Russell Westbrook Leads WILD 40-8 Lakers Run vs. Kings 🤯

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Bleacher Report

Aylar önce

Lakers went on a 40-8 run on the Kings 😳😳😳

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Type RyRy
Type RyRy Aylar önce
This is exactly what the Lakers need Russ to do: spark the offense.
McPassion Aylar önce
Dashawn Taylor
Dashawn Taylor Aylar önce
@Iroha or Death me too actually and I like the Lakers tho lol
Iroha or Death
Iroha or Death Aylar önce
@Kane Barry that was bad, but it actually made me laugh out loud. Damn
Jay strong
Jay strong Aylar önce
or when they play anyone after a new team with 11 new players finally get healthy and gel 👍
Kane Barry
Kane Barry Aylar önce
Going to really help them when the Lakers are Playing the Kings in the Conference Finals 👍🏻
Socialist Batman
Socialist Batman Aylar önce
When Russ is on, and AD remembers he’s good at basketball, then there’s no reason they shouldn’t be a 4 seed even if Lebron sits the whole year
GottizWay Aylar önce
Man stfu ur apart of the trade westbrick Convo.This sounds like it should be a trade Westbrook comment but because he led a 40 8 run now u say u dunno how they sit at the spot they at.Make up ur minds about being a fan or not.Very confusing the second Westbrook do good yall come out saying yes this is wat we needed blah blah stfu
sLAYER Aylar önce
Russ is enough for the playoff spot AD and Lebron's jobs haven't even started 🙄
Mando Ball
Mando Ball Aylar önce
This happened when AD finally decided to play in the post instead of settling for 3pt and mid range shots
Jp Snsn
Jp Snsn Aylar önce
He thinks he's Kevin Garnett. He needs to play more like Karl Malone!
Jwda thefax
Jwda thefax Aylar önce
@Mando Ball Not my point. My point is that it’s not his choice while fans continue to blame him. And for the record, let’s not pretend like there haven’t been games where he splashed multiple 3’s and jump shots in a win as opposed to scoring in the paint. Media and fans will ALWAYS highlight anything negative that they personally don’t like over the positive which leads people to say things like “it doesn’t work the majority of times”. For example, Russ have been getting unnecessary criticism for years despite his numbers. Like when they complained that he took too many shots the same year KD won the scoring title and it was Russ giving him the ball the majority of the time. The media and fans are terrible to use as a point of reference when trying to make a point.
Mando Ball
Mando Ball Aylar önce
@Jwda thefax it’s highlighted because it doesn’t work the majority of times. The fans, the media and radio personalities can’t stress this enough. We’re just pointing out the obvious.
Jwda thefax
Jwda thefax Aylar önce
Y’all keep forgetting that it’s not up to AD. This isn’t street ball. He doesn’t even really like to be used as a spot up 3 shooter, but since everyone knows he’s capable, coaches always want him to be a steady threat from out there because it opens up the paint. The disappointment in this is just highlighted when it doesn’t work.
chc chc
chc chc Aylar önce
They just have to wait untill the playoffs when they will use him as a 5
KB Aylar önce
Earlier in the season he always starts bad and bounces back y’all should know this by now
. Aylar önce
@Donn Cooks You went from ''stop it has not he has not been to multiple conference finals'' to ''he only went to the Conference finals 4 times'' LMAO
Donn Cooks
Donn Cooks Aylar önce
@FiMerk™ (RS) WestBrick only went to the Conference finals 4 times and Finals once with KD and without KD he hasn’t been shit and that’s just a fact all those triple doubles don’t mean shit because he still losing
FiMerk™ (RS)
FiMerk™ (RS) Aylar önce
@J1FinesseGAWD mans went ghost after being called out, lmao.
J1FinesseGAWD Aylar önce
What happened to @Donn Cooks ?
Tay 2K
Tay 2K Aylar önce
@Donavon McCrab yk damn well the wizards,the rockets and the 2017-18 Thunder wasn’t gone reall y get that far in the playoffs
Jon Alvy
Jon Alvy Aylar önce
About time! Call me crazy but I expected this from the start not 20 plus games in, But about time hopefully can carry over to the next even without LBJ. I have faith in the Lakers.
Jay strong
Jay strong Aylar önce
they beat miami as well who was one of the top teams in the east at the time as well
Random Commenter
Random Commenter Aylar önce
Congrats on beating a bottom 10 team
Jon Alvy
Jon Alvy Aylar önce
@Cole Tidus not talking about Westbrook or the season I was talking about the 3rd qt beating they put on SAC. That's what the clip was talking about.
Cole Tidus
Cole Tidus Aylar önce
Yea youre fucking crazy. Russel always struggles early season and hes in a new system with an undefined role with an injured superstar. If you didnt expect him to struggle then get better youre delusional, sorry
DTMO Aylar önce
If these guys can finally play to their strengths I.e Russ passing well and driving to open up looks or get easy buckets, Carmelo finding mismatches in the post, Malik playing his game, and most importantly AD playing like the 7’0 monster he is down low and working for good buckets and lebron not settling for 12 3s a game the lakers will be in the mix and perhaps have their title dreams restored. They have the pieces now it’s just execution
Jordan Bernal
Jordan Bernal Aylar önce
Key sleeper factor in this game was D Howard. His presence on the court getting at least 30 minutes is huge! him and AD need to terrorize the post. Howard has been grossly under utilized!! He was so efficient but it's hard to be able to do what he did when you don't get enough time for the gears to get going
Banana Narwhals
Banana Narwhals Aylar önce
The issue eventually become who is shooting? You have Lebron, Russ, and AD all best near the rim. If you add another inside guy, the opponent could pack the paint all day long without shooters on the outside.
Jordan Bernal
Jordan Bernal Aylar önce
He had 12 pts on 5/7, 13 reb, and 2 blks plus 2 steals, and was plus 27 for the game in 35 minutes. That's huuuge for off the bench. Vogel, tf you doing bro! Play this damn man some more
Silky LewJr
Silky LewJr Aylar önce
I told yall they need to trade Lebron to get more pieces. Westbrook, AD, and melo got this.....I'm bullshitting 😂😂😂
Anthony Harris
Anthony Harris Aylar önce
RageBoyJoey Aylar önce
Westbrook just needs time to adapt cause like last year he started off playing bad and at the middle of the season he and bradley lifted a dead team and made it to the playoffs although they didn't go futher than round 1 they still made it somehow and they started the last season off with 8-26 if i remember correctly
The Rational Player
The Rational Player Aylar önce
Multiple players led the lead, AD, Rondo, Dwight for setting the defensive tone to begin with, Wayne E. also had two crucial three pointers, the credit don't all go to Russ. Russ still needs to prove he can do this consistently with Lakers, given being the top paid player on this team.
The Rational Player
The Rational Player 11 gün önce
Just out of curiosity, who here still thinks Russ deserves the MVP? The dude currently dominates two stats - overall minutes played and the number of turnovers for the season. That is truly something I would say. Lol.
m vale
m vale Aylar önce
No one is saying that twas all russ. Check lakers channel and fb page. Just that russ was the one who deserve the most credit.
lets talk
lets talk Aylar önce
It was mainly russ and ad they killers
Johnny Tijerina
Johnny Tijerina Aylar önce
If he gets the blame when they lose how come he can’t get some credit when they win?
The Rational Player
The Rational Player Aylar önce
@Tre Y.L.G. I think about championship first.
MariNate Aylar önce
Remember everyone said it was his fault lmao
Tai Aylar önce
Yea And No One Talked About AD Shooting Like 💩
DeAndre Page
DeAndre Page Aylar önce
Anthony Davis not changing his style of play for nobody. If the lob dunk is available, he will take it
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez Aylar önce
Is it possible to fire Luke Walton two times
Deuce Dolla
Deuce Dolla Aylar önce
Russ has 4 points 2 assists in this highlight 😑
Jay Money
Jay Money Aylar önce
Malik Monk was cooking 🔥🔥🔥
Nam Pham
Nam Pham Aylar önce
Relax, it was the kings
sosa montana
sosa montana Aylar önce
Kings have been getting dominated since 2006 smh
Mr. Thermite
Mr. Thermite Aylar önce
@LeGoat JaGoat well imagine saying LeCry is the GOAT 🤡🤡🤡
LeGoat JaGoat
LeGoat JaGoat Aylar önce
Imagine being a kings fan
xXeRoxxasXx _
xXeRoxxasXx _ Aylar önce
This is like a D1 team vs a aau team nothing to brag about here but it was a nice run not taking anything away from anybody
Chernobyl Aylar önce
I could do that in my sleep
AH25 Aylar önce
I don’t even think lakers will make it past the first round
jiyong taeyeon
jiyong taeyeon Aylar önce
Asani Wasabi
Asani Wasabi Aylar önce
Better hope United don't get drawn against Bayern in the round of 16
smokeonsum Aylar önce
unknown 224
unknown 224 Aylar önce
Commentators clearly kings fans🤣
John Wenn Macaldo
John Wenn Macaldo Aylar önce
4:53 to 6:50 kings didnt have a highlight lol
Moshe Aylar önce
I forgot the kings are an nba team
Quentin Castillo
Quentin Castillo Aylar önce
Let’s Go LAKE SHOW!!!
Jemaal Weeks
Jemaal Weeks Aylar önce
The Kings. Lol! Wow what a milestone victory!! Im a laker fan and i know that dudn"t mean mucha shit. Pardon my french
Jonathan Evans
Jonathan Evans Aylar önce
Dem haters done crawled in their holes 🥶😭. Where are they? Haven't heard from them in WEEKS. AS usual when he starts balling they go in their caves and don't come out
Chn23  Chn23
Chn23 Chn23 Aylar önce
Whelp they just lost to the clippers without kawhi all healthy lakers Russ AD Bron bruh
VVS Diamonds
VVS Diamonds Aylar önce
Legendary Lakers 🍻🍾😎
Adewale Taiwo
Adewale Taiwo Aylar önce
So no one is gonna give Rondo credit??! SMH
russell westGOAT
russell westGOAT Aylar önce
he played like 8 minutes and scored like 6 points with 2 assists, was a very silent takeover tbh it was mostly AD and DJ defending the rim, and the kings went super cold from 3
Blue Aylar önce
Congrats to everyone who is early and found this comment!🏆
Gabe Ihloff
Gabe Ihloff Aylar önce
Ur a bot
Miguel Burbano
Miguel Burbano Aylar önce
Momentum started to change when Monk hit the buzzer beater 3 at the end of the half
bigboner23 Aylar önce
And dumb fans actually said they rather have Caruso over westbrook……sigh
Clarence Amarillo
Clarence Amarillo Aylar önce
2022 NBA Champions : Lakers
Value Pilgrim
Value Pilgrim Aylar önce
If Russ, AD, Dwight, Carmelo, Rondo And Monk, Ellington are used properly, this team should easily be the No. 1 or 2 seed in the west.
Allied Universal
Allied Universal Aylar önce
more like A.D with the carry
Iroha or Death
Iroha or Death Aylar önce
It just meant that the 40-8 run started with a Westbrook basket.
NITISH SONU Aylar önce
The alley oop at the end was dope
Greatest Champ
Greatest Champ Aylar önce
Who are making these all star teams The players? or the league?
Daddy’s Sauce
Daddy’s Sauce Aylar önce
They have to be pumping crowd noise into these broadcast because the arena be silent when it shows a different angle. And why is there cheering when the lakers score?? This is definitely fake, only like 2 Lakers jerseys in the crowd smh
Daddy’s Sauce
Daddy’s Sauce Aylar önce
@Im him Dk not that many ppl there and listen to the close up highlight it is silent in the arena bro
Im him Dk
Im him Dk Aylar önce
Because its more la fans than kings fan do u not think that some ppl go there for the player not always the team too
Kelas 5 KOMANDO Aylar önce
Westbrick not bad....not bad....
Pritong talong
Pritong talong Aylar önce
He inconsistent
Mr. Thermite
Mr. Thermite Aylar önce
Bruh he is been playing great lately where have you been?
Dee Jay
Dee Jay Aylar önce
AD needs to play like a big man, and Russ feed him the ball. They’ll be top 5 in the west, consistency is the key for them.
Djscarecrows Aylar önce
If the kings got liangelo ball it would definitely fill the empty seats
Chernobyl Aylar önce
TaT Aylar önce
???? You should change title AD and the bench led to win not cuz of Russ!!! He is just a garbage player bro
Nicholas Chana
Nicholas Chana Aylar önce
well duh, the kings suck
MediCali951 Aylar önce
Haters are very quiet this morning
NineNine Aylar önce
@Patrick "y'all, y'all, y'all"... bitch who? I don't no care one bit if he gets traded or not. Lakers ain't doing anything this year anyways lmfao.
Patrick Aylar önce
@NineNine y’all said that the last 2 years and he’s found a destination. And he really force himself back home with that contract. And he’s not gonna get traded 😂y’all just be sounding so dumb and y’all mad that he got a bag and that he’s starting to play better and help the team
NineNine Aylar önce
@MaGODtrick No ones taking that 40 million. Lakers are stuck 🤣🤣
MaGODtrick Aylar önce
Why? We know Westbrick will be traded by the deadline.
Chernobyl Aylar önce
Russell Westbrook is gay
Old School
Old School Aylar önce
No LBJ either hum
Hazael Moreno
Hazael Moreno Aylar önce
Rondo's name is actually Giovanni Giorgio.
Mark Anthony Castillo
Mark Anthony Castillo Aylar önce
Better without lebron. Haha
Manuele Borsari
Manuele Borsari Aylar önce
They need to trade LeBron
A Aylar önce
All star
Adith Shabarish
Adith Shabarish Aylar önce
Full jelly.
Chris Walls
Chris Walls Aylar önce
Oc reed gaming
Oc reed gaming Aylar önce
is the kings
Starboiyo420 Aylar önce
Do this against a competent team and I’ll be impressed. The Kings have been a free win since 2008, you better have won.
Blvck.Mvrble Aylar önce
Title doesn’t match this video 🥴
dont talk to me
dont talk to me Aylar önce
It does because he's the leader when lebron is out that's what point guard he gives assist
Serge Foppossi
Serge Foppossi Aylar önce
The crazy things is they can win without LBJ.
jiyong taeyeon
jiyong taeyeon Aylar önce
Every win without lbj is a big win😂
Ernesto Aylar önce
Straight from reddit
Winning with L’s
Winning with L’s Aylar önce
Serge Foppossi
Serge Foppossi Aylar önce
Basketball is not complicated when you put your ego aside. Chemistry is just an excuses, after 10+ seasons, the game is engraved in you. I wished they played more off the ball like the warriors.
russell westGOAT
russell westGOAT Aylar önce
theres a reason they dont, chemistry is not an excuse cause when you play like the warriors, constantly running actions, everyone has to be on the same page or and understand where to move the ball when the defense reacts, their style of play risks the entire team looking really out of wack when they dont get the plays right, steph bails them out when they fuck up thats why they look amazing when hes on the floor and a little wonky when hes not
Rius Franco
Rius Franco Aylar önce
This might go unnoticed but I’m an Up & Coming Artist Worth, The Listen, 🗣🔥👂
Chin Keat Yein Jewelx
Chin Keat Yein Jewelx Aylar önce
Lakers team is getting so much better now
Trey Escobio
Trey Escobio Aylar önce
Russ been balling lately. I hate the westbrook slander. He obviously will have a slow start and feel things out but now he’s back. Y’all should’ve never doubted him smh.
King Lou
King Lou Aylar önce
Westbrick trying to convince the team not to trade him
Mr. Thermite
Mr. Thermite Aylar önce
Calling out someone doesnt make you it makes you sound jealous
Mr. Thermite
Mr. Thermite Aylar önce
L attempt
dont talk to me
dont talk to me Aylar önce
You not funny give up
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