I Raced Across The Ocean

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3 aylar önce

Me & Nihachu raced Tubbo & Wilbur Soot across the ocean! This was CRAZY!!

The rules are simple: we race in teams of two across the channel and to the Isle of Wight (France). Whoever loses has to throw something they care about into the ocean and lose it FOREVER!!

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Edited by: @Wheatskins

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Ianthee Pagba
Ianthee Pagba 2 saatler önce
Lol I can finnaly comment
Loaf of Bread
Loaf of Bread 20 saatler önce
just realised they misspelt longer as lounger lol
Cece the Snail-Lover
Cece the Snail-Lover 21 saatler önce
Fun fact Wilbur says Gesundheit but it's not french😂its German😂
Moonix’s texts
Moonix’s texts Gün önce
Dude just hold on for dear life to Wilbur then you would drag him into the water with you
UrLocalLeia Gün önce
Izzyß_ella_M Gün önce
We got a live action JackManiDrown
Izzyß_ella_M Gün önce
JackManiDrown really became real..
loser._.c0m 2 gün önce
Is no one going to talk about how tubbo Juat straight up said I like boys
Mooshrum 2 gün önce
When wilbur gets some sort of power he becomes the villain
emma martin
emma martin 2 gün önce
You did not put niki in the water
Georgian Bay
Georgian Bay 2 gün önce
Tubbo is CAP-tin
Aramint 2 gün önce
r/Boatrace, The Revenant.
RNG Ultra
RNG Ultra 2 gün önce
Anyone notice will and niki doing something in the background when tubbo was putting on the hat
PTVnews ph
PTVnews ph 3 gün önce
i literally cant stop watching how Wilbur threw Jack into the sea. literally hilarious
Keira O Neill
Keira O Neill 3 gün önce
Am I the only person who ships Wilbur and Niki
The Alpha Siberia Ü
The Alpha Siberia Ü 3 gün önce
5:04 Fucketh off I AM DEAD
The Alpha Siberia Ü
The Alpha Siberia Ü 3 gün önce
Best video moment
Bro U
Bro U 4 gün önce
Niki will never be thrown... Everyone but her will thrown-
× M Y T H I C A L ×
× M Y T H I C A L × 4 gün önce
Wilbur having a great time being a captain xD The way he caried Jack and threw him to the water is just sooo....DAMN COOL
breathnotFound 4 gün önce
Tubbo is cosplaying Kokichi ouma
Peyton Smith
Peyton Smith 4 gün önce
tubbo's gay💅🏻 lets go
Nelina Luna
Nelina Luna 5 gün önce
Tubbo like boys 🙂
Andy JA
Andy JA 5 gün önce
5:34 that sound effect genuinely scared me
DanielLikeBirds 6 gün önce
Tubbo: Give me a good quote Wilbur: Drink more seawater Tubbo: *Drinks Seawater* Wilbur: “I like child labor”
potato loner
potato loner 6 gün önce
9:12 niki being the bad*ss.
Mendoza, Elisha Grace M.
Mendoza, Elisha Grace M. 6 gün önce
pov: you watched this when it was first uploaded and saw the song moment of tubbo and wilbur and you rewatched it again: WHERE ART THOU SONG?!
jana may fianza
jana may fianza 6 gün önce
wow the are da best team 👍👍😁
triSARAtops 6 gün önce
what's going on with those glasses/googles and where do I get a pair? Edit: spelling
Poppy Collings
Poppy Collings 6 gün önce
4:53 the ****eth off had me dying and its so underrated
FruityyCloud 8 gün önce
Literally 2 years ago I've always wanted to move to UK and now i just realized how much more in love i am with the place 👌👄👌
Louie Smith
Louie Smith 8 gün önce
I like wilbur but in the thumbnail he looks like the 'cool guy' from a 90's sitcom about sailing
Topiratti 9 gün önce
Is no one gonna talk abt where the camera Jack was holding went..
Hope_Dsmp 9 gün önce
Will completely threw Jack into the water-
India Lewis
India Lewis 9 gün önce
Wilbur is 25 today
Sunnytabby ludwig
Sunnytabby ludwig 9 gün önce
Awww the little gesundheit(bless you) of wil was so adorable
•Scarlett• :D
•Scarlett• :D 9 gün önce
Love your videos
°M a r l o°
°M a r l o° 9 gün önce
If I was thrown into the ocean I'll drown I literally cannot swim y'all can't see me float y'all see my d34d body floating
fonce caroles
fonce caroles 10 gün önce
This is so asome coolllllllllllll
Dazzle3 B
Dazzle3 B 10 gün önce
1:16 why do I feel like that's Markiplier's line? 2:10 that's it. thats my new way of avoiding ignorance 3:22 as a fan artist who's looking to draw some of these vlog scenes I feel called out (◐∇◐) 5:52 Niki you are such a mood 7:02 look at them flying! 7:57 look at them all jealous of this epic race 8:57 _dissapointment intensifies_ 09:58 he just yeET
jean roy
jean roy 11 gün önce
Wilbur so strong
mykitkat 1212
mykitkat 1212 12 gün önce
Wilbur is gigantic and absolutely towers over Jack. No wonder he could pick him up so easily.
Eline Hegrand
Eline Hegrand 12 gün önce
I. Fucking. Love. Wilbur.
Jade Stewart
Jade Stewart 12 gün önce
i can’t subscribe becuz i’m already subscribed lol
star-ish 12 gün önce
5:04 got me 🐦
dinoboo 12 gün önce
holy shit wilbur is so cool here istg
•mintyteax• 12 gün önce
9:12 Niki just sweared
Zali 13 gün önce
Niki is scary when she’s mad because she is normally happy.
Ayla Fx
Ayla Fx 13 gün önce
Pfff I love how they were in Portsmouth where I'm from
william 14 gün önce
this is some sea of thieves type of shit
Inese Siliņa
Inese Siliņa 15 gün önce
tubbo is gay (confirmed)
-głíćh- 15 gün önce
u should have throw wilbur also off the boat 😂
Ayumi Castillo
Ayumi Castillo 15 gün önce
I love how Wilbur and tubbos boat went in a full circle for fun and still managed to catch up
Kenzie’s Candy store!
Kenzie’s Candy store! 15 gün önce
As someone who is a boating kid this was hilarious
Bailey Vos
Bailey Vos 16 gün önce
Omg its so cute that Wilbur just so much protect Nikki✨💗🏳️‍🌈🖤🤍👑
Skeptical 16 gün önce
Will: “gesundheit” jack: their not speaking english, they’re- that’s french
꧁𝕃𝕚𝕝𝕪𝕡𝕒𝕕꧂ 16 gün önce
i wouldve pushed wilbur so f-ing far-
꧁𝕃𝕚𝕝𝕪𝕡𝕒𝕕꧂ 16 gün önce
why did some of the parts remind me of Luca-
Reiko Boon
Reiko Boon 16 gün önce
Watching this 2 months later made me sad cause the copyrighted music got cut out :(
Ethan Lapating
Ethan Lapating 17 gün önce
•M Ø _C H Ï•
•M Ø _C H Ï• 17 gün önce
why is everyone not talking about niki huging jack when the boat speeds?😳
Avery Rae
Avery Rae 17 gün önce
Wow that’s a cool looking bouy I like boys 😃🤚 love that
Haunt_Ethics 17 gün önce
Tubbo: is given one chance for free speech *accidentally comes out as gay in the first 3 seconds*
☆Hi!☆ 17 gün önce
Fucketh of , my new favourite sentence
☆Hi!☆ 17 gün önce
Any question =The Driver.................
Sadie Kimrey
Sadie Kimrey 17 gün önce
4:50 - 5:05 Like Romeo and Juliet
Dainius Kuprys
Dainius Kuprys 17 gün önce
Wilbur:gesundheit Jack:they aren't speaking English they are speaking French Me as a german:that's not French that german BAHAHHAA
Netty 18 gün önce
“I had to take up smoking” me: is that bc you had cancer? /j (I just watched the jack manifold ‘searching myself up’
Olivia Brown
Olivia Brown 18 gün önce
I wat you to do parasailing
hxpeko 18 gün önce
the thumbnail looks like some kind of white family's family photo
Rapunzel days
Rapunzel days 18 gün önce
x.x *The love or host!* im dead
🏳‍🌈That.Gay.Potato 18 gün önce
Quote of the day "drink more sea water" -Wilbur soot
DesTiny Ash
DesTiny Ash 18 gün önce
As someone who was born on the isle of white I can confirm it’s not french
michael okil
michael okil 18 gün önce
The immense pea daily decay because dressing intracellularly pause save a tedious cockroach. exotic, kind ant
BlandyBoi 18 gün önce
Wilbur is the fucking Chad who chooses not to be a chad
❁Hsiwkhu❁ #TechnoSupport
❁Hsiwkhu❁ #TechnoSupport 19 gün önce
Justus Flud
Justus Flud 19 gün önce
I am worse than a mean person I dislike the video I am on Wilbur side
weeIVeY 19 gün önce
10:12 anyone know the outro song?
Meowkins 19 gün önce
I’ve been to the isle of white
Breacan 19 gün önce
POV: your back here to see if the dance bit was some weird fever dream or not
Amina Midzic
Amina Midzic 19 gün önce
Gesundheit Is german 👯
OllieRoseB 19 gün önce
Best friend
Best friend 20 gün önce
4:26 2:52 9:55
Jethros Ghost
Jethros Ghost 20 gün önce
jack: name one thing ive lost before mcc. mcc jack.
AyooItsLiar 20 gün önce
Wilbur: Gesundheit Jack: Thats french Me: **Screams in German** ('Gesundheit' is 'Bless you' in english)
Charley Cat
Charley Cat 18 gün önce
I was thinking the same thing
M L 20 gün önce
5:03 That Jack's "Fucketh off" was said in such an old english lady manner that I can't even XD
señor porko
señor porko 21 gün önce
I legit whent to the isle of white a few days ago then this was in my recommended
Aesthetic_Ju 21 gün önce
The story of *Willbur and Manifold* *There deaths was 'bout racing of boats with Romeo on west and Juliet on thy east. Said by merchants long ago death pondered by in the bodies of waters*
Tommyinnit Postss
Tommyinnit Postss 21 gün önce
I went on a boat like that cause I went to Isle of Wight:))
Fearful Hamster
Fearful Hamster 21 gün önce
Megan Satchwell
Megan Satchwell 21 gün önce
Omg what happened to the the part when tubbo and wilbur blast music that was so funny
Anonym 21 gün önce
"Gesundheit" that’s French? Its German- 🥲
Avril MacNaughtan
Avril MacNaughtan 22 gün önce
Do not smoke
Dante ANGILLETTA 22 gün önce
7:30 the captain was like “ima wip this hoe”
Draco malfoy
Draco malfoy 22 gün önce
💧 💧
Draco malfoy
Draco malfoy 22 gün önce
MmMm SeA wAtEr
Repsosious 22 gün önce
Aheony 22 gün önce
the way he just kinda… scooped him up :0
Invalid Usrname
Invalid Usrname 22 gün önce
Niki shouldve been thrown in to, wouldve been funnier but lmao
AdvisoryPluto37 Of the pluto
AdvisoryPluto37 Of the pluto 22 gün önce
Around 9:02 is a tommyinit stop it
GixerWill123 22 gün önce
The way he picked him up like a baby😂
Chí Duy
Chí Duy 23 gün önce
What The outro song
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