‘Five Eyes’ - why Anglosphere alliance is in news as India-Canada spar. And a surprise guest on CTC

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The ongoing India-Canada row over the killing of Hardeep Singh Nijjar has brought into spotlight ‘Five Eyes’, an “Anglosphere” alliance comprising the UK, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In Ep 1314 of Cut The Clutter, Editor-in-Chief Shekhar Gupta explains what the alliance is, takes you back to its roots in World War 2, and the secrecy around its operations until about a decade ago. At the end of the episode, find a short conversation with ThePrint’s award-winning reporter Jyoti Yadav as she discusses her latest assignment tracking down Bhanwari Devi, and the nine-month-old girl whose marriage she tried to stop three decades ago.
Bhanwari Devi was raped for trying to stop 1992 child marriage. ‘I curse her daily,’ says bride : theprint.in/ground-reports/bh...
Bhanwari Devi was raped for trying to stop child marriage, ThePrint traces that child who’s now 32:
• Bhanwari Devi was rape...
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@ThePrintIndia 2 aylar önce
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@kargreat 2 aylar önce
I want to support Bhavri and social cause she stood for! How can I help, kindly assist!
@unibks4382 2 aylar önce
Anglo-$axons and the Great Game against Asiatic powers (Russia, China, India, Iran, Vietnam, North Korea) in order to remain the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.
@dr.kulraj 2 aylar önce
ThePrint - I would like to subscribe and be a Member to support your kind of journalism. However, I keep traveling between the US (where I work) and India (where I am trying to set something up) ! How does my membership across as I straddle? Also, I have some plan to come to India for good at some point in time - how the membership will transfer in terms of fees that I pay and benefits I get when I move?
@gauravsingh_ 2 aylar önce
I am happy with this conflict, Its a good testing ground of foreign relation for India. To check on relations with western countries and how they play the game. There is no win or lose, only learning here.
@anshuraj4277 2 aylar önce
Every country will work in self interest
@ontisalaga1789 2 aylar önce
As cynical as it may sound I agree with you.
@anshuraj4277 2 aylar önce
@@ontisalaga1789 If India doesn't Stand with US on Ukraine citing 71 How can It expect US to stand against country which fought in wars for US
@deepakkushwaha7411 2 aylar önce
​@@anshuraj4277nation not country
@vishwajeetsingh6193 2 aylar önce
@@anshuraj4277somebody has to take initiative. The ball is in US truf. USA has greater responsibility as it is superpower.
@ranjithkumar3480 2 aylar önce
The bavri devi saga in its depth deserved a one hour deep dive. That is journalism where it shows us the mirror of our sociology as a nation. This is the reason we need to understand there is India in metros and Bharat in the remaining parts. Metros are intellectual islands who make the most noise and have an monopoly over the narrative.
@user-pg7bl8bv1j 2 aylar önce
I wasn't able to understand the majority of what she said, I wish they had caption
@friendeleven5711 2 aylar önce
Metros also pay taxes on which Bharat survives
@SreedharKarunakar 2 aylar önce
Why bring India vs Bharat in this.
@vedantjadhav7659 2 aylar önce
​@@SreedharKarunakarhe means to say that urban india gets more attention than rural india. India-urban bharat-rural. This is what i inferred
@Abhi1232012 2 aylar önce
Thank you for sharing the inspiring story of Bhanwri Devi and how women are affected by patriarchy.
@vishalleekha 2 aylar önce
The problem is, we don't talk about Shah Bano when talking about patriarchy
@rbnjdd 2 aylar önce
Petriarchy created civilizations and give rights , democracy, science etc
@shrenikmehta89 2 aylar önce
1 - We offered JT presidential suite during G20 but JT declined. 2 - We offered Air India One when his plane break down but JT declined. 3 - We continued with trade agreements even when Canda gave citizenships to people who are wanted in India for crimes like bomb blasts & murder. 4 - We offered intelligence about the guy who did kanishka bombing killing 380 people just 2 years before the bombing happened, JT's father declined. 5 - We waited 20 years for your investigation, no one else was convicted. 6 - Leader of "sikh for justice" made huge advertisement hoardings with the photos and names of Indian Diplomats stationed in Canada, with "kill India" and "wanted" under their names. This advertisement hoarding was placed in front of the building housing the Indian Consulate in Vancouver. No one was prosecuted or arrested. 7 - The same leader of "sikh for justice" openly released a video asking all hindus to leave canada, we still waited in hope of some kind of action against him. 8 - It's not just us, killer of the Bangabandhu(Who has been president & Prime minister of Bangladesh) openly lives in canada. Not anymore. You are not our friend. So be it! The country has simply decided. Pls keep your investments, we will keep our territorial integrity.
@anshu_1601 2 aylar önce
Whenever I see a photo of Trudeau...😬😬😬
@Tatpunjiya 2 aylar önce
Even China didn’t stay at the designated place
@himanshujaiswal5016 2 aylar önce
Kudos to Jyoti yadav, and this Print team for bringing such news.
@JyotiYadav-sp2mb 2 aylar önce
Thank you Himanshu ji. Aapka feedback dekh kar achcha laga. Jyoti Yadav
@os4879 2 aylar önce
Such stories and in-depth analysis are not seen on main stream media. The new format where Shekhar Ji along with his team like in this episode and the earlier with Praveen Ji and Snehesh Ji is also great Keep up with your Great Work.👍👍👍👍👍
@ThePrintIndia 2 aylar önce
Thank you, my friend. I'm glad you liked this episode and are enjoying the new style of CTC. Thank you also for supporting our journalism...best wishes, Shekhar
@bemusedonlooker632 2 aylar önce
What moral authority does the US have in this matter? The US has undertaken so many actions over the years that violated other countries' sovereignty -- bumping off people across the world, whenever they had the chance, and whoever they unilaterally labeled as terrorists.
@anshuraj4277 2 aylar önce
US has power hence both India and Canada will listen to it
@rohandalvi6476 2 aylar önce
@Factchekka 2 aylar önce
As unfair as it may seem, if you are the most powerful country in human history you can pretty much do what you want. In the past other nations have dominated, at this point in history it is the U.S., at some time in the future it will be someone else.
@shubhammore6694 2 aylar önce
Over the years of following The Prints work, I can say after CTC I have felt Jyoti Yadavs works are remarkable, now seeing this story on CTC I noticed how much I admire her stories, been following her work from all the page turners (Saeda Bano one of my favourite) to variety of issue, her recent work on women suicide in Rajasthan was also mind numbing, Great Work Jyotiji ❤, inspiring to see you grow here. Hope that this story helps Bhanwari Devi gets the justice she deserves.
@YashSharma-tr6ui 2 aylar önce
Really her work is so damn good work
@JyotiYadav-sp2mb 2 aylar önce
Thank you Shubham ji for being part of my journey at ThePrint. These stories are possible with my editor's continuous support and guidiance. Jyoti Yadav
@bcvan9999 2 aylar önce
Great to see Shekhar Gupta still maintaining standards that he honed during his Indian Express days.
@anuragrajasingh 2 aylar önce
Glad to see a freeloader not paying but watching and commenting on a journalist who in all probability has more experience than the freeloader's age.
@jestfuldemigod 2 aylar önce
​@@anuragrajasinghit's not freeloading if it's uploaded on yt as a monetised video.
@krunalsinhvaghela5409 2 aylar önce
​@@anuragrajasinghwtf bro it's uploaded by print itself for free
@SkSingh-tu8un 2 aylar önce
A amazing episode. While the scrap with Canada will be resolved sooner than later and the traditional bonhomie between the two countries restored , the story of Bhanwari Devi will remain etched in the collective memory of the nation for a long time. One point on the scaling down of the Canadian High commission... wonder why we did not scale up our diplomatic presence in Canada so we could more closely monitor things
@anuragrajasingh 2 aylar önce
Because you just can't 'scale up' your presence. The diplomatic strength needs to be approved by the host. Do you think at this stage they will approve it?
@hmmlol-yi9kv 2 aylar önce
How is this debacle related to Bhanwari Devi??
@SkSingh-tu8un 2 aylar önce
@@hmmlol-yi9kv firstly not a debacle only a diplomatic spat.secondly Bhanwari Devi is the second story in the episode and has nothing to do with the India Canada standoff. Quite simply I found it more engrossing than the Canada issue
@user-bm9fo5kr1l 2 aylar önce
It's neither easy nor cheap to increase to increase a country's diplomatic strength. Also, India kinda seems to have a shortage IFS officers. A lot more people are interested in joining other services than the Foreign Service.
@ThePrintIndia 2 aylar önce
The multi-layered Bhanwari Devi story, with two women at the heart of it, will I hope always be remembered...simply for the lessons it holds for society. Thank you for watching and writing in, my friend...best wishes, Shekhar
@thirdperson4705 2 aylar önce
Thanks Jyoti ji for narrating Bhanwari Devi's struggles. I had no idea she had to go through such an ordeal in her life. In Karnataka we had a chapter on Bhanwari Devi's activism and her fight in Rajasthan againt the evil of child marriage in Kannada CBSE text book, dont remeber the exact std when we had this but we did and reading about her through the curriculam was very inspiring and had a lasting impact on me personally. Cannot thank The Print, SG and Jyoti Yadav enough for making people aware of her existence and struggles.
@JyotiYadav-sp2mb 2 aylar önce
Thank you for reading the story. Jyoti Yadav
@thomasdaniel8830 2 aylar önce
Five eyes is an alliance of the Anglo-Saxon race, who are bonded together, by a common race, language and culture. When it comes to the crunch they will always support each other, and will never see others outside their exclusive club as their equals. That is the bottom line. We can always be good friends with USA and others within the group, so long as it suits our interests, but should always be aware of where we stand , and how they perceive us. It would be a grave mistake, to put all our eggs in the US ( or the western) basket. That is why it is so important to cultivate others like Russia, other nations in Africa, South America and Asia including China. One of the many examples would be playing on the China USA rivalry to our advantage.
@Factchekka 2 aylar önce
I'm sure tens of thousands of Indians are going to be rushing to migrate to China and Russia. You should be a bit more appreciative of the countries that welcome your citizens. 🤨
@sainadh7 2 aylar önce
​@@FactchekkaIndians migrating to these countries are not refugees. These immigrants add value and economy to those countries. Hence they are welcomed by these countries. No country is doing favour to Indians by giving free education or free money.
@PraveenCJRegina 2 aylar önce
@@Factchekka If you are in Canada or the US, you're also an immigrant or a refugee at some point in time in the past. The original inhabitants of North America were the First Nations or natives in Canada and the Indigenous peoples of the Americas. At least, we Indians are spending millions as students and paying back millions as taxes to both the US and Canada. The post-secondary institutions in Canada were able to provide subsidised tuition to Canadian students from the proceeds of International Student's hefty fees.
@Factchekka 2 aylar önce
@@sainadh7 Who said anything about refugees?
@marsbound2024 2 aylar önce
So, I wasn't sure how I'd react to this video (I'm from the US). I worried it might be somehow quite nationalist or Indian propaganda. There's definitely nothing wrong with patriotism, but nationalism is a global repellant in my opinion. However, this was a really refreshing video to watch. Facts-based and the presenter seems pleasant. I haven't seen any other episodes of this channel, but I am glad he presents the facts pretty on point and, even though I can tell he has respectable pride for his home country, India, he still comes across somehow almost like a neutral, unbiased educator. The key point is that Five Eyes is an alliance only really in the form of intelligence sharing. Yes, there are some extensions to it, and they are alluded to here, but no one should confuse Five Eyes with some sort of equivalence to say the British Commonwealth or the Allies during WWII. Like the host of this channel states, sovereign interests will rule the day here, but the point is to enhance all of the allies' abilities to monitor for threats in this agreement. As far as what is going on in Canada, I am biased as I am familiar with Canada closely and they are some of the US' closest allies (we literally have the longest undefended border in the world, and it is shared with Canada). However, I think it is wise to let nations sort their own issues out unless intelligence points to something of such a level that a coordinated response is needed. Of course, any response to India for this, if proven true, would likely be limited in nature I would imagine. I know nothing of the individual killed, but I personally think murder is a pretty high crime and deserves scrutiny.
@tejastotade7361 2 aylar önce
Shekhar sir can’t help but bring cricket into everything 😂
@Amen-sx3mp 2 aylar önce
Very interesting. It would be nice to hear a critical review of the approaches of all sides including India. We need more more independent objective media in India.
@peterkaul 2 aylar önce
Shekhar ji, this episode was a gem. By very cleverly clubbing the two, you have sent out a message to those who can understand. Lesson Learnt. I hope & pray “the higher up” gets the lesson too. “Kaha/bataya bhi aur kuch kaha bhi nahi”. Please let me know if you can relate any Hindi song/poetry to this.
@ThePrintIndia 2 aylar önce
Haha, can't think of a song right now, but if I do, I will certainly get back to you. Thank you for watching and writing in. I'm glad you liked this episode...best wishes, Shekhar
@tubesher 2 aylar önce
I stayed and watched Jyoti madam’s entire section towards the end, thank you for sharing such an important story. And for showing the value of on-the-ground journalism.
@JyotiYadav-sp2mb 2 aylar önce
Thank you for watching. Please keep supporting our journalism. Jyoti Yadav
@karanbhusry9309 2 aylar önce
I read the written report, a rare for me , who focuses mainly on video reports. It was really detailed and heartfelt. A must read, specially for all social activists, on how to bring in social change, painlessly and not under the baton of the state power.
@JyotiYadav-sp2mb 2 aylar önce
Thank you so much Karan ji. I am glad that the story moved you. Jyoti Yadav
@mymeditation4199 2 aylar önce
Thank you Shekhar Ji for adding the story of Bhanwri Devi to your broadcast. Jyothi did a splendid job putting together her research work. Look forward to seeing more stories in future, such as caste discrimination from the vulnerable sections’ view point.
@JyotiYadav-sp2mb 2 aylar önce
Thank you for your appreciation. Jyoti Yadav
@agytjax 2 aylar önce
The best "Intelligence" report we get every night is from Shekar Gupta's CTC 😀😃 SG with his Two Eyes has much more intelligence than Five Eyes could have gathered
@malvindersingh6828 2 aylar önce
Thank you for bringing this to us. Please promote this entire hearing and video. Indians must know what is happening. Translate to different languages as well but particular translate in Hindi. Thank you again.
@kaiwalya3710 2 aylar önce
As a indian , I might have personel biased against china....but the way china deals with peaceful community 😂 and Hypocrite Western countries is truly remarkable 🎉😅
@studytime2570 2 aylar önce
ccp bot spotted.
@maniaphobia4719 2 aylar önce
They have autocratic leader ; Our PM ( whoever it is ) has to face the opposition, media , Social media , etc ; Internal opponents more strong
@gigimathew4031 2 aylar önce
@@maniaphobia4719 Japan?
@gigimathew4031 2 aylar önce
@@maniaphobia4719 I am talking about people of India? Not the PM.
@melodychest9020 2 aylar önce
It is fascinating to see this man teach himself global geopolitics and history in public!
@Prasad_S_Joshi 2 aylar önce
Rare thing in today’s world to acknowledge the work of actual person who did it. That’s just makes this channel a different. Otherwise, the workers were acknowledged only as ‘team’.
@chandraaiyar3228 2 aylar önce
Exceptions are only for rogue countries and sometimes USA can be rogue too. They told the world about WMD (espionage agencies knew about the absence) and attacked Iraq.
@vaghelas4719 2 aylar önce
Same stategy like " islam Khatre me hai",
@SaahilSethy 2 aylar önce
​@@vaghelas4719 Hindu khatre may hai, is current ongoing emotions played by BJP
@vaghelas4719 2 aylar önce
@@SaahilSethy very true " Pakistan - Hindus eliminated, Kashmir -- Hindus eliminated, Bangladesh -- reduced to 2 % from 12%, Kerala, West Bengal,...
@vikrantnalkur4422 2 aylar önce
India, Malaysia or Sri Lanka are also officially English-speaking - so to speak. But the outspoken xenophobe that Churchill was, didn't mince words to call it an exclusive "Colonial White Boys' Club". Takes me back to where Sai Deepak explains the notions of coloniality, of the differences between exploitative coloniality (where the colonizer left after extracting resources) and settler coloniality (where the anglo-saxon settler wiped out indigenous populations to set up their own parallel Englands )
@sm7786 2 aylar önce
Every time I think of pausing my subscription, a brilliant Jyoti Yadav shows up, and I end up postponing my action😂 What a meaningful piece of work! A patriarchal society will do what it does, but the failure of the Indian court system should make the otherwise pontificating Judges hang their heads in shame.
@JyotiYadav-sp2mb 2 aylar önce
Thank you for your comment. I am so glad that you liked Bhanwari Devi's story. Jyoti Yadav
@maveRickduh-rk4io 2 aylar önce
Not a coincidence that indian diplomats were attacked in 5 eyes around the same time.
@dineshkhanna175 2 aylar önce
Very relevant and true
@gmw3083 2 aylar önce
5 i's = 5 ijots
@bharatjoshi1837 2 aylar önce
Is this implies 5 eyes are interested in keeping India check by supporting Khalistan?
@freecanadaland 2 aylar önce
It’s Five Eyes vs BRICS
@NarendraKumar-hq5bv 2 aylar önce
Lovely episode. And great story of two women, "from two sides of the fence", both victims of still to develop India. . Thank you. Will read the article.
@vishalgupta86 2 aylar önce
I agree with @Gauravsingh_ that this conflict will eventually end up balancing our tilt to Western influence over the last 9 years. If this is how it progresses this is an important lesson to Mr. Modi & his team that we are never equal partners or even distant allies. We need to carve out our own space in this world which is a really long road by half of a century.
@885wc 2 aylar önce
This has always been known. This is how we run our country and foreign policy
@reemag24 2 aylar önce
Amazing story and ground reporting. Kudos to both Jyoti and ThePrint. Huge fan of both and a proud subscriber..
@JyotiYadav-sp2mb 2 aylar önce
Thank you for your appreciation Reema ji. It is always good to know that our subscribers liked our work. Jyoti Yadav
@kiwiwala 2 aylar önce
Excellent question SG! According to the Canadians, one of the 5 Eyes partner purportedly shared communication linking India to the incident. If true, it is Anglosphere indeed! The global south, please note that the anglo American colonialism still exists. Jyoti Yadav has done an excellent piece of journalism on two unfortunate women.
@sankalp6872 2 aylar önce
Bhawari Devi is the living proof of India's INCOMPETENT JUSTICE SYSTEM. Everyone wants credit for the women's reservation bills, but nobody will own the failures of the RULE OF LAW of their respective tenures. Big words and phrases like "VIshwaguru" and "Mohabbat ki Dukaan" are hollow and empty boasts. Kudos to Jyoti Yadav for reminding us of things that should NEVER HAVE BEEN FORGOTTEN.
@abhiag747 2 aylar önce
Incompetency, hypocrisy, corruption and moral failure are our hallmarks
@rka-truthalwayswins5127 2 aylar önce
What do you expect from a colonial constitution & institutions made out of foreign copy pastes & NOT native culture, values & civilization??!!
@crazylearn2204 2 aylar önce
Shah bano is the example we should be looking into 😊
@sheilakijawani2526 2 aylar önce
@@rka-truthalwayswins5127lets see how well a constitution you write.
@rka-truthalwayswins5127 2 aylar önce
@@sheilakijawani2526 UNLIKE the original constitution that was a copy paste of imperial foreign constitutions brought together by a tiny group of Brown Sahibs & enslaved Indians where ordinary Bhartiye WERE NOT CONSULTED!! I like hundreds of millions of Bhartiye can sure give suggestions of what a Bhartiye constitution should look like!! ONLY then, the constitution could claim to be written for the people & start with the words "We the people"!! This imperial constitution drenched in the blood of native Indians; their culture, civilization & values would then be DISCARDED & replaced by Bhartiye culture, civilization & values!!
@cannon_man5525 2 aylar önce
Thanks to you & Jyoti Yadav. In my school in Rajasthan ( secondary schools hindi course- 1977 - 78 ) there was chapter - " Niv ki iint " literally meaning the foundation stone .......
@JyotiYadav-sp2mb 2 aylar önce
Thank you for reading Bhanwari Devi's story. Jyoti Yadav
@allanaranjo 2 aylar önce
True journalism! Can imagine the tough ground work going into bringing such truths to us.
@JyotiYadav-sp2mb 2 aylar önce
Thank you. I am glad that I was able to bring this story out. Jyoti Yadav
@abeykollakkaranalex 2 aylar önce
The story of Aurum: Once upon a time when alchemists existed no alumini had a chance to win wealth bingo. Aluminum wasn't discovered. So people understood each other at the spell and speech of each other. The bard of avon was but an alumini. Kaiser was. Hercules was the best underwriter. Adam had little chance of writing about all these people, but now we can understand that years back a lamp was lit and kept as the first beacon on top of good hope, seldom cared!
@sugatoroy1254 2 aylar önce
Since our reputation is at stake here, we cannot let this go and Trudeau MUST apologize. The cover-up narrative by Trudeau and gang is now hard at work but if you focus carefully on incoming information, you should be able to see the cracks appearing. Couple of examples (i) When Trudeau broke the news in parliament, none of the members of Parliament stood up and questioned him ... their silence seemed rather artificial. Can you image the chaos in the Lok Sabha if Modi made a similar declaration in parliament. (ii) A day after Trudeau’s dramatic declaration in parliament, Canadian media claimed that reason for Trudeau’s hurried announcement was because the news had already leaked to CBC therefore it was better that the Canadian people to get to hear direct from their PM first. However, initially there was no such scoop from CBS or Global news mentioning about this leaked information and it was only a day later (seemed like an afterthought) when the Canadian media seemed speak up in unison .. this one-day lag seemed a bit artificial. (iii) Two days later, CBS news channel broke news that Canada had both human and signal intelligence indicating the involvement of Indian Govt officials in this crime. The CBS reporter mentioned that the source of signal information was from 5 eyes country and the human intelligence was obtained during ongoing criminal investigation. The CBS reporter claimed that although this intelligence information may never ever appear in a court, Canada was sufficiently confident to have made the allegation public. The reporter also mentioned that Indian MEA officials including Indian foreign minister were presented with this information which they all accepted as true but categorically mentioned that they would deny this in public …. Again the information seemed too far-fetched to be true with too many loose ends … since this intel cannot go to court they have no evidence to prove anything against India and since they claim Indian will deny this in public WHAT IS ALL THIS RUCKUS about ? also if the Indians already know why don’t the Canadians make the details public… at least it would get Trudeau out of trouble …
@factspk373 2 aylar önce
if hindu rshtr is valid.. then sikh rashtr(khalistan) is super valid... but india will never be hindu rashtr because muslim population will be 50 crore soon in india.... 😂😂
@usernotfound40412 2 aylar önce
@@factspk373 bhai tab takk Hindu 120 Crore ho gye honge aur tu Christian ban gya hoga.
@dukhi_aatma372 2 aylar önce
is mayonnaise good for health?
@Factchekka 2 aylar önce
​@@dukhi_aatma372Yep...you should drink a glass first thing in the morning every day for long life!
@kirandeepchakraborty7921 2 aylar önce
Last 10 mins left me shattered. Such facets of our society are beyond shame.
@Indra-Ashura 2 aylar önce
You should do a report on Indian judiciary and why it continues to fail women and even men in certain cases. Cannot imagine having to wait 30 years for justice, it would only breed more anger and animosity.
@surendrabarsode8959 2 aylar önce
1. Why is Shekhar not allowing Jyoti to talk? He is interrupting her every two sentences!! Anyway, excellent work by Jyoti. 2. As regards 5 Eyes and the Canadian Pappu, a lot is going to happen in future. Having started well, it will be interesting to watch how Jai Shankar and Modi respond to Canada as the issue escalates.
@InnocentBoyV 2 aylar önce
I think he interrupted rightly. She was starting the story from middle
@vijaymenon5292 2 aylar önce
Thanks for an unbiased explanation in details.
@samsujzaman9624 2 aylar önce
The last part is the hard work reflected by research and fact finding by journalists who mostly do their job behind the scenes. God bless.
@JyotiYadav-sp2mb 2 aylar önce
Thank you for your comment. Jyoti Yadav
@An.Ordinary.Person 2 aylar önce
These people do good journalism (seems pretty unbiased) .. you have gained a new subscriber !
@885wc 2 aylar önce
They’re actually extremely biased but they do have a good research team and some of their videos are excellent.
@mayank1721 2 aylar önce
Biased towards whom,specifically? I'm new subscriber too ,will help to know..
@agnimitram340 2 aylar önce
The most unhyphenated news outlet in India that's for sure.
@ThePrintIndia 2 aylar önce
Thank you for your support, my friend...best wishes, Shekhar
@maheshdocherla 2 aylar önce
What defines journalism is objectivity and presenting both sides of the story AFTER being properly fact checked. NOT bringing personal prejudices into the matter although any educated person realises that that is IMPOSSIBLE. That is why, there is debate. Only when you debate with another person and are shown the mirror of your arguments will you realise where you lost your objectivity and let your own prejudices color the story as well as the research behind the story. The 4W1H maybe what defines journalism BUT that is followed in every subject based on science and reality. Hence, when we watch your editors like Dilip Mandal & Jyoti Malhotra & sometimes even your legal correspondents, it is quite obvious that they have already taken sides and are presenting their prejudices NOT researched and objective stories. DILIP MANDAL is one of the most glaring anomalies that I have ever seen. He talks about Ambedkar but what he says is exactly what Ambedkar DID NOT WANT. He is completely unaware of the world outside of the DALIT sphere and that too, he seems to be aware of only the subaltern, never the mainstream. Compare that with Praveen Swami & Snehesh Alex Phillips and yourself. So, I don't know how you are doing your editorial controls. It seems very obvious that when one editor is presenting a story, you don't even present to your own colleagues to metaphorically look into the mirror. I am a physician, and every physician, during training, always has to present the case to his whole unit before treatment decisions are made and if the case is tough or does not make sense, we bring in other departments to get a fresh perspective and try to solve the problem. Rare cases are again present to the wider department and again the whole approach is questioned. Deaths are brought up in MORTALITY MEETS and the whole hospital comes down on your head. This is how we learn and gradually try to achieve a completely detached and objective perspective as much as humanly possible AND, by the way, comparing journalists livelihoods between India & the world, you are still well off compared to doctors in India vs the world. PLEASE PUT THIS ARGUMENT OF MINE IN FRONT OF ALL YOUR EDITORS AND CONSIDER THE VALIDITY OF MY CRITICISM. YOU ARE JOURNALIST WHO RECORD WHAT HAPPENS IN THE FIELD AND MANY OF THE TIMES YOU ARE NOT A SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT IN THE FIELD. ONE CLASSIC EXAMPLE THAT I WAS CONSTANTLY LAUGHING AT DURING COVID WAS YOUR REPEATED PRESENTATIONS FROM DATA SCIENTISTS. NONE OF THEM LIVED IN INDIA NOR WERE ANY OF THEM CLINICIANS AND THEY WERE ANALYSING THE VICTIMS NOT THE PERPETRATOR. YOUR DATA PRESENTATIONS ON COVID WERE OF NO USE TO ANYONE. Similar is the issue with NUPUR SHARMA. I really doubt any of you have even watched ZAKIR NAIK or any of the debates on the religion or even the documented videos on youtube and newsprint or even its history to understand where the ideology comes from That coverage finally broke the straw and now I come only to gather information from you and analyse it myself. Even in this FIVE EYES topic, you have never understood its basis because you don't know the cultural & religious imperative & impetus on which the ideas have formed and the institute created. WINSTON CHURCHILL is a pure product of Christian self righteousness & racial supremacist, not very different from Hitler, except that he was NOT megalomaniac like HITLER. While on the other hand, you have till now NOT EVEN REALISED we have a megalomaniac running a state in India. AND, your coverage is only of North & West India and foreign affairs. I have seen two episodes of D.K.SINGH [who is good, by the way] on Tamilnadu & Andhra politics, where he atleast agrees that he is clueless. You got excellent analysts in both episodes who were local, experienced and objective. IN complete contrast are Dilip Mandal.
@BharatiyaVaasi 2 aylar önce
There are few things to consider on India-Canada row in my opinion. There could be more. 1. Globe and Mail of Canada got a tip about Canadian agencies having evidence about Indian Gov involvement and they were going to run with it, which forced Trudeau to announce in the parliament. 2. Upside for Trudeau by going public with the anouncement a) He will gain few percentage of votes from Jagmeet's and conservative's base. b) He will change public opinion about the upcoming public enquiry on foreign interference. c) Gain some percentage in the opinion polls. d) He never has to reveal the evidence as it contains SIGINT from 5 eye countries. e) He knows India or any other country would never cooperate in these kinds of allegations as the hunt would reveal other secrets from both sides. f) He can drag this issue till the elections and slowly blame it on lack of support from India and other allies. 3 Downside for Trudeau a) If India proves that this happened due to Khalistani gang violence, Trudeau will be in a soup. b) If he doesnt do anything about this issue, Jagmeet Singh may pull out his support. c) Jagmeet's support among the Sikh community may wane if there are no results. d) Sikh community may vote for conservatives as majority of them dont support Khalistani movement or/and they will get tired of this issue. e) There will be divisions within Sikh community and between Sikhs and Hindus which I think will be the biggest issue. f) US and western countries will not support him as they all need India to balance China. g) India is doing a damn good job exposing Khalistani movement and its supporters like Harmeet Singh Nijjar and Jagmeet Singh. h) Trade and economic implications which may result in him losing the election. i) Trudeau will become irrelevant in the world politics if there are no results or support from allies.
@gretzkyhater1020 2 aylar önce
Some valid thoughts and facts to look into. Good for you for not attacking innocent sikhs that are not involved and keeping this straight to facts or possible outcomes.
@sunilmalgave7667 2 aylar önce
What I think is this opportunity given by Canada has been very well used by Indians. These days all sorts of criminals escape from India and settle in "other" countries. And even giving after lot of evidence somehow "these" countries don't co-operate with India. This went on ... now under Modi, he has taken India to another level. Economy, development and what not. His critics always don't see this part as of now India is now in such a position that don't take "nonsense" anymore. My "reading" is this ...India is giving "message" to other countries in the world that"enough is enough".
@jugchats 2 aylar önce
Fantastic and high quality journalism
@abhishekkashyap9446 2 aylar önce
Deadly serious and interesting espionage not boring for me ❤
@kapilnanda9895 2 aylar önce
Great coverage . I was hoping for more on this series. Thanks Shekhar ji
@pp_01123 2 aylar önce
Jyoti is one of the best reporters! I rarely miss her articles, this article was very unique. Hope she becomes India's best reporter :)
@JyotiYadav-sp2mb 2 aylar önce
Thank you so much for your kind words. I hope to bring more and more stories from the ground. Jyoti Yadav
@Siddharth_Rao 2 aylar önce
Good episode by Shekhar. Kudos to Jyoti for an eye opening and heartbreaking story of Bhawari Devi. Shekhar, its not "fashionable" to show a mirror to journalists, your fraternity did this to yoursel es and your profession. Why are you scared of being kept in check by your paid subscribers or the general public? I dont know if you know but where there is BS, stink does spread.
@alliswell3372 2 aylar önce
I know about this long time ago as my visa from Canada⁩ was declined and then was applying for Australia and thinking I will not mention my earlier rejection then I found that 5 eyes country also share immigration data so they would know my earlier rejection of regardless bot mentioning in Australia visa application so I ditched my plan to apply. But let's say if I apply to Europe or other lot of countries. They wouldn't ha e access to earlier immigration data unless they ask the other country. In 5 eyes they even to ask they share a mutual immigration data where they can acces theu a coomon software system where criminals, deportees, or overstayers Information will also be in Data.
@jaydeepgadhavi5465 2 aylar önce
Interesting information regarding the five eyes alliance. For the first time, I heard the term "crptanalysis"
@srirama1988 2 aylar önce
Thank you for sharing the story on Bhanvari Devi. Good fround reporting by The Print
@JyotiYadav-sp2mb 2 aylar önce
Thank you for reading her story. Jyoti Yadav
@ajaygupta3713 2 aylar önce
thanks for sharing such story , lot to learn from you sir
@manasmohanty2518 2 aylar önce
Outstanding journalism. Veteran Sekhar Gupta and the young Jyoti Yadav , thankful for keeping our hope in journalism alive.
@JyotiYadav-sp2mb 2 aylar önce
Thank you for such kind words. Jyoti Yadav
@poppinc8145 2 aylar önce
Expecting parity between Canadian and Indian diplomatic staff numbers isn't logical. There's far, far more people in India who want to get into Canada than the other way around. The Canadian embassy probably has huge crowds and therefore needs more staff.
@hollister2320 Aylar önce
God bless the Anglosphere and 5 Eyes 🇬🇧🇨🇦🇦🇺🇳🇿🇺🇸 so cool and powerful
@r.k.sundaram4822 2 aylar önce
Dear shekarji. Kudos again No can one present the information as you do in all aspects 😅quality, Depth , breadth above all Unbiased Blessings RKSundaram
@ThePrintIndia 2 aylar önce
Thank you for your kind words and wishes, RK Sundaram ji. Do keep watching and writing in...best wishes, Shekhar
@anshu_1601 2 aylar önce
Its a very good thing that this incident happened right at the beginning of our relationship with America....However, I have to say that it our diplomats who used phone and emails have to be suitably reprimanded for behaving in such unprofessional manner if India was indeed carrying out a wet operation...
@AmitKumarAlphaX 2 aylar önce
Great work Jyoti & Shekhar ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥
@JyotiYadav-sp2mb 2 aylar önce
Thank you for appreciating our work. Jyoti Yadav
@mangala1952 2 aylar önce
First 15 minutes was like history class
@nightfury9698 2 aylar önce
Great work Jyoti Jadav and Print team for bring this infornt of us.🎉
@JyotiYadav-sp2mb 2 aylar önce
Thank you for your comment. Jyoti Yadav
@sakinaimani4326 2 aylar önce
Really felt for the story done by Jyothi Yadav i understand it takes too much efforts and courage to write a story about a woman facing atrocities by another woman
@JyotiYadav-sp2mb 2 aylar önce
Thank you for reading Bhanwari Devi's story and her many fights. Jyoti Yadav
@shivanshivan6704 2 aylar önce
Only one conclusion. Strength begets respect. Soft power is not enough. Military power is what matters.
@SS-vo4kl 2 aylar önce
My mother was married when she was 2 years old to my father who was 12. And she was sent to sasural halting studies in 10th class then after 5 years after giving birth to 2 children she resumed studies fighting inlaws. Very Very common in Haryana & Rajasthan.
@vijaykalra811 2 aylar önce
Accusing them first and then asking India their help in investigating the accusation, I have no idea what Trudeau was thinking!! May be he was high on something we don't know about.
@ululukululu450 2 aylar önce
rise of India may benefit the USA and absolutely Japan, but in no way does it benefit Canada and Australia. Infact, india's rise as another English-speaking power is almost detrimental to Australia and very bad for Canada too. Canada and Australia are both trying to be another English speaking power that is not the USA. If india fills that role, what purpose is left for Canada and Australia? Australia is an Indian Ocean superpower and rise of India will inadvertently mean rise of india's presence in indian Ocean.
@Factchekka 2 aylar önce
@@ululukululu450 Australia is not a "super-power" nor is it trying to be. We only have a small military. The stronger our relationship with India the better for both our economies. We have a large Indian diaspora here which will only continue to grow.
@panimeda245 2 aylar önce
Applaud you for this story and this age and time. Women empowerment must be done. I support that the lady should get justice and dingnity back to her.
@JyotiYadav-sp2mb 2 aylar önce
Than you for watching. Jyoti Yadav
@IndranilFromIndia 2 aylar önce
From an Indian in north America -- this certainly is the most significant political event in the "Indo-Pacific" theater. Canada has solid evidence of Indian spy agency's extra-judicial killings and Indians have provided visual evidence of Canadians providing safe haven for terrorists. Relationships with Canada have been suspended for now and there are extraordinary questions about the Modi regime being asked. India is not the world's largest democracy , but the largest authoritarian countries with the bigger versions of Iran and Russia. Excellent theatrics! This is apparently JT's survival question and Modi has turned Canada into a "new Pakistan". These are serious questions!
@nickoliver100 2 aylar önce
Amazing reporter Jyothi Yadav.. unbelievable story great introduction
@JyotiYadav-sp2mb 2 aylar önce
Thank you for watching. Jyoti Yadav
@ashokjain5940 2 aylar önce
I can’t understand why Sekhar mixed up such a heart rending story of Bhavri Devi with the so called 5i. Is it a marketing strategy of Sekar, bring audience in with the Canada Trudeau story and send them home with the high voltage shock of Bhavri and Bua. In any case Jyoti’s efforts are worthy of commendation. And I am impressed with or lesson summing up too, she has made the story straight out of UR Ananthamurthy. I’d however tag Justin Trudeau and his ancestors as the same scum as Bhavri’s rapist.
@JyotiYadav-sp2mb 2 aylar önce
I am glad that you liked the story. Thank you for your valuable feedback, Ashok ji. Jyoti Yadav
@ranjitpal9937 2 aylar önce
IF Shekhar Ji or Any Reporter Can Answer " WHY 3 Times DIPLOMAT " Is In Present in India 🇮🇳
@argosaha9318 2 aylar önce
That is because more Indians come to Canada than Canadians traveling to India. That is why there are more Canadian consular offices in India
@drshibank 2 aylar önce
Nice to know that Canada reduction of diplomatic staff in India is hurting them but of what they alleged about India having hand in killing of Nirrjar was very flattering for us.
@dandmello5283 2 aylar önce
❤❤ Love the original Indan journalism Journalism... thanks Shekar
@paulmorais476 2 aylar önce
Picture a scenario where the Indian government endorsed & backed the Quebec referendum. It's akin to what @JustinTrudeau is currently doing 🇨🇦! #CanadianPolitics #SovereigntyDiscussion
@gayatricasey6618 2 aylar önce
Jyoti yadav ji we are proud to have reporters like you. This story is very close to my heart. Women like bhanwari devi, phoolan devi are the true revolutionaries produced in Bharat ..
@JyotiYadav-sp2mb 2 aylar önce
Thank you very much. I am so glad that I was able to bring this story out. Jyoti Yadav
@gayatricasey6618 2 aylar önce
@@JyotiYadav-sp2mb 🙏✨️🙌
@anant4251 2 aylar önce
Delay of justice = injustice
@thepenguinwolf 2 aylar önce
My view of Shekhar Gupta has changed very much by watching CTC. I think he is more neutral than any other journalist I follow.
@naveenjayapal2331 2 aylar önce
"more neutral than any other journalist I folow"...not neutral?
@thepenguinwolf 2 aylar önce
@@naveenjayapal2331 that's my view.
@RahulKumar-ng2gh 2 aylar önce
​@@thepenguinwolfmay be you haven't read the coup story 🤣🤣
@mercury8706 2 aylar önce
Wait wait aur dekho is ki 😎
@Rocky77333 2 aylar önce
Sir i learn so much from you Thank you
@yyzag23 2 aylar önce
Usually Indian journalism doesn't get much recognition for objectivity and complete research. However, Canada has repeatedly buried the Khalistan issue for years and all Canadian media outlets did that purposely. The fact that this is news to most Canadians is proof of how they failed Canadians. Indo-canadians and Indians knew this. Indo Canadians overwhelmingly just want to move on. The anglosphere thrives on keeping the developing world divided, this isn't a surprise. Thank God this content exists to actually educate people who want to know the full picture. It's stupid that the Canadian government is siding against the 2M indo canadians that weren't considered when harboring extremists.
@TheRationalistStudent-tc9ub 2 aylar önce
Thanks for sharing the story of Bhanwari Devi. That's a failure of our society and country that she didn't get any justice.
@JyotiYadav-sp2mb 2 aylar önce
Thank you for reading Bhanwari Devi's story. Jyoti Yadav
@muhammadaslamtariq8035 2 aylar önce
Excellent analysis. Lovely Vlog
@subhadip.mondal 2 aylar önce
Other than USA India is not overly reliant on Canada, Newzeland or Australia. In case if there is complete ban of any ties or trade Even if at start it may be difficult but over a year or two India will manage and overcome the losses. India major relies on Saudi countries, Israel, European Union countries , UK and USA, Russia and to some extent China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Singapore. India doesnot need Canada , Mexico Pakistan, Bangladesh , Turkey, Afgansitan, Nigeria and other countries who are involved in harbouring Terrorrism, illegal drugs and human traficking. So no issues in breaking of diplomatic ties with Canada. Indians doesnot even bother about Canada as a majority. Now in this era West needs India more than we need them. Whateevr is happening is all for good for India in long run.
@rohitkashyap1051 2 aylar önce
Credible alligations is like Iraq having WMDs
@narasimharao9492 2 aylar önce
If India is not co operating,, then Canada also has not cooperated with India. In any worst case,, we always have Lawrence Bhisnoi to take the blame.. But this oppurtunity should be used fully to expose Canada and defame it as a safe haven for all the bad guys.
@suntha 2 aylar önce
Very informative and disapointed at the same time when it turned into non English for us non-Hindi speakers in the US.
@Mary-AnnMcGowan-lx6en 2 aylar önce
Brilliant. Thanks for posting.
@abc39722 2 aylar önce
Why doesn't Canada share the evidence in public, if they have it ? If allegations aee made in public then so should be the evidences.
@iArpanMishra 2 aylar önce
Jyoti is one of the best journalists in India! Thanks, SG!
@JyotiYadav-sp2mb 2 aylar önce
Thank you Arpan ji for your kind words. Jyoti Yadav
@ni-31 2 aylar önce
I think it is in our best interest to dial this down. The Anglo nations (I'll leave out NZ) are the only few countries that are serious about dealing with China. Japan and ROK are probably the only other countries outside the Anglosphere that are serious about the threat. In spite of being a nuisance under Trudeau, Canada can be a major sources of natural resources. Trudeau is trying to dial it down, take him up on the offer. Obviously if they want help from India they need to address the concerns we have with the wretched Khalistanis as well. Cooperation cannot be a one way street. Lastly, if anyone thinks America is going to pick us over Canada in any dispute, forget about it. The trust and integration which they have with Canada is probably the tightest between any two ntions, anywhere in the world. Even though Canada has a clown for prime minister, it is basically like a 51st state. They will go along with the United States' every step. The US will never alienate such a partner even if it wants to draw India to its camp. Lets not forget, as a country we have historically always refused to pick a side. Of course things are changing but they'll take time. This is not a crisis we need right now.
@stairwaytoheaven1719 2 aylar önce
Are you living in India or abroad?
@2010anilshukla 2 aylar önce
Best was reserved for the last in this episode 👍
@JyotiYadav-sp2mb 2 aylar önce
Thank you for watching. Jyoti Yadav
@gautam2880 2 aylar önce
My congratulations Jyoti ji for your stories. and Shekhar Gupta for identifying talent. Allow us to invite you to our house in Rewari for some more local stories
@JyotiYadav-sp2mb 2 aylar önce
Thank you for your comment. Jyoti Yadav
@-Guru 2 aylar önce
Solution is simple. Intent to crackdown on separatists (terrorists according to India) and real action against them, will change India’s heart and mind…and it is the right thing to do. When Harper was Prime Minister, Separatists were under control and the relationship with India was thriving. When other countries including U.S., U.K, Australia are focused on signing trade agreements, Canada is focused on supporting extremist activities. Why? As Shashi Taroor said, there is more separatist activities in Canada than in India. It is definitely a distraction. Canadians in general (99%) do not want this. But liberals, because of their minority politics ruing the country, more than one way…
@vaghelas4719 2 aylar önce
The only problem/weakness Bharat had in the past is we always waited for approval from west.
@TrendSuresh 2 aylar önce
Non other than US play after Moon landing and G21. Mostly because of Ukraine got bloody nose in G20. But as far as India is concern its expected and we are waiting for more to come, but unfortunately this time west should be ready for more from India as well.
@Vikram_l 2 aylar önce
Would be very helpful if Jyoti and Shekhar Sir's conversation has English Subtitles
@davidmackinnon2515 2 aylar önce
Hit the cc icon when you tap the screen while the video is playing. The subtitles option is there
@siddharthg8134 2 aylar önce
18:30 FYI domestically Canadian Govt is always accused of doing this employing way more people than necessary in every department. Canadian Government is highly inefficient and useless institution. And critics even say Canadian Govt employs too many people to reduce unemployment to an extent. Job market is very bad and it has always been like this.
@mayankselot 2 aylar önce
Hi Shekhar, I bring your kind attention to your reporters who while speaking with foreign counter parts refer to them as 'Sir'. Not once but several times. I live overseas and feel like we Indians are still in colonial Era. Everywhere else ppl are addressed by their name and that is not disrespectful. Can you please initiate a little change within The Print to stop this culture of considering oneself so low! Everyone is equal so why lower your own image. Thanks Mayank
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