I Built A Boat, Then Sailed The Ocean...

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In this Video me and Jack Manifold buy a $50 boat off ebay!
MY MERCH IS OUT NOW! shoptubbo.com/

Editor: @LlamaNeck

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KitKatʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 36 dakika önce
“I live by the sea.” Now that is all ima say
Stranger Things
Stranger Things 10 saatler önce
i think it is kinda weird and funny that he said "i live by the sea" and some months later he made a song named "my life by the sea" i just think that is so weird
Toasted 13 saatler önce
I read the title as: "I built a boat and sinked the ocean" and I was terrified.
Vy Y
Vy Y 20 saatler önce
This is the best thing I've seen all day😂
{That*is*an*mcyt*fan} Gün önce
Tubbo does a merch add Me wearing my hoodie :D
SkyStorm Gün önce
Long live the tubboat
SkyStorm Gün önce
Qui sait parler francais? Et qui aime regarder Tubbo? Edit: use google translater if needed
GalaxyCreamy Sanz
GalaxyCreamy Sanz Gün önce
Maniboat? Tubboat?
I live on a catamaran and it is pretty cool
Daniel Lo
Daniel Lo 2 gün önce
IIDemonicDreamII 2 gün önce
this thing was foreshadowing life by the sea
Shuichi Waffles
Shuichi Waffles 2 gün önce
Nobody taking about how the girl grabbed her phone and started filming them
Daniel Sung
Daniel Sung 4 gün önce
ca va
Lieke Smulders
Lieke Smulders Gün önce
ca va bien, et toi?
Galaxywolves314 5 gün önce
How is a 17 year old so adorable?
Madi not found
Madi not found 5 gün önce
Tubbo there's no difference between you an Vanessa from the bee movie
piixieehollows 5 gün önce
some how tubbo looks like karl
Bella McKay
Bella McKay 5 gün önce
lol jack
Ashleigh 6 gün önce
3:48 that man ,🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dead toe sucking rat eater
Dead toe sucking rat eater 6 gün önce
Did anyone notice that tubbo uses a Zelda sound in his streams
MrMoey 6 gün önce
Imagine your Jack and you have to sail with tubbo...
AJ x
AJ x 6 gün önce
Legends say he’s still making his way to france
Taylor Minter
Taylor Minter 6 gün önce
Tubbo tying a stopper knot gave me anxiety /lh
Meaghan Durupt
Meaghan Durupt 7 gün önce
As a French immersion student I can say with full confidence that your French is terrible lmao. Nice try tho 😂
Yuraisha Francisco
Yuraisha Francisco 8 gün önce
Rice 8 gün önce
Wille FX
Wille FX 8 gün önce
Hi tubbo i have heard theat you like swedish People so i just wanted to say hello and tell you im from sweden and im a big fan of you
Your_localteddybear 8 gün önce
“We like ✨D E A T H✨ on the tubbo channel :>”
Dsmp channel 💙💚
Dsmp channel 💙💚 9 gün önce
Dsmp channel 💙💚
Dsmp channel 💙💚 9 gün önce
It looks great tobbo
Lehana Fernando
Lehana Fernando 9 gün önce
I love youuuu Tubbo
F4D3 9 gün önce
Tubbo, the most innocent and psychotic xD
Farmer Lachie
Farmer Lachie 9 gün önce
Me= Tubbo Brother= Jack when he started
Engla Cämpe
Engla Cämpe 9 gün önce
JustYourOddYT 10 gün önce
I'm so sorry if this sounds weird, but what's your eye color? (I know I'm weird I'm sorry.)
natan 10 gün önce
Essa é uma das horas q eu queria saber inglês
🖾𝐱𝐞𝐧𝐞𝐢❹𝐤 10 gün önce
2:10 "What Can I say? I live by the sea" Everyone knowing Life by the sea and genuinely going crazy 🤪😳🌊💦 2:31 Im *Jack*eting up Jack our beloved 😳🥺❤ 2:54 LANI JOINS THE BATTLE ❤❤💕💕💞💞 3:16 "tO fRaNcE" Ty, Im from france 😳 4:14 KILLING NUMBER 8 TUTORIAL 4:23 "Y'know, We like Death on the Tubbo Channel" 🤔 4:47 Down the ramp u go ig 😕😕 5:12 Awgh, My clothes are gonna be cold 😍😳 7:09 Bye, I can't wait for french merch and seeing u there 🤩🥰 7:13 "TO FRA-? WE'RE NOT GOING ALL THE WAY FRANCE?" 7:34 "Its for Luck" - Tubbo 8:25 Plez, Come to france, I genuinely can't see u there yet 8:29 I am gril sir 8:32 Woah Tubbo got the skills- 😖😳 9:40 CAPTAIN MANIFOLD OMG 10:02 ROCKS R HOT 10:26 Pog Manifold 10:28 Help girl 🤩 10:29 Help girl 2 🤩 10:50 Hey tips fedora Us: HELLO TUBBO 😍 10:59 JACK MANIFOLD IS BIG BRAIN, TYSM, TUBBOAT LETS GO ❤ 11:31 LANI TO THE RESCUE, LOL SHE OPENED HER PHONE TO POST TIKTOK, LETS GO 11:50 Imagine that happening 😃 12:00 EEEWREFNJENFKWEWMFDKNDFW -No comment 12:17 WOW HE ACTUALLY DID IT- Sucker! Wet Manifold 12:33 K.O JACK MANIFOLD WINS! Wow, Y'all came down here, and wasted 1 hour of ur time, I love u 🥺
monster me
monster me 11 gün önce
Ya wanna have some starbucks?
Marley Russell
Marley Russell 11 gün önce
Dumb Rat Child
Dumb Rat Child 11 gün önce
Tubbo: I live by the sea! Me:So you could say you have a, Life By The Sea.
alsusiosis 13 gün önce
Are they not worried about the scorpion in the boat with them
Ali Fox
Ali Fox 13 gün önce
wow i am french and i can say that was prettty good
Eligh Young
Eligh Young 14 gün önce
under tail
Emerald Duchesne
Emerald Duchesne 14 gün önce
Jack: talks about how hes gonna drown my brain the whole time: jack mani-DrOwN
Jessica Juniper
Jessica Juniper 14 gün önce
is it bad as soon as i saw the metal gate i new where they where
Hailey Does Gacha vids
Hailey Does Gacha vids 14 gün önce
Tubbo your the cutest person in the smp
アンジェリーク 15 gün önce
Lani is the best
Kawaii potato
Kawaii potato 15 gün önce
Tubbo I was just ban from your chat on twitch I'm sorry please unban me 💜
MrMittenz 15 gün önce
This was one of the best purchases tubbo made
Dreamsmp fan
Dreamsmp fan 15 gün önce
it amazes me tubbo doesn't have more than 5 million subs
Aymen Vaqas
Aymen Vaqas 15 gün önce
Who else comes and watches this vlog every day? just me.... okay
Horsiem 16 gün önce
Im in first year of high school i already know how to speak french better🤣
Xeno 16 gün önce
4:14, How to make a figure of 8 on a string. Both the easiest and most morbid way to remember how X D
Rodnie Pabilona
Rodnie Pabilona 17 gün önce
There's water in the boat
lompis 17 gün önce
life by the sea huh
Gabriel Extreor101
Gabriel Extreor101 17 gün önce
Cole Kricken
Cole Kricken 18 gün önce
your merch arrived today and i LOVE it
Star Dynamite
Star Dynamite 18 gün önce
8:34 aaah yes “je voudrais du chocolat chaud avec de la chantilly s’il vous plait » the classic line you say to every restaurant when you go skiing in France
-Munchkin- 19 gün önce
Ok, but I never noticed how pretty Lani actually is. She’s really a queen 👑
•That_Gacha_Goat• 19 gün önce
1:22 when you played roblox build a boat once
Knight It
Knight It 19 gün önce
Did anyone notice when he said "I live by the sea" like in his new music vid
Bethany Hampson
Bethany Hampson 19 gün önce
I am watching tubbo’s stream right now
Kiaan Gaming
Kiaan Gaming 20 gün önce
So cute
_High_Airz_ 20 gün önce
tubbo :)
Alpha Destoroyah Infinite
Alpha Destoroyah Infinite 20 gün önce
You shouldve sang you spin me right round on the boat
FELIX SECARRO 20 gün önce
tubbo is the most cutest guy ever
Armani Lister
Armani Lister 20 gün önce
Please do not get rid of your merch I need time to save my money and to convince my parents
Magical_Emily♡ 20 gün önce
Jack:What are we doing with a boat Tubbo: Me:your going on an airplane what do u think
[°• H ø b b í t •°]
[°• H ø b b í t •°] 21 gün önce
some stranger on the internet sold a boat to someone who barely knows how boats work at all
ᴍᴏᴏɴ 21 gün önce
Here. For anyone who supports Dream the MCYT. You need to be aware of this. trshow.info/watch/6Pyg6s-2xIU/video.html
• Bxnnyboo •
• Bxnnyboo • 21 gün önce
EliWasNice♡ 21 gün önce
Quick fun fact from a sailer: that tipe of boat Tubbo has is called a Laser :D (at least it looks like it lol)
Analey Dacullo
Analey Dacullo 21 gün önce
why does ranboo sounds like the rock🤣
Scp_049 21 gün önce
Tubbo ur so cool and ur Merch Is so Epic
Rxiln.o 22 gün önce
Is it just me or is tubbo obsessed with water in general
Florence❤ 22 gün önce
Them speaking french: :) Me being French Canadian: Do I have ears anymore? (Obviously I'm joking there's nothing meant to be mean in this comment, it's just funny
Mary Fresh
Mary Fresh 22 gün önce
Fun Fact Tubbo Thought Me How To Tie A Figure Of 8 In This Video... Side Note My 4yr Old Brother Just Came Down The Stairs Holding A Bottle Of Apple Juice And Said "You Want Cocaine?!?"... Man I Taught Him Well 😀
Skadi Drescher
Skadi Drescher 22 gün önce
What beach is that? I wanna Go there!
*mii* 22 gün önce
More like jack-mani-drown XD
Dsmpfan69 23 gün önce
I have Been seeing A lot of hate comments and I can’t stand them I just wanted to say you are amazing person tubbo We all love you and for the haters it’s not Chubbo! It’s tubbo .tubbo You are an amazing person keep streaming and I hope you will never give up on your dreams
Poggirl_xxx 23 gün önce
And I'm living, a d loving my, LIFE BY THE SEA
Controlled. chaos
Controlled. chaos 23 gün önce
I literally just realized that tubbo hinted to his new song when he said "What can I say, I LIVE BY THE SEA" I literally dying!!!!!!
Gab Lava
Gab Lava 23 gün önce
He really said “I live by the sea” literally teasing his song
RxyaShrxe 23 gün önce
I can't believe tubbo isnt verified yet
GamerBoy_109 23 gün önce
i hope he gets 3 million subs
Savannah Cameron
Savannah Cameron 24 gün önce
Where's the Lamb SAUCE!!
Where's the Lamb SAUCE!! 24 gün önce
"What can I say? I live by the sea." FORESHADOWING
Spiky nightmare
Spiky nightmare 24 gün önce
Yes just yes ... ...
Neale Bense
Neale Bense 24 gün önce
what if you do it wrong? tubbo:uhm......WE DIE! :D
Miss No Name
Miss No Name 25 gün önce
Army_L_Bebe_C 2
Army_L_Bebe_C 2 25 gün önce
Have I now learned how to tie a figure of eight? Fuck yeah I did
Tami Sugawara
Tami Sugawara 25 gün önce
3:45 Random guy in the background: Hey, hey cut that out
Sbeeb 25 gün önce
"and just like that kids the tubboat was made"
Lemon Studios
Lemon Studios 25 gün önce
sky parker
sky parker 26 gün önce
I love to sail and I like to say I'm really good at it, and watching tubbo(one of my favorite streamers) try it makes me so happy
Megan Russell
Megan Russell 26 gün önce
I love your videos I’m going to be your bee Minecraft skin for holloween
ElijahBest2.0 27 gün önce
Tubbo: “it’s now a big pole” me: “that’s what she said”😂
melic 27 gün önce
Yeah its sunny init neymar
Jumnae 27 gün önce
See parents. TRshow is good, I know now how to do a figure of 8 😌
HuskyBoTie 28 gün önce
I am worried that one day they will actually get lost at sea and it’ll all get caught on camera and people will think it’s part of the video
Angela Junio
Angela Junio 28 gün önce
Lani is sooooo cute
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