iPad Pro vs Tab S7+ (Artist Review)

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Teoh Yi Chie

Yıl önce

Find out which is the better tablet for drawing and making art in this video.

Text review:

00:00 - Intro
00:57 - Price
01:09 - General performance
01:55 - Design, weight
03:50 - Display
06:35 - Aspect ratio
08:15 - Apple Pen and S Pen
15:23 - 120Hz, latency
18:03 - Palm rejection
18:55 - Variety and quality of apps
22:35 - File management
25:40 - External display support
30:06 - Battery life
31:00 - Conclusion

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Milena Popovic
Milena Popovic 2 gün önce
Can you use photoshop on PC and use Tab S7+ as a tablet for drawing or no?
Teoh Yi Chie
Teoh Yi Chie 2 gün önce
There's this featured called Second Screen where you can use the Samsung as an external display and draw on it. But there's noticeable lag when drawing so experience is not ideal.
Brenda Clark
Brenda Clark 11 gün önce
What graphics program do you prefer for Samsung? Excellent video!
Brenda Clark
Brenda Clark 11 gün önce
@Teoh Yi Chie Many thanks!! :-)
Teoh Yi Chie
Teoh Yi Chie 11 gün önce
Concepts and Medibang Paint.
Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo
Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo 17 gün önce
How much is the tab s7+ now ?
Teoh Yi Chie
Teoh Yi Chie 17 gün önce
Find the price on Amazon
Svoje Dijete
Svoje Dijete 18 gün önce
Just got a s7+ a month ago.... and stumbled across this review! Like EVERYBODY has stated.....GREAT JOB (SUBSCRIBED) AND ( LIKED) 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
Paul LeBon
Paul LeBon 21 gün önce
Are you a child? I hold my Tab S7+ with one hand all day without any of the ill effects that you described.
Guik 21 gün önce
Is there a way to disable palm rejection on tab s7?
Teoh Yi Chie
Teoh Yi Chie 21 gün önce
It depends on the app you use. Some app will allow you to disable palm rejection. I think most do.
Brunson III Films
Brunson III Films 25 gün önce
This was an excellent review
Kazuto Kirigaya
Kazuto Kirigaya 25 gün önce
Wow the iPad was the same size of what the monitor showed
Dr.harendraprasad Mishra
Dr.harendraprasad Mishra Aylar önce
Can you gift me basic version of ipad with 128 gb please 😭
Vinay Lakshminarasimha
Vinay Lakshminarasimha Aylar önce
Just came to compare tablets but omg, you are so soothing in explanation and I watched completely your video
Fatima Araujo
Fatima Araujo Aylar önce
I am curious what app u use to draw?
Teoh Yi Chie
Teoh Yi Chie Aylar önce
Procreate, Medibang Paint, Clip Studio
IT Pro
IT Pro Aylar önce
You are super awesome, very through. I don't draw and don't want to but I must finish watching this entire video.
Zainab Aylar önce
thank you for such an amazing review!
Ab M
Ab M Aylar önce
For artists it's mostly is: Procreate vs Tab S7
Mariana Mishad
Mariana Mishad Aylar önce
Hi what app that u used for sketch on Samsung Tab?
Teoh Yi Chie
Teoh Yi Chie Aylar önce
Clip Studio Paint
the fact that ipad is 12.9 and Tab S7+ is 12.4 but the iPad look soo much bigger
CEO OF SWAG 2 aylar önce
How did you get krita running on android
Teoh Yi Chie
Teoh Yi Chie 2 aylar önce
Just install it from the Google Play Store. If that doesn’t work, go search its APK installation file online
Estrading Co
Estrading Co 2 aylar önce
Thank you for the video review. I will take Samsung Tab S7+ with FREE S-Pen any day! Obviously, Galaxy Tab S7+ is far superior to iPad Pro. And why the hell do you have to buy an extra digital pen when you are purchasing a professional tablet costing $1,000???? Apple is going nuts about overpricing everything!!!
Richard Methot
Richard Methot 2 aylar önce
pretty sure your uysing a regular s7 not a s7plus mate but still good review
Валерия Евгеньевна
Валерия Евгеньевна 2 aylar önce
Thank you!!! It is very useful information))) Спасибо! Это очень полезная информация!
iroha yumani
iroha yumani 2 aylar önce
Very awesome review. I have been comparing these two forever but haven't found someone reviewing from an artist point of view which was the last aspect I couldn't come to a conclusion on.
Yoon 2 aylar önce
I wonder, can Ipad pro connect to huion kamvas 13? I know the huion kamvas capable to connect to android device, but can it connect to ipad or iphone?
Yoon 2 aylar önce
@Teoh Yi Chie ohh okay. thanks
Teoh Yi Chie
Teoh Yi Chie 2 aylar önce
iPad Pro can output video signal to the Huion. But that's just about it. You can't do (draw) anything else.
Timeship 2 aylar önce
Informative and thorough as always, thanks! BTW, I do the same on an $200 Motion Computing J3500 and even an $80 LE1700 with just 2GB Ram. They run smoothly any vintage Photoshop, Painter, and Office 2000, which now are incompatible with Win10 and have to be thrown away. That's why I use them on any Win XP Tablet Edition (or Win7) tablets, which are still fantastic! THX
Akash Gautam
Akash Gautam 2 aylar önce
15:15 which software?
Teoh Yi Chie
Teoh Yi Chie 2 aylar önce
Clip Studio Paint
Ghost Lead Gaming
Ghost Lead Gaming 2 aylar önce
Lol now clip studio and krita are on android so anyone whose thinking what to take go with samsung S7+ and please don't forget Android is starting to catch up with good apps as well. U will not go wrong with s7+ iPad pro is good but that price for value I will definitely take S7+ soon and u don't get huge black bars when watching movie unlike apple because of the square orientation. Please don't hate me this is coming from someone who has research to buy on soon. Am just helping those who are in need. Also the Samsung dex mode helps u to connect to windows and recently windows and samsung formed a partnership so expect a very new samsung ecosystem with the windows. Good luck with what ever u choose hope it makes u happy. 👍
Ghost Lead Gaming
Ghost Lead Gaming 2 aylar önce
@Teoh Yi Chie just preference n money 👌 I would say S7+ is way more good. But for thise who are fancy and have apple eco and actually are artist and will be editing then the M1 chip is usefull otherwise if u r only taking it for watching movies then u r wasting money. That's my opinion.
Teoh Yi Chie
Teoh Yi Chie 2 aylar önce
I prefer iPad aspect ratio and they have many good drawing apps, but Samsung has more features.
Sarvesh Hanwate
Sarvesh Hanwate 2 aylar önce
What that app for drawing on Android
Teoh Yi Chie
Teoh Yi Chie 2 aylar önce
herve Marschall
herve Marschall 2 aylar önce
I chose the tab s7+ because of the second screen capabilities (as i often work on a laptop) which you described very well. I set it up on my home computer, launched sktechbook pro and had no problem whatsoever to sketch something. I actually have an xppen 15.6 artist pro and I can go from the tab s7+ using the super smooth spen and both fingers to zoom and rotate to the artist pro to use the bigger screen and more ergonomic pencil. The drawback is in that the pressure sensivity is different but both are very good and can be calibrated. So far it works with both artrage and sketchbook and it failed with clip studio. So thank you again.
Karla Mariana BM
Karla Mariana BM 3 aylar önce
Do you know of this tablet works for 3D?
rapter rider
rapter rider 3 aylar önce
Apple i pod pro and apply pencil is the very gud choice for artist drawings
papadop 3 aylar önce
Your speaking has ASMR qualities. I love watching your videos.
Ed Kempler
Ed Kempler 3 aylar önce
How good is s7+ with video editing and are there any good enough apps available on that
Teoh Yi Chie
Teoh Yi Chie 3 aylar önce
There aren’t good (full feature) video editing apps on Android unfortunately. Anyway if you want to edit videos, don’t use tablets
Gonzalo Martinez
Gonzalo Martinez 3 aylar önce
Thank you so much for such valuable information. I'm an artist myself and I couldn't find artist focused reviews of these tablets until now.
TUHX 3 aylar önce
Did he just said he stood up for 2 hours while holding and drawing with that tab???? I CANT EVEN DRAW EVEN IM SITTING HAHAHA
Natsu明天 3 aylar önce
I think Apple's pen seems to be a little better but the tablet has an animation of 30 fps and Samsung's 60 or higher seems better to me...the two pens are sensational I think I will Samsung tab s7 +
thebadplayerbln 3 aylar önce
Which program is this?
Bärle Söllner
Bärle Söllner 3 aylar önce
I looked long for a review between the two systems. Your wonderful video showed me the S7 is ok for my work and the best app to use for my drawings. Thank you very much!
Özgül Uzun
Özgül Uzun 3 aylar önce
I Just want to learn ipad or tab s7😩😩
mvelentzas 3 aylar önce
Thank you for providing such a thorough review! This answers every single question I had!
olosnah1 3 aylar önce
so no real reason to buy the apple other than preference
Teoh Yi Chie
Teoh Yi Chie 3 aylar önce
My general advice is to choose based on the apps you use. If you use a lot of graphic design or drawing apps, iPad is great because they have loads of those apps. But otherwise, this Samsung Tab S7/+ just has way more features. Even after Apple WWDC 2021, people are still bitching about iPad's lack of external display support, overly-simplistic Files app and how it's just a big iPhone that supports Apple Pencil.
Aniekuzz 3 aylar önce
Question, I'm looking for a drawing tablet and know that those things come with programs. Now that I see this I wonder if this is better than a drawing tablet? I would like a tablet or something similar that I can see what I am drawing like in this video. But the intention is to make the images move with a program. Does this come with the iPad? Or do you have to pay for that separately. I have no idea and am looking for 1 for a beginner but I like quality. Which one do you recommend me? (I hope you understand this i'm Dutch)
Teoh Yi Chie
Teoh Yi Chie 3 aylar önce
@Aniekuzz I don't know much about animation software on iPad. But you can research online.
Aniekuzz 3 aylar önce
@Teoh Yi Chie Is that for free when you buy a IPad?
Teoh Yi Chie
Teoh Yi Chie 3 aylar önce
To make animation, you need animation app. There are more on iPad
Gloria’s life
Gloria’s life 3 aylar önce
iPad Pro for the win
Артем Фарбитник
Артем Фарбитник 3 aylar önce
Hello, what apps do you use for drawing? Any advice for working with optics geometry? Thank you :)
Michelle N
Michelle N 3 aylar önce
Omg I just watched your whole review and I'm not an artist and am just looking to buy a tablet. I love your art though and you've inspired me to give drawing a go.. can't wait to get the s7 now and looking forward to watching your other vids!
Halinh Nguyen
Halinh Nguyen 3 aylar önce
Honestly you are the best
divyesh khatri
divyesh khatri 3 aylar önce
Hey brother i am a medical student from India.Requirement:pdf editing, annotating and reading.ipad air 4 or tab s7 plus which one should i go for?
Teoh Yi Chie
Teoh Yi Chie 3 aylar önce
@divyesh khatri Samsung is smooth. No problem.
divyesh khatri
divyesh khatri 3 aylar önce
@Teoh Yi Chie does Samsung tablet feel slow,laggy,ui frame drops or jerky animations?
Teoh Yi Chie
Teoh Yi Chie 3 aylar önce
Both are good. Actually in terms of value for money, go with the Tab S7, not the Plus model. Battery life is much longer.
sonu kumar
sonu kumar 3 aylar önce
Made in china vs `Made in Korea . Decide yours ;)
Glax2000 4 aylar önce
Wait, you can mirror desktop into the ipad which would mean that you can also use it as a drawing tablet in a sense? But how about the samsung s7 plus? Can you also mirror desktop apps to the s7 plus tab? Or does it only work in ipad pro?
Clap Trap
Clap Trap 4 aylar önce
But can you change the pressure into opacity instead of thickness? Like all "painter" artists do?
Clap Trap
Clap Trap 4 aylar önce
@Teoh Yi Chie Good to know!
Teoh Yi Chie
Teoh Yi Chie 4 aylar önce
You can. You just have to choose the right brush, or adjust the brush settings.
Juan Carlos Beltrán
Juan Carlos Beltrán 4 aylar önce
for drawing and lettering which is better?
Teoh Yi Chie
Teoh Yi Chie 4 aylar önce
iPad because there are more graphic design apps there
Victoria glitterprincess
Victoria glitterprincess 4 aylar önce
Soooooo sounds like the s7 plus is better too me 😁😄
Zoomin 4 aylar önce
your arm was aching after holding the tab? lift some weights bro
Zoomin 4 aylar önce
@Player One for one it was a joke, and for two the tablet isn't heavy.
Player One
Player One 4 aylar önce
@Zoomin Are you an idiot? What does lifting have to do with holding a tablet?
Zoomin 4 aylar önce
@Teoh Yi Chie idk man you tell me
Teoh Yi Chie
Teoh Yi Chie 4 aylar önce
Why would a person have to lift some weights to hold a tablet
SL 4 aylar önce
thank you for what i beleive is one of the best reviews in terms of details and unbiasedness. i also greatly appreciate you have the write-up (i actually read the review then came back here to thank you). So thank you again and wish you all the best and much success ahead.
Shubham Kaushik
Shubham Kaushik 4 aylar önce
can we use them to animate and is adobe animate available on these tablets should I buy a graphic tablet from huion,xp pen or I should invest in iPad or Samsung galaxy tab
Toro 4 aylar önce
which better between the iPad or the S7 for beginners who just want to drawing?
The Punisher
The Punisher 4 aylar önce
If you take the aspect ratio and the diagonal size of the displays and apply some basic math to figure out the width and length of the displays and use the width*length formula to calculate the surface area of the displays, you can see that iPad's display is 15.5% larger than S7+. The total surface area of iPad Pro display = 79.8768 inches The total surface area of Galaxy Tab S7+ display ~ 69.1057 inches
FB・TIGER 4 aylar önce
Samsung is the best and cheapest device at Amazon 🤭♥️
English with Xiomy
English with Xiomy 4 aylar önce
Amazing video
tú nguyễn đức
tú nguyễn đức 4 aylar önce
Tab s7+ is ok
wasim khan
wasim khan 4 aylar önce
I m S7+ user, and experience is quite good
patrick developer
patrick developer 4 aylar önce
perfect review! keep going! I didn't even know why I bought the MS surface go 8GB model with the crappy pen, I could have bought the android table with oled screen with that amout of price
Abraham Lafuente
Abraham Lafuente 4 aylar önce
HI. I like your drawings Where I can find or purchase your daily drawings (that bookstore looks great) ? I will like it to use it as a wallpaper
Pearl G
Pearl G 4 aylar önce
Your comparing a 2018 vs 2020
Teoh Yi Chie
Teoh Yi Chie 4 aylar önce
Still relevant even with the iPad Pro 2021 out.
Annie Yahu
Annie Yahu 4 aylar önce
Newly SUBSCRIBED!! Another excellent video with great information and detail! Thank you ❤
Tariq Mulla
Tariq Mulla 4 aylar önce
Here, I can't draw a straight line on paper and watching the review of these tablets think that I will draw like him.
Red Apple
Red Apple 5 aylar önce
Can you use s7 as a drawing pad only and connect to regular pc as the engine that runs the photoshop? Thank you
Teoh Yi Chie
Teoh Yi Chie 5 aylar önce
Yes, but no to the second part of your question
JCD 5 aylar önce
I think it will be much better if you use the same app. We all know how powerful PROCREATE is
Aravind E S
Aravind E S 5 aylar önce
Amazing review 👌
Hart Dr
Hart Dr 5 aylar önce
Why are you measuring the spen animation of the line??? There is no animation. Its the refresh rate. You should have measured the Pressure Sensitivity. Nobody draws with "animation" as a metric.
RovexHD 5 aylar önce
Looking forward to you getting the latest pro 12" !
RovexHD 5 aylar önce
@Teoh Yi Chie Keep us updated ! Also anticipating big changes to iPadOS. we'll see.
Teoh Yi Chie
Teoh Yi Chie 5 aylar önce
I’ll get that but it will be late due to shortages
Gayomi Dilshara
Gayomi Dilshara 5 aylar önce
Tausif Aftab
Tausif Aftab 5 aylar önce
I have just watched your full video, but still confused . I want a device for complete animation , video editing , studio quality mics . Plz suggest me what should I buy ? Ipad pro or s7 + ???
Tausif Aftab
Tausif Aftab 5 aylar önce
@Teoh Yi Chie thank you .
Teoh Yi Chie
Teoh Yi Chie 5 aylar önce
Probably iPad since there are more apps for visual content creation. As for mic, you'll need an external one.
IronCan88 5 aylar önce
Thanks for the review. I should be sleeping but I watched the entire video. I already pre-ordered the new 12.9 ipad pro with XDR display. At least I can be sure the color is more accurate, also the m1 cpu is even more powerful than the to-be-released samsung s8's snapdragon 888. More expensive, but over all more fluid experience and will have relatively better resell value.
Linda B
Linda B 5 aylar önce
such a great and informative video! exactly what I was looking for! I got a very good idea about the pros and cons of both models and it was really easy to follow the explinations for me as a german speaking person ^^ I´m really happy i found this video. thank you for creating it!
Dennis Woo
Dennis Woo 5 aylar önce
What is the drawing app are you using on iPad or Samsung Tab and what is the brand of the touch monitor ? I do like to purchases one of them and monitor as well ! Thank you !
Allegra Alberoni
Allegra Alberoni 5 aylar önce
The apps are the deal breaker for me. I love clip studio, but I will not pay for the monthly fee, especially since I already paid the laptop software. I'd rather spend 10$ on procreate than using free, less intuitive and less professional android apps.
Ryan Clouse
Ryan Clouse 4 aylar önce
This. lol Procreate and Affinity Photo are my most used apps on the ipad. I also dislike subscriptions and have CSP on desktop (I also feel csp is not as great on the tablets as desktop just because the UI is not as tuned for tablets). Also not a fan of the wider aspect ratio to be honest. I also love the tilt on the apple pencil for sketching. Everything else besides drawing and photos is less important to me. :)
TN. 4 aylar önce
Bitter Topanga
Bitter Topanga 5 aylar önce
Love this, BTW there are now tablet holders that allow you to adjust the height & angle of your tablet so you can draw for hours with no issues. Good one!
Kareem Hussaini
Kareem Hussaini 6 aylar önce
I love how the Galaxy Tab S7+ supports external monitors! It'll be extremely helpful for me. Thank you for the wonderful, unbiased review.
Tina Baeyens
Tina Baeyens 6 aylar önce
Thank you so much for this review! You definitely helped me decided which tablet to go for!
Rohan Ayush
Rohan Ayush 6 aylar önce
Even android supports windows mirroring -spacedesk
javier 6 aylar önce
Amazing videos keep the great work.
Kenneth Skyfall
Kenneth Skyfall 6 aylar önce
I preffer android tablets (Micro sd especially) but the apple pencil is so much nicer. The not need to aply any presuare in it to work its something im looking for years in samsung and never got it. It really make a diference.
Noreki 6 aylar önce
Can we talk about that unintentional ASMR at 15:25?
Adhi Suryana
Adhi Suryana 6 aylar önce
iPad is the king of video editing and gaming, while Samsung always the king of office and media consumption... Everything else is depend s on your phone OS👍
Bev Raq
Bev Raq 6 aylar önce
The review that I was looking for! Thank you!😊
M. Jackson
M. Jackson 6 aylar önce
Good evening! Great video! Question? What is the silicone case you have for the galaxy tab S7+?
Teoh Yi Chie
Teoh Yi Chie 6 aylar önce
It’s just some generic case that you can probably find on Amazon, AliExpress
M. Jackson
M. Jackson 6 aylar önce
Even better if you have a link sir! Thank you
Hiruhimni Wijetunge
Hiruhimni Wijetunge 6 aylar önce
thank you so much for the clear explanations, helped me a bunch! :)) stay safe!
MELİSA CEREN 6 aylar önce
Mabelrode77 6 aylar önce
Thx fkor this great Information Video about both Tablets! Very useful. I have the S7+, all my Hardware come from Samsung. But the iPad is a very Good Tablet for Drawing. I think, both are very Good for this. Winner? Both i think. Stray Healthy
John Miller
John Miller 6 aylar önce
Excellent comparison, just what I was looking for.
Tame N Fierce
Tame N Fierce 6 aylar önce
Thank you for this very well detailed review. It was so helpful. Keep um coming 👍🏽👍🏽
xXSummonNightXx 6 aylar önce
I actually like samsung tab s7+ pen but I leaning towards the ipad because of procreate. But I never use procreate or clip studio before so I can go with either.
my animation box
my animation box 6 aylar önce
I choose samsung galaxy tab s7+
Paul Schuyler
Paul Schuyler 6 aylar önce
I've been an Ipad Pro user for years (1st gen). These file management issues you point out are right on the money and just insane. What is Apple thinking? I'm seriously considering switching to the Samsung because of 1.)Better value, but especially 2.)File management and general compatibility issues. It drives me nuts, transferring files and other mundane tasks are always a pain. It just kills the experience. Apple hardware is sublime, but they destroy so much utility with these pointless usability firewalls.
Estrading Co
Estrading Co 2 aylar önce
I already changed to Samsung and NO regrets! Love this Tab S7+!!!!
Melloette 6 aylar önce
My surface pro 4 seems to be on it's last legs and I was wondering what to replace it with. All of my artist friends have an iPad but im much more comfortable with a Samsung interface. this video has given me a lot to think about so thank you!
Ingo Bauer
Ingo Bauer 4 aylar önce
You're in for a treat no matter your choice. Both the spen as well as the apple pencil are leagues ahead of the surface pen. That is especially true for a gen 4 surface. No more wobbly lines and no more obnoxiously high activation pressure. Plus you get fairly goid tilt sensitivity.
Teresa Blake
Teresa Blake 6 aylar önce
My Surface pro 4 is too! I recently got a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 ex display phone very cheap and have loved drawing on it, so i reckon I'm going to get the Tab s7 +, thanks for a really good comparison review, very helpful!
Fire Surge
Fire Surge 7 aylar önce
What programme you use in tab s7?
Teoh Yi Chie
Teoh Yi Chie 7 aylar önce
Usually Concepts and Clip Studio Paint.
Kalihose Kinisa
Kalihose Kinisa 7 aylar önce
It's a nice review, not biased congrats broo and thanks for the info
D. V.
D. V. 7 aylar önce
Hello can i use Adobe Draw ans Adobe scketch on the Amazon Fire 10?
Teoh Yi Chie
Teoh Yi Chie 7 aylar önce
Not sure about that since i don't have that tablet.
OSAMA MOHAMED 7 aylar önce
Hi I just have a question. Does the Tab S7 + let you control the video resolution, screen resolution, and megapixel size change on the camera?
Teoh Yi Chie
Teoh Yi Chie 7 aylar önce
@OSAMA MOHAMED You can change the size of UI elements like text but resolution will remain at maximum. If you mean TRshow videos, you can always change the YT video resolution from the TRshow player.
OSAMA MOHAMED 7 aylar önce
I mean the settings inside the Tab S7 + system with the new Android 11 But two days ago, I watched a video clip of the S7 + that adjusts these things, selects the quality and size of the video, and also makes the screen 2k.
OSAMA MOHAMED 7 aylar önce
@Teoh Yi Chie It's weird. I thought I had a problem with the new Android 11 system
Teoh Yi Chie
Teoh Yi Chie 7 aylar önce
Those settings can't be adjusted.
Betel Juise
Betel Juise 7 aylar önce
Long term performance will be better on the iPad.
Ives Oriarte
Ives Oriarte 7 aylar önce
This is extremely helpful. I've been scouring YT for a review specifically for an artist task and honestly I am leaning to IPad Pro. Thanks to this review Android based tablets make a big comeback for me(specially the pricing and the S pen). Good job on this review!
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