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Soothing Relaxation

Soothing Relaxation

6 yıl önce

Relaxing sleep music for deep sleeping and stress relief. Fall asleep to beautiful nature videos and use the relaxing music ("Flying" by Peder B. Helland) as sleeping music, soothing meditation music, relaxation music, study music and more. Stream or download music from Soothing Relaxation:

💿 Track information:
Title: Flying
Composer: Peder B. Helland
Index: ★68
Album: Flying
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📜 Message from the composer and creator of Soothing Relaxation:
"I am a composer from Norway and I started this channel with a simple vision: to create a place that you can visit whenever you want to sit down and relax. I compose music that often can be described as sleep music, calm music, yoga music, study music, peaceful music, beautiful music and relaxing music. I love to compose music and I put a lot of work into it.

Thank you very much for listening and for leaving feedback. Every single day I am completely astonished by all your warm support and it really inspires me to work even harder on my music. If you enjoy my work, I would be very happy if you decided to subscribe and join our community. Have a wonderful day or evening!"

- Peder B. Helland, composer for Soothing Relaxation

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Music composed/arranged by Peder B. Helland.
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• Videoblocks: Various artists

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Soothing Relaxation
Soothing Relaxation 18 gün önce
Feel free to check out my latest track if you want to try another video tonight 😴 Link:
Dan Rimmer
Dan Rimmer 3 saatler önce
@MD Sifatul Islam ol
Fabian Figueroa
Fabian Figueroa 13 saatler önce
Uw gegevens in Utrecht is uw uur uit úuu
gloria quaye nartey
gloria quaye nartey Gün önce
@MD Sifatul Islam mm
Relax With Music
Relax With Music Gün önce
Relaxation music 🎵
BR D 2 gün önce
Brady Waddell
Brady Waddell 7 aylar önce
Whenever I get really sad and I’m at a low point in life I come back to this video and listen to the awesome sounds and read through all the nice comments. Happy New Years everyone I hope you all have an amazing 2022!
Adel Nabil
Adel Nabil 2 gün önce
@Space Cowgirl trttt
LuvJoyPeace49 19 gün önce
Beautiful video! Here to encourage those who need a mental pick-me up! Love joy peace to all of you. 😇
Jessica G
Jessica G Aylar önce
oh boy you would love edm
Aryana Dunlap
Aryana Dunlap 24 gün önce
I use this soundtrack for my kids. And after they fall asleep, I can’t help but watch them sleep and shed some tears for being so beyond thankful that these are my children that I get to wake up to every single day, watch them grow during the day and pray over them at night. My heart goes out to those moms and dads who lost a child and cannot do the same thing everyday. 🥺 hug your kids and family close. you will never know when someones last day could be.
MJ that's me
MJ that's me 2 gün önce
I literally shed a tear reading your comment
Just Josh
Just Josh 5 gün önce
@Steven Epic hang in there brother we got you x
Steven Epic
Steven Epic 7 gün önce
This has just made me cry my eyes out.. I suffered a traumatic brain injury just 10 weeks ago and I can no longer even see or hear my kids properly as I used to. Please cherish every moment you have as you are so right.. You never know when your last day will be.. 🙏❤️
Lucas Bryan
Lucas Bryan 11 gün önce
Hey I'm 12 and you just made me cry I'm headed to eastern shore va
Ranjodh Singh
Ranjodh Singh 13 gün önce
Aww that is amazing 😊❤️
B Jahhan
B Jahhan Aylar önce
My wife and I are listening to this music as she is laying in warm bath, delivering our first baby. I wrote this comment and I am hopping we can read it and remember this event again after we pass through all that, and our wonderful little girl will be there 🙏
EJ VB Relaxing music and soundtracks
EJ VB Relaxing music and soundtracks 7 gün önce
All the best for you!!!🥰
Elaine Thomas
Elaine Thomas 15 gün önce
Congratulations mum and dad, and welcome to the world little one
Muhibo Hassan
Muhibo Hassan 16 gün önce
Congratulations, I hope all went well 😊 enjoy your precious baby 👶 ❤
Relaxing Sounds and Videos
Relaxing Sounds and Videos 29 gün önce
hislivelystone Aylar önce
They do have warm baths at some hospitals FYI so can’t assume they weren’t there. But homebirths are safe and the standard in most other countries for low risk moms. I’ve had both a home water birth as well as a hospital water birth.
Ahmed Mostafa
Ahmed Mostafa 22 gün önce
To everyone who has been in a situation that comes here and listens to this very wonderful music.. I would like to thank you for your patience over pain and your struggle and resistance to continue despite the despair, frustration and difficulties you are facing. I wish you success and happiness and know that I am proud of you
Sherladda Baker
Sherladda Baker Saatler önce
Thank you.Really needed those encouraging words.
Me. 21 saatler önce
Thank you I’m proud of me too
Angela Green
Angela Green Gün önce
Thank you very much sir🤗❤
MB03 Gün önce
You Made my day
Deeper Deeper
Deeper Deeper 2 gün önce
Thank you🙂
Marisol Pina
Marisol Pina Aylar önce
I was in the hospital for a few months with horrible pain. I would turn this on and listen to it, it really helped calm my mind and actually fall asleep. Years later I still turn to this specific video when I can’t sleep or I’m under a lot of stress.
Neetesh Sansiya
Neetesh Sansiya 4 saatler önce
Hiiii I'm neeetsh from India 🇮🇳👈 Miss what do you said it's absolutely right i also listen every night I see I feel comfortable
EGM Guerrero
EGM Guerrero 6 gün önce
EJ VB Relaxing music and soundtracks
EJ VB Relaxing music and soundtracks 7 gün önce
Marisol, te deseo lo mejor. All the best for you!!!🥰
Tahsin Sabbir
Tahsin Sabbir 16 gün önce
I promise, if you listen to Surah and Rahman, you will find peace. Inshallah. If you want, you can listen to surah Ar Rahman on TRshow
LeezlyPeasy 23 gün önce
Well I'm happy you got through it or are still staying strong!
Jacob 6 aylar önce
I have been struggling with lots of anxiety lately; loosing sleep, not knowing what to do to get through this rough time and this has been a life saver. Always stay positive even if you do not see the light. Thank you all for the great comments that keep everyone motivated.
EJ VB Relaxing music and soundtracks
EJ VB Relaxing music and soundtracks 7 gün önce
All the best for you!!!🥰
Relaxing music and sounds
Relaxing music and sounds Aylar önce
Great. It's well with you
Hichem Nakoub
Hichem Nakoub Aylar önce
@Shiu Lai okl
Siochimaru ._.
Siochimaru ._. Aylar önce
@hxneybee well my anxiety is still not better but i always pray and hope that it’ll go away
hxneybee Aylar önce
Take care ❤️ Hope you're better now since I've been having issues for a few years now
Sunny Walker
Sunny Walker 24 gün önce
Your music has helped me get through a lot of emotions, hurt feelings, and calm my body down really quick. I really appreciate your help!
How nice to thank what comforts us! I'm glad you found the way to inner peace! a hug friend 🤗
Soothing Bear
Soothing Bear 28 gün önce
To the person reading this, I hope you sleep peacefully and wake up feeling refreshed and happy
Hue-Jass 6 gün önce
That's not going to happen in my case 😭
Katharina G.
Katharina G. 11 gün önce
You too and stay healthy 💋 Deer greatings Kathi from Vienna 🎀 ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Maria Manzano
Maria Manzano Aylar önce
I’ve been listening for years and this is by far the only song and thing that helps me cope with all of my emotions in a healthy manner when they hit me all at once. Helps calm my mind and helps me sleep too. I’m so thankful for this.
EJ VB Relaxing music and soundtracks
EJ VB Relaxing music and soundtracks 7 gün önce
María, te deseo lo mejor. All the best for you!!!🥰
Wurstigeletto 8 gün önce
Try dmt to This
How nice to thank what comforts us! I'm glad you found the way to inner peace! a hug friend
Annette Wegner
Annette Wegner Aylar önce
How wonderful,send my best wishes and Energy to you
西班牙房产 Aylar önce
I’m having a fever and listening to this made me fall asleep real fast. I’m lucky that my parents took care of me. Everyone is lucky to have a great life. Appreciate it.
西班牙房产 Aylar önce
Hi.I love your words have an amazing life.
Crash Planet - Beamng Drive
Crash Planet - Beamng Drive Aylar önce
hi, i make similar content and i would really appreciate it if you rate it and maybe react in some way. I'm really trying!
西班牙房产 Aylar önce
Buddha wishes you to be happy and change the way you look at this world.
Relaxing Vibrations
Relaxing Vibrations 3 aylar önce
Praying that you sleep well tonight and wake up happy and well rested! 😌
lola Vanderbilt
lola Vanderbilt 16 gün önce
Hah its 4:40 I got to get up at 12:00 😔
Liliana AT
Liliana AT 17 gün önce
Thank you. You too... 4 nights in a row... I really need this music to be able to relax and sleep.. My anxiety sometimes drives me crazy.. Thinking about the meaning of life... Here, I feel somehow that I belong somewhere..
CuteMushroomGirl 21 gün önce
You're so sweet and caring person when you said that is made me cry because you said something nice,lovely and caring ❤️😭
Premium Leader
Premium Leader 2 aylar önce
Never going to happen. But thank you 😢
Umitali Bozkurt
Umitali Bozkurt 2 aylar önce
I hope so it's 05:23 Great from the Netherlands
Kamora Glover
Kamora Glover 27 gün önce
If you’re reading this, everything will be okay. What’s meant to be will be . Have a wonderful, peaceful sleep
Spazio di crescita
Spazio di crescita 15 gün önce
I use this soundtrack while I repeat positive affirmations and willingly manifest my world. Hope everyone is doing well and feels my hug from afar, if struggling. You've got this, you always have.
Magnilay 28 gün önce
Beautiful video-perfect for preparing for sleep ❤️
Relaxing Acoustics
Relaxing Acoustics 18 gün önce
It indeed is😁
GLG Relaxing Music
GLG Relaxing Music Aylar önce
To anybody who's reading this, there are a lot of languages in the world but music is the language which connects all of us. May the feeling of overwhelming, the doubt, negative thoughts and the overthinking exit in your mind. When you hear music, all the negativity leaves your body and help you feel amazing, peaceful and calm. Blessings to all.
andybutcher72 19 gün önce
Sorry mate but what do you think is a great deal of a
Jeanie1940 sunshine
Jeanie1940 sunshine Aylar önce
This is bea5
Jeanie1940 sunshine
Jeanie1940 sunshine Aylar önce
Thank you.
Ursula Long
Ursula Long Aylar önce
Sully Coleman
Sully Coleman 3 yıl önce
Just a simple aura of the waves, wind blowing through the leaves and a touch of a high note key on a piano makes you feel like life isnt that bad. I love you all and i hope with whatever journey you're on or whatever journey you are seeking, it'll always work out in the end. Theres always an exit at the end of a starting tunnel; we may not know how long the darkness and how deep it'll be but as long as we're still walking, as long as we keep passing by, you will eventually make it out. Peace and love you guys. - a soul on a journey
Koala man
Koala man 3 yıl önce
dilraj singh kidda singhh
Skeleton Cringe
Skeleton Cringe 3 yıl önce
So sweet :3
Swish Deejay
Swish Deejay 3 yıl önce
Sully Coleman much love to u too
Dr. [REDACTED] 3 yıl önce
Thank you. I was beginning to have suicidal thoughts again tonight and then i read this and they stopped. I can’t thank you enough
pari varshney
pari varshney 3 yıl önce
Sully Coleman that was touching
twiceuwu 27 gün önce
This is so calming omg I should definitely listen to this when I get angry 😫
EJ VB Relaxing music and soundtracks
EJ VB Relaxing music and soundtracks 7 gün önce
All the best for you!!!
Tia Rostance
Tia Rostance Aylar önce
I always play this it’s so relaxing!
Relaxing Acoustics
Relaxing Acoustics 18 gün önce
I love it too!😀
xXgemgamesgowildXx Aylar önce
I love this sound ive been using it for 2 years now! I love it so much.
Colton Payne
Colton Payne Aylar önce
My Match Relaxation
My Match Relaxation Aylar önce
It is so relaxing and make my stress Relieved ! The video and music are also wonderful!
Willie Yıl önce
Coming back even a year later, looking at all these comments makes me smile. When I originally commented, I was going through tough times. Not only has the section helped, but this video helped me persist through life. Now I'm enjoying it so much more. I love all of you guys, thank you so much.
Zuku Skin
Zuku Skin Yıl önce
Great to hear! God bless you, and remember we care!
Sarah Chamberlain
Sarah Chamberlain Yıl önce
This is so sweet I know that I can be AMAZING when I read comments like these
armmineh Yıl önce
I am so happy for you . I am going through a hard time of my life . And start listening to this music about a week ago . And tell you truth , it’s help me . And reading the comments , I feel I am not alone
Luke Munden2424
Luke Munden2424 Yıl önce
Much love❤️.
WhisperByDesign Aylar önce
I’ve been watching you for years and the sounds in your video are so amazing you inspired me to start doing this and I can’t thank you enough for what you do for this community!
De-Stress Creativity
De-Stress Creativity 21 gün önce
This music is so much soulful. It give peaceful breathing, it fresh your mind and release tension. The person who is reading I wish you a great success, long, health and a happy life
Tabarak Abdullah
Tabarak Abdullah Aylar önce
I feel sad and stressed right now but reading and listening to calm music really helps
EJ VB Relaxing music and soundtracks
EJ VB Relaxing music and soundtracks 7 gün önce
All the best for you!!!🥰
FocusGaze 15 gün önce
I hope you feel better. Remeber this: You don’t have to control your thoughts; you just have to stop letting them control you. Take a deep breath, everything's gonna be alright. Sending love ❤
LuvJoyPeace49 19 gün önce
best to you tabarak
Soft Relaxing Music - Se Relaxer, Dormir, Méditer.
Soft Relaxing Music - Se Relaxer, Dormir, Méditer. 12 gün önce
Thank you for listening to my music! Wishing you healing blessings, peace, happiness and continued success on your channel. 🙏🏼🌈🍀🌻🦋💕 Your channel is amazing!
Swae Jonathan
Swae Jonathan 3 yıl önce
Moved from South Africa to the UK (Bristol). Sometimes I can't sleep because I get really anxious, especially because I find it hard making friends. Still haven't made a single one yet, but I'll keep trying. Thank you for this music❤.
EJ VB Relaxing music and soundtracks
EJ VB Relaxing music and soundtracks 7 gün önce
All the best for you!!!
minik eller
minik eller 15 gün önce
Its fine I'll be your friend ( i don't even know who you are ) but still
Tyleriffic700 3 yıl önce
Seoehla Jonathan Idk
Swae Jonathan
Swae Jonathan 3 yıl önce
@Tyleriffic700 Really? Why would they do that ☹?
Swae Jonathan
Swae Jonathan 3 yıl önce
@3 1 / 0 3 Thank you very much 😊😊
Evita Ford
Evita Ford Aylar önce
Hi Thank you so much Soothing Relaxation, This music helps me fall asleep so fast! This is the only music that actually makes me relax and feel calm !💕
Jordan Harvey
Jordan Harvey Aylar önce
Really relaxing what I listen to when I meditate
Shanthi - Healing Music
Shanthi - Healing Music Aylar önce
hey just wanted to let you know that i'm so proud of you for trying your best, it's ok to feel tired sometimes, just keep going. you got this! hugs from Shanthi healing music
5 Gum Arias
5 Gum Arias 28 gün önce
Thank you!
B Keo
B Keo 25 gün önce
To whoever is reading this. There's so much more to life. Life is what you make it! So be positive. Whatever journey you take on I hope you succeed. You got this! 💜💜
Naya 3 yıl önce
That fact that this video gains about a million views ever few days is beyond me. It’s incredible to think about how many people come back to this every day or every night. To help relive stress, or to help sleep. Although it’s slightly heartbreaking to know they need it, It’s just wonderful to me to see people connect in this beautiful peace of music. Sleep well, Love from Colorado.
Jonathan Burgett
Jonathan Burgett 3 yıl önce
Love from Ohio
Shana Heart
Shana Heart 3 yıl önce
Love from Wisconsin
Captain Kaos
Captain Kaos 3 yıl önce
Love from Melbourne Australia 🇦🇺
countryboy Kt
countryboy Kt 3 yıl önce
Love from Webster Florida
Natalia K.
Natalia K. 3 yıl önce
It truly does help. I have depression and possibly anxiety.... But this helps get rid of it all! Love from Bakersfield, California!
Kathi Davis
Kathi Davis Aylar önce
thank you for creating this angelic and powerful piece of healing music! Wishing you, everyone Involved and all your loved ones love, health, happiness, peace and all the blessings in the universe 🙏 ✨️ this has resonated with my soul, one year ago and always will! with gratitude and appreciation, truly Thank You!
Explore with Oddrid
Explore with Oddrid Aylar önce
Excellent video, total chill and got me to sleep! Thank you
jolynninsrq Aylar önce
Thanks! My all time favorite sleep music. And it works!
Пётр Кропоткин
Пётр Кропоткин 23 gün önce
Для сна?) Я обычно с утра её слушаю)))) Лучше чем кофе))))
Zen Million
Zen Million Aylar önce
very soothing and relaxing well-done this video was amazing.
jenniferkate3 2 yıl önce
I rarely comment on videos but this comment section is something else, it's like the most wholesome therapy after a long or tough day. Such love, peace and calm. Thank you ❤️
DR ISRAR FAN CLUB 2 yıl önce
arivazhagankarthick 2 yıl önce
deep souls
deep souls 2 yıl önce
jenniferkate3 2 yıl önce
@Revenant OK, well will leave it here. Have a good day.
jenniferkate3 2 yıl önce
@Revenant what does 13 years on TRshow have to do with anything? What is wrong with trying to understand or learn? I am in no way trying to be a therapist. I merely just shared that In my opinion I think these comments are therapeutic. If you don't agree with me then that's fine.
Nightmare Aylar önce
love the relaxing music :)
Marely Carolyn
Marely Carolyn 12 gün önce
My comment will probably get lost but whoever reads this.. you got this! whatever you are going through will get better hang in there 💛
D3mon.from.h3ll Aylar önce
i listen to these when my anxiety tries to get bad. It really helps 🥰 Great to fall asleep to too.
Tony Relaxation Musical
Tony Relaxation Musical 7 gün önce
It''s amazing, Best sounds for relaxing and sleeping ☘
Anayely Rayo
Anayely Rayo 2 yıl önce
im not the type of person to comment on youtube videos but this video in particular speaks to me in a way no one can. i want you guys to know that whatever youre going through whether its stress, family problems, financial problems, or just life in general you should know that in the end it will get better. you will find peace once again and you are not alone.
😎😎iytr 2 yıl önce
Viz 2 yıl önce
@Teresa Pappas I love you
Teresa Pappas
Teresa Pappas 2 yıl önce
Thank you! And I hope the same for you.
NCW 94
NCW 94 2 yıl önce
TY :)
Blair Barton
Blair Barton 2 yıl önce
We need more people like you who want peace
Наталья Носок
Наталья Носок Aylar önce
Love this music ❤️ Can’t sleep without
Alfred Bernabe Montegrejo
Alfred Bernabe Montegrejo Aylar önce
3 hours of smooth music with no ads, Respect ❤️
EJ VB Relaxing music and soundtracks
EJ VB Relaxing music and soundtracks 7 gün önce
All the best for you!!!🥰
Daniela 12 gün önce
@minik eller I once listened to a video of this kind to fall asleep to, it was a 4 hour video with ads every 10 minutes 😂😂
minik eller
minik eller 15 gün önce
WAIT WHAT ?!?!?!?! HOW DID I NOT NOTICE THIS ?!?!?! WHY IS THERE NO ADS ?!?!?!?!?!!? (Not complaining,btw)
Joseph Anni
Joseph Anni 17 gün önce
Aya Aylar önce
Thanks so much for your videos and music, this video helped me many years ago when I was extremely stressed by work. Today, I'm again too stressed to sleep, so I'm here once more, and this video is helping immensely.
Soothing Relaxation
Soothing Relaxation Aylar önce
Thank you very much for the kind words and for the gift. I'm very glad my music helps you when you're feeling too stressed! Best wishes from Norway.
Christianne Dobson
Christianne Dobson 28 gün önce
This helped so much for sleep thank you
Luca Peraita
Luca Peraita 2 yıl önce
Roses are red Violets are blue I will fall asleep And so will you 🤗🙂🌝🙏🌹
Zlatko Andjelkovic
Zlatko Andjelkovic 2 yıl önce
NieR Automática
Zlatko Andjelkovic
Zlatko Andjelkovic 2 yıl önce
Rc Seeker J
Leah Gillespie
Leah Gillespie 2 yıl önce
SKELLY XD 2 yıl önce
Hate’ll  paralyse gotta see the other side
Hate’ll paralyse gotta see the other side 14 gün önce
Really love this relaxing music so much it relaxes me and made me very calm I have anxiety etc and this helped a lot.
Maa Prabhabati Music
Maa Prabhabati Music Aylar önce
Nice relaxing music, really relax mind, body and soul
dali171 28 gün önce
Au top ça a fais dormir mon bébé et ça m’as détendu par la même occasion! Trop bien 🤩 merci beaucoup 🙏🏽
CuteMushroomGirl 24 gün önce
😣😖😞😴😪😪 thanks for the relaxing music it really helped ❤️💛💚💙
aevil_ 3 yıl önce
To anyone reading this I wish you a lovely and peaceful night that will lead you to the next gift 🎁 another day of your amazing life 🌍 every morning I want you to look in the mirror and say “I love you” because you are special and when night leads you to day and dusk leads to dawn just remember the peace you have in that space of time 🕙 have a wonderful night and a peaceful life
minik eller
minik eller 15 gün önce
@Anja Hornke ja genau
minik eller
minik eller 15 gün önce
Oh I did and the mirror said it back 😁
❤seli Aylar önce
Tnq frnd..hope u r doing great 💕
Healing Your Soul
Healing Your Soul Aylar önce
@Claire Mannion you are welcome
Our Moment of Calm - Relaxing music for you
Our Moment of Calm - Relaxing music for you 22 gün önce
Wonderful channel and content, hope everyone is sleeping soundly x
Ghibli Music BGM
Ghibli Music BGM Aylar önce
Beautiful relaxing music!
Masey Latham
Masey Latham 20 gün önce
I agree
Online Relaxation
Online Relaxation Aylar önce
My comment will probably get lost but whoever reads this.. you got this! whatever you are going through will get better hang in there 💛
~lovely Gracie~
~lovely Gracie~ 7 saatler önce
Thanks I really needed this I've been having anxiety attacks a lot and this music helps so did this random act of kindness ❤
Takisha Ross
Takisha Ross 8 saatler önce
Thank you 😊
Ryan Hillmer
Ryan Hillmer Gün önce
Aww wow! Thanks I needed to read that right now. I'll pay it forward
Cole the tiger
Cole the tiger Gün önce
Thank you 🙏 I’ll need you that sum day,I’ll remember it 😇
Syed Imtiaz
Syed Imtiaz 2 gün önce
I need these encouraging words
Destiny and Ranger
Destiny and Ranger 22 gün önce
For those of you listening to this for sleep, I hope you sleep well and have an amazing day tomorrow! Goodnight from North Carolina 🤍
NIK$IK 3 yıl önce
If your reading this have nice rest and have a great day every day☺️
Daily dose of information F
Daily dose of information F 3 yıl önce
You to
ǟη†ɨʂσʑɨǟʟ 3 yıl önce
Thank you very much 💓 and sweet dreams🎵🎧
Beyondint Uk
Beyondint Uk 3 yıl önce
Beyondint Uk
Beyondint Uk 3 yıl önce
jem 3 yıl önce
You too :)
platted Aylar önce
this was so beautiful as someone who finds it hard to fall asleep this helped me calm down and relax so much
Akhtari Begum Begum
Akhtari Begum Begum Aylar önce
Loved it ❤️👏🏻👏🏻
Relaxing Zone
Relaxing Zone 15 gün önce
Relaxing sounds. Beautiful scenery .Thank you for sharing! Have a nice weekend!
Katie Aylar önce
I love how wholesome and positive all the comments are ♥
Robert Metcalfe
Robert Metcalfe 7 gün önce
And it makes them feel better
Robert Metcalfe
Robert Metcalfe 7 gün önce
I agree and everyone is telling other people how they feel
joshua 14 gün önce
It's really amazing that it's a unspoken rule for everyone to be nice to each other🙂
Relaxing Acoustics
Relaxing Acoustics 18 gün önce
Yes it love it too!😊
5 Gum Arias
5 Gum Arias 26 gün önce
They really are!
mems 2 yıl önce
My son came into the world with this music, the best day of my life, every time I listen to this music I think of him. All the love for my wife for giving me a little angel and the best for Soothing Relaxation
Mathias Aday
Mathias Aday Aylar önce
@Danny Kelly ok
Fantasy Art for Meditation 10M
Fantasy Art for Meditation 10M 5 aylar önce
close your eyes and imagine yourself in the picture... slow breeze, cuddled in blankets, fresh air and crickets chirping, take a deep breath and relax...
Angelical Meditación
Angelical Meditación 5 aylar önce
peace to you.
Soothing Sounds in Nature - Meditate and Discover
Soothing Sounds in Nature - Meditate and Discover Aylar önce
What beautiful arrangements. So positive. 🥰
Catnip Aylar önce
Yall really got me dripping a few tears up in these comments.. thanks yall. 😢 Love you all, dont ever give up! ❤🥰
Relaxing Mood Zone
Relaxing Mood Zone 3 gün önce
Absolutely ❤this video. The music combined is very calming, peaceful and relaxing.
Stress Relief Music
Stress Relief Music 21 gün önce
Yo when I listened to this relaxing music I never meditate but I now mediated of how nice this is and I felt so sleepy for some reason these places are so beautiful and music is amazing love it😴😴
Nurse Kaylan
Nurse Kaylan 5 yıl önce
Hello, if anyone is here because they are stressed or you are going through a tough time in life you are worth it you are beautiful you are strong . Hope you get some sleep Good night .
Johnny Hunt
Johnny Hunt 4 yıl önce
Thank u(:
Jana Sandoval
Jana Sandoval 4 yıl önce
Kaylan Saavédra thx
Dopest Beats
Dopest Beats 4 yıl önce
Kaylan Saavédra ty u too!❤
Sienna Howard
Sienna Howard 4 yıl önce
Kaylan Saavédra thank you so much
GeoGal TwoThousandFive
GeoGal TwoThousandFive 4 yıl önce
Thank you, that was so sweet, Kaylan Saavédra
Tate Littlejohn
Tate Littlejohn Aylar önce
This music and videos help me with my depression and anxiety, literally cured me. And every time when I couldn't sleep, I played this video and my problem with insomnia solved. THANK YOU 4 SHARING THIS 🤗💞
Demi Foster
Demi Foster 24 gün önce
Rest your mind , think positive and remember everything works out as planned You are amazing keep going
thedevilsharks Aylar önce
Its really relaxing and its takes alot stress away its lovely music
Mary Krebs
Mary Krebs 24 gün önce
I have been listening to this song every night for one month. This is by far the most relaxing song I have heard in my life
Joseph Anni
Joseph Anni 17 gün önce
Arcacia🌱 3 yıl önce
I was in so much pain few hours ago, and i see all these kind people here. I really want to say thank you so much! For those who are struggling with their life, please don't give up, and we all love you!❤️
Chris Botos
Chris Botos 3 yıl önce
I hope you are doing better now 🙂
Zoe D
Zoe D 3 gün önce
I love this music it calms me so much
Ivaylo Ivanov
Ivaylo Ivanov Aylar önce
So relaxing because you can watch it when you are bored!❤
Sleep Calm Relax
Sleep Calm Relax Aylar önce
Beautifully composed, thank you for sharing this! How amazing that this video is doing so well! I hope it brings peace and joy to everyone who listens 🙏 has this improved your day? I’d love to hear!
Anime_lovers Lmao
Anime_lovers Lmao 26 gün önce
This actually helps me sleep thank u to soothing relaxation 👍🏼 👌
Nicky P
Nicky P 3 yıl önce
This is something that I always say, "No matter how hard your day is going, or how bad life is right now, always remember that this too shall pass". Look for the sun every morning when you wake up and never take the little things for granted; you might miss them when they're gone.
ProjectMc Square
ProjectMc Square 3 yıl önce
wait what? Me too... it’ll get better even though it doesn’t seem like now
Laurel Matson
Laurel Matson 3 yıl önce
Yeah like being able to breathe when you don't have a cold... 😂
FGC Deadi678
FGC Deadi678 3 yıl önce
Thank you for you awsome lovely words you amazing
Ben ?
Ben ? 3 yıl önce
Thanks so much!
hecker 3 yıl önce
Thanks😢going thru a tough time rn
 Relaxing White Noise
Relaxing White Noise Aylar önce
Summer is starting to set my least favorite time of year this brings me back to what I love:cold and snow!
Payton Matisin
Payton Matisin Aylar önce
I love when I’m trying to sleep and TRshow gives me two unskipable ads that are super energetic, flashy and loud
nacamo17 4 gün önce
Yes!!! Its ridiculous. At least with this kind of videos they should have no ads.
Rose Xo
Rose Xo Aylar önce
My go to relaxing music. 5yrs on I regularly listen to this most nights. Gave birth 8wks ago and listened to this on repeat for a 10hr birth that was relaxing and painless. This is now mine and my baby sons song. We are calm and at peace when we hear it. It has also deeply cemented our bond. The care and thought you put into this instrumental is sheer brilliance. Incredibly talented person you are.
EJ VB Relaxing music and soundtracks
EJ VB Relaxing music and soundtracks 7 gün önce
All the best for you. 🥰
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Himanshu School Aylar önce
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