Oprah's "Be the Love You Need" w/ James Corden, Ciara, and more | WW (formerly Weight Watchers)

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8 aylar önce

Introducing the latest installment of Oprah's Your Life in Focus, presented by WW (formerly Weight Watchers). The broadcast, which originally aired live in front of a Zoom-based studio audience in the tens of thousands, features interviews with WW members James Corden, Ciara, and Kym Whitley, plus Dr. Shefali Tsabary and Jennifer Garner.

Today's theme is "Be the Love You Need" -- and though it's perfectly timed for Valentine's Day, its message is applicable every. single. day. Loving yourself is a lifelong journey that starts with YOU.

For more information about how to become a WW member or to download the workbook from today's experience, go to ww.com/oprah.

Video chapters:
0:00 Pre-show with WW Digital 360 Coaches
15:48 Oprah takes the stage
17:33 What is WW Digital 360?
23:38 Jennifer Garner interview
32:40 Dr. Shefali Tsabary interview
41:00 Workbook exercise: Self-Love Assessment
1:06:37 Ciara interview
1:23:17 Kym Whitley interview
1:28:57 James Corden interview
2:03:27 Closing remarks

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WW Presents Oprah's Your Life in Focus: Be the Love You Need | WW (formerly Weight Watchers)

WW 8 aylar önce
Thanks for joining us, everyone! What was your favorite part of the event?
Patcharin Patcharin
Patcharin Patcharin 27 gün önce
Be beautiful
Patcharin Patcharin
Patcharin Patcharin 27 gün önce
Patcharin Patcharin
Patcharin Patcharin 27 gün önce
Patcharin Patcharin
Patcharin Patcharin 27 gün önce
Stride or strod
Patcharin Patcharin
Patcharin Patcharin 27 gün önce
God loves me
Patcharin Patcharin
Patcharin Patcharin 27 gün önce
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Patcharin Patcharin
Patcharin Patcharin 27 gün önce
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Patcharin Patcharin
Patcharin Patcharin 27 gün önce
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Patcharin Patcharin
Patcharin Patcharin 27 gün önce
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Patcharin Patcharin
Patcharin Patcharin 27 gün önce
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Patcharin Patcharin
Patcharin Patcharin 27 gün önce
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Patcharin Patcharin 27 gün önce
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Patcharin Patcharin 27 gün önce
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Patcharin Patcharin 27 gün önce
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Robin Lynette
Robin Lynette 4 aylar önce
This is the one I watched three months ago, and it got me started. I've lost 22 pounds!
PASSORFUCKWITHOUTANYTAPS Mahvish Jammeh 4 aylar önce
Sandhya Bilgi
Sandhya Bilgi 4 aylar önce
I have ordered pop corn seeds today itself!
Maya F88
Maya F88 6 aylar önce
We love U Papa Moshi 💜
David Reynolds
David Reynolds 6 aylar önce
I dont know who that first lady is but i will volunteer to watch her weight the rest of my life for free. Breath takingly beautiful. Who was the third lady in the still photo before the video began? I think she might be the most incredibly beautiful woman ive ever seen. That woman made me studder when i saw her.
juliet oneill
juliet oneill 7 aylar önce
Thank you Oprah 🤗❤❤👏👏
#dorich 7 aylar önce
i love Ciara being fully dedicated to WW and she showing step by step on ig ,very motivating
Martine De Bie
Martine De Bie 7 aylar önce
If we don't take this moment, it will come again, and even more severe ;-)
Lana 7 aylar önce
The first question: I scored 19! I could not believe it! I have been on this personal " journey of worthy" for about 3 years and with all the immense challenges which God has allowed me to go through, the greatest, lasting aspect for me is to truly believe and know that: "I matter"; I am worthy of .....anything good " and I can accept that my boundaries are really an expression of love for myself. Thank you Oprah for continuing to inspire me from within ( from secondary school, and now 46 and loving it!!!)
Roseline Jean Philippe
Roseline Jean Philippe 7 aylar önce
Debbie Bosley
Debbie Bosley 8 aylar önce
Thank you so much for sharing this broadcast on UTube as I was unable to join as planned. It was amazing and and I'm so happy to be part of this wonderful program. James Corden was was so heartfelt ! I would like to see/hear more from him on his journey, he really spoke to my heart. Thank you Oprah and team for all you do.
ModerusPrime 8 aylar önce
James Corden, be sure to tell Bill Maher thank you.
Toni Dixon
Toni Dixon 8 aylar önce
I'm so glad this recording was made available. So many good reminders and James, he was wondrous. Thanks, Oprah, for everything you and your team do.
Korinne Nolan-Suter
Korinne Nolan-Suter 8 aylar önce
the background music, in the beginning, is upbeat and fun, but a little distracting, wish there a way I can control the volume
Ms.Irises 8 aylar önce
Kim had me in tears at the end of her interview.
Ms.Irises 8 aylar önce
Great advice and Jennifer looks so beautiful
CBDhempies 8 aylar önce
When you can eat the foods you love but better versions of it, you can be successful. No one program works for everyone but no matter what program you use, if you’re getting healthier then keep it up! I’m down 28lbs on Keto, blood work excellent! I eat pretty much everything I’ve always loved. With some searching on TRshow you can find recipes for healthier versions of the foods you love. ❤️
CBDhempies 8 aylar önce
What an incredible person James is. He has such a great heart!
Miss Dee
Miss Dee 8 aylar önce
Love you James, you're absolutely wonderful
Amy Carluccio
Amy Carluccio 8 aylar önce
Thank You Oprah and everyone else who shared. This was eye opening for me :) be the love you need yo be right now.
joy rothschild
joy rothschild 8 aylar önce
SO positive and uplifting!, Thank you !!
Monica Dzisiak
Monica Dzisiak 8 aylar önce
more hollywood cult shit
latonya dover
latonya dover 8 aylar önce
Fantastic show! Thank You Oprah! One day WW will be an equal opportunity employer. It still shows little diversity. I pray that it changes.
Radical Honesty
Radical Honesty 8 aylar önce
It seems so wildly impossible to imagine that the people still willfully in a comatose state after a year of this insanity... will ever wake up. I don't know what to think any more... Sometimes I'm certain it's all a mass awakening happening at turtle-speed, and all is perfect; divine timing. Other times... watching zombies in masks, salivating with excitement over the mark of the beast... that's when I lose my ability to hold on to hope... (I also heard David icke speak in an interview about the coming of 6g and 7g! How will humanity survive that?)
Liliana Barron
Liliana Barron 8 aylar önce
Loved the event but was so disheartened and disappointed with how disconnected and untreatable Dr. Shefali's comments were to the mother with young school aged children. It was evident that she did not understand that women spinning all the plates during this pandemic is not due to an attempt to achieve perfectionism. Simply doing our best and meeting bare minimum tasks can be overwhelming during this difficult time. I don't have young children but honor and deeply respect women who do right now. Sending positive energy to them all! Hang in there mamas!!
JoyfulMD 8 aylar önce
Louise Powell
Louise Powell 8 aylar önce
Really enjoying this today (Valentines Day). Had two back to back Workshops yesterday would love to have seen it live but it's great today! Thanks Oprah and WW well done!
Fit Taku
Fit Taku 8 aylar önce
Woow!! Im so proud of you on your journey, what a great inspiration! Losing weight is definitely not easy at all. One thing I realised after losing 50kg/100lbs in 5 months doing water fasting I realised that new goals don’t deliver new results, a new lifestyle does. This is a process not an outcome.
Chelsea Breen
Chelsea Breen 8 aylar önce
Cassidy’s strawberry 🤣 I love her, she’s so cute
Francesca Romana Garroni
Francesca Romana Garroni 8 aylar önce
Loved it!
LAW 8 aylar önce
I was so inspired by this program. All the speakers were wonderful. I am committed and look forward to continuing the journey with WW!
Andrea Legere
Andrea Legere 8 aylar önce
I'm down 100 lbs! The WW program is life changing!
peachesandpoets 8 aylar önce
Maybe I try
Gennie Vann
Gennie Vann 8 aylar önce
Love WW, I’m down 66lbs since March 2020. I took my LIFE Back!!!
Janet Kwende
Janet Kwende 8 aylar önce
Thank you Lady Oprah,watching this in evening and I enjoyed the company!
GAVAUT GALLERY 8 aylar önce
Love You Oprah!
GAVAUT GALLERY 8 aylar önce
Always something to learn and grow into with Oprah-Grew up with you Oprah!
Sandy 8 aylar önce
Thank you so much! This was inspirational especially when James Corden spoke!
Christine Goldschneider
Christine Goldschneider 8 aylar önce
Why is there no picture?
Mara Cumbe
Mara Cumbe 8 aylar önce
That is what we need to hear no matter what going on in our life, love yourself, always even life throw me ups and downs disappointment, been taking advantage, feeling loneliness; but hope and love i never lost in my heart one day i'll see my loved ones hugs every day and full of love. Thank you Oprah Winfrey sense i came here i whacked your SHOWS, be bless.
dawn maynard
dawn maynard 8 aylar önce
Great information thank u so much
Maureen Kirby
Maureen Kirby 8 aylar önce
James Corden was so down to earth, he was the best, so relatable!
PASSORFUCKWITHOUTANYTAPS Mahvish Jammeh 4 aylar önce
katia mirlach
katia mirlach 8 aylar önce
Kathy Lees
Kathy Lees 8 aylar önce
Enjoyed watching this , I took so many notes!!! Love ❤️
Kareemah Iddeen
Kareemah Iddeen 8 aylar önce
Enjoyed watching this. I'd recommend watching it and taking notes. So many jewels to help you be the best you! Lots of plugs and info about WW mission w/ celebrity ambassador interviews. Informative...fun and a must see! Enjoy!
L Coll
L Coll 8 aylar önce
That was a three-hour infomercial for Weight Watchers! I'm very disappointed.
Lipin Toh
Lipin Toh 7 aylar önce
I understand where you’re coming from & in an ideal world, I suppose wisdom would come with no capitalistic plugs attached. But personally, as someone who isn’t overweight & isn’t likely to enrich WW any time soon, I still learned so much from both this session & the series of 4 Oprah & WW did in lockdown. I choose to be grateful for this gift rather than to be cynical, which Oprah emphasised was her own strongest spiritual practice.
L Coll
L Coll 8 aylar önce
​ @Kim Johnson I did listen. It lasted about 15 minutes. The rest was infomercial. Disappointing. I expected more. I'm a huge fan of Oprah, not so much of WW. Three hours is a long time. And I would give 3000 hours to hear Oprah talk! But I wouldn't give three seconds to WW. Not my thing.
Gail Sherman
Gail Sherman 8 aylar önce
Thanks loved James
Kim Johnson
Kim Johnson 8 aylar önce
It was inspirational. Listen to the message on self care
natalie aguilar
natalie aguilar 8 aylar önce
Aracelli Abramov
Aracelli Abramov 8 aylar önce
What do you give to him?
taylor payne
taylor payne 8 aylar önce
Here for Ciara! Love her and love that WW partnered with her ❤️
Melanie Aldridge
Melanie Aldridge 8 aylar önce
She's so amazingly beautiful and nice. Love her too!
Traycee 8 aylar önce
Yes. Love Ciara.
Michelle B
Michelle B 8 aylar önce
This was fantastic! Thank you for this experience!
Mina Hudson
Mina Hudson 8 aylar önce
Good Morning Oprah!
Emmanuella Alausa
Emmanuella Alausa 8 aylar önce
That was amazing , when Oprah said my birthday...... commitment we here
Grace Kitatu
Grace Kitatu 8 aylar önce
You mean so much to me Oprah, thank you.,,
Carrie Porterfield
Carrie Porterfield 8 aylar önce
I thought it was 11 PCT
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