Trapped In Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 (FULL GAME)

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Yıl önce

PLEASE leave a like & subscribe this video was expensive!! THANK YOU! I love tacos
Trapped In Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 (FULL GAME)

@TJDragon097 Yıl önce
The best part of this game is that unlike other horror games where all it is is jumpscares and nothing else, this game actually has some interesting puzzles to solve, and it has an actual story to it. Chapter two was much longer than chapter one which is really good, one problem with chapter two was completely abandoning the huggy wuggy monster and replacing it with a new one, but it still works because he did kill huggy wuggy in the last one.
@cassybuchanan5646 Yıl önce
nooooooo! it kissy missy shes good and helps!
@juliagamez4131 Yıl önce
Do you know when you have puppy playtime video when apparently so you have to open up the gate to ping Hubbys cookie Woogie by the way it’s called Kissy missy
@kenjinantes 11 aylar önce
​@@cassybuchanan5646true, and u know what's sad, kissy Missy might be the only monster that's nice and she might be alone because other monsters are just busy killing
@shandonphillips8571 8 aylar önce
What if... Huggy didn't die but he just got hurt
@Titan-colton 8 aylar önce
@facial1887 Yıl önce
I'm honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, Keep it up!💛
@That_Kid_Luna Yıl önce
@Dreamcore4life Yıl önce
@juliekeith941 Yıl önce
I agree
@michelleschiessl6573 Yıl önce
I agree DS0T unspeakable should keep it up
@benjaminchan-iz7ey 7 aylar önce
Is anyone excited for chapter 3 of poppy playtime?
@elizabethbachrach8881 7 aylar önce
@jackiejorpjomp 5 gün önce
I'm very excited ☺️
@sylvievandereus6853 Yıl önce
I'm honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these ,keep it up!💛
@kumailznation1694 Yıl önce
Can’t wait for chapter 3 hopefully he livestreams it if not still good we can see him play it
@autumnhunter7680 Yıl önce
Can we we take a second to appreciate how nathen does these videos for us
@brgiles Yıl önce
I was sooooo excited for chapter 2. BUT NOW ITS OUT !!! 😃
@robloxCam0090 7 aylar önce
Can we just take a second to appreciate what Nathan does for us. He pees his pants to entertain us. Spend money to entertain us. Thank you Unspeakable!🥰🥰🥳
@Barabyproductions Yıl önce
That was awesome 👏 I loved it can’t wait for part 3 I love your videos bro!
@davidledbetter3156 9 aylar önce
Wait until number 3 comes out in a really long time then he'll play it and get real scared
@rosaserventi3525 11 aylar önce
I can't wait to see him play poppy playtime chapter 3 I know it's going to be fun and scary 🕷️🕸️💥👹🤖
@canofbans9864 8 aylar önce
@gamerthebasketball2171 Yıl önce
Congrats on 6.82M 🎉🎉🎉
@JokeExplainer. Yıl önce
@jorjaandreatta512 5 aylar önce
No on congrads on 7.55m
@user-iw8nq1db9w 5 aylar önce
@@jorjaandreatta512No 7.58m
@realssocial7795 Yıl önce
i LOVE your videos and the great content you make, Keep it up😃😃
@sharkymantis Yıl önce
Good job Unspeakable! I literally watched the ENTIRE thing, it was entertaining the whole video! Peace!
@charlottewagner 9 aylar önce
I love the fact that we can hear all the buttons being pressed❤ because he’s panicking
@chadeggleston6013 9 aylar önce
I know their so loud
@A1Qpq Yıl önce
i guess playing those horror puzzle maps back in 2018 payed off bcus some people took 2 hours to beat chapter 2
@metakirby 11 aylar önce
Love Nathan’s reaction to musical memory
@michellemiller4309 4 aylar önce
@dannydabox5406 Yıl önce
Hi Unspeakable, I love your content keep up the great work
@rudolfsselmanovs-pless433 Yıl önce
Im happy for you. You can make 1 hour vids and i still enjoy whaching them. Keep up the wonderfull content 🤗💪
@ralphmalicsi1950 Yıl önce
Just play more games like that to enhance your commentary while gaming, and keep it up and keep safe
@frostxs6869 Yıl önce
I really wanna see more of this when chapter 3 comes out!
@sissybrother2857 11 aylar önce
Mason I am a big fan of you❤❤❤ Nathan Addys love you videos
@chinhaolun1290 11 aylar önce
I think chapter 3 have Boxy boo
@iron-spider59 11 aylar önce
@@chinhaolun1290 yes it will
@iron-spider59 11 aylar önce
@@sissybrother2857 what does that mean?
@crunquist1 11 aylar önce
Do a video where you start it Chapter 1 and when you’re done with that chapter you go onto chapter 2 and then when you end it the video ends
@geswalaa Yıl önce
Thank u Unspeakable for making me laugh everyday you always seem to make my day :) I love your vids (And I love frogs to! XD)
@angelsmith2180 Yıl önce
I love your videos and I hope you never stop
@MichelleAftonGacha Yıl önce
Hi Unspeakable. I adore your videos 🤩🤩. Thanks for making my day brighter.
@tanyatallent7778 Yıl önce
As soon as Chapter 3 comes out you're playing it.. :-D 👍
@jaime6634 Yıl önce
we love all of your hard work and it is amazing how much hard work you put into your videos
@flamingphoenix971 Yıl önce
so cool vids are so good and fun that's what got me into Minecraft
@dance.moms.edits00 Yıl önce
I watched the hole entire thing and to think that it was 59 minutes long and longer with the editing I appreciate that he puts so much effort into the videos for all of us
@kimberlygailanderson5292 9 aylar önce
He did a good job making this video
@claraornelas4321 5 aylar önce
@jorjaandreatta512 5 aylar önce
YEAH a awsome job
@user-iw8nq1db9w 5 aylar önce
@doch.7948 Yıl önce
I loooove your videos soooooo much And I know hard you work and all the money and effort you put in your Vids. Keep up the good work.
@Be_Amazed221 Yıl önce
I am going to be so excited when you play chapter 3 !!!
@therichardstwins3602 Yıl önce
What an ending. Way better than chapter one
@srokimosh Yıl önce
@usorystudio2161 4 aylar önce
Wow that was good. Really good. I like watching other people play horror games so that if I want to play them too I have an idea of what to do
@pearlfrost7608 Yıl önce
I love your videos so much 😊💛
@dragons_might101 Yıl önce
I love how he wait when watching the blue tape " Oh it's like a human..."
@lordcocoo Yıl önce
Your so good at these videos:)and make me laugh(:
@lulushaver969 Yıl önce
Hey. I just realized I havent been up-to-date recently. 59 minutes, eh? Probably more, with the editing. It makes me appreciate the amount of effort, time, and concentration you have to make these videos. Love you, Mr. Unspeakable >:) P.s. How is everyone else?
@bunniesworld1519 Yıl önce
I'm good😁
@braydenmccormick3365 Yıl önce
Im doing amazing because im watching unspeakable
@shadowolf11 11 aylar önce
I’m shaking so hard
@MrDerrickGrice Yıl önce
I love when you play poopy playtime. It makes my day, even though it's scary, you work through it just like we do watching you play. Love you, keep it up!
@alicekluesner151 Yıl önce
i love your vids keep doing them
@dmfh6570 Yıl önce
DO more poppy playtime i love to watch you play 💕
@alyssarisch5073 Aylar önce
I love your shows thank you for putting them on
@A.typicalgamer Yıl önce
I like how he actually tries to play the fifth round
@nicholas-kb3ye Yıl önce
@thatbookreader427 Yıl önce
FINALLY!!! Yayyyy. I was wondering when I would get to see the 2nd chapter
@800jjjjj Yıl önce
@mrdonut-ik3nk Yıl önce
Kissy missy😡🤬
@iam_stitch825 Yıl önce
You'll also forgot chapter 3 is coming soon and also that's is Nov 14
@macawe7061 Yıl önce
This is so cool I can’t believe you’re doing chapter 2 I don’t know if there’s a chapter 3 but if there is can you play it
@annetteschulze3448 10 aylar önce
I love the way, Unspeakable, how you express feelings
@EvolveClipz.. Yıl önce
Can't wait for chapter 3 when it comes out and watching you play it
@phoenixonpawzz Yıl önce
Lol fornite logo
@EvolveClipz.. Yıl önce
@@phoenixonpawzz ok
@babypoppet6249 Yıl önce
Poppy playtime chapter 3 is daisy the flower
@EvolveClipz.. Yıl önce
Forgot I commented 😂
@EstelleColes 4 aylar önce
I love this video so much!!
@Galactic- Yıl önce
Hello I love your vids keep your good work up
@Simon-ik2xj Yıl önce
This man was my childhood, our childhood, brings me to a nostalgic trip when he just plays minecraft with shark and moose. It's been so long since the last time I've watch him.
@pokeyplayz9048 Yıl önce
I agree so bad
@hannahthompson2889 Yıl önce
it is so funny how a door is a whole chapter🤣
@siennayoung4126 9 aylar önce
I can’t wait for chapter 3 to come out
@erikkolenak8818 Yıl önce
You are the best.I can't wait to see you play chapter 3
@angelaphillips2173 8 aylar önce
I love his reaction.And he's talking through most of the maps.
@jee5221 Yıl önce
I love your videos!
@ralphmalicsi1950 Yıl önce
I know Nathan how hard to commentary to the audience while gaming seriously
@michellemiller4309 4 aylar önce
Yes that is very hard because you can get into the game and forget you have and audience and just not talk or commentate at all. then it gets boring and the audience leaves. Which is sad.
@dantepadilla1742 Yıl önce
I can't believe how long its been since I watched you, but I'm so glad this came back up on my recommended
@squidgamingfore9692 Yıl önce
@binatkestan3655 Yıl önce
Me to
@UrLocal_dummy2006 Yıl önce
Blah blah blah do vid is bussin
@brynnleemeseure1744 Yıl önce
@funwithbella3007 4 aylar önce
Nathan is so brave and he does so many things he fills his house with stuff he does crazy things all just for entertainment and can we take a moment to look at how cute poppy is and the way she moves
@livent._.noodles Yıl önce
I saw this and I'm not even kidding I Almost screamed out of excitement! They better put out a 3rd version of poppy playtime.
@margaretblass1582 Yıl önce
There is going to be a third one at the end A hand came out of a door in the hand was called prototype and it dragged Mommy long legs body so there is going to be a third one I'm so excited for it
@gamer.brookelyn6676 Yıl önce
The trailer is out
@estevanfigueroa7525 Yıl önce
I like when he says “oh flip”and then the train flips 😂😂😂
@angieturner5089 Yıl önce
That's funny
@karstendallwig-black561 Yıl önce
Dude first of all thanks for playing, awesome video, you are awesome I have watched/listened to half a dozen people play this game so far and you are the only one thats found jacksepticeye
@juliekeith941 Yıl önce
Preston plays found jack septicemia too,unspeakable is super funny in this video
@juliekeith941 Yıl önce
Oops, I mean eye
@xraygamer2662 Yıl önce
i love it... says he does not wanna turn around yet turns around... lmao 52:26
@thecelliinglightchannel2042 Yıl önce
i love how he just runs away from kissy missy when she is trying to help
@glennanderson421 Yıl önce
lol i was about to comment that and this comment was at the top of the list!
@itz_vallery_lovely3013 Yıl önce
@@sylkoc5157 Bruh same 😂
@ProSansxd Yıl önce
@celsianap6612 Yıl önce
@debracurran7553 Yıl önce
Same that is so funny 🤣
@Dylanwilliams76509 Aylar önce
Poppy playtime is back!!!!!!!🎉🎉🎉
@remyrocks8072 Yıl önce
I love it when poppy pops out and unspeakable gets so scared.😀
@michellemiller4309 4 aylar önce
I like the gameplay and I've always wanted to play it but never got the chance to play it. I like all of the puzzles in it but the things I would fail on would be the two chases. One in each game.
@greghacker72 Yıl önce
15:46 that is hilarious! Also I love your videos by the way
@batdragonlife1381 Yıl önce
I did not know chapter 2 came out.Man I will have a blast in this video!
@deliaskittles6442 Yıl önce
Tbh I've been screaming this entire video its very scary, but it's also amazing how you're taking this time to this entire scary game for us
@phoenixonpawzz Yıl önce
@phoenixonpawzz Yıl önce
@sheevaninundlall1202 Yıl önce
I love your videos 📹 😍
@nswtrains3153 2 aylar önce
@johnloydbaquiran7068 Yıl önce
i love how he laugh while mommy is getting grinded lol 55:12
@enderguy4284 Yıl önce
Rare the fact that His account is family friendly 🤔
@user-hj3my9xc6y 2 aylar önce
Let's hit him to 10M!!!!
@user-hj3my9xc6y 2 aylar önce
And he didn't know that's he's not gonna kill you and he's as kissy
@cookieplazs2717 Yıl önce
Your vids are so cool your the best TRshowr ever keep it up!
@christycrossen5438 Yıl önce
Mrbeast TRshowr mrbeast is the Beast
@Duckytheduck320 11 aylar önce
yeah I love his vioed
@Cocosquad-qy8vu Yıl önce
I’ve been waiting for this the whole time and you done it 😀
@charliesmith2254 Yıl önce
@Thatgurll087 Yıl önce
Props to Unspeakable almost an hour long video!
@JaysXtremeGaming Yıl önce
He cut off some of it, but still did pretty good
@mganimalkingdom Yıl önce
YEP THAT'S ALL RIGHT ✅ 👌 👍 😌 😉 😊 ✅ 👌 👍 😌 😉 😊 ✅ 👌
@dexterwelland1787 Yıl önce
He done one which is 2 hours I think
@annahom601 11 aylar önce
I love this song in the beginning like it’s mommy long legs The coolest toy around
@nicholasmantz1164 Yıl önce
I can't wait for you to play chapter 3.
@elizabethwalsh395 Yıl önce
I love your vids😇
@its_pastel2430 Yıl önce
I love how he cuts and his reaction of getting scared and his clicking noice 😂
@Be_Amazed221 Yıl önce
I love your videos and I hope you don’t stop any time soon lol 😃
@creativelifehacks96 Yıl önce
I love how he exactly said "It's about that time" and mommy long legs showed up.....😂😂😂😊
@Narwe_ Yıl önce
@thejsquad6783 Yıl önce
You spoiled the video for me
@creativelifehacks96 Yıl önce
@@thejsquad6783 Geez !!!! Sorry bro 😯😢
@creativelifehacks96 Yıl önce
@@Narwe_ 8:18
@itzlexi929 11 aylar önce
I am not scared when I watch other people play horror games but when I play them I get traumatized 😭
@turbo-plays365 Yıl önce
Can we take a moment the show how much effort he puts in he’s videos
@dreadnaughtgames9551 7 aylar önce
I think he's watched someone before doing this, he knew what to do for every problem, that everyone else struggled on. And It's not a "full game", there are skips.
@oolrat Yıl önce
Thanks for playing one of the games I’ve wanted since it came out!
@maximg8756 Yıl önce
Great job handling the jumpscares. Impressive.👍👍👍
@rexplayz7417 Yıl önce
And im impressed of your hard work on this thank you very much for the time and efort you made in this video Keep up the good work💚💚💚
@thehackedcat2644 8 aylar önce
1 hour of watching worth it
@sarahgonzalez3107 Yıl önce
6:32 I like how he doesn’t care about poppy dying he just cares about the code 😂😂😂😂
@mrhy5411 Yıl önce
@annaleenugent5537 4 aylar önce
I love your videos ❤❤
@li-guirez4869 Yıl önce
This game is very scary but he makes this 10 times funnier
@flamingphoenix971 Yıl önce
@TacoGamer Yıl önce
Hey I watched chapter one of this and I loved it am excited for this!
@rawzhelle04 Yıl önce
@queensavage9040 Yıl önce
@BurningAshPlays Yıl önce
Bro i legit exited too
@tocakate3402 Yıl önce
Same too
@TacoGamer Yıl önce
@@BurningAshPlaysdamn auto correct
@Omni_fan Yıl önce
i love how unspeakable is playing more scary and gory games becuase he knows his audience is getting older thats a reason why everyone should sub to him
@monkomess8950 Yıl önce
I’m only 9, did I come here early or somthin’?
@mariansanhez762 Yıl önce
Ready for chapter 3
@bradenday7735 Yıl önce
This was fun to watch! 😁
@Xezear Yıl önce
I agree😆
@camilarobles611 Yıl önce
I'm so happy your going to make a number 3
@Shadowgamer-ez4fp Yıl önce
it was a well spent hour thanks Nathan please make more scary game content or a whole new channel like markapliers
@specialtyautomotive Yıl önce
Love the channel I have been watching you for 7 years, Love you guys!
@rexlsummerfxiry Yıl önce
I have been watching her for when i was 2 im serious
@moviemedalofhonor97 Yıl önce
Chapter three is here!play it play it!
@lil7766 Yıl önce
I love watching you vids keep it up man
@mahaggardsgarage 8 aylar önce
I love the part whenever he said im not coming back
@laurieward9159 Yıl önce
I love how he says let the games begin and there is 3 games
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