EP-14 | The uncensored truth about Pakistan with Author Tilak Devasher and Major Gaurav Arya

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The recent happenings in Pakistan have taken a new turn after the assassination attempt on former Prime Minister Imran Khan. For the first time in history, people are openly protesting against the Pakistan Army and anti-American sentiments are at an all-time high. What do these developments mean for India and how does it impact geopolitics on the global stage to discuss more on it Smita Prakash spoke with Tilak Devasher who is the author of three widely acclaimed books on Pakistan and retired as Special Secretary, Cabinet Secretariat Government of India. He is currently a member of the National Security Advisory Board. Major Gaurav Arya is an Indian Army veteran and founder of the Chanakya Forum. He is a public speaker who is seen on television debates and is popular on social media in India and Pakistan.
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00:00 - Introduction
03:00 - Political protests in Pakistan and its significance
16:41 - Rise of Imran Khan the politician & Role of Pashtuns in Pakistani society
36:26 - The Baloch nationalist movement & Pashtun
48:00 - Pakistan’s perennial hate for India
57:00 - Information warfare & Workings of the ISPR
1:12:00 - Polarisation in Pakistan & Nuclear blackmail by Pakistan
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@ANINewsIndia Yıl önce
Watch our previous episodes here: trshow.info/goPLgeZhmWMhjb8QBgxuuuyNylZfc5zLTbKa.html
@yogeshraj9792 Yıl önce
There is channel in pakistan show khabardar ...host aftab iqbal ...he allwys hated speech against india in his show .....just talk about him sir
@AmitJha-ow2sr Yıl önce
@@yogeshraj9792 that Aftab Iqbal is a moron and lives in La La lAnd Yet our Punjabi actors like Amy virk take comedians of that show in their movies
@yogeshraj9792 Yıl önce
@@AmitJha-ow2sr yeah bro...i m also from punjab..our punjabi industry also aa moro n nd they use them a to create disturbance in punjab
@vijaybhatt6774 Yıl önce
@@yogeshraj9792 । । No
@abbasraza8958 27 gün önce
Salam from Pakistan 🇵🇰 Really impressed to hear such an insightful information on Pakistani politics by mr Davesher and Gaurav. ANI is such an academic forum with top notch Indian intellectuals emanating knowledge and information …. 👏👏👏
@arpitmishra8852 Yıl önce
good line by Major arya "The existence of Pakistan is detrimental to India's national security"
@bmniac Yıl önce
It is detrimental to the world
@goodsong_views Yıl önce
That's the worst line and the most dangerous thought. It is detrimental to India to think like this. Do you want to say that the existence of a country of 225 million people is detrimental to you? You cannot be making enemies like that. An average Pakistani is not a threat to us. The existence of Pakistan in its present form is a reality-check, if we follow such a hardline theocratic approach. If we are not inclusive, we will end up like present-day Pakistan. It is extremely important to not look at them as a threat; the next step is to engage and diffuse the situation. For God's sake, people on both sides are very similar. The country and its citizens have an identity problem. They feel threatened by India, so they have to keep doing the things that they are doing. If they don't feel threatened, then I am sure, we can engage constructively.
@bojpuri423 Yıl önce
Free Khalistan Nagaland Manipur Mizoram tamil assam From indian occupation
@yukimatsuda5400 Yıl önce
@@bojpuri423 they are free, hence they never protest instead get reservations in good Indian colleges for better lives
@arindambiswas9804 Yıl önce
The best in this series. Major Gaurav Arya is the reason why I got on Social Media and he continues to enlighten many of us here and elsewhere.
@what6336 11 aylar önce
1200 years of enlightenment
@Anonymous-wp7ly 18 gün önce
You are successfully brainwashed
@shairafzal9347 Yıl önce
A Pakistani tennis player who used to play in international matches and in doubles he had some Indian player as a partner , he was being interviewed on a Pakistani TV channel by a nice secular guy , he smilingly asked the gentleman how is your experience of having an Indian partner in the game expecting that he would say some good words about his partner and India but he was stunned by what the reply was ,, what can I do , unfortunately I couldn''t get some good Muslim or Pakistani as a partner,,
@kamalkumaroberoi1801 Yıl önce
Interesting observation...
@mayankindian3750 11 aylar önce
Bhai inke Dimaag me yahi bhara hai
@vikram_shahi 10 aylar önce
That’s what they are taught
@Nadd108 Yıl önce
The way Major Saab troll's bhikharistaan with facts & humor makes me laugh so much 😂😂. Hats off to you sir.
@s..2062 Yıl önce
Yes..bro..same to me also🤗🤗
@scubayogi4091 Yıl önce
Self Styled Major
@tylerb8032 Yıl önce
I am his fan but I just know . . . The only country they can compare India is Naapakistan . . . . It wud be amazing if one day major Saab is able to compare our great nation with powers like China , U.S n other Big boys !!
@SandeepSingh-cb6lf Yıl önce
Hats off..for..major Saab..Hats off for u..Naseem Ahmad bhai..
@usmanaziz6874 4 aylar önce
I have watched the initial 10 minutes and as a Pakistani I am amazed to see so authentic and truthful analysis by Tilak Devasher.
@ahhaz8324 Yıl önce
As an Afghan Pakhtun I enjoyed ur prog. or show. Pak established by d. British conspiracy against India & Afg.
@servantofallah9425 Yıl önce
Very nice, mor kuseh da observation da ta waal. Lar sha hindu sara keena dausa
@shehryarpakistani8324 11 aylar önce
Afghanistan was the last thing in the mind of the British in 1947.
@Aashu299 11 aylar önce
@idzkk 9 aylar önce
@@shehryarpakistani8324the buffer state between ussr and British india. So not last thing I guess
@shehryarpakistani8324 9 aylar önce
@@idzkk In 1947 Partition Plan of India, Afghanistan was the last thing on the minds of the British. The British wanted out as fast as they can because of its crumbling economy after world war two.
@silentlatif Yıl önce
SMITA, You are doing this show in the best possible ways. I think this is one of your best shows! Kudos!!!
@raam726 Yıl önce
Not really. She needs to stop interrupting and let the experts speak. As guests, They are here to speak and as the host, she's here to let them speak. When she interrupts, the line of conversation disappears. She should do better.
@Sake729 Yıl önce
@@raam726 I agree with you completely! She has to stop interrupting these people. They were called for a reason and they’re called experts for a reason. If you want to know their views and response to a certain question, please let them complete. There’s something very disrespectful about the way she interrupts with a smirk on her face like she knows everything or in some cases, more than the guests. It’s a major put off to a viewer who is eagerly waiting for the guest’s expert response.
@c.s.rangaraj298 Yıl önce
@@raam726 m
@inshort5341 11 aylar önce
She shud stop cutting off the conversation/response
@nagrotte 7 aylar önce
@@raam726 exactly. She has this bad habit of interrupting. May be she wants to show-off her rapport with the guest or obsessed by “know-all” syndrome. When guests are particularly soft spoken people, she rides all over them.
@subramaiansundaram3020 Yıl önce
Amazing conversation madam. Sitting in Tamil Nadu, not knowing many things happening around, this kind of discussion open up our mind to a larger perspective. And yes, searching in YT for past discussions if any. Thank you so much.🙏
@roman5782 Yıl önce
Watch PGurus, Vaad and the Jaipur dialogues, sir! PGurus makes a lot of TN centric content.
@YTworld-69 Yıl önce
You guys say wierd stuff about North but yourself have no idea how it's up here.
@roman5782 Yıl önce
@@YTworld-69 Don't bring regional divide here. He has a valid point. All the TN media is controlled by the DMK, so they don't get the real picture of what's happening across the country. Regional chauvinism is present in every state, more prominent in TN though
@rohitsawant5805 Yıl önce
@@roman5782 Yes, bro I too have noticed local news dont cover all those issues so non hindi audience is largely unaware.
@gauravverma9398 2 aylar önce
Nobody roast Pakistan the way Gaurav Sir do..
@hptyagi6632 Yıl önce
Congratulations the entire team for such a wonderful discussion
@kaushikthaker9666 11 aylar önce
I believe major should get the funded for the project team to counter pak ispr
@jayashreearun6324 2 aylar önce
Absolutely respect the honesty of Major Gaurav Arya - Thank you for this fresh honesty
@v4run9412 Yıl önce
Tilak's sir knowledge is on another level. He needs to come on TRshow more often.
isko sufi islam aur islam ka to frk pta nhi.. jb aise thinkers ko hi problem ki jdh pta nhi to ghnta logo ko kya btayega ye.. is mamle m major clear h..
@Barwal7 Yıl önce
@TheRAM.i Yıl önce
The chankaya dialogue is his official you tube channel
@nicolasflamel3489 Yıl önce
The lack of shatrubodh and the political correctness in the room is palpable, of course, major Arya is laconic and polite due to his manners. Mr Tilak Devasher seems to have as good an understanding of Sufism as a common Pakistani has about Advaita Vedanta. If this is how informed a former high-ranking officer of R&AW is, we perhaps are dealing with a R&AW that lacks shatrubodh & swayambodh and is not aware about it. I hope this current establishment gives objective, fact-based mandatory training about the peace & peacefuls to at least institutions like NIA, R&AW, IB, high ranking officials of the Military. Bureaucracy, Legislature and Judiciary are a long shot.
@curiouscynic4357 Yıl önce
Love how Smita brings the conversation so smoothly without interruption but very positive points. Much appreciated. Learnt a lot from some great experts.
@voicification Yıl önce
Very mature and professional - she should run a school for the others
@mercedesbenz3751 Yıl önce
without interruption? Did u watch the podcast properly? I was so disturbed by the interruptions.
@AkiPlaysgupta 11 aylar önce
@@mercedesbenz3751 thank god there's someone that shares my views XD
@inshort5341 11 aylar önce
She shud not have contributed to the responses.
@Nadd108 Yıl önce
Every Indian should watch this podcast especially the younger generation. As there have been a lot of lies been spread about Pakistan for yrs. "The existence of Pak is detrimental to India's/world's security". This message should seep into every Indian.
@HariMahadevanKoovapady Yıl önce
They should add vernacular subtitles and re-release it, in as many languages as possible.
@fabjon6311 Yıl önce
I'm from Kerala & huge chunk of younger population here are mohobbat gang. Vast majority of them are aged mid 20s and under. Interesting thing is, you have a Muslim name, I'm a Christian. And the people (mohobbat gang) are Hindu's & Christians. Maybe Muslims don't speak like this public. One of my muslim friend said to me that there are crazy bastards in their area that supports Pakistan during a India Pak cricket match. Point is younger generation is a lost cause.
@dhirendrarath8001 Yıl önce
@@fabjon6311 mostly they are muslims who have love for Pakistan some show and get punish some hide
@fabjon6311 Yıl önce
@@dhirendrarath8001 you are right. But people often forget that there are Muslims in India that literally hate Pakistan. On top of that my point was specifically about Mohabbat Gang in my state, which comprises of Young people belong to Hindus & Christians communities. Most of them are woman too.
@sajidkhan610 Yıl önce
Kuch b karo pir b ye log Teri lete rahenge aur tum bus sabit karte raho .. lage raho sharam tumhe ayegi nahi
@surenkumarsharma2886 Yıl önce
Thank you for having such erudite people on your episodes . People get to learn more than what they explain , by knowing about the relevant books on such matters.
@ladyfromcoorg Yıl önce
I was amazed that the GOI has not already formed an Indian ISPR! Come on guys , we are the master coders . Silicon Valley and Indian CEO’s go hand in hand . Thank you Smita , discovered your channel today.
@karanpatel7585 Yıl önce
India have ADGPI
@rohitsawant5805 Yıl önce
Major Gaurav Arya alone is doing a better job of information warfare than whole ISPR.
@robinsharma4889 Yıl önce
The main reason Indian army doesn't have indian ISPR!! BECAUSE of the ethics and values of Indian army
@amit____singh Yıl önce
@@robinsharma4889 aaj ke time me ethics important nhi hai.... Propaganda chalta hai, hum narrative banane me abhi bhi bahut pichhe hai
@gauravlingwal4601 Yıl önce
@@robinsharma4889 this is kaliyug even lord kirshan did not use ethics with evil
@surindersarna9255 Yıl önce
Very reasoned and balanced dialogue. Confusion regarding heritage and identity is a very important factor in understanding people’s behaviour!!
I urge ALL Hindus . Please do not run only after MBA, IT jobs in and outside India. We desperately need people like Major Arya.
@musicisworld Yıl önce
@bhuvaneshs.k638 Yıl önce
@@a.d.7888 go ahead. Generate wealth and make ur family in India rich .... As long as u love Indic civilization and it's ideals it's ok
@abdullahazzam3470 Yıl önce
Respected Smita Prakash, I found this episode wonderful and I want every Indian to have an indepth knowledge about Pakistan because knowing an enemy well will tell one's strength and weaknesses. Pakistan is not a country neither a nation. Punjabis of Pakistan are genetically Indians and Jinnah himself was a Gujarati. Baloch is a nation just like Pashtuns. Pakistanis are Punjabis only!
@lakshyasharma8519 Yıl önce
I was reading article that pakistan spending 90% money only to punjabis and I was shocked, what about pashtuns, baloch, sindhis? In India tax from rich state like Tamil Nadu, maharashta is used in development of poor state like bihar
@abdullahazzam3470 Yıl önce
@@lakshyasharma8519 Punjab is Pakistan rest don't have proper education, health or basic amenities like gas or water, roads or proper institutions. The bureaucrats, politicians all are corrupt and stash millions in their accounts. No development of any kind
@affaqmalik5876 15 gün önce
@@abdullahazzam3470 Punjabi Punjabi ziyada kar rahay ho yaar Punjab koi Europe hai Kya indian tou hamesha yehi lagay rahay gy
@jamannaman980 Yıl önce
Respect for Major Arya! I completely agree with his thought process and approach to solve this issue. Bharat will only be safe without any porkistan.
@SunnySharma05 Yıl önce
As a student of Geopolitical I must say our country needs a Ispr type organization who can control, counter and spread propoganda. GOI should indirectly support them and their work should be classified.
@inmyown407 11 aylar önce
Brilliant idea
@dineshsharma6125 10 aylar önce
@biplab8232 10 aylar önce
Good idea.
@suchita52 Yıl önce
Communication has become such a striking force!! Gaurav Arya has spoken with such strong expressions it gives one goosebumps inciting one’s nationalist feelings!! It’s so true. Wars are now cyber wars!!
@destiny4936 Yıl önce
Major Gaurav Arya is our indian pride. Whatever he says here, Pakistan go nuts and it will become viral.
@user-it9kp3hn8c Yıl önce
It is 100% true what gaurav sir has said that existence of pakistan is detrimental to india's national security.... and this should be a normalized topic of discussion without any apologetic feeling.
@numanunees2597 Yıl önce
That is just a very stupid discourse, what is India going to do about it? wipe it off the map, even if you could invade and you never be able occupy pashtuns or punjabi and destroy the Indian economy at the same time. You can't change your family or neighbours, you have to live with them ideally in peace, concentrate on your own people.
@santptube Yıl önce
@@numanunees2597 break into manageable parts
@Rijulification Yıl önce
​@@numanunees2597 real life aise kaam ni krti bhai 😂.
@numanunees2597 Yıl önce
@@santptube manageable parts by who; India, you will destroy India trying, just concentrate on yourselves, enough problems to deal with. India because of it size will break before pak ever does, north vs south as the south gets more rich & pays for U.P & Bihar, bengali & N.E very different than gujrat ect.
@Akshay-ru1ln Yıl önce
@@numanunees2597 what a joke
@jamesmcenroe7402 Yıl önce
Very interesting conversation about Pakistan. Gaurav Arya's statement 'A stable Pakistan is detrimental to the safety of India' is very significant one. India should learn how to fight Pakistan in social media. And Opposition parties should limit their 'opposition' to internal issues.
@azharlatif6228 Yıl önce
Hindustan is surrounded by adversaries within, say be able to pay homage to their Kartarpur Guru Dawara by bus rides to Pakistan, Nagaland to Nepal or outside of its borders. Khalistan is no less of an achievement to pose existential threat to India. India is no match to win back land occupied by the Chinese. One must be able to examine profit and loss sheet by mover and shakers of Indo Pak after the independence. Our losses are mounting despite apparent rise of India, globally. Both Nations across the divide are at loss. We face mutual destruction as armed with Bomb playing zero-sum game. India is able to enjoy American favour now as Gen. Ayub was for the USA in cold war. Geopolitical landscapes are like climate change, no one knows why?
@aatmaDipoBhava 7 aylar önce
​@@azharlatif6228 well as absolute they are with religion 😂 in the same way they believe this statement as an aayat/Shura "HANOOD YAHOOD JISARA KI SHAAZISH HAAAAAI (from a punjabi speaking tongue forced to imitate urdu)
@baseerahmad9 6 aylar önce
Great talk show
@diadon5674 6 aylar önce
​@@azharlatif6228 as an Indian I can say that we have not seen big terror attacks targeted on civilians since 2014 and more we stay away from pak more we feel safe. When we had 'relations' with pak we had so many terror attacks ever month in any city. As a civilian I would want india to stay away from pak even if it comes with some monetary loss. We can trade with other countries who are not threat to civilians.
@Aashu299 6 aylar önce
@@azharlatif6228 It’s impossible to hear logic from a jehadi. Where is Khalistan now?😂
@kaustubhsoman1 Yıl önce
Extremely clear and elaborative interaction. As an Indian we should understand and learn that we are not dealing with a country but a mind set that has been poisoned over generations and has become an existential threat not only to India but for the entire subcontinent. This must be eliminated by every possible means.
@stoopidpaki4806 Yıl önce
Both of these guys have no clue about the internal dynamics of Pakistan. The irony is Major Arya claims Pakistani's are full of hate of India and cannot reason because hate pollutes out thinking. But that is exactly what this guy displays - absolute hatred of Pakistan which blinkers his thoughts on Pakistan. Tha claim about Pakistan never having won is case in point. What exact victory has the humongous 1,400,000,000 people of India achieved? Ahh yes they won against Pakstan in 1971 with help of the Banglas. Mashallah you should be proud of defeating a advesary that you had 10:1 advantage over. Tell me other than how have you fared with boys your size? China 1962 ring a bell? The recent thrashing on Doklam by PLA ring a bell? Keep living in your delusions ... !
@amit____singh Yıl önce
@@stoopidpaki4806 doklam me china ke 38 soldiers bhi maare gye the, wo nhi dikhta hai kya re k2we 😏 Aur raha baat 1962 war ka to hum accept karte hai ki hum wo war haar gye the par uska reason sirf army failure nhi tha. Nehru ka weak leadership, infrastructure ka na hona in borders state and achhe guns or ammunition bhi achhe nhi the 1962 war ke time
@jugnoo84 11 aylar önce
The knowledge, information and intelligence Mr.Tilak Devasher and Maj Gourav Arya is top notch 👌🏽
@MrVinayak28 Yıl önce
"The existence of Pakistan is detrimental to India's national security." That's the ultimate truth. Well said Gaurav ji.
@dhruvinshah2767 8 aylar önce
Really like the depth of the discussion in the podcast series . I love how we have shifted from news channels dragging 10 news items for an hour , with content of less than a minute few years back to such intellectual discussions. Please keep doing the good work .
@nkishoreg3590 Yıl önce
Tilak Diveshar was a former special secretary at R&AW. Very few intelligence officers ever come to a public forum.
@rakeshramachandra2654 Yıl önce
is it..
@I...2728 Yıl önce
Exactly.. @nkishore g People likr Tilak sir are genuine Pak. experts unlike Major Gaurav Arya who is basically a troll who loves to tease&pull Pakistani people's leg by being hyper. He is absolutely mediocre and pathetic analyst. Respect to his service and time to the Nation but he has simply become famous thanks to his Hawkins BS crap on Republic TV!
@untitled6391 Yıl önce
@@I...2728 so? Everyone has their place. What's wrong with Gaurav?
@withmeroundtheglobe4589 Yıl önce
Indira Gandhi ke baad raw barbad ho gaya hai, ekdam bekar ho gaya hai.ise dismantle kar dena chaiye. New organization khara karna chiye with young people.
@shekhar1438 Yıl önce
Absolutely straight and to the face conversation. Major Arya Sir has guts and the truth he spoke about radicalised Pakistani’s is absolutely true! We need to be extremely careful to protect our country.
@sunsherman1982 Yıl önce
Their abject poverty & Global warming , will take care of it. Recent floods devastated almost 40% of their economy. They need humanitarian help.
@jarp5581 Yıl önce
Yeh Vishu bhagwan ke mahima hai Lord takes care of his devotees and finishes of adharmis you have to be dharmik or else get out
@jarp5581 Yıl önce
If lord is killing someone you don't go help them
@bman0291 Yıl önce
Great interview. I’m really enjoying these podcasts, you learn a lot about the country’s history.
@thesoultrotter5316 7 aylar önce
Thoroughly enjoyed every bit!
@elizabeththakur242 Yıl önce
Im American 🇺🇸 but I love ❣️ indian 🇮🇳 culture jai shri Ram 🕉 🚩🚩
@YG-ib1ho Yıl önce
@angeldust4224 Yıl önce
@shantoshanto9550 Yıl önce
🖕🖕🖕ram 😀
@gargidev9125 11 aylar önce
Troll account 😂
@joellewis5989 9 aylar önce
Best podcast on this issue! Major sahab more power to you!!! Always learned something new from you. Mr. Devasherji is someone who needs to come more often on streams. We need more people like you
@nagendramishra8947 Yıl önce
Major gaurav Arya is the most logical person When it comes to discussion He doesn't live in reality of "If" and "but"
@hussy1312 6 aylar önce
clearly very logical . 52:00 he is talking about genociding the whole country of pakistan. after hitlers germany india is the country where someone can say such a thing on tv and people like you congratulate him
@wrightvcx2249 Yıl önce
Loved it. This is the kind of conversation I yearn to hear from experts in India. My country is moving in right direction.
@sumirpandya6079 Yıl önce
This is absolutely commendable 👌👌👌 Sort of an eye opener in many respects for an ordinary Indian. Smita ji, many congratulations for making n posting this online. 👍
@NawazAhmed1 2 aylar önce
I like ANI Podcasts. Smita ma'am conducts it in a very good way. Her knowledge is good, her research is good. Thank you ma'am.
@priyankataneja7291 Yıl önce
In awe of you, Major Arya Sir! Your analysis of the situation in Pak, or of any situation for that matter is just so very TRUE, and backed up with logical reasoning. Absolutely agree with you, Sir that the existence of Pakistan is detrimental to India's national security; it has always been and there is not the slightest of hope of better relations with this highly radicalized nation in future. Please keep sharing your views with us, Sir. It is always inspiring and enlightening to hear from you. Jai Hind, Sir. Warm Regards 🌺
@javeriahabib5356 8 aylar önce
Being 🇵🇰, It's good to hear "open minded thoughts" apart from all the political conflicting chaotic thing.
@avnish636 Yıl önce
It's always good to learn more and more from Major Saab. Tilak sir's books are gold if you want to learn deeply about Pakistan and it's environment. RESPECT 🙏
@ajaychaturvedi1487 Yıl önce
Terrific discussion. Congrats to all three of you for articulating what we had been knowing all along but had been glossing over.
@worldview730 Yıl önce
Great show & presentation, it's better listening than a lot of American news & podcast I watch. 😎
@PR-pp2zc 2 aylar önce
Really appreciate as she speaks english so correctly especially her pronunciations is good unlike so many who can't speak without Mother tongue influence 😜 😉
@sydneyjay2465 Yıl önce
A well-balanced podcast with Mr Devasher giving poised & defensive reactions and Mr Arya giving slightly offensive but hard-hitting reality checks. Subscribed. 👍🙏
@captainkirankonher6999 9 aylar önce
Smita ji: It was an excellent podcast on a subject I have a keen interest in with speakers I admire. Educative and well modulated. My compliments to all three of you.
@knight6577 Yıl önce
Always a bliss to listen major sir😊
@pachimadla Yıl önce
I need more of this combination. The debate is so good and subtle. It's really good.🤩
@AR-os2uw 11 aylar önce
Loved every minute of it. Thanks for the efforts!!
@subodhsingh9533 5 aylar önce
Decently conducted proceeding by every participants. Such proceedings always churn into precious conclusions. Thanks to the whole team
@gowrishankersivasubramania754 3 aylar önce
One of the best podcasts i have ever seen. Great work smitha.. And the two gentlemen...hats off Superb analysis and content👌👌👌
@akhtarreyaz376 Yıl önce
You people have nailed it every INdians should watch it you people have really add up to my knowledge and nationalism🇮🇳!!
@cholepuri Yıl önce
@ब्राह्मण_जी_vlogs just coz he has a Muslim name doesn't mean he is Pakistani
@KamalSharma-bw8nh Yıl önce
@@cholepuri From what date muslims have love for India??
@vanssingh4352 Yıl önce
@@KamalSharma-bw8nh out of stadium shot brother😂
@akhandbharat1593 10 aylar önce
@@cholepuri it was Indian muslims who created paxtan. Read 'Pakistan and partition of India' book
@shivam208 2 aylar önce
​@@akhandbharat1593bhai aap muslim hokar muslim country ko support kyu nahi krte Pakistan jihad hi to kar raha hai And jihad ko islam m sabse jyada prime diya gya hai
@leelajaala6448 Yıl önce
My great admiration to major Arya for voicing exactly the same opinion I have arrived at after observing pakistan and Islam. ' World would be a better place without pakistan.'
@ars411 Yıl önce
Podcasts are a lot more better than the screaming eagles of present day debates on T.V.. A much awaited podcast with Mr. Sudhanshu Trivedi and Dr. Sayed Rizwan Ahmed.
@vasanthshetty2090 2 aylar önce
Very educative discussion. Thanks for this show
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@rituraj9271 11 aylar önce
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@solelysoul8543 10 aylar önce
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@Akash-tl6rm 8 aylar önce
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Two Gems of India
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I was in the US and on the customer side unfortunately there was a naturalized Pakistani. Whenever we hosted a customer luncheon in an local Indian restaurant, he will always and invariably ask if they had any beef dishes. I was not surprised but rather pitiful of their pettiness and low moral standards...
@suvojitsardar2735 Yıl önce
They should reply ,"Have you ever taste any pork dish . You should have one."
@MuhammadIbrahim-ls1nk Yıl önce
You should not generalise and be less racist - yes that person should have respected your religion. Q: who owned the restaurant and did they have beef?
@MuhammadIbrahim-ls1nk Yıl önce
@@suvojitsardar2735 He was not saying to this gentleman to eat beef! So, please have a look at your remarks and morality.
@PraveenKamboj_Bablu Yıl önce
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@MuhammadIbrahim-ls1nk Yıl önce
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