Earthless - Uluru rock // Live 2018 // A38 Rocks

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A38 Rocks

A38 Rocks

2 yıl önce

In 2018 A38 Rocks recorded the live concert footage of this song called Uluru rock performed by Earthless. Watch the full concert here:

For over a decade, A38 Ship has been the home of great contemporary rock, metal and hardcore acts. We are proud to present the most memorable moments from the biggest shows on - and for sure, in front of - the stage to the catchiest hits of acts. A38 Rocks - where amps can sound as loud, it shakes the ship. Subscribe to this channel:

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TheFood42 7 gün önce
Did I just run a marathon? They never cease to blow my mind. Warm up, speed up, chaos, cool down, collapse. I've seen them live twice here in Chicago and chatted briefly with Isaiah and Mario. Cool guys. Counting the days until I see them live again; hopefully in their home state of California next time.
Ollie Gunz
Ollie Gunz Aylar önce
the kicker is they fly out there and drink wine and just look at it, like it's a big dum rock
Ollie Gunz
Ollie Gunz Aylar önce
ayres rock not uluru
Coolnesski 6 aylar önce
Next watch them in this one…
Darin Blanchard
Darin Blanchard 6 aylar önce
2 minutes in: "I probably won't watch this whole thing." 25 minutes later: 🤯
Martin Paridon
Martin Paridon 7 aylar önce
This is just insane. I watched this earlier and came back to see the comments. Why are these guys not much bigger? This is the real deal man.
Kunststoff Fantastisch
Kunststoff Fantastisch 9 aylar önce
The drummer and bass player did not drop a single note during that whole incredible thing!!!
chris herbig
chris herbig 5 aylar önce
Mike and Mario never do. Their rhythm section is as good as they come.
Kunststoff Fantastisch
Kunststoff Fantastisch 9 aylar önce
That must have been amazing to see, they are just rocking out and jamming live. Can't wait to meet you all when we all see them live together. I'll bring a lot of weed!!!
Jason Hutchinson
Jason Hutchinson 9 aylar önce
Thank you thank you...and for song #2..
PenDragon 11 aylar önce
The best description ever of Earthless is to be found in the allmusic review of Rhythms from a Cosmic Sky: "They jam as Jimi Hendrix jammed, as Cream and Free and even Humble Pie jammed when they took it outside. But Earthless are always outside. They literally enter the sonic maelstrom of inspiration and free flowing, molten, deeply emotional energy where most felt it was at its peak, and they go up from there, moving into dusted rock realms not even dreamed of by the current jam band crew, the stoners or the droners, or even the heaviest of the doomers. They could hang with the most progressive of the metal bands around if they wanted to, but it's not in their credo. They don't see how long they can extend a chord; instead they see how many notes can fit into one, and how groove-oriented a tripped-out riff can get. "
Kelvin Matias
Kelvin Matias 3 aylar önce
@Morgan Ronnie happy to help :D
Morgan Ronnie
Morgan Ronnie 3 aylar önce
@Kelvin Matias It worked and I actually got access to my account again. Im so happy:D Thanks so much you really help me out!
Morgan Ronnie
Morgan Ronnie 3 aylar önce
@Kelvin Matias i really appreciate your reply. I got to the site through google and Im waiting for the hacking stuff now. I see it takes a while so I will reply here later with my results.
Kelvin Matias
Kelvin Matias 3 aylar önce
@Morgan Ronnie Instablaster :)
Morgan Ronnie
Morgan Ronnie 3 aylar önce
i guess Im asking the wrong place but does anybody know of a way to get back into an instagram account? I was dumb lost my login password. I would appreciate any tricks you can give me.
timbo170887 Yıl önce
That bass sound though....
Stormtrooper Yıl önce
the one music that rule them all
Raul Cabanes Barrios
Raul Cabanes Barrios Yıl önce
Mathis bnc
Mathis bnc Yıl önce
This live must rule the world
FUTURA grabados
FUTURA grabados Yıl önce
alguien conoce otro POWER TRIO asi ?????
Miguel Angel Quintero Piñeros
Miguel Angel Quintero Piñeros 7 aylar önce
@FUTURA grabados pues muchas gracias, a ver qué me encuentro.
FUTURA grabados
FUTURA grabados 7 aylar önce
@Miguel Angel Quintero Piñeros estan fuera de todo genero, no cualquiera los puede soportar, solo cuando hayas escuchado de todo, ahi volves a empezar y descubris lo bueno de cosas que en otros momentos no podias apreciar, esta banda son de "CULTO" pero con mayusculas si Googleas vas a descubrir su historia. Saludos
Miguel Angel Quintero Piñeros
Miguel Angel Quintero Piñeros 7 aylar önce
@FUTURA grabados jejeje, no es la primera vez que AAL producen esa sensación. Respecto a "The residents" que genero son? Los voy a agregar a la lista de bandas por escuchar. Se reciben recomendaciones adicionales, jeje.
FUTURA grabados
FUTURA grabados 7 aylar önce
@Miguel Angel Quintero Piñeros si, son virtuosos, pero es un estilo que superé, mejor dicho, me cansaron, muchas notas y arreglos te detonan la cabeza, volvi a las fuentes " The Residents", y estoy enganchadisimo, despues de años de no escucharlos. Gracias por tu recomendacion
FUTURA grabados
FUTURA grabados 7 aylar önce
@ZËB es otra cosa, pero "Dead Roots Stirring" tiene un aire, "THE GOLD & SILVER SESSIONS" me gustó, es mas tranqui, Gracias por la recomendaciones
Procerus Yıl önce
bro, the feels
Ben Baselet
Ben Baselet Yıl önce
I mean.. I can't fucking nod through this!
Ofrugotoos Yıl önce
Bass player looks like Adam Jones from TooL
Benvindo ao Pacifico
Benvindo ao Pacifico Yıl önce
Awesome, guys! It blown our minds!
Tom Garden
Tom Garden Yıl önce
Hory shet !
Mike Loomis
Mike Loomis Yıl önce
My hands cramped up just watching him play at about the 5 minute mark. He went on for another 20 minutes!
TonyRedgrave1501 Yıl önce
What kind of bass is the bassist using? Looks cool.
Nathan M
Nathan M Yıl önce
ampeg dan armstrong
Rick N Backer
Rick N Backer Yıl önce
You had me at "Earthless"..
Live from the Sky Cabin
Live from the Sky Cabin Yıl önce
That Bass though.
Al Martin
Al Martin Yıl önce
Outstanding, fucking outstanding.
aap gem
aap gem Yıl önce
where is this?
aap gem
aap gem Yıl önce
Ákos Szóró thanx. Good sound!
Ákos Szóró
Ákos Szóró Yıl önce
it's in Budapest, Hungary, venue is called A38
Cabeza De GONG
Cabeza De GONG Yıl önce
Niiiiiice !
Deklin Steiner
Deklin Steiner Yıl önce
The bassist has an Om shirt! God damn I wanna see these guys live!
terapinz Aylar önce
@Cristian Salas earth would crumble from the amount of epic…. And bass lol
Cristian Salas
Cristian Salas 8 aylar önce
imagine om and earthless playing together
danashane Yıl önce
he bought that guitar while he was in high school, from the dad of a friend of his. No shit.
Randall Coedwig
Randall Coedwig 2 yıl önce
This is the fucking jam right here!!!
Nikos Tzitzikostas
Nikos Tzitzikostas 2 yıl önce
Earthless is moving rapidly towards position No1 in my favorite bands of all time list \m/
chris herbig
chris herbig 5 aylar önce
From a creativity standpoint, they are my number one. I've always wanted to start a band that was sort of a earthless/pink floyd hybrid. Basically, just add in some crazy keys.
stacker 9 aylar önce
@jlopez47 All about the rhythm, that's what happens when you don't put that thing down :)
jlopez47 Yıl önce
Isaiah Mitchell easily moved to my no. 1 best guitarist currently living. He has that impossibly rare intensity and endurance that Stevie Ray Vaughan had playing live. Both these men can play (for an entire set) what 99.9999% of all guitarists can only do for a minute before their entire arm locks up and cramps up for the night.
avon barksdale
avon barksdale 2 yıl önce
the sole reason i cannot force myself to really get into this band is that the bassplayer cannot hold a groove for 3 seconds. he's totally lost.
Richie Townsend
Richie Townsend Yıl önce
What a peculiar little troll.
avon barksdale
avon barksdale Yıl önce
Kell Sims watch it for yourself; the dude can’t hold a groove.
KSims Yıl önce
troll rating -4 out of 10 stars
Keel Yıl önce
@avon barksdale if you say so buddy lol to each our own
avon barksdale
avon barksdale Yıl önce
Keel pffff if this sends you to space then honey you basic
Josh 2 yıl önce
Fuck yeah. These guys rule! If you dig punk rock, check out Mario's (drummer) other bands (Off!, Hot Snakes and Rocket From the Crypt)
City of Cool
City of Cool 2 yıl önce
astonishing! remarkable! inspirational! thank you from Australia - land of Uluru (i've walked around Uluru twice and that experience was similar to listening to and watching this music). what a performance! what a band!
Dustin 2 yıl önce
3 creatures hate the Earth
Zuhal 2 yıl önce
samwitt1984 2 yıl önce
This is so goddamn amazing.
yurigagarin 2 yıl önce
Izzy for president!!!
Eddie Von Grape
Eddie Von Grape 2 yıl önce
Eamonn Deane
Eamonn Deane 2 yıl önce
I'm quite frankly astonished at the guy standing at the front on the right who managed to stay totally still for the entire performance! How can you not be losing your shit during that performance???!!!
Daniel Anaya
Daniel Anaya 7 aylar önce
I'm sure he's pretty busy to move
Ben Baselet
Ben Baselet Yıl önce
He's probably Finnish.
Acid King
Acid King Yıl önce
Keel That’s right man. It’s like oxygen and co2. Need it to survive
Keel Yıl önce
@Acid King lsd and earthless is like oreos and milk
David Jones
David Jones Yıl önce
I thought the same thing, then my second thought was he is either dosed or blazed, my third thought was probably both.
gerg ylgnittam
gerg ylgnittam 2 yıl önce
freaking amazing live band..godz!
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