Timeshift: Looking For Mr Bond, OO7 At The BBC - James Bond Documentary

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The James Bond Visual Archive

The James Bond Visual Archive

Yıl önce

Timeshift: Looking For Mr Bond, OO7 At The BBC - This is a documentary looking at the history of the James Bond films, using archive footage from the BBC. Contains rare behind the scenes footage and interview clips. Includes comments from Ian Fleming, Cubby Broccoli, Harry Saltzman, Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig and many other cast/crew. (Oct 2015)

Due to the age of the recording there may be some quality issues with picture or sound. All the videos, songs, images and graphics used in these videos belong to their respective owners and I or this channel does not claim any rights over them.

Lexington Deville84
Lexington Deville84 Yıl önce
Having binge watched all the Bond films recently (3 a day in case you’re all wondering), I think Dalton was a criminally underrated 007. He brought the character back down to Earth after the camp excesses of the Roger Moore era, and was stern, ruthless and gritty. It’s such a shame he never did at least 2 more thanks to the legal issues in the 90’s.
Mark Hunter
Mark Hunter Yıl önce
I can’t imagine the Bond movies being as captivating without the awesome music scores of John Barry
chan kenneth
chan kenneth Yıl önce
Both Sean and Roger are legends...RIP...Sir Sean and Sir Roger!!!
Donna Kerr
Donna Kerr
Once again the BBC shows up to do a splendid documentary on a subject that still is relevant today.Thank you very much.
Very interesting to hear Lazenby's take on the matter; he was an excellent Bond! All the actors were great!
Andrew Casali
Andrew Casali Yıl önce
Trevor Dodd
Trevor Dodd
Having watched every single Bond movie over the years I had always considered Connery to be the very best by far until Daniel Craig came along, who in my opinion outshone all his predecessors. He will be a very difficult act to follow.
Graeme Hill
Graeme Hill Yıl önce
Getting Her Majesty to do that little skit with Bond was an absolute masterpiece.
Ash Roskell
Ash Roskell
Only the BBC could make a retrospective documentary of this quality, insight and sheer entertainment value. Their use of John Barry’s music to score the whole experience is really beautifully done, not just providing continuity but cleverly underlining the high levels of talent required from all of those involved in the Bond universe. Excellent stuff.
Freddy L
Freddy L Yıl önce
Love it, love it, love it. I'm a James bond fan since I was little. Sean Connery is the original bond. He is the man. The other bond actors will always be the greatest of what they gave us. Great bond movies, ALWAYS!!!!!!. Love you James Bond. You are always my hero.
Gilles Chercuitte
Gilles Chercuitte Yıl önce
My first Bond was Thunderball but I was only hooked by Live or Let Die so I have to say Roger Moore was my Bond but again when Never Say Never came out I became a Sean Connery convert. He really won me over. I real Bond fan shouldn’t pit Bond against Bond. Looking back each actor gave a different style that ultimately added to the final character that Craig played. The next one will be telling.
Manav Patra
Manav Patra
Food Reacts
Food Reacts
fair play for Roger enjoying the role and laughing with it
Murugesan Mani
Murugesan Mani Yıl önce
May his soul rest in peace my favourite and ultimate real James bond sir Sean Connery
Doug Thompson
Doug Thompson
I think Sean was the best. But Pierce did a great job as Bond and I enjoyed him immensely. I always like Roger Moore but was not a fan of most of his Bond Films. Although his early ones were quite good. And I very much like what Daniel Craig did with the part. All in all, with just few exceptions, Bond is in good condition. I have no idea what they will do after the latest, No Time to Die.
MrDavey2010 Yıl önce
Absolutely brilliant entertainment. Never seen this programme. Tank a lot for uploading!
Food Reacts
Food Reacts
Pierce did his job as Bond, Bring James bond back and make it great
Jacqueline Yıl önce
Timothy Dalton, in my opinion, was the ultimate actor to play James Bond as he had the original make up of the character, used the character development of the Fleming books to stay true to its form. His character was dark, mysterious and brooding as evident, which stood out from Sean Connery and Roger Moore's role - who were playful and quite tongue n cheek. Licence to Kill is one of my favourite bond films and Goldeneye. Pierce Brosnan is another actor who played the role of bond quite true to its form, with Goldeneye being dark and mysterious as it reflected the Soviet union regime in the 90s, so was military in content.
Primodummy92 Yıl önce
I'd love to see more of that live Brosnan interview, never seen that before outside of this doc!
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