The Mexican-American War - Explained in 16 minutes

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The Mexican-American War - Explained in 16 minutes
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TheCsel 2 yıl önce
Also of note are the Irish brigades that fought for Mexico. Many were immigrants to America, and many deserted the US Army. The irish were catholic and catholics were distrusted and faced prejudice in the US Army, and since many of the Irish were not officially American citizens yet, they abandoned American army to fight for Mexico which was predominately catholic. They were some of the most experienced and fierce fighters in Mexico, and if captured they were treated as deserters and traitors.
SG Yıl önce
Well, this story failed to mention the reason why Texas decided to break away from Mexico. Short version: Back then Mexico allowed immigrants to settle in the northern part of the territory, but needed to registered with the local authorities and learn the language (Spanish). Many immigrants comply but the vast majority just settled without registration in fact becoming illegals, and many brought slaves with them. Slavery was illegal in Mexico in that time. When Mexican officials, became aware of what was going on in Texas, they tried to reinforce its anti-slavery and immigration laws on its land, but it was too late.
Alexander Scherer
Alexander Scherer
Man, if I were a middle or high school history teacher in today's age I would use these videos to supplement like half of my lectures. Absolutely brilliant!
RK Matt
RK Matt
I love history and really never knew how deep the Mexican-American war went. Thank you for such a nicely put together very educational video! I think this video should be used in history curriculums
Kerbo 2 yıl önce
Imagine fighting 2 wars in spam of 10-15 years , without support and fighting 2 major superpowers, without good military personel , gotta admit ,that is having balls.
If anyone ever visits Mexico City, you’re welcome to visit the National Museum of Interventions in the Ancient Convent of Churubusco. This was the site of one of the last battles of the war and where a large collection of displays of that war and period survive.
Saul Goodman
Saul Goodman
Fun fact: The Mexican Emperor (Maximillian I of Mexico) was not a Mexican, in fact, he was an Austrian Archduke and a brother to Franz Josef I (Emperor of Austria-Hungary)
CarlosRex Yıl önce
As a Mexican, (don't mind my name or image lol) We are told about this war from a slightly different perspective. Many heroic actions...too many to be true. Our story is full of great moments, such as The Independence, the Battle for Fort Chapultepec, (I know we lost, but the greatness is still there) Battle of Puebla, etc. But in those times we were having severe problems. IN MY OPINION, that intervention was...unnecessary? sooner or earlier the main states would regain stability (It would be very hard, but we would have accomplished it.), and IN MY OPINION, the US just wanted to have more territory for their ambitions.
Chip Griffiths
Chip Griffiths
Over 50 years ago, while a freshman in high school, I had an amazing Mexican-American spanish teacher. Very little in your narrative wasn't included. One thing I've always wondered about that he told us. The term "gringo," according to him, came from US soldiers (mainly from Kentucky) singing the song "green grass of Kentucky" hence the shortened gringos. That's the only part of his narrative that I've never been able to verify.
John Murkwater
John Murkwater
This is actually a very good breakdown of that time in our shared history... I mean dang, it's only 16 minutes, but it hits on all of the main points and characters of the time, well done.
"For myself" Ulysses S Grant wrote later about the United States war against Mexico "I was bitterly opposed to the measure, and to this day regard the war, which resulted as one of the most unjust ever waged by a stronger against a weaker nation"
What ever happened in the past make us feel good or bad depending on different facts, one of them is where we were born. I am Mexican and this story is fascinating to me. If something had happened differently, for example, a single soldier who had not died, everything would have changed and none of us would exist.
ian Chapman
ian Chapman 2 yıl önce
At the time many people (well Military Professionals anyway) in Europe thought that that Mexico could very well win this war, or at the very least it would be a very bloody war. What people forget now with the perfection of hindsight was that on paper, Mexico a the time was at least as powerful militarily as the US (perhaps more), with the advantage of interior defense and very difficult terrain for any invader. What happened during that war was a stunning revelation as to how important political stability, professionalism in an army, and frankly economic might really was in a war. Latin America lost a lot of prestige during that war that was never regained. It also marked the start of the US being regarded as a 'western nation' at least on par with a European nation by the European world powers.
Learned recently that one of my great great grandfathers volunteered for the war and died in battle in Mexico City. But he was enlisted so they didn't bother to put his name on a historical marker. He was an Scottish immigrant who died for a country that couldn't be bothered to record and recognize his sacrifice. If it hadn't appeared in a local newspaper at the time we'd have no idea what happened to him.
The chaotic situation in Mexico prevented a curious clause in the boundary treaties with the United States signed in 1929, which consisted in letting it know that for the Mexican government Texas was delimited by the Río de las Nueces, something that was also used by Spaniards and French at the time. What would have allowed to create a special situation that would have prevented the war.
Anthony Piti
Anthony Piti
What is astounding is that so few troops (on either side) determined the outcome of about 1/2 the entire North American continent. It seems like once an "army" left a conquered town, the opposing side could just walk right in.
Joe Stubbernubbensteingenson
Joe Stubbernubbensteingenson Yıl önce
General Robert E. Lee once said, "The Civil War is our penance for the Mexican War" (or words to that effect.) General Grant agreed, as did many officer veterans of both wars.
Benj Smith Productions
Benj Smith Productions
Fun Fact: The Senate voted in favor of declaring war on Mexico and thus California, Texas and the Southwest eventually entering the Union, states that would be critical in the Civil War.... by one vote.
Dwight Kendall
Dwight Kendall 2 yıl önce
What I find interesting is how small these armies are.
SHIBBY Yıl önce
Mexico is the most beautiful tradegy work ever written but what makes it beautiful is that Mexicans still fight for a better future even when they have bad apples among themselves such as the government or criminal organizations the normal folk will always fight and work for a better future for its family with values and tradition that’s what makes the motherland great even if it doesn’t have a good economic status or the best stability
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