that took me about an hour to an hour and a half for each minute. And they had NO special effects or other fancy stuff.
Foureyes Furniture
Foureyes Furniture 6 aylar önce
Hey John, appreciate the kind words. I would definitely still try stuff like this with or without a TRshow channel. I will admit that having a TRshow channel is nice in that it kind of forces you to keep trying new things...where without it, I'd probably just be selling pieces primarily and building the same thing over and over. Or commissioned designs that I wasn't super into. You're not far off with the editing. It definitely is a lengthy process. Maybe not quite as lengthy as the build. But many many many hours.
Auctor Angeli
Auctor Angeli Aylar önce
There is just something I love about videos that have no music, just mesmerizing visuals and amazing commentary. I'm really glad this video came out in my recommendations.
Ghost-Boy Danny
Ghost-Boy Danny 8 aylar önce
There was a little cafe I always used to go to called red velvet and they had resin wood tables, and what made those tables so memorable was how they had little scenes in the resin. One was about a flower swamp with frogs, dried flowers, frog figures all encased in, and the other was a flower meadow with a bunch of cute little bees gathering stuff from dried flowers.
yes homo
yes homo 7 aylar önce
id do anything to know where that is
Shinoa Hīragi
Shinoa Hīragi 7 aylar önce
I'd like you to upload a photo of it somewhere I can see it
ChaoticDoll 7 aylar önce
Yeah i've been to a cafe like that where the resin tables are filled with sweets and it looks so cool.
Kit Cat
Kit Cat 7 aylar önce
That’s so cool!
Nix 5 aylar önce
Honestly, I'm not quite sure how I ended up on this video...? But I'm not complaining in the least. This was beautiful, and the process was mesmerizing. Thank you for sharing what you do! I often watch woodturning, epoxy resin videos, and also restoration videos, so I think it's probably natural progression to end up on furniture making! This video was from July, but I think I'll go watch some newer videos too... and will probably wind up subscribing.
Ethan Aylar önce
Well, this is the first time a woodworking video has made me tear up haha Amazing work man, you’re an inspiration ❤
Defected Heart
Defected Heart 4 aylar önce
As someone who loves carpentry but doesn’t have the tools for it at my disposal like I did in high school. I’m glad this came into my feed! Thanks for an awesome build and video!
Yumi Kpop
Yumi Kpop 5 aylar önce
Note that this is my first time seeing you guys and I clicked on it genuinely out of curiosity, but after finishing the video, I said to myself in my head 'Man, I better subscribe not to forget them' so... Here I am. A new subscriber. I hope you stay as great as you were 3 months ago, when this video was out and I wish you good luck (even though you already seem to have some, it's always better to have more). Will see you again, my dudes. And I'll gladly watch you work.
Paul Kellam
Paul Kellam 3 aylar önce
I found your channel a couple of days ago and was on the fence on if I really liked your videos or not. After watching a few videos I must say I really like the style and detail of your videos and I'm now a subscriber. I consider myself the 5% you reference in this video. Woodworking is a hobby of mine but I am a perfectionist, so I appreciate your level of detail.
Foureyes Furniture
Foureyes Furniture 3 aylar önce
Glad you came down on this side of the fence. Appreciate it. 🙏🏻
John Carlson
John Carlson 8 aylar önce
Enjoyed your video. Regarding the decision on the base, (3 vs 4 legs), the three legged version is actually more usable, especially if it is placed on an uneven floor. Four legs requires an even floor or it will rock.
bumboclat 7 aylar önce
Will topple more easier if someone puts pressure at the wrong spot
Buildin' Whatever
Buildin' Whatever 8 aylar önce
That particular 3 leg design will also require a perfectly flat floor.
Lindi【LindCreations】 8 aylar önce
And for people like me who like to sit on the floor at coffee tables, this also means more leg room 😊
Marcia Campey
Marcia Campey 8 aylar önce
Two words come to mind in this very creative and interesting video: Redeem and Restore.
Giovanni T.
Giovanni T. 2 aylar önce
I live in a woodwork district famous across the entire world for its companies and forniture design, I've been in their labs, I've seen how they work, but I've never seen just one person doing the entire job from A to Z. We usually have different professionals do single parts of the job (design, cut, assembly, painting). What you did with this table is indeed really impressive. 👍
Foureyes Furniture
Foureyes Furniture 2 aylar önce
Thanks so much.
Biwa ___
Biwa ___ 4 aylar önce
have absolutely no experience wood working but i can say that i wholeheartedly enjoyed every minute of this video. beautifully done. your story telling your video work and of course the wood work itself are all stunning. what a nice ending!
Rocket 13
Rocket 13 7 aylar önce
Really good stuff, totally enjoyed watching your video and the side comments. I am not a woodworker or a carpenter in any way shape or form but watching this video certainly makes me wish I made a different career choice when I was much younger. You and your team are incredibly talented and great at documenting the process. I'm not sure if you are better at making furniture or at making incredible videos or both but you kept my curiosity peeked throughout...thank you! If there's anything that came from this that I will do in the future is this, I will buy the large! Thank you, be safe, be well and have continued success with your god given talents!
Ana Nogueira
Ana Nogueira 3 aylar önce
I honestly don't know how I got here from horseshoe manicures but all I can say is: that opening line "I'm an idiot" just won you a fan and another subscriber. It's clear you are passionate about what you do, and please never stop loving what you do. I'm definitely checking out more of your videos, and thank you so much for the wonderful visuals, hilarious jokes and fantastic final piece. I personally find that table absolutely gorgeous. Thank you!!!
Johnathon Whittaker
Johnathon Whittaker 7 aylar önce
Outstanding video and project, the sheer amount of work you all have put into filming and editing this made it a pleasure to watch.
Chris P
Chris P 7 aylar önce
Great stuff! I'm not a woodworker but I am an artist and crafter and totally appreciate your work. Lots of time, skill and talent with amazing results!
•Lumine•. 5 aylar önce
My man really forgot the number Loser lmao
Text+①(②①③) ⑤①⑨-⑥⑤⑥④
Text+①(②①③) ⑤①⑨-⑥⑤⑥④ 7 aylar önce
Congrats you have been selected among our shortlisted winners, contact the number above ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^🎁
Rey Philipp
Rey Philipp Aylar önce
I'm a little late, but i just stumbled across this Video and i really liked it. Will definitely subscribe. As for the Project itself: I'd love to see leftover pieces getting turned into something beautiful. You did a fantastic job with this Slab. It looks really cool. And i really dig the three Legs with the Bridge Connection! That looks awesome. Honestly, if i had the Cash and get it shipped across the Ocean, i'd buy it and give it a nice Home! Thanks for the great Work and showing your Art! Greets from Austria!
Dale Travers
Dale Travers 3 aylar önce
A new viewer here! - subscribed immediately because I love watching the woodworking in process. Give this man a TRshow Oscar for special sound effects :D 10:20
Jeremy Slater
Jeremy Slater 7 aylar önce
I just found this channel and I love your content, this is so inspiring. I will definitely be sticking around
Chris Martin
Chris Martin Aylar önce
Your absolutely talented. Love your work, it’s always nice watching something come together from start to finish with the process in between. Really appreciate your efforts and what goes into it also. Great video content as well and how you have put this together 👍👍 look forward to the next one.
J Ryan
J Ryan 4 aylar önce
Nice job. Love watching you guys making beautiful pieces from what others would discard for scrap! BTW, did you consider using some of the off cuts to loosely fill the larger gaps, i.e., islands of wood inside the larger areas of epoxy resin? Just a different way to go, but I still love the final result!
wolfiesown x
wolfiesown x Aylar önce
Yeah I was thinking the same
Edvin Martinsson
Edvin Martinsson 8 aylar önce
the production of these videos is as good as the actual woodwork! pure art! 12/10!
Foureyes Furniture
Foureyes Furniture 8 aylar önce
Haha...damn. Sailed right past 11/10. I love it!!!
Jim Jupiter
Jim Jupiter Aylar önce
Wow, this was entertaining and informative. I like the feets you made for the table and how you created the elements. It's also a very beautiful surface. Well done! Would love to see a stabilitiy test, cause thats the only thing I do not like on rounded tables, when they're bending at the edge if someone puts his weight on it. I think with your design they could be solid on the ground.
VoltJK86 4 aylar önce
I personally love the way you go about woodworking the accuracy and big use of templates is something I am definitely gonna incorporate alot more " I already do but I will a lot more" I have been doing joinery at college for 3 years and am trying to find a job as a joiner and when I do I will be sure to use some of your advice great video
VoltJK86 4 aylar önce
@Sheila Hodson Thank you Sheila means alot
Sheila Hodson
Sheila Hodson 4 aylar önce
Volt--I hope that you have great success. You have a rare and unusual talent. Such a blessing to be able to be a craftsman at that level.
Ken McCutcheon
Ken McCutcheon 5 aylar önce
I thoroughly enjoyed watching the build. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, methodologies and challenges. I’m an amateur woodworker & that helps me appreciate the work even more.
Holly Leigh
Holly Leigh 26 gün önce
Thank you for sharing this journey. As a daughter of a carpenter who is into DIY herself, I struggle with the lack of space in my big city apartment and wish I had the means to afford and house more than just a few power hand tools. This was so pleasant and satisfying to watch. I am trying to find a way to add small sliding doors to a vintage cabinet and found one of your instructional videos. I liked your style so much that I carried onto this one. I'm subscribed! My wife (yes, I'm very stereotypical, ahha) is going to now be subjected to watching your woodworking videos with me this weekend. Keep doing what you're doing! Thanks!! :)
JOSE MENA 7 aylar önce
Most Beautiful table, with the upmost character. Very artistic. Great job to you, both.
pagedentistry StephenP
pagedentistry StephenP 8 aylar önce
I think that the three legged base was the smartest because it will always sit evenly on most every surface. Three legs will adjust to almost any surface. Whereas, four legs will possibly find one leg does not sit the same on some surface and the table will rock a little. Beautiful result !!
Damian Jones
Damian Jones 7 aylar önce
@pagedentistry StephenP ah gosh stephen you really got me there
pagedentistry StephenP
pagedentistry StephenP 7 aylar önce
@Damian Jones Time to go back to school.
Damian Jones
Damian Jones 7 aylar önce
@pagedentistry StephenP how to know you've won an argument: their reply has nothing to do with the topic at hand This dispute had nothing to do with the overall quality or build of the table. Simply with the fact what you said made no sense. Good day Stephen
pagedentistry StephenP
pagedentistry StephenP 7 aylar önce
@Damian Jones I think you are having some personal issues that don't need to addressed over an otherwise enjoyable video. Get over it.
Damian Jones
Damian Jones 7 aylar önce
@pagedentistry StephenP try to put that table on a rounded ground.. it will not be stable. Try to put a table with only 3 legs on a rounded ground and it will be relatively stable. Yes this is an exaggerated scenario and I hope no one is planning to put tables on such even grounds.. but my point stands. The plain on the bottom completely disputes what you're trying to say. Simple geometry.
NCR Ranger
NCR Ranger 4 aylar önce
I'm so glad I got recommended this video, I watched some of your other videos and they are amazing! You sir have earned your self a new subscriber
Foureyes Furniture
Foureyes Furniture 4 aylar önce
Thanks so much. Really happy that you found me. Appreciate you 🙏🏻
Henry Glover
Henry Glover 4 aylar önce
One of the most wholesome videos I’ve watched in a long time. Absolutely loved the commentary. I yearn to get into the craft 😩
Ankela M
Ankela M 7 aylar önce
Amazing job, such a beautiful table!
11kele 5 aylar önce
I've been working with wood for about 15 years and my main job was manual wood carving. This is great how you managed to use the "unusable" slab into something beautiful. I came across the sponge-like areas a lot of times, especially with a walnut trees and I believe that it is a rotten part where the tree got cracks and where those cracks were exposed to the outside elements like water and snow...
supersilverhazeroker 5 aylar önce
seems obvious to me that there was woodworms / wood eating insects in there. that spongy area was filled with woodworm holes.
Sam MOT 2 aylar önce
I love the passion you put into this work. You managed to turn something ugly into a valuable work of art. I love it man ❤ Done subscribed
Joep Gevaert
Joep Gevaert 7 aylar önce
For anyone wondering: the 2:56 "wood rot or what it was" is woodworm. I've had this in our cellar, and could poke a screwdriver literally halfway through one of the carrying beams of the hallway. (also really liked the Y-shaped design that you didn't go for, but final product was amazing of course)
Hexafolia 3 aylar önce
@muzzaro imo, if it wasnt dead when he removed the decaying wood the worm made, the epoxy would have absolutely cooked it
muzzaro 7 aylar önce
How do you know if the woodworm is all dead?
Tracy Johnson
Tracy Johnson 5 aylar önce
Hi This is the first time watching this channel, i have to say i love your transparency about what you do and your expectations. Its hard to find people on You Tube that tell you the truth right from the start. Your honesty means we can trust you that what you are saying its the truth. The second thing i would like to say is i like the fact that when you build a piece you are always changing aspects of your creation the legs for instance on this piece. I am glad you did the three legs rather than the four legs. The finish on the wood is so stunning, even the epoxy that you filled the cracks in it with. I love the whole look of this piece. When you first bought the live edge i was thinking kitchen countertop with a clear epoxy over the top or even natural finish with a food safe wax finish on it. I am glad you went with the round table idea. I also want to say i wish you every success with your business and that i think you will do great. I am subscribing to your channel so i can see you grow in your business. I have some advice for you: Never loose your honesty and your integrity because it is the best part of this team along with your talent for working with wood. I have learned more from you in the length of this video than i learned in years of working with wood. Mine is such small things and no where near being as big as you guys are doing but i have learned a lot. So thank you for that. God bless.
Mercy Merquise
Mercy Merquise 2 aylar önce
first video ive ever seen from yall and i subscribed like 5 minutes in. That table came out incredible!!
Foureyes Furniture
Foureyes Furniture 2 aylar önce
Thanks for the sub! Appreciate it and glad you found me.
Leroy Brown
Leroy Brown 3 aylar önce
I cried during this video. Despairingly hateful and jealous love for your art. I want to buy things like this and scuttle them away so no one undeserving can see it to disparage it any way. I don’t mean any of that except for that I really do but absolutely wouldn’t. Bravo to your hard work and talent. You deserve the Nobel Silver Star Medal of Honor Furniture Peace Academy Award Prize for changing, saving and creating lives one piece of furniture at a time. Hats off to you and may the God of blessed virgins smile on you.
Peta Shadbolt
Peta Shadbolt 19 gün önce
I love the wide epoxy piece. Definitely an awesome finished look. The whole thing looks amazing, and the contrast in the top and the legs is excellent. Great job.
Sterling 4 aylar önce
This was a relaxing video to watch. And the table turned out great.
Foureyes Furniture
Foureyes Furniture 4 aylar önce
Thanks so much. 😊
Donavan McElroy
Donavan McElroy 8 aylar önce
“Dramatic reenactment” had me laughing so hard!!!! The piece turned out very nice. You guys put out absolutely incredible content! Keep up the good work! 👍
Tser 8 aylar önce
My first time watching this channel and I nearly choked on my tea at the dramatic reenactment with sound effect. Perfect.
Shortstack Games
Shortstack Games 8 aylar önce
First-time viewer and this moment alone is making me check out their channel more! I really enjoy the self-awareness. Plus, really awesome and gorgeous results. :>
Foureyes Furniture
Foureyes Furniture 8 aylar önce
Thank you so much!!
1mRAAAH 4 aylar önce
Respect for the work, editing, thinking, inovation and designing. Craftmanship. I'm a DIY guy, not as into it as this video but I like it a lot. The only thing bothering me is you, at around 14 minutes (when you start "vlogging"), not looking into the camera lens but onto the screen. Voiceover is calming. I think even the people that just watch this for entertainment can understand really well what you are doing and explaining, as you have a nice, easy and calm voice. Keep it up man, sub +1
David Adams
David Adams 2 aylar önce
Best woodworking channel on TRshow IMO. Amazing design and true craftsmanship. Also, personalities and commentary hit all the right feels.
AsteroidGoat Studios
AsteroidGoat Studios 5 aylar önce
I love how calm and relaxed his voice is while narrating
Molo Mono
Molo Mono 3 aylar önce
Love the comment regarding order of operations. I studied "robotics" and as it is a broad field we did quite a bit of mechanical engineering. Not what i decided to specialise in, but none the less my biggest takeaway is that a good machinist is a puzzlemaster and one of the main puzzles to solve is often order of operations. Feeds speeds tooling and accuracy are easy to improve in, but a master in the workshop knows how to manipulate the workflow. Gave me a bit of a nostalgic throwback. Love the video and humor btw. Really wish i had access to more workshop machinery its really inspiring to see this level of work.
Crimson Cobra
Crimson Cobra 6 aylar önce
Something I've always wanted to try and make is a live edge head and foot board for a king size bed. I think it would be a beautiful piece when down.
TheSaavage 7 aylar önce
This is the most relaxing video I’ve ever watched, it was very technical, yet carefully and simply explained to the point it was easily comprehensible and not boring. It was a long video, but didn’t feel like so and I happily watched through it. Nicely done, good job!
Kimpractical 2 aylar önce
I was getting real Baumgartner Restauration vibes from this
Tim McC
Tim McC Aylar önce
I retired from being a furniture carpenter after a 15 year career in 2016 due to illness, and because my illness impairs the way my muscles work, I wont ever ba able to return to it. While it saddens me to know I can't do this kind of thing myself anymore, I can't help but feel nostalgic about watching you guys in action, and doing a fantastic job of it too. That is a beautiful piece of furniture, very well done. By the way ... At that part when you mention people questioning the use of templates ... I'm right on board with you on that one. Not only does it make manipulating the shape far easier, it also makes it more consistant when you're required to do multiples of the same shape.
stanleythedoggy 6 aylar önce
How do you do those shots where something moves and "catches up" with frames of it along its path? My guess is, in After Effects or Premiere- mask frames of the object in certain points along its movement path and hide those frames exactly when the object crosses them. Am I correct or is there an easier way?
YouTube kid
YouTube kid 2 aylar önce
Fun tip for inserting screws or bolts into epoxy! If you heat them up the resin melts onto the bolt, strengthening the bond and keeping the threading just a little tighter than just driving them in.
YouTube kid
YouTube kid 2 aylar önce
@Foureyes.Furniture I hope it helps 💖 But like you found, your resin was Fine as it was c:
Foureyes Furniture
Foureyes Furniture 2 aylar önce
Cool tip. Perhaps I’ll give that a try. Seems like it would look cool on video too.
teflon121 5 aylar önce
Great video, thank you. What was the oil finish (yellowy creamy liquid) that you used on the table top at the end?
Sylvie Koenig
Sylvie Koenig 4 aylar önce
This is a gorgeous table and the wide epoxy flow counterbalances the rounded pieces on the sides. I love you went for the 3 legged version. It is so much more elegant and keeps in with the ternary rythm of the slab.
Meme Thief
Meme Thief 8 aylar önce
Amazing table, and I do love how the strip of epoxy is larger, the only downside of this table in my opinion is that nothing was done to the legs, leaving them bare looks out of place, so I would’ve painted or coated them to match the rest of the table
Coley Clark
Coley Clark 7 aylar önce
Yeah I agree the legs look out of place because of the colour. Overall it is a really nice table 👌 Should've matched the legs with the table though in some way.
Syed Mehdi
Syed Mehdi 7 aylar önce
Yep I was thinking the same about the legs of the table.
ClanPsi Aylar önce
3:22 This is why it's better to clean up the wood first. THEN you position it the way you want and add in your bowties (or rounded ... bridge things) to hold it all together. This give you better control of the epoxy gaps.
Nancy Thomas
Nancy Thomas 4 aylar önce
That was a wonderful journey. The table turned out beautiful and watching the journey made it more so. You two are very talented guys.
Wicked W Wolf
Wicked W Wolf 4 aylar önce
I absolutely love the sound of your voice! It's very soothing and I love listening to it. I also love your funny comments and when you mention random things like the truck beeping!!!
Foureyes Furniture
Foureyes Furniture 4 aylar önce
Appreciate that. The sound of my voice is probably the thing I critique myself the most on while any positive feedback is greatly appreciated :)
Ryan Roosa
Ryan Roosa 4 aylar önce
25:30 into your video and amazed of your craftsmanship, experience and simple explanations. My father is a wood craftsmanship and when explaining something simple turns into a collage professor in a 4 hour lecture. What I favor of my father's woodworking was making pool stick holder's for when he was on a league. Early 2000s his team lost by one stroke (pool term) for going into a Vegas tournament. Hopefully I can create greatness within my artistic style. Drawing for temporary until I find a location to setup workshop. Been debating where to start..... Wood, electric or bodywork Wood is described furniture or framing... I would Ike to make a dog couch for a 5ft long dog. Electric is something experimental Bodywork as in airbrushing Look who's the professor talker now? Haha plus I need to collect tools to be able to start something. 😅 Get any negative feedback... p.... on them cause their jealous of success. Why...? Either they haven't even tried or had never acknowledged mistakes and blame it on someone else. You are the successor.
J Aylar önce
Just found your site, as I am looking to get into woodwork. I have watched a lot of youtube videos, and I can honestly say, I think yours is the best one. You explain everything really clearly and give some useful tips. The only thing I get confused over is the use of inches, as I work in mm (I live in the UK), but that's minor. I think I am now going to binge-watch all your other videos 😆
Al Baxter
Al Baxter 8 aylar önce
This is my first time watching one of your videos and I was completely blown away by the "creativity" that magically turned a suspect piece of wood into art. Your woodworking skills are without a doubt topnotch, as are your video production and storytelling chops. It was very entertaining and instructional
Louise Gogel
Louise Gogel 8 aylar önce
Agreed and same here with first time viewing.
Foureyes Furniture
Foureyes Furniture 8 aylar önce
Thanks Al. Really appreciate the kind words. Hope you’ll enjoy other videos as much. 😊
Amanda Houser
Amanda Houser 2 aylar önce
All that you do, it's watching my Dad. He was a great wood worker. I was so lucky to be able to see history repeated!
Laurence Paillé
Laurence Paillé 5 aylar önce
I really liked the little tips you gave in the video I started working wood as a hobby about 1 year ago in my basement with only junk pieces of wood, some sandpapers, 3 wood scissors and a hand saw... kinda sad setting lol Now I have some power tools, but looking at your workshop makes me crazy jealous Anyway, love your video
Moses Rocks
Moses Rocks 2 aylar önce
I love it, just a beautiful piece and the wide epoxy is more endearing.So keep up the great work.
ThameousGaming 18 gün önce
Honestly, ever since i took wood shop in highschool. ive loved jobs like this taking a peace no one else will and then just, get jiggy with it. Get creative with it, and at the end of the day. You will be proud of it because you made it. I could never look at a peace of wood and say its unusable.
Daniel M. Oliver
Daniel M. Oliver 2 aylar önce
My thoughts for the extra slab were to use it to make a pyramid chest of drawers.It has to be broken down into smaller boards first. That's my favorite piece of furniture ever!
Coyote Herron
Coyote Herron 8 aylar önce
VERY COOL! I was given a wonky "cookie" slab a couple years ago. There were cracks, rot, nothing parallel or on the same plain. It was a "reject" piece that had been out in the yard under a tree for who know how long. But I was given the task of making a pedestal table out of it, using a hollow log section. I had a router, a level, a drill, and a pencil. Oh yes, I had my imagination. I made a big mess, made a lot of noise, and ended up with a rather nice, but not perfect, table. It was my very first time using that resin/epoxy stuff. I had fun. I did enjoy seeing your process, even while drooling over your fancy tools.
Buildin' Whatever
Buildin' Whatever 8 aylar önce
Sunflower 8 aylar önce
The droolability of the tools is real.
Sue Metzger
Sue Metzger 8 aylar önce
I would love to see that table , I bet it gorgeous!
ramblin rose
ramblin rose 2 aylar önce
I'll never make a piece of furniture nor probably ever work with wood in my life. Yet, this video is fantastic!!! I loved every minute. I loved learning how things are made beautifully and I loved seeing pieces of wood that might be discarded lovingly crafted into pieces of art that can be used every day! Just fabulous.
Audree Provard
Audree Provard 3 aylar önce
The three legs suggested the y design that you talked about originally. I think that ended up really nice!
Man Kay
Man Kay 23 gün önce
You guys just made my day... this is so far the best furniture making process I have ever encountered in TRshow. Keep it up boys... U da Man....
Cat Madron
Cat Madron Gün önce
I have to agree with Michael Thompson in saying that coming across this was a happy accident; I also was very impressed with your content, it’s a breath of fresh air on a platform that’s so over polluted. You seem to have a uniquely humble approach here that elevates this video gives it the “above and beyond” the average feel. It your comes down to the relaxed but intriguing vibe you give off. Your work is phenomenal. 5 ⭐️’s from me.
Bruwin 8 aylar önce
I love the table, and I'm glad you went with the 3 legged design. It's not something I could ever afford, nor would I ever have a place big enough to fit it, but it's a fantastic piece of art, and I'm glad it exists.
Realz Product Reviews
Realz Product Reviews 7 aylar önce
zab wasted
zab wasted 5 aylar önce
this video is so satisfying and nice... It feels like i just played getting over it again and i really enjoyed that game and i enjoyed this video just as much even though i am not into woodworking Thanks
Foureyes Furniture
Foureyes Furniture 5 aylar önce
Thank you so much :) Glad you enjoyed
TheSilvaner 5 aylar önce
I Love this project of yours! To make something that manys denies, to something desireable... Thats ART
guzzini 7 aylar önce
I'm just wondering why you guys didn't use Tyvek to line the mould like many other wood working artists would? This could have saved you hours of extra work. Or, a plexiglass mould would also work. Moving on. In the initial phase of your leg design phase I thought that perhaps an interconnecting/interlocking style join would be fitting to the style of the piece. Not knowing what the final design would look like of course. After all your guys' hard work and creativity, the final piece is wonderful 🙌🏼
Steven Howard
Steven Howard 2 aylar önce
I just watched this vid on TRshow. Loved it. I’ve scrolled through your video offerings. Very impressive. I subscribed because I like how you go into very precise detail as you’re working. I feel like your videos might be the first place I go to look to answer a question. Keep it up brother.
Ranae Cox
Ranae Cox 6 aylar önce
I truly believe this table is one of the most beautiful tables I watched being made! Thank you.
JW Port
JW Port 8 aylar önce
Love folks like these two who tackle challenging problems, but especially like the fact that the tree did not go to waste; it's made a gorgeous table that someone will enjoy for ages.
Ben y
Ben y Aylar önce
The three piece leg was absolutely the play. The table almost floats on air. This build was more sublime than usual, gents. Thank you.
Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar 2 aylar önce
A very informative and entertaining video.. really Brillant. Just love it. Kudos Gents.
Foureyes Furniture
Foureyes Furniture 2 aylar önce
Thanks so much!
John Watson
John Watson 4 aylar önce
Fantastic! at about 12:26, you were using some plastic forms to clamp down your corner. What are the names of those accessories?
Marisol Foronda
Marisol Foronda 3 aylar önce
I am part of the large percent that watches for entertainment and aww. I have to say that your narration is as artistic as the work you do so passionately!
Koichi Lee
Koichi Lee 3 aylar önce
Good job boys, I’m currently working at a wood shop and the process is the best part for me. That’s what makes it addicting, and I enjoy going to work everyday making something new.
Crystal Gaines
Crystal Gaines 7 aylar önce
I'm not sure how or why your video popped into my feed but I'm glad it did. I've been sharing it with everyone I know. Your work is absolutely amazing! The pieces that are created are incredibly unique and absolutely beautiful! It's an amazing and rare talent you guys have! And it is really refreshing to see a video with the level of real content and not just a bunch of useless information! I can't wait to watch the rest of your videos while I wait for you to post your newest creation!
Jarrett Clark
Jarrett Clark 3 aylar önce
So I just saw your video, yes looks to be months ago but that left over piece would be a great mini bar or small kitchen table using the vein in the wood as an accent like life of the party or how the river supplies food to the table. Just a thought.
Foureyes Furniture
Foureyes Furniture 3 aylar önce
Haha. Thanks. Yeah. It ended up becoming the desk you see a few videos later.
kobotheadobo 2 aylar önce
That video was beautiful, came up in my recommended and I'm thankful I watched every second ❤️❤️
Ediwan 6 aylar önce
Thank you so much for the small details. It helps to understand and visualize the ideas of the build.
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