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The number one rule of minecraft is never dig straight down in minecraft! So today i decided to dig straight down in hardcore minecraft! I'm taking digging straight down in minecraft to the extreme! By Digging the biggest hole in minecraft you've ever seen!
*watch the whole series here!
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I use a bunch of music but a lot of it comes from
Kevin MacLeod (
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Real life Gamer
Real life Gamer 9 saatler önce
Of mellon
Real life Gamer
Real life Gamer 9 saatler önce
Lazar is king
Félix Thompson
Félix Thompson 18 saatler önce
Oskar Gotthelf
Oskar Gotthelf Gün önce
U can use the giant hole to a storache area
Elijah Jones
Elijah Jones Gün önce
coincidentally, i decided to start destroying chunks in my world 2 hours before the release of this vidio. interesting/
Elijah Jones
Elijah Jones Gün önce
also i m using a iron picaxes sssssssssslllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww x 1 billion
Aryan Kumar Sinha
Aryan Kumar Sinha Gün önce
It's been 2 months since he uploaded a new hardcore let's play
John Romella
John Romella Gün önce
Make it for more slime
Naruto krama mode
Naruto krama mode Gün önce
i dont know if he has done something with this but you can make a fish tank with it
Vikrant Chaudhary
Vikrant Chaudhary 2 gün önce
What's the song name at 8:47?! I need it!
leafi103 2 gün önce
WadZee really needs to get totems of undying
Itz Mofust
Itz Mofust 2 gün önce
Idea:make your hole into a castle of beacon that would be cool
Silas Pensyl
Silas Pensyl 2 gün önce
Idea: continue the hardcore series
Angela Garcia
Angela Garcia 2 gün önce
I got a Question, how does your tools go back to green when u kill things? Please someone answer it will be helpful
Angela Garcia
Angela Garcia 17 saatler önce
@Hazard TITAN Thank u soo much
Hazard TITAN
Hazard TITAN Gün önce
Mending Enchantment it repairs tools with xp from mob kills
Ethan Reakes
Ethan Reakes 3 gün önce
Where is hardcore minecraft?!?!
Cool CatAtion
Cool CatAtion 3 gün önce
flashing light warning!!!!!!!
Elise Zheng
Elise Zheng 3 gün önce
Is this the last episode?
Valentin Milükow
Valentin Milükow 3 gün önce
Make a Slime (for slime) or Hoglin (for leader an food) farm
Unani mate reactor
Unani mate reactor 5 gün önce
Make it a slime farm as it is a slime chunk
Lam Evan
Lam Evan 5 gün önce
i subbed to a lot of youtubers in quarintine
Keaton Korpela
Keaton Korpela 6 gün önce
GabGaming 0726
GabGaming 0726 6 gün önce
Wadzee when will you post another episode?
Matthew Garcia
Matthew Garcia 6 gün önce
Will there be episode 26
WallyWorld 6 gün önce
#HardCore Idea: 100 Hamiltons
Mukesh Agrwal
Mukesh Agrwal 7 gün önce
1mil + 64k subs
Juman Alhabsi
Juman Alhabsi 8 gün önce
Me at 8:20:why not not
Caleb Allen
Caleb Allen 8 gün önce
Your really sprucing it up wadzee
BananaGames 9 gün önce
yay i got 11 subs now :DDD Also I Love You Vids And I Got Your Merch I ordered 2 of the hoodies :D
Ballerbanana 123
Ballerbanana 123 8 gün önce
u copied me
TeaTime WithRobbie
TeaTime WithRobbie 9 gün önce
I tried to do this in a smaller scale once, I gave up quickly. Hats off to you
Eva Tucci
Eva Tucci 10 gün önce
Where is the next vid
Chen Yao
Chen Yao 10 gün önce
Chen Yao
Chen Yao 10 gün önce
Danniel 96
Danniel 96 10 gün önce
can u give us the map for download plssssss
Hailley Jade Gapulao
Hailley Jade Gapulao 11 gün önce
idea: get Melony a Pumpking.
Ko Zay
Ko Zay 11 gün önce
Make a full neatherite becond
Casey Fisher
Casey Fisher 11 gün önce
#Hardcore idea you should get the achievement how did we get here
philip lindholm
philip lindholm 12 gün önce
Kan you buld a ginat duck
JUWON KIL 12 gün önce
Where's episode 26?
Christopher Williams
Christopher Williams 12 gün önce
When is the next vid?
Milena Clayton
Milena Clayton 12 gün önce
Bruh pls continue this series as I rl liked it pls continue it or start a new series
Costea Butnaru
Costea Butnaru 12 gün önce
Skull 187
Skull 187 12 gün önce
Can someone plz tell me the song at 8:16
Lance Unamed
Lance Unamed 12 gün önce
har har mahadev
har har mahadev 13 gün önce
Idea : dig a big hole in nether that ' s will be epic
Souldbminer 13 gün önce
Souldbminer 13 gün önce
can you beat BCAP advancemet pack. if u can il make u an op on my server. link: download the hardcore pack: and run the command /function blazeandcave:hardcore_install to install it
Souldbminer 13 gün önce
uh... in my opinion its harder then beating rlcraft
Kenneth Michael
Kenneth Michael 13 gün önce
#HarcoreIdea 1. Hunting more achivement. 2. Beat the ender dragon 10 times (Crazy) 3. Make a raid farm (You can get a lots of totem) 4. Making a giant melon block near the melon farm. 5. Water checkpoint. 6. Make a GIANT beehive.
Cyclone Noob
Cyclone Noob 13 gün önce
Make the hole a swimming pool
The Light Knight
The Light Knight 14 gün önce
I love the song playing in the background. Don't mind me I will just be casually vibing towards is incredible epic montage moment song.
Philip D. Kim
Philip D. Kim 14 gün önce
make a sl
Philip D. Kim
Philip D. Kim 14 gün önce
make a sl
Philip D. Kim
Philip D. Kim 14 gün önce
make a sl
shubhangideulkar 14 gün önce
please tell the seed of the world
Luk3 15 gün önce
more hardcore?......where?
DanSavageGames 15 gün önce
#HardcoreIdea WadZee I have an idea, try to make a guardian farm back at your ocean monument.
Get Wrecked
Get Wrecked 15 gün önce
Ceeweek part 2
Osborn Song
Osborn Song 15 gün önce
What is this song name
Saus 16 gün önce
new video??
Cap'n Yobie
Cap'n Yobie 16 gün önce
Senpai has the dedication and patience I could never have.
I.D.C. 16 gün önce
#Hardcodeidea evry 5 episodes add 100 melones evry episode
Xarhs Petridhs
Xarhs Petridhs 17 gün önce
Can you do a automatic machine to get tools by the big hole that you build
robertschaub1 17 gün önce
at 8.25 how did he find no diamonds
Luke M
Luke M 17 gün önce
Luke TheNotable: It’s not about vanity WadZee: We gotta make this look nicer.
Patty Andriotis
Patty Andriotis 18 gün önce
When is h3 making the next episode
Ron Harry
Ron Harry 18 gün önce
Yousef Khoury
Yousef Khoury 18 gün önce
Also you could have like a big mine thing
Yousef Khoury
Yousef Khoury 18 gün önce
Very big brain instead of why you say why not
Ramesh Kuppusamy
Ramesh Kuppusamy 19 gün önce
I think you should find and tame 100, parrots?
SnuffleTruffler 19 gün önce
Damn just listening to the intro--- you work so hard for your subscribers. Thanks so much for that
Cullen Sherwood
Cullen Sherwood 19 gün önce
why hasn’t he uploaded in a month
Luka McCall
Luka McCall 20 gün önce
Should of used tnt to be more efficient.
dannish azka
dannish azka 20 gün önce
did you know i have a build that spend me 2 years and 5 months
Jelusmuch 20 gün önce
“Play some Minecraft” *COD music*
AnsonZKing YEET
AnsonZKing YEET 20 gün önce
here's a suggestion for the hole fill it back up lol
Dhreadful 20 gün önce
Wadzee, my thirst lvl was to high, and you didnt have a water checkpoint. I'm dead now
family willmoth
family willmoth 21 gün önce
Baby Rick
Baby Rick 22 gün önce
Idea Put pressure plates on top of the bedrock
Javan Pedersen
Javan Pedersen 22 gün önce
I cant wait for the next episode I just finished watching this series a second time good job wadzee keep up the good work
benny 23 gün önce
Idea: 100 chickens or 100 iron golems
Arpit Dhami
Arpit Dhami 23 gün önce
No One
No One 23 gün önce
Make it a jumping castles
BRYAR MUNCH 23 gün önce
You should make a gold farm in hardcore! #hardcoreidea
Valeria Silva
Valeria Silva 23 gün önce
IDEA: Build something with honey blocks! Maybe a jar filled with honey?
Vilhelm Lindgren
Vilhelm Lindgren 23 gün önce
holy whit that is a small hole
julian beckles
julian beckles 24 gün önce
That "hello" is from ads movie 1-12
Proxy Nano
Proxy Nano 24 gün önce
Build a City for your Villagers in the hole
CHHETRI GAMER 24 gün önce
Its SOOOO good when Wadzee Plays Time Lapse music with his Gameplay.
Adeline Perry
Adeline Perry 24 gün önce
plant 10k melons
Ian Baum
Ian Baum 25 gün önce
Make it Thunderdome
William Mears
William Mears 25 gün önce
Make the massive hole into a giant aquarium
wai to Ho
wai to Ho 25 gün önce
whens ep26
Jet Jaguar
Jet Jaguar 25 gün önce
#hardcoreidea try to find as many tropical fish variants as you can and make a cool aquarium for the captured fish to be in.
The Chef Apollo
The Chef Apollo 25 gün önce
Anyone asking why?? I am thinking that the idea is really gooooooooooddddd
mincraft guys
mincraft guys 25 gün önce
I enjoyed this video
green lemon
green lemon 25 gün önce
Do episode 26
Lego Gamer
Lego Gamer 25 gün önce
Here's an idea: make a little minecart ride that goes through your entire hardcore world, even in the nether
Richard2nd Ferraren
Richard2nd Ferraren 26 gün önce
Im a kid so I can't have the mearch
Alooy hasan
Alooy hasan 26 gün önce
Can we have a moment of silence and just appreciate how much he hard work he does just to entertain him
New_Indo776 26 gün önce
You know the rules, and so do i
Nikoloz Barbakadze
Nikoloz Barbakadze 26 gün önce
#hardcoreidea Wadzee use shulker boxes and get 100 dolphnins also one youtuber called duckio build bigger melon farm than you so you got the challenge
NDER 26 gün önce
no water checkpoint
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