Dream's 19th Minecraft Livestream [FULL] | 1.16 Speedrunning

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Dream Team Streams

Dream Team Streams

Yıl önce

Original Title: 1.16 speedruns

This stream was broadcasted on Twitch by the TRshowr Dream on July 1, 2020.

Twitch channel: www.twitch.tv/dreamwastaken
TRshow channel: trshow.info

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KoolKidJames Yıl önce
When bad and dream work together they should be called nightmare because bad dream
Banana Man Crow
Banana Man Crow 6 aylar önce
once you jimIN, you can't jimOUT
once you jimIN, you can't jimOUT 7 aylar önce
syd 8 aylar önce
that’s so smart
Kayla M
Kayla M 10 aylar önce
AngelicDream708 🎗Techno support🎗
AngelicDream708 🎗Techno support🎗 11 aylar önce
big brain
aes Yıl önce
I actually like to listen to peoples' voices instead of music, makes me feel less lonely, anyone else?
Bleach Burger
Bleach Burger 18 gün önce
It’s normal.
Skillafu Aylar önce
I agree so much
Jas Kaur
Jas Kaur 3 aylar önce
Me to
xin ling
xin ling 3 aylar önce
you're not alone
TheRed Coka
TheRed Coka 4 aylar önce
Yes daddy
Felix Leong
Felix Leong Yıl önce
Minecraft manhunt, but Dream starts in the Nether while the hunters start in the overworld. Edit: You can track him in the Nether. It will make it harder for Dream to own the muffinteers with Netherite items lol.
Hieyahu 25 gün önce
Ur wish has been granted
web Yıl önce
This isn't Dream's channel-This is a channel showing Dream's livestreams
sully rhymes with scully
sully rhymes with scully Yıl önce
Ooo that would actually be very interesting, would love to see it
Koopah Yıl önce
@Joe Bob fortress chests
Joe Bob
Joe Bob Yıl önce
Yeah but he needs diamonds to even get netherite
Mii San
Mii San Yıl önce
That revenge of the villager at 1:23:22 lmao couldn't be more perfect
literatemax Yıl önce
Karma for 1:22:49
arigatou Yıl önce
That was brilliant, karma, epic, hilarious and satisfying. The most perfect coincidence ever
Lee C
Lee C Yıl önce
Dream angrily yelling “SIR” at the villagers brings me life lmao 1:00:20
Xopp Papap
Xopp Papap Yıl önce
@saltair Just click or press this blue timer ----- 1:00:20
Lee C
Lee C Yıl önce
Harry's Bum 1:00:20
saltair Yıl önce
time pls
Potato Yıl önce
same. I just found it so funny for some reason
L0cal_w33by _mate
L0cal_w33by _mate Yıl önce
This is actually the funniest scream I have ever heard Dream scream: 1:18:00
Satisfying 2 aylar önce
@Springytrap Bunny it was why was there lava
Springytrap Bunny
Springytrap Bunny Yıl önce
Ah yes, the scream of "Why was there lava there!!?!" ;;-;;
Keedy Yıl önce
bruhh Yıl önce
"We're going on a trip, illumina is sh** " actual quote lmao
silly rabbit _
silly rabbit _ 8 aylar önce
@DodoLuluPepe they swore tho ?? your comment is invalid bud sorry lol..if they “didn’t like you swear” then they would replace the word
DodoLuluPepe 10 aylar önce
@Cansu some people don't like to swear, bruh
Koopah Yıl önce
@Fuillest saying it's just a bad seed is such a weak mindset. You are ok with bad rng, an imperfection of (mine)craft. When you dont get PB or wr, you've lost twice. Theres alwayssomething to learn, never settle.
Fuillest Yıl önce
@Koopah The phrase “it's just a game” is such a weak mindset. You are ok with what happened, losing, imperfection of a craft. When you stop getting angry after losing, you've lost twice. There's always something to learn, and always room for improvement, never settle.
Fuillest Yıl önce
@Koopah The phrase “it's just a game” is such a weak mindset. You are ok with what happened, losing, imperfection of a craft. When you stop getting angry after losing, you've lost twice. There's always something to learn, and always room for improvement, never settle.
KLL Concessions
KLL Concessions Yıl önce
He should do a 2v2 manhunt like Bad+Sapnap vs Dream+George but then there would be 2 parts like the first part would be Dream+George hunting Bad+Sapnap and then the second part would be Bad+Sapnap hunting Dream+George
Zee 8 aylar önce
@C urious badnap vs dnf
Sailor Boy 69 420
Sailor Boy 69 420 Yıl önce
But he should use every plugin they used
Highlight Yıl önce
Good idea BUT if Dream can take on 3 people and WIN a 3v1 I seriously doubt a 2vw would be fair no matter who is on his team unless he doesn't try lol
cac 2s
cac 2s Yıl önce
i dont think thats a fair fight
Sophie Yıl önce
I love this idea
Final Score
Final Score Yıl önce
28:00 Dream: swings sword at iron golem. IG: yeets him, dealing 9 and a half hearts of damage and throwing him into the air. Dream: places a block where he was about to fall, stopping himself taking the half heart of damage that would have killed him. Very smooth indeed.
Knightmare Yıl önce
Towering again to kill the golem
hell0myQT Yıl önce
Someone should make a compilation of dream telling Mojang to “fix your game”
turtles✨ Yıl önce
take a shot every time he says "fix your game"
Absolutely Random
Absolutely Random Yıl önce
Yeah, iirc Notch didn't want to make anything game changing or anything. Just something small. That's why he sold Minecraft. Iirc he wasn't allowed to Minecraft's birthday which is quite sad but understandable why Mojang didn't invite him.
Pot8o king
Pot8o king Yıl önce
Wait you didnt know that
Bwee Yıl önce
@Lucky .?. Notch sold Minecraft to Microsoft a couple of years ago
ABC Yıl önce
@Pot8o king what happened?
Sangori TV
Sangori TV Yıl önce
N A C K Z Y Yıl önce
aximity Yıl önce
he literally moved before it could fall
World Wide Wrestling
World Wide Wrestling Yıl önce
illumina does that a lot too
Stripes Yıl önce
@AtlasInABox **inchresting
Gabi Yıl önce
Vee Ronnie Cuh
Vee Ronnie Cuh Yıl önce
I really hate when people give him trouble for streaming at 4 in the morning. Even if they don't mean it in a bad way, you could still tell he was getting annoyed by people saying the same thing over and over again
Jane Abraham
Jane Abraham Yıl önce
Yeet McGee exactly!😂
Yeet McGee
Yeet McGee Yıl önce
Jane Abraham it’s like telling your friend to go to sleep at 4am whilst you’re awake at 4am
Jane Abraham
Jane Abraham Yıl önce
and why are they complaining about him streaming at 4, when they’re UP and awake watching it at 4 anyway??
Aydren Yıl önce
Right? Like he’s a big boy, he can do whatever he wants with his sleep schedule
Nila Sekar
Nila Sekar Yıl önce
Exactly, as if Americans are the only ones who matter. Whenever he streams it's gonna be a good time for someone around the world, people just gotta deal with it. And yeah like he said all the streams are saved anyway, they can watch it later
Pragya Singh
Pragya Singh Yıl önce
Dream is really quite when George isn't around.
angry_em0 Yıl önce
Top 10 reasons why dream and George are perfect for each other
Agus Tzvir
Agus Tzvir Yıl önce
he's usually very quiet during speedruns because he gets really focused
CrowZy Yıl önce
@TalkierYT dreamnotfound owo
CrowZy Yıl önce
Because he doesn't have anyone ro talk too?
JustLeno Yıl önce
The most likely reason for this is due to him not really having people to speak to its like he is speaking to a brick wall all he can speak to is chat and that’s no actually a conversation it’s like with me and my friend I get quiet when it’s just me cos I have no one to talk with
whynotdude Yıl önce
For those of you complaining that Dream streams at 4 am. It might be 4 am for you but for others it might be 10 am / 2 pm ect. Don't be selfish and expect Dream to stream only when you're able to watch it. Dream is a free man and can stream at any time he wishes to. Also Dream doesn't force you to watch the stream, you're the one that decides to watch it or not. And if you cannot watch it as a stream, you can always watch it later as an upload.
brurber Yıl önce
@面白いね。 exactly lol
brurber Yıl önce
Its 4am am f0r him :o)
Sylent Yıl önce
I think a lot of people were concerned it was 4 AM EST and he was awake at such an ungodly hour lmao. it might be annoying but I think they just care for his sleep schedule
blonde mina is superior
blonde mina is superior Yıl önce
Oh, that would make sense. I don’t know if he has friends in other time zones but I know he has George.
Maggie Fleming
Maggie Fleming Yıl önce
Also some people just don’t like to sleep at normal times, my friend literally goes to sleep no earlier than 2 am because he has friends in different time zones, maybe Dream has the same thing
Ranya Yıl önce
since theres no timestamp guy for this stream ill take that responsibility. hopefully i do a good job 3:22 what an intro 8:52 "we dont love drem" oOF 15:57 pog? 28:00 that was smooth 29:58 dreams mom joins the stream 1:00:20 SIR 1:17:56 "we'll go!" 1:23:23 damn villager 1:55:58 why is george sleeping at 11 am? 2:18:56 how many licks does it take to get to the center of a blaze? 2:22:04 WHAT A SHOT if you have any recommendations, please put them in the comments.
Littlegaming0 Yıl önce
Anyone knows the timestamp for the full avatar clip?
MasterOfSpies 2.0
MasterOfSpies 2.0 Yıl önce
Beginning 0:00 End 2:57:55
GardenTee Yıl önce
watashi 19:50 *
Eastenders fanXxx
Eastenders fanXxx Yıl önce
camilla rose
camilla rose Yıl önce
“dreams mom”: i bought you some banana pudding dream: lol you thought
LEMOn3rd Yıl önce
1.16 really changed the way Minecraft speedruns will be performed in the future because you could get an ideal overworld but also have the chance to get a messy nether, or switched around.
Jordan -_-
Jordan -_- Yıl önce
idk about you guys but i love dreams little chuckle he does LOLL
Sylent Yıl önce
Cookie AndEcho
Cookie AndEcho Yıl önce
Same lol
m Yıl önce
19:54 hey! im sure the person that said this meant no harm, but this is really not the kinda thing to say to streamers :( I know that you think you're flattering them by telling them how they've helped you, but you can tell how uncomfortable it made dream. no one knows how to react to getting told something like this, so let's refrain from talking about sensitive topics like that on streams.
sweetchocobiscut cookie
sweetchocobiscut cookie 3 aylar önce
tru cuz he cant answer or he will get 'cancelled' so its just awkward
Mariah Bailey
Mariah Bailey 3 aylar önce
I’m sure the person had absolutely no intent to make him feel uncomfortable but it’s hard to hear that because it puts a lot of pressure on them
lauren 8 aylar önce
TY! i was thinking that same thing. i don’t think that they meant to make him feel that way, but you could really tell that he wasnt sure how to react to that.
Shawna Silva
Shawna Silva 3 aylar önce
I miss speedruns so much. I love just watching him play and talk.
Nebula Yıl önce
thank you so much for posting these twitch doesn’t really work with my phone!
Mason Brooks
Mason Brooks Yıl önce
The same stuff happens to me to
Robin den Ouden
Robin den Ouden Yıl önce
Arlen Hercott Atkinson mmmmm M M
_ashley Yıl önce
liam Gregor u good?
liam Gregor
liam Gregor Yıl önce
@cloudy [[i.mim[i.o[i.mo[imoi.moimi.[[im[imi.i.mioi.[[o[i.m[oooi.mi.mio[[[[[[i.m[i.m[iimoi.m[[[imoim[imi.mimi.m[ioi.m[i.oi.moo[[imimi.moi.?[[[imi.mo[[i.mio[i.miim[imoo[ooi.mimi.m[i.mi.moimi.mii.m[i.mi.mi.mooi.moi.mo[i.miimimi.i.mii.oi.mimoimo[oimi.mi.mooimoi.mi.i.miii.moimi.i.moimi.mi.mooimoi.mi.i.miii.moimi.i.moi.mim[i.mooimiimi.mi.oi.m[imimooi.mimoi.mi.i.miimimooi.mimoi.mi.i.mii.mimimooi.mimoi.mi.i.miimimooi.mimoi.mi.i.mii.mi.moi.moi.moi.i.mi.moim[oii.mim[[im[i.mi.mimo[i.mi.?[i.oii.imi.i.???.?????i.iimiimiimimimimiiiiimiimimiimimimiimimimimiimiimimoimiiiiimiimimimimimimiimimimimiimiimiiiiiiiiimimiiimim omiimioimimiiiimiiimiiiimimiimiimiioimiiimimiiiiiimimimimimiimimiimimimimimimiimiimiiiiimiiimimiiiimimimiimiimimiimi.
Bob WantsYourLiver
Bob WantsYourLiver Yıl önce
Todd Kressley
Todd Kressley Yıl önce
Random question: how bout a manhunt in the new Minecraft update? Make it a bit more challenging.
Phillip Anselmo
Phillip Anselmo Yıl önce
the speedrunner vs 3 hunters finale is about to hit 1 mil likes so i imagine he'll do it when that happens
Cera Yıl önce
I'm just going to leave this timestamp 1:18:40
porple Yıl önce
KidKusU Yıl önce
This isnt Dream's channel
I’m Not Me, I’m a bisexual panda.
I’m Not Me, I’m a bisexual panda. Yıl önce
At 1:01:09 dreams still wholesome enough to call him sir (uwu)
Oona Jansson
Oona Jansson Yıl önce
1:18:02 1:18:02 1:18:02 Just a replay button for myself I can't stop laughing 😂
Karah Stoffel
Karah Stoffel Yıl önce
I was listening this while playing a game and then one of the people who donated had the same name as me and he said I love you kara and I was so shocked, I literally jumped cause I wasnt expecting it lol
Meh Karma
Meh Karma Yıl önce
lol the keyboard is broken from how much he's slammed this hands and his headphones on it in frustration
Martin Klein
Martin Klein Yıl önce
he made 5k in donations in not even 3h. dont worry about broken keyboards. he can break each day cars worth 20k and it wouldnt bother him
Yıl önce
Rip dreams keyboard 😞
Aino Mikkola
Aino Mikkola Yıl önce
Or spamming it when going under a tree😂
:) Yıl önce
He spilled apple juice on it 😔
Cae Gray
Cae Gray Yıl önce
The villagers walking in from 5 miles away had me laughing every time
Get Jazzy
Get Jazzy Yıl önce
"You mother of a wonderful child that I murdered with sand" might just be worse than the word that rhymes with mother trucker.
Grimpixelations Yıl önce
1:55:58 "george is sleeping, probably" estimating that it's around 6 am for dream, it would be 11am for george so-... hm.
Sofia lol
Sofia lol Yıl önce
*Me, who wakes up at 4:* wow he wakes up so early 👁️👄👁️
s q u i r r e l s
s q u i r r e l s Yıl önce
i wake up 7am
Cookie Cat
Cookie Cat Yıl önce
Mason Talmadge good for you
Mason Talmadge
Mason Talmadge Yıl önce
And I wake up at 5 AM almost every morning.
kingoffury Yıl önce
@Francisco L lucky i wake up at 6 pm
DM Yıl önce
1:23:00 Villager will remember that.
ɢᴀʟᴀᴄᴛɪᴄ ʙᴀɢᴇʟ
ɢᴀʟᴀᴄᴛɪᴄ ʙᴀɢᴇʟ Yıl önce
@Keedy cringe culture is dead, mate
Saryn Yıl önce
@Keedy rude
Keedy Yıl önce
@A_Random_User_1111 ew a gacha pfp
A_Random_User_1111 Yıl önce
Gabriel C. Sousa
Gabriel C. Sousa Yıl önce
Dream got good about streaming and reading chat/donations Makes me happy
Broski Joeski
Broski Joeski Yıl önce
The scream at 38:39 was so unexpected but funny
ClaireToodles Yıl önce
Love the joe pfp!!!
Nanibär Yıl önce
Then the penguin Gif and piglin are in sync
The pineappleish Demon
The pineappleish Demon Yıl önce
Every time he gets a rose from killing an iron golem I want to scream PLANT IT but eVERY TIME HE JUST THROWS IT
sweetchocobiscut cookie
sweetchocobiscut cookie 3 aylar önce
hahahaha nooooo thats so sad hahaha
dove Yıl önce
I love how he says "I love you too" to everyone who says it in their donos. it's so sweet. 🥺❤️
vxienna 2 aylar önce
i come back to different speedruns whenever i have a hard time sleeping his voice is very calming and makes me feel less lonely
gray ann
gray ann Yıl önce
dreams streams give me life i love him sm🥺
Candy Wang
Candy Wang Yıl önce
Love how Dream is so calm then 5 seconds later screams so loud
Lord Yıl önce
I need a clip called Dream insulting an iron golem for 8 seconds 46:26
Brown Bean
Brown Bean Yıl önce
Me: ooo this world looks nice Dream: I think I’ll reset
- Yıl önce
1:23:21 I accidentally skipped to this part and Im happy i did lol
Peter Smythe
Peter Smythe Yıl önce
"I'm probably gonna fall in lava." Dream, you have a god apple on your hotbar. You'll be fine.
alexa wasankari
alexa wasankari Yıl önce
When dream made it to the nether times #1 3:41 #2 32:03 #3 54:58 #4 1:20:40 he didn't make it to the nether but a villager got revenge (funny to me) #5 1:34:17 #6 2:02:29 #7 2:3304 Hope that helps :)
Caspian Yıl önce
I was drawing and I literally whipped my head up so hard when he said "love you Kara" I swear I snapped my neck a bit. (my nickname is Kara.)
engelstraene3 Yıl önce
That's the worst nether spawn? I had a spawn two days ago where I just spawned in a wall or sth, and no matter which direction I dug, I couldn't get out. It was like the entire nether was just filled with netherrack. Still not sure what happened there, but that was the most frustrating thing to ever happen to me in minecraft.
Titus Decker
Titus Decker Yıl önce
Twice now I've spawned under a lava lake. I had to mine 200 blocks to get out. Went through 3 iron picks and almost burned multiple times.
Mommy Rat
Mommy Rat Yıl önce
Omg that happened to me except it was a cave instead of a cube
The Universe Deer
The Universe Deer Yıl önce
I spawn at basalt area and it's VERY VERY ANNOYING!!magma cube spawn everywhere and lots of fffffff baby magma
cute pinky
cute pinky Yıl önce
engelstraene3 he is trying to speedrun this so he needs a really good nether spawn
n ziom
n ziom Yıl önce
Honestly love the new nether it's more deadly and risky and dangerous and there are multiple ways to play it
Symeon Yıl önce
The only way I know of playing the new nether is running around for 1000 blocks cursing the devs , while staying fortressless
nina xeler
nina xeler Yıl önce
Lemonworm your just downright wrong
Cookie AndEcho
Cookie AndEcho Yıl önce
@Baba's Custom Lego Creations visit it in creative
Baba's Custom Lego Creations
Baba's Custom Lego Creations Yıl önce
I died 14 times in my first trip to the new nether. Then I gave up, still gotta look for a fortress one day
Lemonworm Yıl önce
n ziom i was speakin to the other guy
yuko Yıl önce
each time dream says ‘ i love you ‘ take a shot 🥰
I’m Not Me, I’m a bisexual panda.
I’m Not Me, I’m a bisexual panda. Yıl önce
I do kind of hate how people were complaining about what time dream streams. Most people weren’t bad about it, just kind of annoying. But when dream was in the basalt delta ravine thing that was kind of obnoxious. He’s up and can stream when he wants to. Being entitled and complaining wont help you get your way.
sweetchocobiscut cookie
sweetchocobiscut cookie 3 aylar önce
yea I hate that too, and then they complain when he does not stream. Dream lives a hard life lol. he has to always please everyone even though he shouldnt
Mommy Rat
Mommy Rat Yıl önce
I don't wanna be rude or anything but you said "I kind of do hate" and your name is "No hate, love" so looooooooooool
Brooke_sprink _
Brooke_sprink _ Yıl önce
I’ve been watching dreams old lives to fall asleep. It’s just oddly comforting to me ig.
sylveon 69
sylveon 69 Yıl önce
i think it would be cool if they added something like a nether tower. its basically just a big somewhat lighthouse like structure made of nether brick which basically just has a cage with a blaze spawner at the top.
n ziom
n ziom Yıl önce
Fire resistance and mlg lava is now more possible also soul speed and more common enderpearl will make travelling much easier but it's easier to get lost as well.
zulkhairul aksar bin nafery
zulkhairul aksar bin nafery 11 aylar önce
Dream at usual stream: Let's Go! Dream on 4 am stream: Yeah whatever
angie Yıl önce
these are so helpful for when i wanna watch a stream on my tv
spoi1edteeth Yıl önce
i sometimes wonder if people think before they type and send in donos because there were a good chunk of these that physically hurt to hear as Dream tried dismissing them as to not be rude... Or the handful of people who were complaining that it was 4am... as if 20 others before them didn't just do that exact same thing and get the exact same response from him :/
sweetchocobiscut cookie
sweetchocobiscut cookie 3 aylar önce
its the donos that say 'sAy LoVe You BACk' like chill if he wants to he will, or the donos that are just like the rest and his response is the same. no hate just an observation ahha
Magus Perdé
Magus Perdé Yıl önce
Most of his fans are children. Thats why
Zanzibar Kjella
Zanzibar Kjella Yıl önce
29:25 dream says he needs a lava pool just as subtitles says "lava pops"
DagothXil Yıl önce
dream avoiding soul sand valleys like the plague after getting soul speed boots (and enough iron for a shield for that matter) from trading with the piglin
AssassinAcademy Yıl önce
It’s to save him some time, although it is a little irritating.
DagothXil Yıl önce
AND Continuing to not make a shield as he goes up in front of the blaze firing squad smh
Cameron Council
Cameron Council Yıl önce
1:23:05 Dream accidentally hits a sand villager
Slimq Yıl önce
Hey man ur channel is so great for me because its useful for people that doesnt have twitch accounts and watch the whole livestream on youtube
Chase K
Chase K Yıl önce
1:17:58 is the feeling i get everytime dream makes a jump or digs straight up/down
Sekroy's Sektor
Sekroy's Sektor Yıl önce
I just recognized after watching dreams videos, that my survival world is a very good seed for speedruning.
soybeve 9 aylar önce
1:18:02 baby dream 1:23:24 revenge of the villager
ChillCheese Yıl önce
I like how dream starts the stream with: *Yo*
B Bros
B Bros Yıl önce
I noticed how fast he makes a world
Cameron Council
Cameron Council Yıl önce
1:23:20 Dream tries to take out iron golem from three blocks high but the same villager he had hit came back for revenge lil
Drey David Tuale
Drey David Tuale Yıl önce
Dream: "They love me" Villager: "Nah"
Anthony Bevilacqua
Anthony Bevilacqua Yıl önce
Dream nice steam I enjoyed it keep it up
ThatsNotAPhoneItsABanana Yıl önce
His non wheezy laughs remind me of an old person
Kerzy Yıl önce
30:16 There was a lava pool next to Dream but dream didn't notice, You can hear it and also look at subitiles
spudrye Yıl önce
Take a shot every time dream starts a new world or talks about Mojang needing to fix something about mc (❤️ ya dream)
Os Grace
Os Grace Yıl önce
I noticed you can farm gravel on one spot by just holding both mouse buttons that way if you keep it still you dont lose time moving or looking around
WavericK CODM
WavericK CODM 8 aylar önce
27:59 ,1:00:28 , 1:23:07 the most epic scenes😂😂
Daisie Mae
Daisie Mae 10 aylar önce
Just woke up from the most messed up creepy nightmare so watching this in hope of stability🤠👍
DarkPotato657 Yıl önce
“It was really close- he had one queen and a king and I had a king, that’s how close it was” *boi that’s not how chess works*
Charmaine Knox-hinds
Charmaine Knox-hinds Yıl önce
Dream you teached me everything because you are everything
Zhyla Janiel A. Gorospe
Zhyla Janiel A. Gorospe Yıl önce
it feel so quiet when George isn't there 😂
Victoria Kahelefaufata
Victoria Kahelefaufata Yıl önce
Lmao 3v1 manhunt idea...: “that would not go well” .. yes it did not go well for the 3 hunters 😂😂
Fruit Yıl önce
"We're going on a trip, Illumina is shit" People who makes Dream singing compilations:
Jordan Middleton
Jordan Middleton Yıl önce
Dream: I do sleep I just don’t sleep at the same time you do So true
GeorgeNotFound Yıl önce
Dream: 75$ is a huge amount. MrBeast: Am I a joke to you.
Jena Jean
Jena Jean 5 aylar önce
@Yumn Mohamed niyaz you can just check their profile to see if it is or not. He’s clearly not the real one. No checkmark either
Yumn Mohamed niyaz
Yumn Mohamed niyaz 9 aylar önce
Is this the real georgenotfound or what ?? If it is i love your vids
Ben Nichols
Ben Nichols Yıl önce
Dream: Mining gold in the nether makes no sense. Punching a tree for wood: is a thing.
WorthySoul Yıl önce
Upcoming 1.16.2 you’ll have a much lower chance to get Ender pearls from piglins, and you’ll get much less :/ However, since the warped forest biome exists you can still get them decently quickly
Baby Ringtail Possum
Baby Ringtail Possum Yıl önce
I feel like Dream is way different without George
WorthySoul Yıl önce
Btw when you were asking about blowing up the crying obsidian, first you craft it with glowstone into a respawn anchor. If you charge it up with glowstone and then use it in the Nether you set your spawn. Every time you respawn there it loses a charge. If you try to charge it in the Overworld or End it explodes like a bed.
Just An Egg
Just An Egg Yıl önce
Dream, you can mine gold in neather with a wooden pickaxe... ._. You can also do a challenge, "Start in the Neather", it's a fun challenge. You need a biome with wood in it, like that red forest. You can trade gold for obsidian. Then, make the portal, and escape.
Nerissa Ogino
Nerissa Ogino Yıl önce
its not neather its nether
cute pinky
cute pinky Yıl önce
Derpy Rainbow ummm...I think his latest video is exactly that
Signormythomagic_yt 11 aylar önce
43:00 dream is so right, I made it to the fortress in my survival world after bridging over a lava pool. It was in a soul valley and apparently if you walk on soul sand without soul speed you walk at 2 miles per day or something and I was attacked by like 6 ghasts, 6 skeletons and one blaze sniping me from the fortress. I died but took down 4 ghasts and 5 skeletons. RIP. I can understand your feelings Dream
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez Yıl önce
Lol he found netherite before a fortress
Francesc Ballester
Francesc Ballester Yıl önce
You mean ancient debris?
Petr Toman
Petr Toman Yıl önce
Fortresses are super rare now
David Anghelina
David Anghelina Yıl önce
Farrel A
Farrel A Yıl önce
timestamp please
Emerson 21
Emerson 21 Yıl önce
Time stamp?
Trowa71 Yıl önce
I think since pearls are easier to get, and fortresses are harder to find, we should use pearls in the nether to find fortresses.
Gacha Making
Gacha Making 6 aylar önce
1:23:23 oh no villagers are…. FIGHTING BACK RUN AND HIDE FOR YOUR LIIIIIFE
Sailor Boy 69 420
Sailor Boy 69 420 Yıl önce
Dream i challenge you to beat the game with george and use EVERY SINGLE plugin u have ever used on whichever version of mc that u choose but use all of ur plugins
ASMRTac Yıl önce
that “yo” at the beginning really got me thinking someone was in my room 😹
ChewsWisely 6 aylar önce
When dream finds netherite in 12 minutes....
gl00misy Yıl önce
Dude you’re my favorite youtuber 🥺
Cinnamon Dreams
Cinnamon Dreams Yıl önce
Are you trying to speak to dream? If so this is a fan channel. If not I agree
Waffels Yıl önce
Literally everyone:OM GOSH! dream, ur such a proooo!!! Dream: No. Also Dream:(Doesn't pic up a torch) OM GOSH! I'm such a prooooo!!!
Nico Yıl önce
The witches in his donos asking for his birth time LMAO
Sylent Yıl önce
Honestly they’re probably fanfic writers loll
Kai G
Kai G Yıl önce
That's what I thought the moment I saw that. I'm just sitting here like: "y'all think you're gonna get something?" -a witch
Tamara Maschan
Tamara Maschan Yıl önce
2:50:02 OMG the worst timing ever...
Pullingo Yıl önce
1:23:04 Dream: Accidentally hits villager. Villager: You Pay With Your Life!
HomiesWitHades Yıl önce
I saw the thumbnail and immediately thought "baby dream?"
Ishigamiqt Yıl önce
haha smol dream
Kiwi Yıl önce
wat why
Learn Math Olympiad
Learn Math Olympiad Yıl önce
I Was There At The Stream Lol I Literally Laughed When The Villager Murders Him
Haina Panaina
Haina Panaina Yıl önce
I tried speedrunning, my record is 51 minutes
AssassinAcademy Yıl önce
Raaid Azzam ty
DystopianStrix Yıl önce
@AssassinAcademy good job :)
AssassinAcademy Yıl önce
Honestly, Dream started me on speedrunning and I was in the end at 18 minutes, so super close to the current WR, and then I got yeeted by the dragon. A little practice and your all good.
C_475 Yıl önce
Better than me I dont have a time under 3 hours over the course of 5 days
Super l
Super l Yıl önce
Can’t wait to see what 1.16 runs are like
C_475 Yıl önce
Itll be something along the lines of WHERE IS THE FOrtess OH GOD WHERE IS THE FORTRESS
NJ 8 aylar önce
Donos are making me die inside on this stream WOW I can't
Josellyn Trejo
Josellyn Trejo Yıl önce
are we not gonna talk about how Dream got 2 million subs in a month
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