Continuing The Marble Science Experiment - Marble World Gameplay

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Hello everyone, we're back with another Marble World Video! Today we continue our Marble Science Experiment Run! I hope you enjoy the video!

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bla blub
bla blub 6 aylar önce
Is it maybe possible to sort marbles with different gravity? Maybe you can sort them back to there own colors after they mixed ? Maybe if they get boosted over a ramp they could take different path according to there gravity ? Or maybe send them down a spiralpath on the inside of a tube maybe they all take different path where you can catch them! Should be cool to see if that would work ! But not sure if that’s possible or if the marbles are consistent enough for that!
Danothy McTanothy
Danothy McTanothy 6 aylar önce
Dapper in a previous video: the transparent white makes the marbles too unsaturated, but the black is too dark. hmm, if only the developers recently added a shade between those.
Brian W
Brian W 6 aylar önce
Dapper like your videos
Leonhard Körtje
Leonhard Körtje 6 aylar önce
This looks so crazy, please continue
234 140 can't be deleted
234 140 can't be deleted 6 aylar önce
What about a marble run using only decorations? I think that would be a very hard challenge if you even can do it that is.
Archer_of_Azure 6 aylar önce
On the coil tube a single 0 gravity would have replaced all the back and forth
Larry TheLobsterboi
Larry TheLobsterboi 6 aylar önce
Couldnt you just boost the entire spiral so they didnt go slow down it? It wont get as backed up
Teddy Phillips
Teddy Phillips 6 aylar önce
You should make a double helix out of glass tubes inside of a larger glass to make it look real science like
nicht soeren
nicht soeren 6 aylar önce
Is it just me or does no one seem to be bothered by the fact that green is near consantly in the tube towards the "mixer"
Bas Groenhof
Bas Groenhof 6 aylar önce
Just see the ones you lost as vaporised ones
DeusExMamiya 6 aylar önce
omg dapper knows so much about chemistry
Steeljaw XXI
Steeljaw XXI 6 aylar önce
180 degree turns are the slowest for marbles. I mean that as in they get the least amount of speed rolling down the 180 turns. They gain the most speed on the 45's, so maybe use that? If you need a copy of the alien lamp I made, let me know and we can see about getting that arranged. Because you know, science and alien lamps have absolutely nothing in common.
green_retriever original
green_retriever original 6 aylar önce
Dude yes I've been waiting for a part 2
Prakash s
Prakash s 24 gün önce
part 3
green_retriever original
green_retriever original 6 aylar önce
You should make a pipette squeezing out marbles.
Winnie Hunter
Winnie Hunter 6 aylar önce
Big Ups to the Discord Boys.
ebxno324 Madore
ebxno324 Madore 6 aylar önce
At 19:14 it just looks like bubbles fro boiling substances so i'd keep it.
YTGamEing 6 aylar önce
Yay a series, this will be amazing! And so would a cannon that shoots into a hoop.
YTGamEing 6 aylar önce
@ComicQuartz yep made sure to credit you last video
ComicQuartz 6 aylar önce
That’s my idea
Reid De Vlas
Reid De Vlas 6 aylar önce
Can you make a track with only boosters and no track prices
Renee Rea
Renee Rea 6 aylar önce
Next you should make a giant engine
Trigger Brawdy
Trigger Brawdy 6 aylar önce
You should do more tracks with kan
Righley Owen
Righley Owen 6 aylar önce
we need a marble trash can to delete marbles!
ComicQuartz 6 aylar önce
Could you make a marble cannon that shoots into a replica of the basketball hoop?
Happy JL
Happy JL 2 aylar önce
@Amsassin uhgfh.
Happy JL
Happy JL 2 aylar önce
@Amsassin uy
Amsassin 6 aylar önce
Good Idea
Neil W
Neil W 6 aylar önce
MarbleWorld dev responded to my comment on your last video. They said that logic pieces will be coming in a future patch during EA kinda along the lines of how redstone in minecraft enables logic functions to be created. How cool would that be especially if there are going to be sensors that can activate based on the colour of the marble it detects.
AI Revolution
AI Revolution 6 aylar önce
Jesse, let’s make marbles.
Sanford 6 aylar önce
Do not paint the tubes They hurt my eyes
FN Rider
FN Rider Aylar önce
I like I like how you did this nice
Darian Leyer
Darian Leyer 4 aylar önce
....Do you mean Erlenmeyer flask instead of beaker?
Kara Robbins
Kara Robbins 6 aylar önce
you should make a scrap mechanic survival
Galaxy Diamond -Bread ahhh
Galaxy Diamond -Bread ahhh 6 aylar önce
24:58 omg lol clears throught
Flesh Consumer
Flesh Consumer 6 aylar önce
dapper more like diaper (funny prank joke thing idk)
GenXToysGeek [Jody]
GenXToysGeek [Jody] 6 aylar önce
the latest update has a snap to surface feature, yo make it easier to place boosters and such
Jennifer Boehmer
Jennifer Boehmer 6 aylar önce
upload it to the workshop pls
Lloyd Garmadon
Lloyd Garmadon 6 aylar önce
21:29 those arent marbles those are bubbles
Caleb Wang
Caleb Wang 25 gün önce
this is lnsane!
SH K Aylar önce
I love it i love siense to this is the best marble run
Majka Trebaticka
Majka Trebaticka 29 gün önce
21:30 Evaporation...
Majka Trebaticka
Majka Trebaticka 29 gün önce
Also i have the 69th comment fór some reason.
FN Rider
FN Rider Aylar önce
Can I have me named after a marble please
RCMDV 6 aylar önce
u say peace so many times
Kaitlyn Murphy
Kaitlyn Murphy 5 aylar önce
So I have to go back
Tucker Horn
Tucker Horn 6 aylar önce
I finally won
David Schach
David Schach 6 aylar önce
Stop posting quickly I can’t keep up
Dark Jason
Dark Jason 5 aylar önce
Well Agnew run Jew still white mute wet an end BBQ
Dark Jason
Dark Jason 5 aylar önce
Rainbow Asriel Dreemurr
Rainbow Asriel Dreemurr 6 aylar önce
Vecto 6 aylar önce
Ibrahim Youssif
Ibrahim Youssif 6 aylar önce
Add to this
Dark Jason
Dark Jason 5 aylar önce
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crazy jamie gaming
crazy jamie gaming 6 aylar önce
1 hour
Help me get to 100,000 likes with one video
Help me get to 100,000 likes with one video 6 aylar önce
A persun that has a ridiculously long profile name
A persun that has a ridiculously long profile name 6 aylar önce
GlObal _Reaper21
GlObal _Reaper21 6 aylar önce
Shameka Ruffin
Shameka Ruffin 6 aylar önce
Jenny Concepcion
Jenny Concepcion 6 aylar önce
Sydney Boren
Sydney Boren 2 aylar önce
SpaceGaming 6 aylar önce
SpaceGaming 6 aylar önce
@The_Madman_With_A_Gun ah sh-
The_Madman_With_A_Gun 6 aylar önce
Tied with N F.
Ting Peng
Ting Peng 6 aylar önce
How did the Enigma Machine work?
Jared Owen
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This Marble Game Is INSANE
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Burak Kuloğlu
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minecraft AMA süper kalplerim var!!!