TWICE - "MORE & MORE" Dance Cover | Ellen and Brian

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Ellen and Brian

3 aylar önce

Watch Ellen's full dance cover of TWICE 트와이스's MORE & MORE!
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Edited by Brian Li - briankevli
Ellen Min - ellenmint_
Our couple account: eebeelife
Facebook: EllenandBrian/
Twitter: EllenxBrian
Bilibili: Ellen和Brian
Weibo: Ellen和Brian
Outfit details:
1st outfit:
Black top: TopShop
Shorts: H&M
2nd outfit:
Pink dress: YesStyle (use code "eebee10" for $10 off any order above $49)
Black boots: YesStyle
3rd outfit:
Yellow dress: YesStyle
4th outfit:
Floral top: Forever 21
Black pants: YesStyle
5th outfit:
White top: YesStyle
White pants: YesStyle
6th outfit:
Blue dress: YesStyle
White boots: YesStyle
#TWICE #MOREandMORE #EllenandBrian
Disclaimer: We do not own any of the music or choreography.
FTC: This video is not sponsored.

Mochi_min 1o1
Mochi_min 1o1 Gün önce
Loved it♡I'm a once!!
Amy Lee
Amy Lee Gün önce
Did you do the dance tutorial for more and more? Because if you didn’t please do it!😣 Also you’re amazing!
The KawaiiShirooo
The KawaiiShirooo 2 gün önce
Please do a dance cover of fanfare with brian🙏❤
Adelia Athifa Urfa
Adelia Athifa Urfa 2 gün önce
Go 10 million
India India
India India 5 gün önce
Ellen is such a lovable, I follow her dancing a lot 😊
ImliSen Lkr
ImliSen Lkr 7 gün önce
Yes I Want more and more .. Dang transition+outfits++dance=PERFECTION
Addisyn O
Addisyn O 7 gün önce
Does anyone ever wonder what her clothes looked like before she did stuff like this where she didn’t add on to her clothes?
Neal Dominic Dueñas Ibañez
Neal Dominic Dueñas Ibañez 9 gün önce
I would love if Brian can dance TXT's Can't You See Me
txunamy harvey
txunamy harvey 10 gün önce
Your always dancing with heels how can you dance with heels??
Jennykeivom Keivom
Jennykeivom Keivom 11 gün önce
She looks like momo isn't it?
rosèpinks 11 gün önce
wow her dance and outfits are the best...............
navin shetty
navin shetty 12 gün önce
you should be kpop idol❤ you are amazing you are talented,best of luck for u future
Sarait Mayers
Sarait Mayers 12 gün önce
Cómo se llama la app para editar los videos, dime please 🥺🥺🥺🥺
hyu lari
hyu lari 13 gün önce
Imagine Ellen being the 10th member of twice!! You did great Ellen!!
Rajeev Gupta
Rajeev Gupta 14 gün önce
Why don't you join an entertainment company. ..and become an are so talented 😊😀😊😀😊😀
Exceeder Blessy
Exceeder Blessy 15 gün önce
Keep it up Ellen AND Brian!!
jane's world
jane's world 16 gün önce
Me waiting for the dance tutorial: 👁👄👁
anaya wijesena
anaya wijesena 17 gün önce
Ok how is your dancing so clean when it comes to the chorus. I always get frazzled because it's so fast!
Shweta Verma
Shweta Verma 19 gün önce
Other pep : omg she dance so well she should become dancer 😱😱😀😀😀 Me: *thinks how much those dress cost and thinks did she have millon clothes and thinks where is her furniture and just stare at those clothes*. One more thing:i like her and what i have written is not true i like her dance too 🙃🙂
차우줄리 19 gün önce
bangtan_army BTS
bangtan_army BTS 20 gün önce
Vo a ser sincera y esperó que no me odien por lo que diré A mi me encanta este dance cover y amo este canal,pero siento que ellen hace los pasos un poquito bruscos ( *por favor no me odien por esto* ) y en el dance break me gusto pero hizo los pasos un poquito exagerados y bruscos. Esa es mi opinión ,por favor los que sois fans de este canal no me odien por lo que dije solo era mi punto de vista y mi opinion
Reyo Bleen
Reyo Bleen 22 gün önce
Powerful! I love her dancing skills, also the transition to another outfit is so smooth😍
Bp Blink
Bp Blink 22 gün önce
Can you pls do a tutorial? 🙏
Lisa Gessler
Lisa Gessler 23 gün önce
From what are you learning the dances?
Ethel & Gian
Ethel & Gian 24 gün önce
Wowwww😍 you're so good at dancing☺️ Hi everyone,we do also dance covers of Kpop Songs,if you would like,you can also visit to our TRshow channel.We dance cover More & More-Twice💜
Jela Video
Jela Video 24 gün önce
Bro literally every time she goes left or right, she always makes her way back to the center so smooth and perfectly
Jela Video
Jela Video 24 gün önce
I support Ellen and Brian forever ❤️❤️❤️ I luv themmm
Tang Marwa
Tang Marwa 25 gün önce
so #beautiful❤️😻❥❬ .، ❭•°♡
Nancy Bautista
Nancy Bautista 25 gün önce
Everyone: saying about to appreciate the dancing not the clothes Me: trying to find a lot of comments about clothes (pls don’t take offensively 🥺🥺)
Sanchita Mondal
Sanchita Mondal 22 gün önce
Me to bro😅😅🤣🤣🤣
Anisyah Zahra
Anisyah Zahra 26 gün önce
Cantik banget Ellen ku 😍❤️
otaku_army_ 12
otaku_army_ 12 26 gün önce
We want tutorial !!!
Aiym 27 gün önce
Guys, can you watch my covers? I'm just starting so I need you support)))
jolina fischer
jolina fischer 29 gün önce
Ellen is so cute😍😍🥰😘and Beaudeful 😊
Ariana Reyes
Ariana Reyes 29 gün önce
Tutorial ❗😭
Pawan Sunuwar
Pawan Sunuwar Aylar önce
Nice so so
Prioti Paul
Prioti Paul Aylar önce
I can imagine Brian behind the camera and while he is editing thinking,"Yup,that's my girl"
Naomi Q'A
Naomi Q'A Aylar önce
You dance Beautiful, I would love if you could give a tutorial 😃😃😃
طلال سالم
طلال سالم Aylar önce
مافي تعلم لرقصك هاي
Ann Chen
Ann Chen Aylar önce
Waiting for More & More dance tutorial 🥺
Nathan James
Nathan James Aylar önce