'Diary ng Panget' FULL MOVIE HD | Nadine Lustre, James Reid

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Yıl önce

A self-described ugly girl works as a maid for a rich and handsome young man. Magkaroon kaya ng spark between them? From the best-selling novel of the same title, watch Nadine Lustre and James Reid in their first movie team-up, DIARY NG PANGET.
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Rygem Santos
Rygem Santos Yıl önce
I'm still in love with their chemistry!! No one can replace them in my heart.
Ronie Bagnol
Ronie Bagnol 11 gün önce
Ti infinity and beyond Nadine lusdine
Ronie Bagnol
Ronie Bagnol 11 gün önce
To infinity and beyond
Dota2Vods Aylar önce
@Rj Ordist 🤣🤣🤣
Parungao, Lia Joyce C.
Parungao, Lia Joyce C. 2 aylar önce
1967 Marjoree
1967 Marjoree 6 aylar önce
Lancelot Yıl önce
Good ol'days, my GF and I watched this together back in college and now we are family blessed with 3 kids. Time sure flies fast guys, always remember that the time we have is only borrowed, cherish EVERY MINUTE dont waste it
xyzli (sayli), xy (say)
xyzli (sayli), xy (say) 25 gün önce
congrats poo
Kiv Tuts.
Kiv Tuts. 3 aylar önce
really sanaol
Rhea Shane Fami
Rhea Shane Fami 4 aylar önce
Jermando Rodriguez
Jermando Rodriguez 7 aylar önce
Nakakaki lig talaga ang moment nila
ksn 7 aylar önce
ems. wag nalang
Nicole Yıl önce
Nakkamiss yung era na to. Kung san nag start ang lahat, my JaDine heart
Meowskii 2 gün önce
Kaso may assi na si james ngayon sad
1967 Marjoree
1967 Marjoree 6 aylar önce
Storm KARDING 6 aylar önce
@Jendukie Manoban wag po galit
Jendukie Manoban
Jendukie Manoban 6 aylar önce
​@Storm KARDING papansin
Joven Lilla
Joven Lilla 8 aylar önce
Sana Al love story
Laura Villegas
Laura Villegas 25 gün önce
I'm a JaDine fan since 2014, and I still missed them. Wish could bring back this era. 🥺🤞
Abby lee
Abby lee 17 gün önce
Michaela Malana
Michaela Malana 2 aylar önce
Rewatched this movie again and it feels nostalgic. I hope they can remake this again after how many years!!! Nakakamiss ang jadine huhu. Sila ang nagbigay buhay sa imaginary characters ng diary ng panget! Such chemistry they had back then 🤍
mary merri
mary merri 11 aylar önce
time flies so fast, mixed emotions ko tuwing nakikita ko 'tong movie😭❤
edg19_Channel 8 aylar önce
Kakamiss ang Nadrian
mishrimpice Yıl önce
i remember how i became a Jadine fan because of this. i also got into singing, dancing and acting because of Nadine. i loveeee her potentials so much. it inspired me to be a performer.
Now I feel so old. Those good old times where reading ebook was my hobby and one of the ebooks I've read is "diary ng panget". It was a good decision that they let JaDine get the role
Nicky Jore
Nicky Jore Yıl önce
@Storm KARDING okay ka lang po ba kuya? kanina pa kita nababasa sa comsec, ano po bang problema niyo bakit ganyan na lang kayo makareact?
diorj Yıl önce
Storm KARDING Yıl önce
Mari B. atleast inamin mo toxic 2000s kid ka
Storm KARDING Yıl önce
Mari B. nakakamiss?ehh immoral na ng panahon nayan the rise of toxic 2000s kid
Storm KARDING Yıl önce
saan part naalala mo matanda kana totoy?inabot mo ba ang glory days ng 80s to early 90s?nung wala pa social media etc. hindi traffic basura.
Rona Dolero
Rona Dolero 8 aylar önce
Very first loveteam that I support with all my heart and being. 8 years has passed pero kinikilig pa rin ako hahaha. JaDine pa rin! ❤
메이진 5 aylar önce
The first Filipino movie I've ever watched in a movie theather due to the influence of my colleague, who had a huge crush on the male lead. This story was very known in our office back then. Whenever we had time, we would stealthily open our email just to read the story. Even men, single or married, were also reading it, lol.
Rhoda Valenciano
Rhoda Valenciano Yıl önce
This movie will always remind me that once upon a time, The JaDine that the people never expected became real. And this movie was a living proof how they have come so far in terms of career. Im always be proud of them as a Loveteam and Individual. 🤍
Belen Brosas
Belen Brosas Yıl önce
2022 still watching JaDine movies and teleserye paulit ulit Jadine Forever Hanggang Dulo......
Bangtan Sonyeondan
Bangtan Sonyeondan 11 aylar önce
Elizabeth Odususi
Elizabeth Odususi 4 aylar önce
ACE Yıl önce
I feel so old and feel so good that I became one of their fans. Time and events may pass but my love for the two will remain the same. Thank you for all the years. Good luck to your individual’s journey.
Storm KARDING 2 aylar önce
@baby vlogger buhay pa di kasi ako gaya sa generation nyo na.bata pa pero itnamaan ng depression BWAHAHAHAHA.ayun kinain na kayo ng lup sa murang age.sarap buhay dito sa canada totoy.
baby vlogger
baby vlogger 2 aylar önce
@Storm KARDING hoy tanda buhay ka pa ba? Hahahahaha
Jairah Agad
Jairah Agad 2 aylar önce
Storm KARDING 8 aylar önce
@JUSTIN WILLIAM TIU BWAHAHAHAHA ang bagong account nya ang sumagot
@Storm KARDING oo na sir, matanda ka na HAHAHAHA
Venus Willy
Venus Willy Yıl önce
No matter how many times I watched it, I can't stop myself from watching it again.
Ginette G
Ginette G Yıl önce
Such a cute movie. Hope these two end up back together. Love their movies together.
stfu pls
stfu pls 10 aylar önce
@Panda Express Tae sino na bf ni Nadine??
Panda Express Tae
Panda Express Tae Yıl önce
Nadine already has a new bf but it’s nice seeing her happy again with someone, I just hope there will be some sort of movie or series reunion from Jadine but I know they’re still close friends and hangs out til now lol. So it’s not really sad cuz James and nadine are still friends and I think that’s what matters the most tbh lol.
cess Sappayani
cess Sappayani Yıl önce
@Ruth Tamayo poor james, nadine is happy now:)) but yeah, sana Comeback again
Ruth Tamayo
Ruth Tamayo Yıl önce
they broke up already miss ☺️
Queeni Mofan
Queeni Mofan 11 aylar önce
Ilang beses ko na napanood 'to pero kinikilig parin ako lalo na nung nag confess na si Cross then binabasa ni Eya yung sinulat ni Cross sa diary nya sheteee 🥰🥰
Lessie Adona
Lessie Adona Yıl önce
Ronie Bagnol
Ronie Bagnol 11 gün önce
To infinity and beyond
stfu pls
stfu pls 10 aylar önce
Michael Pamanano ay meganon
Codename: Ghost
Codename: Ghost Yıl önce
I love this movie 💙💙💙
Ginnisa Bengaora
Ginnisa Bengaora Yıl önce
@Panda Express Tae Ajhskhdkjeksjsjhesjeheheeekweeejhejehekhehjeheuueueueueujehejyeueuwueujehejehejeheueieyejeeuejeuuujeueueuu
Lorefil Santos
Lorefil Santos Yıl önce
so down to earth. many lines and actions are evident in real life situations..funny..nadine and james have perfect chemistry..
Momoring Yıl önce
This is the first classic Wattpad movie adaptation I've watched!!! Dito ako simulang mainlove AHHHH
Prince Morron
Prince Morron 11 aylar önce
L’s World2
L’s World2 Yıl önce
@Darlene Quilapio The adaptation is not that good as what I and others expected. They must’ve chosen another characters.
Darlene Quilapio
Darlene Quilapio Yıl önce
watch the "he's into her" it's also sa wattpad story.
amara . ♡ ˎˊ-
amara . ♡ ˎˊ- Yıl önce
Kookies and Cream Sweeter Than Sweet
Kookies and Cream Sweeter Than Sweet Yıl önce
I still remember watching the premiere with my older brother bc our parents didn't allow me to watch in cinemas alone (I think I was 13 back then), IPIT NA IPIT KILIG KO MGA TSONG HAHAHAHAHA baka mahampas ni kuya 😭🤧😂 Anyways, I was thankful af to my brother for being patient with me and entering the cinema with 90% of the seats occupied by teenage girls 😭
butterfly Yıl önce
Comfort movie, probably because this reminds me of elementary days wherein I read stories sa ebook pa (pasahan ng stories sa bluetooth) since hindi pa ganoon katunog ang wattpad noon. This is one of the stories na talagang sikat na sikat noon ❤❤❤
Magdalena San Juan
Magdalena San Juan 16 saatler önce
suzete 22 gün önce
@Robert Sager keep that to ur self then
suzete 22 gün önce
@butterfly omg haha
sofhiavillorente Villorente
sofhiavillorente Villorente 22 gün önce
,, and pagtapos
suzete Aylar önce
@Gellie Ann Adorio yung maaga matutulog kuno tas nagugulat nalang tayo may titilaok nang manok
Racquel Gamo
Racquel Gamo Aylar önce
My comfort movie... 2023 and still kilig pa rin. I remember 2nd day ng showing nanood ako with my cousin. since then fan na ako ng JADINE. I also discovered wattpad na sobrang na addict ako...
Marilou Yıl önce
I remember when I watched this with my cousin, those moments were so fun when I was young, now i feel so old by re-watching this movie 🤣 Good old days. ❤️
Lynneth Dulano
Lynneth Dulano Yıl önce
the supremancy of this movie never fades✨✨✨😫😫
Ej ariana
Ej ariana Yıl önce
ganda talaga at nakakilig tambalan nina nadine at james, sana sila nalang for ever
Nico Adrian Loria
Nico Adrian Loria Yıl önce
Became a Jadine Fan because of this movie i can't believe it's almost 7 years when i fall in love with them 💖
namjoon's lost airpods
namjoon's lost airpods Yıl önce
It's been years since I watched this movie, omfg this is like one of the best filipino movies I've seen.
Storm KARDING Yıl önce
@Neji Swaan hatis dundo ka pala kung baga isang tadyak lang di mo kaya edepensa self mo.
Storm KARDING Yıl önce
@Neji Swaan uhugin kapa ng panahon nayan 2000s kid bwahahaha.
Neji Swaan
Neji Swaan Yıl önce
Lol anong totoy "po" sinasabi mo dyan
Storm KARDING Yıl önce
@Neji Swaan totoy ka pala
Storm KARDING Yıl önce
@Hermes Lein true
MA QUI Aylar önce
i remember watching this on cinema coz I've read the wattpad series beforehand then became a jadine fan in an instant.. now I wish they stick to this kind of genre coz its too wholesome, pretty and bubbly.. the overflowing youth within them.. now, its all became a sweet memories and we missed it..
sijenliit Yıl önce
30 na ako pero ilang beses ko p rin inuulit-ulit to. Heart warming lang. Kakamiss rin ang JaDine.
Amelodyyy Yıl önce
SHEEEEETTTT!! The nostalgia noong binabasa ko pa to sa ebook way back grade 5 hanggang sa libro na binili ng kaklase ko na napagpasapasahan namin then naging movie na. Aaaa grabe yung feels talaga!!!
Kaye Murillo
Kaye Murillo Yıl önce
Tatlong beses kona napanood to pero nakakakilig pa din yung kissing scene nila😍😍
Anjie  123
Anjie 123 Yıl önce
My heart beats for Jadine. Hahaha lablab them so much. I will never get tired watching this all over and over again.🥰🥰🥰
Karla Calonia
Karla Calonia Yıl önce
Bryan Caballes
Bryan Caballes Yıl önce
Meron din sa netflix
Idah Idah
Idah Idah Yıl önce
meron naman full movie 5years ago na nakapost
Verna Balo'
Verna Balo' 8 aylar önce
I fell in love with Jadine right after watching this movie. I became a huge fan during their OTWOL days, as in I bought almost all merch that have them including the original OTWOL DVDs from ABS CBN. I miss those times.
Kimberly Bolero
Kimberly Bolero Yıl önce
The nostalgic feeling grabe! It reminds me of my high school days nung panahong pasahan pa ng ebook via bluetooth tapos kakamiss even the fashion style that skirt and everything. One of the most memorable era and time for me.
Storm KARDING 2 aylar önce
@baby vlogger namin?ehh but ka galit sila hindi BWAHAHAHAHA
baby vlogger
baby vlogger 2 aylar önce
@Storm KARDING e pakealam namin sa panahon mo tanda? Hahahahahahaha
Storm KARDING Yıl önce
memorable era?kadire nga music ng panahon nayan tsaka immoral rin parang ngayon lang.kaya ang ending 80s90s ang hahanapin ehh.
Chitot Kenji
Chitot Kenji Yıl önce
really loved this movie.. loved the story, very millenial! hope they could have a come back movie soon.
Geane Santos
Geane Santos Yıl önce
Esses dois juntos é uma comédia kkkkkkk
Aby grace
Aby grace 7 aylar önce
The nostalgia i feel rn i used to watch this with my sister back then and now she’s getting married uhhh the memories❤️✨
LenaDel RayLove
LenaDel RayLove 6 aylar önce
You got English sub.??
Rosemary Togamalo
Rosemary Togamalo Aylar önce
FOREVER will be one of all time favorites ❤💗😁
Ex Battalion
Ex Battalion 8 aylar önce
I love nadine lustre..Her smile, Her attitude, Her Beauty..Simple but Beatiful
Vitales Lalaine
Vitales Lalaine Yıl önce
Ito talaga yung dahilan kung bakit naging JADINE fan ako e dahil sa movie na to. Naalala ko pa dati nung grade 6 pako lagi ko to pinapanood sa dvd inuulit ulit ko sya Kase sobrang gwapo ni James reid tapos sobrang ganda ng kwento ng movie na to . na mimiss ko tuloy yung JADINE 😭
Emma Valle
Emma Valle Aylar önce
Naging fan Ako ni Ms. Nadz dahil sa movie na to. Until now she's the only local celebrity that I follow on IG 🙂
Michelle Mabelle Marquiño
Michelle Mabelle Marquiño Yıl önce
I remember na sobra kong shinip sina James and Nadine sa movie na eto kahit magkaiba sila ng network neto at di ko inexpect na magiging magkaloveteam talaga sila after 😭💕 Proud JaDine fan since DNP Era ❤ NAMIMISS KO TULOY JADINE TOGETHER ON SCREEN 😭
Jake Rivera
Jake Rivera Yıl önce
one of the best wattpad adaptation ❤❤
Jecai M
Jecai M Yıl önce
Omeegeedd ang saya saya naman mapanood ulit to! Jadine Throwback movies is the best for me!♥️
maria clarisa leornas
maria clarisa leornas Aylar önce
Binabalikan ko tong movie nato kapag gusto Kong kiligin HAHHAHAHAH
Hana Prias
Hana Prias Yıl önce
I miss JADINE this is where I met them and now this will be their last wonderful memory I had. This where I started supporting them and now I decided to rewatch this for me to move on as well.
Jacob Sumando
Jacob Sumando 29 gün önce
Grabe. I miss this! I wish sila pa rin hanggang ngayon, sayang talaga sila. THIS IS A PURE NOSTALGIA.
John Ehle Fernandez
John Ehle Fernandez Yıl önce
puth tha
puth tha Yıl önce
I just hope they put a subtittle, just to let their International fans understand the story.
Chiiinnn Yıl önce
I miss this era so much, i really miss them so much! JADINE fans since this movie started. Now i feel sad because of what happened to the both of them but i'll gladly support each one of them sa mga carrier nila :> , I REALLY MISS THIS DAYS!! THIS ERA
John Cedric Salisi
John Cedric Salisi Aylar önce
I literally watched this everyday when this was in the cinemas before going to work... Sarap ulit ulitin :)
Kim Joseph
Kim Joseph Yıl önce
Same kilig feels since 2014 Di nakakasawa panoorin. #JaDine4ever
chiechie 14 gün önce
sarmimaxx 4 aylar önce
This movie brings me back to my old self. I hate the person that i have become right now... Still I'm glad that every time I watched this movie it reminds me of how cheerful I was before.
Kate Marielle Bayog
Kate Marielle Bayog Yıl önce
sarap balik balikan mga movies ng Jadine ❤️
Lauren Mendoza
Lauren Mendoza Yıl önce
Kahit ilang beses ko to panuorin kinikilig padin ako ☺☺ Jadine forever padin ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
ShingShing Yıl önce
The movie that made me love JaDine. But I still love them now individually 😻
mi chelle
mi chelle 5 aylar önce
Dito nagsimula ang pagiging JaDine ko. Nakakamiss. Sarap bumalik sa 2014 hehe
Rovie 💫  @rovieanne_
Rovie 💫 @rovieanne_ Yıl önce
1M in a week! Wow! Viva this is the sign! Please give JaDine a comeback movie because that's what we need!
otivel dojebri
otivel dojebri 7 aylar önce
Little Potato
Little Potato 10 gün önce
it's 2023 already but still watching this movie, never get old never get tired of re watching it :)
success habit
success habit Yıl önce
Gusto ko talaga mga movie ni Nadine and James walang drama masyado. Hindi puro iyakan.
Rj Capillo
Rj Capillo Yıl önce
I watching this 3 or 4 times but I still like the story Di nakakasawa and I really relate so much
Noel Barcelona
Noel Barcelona Yıl önce
Oh I miss this movie! I do still have the signed DVD though! And I love Nadine even more.
Kaye Angelie L. Barilla
Kaye Angelie L. Barilla Yıl önce
Miss.M 9 aylar önce
I miss these two! Unang story sa wattpad na nabasa ko haha😍❤️
Felma Ando
Felma Ando Yıl önce
Fav ebook story (wattpad story), fav movie and my fav artist. Kakamiss lang ang Jadine..😊
Angelie Ramos
Angelie Ramos 11 aylar önce
not a JaDine Fan, pero ilang ulit ko na itong napanood and this is my fave JaDine's movie. Don't get me wrong I love them individually 🥰
준이 10 aylar önce
my comfort movie, its a must for me to watch it every year
vanessa mae sulatan
vanessa mae sulatan 4 aylar önce
I read Diary ng Panget sa Wattpad na hindi pa app, yung sa website talaga. Pahirapan sa pagbasa kasi I must remember kung saan ako nka stop magbasa. Lahat gagawan ng paraan para lang makapagbasa ako neto. And nung may movie adaptation, excited ako na mapanood yung movie. Hoping naman na magkaroon na rin ng adaptation ang book 2. Huhu 🤞
Christine Ciudad
Christine Ciudad Yıl önce
Hindi ko na mabilang kung ilang beses ko bang na rewatch 'to. This movie will always be my home.
xy 4 aylar önce
Nakikilig pa ako kahit ilang beses ko napanuod toh! JADINE FOREVER!!! ❤
Anya-Chan 11 aylar önce
Nakakakilig parin shet, walang kupas grabe sobrang nakakakilig parinn 😭😭😭
Dhevora Tormis Berdin
Dhevora Tormis Berdin 11 aylar önce
kinikilig padin ako sheyt kahit ilang beses kona napanood to
Analiza Almeron
Analiza Almeron Yıl önce
It's not that this one was so old but it feels so nostalgic 😭😭
Joanne Ausena
Joanne Ausena Yıl önce
no no no no you don't understand it has been so long since I last watched this movie. IT BRINGS BACK SO MANY MEMORIESSS
Janelle Villanueva
Janelle Villanueva Yıl önce
I miss this love team huhu Iloveyouu both!!❤️ pinaiyak niyo ko sobraaa
Amelia Kento ping
Amelia Kento ping Aylar önce
It brings back my childhood memories 💔
Hamza cale
Hamza cale Yıl önce
Gave me a glimpse and made me mesmerized my school days back when I was college. I miss LPU Cavite. Best Campus I've ever been 😍
Lionette Librado
Lionette Librado 2 aylar önce
Huhu one of my best wattpad story na napanuod. Ganda talaga ng diary ng panget.
rynn chan
rynn chan Yıl önce
Still d Best! Nadine is soo good in comedy and James is gwapo.😍
Lore Platon
Lore Platon Yıl önce
1 de mis películas favoritas de JaDine,va amo todas sus películas y series #JaDine #Forever #JamesReid #NadineLustre Los Amo Demasiado ❤❤😘😘🇦🇷🇦🇷
Abdulrahman Datulukes
Abdulrahman Datulukes Yıl önce
James the Minorbender
James the Minorbender Yıl önce
Daot ga ampo man ka hahahaha
Jhennyfer Cabuyadao
Jhennyfer Cabuyadao Yıl önce
Shiela Olicia
Shiela Olicia Yıl önce
Ilang beses ko na to napanood pero kinikilig pa din ako...hehehe
Macristina Ayala
Macristina Ayala 2 aylar önce
Miss ko na tong era nato😭😭😭☹
Jaela V
Jaela V Yıl önce
my jadine heart!!!! this is my comfort movie
Joymer Ramos
Joymer Ramos Yıl önce
One of the best ebook story, after watching this adaptation for over so many times, it still give so many emotionnnnn!!!!! EBOOK ERAAAAAAAAAA✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨😭😭😭😭
Angel Lintag
Angel Lintag Yıl önce
"Hwag ka maarte, hindi ka maganda" 😭😭😭😭
C4 - Surigao, Almera B.
C4 - Surigao, Almera B. Yıl önce
i really love this, i already watched this 8 times before but here I am now watching this again.. I miss jadine :(((
C4 - Surigao, Almera B.
C4 - Surigao, Almera B. Yıl önce
I will never get tired of watching this!!!!
Herij? Yıl önce
My favorite couple! JaDineeeee! At mananatili pa 'rin kahit na they no longer in a relationship, as long as they still can act as a couple in the next movies, ayos na ayos na sa akin 'yun! I love you both, Nadine Lustre & James Reid! Fighting!~ Muwah. 😂😊💕
sai Yıl önce
I watched this movie for like 15 times already. Laging tanong ni mama bat kodaw paulit-ulit pinapanood to. Since Elementary hanggang ngayon paborito ko paren tong movie natooo.
Angel may Ferrer
Angel may Ferrer Yıl önce
Who's still watching here? It's never getting old, always be a Jadine. Love the both of you😘
otivel dojebri
otivel dojebri 7 aylar önce
STILL watching 2022august and love Nadine so much!!💜💜♥️♥️👍👍🌹🌹
rita osing
rita osing 4 aylar önce
gosh!! first ever watched namin to Ng crush ko when we are in 3rd yr hs missing those days... and now happy happy husband's n wife na kamiii huhu until now fan na fan pa rin kami ng JaDine !!!
M P Yıl önce
Bagay talga kay james yung mga gantong role nakakakilig hahah wattpad na wattpad vibes
Cors Devon
Cors Devon 3 aylar önce
pang badboy talaga, oo bagay sa kanya.
Lolita Salva
Lolita Salva 5 aylar önce
I love him carrying his teddy bear around it just says his character is a boy who acts tough but really isn't
Nostalgic Millennial
Nostalgic Millennial Yıl önce
I understand that it's disrespectful to have distraction (phone ringing) during a shoot but destroying one's property (Eya's phone) was totally uncalled for and was unprofessional as well.
Avelyn Avila
Avelyn Avila 4 aylar önce
im not drinking a drug but im addicted on this video, lmao 😭
Niki 11 aylar önce
Grabe full of nostalgia since I read it when I was in 3rd year HS. It was in the same year kung kailan ako niligawan ng campus crush. Member un ng fraternity pero kamukha siya ni Lee Know (Stray Kids) at anak ng instructor. We've been in a marriage booth dahil binayaran ng mga kaibigan niya. Unfortunately, nd nag last ang relationship. But it was a great experience and I have learned so many things from it.
Janel Camral
Janel Camral 4 aylar önce
Pang 7 beses kona ata ito pinanood pero nandoon padin yung kilig😭😭😭
Elham Macadato
Elham Macadato Yıl önce
dito ako naging jadine fan eh! sobrang nostalgic lang yung pagbabasa ng mga wattpad na ebook pa dati sa nokia ko. minsan hindi pa nakikinig sa teacher,, nakatago sa libro yung phone para lang mabasa yung ebook. tapos pasahan pa ng mga soft copies via bluetooth. haaays ang simple ng buhay noon, nakakamiss :
APALE KENT DIVO 2 aylar önce
This definitely filled in my satisfaction very well. I've read this story on chrome before tapos sa " free basics " pa. Those were old but unforgettable days.
I love myself jk.
I love myself jk. Yıl önce
Trust me, mas nakakakilig yung book version. Pinaka natatandaan ko ay yung boy bawang scene HAHAHA. Ang saya lang makita neto, naalala ko yung teenage years ko, ang babaw ko pa dati hahaha pero ngayon, wala na akong oras para kiligin dahil sa adult life 😂
MinSioK 99
MinSioK 99 Yıl önce
The best line here: "Ayaw ko pong mapunta sa empyerno. Magkikita na naman kami do'n." 😂😂😂😂😂
‘Past Tense’ FULL MOVIE | Kim Chiu, Ai-ai delas Alas, Xian Lim
‘Loving in Tandem’ FULL MOVIE | Maymay Entrata, Edward Barber
Ezhel - Paspartu (Official Audio)
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‘Must Be Love’ FULL MOVIE | Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla
Stay(On the Wings of Love Teleserye Theme)
Lady Singer & Dubber
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‘Bride for Rent’ FULL MOVIE | Kim Chiu, Xian Lim
ABS-CBN Star Cinema
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‘Just the Way You Are’ FULL MOVIE | Liza Soberano, Enrique Gil
‘Sisterakas’ FULL MOVIE | Vice Ganda, Kris Aquino
ABS-CBN Star Cinema
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‘Way Back Home’ FULL MOVIE | Kathryn Bernardo, Julia Montes
50 derece sıcakta bile hırka giymek ☀️ #shorts
Gitme Burdan
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Sahte banka soygunu #shorts #adanalı
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Bir Küçük Gün Işığı 26. Bölüm 2.Fragmanı | ''Elif, lütfen"​
Güzel Günler 15. Bölüm  @guzelgunlerdizi
Güzel Günler
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PARMAĞI KIRILDI ! @3h.geliyor
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