FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS | Anthony Joshua vs. Oleksandr Usyk

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September 25th, 2021 -- Anthony Joshua vs. Oleksandr Usyk from Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England.

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Billsfan born n bred
Billsfan born n bred 45 saniye önce
Usyk. Great fight fought by a gritty true prizefighter. Congrats
King Kent
King Kent Dakika önce
Been trying tell y’all AJ cherry pick
Ruben Monterroso
Ruben Monterroso Dakika önce
AJ just couldn't get that timing down. I wish would've done like chisora and pressured him. He tried to play chess with a chess player.
Вован Гринвуд
Вован Гринвуд Dakika önce
Саня Красавчик - Симферополь с тобой!!!
Эд Dakika önce
beatonthedonis47 Dakika önce
Embarrassing for Joshua. He fought like he did against Ruiz in their second fight, when he should have come in heavier and used his power and weight advantage.
Steven Ashe
Steven Ashe 2 dakika önce
AJ’s fundamentals are so poor. Doesn’t snap out and extend the left jab with the INTENT to land. Just keeps pawing with it measuring for a straight right that never lands. No footwork to put himself in position to set up and land punches. Rarely throws any body-head combinations. Just plods forward doing the same left hand pawing motion hoping to land a big shot. Just ZERO imagination or creativity in the ring. He deserved to lose.
Harold Tate
Harold Tate 2 dakika önce
AJ has power.. but clearly got slow footwork.. he shows difficulty when his opponent is like usyk.. what stamina usyk got.. but usyk will surely have a problem the likes of fury who is tall and mobile and got punching power.. cant wait to see them clash.
MrRegio93 2 dakika önce
Usyk too small for a heavyweight standing at 6'3. Did yall forget anthony joshua got destroyed by a 5'11 tubby mexican
caspiara a
caspiara a 2 dakika önce
Usyk is a beast no doubts.
Riaz Beats
Riaz Beats 3 dakika önce
Joshua looked stumped against Usyk. He looks like he struggles against southpaws. And Usyks boxing is a higher level than ajs. Skill and stamina won this fight.
Ажара Гужу
Ажара Гужу 3 dakika önce
жаксы бой болды
Bob C
Bob C 3 dakika önce
Ya can't take anything away from Usyk , great plan. Great execution. Joshua on the other hand had no answer, was tentative & once again revealed his lack of heart.
Marinella Hobby Farm -Manong Banong
Marinella Hobby Farm -Manong Banong 3 dakika önce
AJ not hungry anymore ... these fights he shouldn’t be losing but he can’t get motivated for these fights.
labinott 3 dakika önce
All over the pre fight videos I said this will happen and it did!… Usyk is absolutely the best consuming and saving energy for himself for later rounds! Due to his precise striking I don’t think anybody can stop this guy beside Tyson Fury because of his high IQ as well ! That’ll be one the greatest match in history of boxing 🥊!
emilio o
emilio o 3 dakika önce
Jake paul to the ring 😅
KrimskiyUA 4 dakika önce
Winner Anthony Joshua 🇬🇧🇺🇦
White Man
White Man 4 dakika önce
The fact they stopped that fight 5 seconds early is completely fraudulent and they did it to save aj from getting slept. This is why boxing is going in the gutter and the ufc is at the top of a mountain.
Emir Ledesma
Emir Ledesma 4 dakika önce
Merecida victoria
hui bui
hui bui 4 dakika önce
AJ is too soft
Hybrid Army of The GDL
Hybrid Army of The GDL 4 dakika önce
Pre-fight: "The size disadvantage was too much." Post-fight: "The SKILL disadvantage was too much." No White guilt, no BLM no other BS, just 2 boxers and the boxer with 300 matches behind won , as I expected ....
Mike Odutayo
Mike Odutayo 5 dakika önce
Deontey wilder will definitely finish off Usyk
Lukasz Slusarczyk
Lukasz Slusarczyk 5 dakika önce
Usyk wygrał zasłużenie. Joshua to taki rozdmuchany bokserski produkt reklamowy, ktory wspólnie z tysonem furym stanowi błąd w królewskiej wadze ciężkiej.
Pirmin matumizi
Pirmin matumizi 5 dakika önce
People who were regarding Usyk as an under-dog to AJ, were making mistakes and they hardly watch their previous matches with their opponents. Usyk is smarter than AJ.
Knockout Investing Life
Knockout Investing Life 5 dakika önce
Usyk head movement unseen of in the heavyweight division
S D8091
S D8091 5 dakika önce
Joshua didn't even hug /shake hands with uysk after the final bell. Just slumped back at the stool...should have certain sportsmanship when uysk has been so nice to him since the start.
Bariatric Bob
Bariatric Bob 6 dakika önce
what a boring fight boxing is in real trouble if this is the todays standard.
Teshome Roba
Teshome Roba 6 dakika önce
AJ looks like big lady 🤣
Lux 7 dakika önce
At least aj take losing like a champ, most will enter a depression for losing their perfect record
RawBanVEVO 7 dakika önce
Nice fight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯👌🇯🇲Jamaican dancehall artist in house
tren tayon
tren tayon 8 dakika önce
Usyk is so fast for Joshua..Joshua lost the belts this wrong match.
jonathan uva
jonathan uva 8 dakika önce
Had the feeling in the last round that the bell came earlier then it should, anyway what a performance by Usyk, but will he beat Fury?
YAH is Mighty
YAH is Mighty 8 dakika önce
Leviticus 23:33-36 The Feast of Tabernacles Then the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, “Speak to the children of Israel, saying: ‘The fifteenth day of this seventh month shall be the Feast of Tabernacles for seven days to the Lord. On the first day there shall be a holy convocation. You shall do no customary work on it. For seven days you shall offer an offering made by fire to the Lord. On the eighth day you shall have a holy convocation, and you shall offer an offering made by fire to the Lord. It is a sacred[a] assembly, and you shall do no customary work on it. Enjoy the upcoming Feast of Tabernacles. Shalom.
Sledge Hammer
Sledge Hammer 9 dakika önce
Wow!!! Around 12 is mind blowing to see AJ tired and Usyk pumping those punches on him. Congratulations to Usyk who stayed focus to win. Nice nice
Jose Dejesus
Jose Dejesus 9 dakika önce
Usyk looks like a real life “Isaac Frost”
frank mendez
frank mendez 10 dakika önce
Hail The New Heavy Champion has Arrived!
Jack Mabie
Jack Mabie 10 dakika önce
El Maesstro
El Maesstro 11 dakika önce
Congrats to Usyk! I knew itc going to be the new heaviweight champion of the world. Told u so
EyZeRHD 12 dakika önce
Dav1d15196 12 dakika önce
Well as AJ is gifted by nature with big strong body he showed not much. Usyk was just better boxer. AJ should be more agressive in rematch. Just let his hands go and making more punches as he was doing it in past
Yozimar Gonzalez
Yozimar Gonzalez 12 dakika önce
So sad, to me Joshua was the best heavyweight to me
White Man
White Man 10 dakika önce
Fury would destroy him
THE BANDIT THE BANDIT 12 dakika önce
Typical British boxer. No heart
Hardstyle. 12 dakika önce
happy for Usyk
Jorge Henriquez
Jorge Henriquez 13 dakika önce
Great work by Usyk!!!
Renz Parungao
Renz Parungao 13 dakika önce
Finally a highlight!!!
Hygienischer Thorsten
Hygienischer Thorsten 13 dakika önce
A great fight . A fair fight. The better won !
Cristian Mcclintock
Cristian Mcclintock 14 dakika önce
Man I definitely think fury would have been a problem for AJ , furys feint game is tremendous and hes bigger then AJ
Brando B
Brando B 14 dakika önce
Can’t even finish this video These heavy weights are awful What a trash fight!
Dave 15 dakika önce
Why don’t their gloves flop around like Tyson Fury’s gloves did against Wilder?
White Man
White Man 9 dakika önce
Wilder fans still but hurt he got beat by the same guy twice.
TheHighlanderprime 15 dakika önce
Joshua’s glass jaw cannot hold belts. You don’t need an adonis body to box.
Da Feck
Da Feck 16 dakika önce
Usyk had some shades of prime Pacquiao movement
mynuts dropped
mynuts dropped 16 dakika önce
its just instincts
khalid ahmed
khalid ahmed 16 dakika önce
Who would stand in the same ring with Riddick big daddy Bowe here
The secret Talent
The secret Talent 17 dakika önce
AJ should retire now
Rozezal_V Ve
Rozezal_V Ve 17 dakika önce
Usyk moves almost similar to pacquaio style like if you agree
Jose G
Jose G 17 dakika önce
Aj been all hype since the start never seen a impressive fight from him
Cody 17 dakika önce
Bravo Usyk
Micky Bender
Micky Bender 17 dakika önce
Great and deserving champion. Usyk is an unbelievable boxer.
John Gardner
John Gardner 17 dakika önce
Saved by a premature bell. When pressed AJ doesn’t perform.
Ján Hianik
Ján Hianik 18 dakika önce
Bravo Alexander!!!!
Илья Дьюк
Илья Дьюк 18 dakika önce
Саша это слишком изи)
Zoran 18 dakika önce
Johnny Lozano
Johnny Lozano 18 dakika önce
Anthony Just All Muscle But Little Skill
William Bryant
William Bryant 18 dakika önce
Aj a boring fighter
Jose Carlos Ramirez Delgado
Jose Carlos Ramirez Delgado 19 dakika önce
I will keep saying... Anthony "Shaking legs" Joshua
Jack Torrance
Jack Torrance 19 dakika önce
A. J. thought he had already won 4 months before the match. The Ukrainian put his head right. However Joshua is the most overrated heavyweight champion ever. A. J. with Lennox Lewis wouldn't have gone beyond the third round.. 👋👋
Наджиб Гулиев
Наджиб Гулиев 20 dakika önce
Александр Усик,пусть хранит тебя Аллах,
Rene Chang
Rene Chang 20 dakika önce
Very impressive. Usyk can definitely box.I'd hate to be his opponent
kakarot guko
kakarot guko 20 dakika önce
taller...bigger....heavier in 20 pounds? and still lose....AJ IS DONE..... FURY OR WILDER GONNA DROP HIM IN 5
ewooll 20 dakika önce
Joshua reminds me of Michael Grant, the American heavyweight. Big and muscled, but stiff as a board. Maybe non-casuals will understand.
Наджиб Гулиев
Наджиб Гулиев 20 dakika önce
Супер бой,поздравляем,
Charles Mann
Charles Mann 20 dakika önce
AJ has the heart of a true champion he fought through all the round . I love you AJ you are my champion
Ortega Castro Erick
Ortega Castro Erick 20 dakika önce
13:46 se le cae la correa de la FIB 😂🤣
el gallo pisador
el gallo pisador 21 dakika önce
Andy ruiz left some marks on aj mind,easy 💰 fury go for
Erik Carrillo
Erik Carrillo 21 dakika önce
The muscles gotta go. AJ could never keep the same pace as Usyk.
Marko Zd
Marko Zd 21 dakika önce
Slavic power 🇭🇷🇺🇦
The Rumers
The Rumers 21 dakika önce
Usyk came into the champs hometown like he always does and did what he always does…dominate
white lightning
white lightning 21 dakika önce
Let’s get AJ a tryout for the rugby league.Never been a fan.Looks like Tarzan fight like Jane.
Hybrid Army of The GDL
Hybrid Army of The GDL 21 dakika önce
the racism toward east - European boxers is shocking.... Usyk is just much better boxers by all means , pay him more , bring him to your TV shows , stop this freaking racism !!! ....
Uncle Charles
Uncle Charles 21 dakika önce
im sorry Joshua looks like a big softy. He was bigger and got bullied around the ring
Blazen messiah2211
Blazen messiah2211 21 dakika önce
Yeah he definitely not ready for Wilder nor Fury he would get destroyed by both. 2 losses in a year and a half basically
guzman melgarejo angel
guzman melgarejo angel 21 dakika önce
Usyk traía para pelear 15 rounds, vaya condición física.
Perezsound 22 dakika önce
That was a great fight
tony esdra
tony esdra 22 dakika önce
Joe Z.
Joe Z. 22 dakika önce
AJ footwear is ridiculous 🥴🥴
odalis santos
odalis santos 22 dakika önce
And now you must go to show your muscle to the beach.
Cleon Brady
Cleon Brady 23 dakika önce
Congrats to U! Boring fight no real combos or intense moments. Almost as if Joshua wasnt fighting at all hmmm?👀 let get the next fight date. On to wilder vs fury 3. Who you got?
Charles Mann
Charles Mann 23 dakika önce
At list AJ was not just there as he did his best and I bet the rematch will be a bomb as Aj has now see the fighting style and tricks of usyk
Zacker Gaming
Zacker Gaming 23 dakika önce
Usyk was already better. I aint suprised. Joshua is not top3 for sure now ;)
salty mushrooms
salty mushrooms 23 dakika önce
The rang the bell early to avoid an incoming KO Dazn we know what you did
Jaime Fernandez
Jaime Fernandez 24 dakika önce
Nice chess match. 😎😎😎
Miha Tusek
Miha Tusek 24 dakika önce
Вітаємо з перемогою, брати слов’яни! Ми єдина надія на зцілення хворої Європи! Бог веде нас!
ramon sarmiento
ramon sarmiento 24 dakika önce
That last round! They stopped the clock 5 seconds early 🤔
Sanjog K.
Sanjog K. 24 dakika önce
I can see a bit of Lomachenko in Usyk. His movements are very similar to Loma. No one in the heavyweight can move like that, not even Fury.
TheKamar2 24 dakika önce
AJ should go and watch Usyk vs Chisora again especially the first 6 rounds, after that he should watch Teofimo Lopez vs Lomachenko. After that he should go to Robert Mccracken and tell him to get tha fk out from my gym. I wonder how Robert Mccracken came up with the tactics for the fight. AJ has the speed, power, reach and youth over Usyk, but instead of using ANY of that they decides to outbox Usyk in a chess match. Robert Mccracken's plan for the fight: Make sure you don't put any pressure on him, let him dictate the pace and range from round 1. Make sure to never engage first, only play on counters (usyk is by far the hardest guy to counter in the HW division). Also be super negative and passive, if possible don't throw anything at all, 5 punches per round is more than enough. And the most importantly DO NOT use your speed, power, range and youth to bang him out, don't even try it later on if you have clearly lost on points. Joshua: What a great plan Rob, you are a real genius! Joshua should have banged Uysk out within 3 rounds, same story with Pulev. Mccracken fked up picking the tactics vs Ruiz (both times), fked up vs Pulev, fKed up vs Usyk and will do it again if he has the chance.
Charles Israel
Charles Israel 25 dakika önce
Being the bigger or the taller fighter doesn’t win you a fight as you can see👀👀👁👁 here. Usyk is more of natural boxer than Joshua period. Look at Usyk movement, Jab, footwork, head movement, and all across the board the guy is just better than Anthony Joshua.
PKPNYT47 26 dakika önce
I started my cellphone timer when the clock showed ten and they stopped it (rang the bell) with under 6 seconds remaining. Talk about trying to sway a fight and not get him knocked out. Wow!
Technology Intellect
Technology Intellect 26 dakika önce
Ахренеть, молодец . Достойно выиграл
Ernesto Gonzalez
Ernesto Gonzalez 26 dakika önce
Congrats champ!. Ukraine is land of boxing champs!
William Tinoco
William Tinoco 27 dakika önce
Am I the only one that noticed the fight stopped with 8 seconds left?! I think they saved AJ from a KO.
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