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Mumbo Jumbo

Mumbo Jumbo

7 aylar önce

This video was sponsored by ROG and features ROG Zephyrus M16 with an Intel® Core™ i7-11800H, which is perfect for gaming on the go.
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In this Minecraft Hermitcraft special episode, Mumbo reacts to Hermitcraft bases. Reacting to Hermitcraft bases in Minecraft now that Hermitcraft season 8 is over and I can reflect on previous builds and how I got here! I have been a part of almost every Hermitcraft season, and each Hermitcraft base build has been unique and different. The Hermitcraft server and the Hermitcraft Minecraft Builds on it all hold a very special place in my heart, and I have loved looking over these!

Filmmakers involved in the Asus Project:
Director - Aram Atkinson:

Tracking shots:

Driver/S15 Silvia owner:

Filming channel:
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Mumbo Jumbo
Mumbo Jumbo 7 aylar önce
This video was sponsored by ROG and features ROG Zephyrus M16 with an Intel® Core™ i7-11800H, which is perfect for gaming on the go. Find out which Zephyrus laptop is best for you by taking the quiz at - Want to win a ROG Zephyrus M16? Head to @ASUS_ROGUK on Twitter! #ROGAnyGameAnywhere
NándiPlayz 27 gün önce
Also mumbo: Owns a pc from msi
Nathaniel the Almighty
Nathaniel the Almighty 3 aylar önce
That ad is better than any ad damn🤣..the quality man
Derin Ciftci
Derin Ciftci 3 aylar önce
Nice car choice!!!!!!
UnKnown 3 aylar önce
When you try the quiz, but none of the answer choices are suiting you😂
Jhon Doe
Jhon Doe 4 aylar önce
I usually skip ads from youtubbers,but that's an add I really enjoyed, professional quality without feeling corporate.
clickthecreeper 7 aylar önce
one of the reasons the bases feel so small is that you didn't have an elytra when playing originally. So all your memories of it are from the ground looking up, which tends to make things look bigger and more impressive.
OliviasBigMindGarden 2 aylar önce
Fax but not for all the seasons
The_Dead_Knight3 3 aylar önce
Flight was a HUGE addition to Minecraft and changed the way the game was played allowing players a way to build larger structures safely as well as stronger armor and tools for hollowing out caves and collecting materials
Joachim Dubischar
Joachim Dubischar 4 aylar önce
Nah dude empire state building looks less talk if u stand right in front if it
Matthew lawson
Matthew lawson 5 aylar önce
BeeOfBees 5 aylar önce
For me that's exactly why I don't like using elytra when I build cause I feel like it can really mess with my view of my bases. I like trying to find other ways to travel
jess Sheridan
jess Sheridan 7 aylar önce
Mumbo, the term for the squashed sphere is an “oblate spheroid.” This is also the shape of the Earth. The Earth is wider at the equator, due to centrifugal force caused by the Earth’s rotation.
Alexander Schmidt
Alexander Schmidt 2 aylar önce
@Sean Costello Centrifugal force is not a real force , it's a pseudo-force. Centripetal force is the only real force in a rotating system and responsible for the perceived effects of the centrifugal force.
Sean Costello
Sean Costello 2 aylar önce
@Alexander Schmidt no, they're wrong. Centrifugal force and centripetal force are related, entirely different, and both can clearly be demonstrated.
Sean Costello
Sean Costello 2 aylar önce
@Astra actually, that's false. Centrifugal force is the force that causes you to be pushed away from the center of a rotating mass, where as centripetal force is the force required for circular motion.
Karrikua 4 aylar önce
@LEONARDØ Yes definitely.
LEONARDØ 4 aylar önce
@Karrikua and hollow
C30 GAMER 7 aylar önce
Sahara... Holy shit, that’s a memory. So cool to see the old bases compared to the new ones. Keep improving Mumbo, can’t wait for season 9!
NándiPlayz 27 gün önce
The witch farm. Im kinda sad it got left out
Yoav Bar Shalom
Yoav Bar Shalom 3 aylar önce
well it’s out now
KTM 3 aylar önce
Season 6 was peak Hermitcraft and you can't change my mind. Rip Sahara
Spoon 4 aylar önce
I audibly gasped when Sahara came into frame. To this day one of my favorite youtube series ever
Dean 5 aylar önce
@Lex taterTOTSfromHELL season 8 ended bruh
BruhMiester993 7 aylar önce
It’s crazy how some of Mumbo’s older bases would be considered small “projects” in the newer seasons. It just shows how far he pushed the scale of his builds as the season go on.
Pʀᴀɴᴀᴠ 7 aylar önce
The upgrading of all the base in every season just shows how good his two brain cells are grownup
Cookie Cubing
Cookie Cubing 2 aylar önce
Well, better than my ONE brain cell :D
Will501 7 aylar önce
Mumbo being a film maker makes his sponsored segments actually enjoyable.
Beelzebub 7 aylar önce
Geoman265 7 aylar önce
I've been learning a bit about cinematography, so seeing some of what I'm learning in action is helpful for learning.
J 7 aylar önce
and the involuntary giggling
Yeety Yeet
Yeety Yeet 7 aylar önce
@Trisha Lynn well good that everyones happy. Thats good that the ad is entertaining for people not even interested in the product. Advertisement done right.
Trisha Lynn
Trisha Lynn 7 aylar önce
@Yeety Yeet I totally respect that. I'm not in the market for a gaming laptop either. However as an occasional watcher, I did want to see the whole ad because I wanted to see how Mumbo handled the whole transaction. It actually looked more like an ad for the car more than the laptop and I love how that's in keeping with his personal interests.
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 7 aylar önce
Your sponsored segments are actually enjoyable. I usually skip those but this one was just beautiful.
Nathan Wright
Nathan Wright 4 aylar önce
The yellow Silvia 😫
Iavra 7 aylar önce
I "only" started watching with season 5, but i think it's still my favorite base to this day. I know it was basically just you alone in the middle of the ocean, but having everything connected in the base, with separate areas for each farm and a storage system to join everything together (as flawed as it was in practice) is just really cool. 7 and 8 are also really cool building-wise, but they are missing the "practical" parts, imo. Also why i'm not really a fan of industrial districts. I know they serve to reduce the lag in the primary living areas, but having all these redstone-y areas integrated in the base itself is what makes the season 5 base my favorite.
ColeCube 4 aylar önce
same exactly
Jackson Barlow
Jackson Barlow 5 aylar önce
I started watching hermitcraft in season 6 and absolutely loved it. Then season 7 came and it was even better. But I didn't get the same feelings with season 8. I don't like shorter seasons as it rushes everything, doesn't let little plot lines develop (mycelium war, the keralis games, etc.), and doesn't give enough time for me to become attached to it.
Sprite 6 aylar önce
also started with season 5, it has a sense of nostalgia and a sense of use. I agree that it's so much better just because of the function of it, not just looks. I feel like even without extreme redstone projects there could be something to make home feel like it has life in it. Maybe s9 both would be a nice touch, not so much to the point it's laggy, just enough to be lived in if that makes sense. Great take (:
Trademarked 6 aylar önce
This Season 5 and 6 are my favourites because even though season 7 and 8 make you say holy shit they really miss the extra parts of the base like the buildings around the globe in season 6 or the farms surrounding season 5's base. they make it feel more complete and like places you could stay in forever.
No Clue What I'm Doing
No Clue What I'm Doing 7 aylar önce
My last (and first) consistant season watching you was season 6. I started watching season 7 but life got in the way, so seeing how amazing that base turned out is incredible. Last I saw, you were still working on building the diagonal support towers.
KTM 3 aylar önce
Same! I loved season 6(was especially invested in sahara, all of it was automated, it was so cool).When season 7 started I tried to watch multiple players(who appeared in mumbo's s6 videos) as well, as to keep up with the bigger picture. But life also got in the way and i just didn't have the time
Hester Clapp
Hester Clapp 4 aylar önce
Season 3 feels like a big monument you've never seen in person which underwhelms you when you do Season 4 is when I started watching and I remember it being huge Season 5 is the first season I watched from start to finish. I remember him clearing out the ocean monument, I remember the coffee tables, but above all I remember the slabyrinth. The base feels like it was made in 1.14 being all ocean themed. Season 6 feels like it hasn't ended yet, it's probably my favourite base, I love the style and I love how Grain's base complements it. I also liked Sahara and how it never quite worked until the end. To me season 7 was a bit of a let down. I don't really like how the base is just a structure, and all of the functionality is underground. I liked the shopping district and the main part of False's base
Shan Anvarsha
Shan Anvarsha 3 aylar önce
For some reason, the slabyrinth was my favourite build from season 5 as well
Gilah Grove Sørensen
Gilah Grove Sørensen 7 aylar önce
"how far I've come as a builder" YES YES YES. No more 'person who builds, you well and truly deserve that title!
Dylan Krejci
Dylan Krejci 5 aylar önce
@TheRedstoneRobot grahamer*
TheRedstoneRobot 7 aylar önce
@Marcus Brown grammar 100
Bob Ramsey
Bob Ramsey 7 aylar önce
@Marcus Brown *reference?
Marcus Brown
Marcus Brown 7 aylar önce
Is that a jojoba reapherence
Colorguy's Minecraft
Colorguy's Minecraft 7 aylar önce
YES we got him! he DEFINITELY deserves to be called a builder, he says he's bad and I'm like bruh, much better than me
Eel 7 aylar önce
I'd love to see more of the hermits do this! its interesting to see how everyone's improved over the years!
TheAdvertisement 6 aylar önce
As someone who hasn't really started watching Hermitcraft until Season 8, this is a really cool recap to fill me in on how Mumbo's work and Hermitcraft have developed over the years!
tekky_technician 7 aylar önce
S7 is definitely my favorite but you can really tell the improvement with the S8 base as far as terraforming and the village is such a good design, I'd love to see more ambitious block palettes in the future, love the video and can't wait for S9
Mr Stone
Mr Stone 7 aylar önce
When you showed the season 5 base I got overwhelmed with all the memories from the episodes, because at that time I started to watch you :D
Mole Gaming
Mole Gaming 7 aylar önce
19:02 The fact that Mumbo said "hello old friend" to Sahara again was amazing☺
Sylvius Black
Sylvius Black 7 aylar önce
Yes, but he almost sounded… sad.
calligrapherfun 7 aylar önce
Ikr it was so adorable it almost made me cry
Moritz Menzel
Moritz Menzel 7 aylar önce
It sounded so sad :'(
HudsonDog59 7 aylar önce
I still miss the day where you got to see progress to Sahara! Never forgot about it
Celia Lin
Celia Lin 7 aylar önce
ihavefriendsshutupyesido 5 aylar önce
what would definitely be cool is in season 10, he puts a part of every base he's had in the past seasons, and makes a base out of it
Penguin Mapping
Penguin Mapping 14 gün önce
Penguin Mapping
Penguin Mapping 14 gün önce
Penguin Mapping
Penguin Mapping 14 gün önce
Penguin Mapping
Penguin Mapping 14 gün önce
Penguin Mapping
Penguin Mapping 14 gün önce
John Zachary DS
John Zachary DS 7 aylar önce
I cant believe this. Time goes fast and it really gives me the nostalgic vibes of the bases that you built! More power and fan since Hermitcraft S6 as far as I remember :) Edit: Correction its S5 Hermitcraft
Anthony Wong
Anthony Wong 7 aylar önce
I really liked how Mumbo’s bases transitions so well from 1 season to another. He started with jungle paradise, then went over to winter “paradise” with custom trees, then aerospace and started terraforming, then ocean, then ocean with special biomes, then went back to jungle ruins, then went to jungle village and cave.
TucsonianEskimo 7 aylar önce
13:47 This is my favorite storage system I had ever seen ever. I was so happy when you were making this and really hope this style makes a reappearance in future seasons
JustWyren 7 aylar önce
Imagine being in your comfort zone when building circles in a square game.
No Drama Lama
No Drama Lama 5 aylar önce
@ZZZTripleZZZ I was today years old when I learnt the word "voxel". That's cool bro.
No Drama Lama
No Drama Lama 5 aylar önce
@Harley steel No, it's a square game, because everything is made of pixels - which are square - but trapdoors, endrods etc. are not made of cubes. In fact kelp, redstone, rails etc. have a 2D texture with no volume.
ZZZTripleZZZ 5 aylar önce
@J.Eulishear Zheng a 3d pixel is a voxel
Midnightgamer21 7 aylar önce
Emily Wilson
Emily Wilson 7 aylar önce
If you have experience doing something hard, it becomes easy. That's why I build lots of domes; once you build enough, you know how to do it, and you can do it to show off a bit.
ieatrocks 7 aylar önce
I love these "looking back at prior bases" type videos! Would love to see a looking back at prior seasons shopping districts. I love seeing all the creative builds in the shopping districts!
Ctgaming9376 6 aylar önce
13:13 Seeing the S5 base gave nostalgia from way back when Mumbo first started to build this thing I remember he had to drain an actual guardian temple and built the foundation around it
alexdotdash 7 aylar önce
Personally, my favorite base is the season 4 base. It brings me a lot of nostalgia and I loved the palate and massive drone.
Kyle Amoroso
Kyle Amoroso 7 aylar önce
I started watching Hermitcraft starting near the end of season two up to the beginning of season six. Seeing all these old bases really brings back memories, shows how far you've advanced as a builder, and how far the game has come along the years!
Rowe Boat Ryan
Rowe Boat Ryan 7 aylar önce
I can't believe how much you accomplished in such a short season compared with the others, your bases have been getting better and better, and this season's base is definitely my favorite.
spring falcon
spring falcon 7 aylar önce
@a person who may or may not exist ok
BobDaGranny 7 aylar önce
@Preston Feuerbach mhm
Preston Feuerbach
Preston Feuerbach 7 aylar önce
Wait season 8 is actually over?
o _p0tterhead
o _p0tterhead 7 aylar önce
@Zane Harris Mine too!
Preetha Nair
Preetha Nair 7 aylar önce
@spring falcon please report him so that he may not comment again
Gaming with Parker
Gaming with Parker 7 aylar önce
Mumbo: “I think I’ve come really far as a builder” Me: I would never expect him to say that
JustSleepEren 7 aylar önce
S6 or S7 are definitely my favorites. You can see all of the potential and the progress you made. S7 honestly looks so cool and my style. You've made it so far, and I think I can say for all us supporters, we're proud of you.
Xpert2121 Gaming
Xpert2121 Gaming 7 aylar önce
16:50 I remember that base being absolutely massive, why does it look so small now?
Respectable Username
Respectable Username 7 aylar önce
I think S6 is my favourite base of yours, partly because I just love the cool sphere and the way all the farms are incorporated around it, and partly because watching you build it was what got me into Hermitcraft in the first place! Hope you had a great holiday period, and can't wait to see what you do in S9!
Joshua Watts
Joshua Watts 7 aylar önce
Season 8's base was the first one that wasn't geometric. Instead, it was beautifully sustainable!
2007Shockwave 7 aylar önce
Very sus!
tall bean gang
tall bean gang 7 aylar önce
ahh the sus
tall bean gang
tall bean gang 7 aylar önce
ahh the sus
a sheep
a sheep 7 aylar önce
@geek 2.0 tainable?
Epic Goomba
Epic Goomba 7 aylar önce
U r sus
Tirea Tobrman
Tirea Tobrman 7 aylar önce
I started watching your channel and Hermitcraft in general in the middle of your Season 4, so looking back at the bases is a real nostalgia trip. Also it reminds me how time passes...
Rens Englebert
Rens Englebert 7 aylar önce
This was such an amazing journey!! I enjoyed it immensely! It was really nice to see all the bases again. Have a good and beautiful new year! A happy and beautiful New Year to everyone!
Seymour Disapproves
Seymour Disapproves 7 aylar önce
Having started watching Hermitcraft at the tail end of season 5, I'm really surprised to see how similar Mumbo's season 2 base was to his season 7 pre-mega base base. Quite interesting.
Mackenzie Moore
Mackenzie Moore 7 aylar önce
what a trip through memory lane for me! i started watching as season 3 was ending. i watched all of season 4, most of season 5, all of season 6, all of season 7, and then all of season 8. I remember most of these bases and watching you build them. also, my favorite base of yours was probably season 6. I loved the huge sphere and the city around it, it's so majestic.
Ethan Doing Stuff
Ethan Doing Stuff 7 aylar önce
I actually said "oh wow" when you turned the corner into the season 5 storage rooms. Those rooms are beautiful.
Hoàng Minh Nguyễn
Hoàng Minh Nguyễn 7 aylar önce
@Pipo Drankje for me it's the tnt land, such a fun project both for him to work on and for me to watch
Caleb Morris
Caleb Morris 7 aylar önce
They look great! I started watching hermitcraft on season 6, so I hadn't even seen his season 5 base. It was surprising how big it was and how great it looked, especially seen as Mumbo always said he was terrible at building. The nether portal area, the storage area, and the whole geometric base in the actual ocean all look amazing. I swear his season 6 base was bigger when he built it and it has shrunk over time though haha. I remember it as this massive sphere, but looking at it now it is so much smaller than the season 7 and 8 builds (and probably smaller than his season 5 build).
Pipo Drankje
Pipo Drankje 7 aylar önce
Yeah loved that base! Bummer he didn't show the aquarium he built there, that's one of the rooms that I vividly remember him building.
Riko002 7 aylar önce
I agree. His season 5 base will always be my favourite, especially when shown at night.
Tiger60x 7 aylar önce
It's really nice to see that he wasn't always the master builder that he seems to be in the recent hermitcraft episodes
Mr Eggs
Mr Eggs 7 aylar önce
Wow, after this nostalgia trip I’ve realized I’ve been here for the last 7 if not 8 years. I feel very privileged to see you grow as a creator not only in Minecraft but further expanding your content style into filmmaking. I still remember the first episode I ever watched was around 5 episodes into season 2. Thank you so much Mumbo for providing both myself and the Minecraft community as a whole hours of well made content for nearly the last decade.
John MC
John MC 6 aylar önce
Amazed at your progression, Mumbo! I've been watching you for a while now and this is probably the best way to see all at once how far you've come...outside of your doors videos. For that last one, maybe a thick, sprawling jungle outside of the base. Scatter the odd small monument here and there along some overgrown path to the base to serve as a warning to turn back. I mean, the season's done, but if you ever make something like that again...or if I can find the time to try it myself :)
PranaZ 7 aylar önce
I’ve been here on this channel since hermitcraft season 4 and it’s been honor seeing your skills further grow, especially with your building skills like jeez, how can you be good at both pick one!
Sawyer 7 aylar önce
I really hope the shopping district comes back, im assuming it was absent because of the small amount of time they had but it was my favorite part of the last 2 seasons because it was the culmination of all of the hermits' creations.
thegreatbeavers 7 aylar önce
@Robotic Operating Buddy 1.18 came out.
Robotic Operating Buddy
Robotic Operating Buddy 7 aylar önce
why is it that the season was so short?
thegreatbeavers 7 aylar önce
While Season 8 was one of the best so far, it felt to me like an experimental season. 1.17 was messy at start so the diamonds was a hit or miss. That's the thing though. Mojang is gonna do something ground breaking in 1.18 / 1.19 . I still have yet to see if mining Diamonds will be the same as Minecraft years ago. So honestly The Hermits has a choice, wait for 1.18 / 1.19 , or just start a season for 1.17. So glad they went with it even though they likely had a lack of Diamonds. Proof of that when you see Grian's, Scar's, BDubs's, Impulse's, and Iskalls's stacks of diamonds. Season 7 has thousands of diamond blocks while Season 8 only has maybe a hundred diamond blocks. But Derp Coin proved a solution to lack of Diamonds. Never know. Maybe some people would do Derp Coin as currency instead of Diamonds.
HyLion 7 aylar önce
@Ian S. Not true. Xisuma had confirmed that the season was always meant to be short, while the "we might delete the chunks outside the island" was a plan B in case they changed their minds
Ian S.
Ian S. 7 aylar önce
They didn’t have a shopping district because the original plan for the season was that everybody was going to settle on the same island so when the update came out they could reset the rest of the world around the island but then they decided to end the season rather than sticking with the original plan
Abby X
Abby X 7 aylar önce
It’s super interesting that your first ever base in HC had a figure/statue, and your most recent base in HC also has a figure/statue. It’s something that really shows your progression, I think. Also, a cool idea for a video in the pretty far future would be to re-make some of your old HC bases in the style you use now (probably using world edit). Of course, it would make sense if you didn’t want to because nostalgia, but it could be a cool idea.
Random Bubble
Random Bubble 7 aylar önce
I love that I started watching hermitcraft with mumbo in season 4 - 5, then watching hermitcraft with xisumavoid 6 or 7. Now I’ve watched 8 with mumbo. I love this server and group. Great content
Ethanizer109 7 aylar önce
Oh, I remember watching all the building for season 4, that's when I really got into your videos, and now I watch all of your new stuff. I've loved watching you build things I never could in minecraft, both aesthetically and redstone-wise. I've loved your videos throughout the years, and you make time go by fast and its much more enjoyable. Keep improving, I doubt it'll be too hard :)
Nico Galati
Nico Galati 7 aylar önce
I watched a bit of season 2, less of season 3, and then watched every video since season 4. this was a nostalgia trip for sure! thank you mumbo for letting me be a part of this amazing journey, your growth is insane. i’m glad i could see it all.
Evie Bee
Evie Bee 7 aylar önce
Looking back I kind of realise that I miss all the rooms and farms and details tucked into the interiors in the older bases. There’s no denying that the Season 7 and 8 bases are beautiful. I just would love to see them stuffed full of… stuff!
Evie Bee
Evie Bee 7 aylar önce
@Asxulxet Es Teronsxez Yeah, I can't (and wouldn't!) say I dislike the newer builds, I just find myself missing the "lived in" style a little bit!
Asxulxet Es Teronsxez
Asxulxet Es Teronsxez 7 aylar önce
I wholly agree. But there is something... religious feeling?.. about big, beautiful, utility-less monuments. Which is what a lot of their bases are.
Charlotte Harrison
Charlotte Harrison 7 aylar önce
I totally agree with this- the big bases are pretty, but they aren’t functional… I mean mumbo never even put anything in his storage system. ! What’s the point of having the fancy bases if you can’t actually use them? I think the fun challenge is integrating functionality and form- making the farms look pretty, and making the base useful
Eric Culver
Eric Culver 7 aylar önce
Agree. Current Hermits' bases are beautiful on the outside and empty on the inside. They spend lots of time making the bases and then don't put anything in them.
Lane Robertson
Lane Robertson 7 aylar önce
I started watching at the beginning of Season 5, and it's been very nice to see not only how you've grown from there, but also how you got to that point in the first place.
pheere 7 aylar önce
This is really nostalgic for me, i remember all of these bases and its amazing how far you have come mumbo.
ThatGuy67 2 aylar önce
Ah man... I remember when season 2 was winding down and I still say that base has its own sort of understated beauty.
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 7 aylar önce
I actually said "oh wow" when you turned the corner into the season 5 storage rooms. Those rooms are beautiful.
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 7 aylar önce
And I thought it was cool when mumbo was talking about Jdm cars and now mumbo was rippin in an s15
Animagician 7 aylar önce
Woah, that Season 4 base was a throwback. I remember watching that build progress in awe, it's crazy to see how far you've come Mumbo!
Nova Ace
Nova Ace 7 aylar önce
hello ani
Chatterbox 7 aylar önce
hey ani!!!
Bertie Cartwright
Bertie Cartwright 7 aylar önce
misfitXgaming 7 aylar önce
it was a throwback. love u mumbo!!
James Heymans
James Heymans 7 aylar önce
You can tell mumbo really improved in season 5. Huge leap.
cakedon 5 aylar önce
Oh my god, I remember pretty much all of this. I've watched since late S4. Seeing the S5 storage system brought up so many memories for me. Same with the medieval village and the redstone mine. I remember all this
tigerofdoom 6 aylar önce
One thing I feel like was missing from Season 8, at least in Boatem, was the desire to go big ended up leaving the builds feeling a little 1-dimensional and lifeless. Maybe if the season wasn't so short it would have been different. Mumbo's mountain was amazing, for instance, but aside from how large the mountain was, it was one statue, a medium sized village without any villagers or animals, and a storage system. Having all the farms all crammed into the base does mess with the lag and can seem more amateurish, but it also helped to make it feel alive, things moving and mooing, pistons firing. I'd like to see Mumbo integrate more moving parts or living things into Season 9. Not necessarily farms, but if there's a village, get some villagers in it. If there's some ice, get some polar bears.
Simon Smart
Simon Smart 7 aylar önce
Could you do this for shops? Would love to see the progress from season to season and a revisit to Sahara would be great.
traxe 7 aylar önce
0:25 Season 2: Jungle Donut 5:41 Season 3: Frozen Donut 8:46 Season 4: Amazon Delivery Drone 12:46 Season 5: Industrialized Atlantis 16:08 Season 6: Giant Poke Ball ft. Grian and Bumbo Balloni 19:24 Season 7: Ancient/Futuristic Temple with a Heart of Gold 22:09 Season 8: Sustainable Armchair/Boatem Gigabase I can't wait to see what season 9 will hold, with an extended build limit and new terrain.
Ali Imran
Ali Imran 7 aylar önce
season 5 base was given the nickname coffee tables by xisuma
Luke Huber
Luke Huber 7 aylar önce
And season 6 sphere donut
Luke Huber
Luke Huber 7 aylar önce
Season 4 should be flying donuts
Julian Emery
Julian Emery 7 aylar önce
I'm thinking it will be along the themes of dwarf kingdom or lofty elf kingdom
Noob Sharkey
Noob Sharkey 7 aylar önce
Season 5 was coffee tables
Aviatron 6 aylar önce
This actually almost made me cry. The amount of memories is insane. Thank you Mumbo.
Andrew Stanley
Andrew Stanley 7 aylar önce
I started watching towards the end of season 4 and even went back and watched all of your episodes from seasons 3 and 4, so you can imagine the nostalgia for me.
aviv elkind
aviv elkind 7 aylar önce
I think one of the problems with the earlier builds is its surroundings, for example, the ice and sand were not fitting in with the green area around it.
joefred44 5 aylar önce
Throwback to season 3, that series helped me through some tough times. I know this comment is gonna get lost in the sea of comments but I hope u see this Mumbo, honestly don’t know where i’d be today if I didn’t have your minecraft vids to keep me occupied and calm during those years
John Rampton
John Rampton 7 aylar önce
I just realized that season 6-8's style all link up from going super modern, to overgrown. Could make a sick backstory
LuckyBlockStudio 7 aylar önce
Mumbo lore
Izzy O'Keefe
Izzy O'Keefe 7 aylar önce
TheOne Bman
TheOne Bman 7 aylar önce
Bamuel Sayden • 8yr ago
Bamuel Sayden • 8yr ago 7 aylar önce
@EtherealG season 6 was ultra-modern, season 7 he went for “futuristic meets nature”, and then season 8 is almost entirely overgrown.
Colin Paddock
Colin Paddock 7 aylar önce
@EtherealG Presumably, in the history of Hermitcraft, the fall of the Great Mumbonian Empire occurred some time in season 5 or 6.
SimosGaming 5 aylar önce
Man, seeing the season 4 drone base, brought me back memories! It was the season I found out about hermitcraft, and the season I started watching ya Mumbo! Also, It's because of S4, that I ended up loving the Mesa biome!
Samit Rao
Samit Rao 7 aylar önce
I was truly blown away by the season 5 storage system. Amazing, Mumbo!
PengiePlayz! 7 aylar önce
I remember a long time ago when season 6 was still going on, I thought that your base was humongous, but now that I’ve seen your other bases, it looks tiny.
Cookie Skoon
Cookie Skoon 7 aylar önce
This made me reflect on my own personal projects. I've been building in the same single player world since 2012 and it's often funny to go back and look at how I used to construct things.
d4r7h3b3r 7 aylar önce
Regarding the scale of the early bases. The lack of elytra makes a difference. Not being able to fly to different areas of your base is likely going to impact the distance you would want to put things.
YellowEllo 17 gün önce
7 was my favorite. 8 was pretty good though. I like it as much as 7 but in a different way. To me it feels more like a backdrop than a base
Spencer MacDougall
Spencer MacDougall 7 aylar önce
The most amazing part of this, for me at least, is that all this was done In survival! Like, I can barely do something like the season 2 base. Seasons 4 and 5 are mind blowing!!
Bovax 7 aylar önce
I've always loved your bases Mumbo. Really all of the Hermit bases. I myself have learned a lot from watching you and others play this game.
Shaun Nolder
Shaun Nolder 7 aylar önce
I joined you about midway season 5, and ive loved watching your bases evolve from the geometric designs to the more organic ones. Season 7s theme of the futuristic preserving the ancient was one of my favorites and actually inspired a storyline that i used for my Dungeons and Dragons group. Keep evolving and keep building.
FrostByte 7 aylar önce
It would be really cool if Mumbo based his Hermitcraft season 9 base on all the little good ideas that he had in his past bases and combined them to make the ultimate Hermitcraft base!
TheKingster69 7 aylar önce
@Lemon Zinger Tea y do people on the internet care so much about spelling
Colin Paddock
Colin Paddock 7 aylar önce
Or at least the ultimate Mumbo Jumbo base. Now that he’s doing aesthetic builds, he has attained Master Builder status!
Saiful Black
Saiful Black 7 aylar önce
He already did that in Season 5
luminous_gacha 7 aylar önce
@Lemon Zinger Tea nobody said this was a spelling bee
Lemon Zinger Tea
Lemon Zinger Tea 7 aylar önce
@TheKingster69 anniversary*
Bb_bumblebeef 7 aylar önce
I started watching during season 5, but binged the older seasons, and oh boy this was nostalgic! I can’t believe I’ve forgotten all those bases already. It was so interesting to see the progression and hear your thoughts on it!
School Account
School Account 7 aylar önce
this is bringing me back so many memories, season 5 storge room i'm hoping comes back or something similar to it, and i love the season 6 base
T Dikkers
T Dikkers 7 aylar önce
Just got your merch for Christmas and am loving it! Keep inspiring me and doing what you do man!
Ctgaming9376 6 aylar önce
Season 3 was actually my favorite out of all the bases and, contrary to Mumbo, but the viewing port was literally my favorite part of the built and even inspired me to build similiar port in my worlds but I do agree it looked alot smaller than I imagined 8:30 Hey! dont talk about my childhood that way!
Lavaa 7 aylar önce
For S9 maybe you could try building something in a steampunk theme. It has the industrial elements that you've always liked but it also has organic/asymmetrical things. I think you would like it. It would also work well with the 1.18 features.
ghoste! 27 gün önce
i watched your videos from season 3 to season 7, and i'm watching season 9 right now. it's so astonishing to see how far you've come, and a lot of fun to look back on all the memories
Artisan Black
Artisan Black 6 aylar önce
I think they all feel bigger in survival. Love the way the bases progress!
Whammo 7 aylar önce
wow, it's so strange seeing these builds in new textures!
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