What's The Best MRE? Taste Test

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Good Mythical Morning

Good Mythical Morning

Yıl önce

Today, we're taste testing different MREs (Meal, Ready-to-Eat). GMM
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Joker Productions
Joker Productions Yıl önce
I wanna see International MRE taste test with the darts!
C Me
C Me 8 gün önce
G D 10 gün önce
Ooo yeeea
Eliza Carrie
Eliza Carrie 4 aylar önce
That’s an amazing idea! The international MRE’s are actually really interesting
X7_DAN 4 aylar önce
Where in the world do these international MREs come from
Marcos Castelan
Marcos Castelan 5 aylar önce
I usually agree with y’all but definitely beef stew is my all time favorite then chilly Mac , everything else doesn’t matter . Jalapeño cheese spread is like crack in the field
J R 8 aylar önce
The chili Mac as a whole MRE is what makes it valuable, it comes with a dessert and candy and good snack, they just doing the main meals. Trading goes down with dessert and snacks more often than the meals
Dave Almighty
Dave Almighty 21 gün önce
@Corey Pillow the ultimate trade was for the hydrocodone pills some people got when they had their wisdom teeth pulled.
Corey Pillow
Corey Pillow 22 gün önce
Skittles in the MRE were the ultimate bartering item
Dave Almighty
Dave Almighty 2 aylar önce
Just don't get caught with those in boot camp.
J R 5 aylar önce
@th3R0b0t bro I don’t even know why but I could never enjoy the cheese bc I thought it smelled and tasted mad weird both normal and jalapeño but they did score me good trades in the field
th3R0b0t 5 aylar önce
Yeah, I also don't like the chilimac without putting the jalapeno cheese in it. That cheese gives it some extra kick, and really compliments, It's kinda bland the way it is.
Blake Wood
Blake Wood Yıl önce
“Okay so”- rhett “Not Queso, chili Mac”-link I feel like that went over everyone’s head hahahaha
Dundee Yıl önce
@Julio Morales Glad to see someone else is the same 😂
Julio Morales
Julio Morales Yıl önce
@nephyril same. I'm the guy who does these jokes or purposely say something for a "that's what she said'
AsianClarinetist Yıl önce
@nephyril same
nephyril Yıl önce
These are the kinds of jokes I like to tell but everyone just looks at me weird.
PhenixSlayer Yıl önce
I will say there is more to the MRE than just the main meal. The reason why so many people like the Chili Mac is because it is a decently tasting meal paired with some of the best sides.
Joel Chatfield
Joel Chatfield 9 aylar önce
yeah, the sides are what is great. Mexican chicken stew is my favorite because the entree is good and the sides are great
Alec Fernand
Alec Fernand Yıl önce
Also, during winter those heaters are a gift from god. Secondly, realistically, we’ve never had time to warm these up. We usually eat them cold, that’s the way to eat them.
gucci mane
gucci mane 4 aylar önce
It depends on your job if you have the time. I suspect no matter what job you have, if your an officer you could heat and eat whenever you like
w1gg1e_w0rm 7 aylar önce
It's a full blown war in this comment section lol 😂
Sp1cyN0va 7 aylar önce
@FuriousPenguin I never said I did, I said Ive talked to other people and have talked to others online, my dad and step mom currently serve.
Sp1cyN0va 7 aylar önce
@FuriousPenguin I also don’t know why you think it’s a myth that most people don’t heat them up. Depends on where you are but most people in the army that I’ve talked to and other people have also mentioned online that they almost never have time to heat up their MREs because they don’t have much time if at all to eat
FuriousPenguin 7 aylar önce
@Sp1cyN0va I feel like you haven’t served and eaten MREs based on your comments
James Parker
James Parker Yıl önce
You guys should recreate meals eaten by royalty throughout the centuries. All so you can start the video with "Today, we feast like kings! Let's talk about that."
Cody Place
Cody Place 23 gün önce
1 year later why tf haven't they done this
Javion Young
Javion Young Aylar önce
They did that already
Lober 4 aylar önce
James Parker
James Parker 4 aylar önce
@TannerMcCoy maybe one day lol
TannerMcCoy 4 aylar önce
One year later and this sadly hasn’t happened yet😓😞
Morgan B
Morgan B Yıl önce
The vegetarian lasagna was my favorite. It preformed two functions. It filled me up and I wouldn’t have to poop for days in the field lol.
Withered 9 aylar önce
The thing about the chicken burrito bowl is that it's the newest menu, it was made in 2017, chili mac is older and back then it was most likely the best one. Also for the shredded beef and the chicken burrito bowl, in the field theres never time to make a taco, so the chili mac is also already ready, granted you can eat them without a tortilla its not as good. Another thing about MRE's is that the side items can definitely change their rating, especially with the spinach barfredo and the vomellette.
Alex Flanary
Alex Flanary 5 aylar önce
I thought the pizza was the newest, although i haven’t even seen the burrito bowl to this day
Delta Comet
Delta Comet Yıl önce
I find it interesting that my school lunches aren’t half as good as literal army food
420jettt 9 gün önce
They are, but not really. They taste better, but school lunches are healthier
Dave Almighty
Dave Almighty 2 aylar önce
Thats a recruiting tactic.
Jean the Second
Jean the Second 5 aylar önce
@Sasha Linley Schools have kitchens and don’t have to make food that lasts years. Children need the nutrition in order to grow. American school lunches are indefensibly bad.
ACID BONSAI 6 aylar önce
@Sasha Linley the food for the educational minds of future generations matter more than prawns in a rich man’s game.
DiceZ 8 aylar önce
@bananabuttersomethin Not always.
Pierce Marin
Pierce Marin Yıl önce
The thing about MRE’s is that the best parts are the sides.
Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar Yıl önce
@Pierce Marin The apple sauce cake led me gagging
Pierce Marin
Pierce Marin Yıl önce
@Craig & Smokey the apple pie cake is amazing as well
Pierce Marin
Pierce Marin Yıl önce
@Danimanimal he didn’t get the good sides🤣
Lashing Moth
Lashing Moth Yıl önce
I love the bread items! The multi grain bread is the best.
Paco Waco
Paco Waco Yıl önce
accept for Chicken Pesto, it is a combo between the J. cheese and the main course. I am glad it wasn't popular, because I would typically snake it and nobody gave a damn lol. I never got excited to eat MRE's after the first few in boot, but I was glad to work in supply when we couldn't get into a dfac or better.
Lifestyle Cooking Foods
Lifestyle Cooking Foods Yıl önce
I wanna to try this so much!
Timothy Gravesande
Timothy Gravesande 8 aylar önce
Trust me u don’t
Caleb18greatjob 9 aylar önce
Join the military lol. Trust me, chili Mac and elbow Mac are the best main courses, but veg chille is something that shouldn’t be slept on. Not only does it taste like actually chille, but it comes with good snacks.
Sebastian 9 aylar önce
@TTV.cookies_7382 lol you may need some of the “napkins” they give you
TTV.cookies_7382 9 aylar önce
@Sebastian the gum in so good wym
peacecore18 Yıl önce
@Renee Andres probably one of the power bars there was cranberry, chocolate and apple one. I wasn't a big fan of them I would trade them for other stuff honestly
0ptik_ Yıl önce
I like to think of them as “Meal Ready, Eat” like it’s a vague threat
Babs Bylow
Babs Bylow 8 aylar önce
Meals Rejected by Enemy
bananabuttersomethin Yıl önce
Or in Japanese, "meshiYAgare".
Joel Siegel
Joel Siegel 10 aylar önce
One of the most "intact" restaurant quality dishes would have to be the chicken pesto pasta... stuffs fancy.
KidBuuOP 6 aylar önce
The ones with tortillas and cheese spread are usually my favorites. My top 3 were top 3 here as well. I tend to stay away from the chili mac since it gives me heart burn tho.
Adrianna Vela
Adrianna Vela Yıl önce
The meatballs in marinara is so good! Along with the vanilla pound cake!!! 😋 It’s my husband’s favorite too!
Dano Kochan
Dano Kochan Yıl önce
Everything was a trading war. Cheese spread, chocolate spread, and peanut butter were currency. Love this video!
Katy 21 gün önce
A peanut butter packet in exchange for a cigarette 😌
Justin P
Justin P 2 aylar önce
ahh the chunky peanut butter
Shawn White
Shawn White 3 aylar önce
I miss the chocolate covered coffee beans. I never traded those
CForceMX 5 aylar önce
Everyone I knew hated the cheese spread😂 we traded it to get rid of it
Lucas Morgan
Lucas Morgan 5 aylar önce
In ccf I tried the cheese and it was so metallic 😬
William Weaver
William Weaver Yıl önce
Marine vet here, my favorite was the Mexican style chicken stew. I made friends with the field mess marines to specifically get that one every time
Stephen Marler
Stephen Marler 7 aylar önce
Mexican style stew is hands down the best MRE ever. It was the one MRE that I went for every time in Basic training
Iron Paladin
Iron Paladin 8 aylar önce
Imagine you're in a battle and two people are sitting right next to you taste testing MREs.
rad_lad_ Yıl önce
The beef shredded was the only MRE I could stomach towards the end of my contract. It was actually pretty good
bluerox Yıl önce
I’m really glad they decided to choose the MREs based on comments from their previous video. You can really see them taking in community feedback these days and it’s really sweet
Grachi Sol
Grachi Sol Yıl önce
That is something that's never changed about them, you can see they do it for the MBs.
Noiz Yıl önce
Not even because of pressure but because they genuinely care for the community and take criticism constructively
John Walton IV
John Walton IV Yıl önce
People in the military enjoy eating home cooked meals. People with home cooked meals enjoy eating MRE's.
Highly Smiley
Highly Smiley Yıl önce
from one smiley to the other :) i wouldnt say people at home ENJOY eating them but with many things, civilians just romanticize a life they dont live I believe
Dylan Stills
Dylan Stills Yıl önce
my self being a marine, i can second to the fact that we use these as a form of currency. dues will fight each other for Mexican style chicken stew or chili mac.
Celtic Assassin
Celtic Assassin Yıl önce
Truly no one holds more power among lower enlisted in the Corps than the guy who nabbed the last chili mac
ihawk424 8 aylar önce
I’d say vegetable crumbles were probably my favorite, didn’t have a first strike bar or any cobbler but the entree was good cold and that’s what mattered, it also had peanut butter and those spicy cashews and man that was wonderful.
Aye Gee
Aye Gee 6 aylar önce
Jalapeño cashews are slept on..
lamekid123 Yıl önce
The chili mac is probably one of the best ones in all honesty, but the taco is pretty good too
Jason Lovell
Jason Lovell Yıl önce
During my 20 years in the Marine Corps, I saw a lot of menu changes. But, i can say that it wasn't so much what was in your specific pouch, but what you could ultimately make with a few creative trades. For example; tortilla from one, jalapeno cheese from another and refried beans from yet another and you had a pretty good burrito. Im sure the mythical kitchen could have a field day.
Aye Gee
Aye Gee 6 aylar önce
Do you remember chicken Ala King?
rerako Yıl önce
That reminds me of grade school where I'd traded my chocolate fudge for a biscuit to make a chicken/mashpotato sandwhich. Then everyone at my table was making trades.
NotaNurse Yıl önce
Did you retire before or after “omelette?”
Duncan Van Ooyen
Duncan Van Ooyen Yıl önce
A literal field day lol
Damean S
Damean S Yıl önce
Mix 'n match was the best
JD Folds
JD Folds 10 aylar önce
The multigrain bread is some of the best bread you’ll ever have tbh. It’s almost like a dessert. We’ve always used the snack items as tradables.
O3Baby ._
O3Baby ._ 8 aylar önce
Been watching you guys since I was 12 13 Always loved you guys your content and this channel you guys rock all blessings and congratulations on 17Mil you guys most definitely deserved it and the entire crew 💯💪🏾😊🙏🏾
Danteswrath Yıl önce
You guys should have tried the ravioli MRE. That one is my favorite. Comes with a brownie too.
Arabellia Johnson
Arabellia Johnson Yıl önce
These two guys are hilarious.I love them.This is my first time seeing them.
Drudail !
Drudail ! Yıl önce
Y'all thank us, but we thank you. I recently got back from a year in Afghanistan and your show helped keep up my spirits!
Lisa Looft
Lisa Looft Yıl önce
Thank you for your service and keep those spirits up.
Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar Yıl önce
Thank you for your service soldier
liam_astley1776 Yıl önce
Thank you for your service
Drapeey Yıl önce
Thank you for your service
Cody Hoskins
Cody Hoskins Yıl önce
GMM always brings a smile, thanks for your service brother✊
Lashing Moth
Lashing Moth Yıl önce
The pulled pork is my favorite that I have tried. My husband serves and they gave us a lot to eat. I also liked the meatball one.
Logan ?
Logan ? Yıl önce
"No eating in class " *the kids in the back of the class*
Tealtherobot 11 aylar önce
Underrated comment. I just wheezed laughing
Anthony D
Anthony D Yıl önce
i love how you guys are such good friends i wish i had friends like that
Darren Louis McQuaid
Darren Louis McQuaid Yıl önce
Many many years ago I was going through hard times and my best friend’s brother brought over some of his rations for me. Was greatly appreciated. And surprisingly edible.
Eric Kelley
Eric Kelley Yıl önce
As a Marine who has been in the field for the past 2 months eating MRE’s. This video has me convinced im being haunted by them.
Dave Almighty
Dave Almighty 2 aylar önce
They have special menu's for marines that include lead paint chips and crayola's for desert.
dream visitor
dream visitor 4 aylar önce
camp wilson moment
Aaron Lindstedt
Aaron Lindstedt Yıl önce
*dreams in marble cake*
Geoffrey Bell
Geoffrey Bell Yıl önce
Your toilet definitely is.
Nobal Yıl önce
@Bbydollk ITB wasn’t 2 months field time for me lmao
Mr. Ed
Mr. Ed 2 aylar önce
ive tried several MRE's (i remember my getting some in college and my family brings them camping and ive gotten in the habit of having a few incase im doing a hike or if theres an emergency) and tbh..... even the ones i really didnt like werent all that bad. maybe im just not a picky eater but if it really came down to it i wouldnt mind eating the ones i didnt like.
ceebee Yıl önce
What a pity they didn’t try the drink mixes…that vanilla milkshake had everybody begging to trade!
Aye Gee
Aye Gee 6 aylar önce
Vanilla Pudding!
Jared B
Jared B 8 aylar önce
The chicken burrito bowl is one of my favorites. I would actually eat this in civilian life lmao
David Buben
David Buben 8 aylar önce
Great video fellers. I'd like to see ya'll taste test the c-rats we had to endure during the 60s and early 70s. And just like the young vets of today are saying, ya gotta eat 'em cold. We never had time to heat them either. I don't know if you can still get them anymore, but willing to bet there's still tons of it stored somewhere.
Bishop1151 Yıl önce
Rhett: "you could be fooled into thinking you're in a restaurant" Marine with bullets flying over his head: "Waiter you forgot my leaning rock"
Senpai Karoo
Senpai Karoo Yıl önce
@Braedon Dowell hahahahahahaha heheheheheheheheh hohohohohohohohoh
random asshole
random asshole Yıl önce
@Braedon Dowell nobody cares ... Not even a little bit
Mark Fuston
Mark Fuston Yıl önce
@Braedon Dowell No one cares about the spelling of a TRshow comment..lol, save the spelling and grammar suggestions for English class.
havoc1zero Yıl önce
@Braedon Dowell nope, only pedantic people care.
Kennedy Starr
Kennedy Starr Yıl önce
@Braedon Dowell don't be that guy..
Wicked 4355
Wicked 4355 Yıl önce
The chili Mac is my favorite, especially when it comes with the cornbread and you mix the cornbread into it.
Regan Corbett
Regan Corbett 5 aylar önce
You gotta factor in snacks! When we're in the field, some of the nastiest/blandest MREs have the best snacks. One of my favorite MREs to get is the Lemon Tuna, simply because it comes with Reeces Pieces, cheeze-itz, and I believe a first strike bar. Plus a cappuccino!
Colby Marsh
Colby Marsh 10 aylar önce
I love how link gave up the Rock Paper Scissors purely for the comedy of holding a rock
Riley Myren
Riley Myren 2 aylar önce
I'm in the usmc and I can tell you those heaters that come in the mre's are a great Heating source if you put it in between your flack and blow the flack keeps the warmth in and definitely a life save in winter.
Tyrone Burns
Tyrone Burns Yıl önce
Link saying “I’m not happy anymore,” needs to be a gif haha
Adge Page
Adge Page Yıl önce
Tyrone Burns
Tyrone Burns Yıl önce
@The_Lofi_Samurai sweet, where? :)
The_Lofi_Samurai Yıl önce
Made it a gif 👍
The_Lofi_Samurai Yıl önce
Done, I’ll get on it
Prod. Royall
Prod. Royall Yıl önce
Hahah yes I will actually use that
Jerry 23 gün önce
Can't wait for the GME re-do! I'm sorry you guys had that happen to you.
Adamin Faisal
Adamin Faisal 10 aylar önce
the beard guy always positive, always grateful what he have..keep it up man!
Jason Helms
Jason Helms Aylar önce
I have been in the army almost 11 years, and all of the Spanish style mre's are great!
SP1TFIR3 11 aylar önce
My absolute favorite is the Jalepeno Peperjack beef patty. Great all around MRE, some of the best sides
Amanda Reid
Amanda Reid Yıl önce
My husband is in the army and watched this with me. He said he related a little too much to Link’s “I’m just not happy anymore” comment after eating the spinach one. 🤣
Veronica Attebery
Veronica Attebery Yıl önce
@kozmik__WZRD lmao sit down you troll.
MorningStar Yıl önce
16 yrs USMC. I felt the same. But when they ate the cheese I know what that does 😅
Owen Harwood
Owen Harwood Yıl önce
@Dustin Anderson are you the same one as in the video?
Dustin Anderson
Dustin Anderson Yıl önce
That was the same feeling I had when I took my first bite
Danny Thomas
Danny Thomas Yıl önce
Chilli and corn bread was my favorite. And I loved the strawberry milk shake, Only found two.
healsohard 5 aylar önce
Chili Mac was always my favorite because it was pretty good and usually came with sour skittles
BradyPatatey Yıl önce
Im in the army and my company LOVES giving us these instead of real food. If you want to try some other good ones, I love the Jalapeno Beef Patty. Comes with cheese, bbq sauce, and mayo. super good. Tuna is also great if you're a tuna guy
Nappybwoii Yıl önce
Damn it’s nice to see these guys still making videos
Alolan Jose
Alolan Jose Yıl önce
As someone who’s in the US military, I’ve always wanted to see Mythical chef Josh or Nicole make some gourmet version of an MRE. My personal favorite is a tie between beef taco or chili and beans!
MoneyBoy YB
MoneyBoy YB Yıl önce
Thank you for your service broham 💯
Alolan Jose
Alolan Jose Yıl önce
I won’t respond to all of the thank you comments but I do appreciate them all! Take some time to thank a vet if you know one today!
FlashBang Yıl önce
I don’t know why, but I was always a sucker for Elbow Macaroni in Tomato Sauce. It was the first one I ever had and I just never stopped enjoying it.
spencer myers
spencer myers Yıl önce
@Carl Perkins yeah chili needs a little salt tho
Juice Yıl önce
Chicken pesto pasta or veggie crumble is my favorite lmaoo
Hue Yıl önce
All your subject matter is infinitely entertaining and informative. Hello from Chicago!
Garrett Troke
Garrett Troke 8 aylar önce
One of the reasons that we like chili mac so much is that it tastes just as good un heated, which is not the case with most MREs.
Megan Hoch
Megan Hoch Yıl önce
Have the spinach fettuccine with salt, makes it all come together. Huge improvement just a bit of salt.
Aiii Nanooo
Aiii Nanooo Yıl önce
I wanna to try this so much!
Snapdaddy Yıl önce
They need to do more of these. Mres are something that most people want to try
ReinVa 5 aylar önce
I remember trading almost anything for the tortillas because you can put just about any MRE in a tortilla and it makes it 10x better
Napoleon Blownapart
Napoleon Blownapart Yıl önce
They put a ton of MSG and other flavor enhancement seasonings on MRE's. That's why they taste that good.
Wesley Keehn
Wesley Keehn Yıl önce
Yall gotta try the veggie omelet. When I was in the Army those were the ones everyone avoided as much as possible.
nathan L
nathan L Yıl önce
Rett: They last 5-10 years Steve1989: This one is from 1909 so it's not too old. I'm sure the cheese is still good...
Jaiver Salazar Ortiz
Jaiver Salazar Ortiz Yıl önce
@Alan a guy that eat a lot of MRE, check his channel
Ben Song
Ben Song Yıl önce
Shogunyancoill Yıl önce
Curley Bessard
Curley Bessard Yıl önce
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez Yıl önce
Exactly lol
MoistPeppers Yıl önce
This makes me happy seeing them do this. As a vet, it's not often yoh see this. Thanks fellas
Coldstreamer19 Yıl önce
MREs are actually really good, highly reccomend them!
Logan Redman
Logan Redman Yıl önce
MRE's are sooooooo good. I take them on camp outs and are perfect for stuff like that if you can get your hands on them
OVE Bratt
OVE Bratt Yıl önce
Chili mac and fettuccine were unexpectedly amazing 🤩
Starlight Yıl önce
Spice can cover up a *lot* of not so good flavors in preserved food. A good spicy seasoning is usually overpowering, but it can hide the weird bitter flavor of preservatives when used in the right proportions. That's why I use so much cayenne pepper when I go camping. It fixes everything.
Tanner R.
Tanner R. Yıl önce
As a member of the military, pro-tip: always warm of the cheese spread and mix it in! especially in the burrito bowl!
Jose Alessandro Barboza
Jose Alessandro Barboza Yıl önce
Just had the beef stew while watching this video, was dreading it but ngl it was pretty decent especially inside, it had vanilla pound cake and some sour skittles! .
Ryan Lemery
Ryan Lemery Yıl önce
They don't know about those secret recipes, like mixing the cheese with the chili w/ beans or chili mac to make a sexy delicious chili con queso
BenBox47 Yıl önce
1: It’s all about the sides 2: Keep in mind that in some conditions you may not be allowed to heat your meal due to scent 3: No one wants the Spinach Fettuccine
ihatekate158 Yıl önce
THIS I agree with. Asian style beef strips is one of my favorites, but the spinach fettuccine? No way
Swooflian Yıl önce
@Joey Weinstock ill trade ya for skittles
Kari Boo
Kari Boo Yıl önce
I like spinach
Arin Katzer
Arin Katzer Yıl önce
Spinach Fettuccine is underrated
BenBox47 Yıl önce
@kOZMIK kARMA I’ve been in since 13 August 2019
Stunseed 10 aylar önce
this episode made me remember how many dad jokes were in this show that i now miss hahah
Isaac Gund
Isaac Gund Yıl önce
I was never a soldier but I was in cadets, and I remember on a 3-4 day field exercise we ate just surplus MRE's and I just remember Cpl. Smith walking around, staring at his cracker/bread with disbelief, crumbling it in the forest for the animals. Dang they were dry af.
Brooke Venters
Brooke Venters 10 aylar önce
If you want to see what they really taste like, eat them cold😂😂 we pretty much NEVER get to warm them up in the field
FreshHellcat —-
FreshHellcat —- Yıl önce
I tried a tomato pasta and a buffalo chicken one. Both were good considering what it is
Michael Ferra
Michael Ferra Yıl önce
I am a proud veteran and this has become a morning ritual of mine for the past few months now I really enjoy what you guys do and my two favorite things you guys do is the shuffleboard game and the darts
I.C. Wiener
I.C. Wiener Yıl önce
Thank u for your service :) have a good veterans day
Bridget Gleason
Bridget Gleason Yıl önce
Happy Veterans Day, thank you for your service!
RoxyHart18 Yıl önce
I got MRE's when I got the school's food bank. I only remember liking two of them, and it was only because the two I liked would come with a strawberry drink.
SomberSF 4 aylar önce
They made a mistake… few people actually heat these MRE’s up before eating lol
Gabriel McGuoirk
Gabriel McGuoirk Yıl önce
Chili Mac on tortillas with the jalapeño cheese spread on top and you’re the envy of every other boot.
Shawn Farley
Shawn Farley 8 aylar önce
I’ve never served but wanted to try some of these. The spinach fettuccine is the stuff of nightmares.
Joseph Mikutis
Joseph Mikutis Yıl önce
I'm a marine and I can't remember when we actually had time in the field to heat these up. If u want a real taste test eat em cold
Dave Almighty
Dave Almighty 16 gün önce
@OctopusHands naw. They eat paint chips as well.
OctopusHands 17 gün önce
I thought marines only eat crayons
Dave Almighty
Dave Almighty 2 aylar önce
Marine MRE's all have pictures of the meals on the packages because most of them can't read. 😂
Vibez 6 aylar önce
Really? No down time to just eat and chill for a bit?
Adrian 7 aylar önce
Chow is always continuous good to go
Ta Grz
Ta Grz Yıl önce
My dad has a bunch of MRE’s and they are actually really tasty!
Jancie Marie Gallego
Jancie Marie Gallego Yıl önce
I just tried this. And the meal 14 (ratatouille) is the one I got. It taste great.
ALL MRES Yıl önce
I enjoyed your take on the meals guys, but there are 24 menus and you haven't tried the Italian Sausage yet. It is delicious!
George Labauve
George Labauve Yıl önce
I think the best is between so many really. The mre pizza one is perfect from recent, Australia and Italy have IMO possibly the best overall though.
Tom Bullock
Tom Bullock Yıl önce
I think they missed the opportunity of having one of the rankings be “Navy Seal of Approval”
Jacob Yıl önce
doesn’t fit in with the other rankings
VDMUR Yıl önce
tero Yıl önce
@Adrian vaughn Roger that
Adrian vaughn
Adrian vaughn Yıl önce
Some of y’all in these comments are straight up comedians
#1 Tako
#1 Tako Yıl önce
I worked for about a year for an online pet supply and survival food store. While we had MRE's the big seller was called Mountain House. Chili Mac, Beef Stroganoff, and any of the breakfast scramble items were the biggest sellers.
Not_Eonnn Yıl önce
This video is giving me so much nostalgia, like I loved the will it series
Kiera K
Kiera K Yıl önce
We had to eat MREs when a hurricane hit and I loved them.😂😂They provide Tabasco and seasoning with each meal. And there are some real gems!
Kinggengar 000
Kinggengar 000 Yıl önce
You all should do the international food game with MREs
cheerkira Yıl önce
My husband, a veteran, saw the title of the episode and just screamed “CHILI MAC!” He absolutely loved that one. 🤣
Doug Lewis
Doug Lewis Yıl önce
What division? 82nd airborne? 42nd infantry? 1st cavalry? 101st airborne? Etc.,
Carson Yıl önce
I literally did the same thing! haha
ivAlexx- Yıl önce
MREs are so good, last year my neighbor gave me one for Halloween
BloodWolfGaming92 5 aylar önce
I remember when I had to eat what they were calling "M.R.E.s" after Hurricane Katrina. They were essentially little boxes wrapped in plastic that had either some sort of small can of ravioli, beefaroni, or beenie weenies, along with a juice box, either a some sort of fruit cup or applesauce, a couple packs of crackers and maybe like one other thing aside from your utensils and salt/pepper packets. They weren't great but when you didn't have running water or electricity, you had to make do.
Austin Simnick
Austin Simnick 10 aylar önce
My favorite was the brisket Especially when I could trade and get a brownie. The MRE brownie is the most elite dessert
Drake Vick
Drake Vick Yıl önce
Honestly, bro. I love the chicken teriyaki with Oreos. They got old, tho, once that’s all they had left on base, but they still slap
Carl P
Carl P Yıl önce
During my time in the Marine Corps we rarely had time to actually warm up the MREs so I would suggest trying them like that in an episode. It may change the results! Also I can't remember if you tried the veggie omelette in a previous episode but I highly recommend trying it if you have not!
Skagkiller1230 Yıl önce
@Jacob G. For a reason I'm guessing.
Jacob G.
Jacob G. Yıl önce
They don't make veggie omelette no more
Skagkiller1230 Yıl önce
@ZFG Gaming I haven't had it, but I have heard horror stories.
Snake Murders
Snake Murders Yıl önce
@Daniel A and thank God
YaBoiSkinnyPenis Yıl önce
Not the omelette!! That is disastrous
Kendal Harris
Kendal Harris Yıl önce
Can't wait for more next year!
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