Insane Water Slides!

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Beast Reacts

5 aylar önce

We found and reacted to the world's craziest water slides. If you watch to the end you'll see my favorite one.

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TUBERIDES 5 aylar önce
Thanks for reacting to our water slide videos! Great to see that you guys like the slides here in Europe :D
Alpha wolf
Alpha wolf 9 gün önce
Me and my brother watch Ur vids all the time
Charles SG
Charles SG 13 gün önce
How are you know?
Jinhit entertainment
Jinhit entertainment Aylar önce
The blue Guard
The blue Guard Aylar önce
I want to visit you
RTXlol Aylar önce
This is for me!
Amnadoesfun 32 dakika önce
Love this 5/year old contents 😹😹😹😹
Thomas Booker
Thomas Booker 4 saatler önce
For Biden donet
SomethingAGB 17 saatler önce
When Chris said waterslides his face to spread out and I was like is this Satan
Tania Stowers
Tania Stowers Gün önce
In Poland that is where World War II begin America and Germany
Willian Josemiel Monding
Willian Josemiel Monding Gün önce
I like the purple and green it give me barney vibes
matteo.g3 2 gün önce
Jesus loves you and God bless you all
Shashishankar Goswami
Shashishankar Goswami 2 gün önce
Berkley Grace
Berkley Grace 2 gün önce
One of those slides I have been on before and it was really fun and scary
Bailey Blackmore
Bailey Blackmore 2 gün önce
Sayana Mohandas
Sayana Mohandas 3 gün önce
Where r our Indian waterslides
Ryan Goepel
Ryan Goepel 3 gün önce
I’ve been down the skydiving water slide
Judy Anne Perater
Judy Anne Perater 3 gün önce
I just really hope that MR BEAST notices this message and support me in my college life, a fan from Philippines 🇵🇭
Karan Bagani
Karan Bagani 3 gün önce
Kya chala
갑명 하
갑명 하 3 gün önce
The old-fashioned bird conceivably box because adjustment wessely plant outside a detailed mole. determined, healthy speedboat
Damian Wolka
Damian Wolka 3 gün önce
Ngl but I been to the Poland one you go upside down there
BTS Fangirl Army💜
BTS Fangirl Army💜 4 gün önce
Everyone: talking about the water slides Me: uhhhh how are ur legs bud
Mr__Music 4 gün önce
Seriously consider going to Scorpians Tail at the Dells. It is fire. You go so fast.
DevilXD17MC 5 gün önce
that's how water slide *sundenly tekken agel caame*
Puppy party!
Puppy party! 5 gün önce
I’ve been on a drop watER slid
Zen 5 gün önce
All of these water slides look dope. Now I really want to ride them
Isabel Tresidder
Isabel Tresidder 5 gün önce
4:21 a waterpark near me had that one but pink, and with no top railings 0-0
scribblesgamer 64
scribblesgamer 64 5 gün önce
Mr beast did you just call the black guy a slave ? Whattt
Tayyab Chishty
Tayyab Chishty 6 gün önce
Jimmy are deadly 2:38
A-Z the G
A-Z the G 6 gün önce
Dude I’m polish and you have insulted me
Panda Power
Panda Power 6 gün önce
Anthony Price
Anthony Price 6 gün önce
They have good poles Me: that's what she said
Conner Hoeper
Conner Hoeper 6 gün önce
Yeah we have those in Wisconsin
Huxley Featherstone
Huxley Featherstone 6 gün önce
this video was really good
Gimml Tobisa
Gimml Tobisa 7 gün önce
Im a German lets Goo! Wie geht's dir Mr Beast
Klaudiusz KACZYNSKI 7 gün önce
i feel assaulted
Summer Mann
Summer Mann 7 gün önce
You are so funny 🤣
Tomgaming 7 gün önce
Im coming from german
Darth Norcinu
Darth Norcinu 7 gün önce
choco burgers are a thing and its good
What about going down a water DROP down a 100ft volcano in florida
Rich Fahrne
Rich Fahrne 8 gün önce
I got to go to Wisconsin
Maopa Bibi
Maopa Bibi 8 gün önce
I hit it
tota 8 gün önce
I rode one of those at like 4:21
tota 8 gün önce
I rode one of those at like 3:33
tota 8 gün önce
I rode one of those like at 1:53
Victor Joao Pazmiño Loor
Victor Joao Pazmiño Loor 8 gün önce
modii hehei
modii hehei 8 gün önce
The cultured yard simplistically grease because uzbekistan complementarily hope across a courageous baby. bloody, crabby beginner
Luis Couto
Luis Couto 8 gün önce
it was my b day yesterday
Mateusz Nowicki
Mateusz Nowicki 9 gün önce
Pokażcie że Polska tu jest
Braixie 9 gün önce
I know I'm a bit late to this but the waterslide on this video that's at Siam Park, my grandad actually went on it when I was 16
super cool
super cool 9 gün önce
I am From germany
Wiktor Eret
Wiktor Eret 9 gün önce
I am from poland
Tanner Braund
Tanner Braund 9 gün önce
1.49 If ya know ya know lmfao
Francesca Latour
Francesca Latour 9 gün önce
when jimmys pleased im pleased.
Liam Ersland
Liam Ersland 9 gün önce
I been to scorpions tail one time
Gabriel Baez- Reyes
Gabriel Baez- Reyes 9 gün önce
too scary for me
Iron Show TV Channel
Iron Show TV Channel 9 gün önce
4:21 This year (in 2021) I went on a vacation, and one day I went to a Waterpark and there was a very similar ride as that one. And as a 10 year old going on that. The moment you go down the slide it feels like it's gonna fling you in the air, ngl.
Juno Clements
Juno Clements 10 gün önce
There’s a water park called cascade water park. They have a water slide there and it’s called the toilet bowl.
Raihana Parwanta
Raihana Parwanta 10 gün önce
I love ur vids!
Amy 10 gün önce
So cool
Amy 10 gün önce
Cool slide,s
stratos uh
stratos uh 10 gün önce
I dare you to built the best waterslide in the world and the fastest time down keeps it
Itz_fancygamer 10 gün önce
I’ve been on the one with the trap door in the Capsule lol at universal studios 😎✨💅
Addison Hall
Addison Hall 10 gün önce
5:06 u can see sharks
Marcel Jaskowski
Marcel Jaskowski 10 gün önce
I’m from Poland I’m still a fan anyways !
medziosław 10 gün önce
welcome to gdynia
Blue Gamer
Blue Gamer 10 gün önce
GERMANY 10 gün önce
We do have very good water slides
fino hangouts
fino hangouts 10 gün önce
3:10 Isn't it part of those foam puzzle pieces that you play with when you are like four?
Crazy Alex 7667
Crazy Alex 7667 10 gün önce
1:41 that’s that famous one
Chiara Heide Tivnan Oda
Chiara Heide Tivnan Oda 11 gün önce
3:09 I am in Brazil. And i went there, it was amazing!
storm the dragon
storm the dragon 11 gün önce
I want to see them go on a water coaster and waterslide
xxnotnoobxxx 11 gün önce
Peejay Ace
Peejay Ace 11 gün önce
I haven't ride into a water slide yet 😥😥😥
Melinda Obrien
Melinda Obrien 11 gün önce
Killarney I like Kalarney
IbraIs5us 12 gün önce
5:10 - Water.
liam gamer bro
liam gamer bro 12 gün önce
Cris: then it flushes you like a poo poo
Max Donahue
Max Donahue 12 gün önce
5:00 ayyy schlitterbahn that’s my water park!
RaiJoshua’s World
RaiJoshua’s World 12 gün önce
That's atlantis is dubai
Dara Bruni
Dara Bruni 12 gün önce
Your thank u
Ellen Heath
Ellen Heath 12 gün önce
Btw when you said what’s a difference between that water slide and jumping off a plane you get wet😎
modii hehei
modii hehei 13 gün önce
The sulky love curiously charge because humidity paradoxically plan via a towering grain. aspiring, sloppy den
Unicorn Master
Unicorn Master 13 gün önce
3:40 i was on this ride i was kinda fun
White gamez
White gamez 13 gün önce
I have gone on the leap of faith
de ae
de ae 13 gün önce
The unwieldy helicopter ultimately cover because fire univariably disagree aboard a paltry michael. helpful, mighty teaching
Crys Kim
Crys Kim 13 gün önce
#fromPhilippines🇵🇭 #proudOFW
Jayden Holmes
Jayden Holmes 14 gün önce
1:50 is the boomerang from cultuslake
Jayden Holmes
Jayden Holmes 14 gün önce
The pic for the video is valley of fear at cultus lake waterslides the biggest waterpark in canada it is located in chillwack bc ige been there alot
Olivia Shadden
Olivia Shadden 14 gün önce
Po-feet - Mr.beast
Olivia Shadden
Olivia Shadden 14 gün önce
We need the , hi sisters Mr .beast reacts @Mr.beast
Michelle Acosta
Michelle Acosta 14 gün önce
2:03 ramen
Team DNM
Team DNM 15 gün önce
The taboo shampoo extremely blush because currency kelly practise than a amazing design. obsolete, helpless duckling
Ellis 15 gün önce
dang chris wants that water
15 gün önce
I’ve seen the worlds tallest water slide but it’s been destroyed sadly
Austin reacts!
Austin reacts! 15 gün önce
I subscribe to all of your channels
• !mel#5236
• !mel#5236 15 gün önce
I read it as “Inside Water Slides” 😃
urMate 16 gün önce
confirmed, my eyes also tired up
Aakif playz
Aakif playz 16 gün önce
Jimmy just why did you say Malaysia on the other video but why man pls Malaysia has alot off poor ppl and you said malay sucks pls Jimmy pls * sigh * btw it's OK if you say Malaysia sucks it's ok
Zoiyz Al hendi
Zoiyz Al hendi 16 gün önce
Imee Alejo
Imee Alejo 16 gün önce
I like it when it said HEY SISTERS!! Hahahahahah
Xiuhua Yang
Xiuhua Yang 16 gün önce
I’ve been on the shark one
Misty Rothermund
Misty Rothermund 16 gün önce
There’s a10Most dangerous right there ever a system that got banned from millions of years ago(:
DevsBrody 16 gün önce
I went on a water slide that drops you
A Dubuc
A Dubuc 16 gün önce
you guys should go see canada quebec shanon water slides :D
Leo Among us gaming
Leo Among us gaming 17 gün önce
inside the tank is FULL OFSHARKS!!!(no joke)
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