Hugging Another Dog Too Long | Jealous Dog Reaction

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Tucker Budzyn

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Hugging Another Dog Too Long | Jealous Dog Reaction
We had Tucker's friend Riley over for the week and Tucker just could not handle it whenever we showed Riley any attention. This is how he reacts when I give Riley a hug!
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주방의 향기 LalaSunny
주방의 향기 LalaSunny 9 saatler önce
질투하는구나 ㅎㅎ
Idiot sandwich🦌
Idiot sandwich🦌 19 saatler önce
Liliana Parsons
Liliana Parsons Gün önce
My dog gets. Jealous if I hug another. Dog she growls and like does something really cute
Imadirtnigga Gün önce
Linda is hot
sirroarsalot 03
sirroarsalot 03 Gün önce
My dog acts just like Tucker
Gajabsbs Sjjsnsjs
Gajabsbs Sjjsnsjs Gün önce
Bom dia pai
artisteri i
artisteri i 2 gün önce
what is wrong with those 19 thousand pepz??
Wooffy_ Dog
Wooffy_ Dog 2 gün önce
hekkin camera Linda up to no good 😂 That face
Gabby C's World
Gabby C's World 4 gün önce
Advice for tucker when this happen again: whine and do you puppy eyes 🥺
Gabby C's World
Gabby C's World 4 gün önce
Because you already CUTE
Paul Altefogt
Paul Altefogt 5 gün önce
Get rid of Tucker
Madison Rivera
Madison Rivera 5 gün önce
Fisrt thing you see when the cam is on We see a tucker
Rachelle Ruhm
Rachelle Ruhm 5 gün önce
Now tucker shall now do:Hugging another person Too long\Jealous Linda reaction
Prabhulal Dangi
Prabhulal Dangi 5 gün önce
Children love to have pet and parents love to not give them one.
Cupcake 5 gün önce
41million !!!! Love you so much
Iga rojek
Iga rojek 6 gün önce
Sonu Kumar
Sonu Kumar 6 gün önce
I now follow you.
Suriya prakaash Suriya prakaash
Suriya prakaash Suriya prakaash 7 gün önce
Love you tucker
Suriya prakaash Suriya prakaash
Suriya prakaash Suriya prakaash 7 gün önce
clxudii Stxr
clxudii Stxr 7 gün önce
Arooba Zahid
Arooba Zahid 7 gün önce
Tucker: promise! Linda: ok i promise but she broke it.
Paul Altefogt
Paul Altefogt 8 gün önce
How we get rid of the other dog
Muntaha Binte Amin
Muntaha Binte Amin 8 gün önce
Turker so jealous at if u hug another dog. 😂👌
LeBron's Hairline
LeBron's Hairline 8 gün önce
So cute. Tuck loves Linda soooo much
Safari The Labrador
Safari The Labrador 9 gün önce
Florencia Lamilla
Florencia Lamilla 9 gün önce
riley: pray for me plz
Rachellicya Ristioni
Rachellicya Ristioni 10 gün önce
Carl Tripulca
Carl Tripulca 10 gün önce
I like your dogs so cute
Vishwajith Banala
Vishwajith Banala 10 gün önce
Tucker rn: ¨how long has this been going on¨
Bailey Duncan
Bailey Duncan 11 gün önce
•Pølīšh Čøw•
•Pølīšh Čøw• 11 gün önce
This is like my dog getting mad when I hug my cat .-.
v vlog Da anna
v vlog Da anna 11 gün önce
What beautifel😍
• JB •
• JB • 11 gün önce
Poor riley but also XD
tris 12 gün önce
Omg omg, I'm not sure but the line "I win old man" (2:25)is it like a reference from the Harry Potter !!!??? LINDA AND TUCKER ARE HP FANS!!? MAKES ME LOVE THE EVEN MOREEEE!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤
Mylin Ramos
Mylin Ramos 12 gün önce
Dats big doggos and fluff
SUGAR BOO 13 gün önce
I hate tuckeerrrrrrrrrtrrrrrtttrrrrrrdrdrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Sanaya Greaves
Sanaya Greaves 13 gün önce
I can’t stop laughing 😂😂😂
Ben Flynn
Ben Flynn 14 gün önce
When you gonna hit dog #2 ?
Balwant Singh
Balwant Singh 14 gün önce
LA Planet Squad
LA Planet Squad 15 gün önce
Men are just dogs! I would be jealous too
oʟsen marᴛınez
oʟsen marᴛınez 15 gün önce
*top 10 animé betrayals*
Kearatwa Makgale
Kearatwa Makgale 16 gün önce
Riley looks like Fenway Like so I can see who agrees 👇
Abrar Md abrar
Abrar Md abrar 16 gün önce
I love dogs
Mendes Army
Mendes Army 17 gün önce
Tucker is so chubby! ♥️♥️
Logwee Nathan
Logwee Nathan 17 gün önce
These show about enjoyment process
Libélula 17 gün önce
I need one 🥰☝🏼
Babulabdulsoben babul
Babulabdulsoben babul 18 gün önce
Mark Milan
Mark Milan 18 gün önce
Fortune teller: 'One day you will be jealous of two dogs'! Me: 'No way' Today: 'mmm!
Angeles Flores
Angeles Flores 18 gün önce
Love your puppies and dogs and videos🤪🤣😜😟😜😜😉☺️😝
cleveland mortician
cleveland mortician 18 gün önce
Worst comments on youtube
Martin 19 gün önce
Does anyone else watch this video at least once a day? Given everything going on in the world, it is quite cathartic to just watch some floofy entertaining goodness
Solider doge
Solider doge 19 gün önce
I remember this being the first tucker video I watched 🥺😢
Per Tho
Per Tho 19 gün önce
Love you cannle
Kai Phillips
Kai Phillips 19 gün önce
If I had tucker I will never hug another doggo
Mariano Martiniano
Mariano Martiniano 20 gün önce
Top 💕🌹🌻😁👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Mariano Martiniano
Mariano Martiniano 20 gün önce
Ranendra Singh Sawan
Ranendra Singh Sawan 20 gün önce
Tucker yr adorable!!!!!!!! If cuteness had a name then it wud be DOGS
Jiya Pandey
Jiya Pandey 20 gün önce
Linda upto no good 😆
Jurix Gaming
Jurix Gaming 21 gün önce
1:31 K. O
Shobha Tadse
Shobha Tadse 20 gün önce
Bagos Mania
Bagos Mania 21 gün önce
Hello 🙏
salam salam
salam salam 21 gün önce
قال الله تعالى وَلَقَدْ كَرَّمْنَا بَنِي آدَمَ وَحَمَلْنَاهُمْ فِي الْبَرِّ وَالْبَحْرِ وَرَزَقْنَاهُم مِّنَ الطَّيِّبَاتِ وَفَضَّلْنَاهُمْ عَلَىٰ كَثِيرٍ مِّمَّنْ خَلَقْنَا تَفْضِيلًا الحمد لله على نعمة الإسلام
Aimloqr 21 gün önce
TARIK MOUNIH 22 gün önce
He heats u lmao😄😄😄 I wudnt!
غارق في بحر الضلمات
غارق في بحر الضلمات 22 gün önce
أنا كلب🐕🐕 خذوني معاكم أخوكم الصوغير
Gigs Z
Gigs Z 22 gün önce
Tucker is a possessive bf
Zoya Shaikh
Zoya Shaikh 22 gün önce
When u have tucker I guess you don't need a boyfriend even if you have one😂😂
Sunil Dhikar
Sunil Dhikar 20 gün önce
Xxx the P
Lumena Tune
Lumena Tune 22 gün önce
i can do adoption dress black?????.
TallCoolDrink 22 gün önce
You know she's a loving owner when she wears a black dress, and gets all dolled-up just for her dogs.
Mih7g7 Ùugih
Mih7g7 Ùugih 18 gün önce
Saša Petrović
Saša Petrović 23 gün önce
1:32 😂😂😂
samira bande
samira bande 23 gün önce
William Austin-King
William Austin-King 23 gün önce
Why is "Holman" universally recognised?
Genessis Lopez
Genessis Lopez 23 gün önce
No one steals your girl/LINDA
Genessis Lopez
Genessis Lopez 23 gün önce
Good job TUCKER 👍
Jezreel Ammakiw
Jezreel Ammakiw 24 gün önce
What is the breed of tucker?
Franklin Trevor
Franklin Trevor 24 gün önce
Hug me baby girl
Julie V
Julie V 24 gün önce
1:31 that was dangerous ouch!
Ruby Hillman
Ruby Hillman 25 gün önce
This is a hekkin good time to be alive!
Green cyborg -green hat
Green cyborg -green hat 25 gün önce
Juan arturo Gonzales cardozo
Juan arturo Gonzales cardozo 25 gün önce
kavi seewoogoolam
kavi seewoogoolam 25 gün önce
What the 😑😕
Mattias Schatz
Mattias Schatz 25 gün önce
My two favorit breeds are Pugs/Mops and Golden retrievers.
Mangal Salunke
Mangal Salunke 25 gün önce
Sanjeev Mukherjee
Sanjeev Mukherjee 25 gün önce
Trucker will be become fucker😀
Beth Babik
Beth Babik 25 gün önce
Tucker you get as much love
Zara Rizvanovic
Zara Rizvanovic 25 gün önce
I feel bad for Tucker he’s so jealous🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😆
Dominga Medina Santos
Dominga Medina Santos 25 gün önce
Ví Z
Norma Redoble Fernandez
Norma Redoble Fernandez 26 gün önce
human being
human being 26 gün önce
Ramit Aggarwal
Ramit Aggarwal 26 gün önce
Hekking camera...... linda is up to no good😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
donna pham
donna pham 26 gün önce
Hello Tucker. We love you...
Kearatwa Makgale
Kearatwa Makgale 27 gün önce
Hmm why wouldd you name a boy Riley
Isaiah Apple
Isaiah Apple 18 gün önce
Because that’s a boy name. 😂
Dog cute
Dog cute 27 gün önce
Nice video 👍🌿💕☘️🍃🌺🌸💮🌼👍💕🌿☘️🌺🍃💮🌸🌼🍃🌺💕☘️🌿☘️🌺💮🌼🌸🍃💕👍💕🌸🌼💮🌺☘️🌿☘️🌺💮🌼🌸🍃💕👍💕🍃🌸🌼💮🌺☘️🌿☘️🌺💮🌼🌸🍃💕👍💕🍃🌸🌼🌺☘️🌺💮🌼🌸🍃💕👍💕🍃🌸🌼💮🌺☘️🌿
Dog cute
Dog cute 27 gün önce
SUPER 👍💕👍💕👍💕👍💕💕👍💕👍💕👍💕👍💕👍💕👍💕👍💕👍💕👍💕👍💕💕👍👍💕💕👍💕👍💕👍💕👍💕👍💕👍💕👍💕👍💕👍👍💕👍💕👍💕👍💕👍💕👍👍💕👍💕💕👍💕👍👍💕👍💕👍💕👍💕👍💕👍💕👍💕👍💕👍👍💕👍💕👍👍💕👍💕💕👍💕👍💕👍💕👍💕👍💕👍💕👍💕👍💕👍
Lindsey S.
Lindsey S. 27 gün önce
Does Riley have an owner
SCP 049
SCP 049 27 gün önce
gud boi=good boy tamnks=tanks chimken chicken learn englisch pls
Gerry Nightingale
Gerry Nightingale 28 gün önce
*I foresee a 'poop-gift' left on someone's pillow for the 'kissy-kissy good boy!' attention given to some other dog* *And possibly shoes 'ripped-up' as well*
P. latha
P. latha 28 gün önce
Aurelio Rivas
Aurelio Rivas 28 gün önce
JUDITH Por borran y lo que ponen no entiendo que pasa mi amor yo no les ago nada sugjut
M. C.
M. C. 29 gün önce
If I was tucker I would just sit there to make Linda feel bad then get hugs 😛
Marcos Scapim
Marcos Scapim 29 gün önce
what dog? cant see any....
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