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KALEB Aylar önce
Bimby Gaming
Bimby Gaming Aylar önce
Impostor idea - Crewmate vs winnie the pooh Winnie can jumpcare crewmates And winnie can put honey around the map too slow crewmates down from doing there task Winnie can force feed crewmates to eat honey And winnie can be invisible when putting honey And winnie friends are around the map the impostor have too click winnie friends to get them first is Tiger tiger can scratch crewmates face and eat them to them to 💩 and next is gopher the beaver can dig anywere and can vent there where the beaver dig only the beaver vent and the beaver can bite crewmates feet so the crewmate only has to use the other feet to heal it there's a medicine around the map walk through is to get it and winnie has a report button and when you pres it it will randomly report it like henwy report and if the crewmate who got bitten by the beaver is gonna die and next is rabbit rabbit can jump anywere if you jump any of the crewmates the cremate get stun and rabbit can pick them up and eat them alive And rabbit can hug them and somich hug crewmate head is gonna pop next is owl owl can Use the beak the owl can call more owl and the impostor can pick whos gonna die the crewmate will die by sending owl too eat them and they will be some left of the body to cremates so the crewmates can see it And owl can make a owl sound and impostor can pick whos gonna die and the crewmate you pick is gonna die exploding the crewmates ear drum because of the owl sound next is Eeyore can kick crewmates to stun them and Eeyore can eat crewmates And Eeyore Can strangled them with the ribbon to death and the last one is Pluto pluto can bite there head too death and pluto can put crewmate to cage to get crewmates out of the cage you have to get keys around the map to unlock the cage and this is it This is a horror mod put some blood to winnie and winnie friends But i think the impostor is overpowered but please i hope you see this
Shilpy Fair
Shilpy Fair Aylar önce
How old are you LoafX.
Matt Sharp
Matt Sharp Aylar önce
Stef Pisters
Stef Pisters Aylar önce
you look sooooooo jong
hecker Aylar önce
Don't tell me u believe that Harshoto is gonna take that Holly fuckin
NickTube Aylar önce
How were the same three people, Loaf, Garry, and Kate, the final three at the end of both rounds?
Nescaya Khan
Nescaya Khan Aylar önce
Loaf mack a car mod pls
Sam Guiseris
Sam Guiseris Aylar önce
do your tasks
A. M.B.
A. M.B. Aylar önce
Has anynody seen that Loafx didn’t have HIS BANDANA today!!!OMG, why?!?😟😮😶
conisrad Aylar önce
homer simpson mod he can eat people he can stun by yelling dope can strangle anyone and can make a videogame who eats the most donuts
Lydia Brown
Lydia Brown Aylar önce
Loaf I’ve got a mod idea the groot role 2 pieces of stormbreaker on the map and with stormbreaker he throw it choose who to kill 20 second cooldown|summon lightning zoom and AOE kill impale(kill)| 15 second cooldown Entangle| make people unable to move for 10 seconds 30 second cooldown Grow|Zoom out
Gabriel Dorado
Gabriel Dorado 2 aylar önce
Todo notes
Todo notes 2 aylar önce
Avatar the last air bender mod Zuko katara aang toph and sokka the imposter can turn into any of them and use all there bending and kataras special water sokkas sword boomerang and machete and fly with appa and momo or anything else in the show I would love to see this mod so please make one
Medina Mintemur
Medina Mintemur 2 aylar önce
16:08 Ssundee's SuS (look at the up, it's wrote ''chez Ssundini's'')
Logan Reid
Logan Reid 2 aylar önce
Hi loaf
Leanghuy Brand
Leanghuy Brand 2 aylar önce
Hey do you know the Airship map or the submarine map they have darkest secret I heard by tari every map has a darkest secret
Leanghuy Brand
Leanghuy Brand 2 aylar önce
Halo facts do you know SSundee the TRshowrs shark sand
Santiago Martinez gimeno
Santiago Martinez gimeno 2 aylar önce
Imposter idea : scary cayou
Anna Lompart
Anna Lompart 2 aylar önce
Do a Bloody Mary one
Moonzia 2 aylar önce
( goes in LoafX ‘ s restruant ) Me : Hi I would like a pizza please! LoafX : sure ( makes a pizza ) Me : ( eats pizza ) Me : ( gets poisined ) X - X ( ded me )
Maddie Wise
Maddie Wise 2 aylar önce
Loaf didn't have his Bandana!!!! That's a crime 😂
Void Bl4zer
Void Bl4zer 2 aylar önce
Kurk kokain
Kurk kokain 2 aylar önce
The chiropractor mod: Can crack people’s bones theres a 50/50% chance of them surviving but if they do survive their controls are jacked up Can trap people in the table Gives people flammable candles which a second person has to grab a green tea and throw it on them Mini game that you have to help the patient successfully and if you don’t your back gets cracked in half Lotion that can make you invisible And I couldn’t think off anything else if you want you can be creative with anything else. Hopefully this gets picked!
Aaron Forde
Aaron Forde 2 aylar önce
Who cares about tasks when u have mods
ismail khattak
ismail khattak 2 aylar önce
do another stream
Sin jin San
Sin jin San 2 aylar önce
Mod - the joker Joker can: Have a 50% chance that the gun will have a real bullet or the bang! flag Call out Harley Quinn and hits the person's head with a bat Puts a C4 on their body and has to do the task that they have to do witch is batman 2 mod - Jason Voorhees Jason can : Slices the crewman in half Put them in a death run where the imposter can chase them and kill one person in the death run Put a chainsaw in their face Can throw a knife to any person that stand still And that's all my ideas pls make them so we can hit the like button
Joel Woods
Joel Woods 2 aylar önce
Haircut nice
Mukhtar Gaming
Mukhtar Gaming 2 aylar önce
I was subscribed to loaf since he had 10k subs and now he is already at 200k subs dang
Oliver Mannion
Oliver Mannion 2 aylar önce
Frag1le5 2 aylar önce
Imposter idea- switcher it make it to where the imposters (2 imps if u can) can kill eachother and then it will be to op lost like and change the map backwards loll
Laura Coulthard
Laura Coulthard 2 aylar önce
Do you're tasks!!!
Gabija Vilkė
Gabija Vilkė 2 aylar önce
Do GACHA LIFE mod please 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Gazi Gedik
Gazi Gedik 2 aylar önce
the super troll vs the super spy the super spy: he can turn invisible he can teleport he can check admin from everywhere he can check the cams from everywhere and he can check vitals from everywhere he can press the button from everywhere the super troll: he can clear body's when he does a task, the task bar goes downed he can troll someone by going into a vent and he can start fake sabotage
Sasa Rajakovic
Sasa Rajakovic 2 aylar önce
Ipmoster idea tricky
Javiair Pabon
Javiair Pabon 2 aylar önce
Scary mod idea: Cartoon cat mod. The impostor can turn into cartoon cat jump scare everyone pick up a crewmate and eat them grow and stomp on the crewmates and have a hand and grab crewmates (like the Elmo mod)
Emma 2 aylar önce
Should’ve added so that the imposter could see their footsteps as flour😫
Andrei Gemeneanu
Andrei Gemeneanu 2 aylar önce
Ssundee is the imposter
Void Stiles(Teen Wolf)
Void Stiles(Teen Wolf) 2 aylar önce
Your such an amazing youtuber loaf
thetrekker13 2 aylar önce
Create a mod where the imposter can change into loafx, ssundee, and lookumz - loaf can kill people with his bandana - ssundee can say something toxic which kills a player in the meeting - lookumz can jump scare everyone, which stuns everyone on the map except the imposter if they have transformed Pls leave a reply if u can think of another ability for anyone else in their group
Javiair Pabon
Javiair Pabon 2 aylar önce
Good idea but in this he doesn't have his bandana
Quin 2 aylar önce
YAY 222k
Joshua Finlay
Joshua Finlay 2 aylar önce
Mod idea-spider man
Maybe Mythic Gamer
Maybe Mythic Gamer 2 aylar önce
soo wired
spagatek 2 aylar önce
Blazing ball Ninja
Blazing ball Ninja 2 aylar önce
New imposter role idea:astronaut:he ca; turn invisible when he puts his helmet on. He can kill people by shooting them up in space. He can send all the crew mates to space in a broken rocket and whoever fixes it last sufficates. He can stun crews by putting a small rocket on them so they can’t move. He can call his crew of astronauts to catch a crew mate and bring the crewmate to him.this is a human astronaut not a crew mate astronaut.
The Hypr Beast X
The Hypr Beast X 2 aylar önce
loaf looks so different without his bandana
Sleppy 2 aylar önce
Pls may you make a McDonald's scary mod with the McDonald's clown that would be a cool horror mod
ashley 2 aylar önce
222K subs angel # !!
GamesWithMarshMallow 2 aylar önce
Please Start Adding Shorts To Loafx Shorts Loaf :)
DimIsAnEgg 2 aylar önce
Loaf make an Thanos mod and 1 of his attacks is the snap plz think over it
ritzier kai shorts one
ritzier kai shorts one 2 aylar önce
Make total drama season 5 mod mike hero but when imposters controls him he becomes mal the enemy and crew are others parcipants of total drama season 5
Willow and tony adventures!
Willow and tony adventures! 2 aylar önce
Vs mod chef vs fatter
Atomic Toothless
Atomic Toothless 2 aylar önce
How about another scary mod honoring everyone's (relatively) new favorite video game? How about a Resident Evil Village mod? The Imposter is each of the Four Lords in one role. Each Lord has two abilities (like the Teletubbies mod): Dimitrescu has the "Slice" and "Dragon" Abilities. Slice being another variation of the Kill button with a unique animation while Dragon is where she picks a random player to eat in her mutated form. Donna has the "Baby" and "Angie" abilities. "Baby" is a jumpscare via Hallucinations, and "Angie" sends the dolls to attack all players. If the dolls touch you, they screw up your controls. Moreau has the "Wall" and "Acid Rain" powers. "Wall" is obviously throwing up an enzyme wall to block entrances and paths and "Acid Rain" would be him mutating to his fish form in order to spit out acid rain, which (assuming you're in Polus) can only be avoided by going inside a building or under some form of cover placed around the map (assuming the mod includes some form of shelter) Heisenberg has "Magnetic Force" and "Lycans". "Magnetic Force" is when he traps a random player in Metal for a couple seconds, and Lycans is where he picks a player to die randomly after a couple seconds while the entire lobby is being chased and attacked by Lycans. Each ability has the same cool down of about 30 - 45 seconds, but all kill abilities share a cooldown and the basic Kill Button is disabled. EDIT: Before I get any replies saying, "Oh it's too inappropriate for these channels", HAVE YOU SEEN THE OTHER SCARY MODS!? Resident Evil is child's play compared to them!
Dimitri Gioumidis
Dimitri Gioumidis 2 aylar önce
Make clash royal mod it will be good
Stupid plush
Stupid plush 2 aylar önce
Next Gordon Ramsay vs chef
Jacob Stone
Jacob Stone 2 aylar önce
Mod Idea: Tech imposter role They can put VR goggles on crewmates to mess up their controls They can force crewmates to watch a TV that will explode unless someone has a remote to save them They can pixelate them or crewmates anywhere around the map and there can be computers around the map for the impostor to hack to get points to use their powers I hope someone sees this
Calvin Joseph
Calvin Joseph 2 aylar önce
Next trick short mode
Rock TV 0928
Rock TV 0928 2 aylar önce
Impostor mod idea : the doctor the doctor can : 1)use a syringe to kill crewmates with poison. 2)use a stethoscope to hit crewmates to death. 3)click a button to be invisible. 4)trap crewmates in a clinic. 5)call nurse to tied one crewmate into a chair and tickle he or she to death. the impostor cannot be thrown out.
GW Buana
GW Buana 2 aylar önce
Are you ok you look a bit sick
Detective UwU
Detective UwU 2 aylar önce
I figured out Kate was the chef when Loaf confirmed Henwy was innocent. That's because Loaf, SSundee, Lookumz, and Garry were all within Loaf's view when the killings in admin started, and Ambrew just dying narrowed it down.
Fitch Fam
Fitch Fam 2 aylar önce
Mod Idea: Avatar the last air bender Special Roles: Avatar. Evil Bender Idea: at the beginning of the game there would be a 10 second white screen with black words saying: Evil bender choosing bending. On the player who was selected to be the evil bender they would be able to choose between Earth,Fire,Air,Water each with Unique abilities. The game would begin once the evil bender selected their bending. If no bending was selected after 10 seconds the game would choose their bending at random. The avatar player would have arrows on their head which would glow whatever color once they use an ability Alignments: Avatar: Crew Evil bender: Imposters Amount 2 Imposters 1 Avatar 1 Evil bender The rest are crew Abilities: Avatar Air Jump , Fireball, Earth wall and Water Wave Air Jump: The avatar player would send a gust of air under their feet allowing them to jump anywhere on the map. Cooldown: 15 seconds Earth wall: this would put down a Wall made of rocks and dirt to prevent any player from moving past it this would last for an entire round and only one can be down at a time. Cooldown: 25 seconds Fireball: the avatar player’s screen zooms out they then would click anywhere on the map and shoot a fireball. Killing anyone who gets hit. Cooldown: 30 seconds Water Wave: the avatar player sends a wave of water wherever they were facing anyone who was hit gets their controls reversed for 10 seconds and their cooldown timers reset Evil Water bender Water Whip: the player uses water to whip a player this would target the closest crew and would play an animation of the water hitting them and them dying. This would have a 20 second long cooldown Blood bend: allows the player to take over someone else . This can be canceled and lasts until a meeting is called of the person is still being blood bent then they will die leaving a Crinkled body on the ground. This has a 30 second long cooldown Evil earth bender Earth Chunk: this functions the same as the avatar’s fireball but with a chunk of rock. This has a 23 second cooldown Rock trap: this pulls up a menu with every living player on it they then would select one and trap them in rock preventing them from moving for 40 seconds. This has a 30 second long cooldown Evil Fire bender Fireball: this functions the same as the avatar’s fireball but with a 15 second cooldown Overheat: This targets whichever task is closest and turns it 5% redder any crew mate who tries to do this task while overheated will get an animation of their hand catching on fire and them burning to death turning to ash. This lasts for 10 seconds and has a 30 second long cooldown Evil Air bender: Air push: summons a gust of air to carry any player to any spot on the map. This has a 29 second long cooldown Air Ball the player conceals themself in a wind ball doubling their movement speed and concealing their appearance and color. This lasts for 10 seconds they cannot use abilities while in this form and has a 30 second long cooldown.
Calen McArthur-Whipple
Calen McArthur-Whipple 2 aylar önce
9:50 were the chef no im the chef
thetrekker13 2 aylar önce
Mod idea: the reverse flash The reverse flash can - run really fast - vibrate to run through walls - use his vibrating hand to kill someone - can morph into anyone he’s killed - stun someone with speed force lightning And the map is edited to look more like STAR labs
Ash Hunter
Ash Hunter 2 aylar önce
15:26 garry do be having a rave party on the table tho
Michael Marchant
Michael Marchant 2 aylar önce
I don't of u made a vid about this Ian but if u did I can't find it
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 2 aylar önce
What about a scary Shrek role?
TaStY FF 2 aylar önce
Garry and sundde always make my day to be honest the thing they say in the vid make me laugh
Louise Rickey
Louise Rickey 2 aylar önce
I aggre
Vailz 2 aylar önce
Levi Jackson Jr
Levi Jackson Jr 2 aylar önce
I just typed to let you know that k8 sucks ass, I already knew it was her from the beginning, but no one decided to vote on someone who is sus ( or use proper logic ) and they would have won. Like for instance she never saved anybody, never held a decorating bag, and never did reactor. The only reason why she was was because of how over powered the mod was, people should have known it was her from the very start, I had known it was her when she started talking, and also letting people, destroy other cremates make you garbage.
IllagerCaptain 2 aylar önce
0:35 a not an
Popular videos
Popular videos 2 aylar önce
Like among us videos? ⬇️⬇️ shrinke.me/WZcGEctN
Jacob Keeley
Jacob Keeley 2 aylar önce
Mod idea: Harry Potter The imposter can turn into different HP characters; Harry: can zoom around the map on firebolt Hermione: can rewind time Ron: can eat people Neville: can give someone a monster book of monsters and has a 50/50 chance of killing them Dumbledore: can put someone in the goblet of fire and they have to do 3 challenges otherwise they die. Voldemort: can instantly kill someone using Avada Kadavra. Lupin: can turn into a werewolf and kill someone
Izzy's Crafts
Izzy's Crafts 2 aylar önce
Where’d your bandana go?
Xia Lin
Xia Lin 2 aylar önce
Could’ve made this like Gordon Ramsey
YABOIJAY 2 aylar önce
The Croods mod - Grug can do a ground smash that makes an earthquake around him - he can trap crewmates in caves - he can send out Sandy to bite oof your foot and bury you in sand - Eep can hit you with bones to stund you - she can send out punch monkeys to punch you to death You can add more things to it And if you haven't watch the Croods go watch it now
BlockManGO 2 aylar önce
Look nice Loaf
kermitonyt 2 aylar önce
Jawsomeomg47 2 aylar önce
New role:Lochness monster ( I hope I spelled that right) Ability 1: LOCHNESS. turn into the lochness monster and flood the map.this will spawn 2 or 3 boats that crews have to get on to survive. Ability 2:Dive. You go under water and choose a spot to dive up and it tells you where people are.If you dive up on a person they will die and if you dive on a boat the boat will crack in half and sink.Although if player on boat it will not show the Lochness monster.Boat will also not show on map. Ability 3: Grab. If close to a player you can grab then and sink them in the water (kills then and body is invisible and unreportable) Ability 4: SMASH. You smash down on the water killing a group of people in a radial damage and is invisible and unreportable. Ability 5: Stun. This makes the imposter spin around the crewmates very fast and it sounds them for around 5 seconds. ALSO please if you like this then like the comment so ssundee will see this!
Jawsomeomg47 2 aylar önce
Possible among us role The lumber Jack Imposter Mod Ability 1/Can I axe you a question? Normal kill but with a cool animation. Ability 2/Blockade. This will make you chop down a tree in a hallway and will stop crewmates from going past. Ability 3/Bommerang. This makes you throw you axe in a boomerang type style.If the axe hits any crewmates they will die. Ability 4/Bird. This sends birds flying towards the crewmates,if the crew mate gets hit by a bird they will get pecked to death. Ability 5/TREE. The imposters screen zooms out and can drop a giant tree on a crew mate. Ability 6/Contest. The lumberjack chooses 2 crewmates to try to cut down a tree as fast as possible,who ever cuts it down the slowest gets killed. PLEASE LIKE SO SSUNDEE WILL SEE.
No Tee
No Tee 2 aylar önce
Could you do McDonald mod?
Mel Corona
Mel Corona 2 aylar önce
Gavin Young
Gavin Young 2 aylar önce
Gavin Young
Gavin Young 2 aylar önce
do a imposter mickey mouse for the horror ones
Puzzles and Stuff
Puzzles and Stuff 2 aylar önce
this is the dentist mod with the suck out poison added
Vivek Karmakar
Vivek Karmakar 2 aylar önce
Gordon Ramsay is offended you made a chef mod and did not include him...
Alief Raikhan
Alief Raikhan 2 aylar önce
Hi Loafx! I really love your mods! I hope you can do this one too! It's a horror mod! Bendy And The Ink Machine mod. What the Crewmates can do : -Each of the crewmates holds a flashlight. -Your healthbar decreases when you touches the ink or when Bendy (The Impostor) is nearby. -Collect and eat bacon soup in the map to heal yourself. -If your healthbar goes out, you will turn into an ink crewmate, and gets taken away by the searchers and the lost souls. !Make sure to run away when you saw Bendy! His black-inky-aura can be seen whenever he's close. Ink Demon Impostor Role : -You could turn into the Ink Demon -When you're the Ink Demon, your black aura surrounds you wherever you go, and can be seen by people within close range. -You could jumpscare people and covers their screen with ink for a few seconds. -You can become invisible by diving into ink. -Drown them in ink and leaves no bodies. Only a puddle of ink. -Send the Butcher Gang to gang up on someone, to death. -Also, you can do a bacon soup feeding frenzy. And for the person that collects least bacon soup when the time runs out, Beast Bendy will ran over him.
Jayden Ponce
Jayden Ponce 2 aylar önce
Are u British
Jennifer Baker
Jennifer Baker 2 aylar önce
Matthew Colbert
Matthew Colbert 2 aylar önce
I would like to suggest a mod of Sans from Undertale as an Impostor Role - he can take shortcuts (teleport) - he can kill from across the map by throwing bones - he can make everyone take a break (sleep) or he can make everyone laugh by telling puns - he can mess with people’s controls with blue magic - he has a 50/50 chance of killing someone by “judging” them - he can choose a person to surround in blue bones so they can’t move - he can disintegrate people with Gaster blasters
TJx14 2 aylar önce
Do a friday the 13th mod
Teddy_twins on Roblox
Teddy_twins on Roblox 2 aylar önce
Let’s cook up this sub button
Turttig 2 aylar önce
I don’t know if any one will love my idea so U can make fun of me;) I won’t be mad;(
Turttig 2 aylar önce
Annoying orange mod *i don’t think no one will like my idea:(* anwyways annoying orange vs knife mod let’s start with the imposter/knife* so the knife can slice any crewmate in half bye a button called chop chop;) knife jump whech can jump and if u land on a crewmate u slice em in half *tip for annoying orange when there is a button called knife! Everyone can go to a safe place the knife can’t go* now for annoying orange. Annoying orange is a protecter as u already know the tip the KNIFE! Button u already know but if u don’t press it in time no one knows the knife jumped *tip the knife can’t see where crewmates are when they jump* and when everyone gets all there task done the annoying oran has a secret weapon JOKES when everyone is done with there task when there near each other press the button and then a cutscene *joke hey hey knife *knife what* what does the knife say *knife idk* annoying orange CHOP CHOP *knife that’s not good* then annoying orange annoys him with gibberishish* the the knidpfe get annoyed the. He explode with tnt that’s all hope u play this mod loafx
Slayer 2 aylar önce
Google yourself
Emily Pierce
Emily Pierce 2 aylar önce
Did anyone notic that the code for the game was Loukum. It’s almost lookum
就读在英国政府网站 2 aylar önce
Wow wow wow I like this mode
adult adult
adult adult 2 aylar önce
president role
Emily Pierce
Emily Pierce 2 aylar önce
Chef vs waiter mod pls
Sub and  fletch
Sub and fletch 2 aylar önce
My mod idea is Minecraft mod Where they have all the mod abilities they have eight abilities one is Throw a task at what is the crew mates
Tamsyn Riley
Tamsyn Riley 2 aylar önce
Great idea
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Edis - Topic
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LISA(리사) - LALISA @인기가요 inkigayo 20210919
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