Best Scary Stories Of June 2019!

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Best Scary Stories Of June 2019!
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This month I narrated more stories than I ever have in a single month before. From stories of cryptids, demons, and so much more. It's harder to name a topic we didn't cover than the ones we did. So just as we do every month.. this is the best of June. Over 10 hours of scary stories all in one video.
Story credits:
1: AWSmithWrites
2: EveeFrost
3: The-Third-Person
4: HotshotKSW
5: GorillaOfUndeath
6: TheDemonQueenLuna
7: PeachSquid
8: LucyBoo_22
9: NewToTownJam
10: AuthorJoJo
11: HCA2001
12: CampbellPics
13: EpoxyGlue
14: LarennElizabeth
15: Fainting--Goat
16: LemonGoodness
17: GorillaOfUndeath
18: Logg_Cabin
19: Macho57
20: FishyCaitlin
21: Hellish25
22: S-Monty
23: DGill517
24: TobiasWade
25: Mad_Max02
26: EvilKitty13
27: Dockie27
28: Writer1999
29: Hellish25
30: The-Third-Person
31: ScarecrowDied
32: At-TE-212
33: Its_Yumkimil
34: AuthorJoJo
35: E3MonkeySlayer
36: AJ_Shadows
37: Fainting--Goat
38: TheSlimJim83
39: YouShallNotPass121
40: Loimey255
41: Green_Onigirll
42: LarryGravos
43: Sp1der_Jah
44: AppleFrogg
45: JSheltonWrites
46: Bro2423
47: DustyBronco
48: NeuroticMartian
49: OhLorde12345
51: RizenGenie
52: Begeara
53: LiquidDance
54: Damoclesperera
55: ShinyMills
56: AdorableObligation
57: BouncyBard
58: Rhonnie14
59: nsylfian
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Music credits:
#SlumberReads #ScaryStories #BestOfJune
If you wish to submit a story/stories feel free to send them to please be sure to specify if the story is true or not. If you wish to be credited, please also include a link to whatever it is that you would like to promote (and/or) include a name that I can credit the story to.
Music and imagery is Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
I have full permission for everything in this video. I CAN provide proof if asked for it. I have permission to use, alter, and profit from this video. Stories have permission from the authors etc.
These are simply scary stories. Works of fiction, and not meant to be taken seriously.

Bethany Woods
Bethany Woods 4 gün önce sorry sir spooks is a channel. I'm so embarrassed. I meant that in a flattering way. Duh. Of course it's the illustrious slumber sleeps. Sorry. Dumbass. I thought I made that up as a flattering variation. If it helps I haven't checked him out. Can't stop with this.
Freda Martin
Freda Martin 6 gün önce
The numberless sweatshop chronologically trip because minute immunologically strip excluding a squalid trowel. glib, nasty ikebana
Qwerty123 Sus
Qwerty123 Sus Aylar önce
Click here if you don't want intro 0:51
Gimmeehandtats Aylar önce
To the guy taking a 10hr shit and listening to this. You should probably get checked.
BattleAngel0557 2 aylar önce
nighty night to all this xmas eve........ I hope you are are are all happy and safe. Life is sort of awful right now but have faith you are loved and I think things will get better.....
Annika Belle
Annika Belle 2 aylar önce
most people in alabama don’t even know where killen is but i’m from killen!!!!!
Testing Apps667
Testing Apps667 2 aylar önce
em chaffer
em chaffer 3 aylar önce
#22... A lot of people feel (at least somewhat) this way, I think, slowly blurring out of true existence! 😑
em chaffer
em chaffer 3 aylar önce
Thank God, "*parents were killed in a drug deal gone wrong" not "a baby has been found dead after being tortured in the home of *parents"!
em chaffer
em chaffer 3 aylar önce
No-one is an artist unless the rest of the world sees them as such!
Reece c
Reece c 3 aylar önce
Got names
Nina Walker
Nina Walker 3 aylar önce
London Calling. Thank you 😊
MrsChrisRedfield 4 aylar önce
The two Jeffs: "ma nem Jeff"
Neglekt Official Channel
Neglekt Official Channel 4 aylar önce
Anyone else stare at the screen like you're really on top of a building? Aha
Bridget Watson
Bridget Watson 5 aylar önce
Did I hear that right? Story 3, " He looked like Malcolm McDowell if he was a walnut." Wtf? That's pretty awesome, lol.. really 🤣
MISS SHANNON LEE 6 aylar önce
Maria Kempf
Maria Kempf 7 aylar önce
I love your regular videos but the compilations are my favorites as they feel like when I reread a book. Like an old friend.
Love SteveClark
Love SteveClark 7 aylar önce
#2. Very surprising!
Kathleen Freeman
Kathleen Freeman 8 aylar önce
I absolutely love your voice and the stories you choose. I play your channel all night long.
Random Me
Random Me 9 aylar önce
He sounds like Jughead from Riverdale
paul gay
paul gay 9 aylar önce
It's may 2020,I'm relistening to this.Its like hearing for the first time.I fall asleep listening to your stories Not because they're boring.Im hearing some stories I slept through last time.
Shari H
Shari H 10 aylar önce
Story 2 needs a 2nd part!! Love the stories!!! Thank U
Yolanda Macaraeg
Yolanda Macaraeg 10 aylar önce
10 hours!!😏 You bet!😉 I came back to listen, for a second time!(Okay. Maybe 3rd)👍😊 We're all now sheltering in place and nothing makes the nights🌙⭐ more relaxing, than to hear great stories narrated by you. Thank you Slumber. You never disappoint. Peace & Love, from beautiful Northern California.✌❤😴😷
mcraike37 Yıl önce
Thank you!!!
ILoveUrFace TheFam
ILoveUrFace TheFam Yıl önce
Something soothing and calming about your voice, but the stories!!!!!😱😱 lol, keep up the great work slumber, and thank you!!!😘💜😘
Fransisca Beecher
Fransisca Beecher Yıl önce
the kid in story 4, kinda stupid, "stuck" in a car? Im finna vroom vroom tf outta there and leave that man in the dust 😂
Yolanda M. Macaraeg
Yolanda M. Macaraeg Yıl önce
Of course I'm here! I cannot sleep without listening to you. Every. Single. Night.😴 And now I've subscribed to your second channel. Keep them coming Slumber! YOU ROCK. Peace, Love, Light and much more Success, from beautiful Northern California! ✌❤🌙⭐⭐⭐😊
Princess angel baby girl
Princess angel baby girl Yıl önce
Wow 10 hours brilliant
rosedarktower 1977
rosedarktower 1977 Yıl önce
I will say that even with the "rep" my town has all my children were able to let go of Santa when they were ready. Nobody ruined it for any of them. I loved that.
dobrivojejeyo stanica
dobrivojejeyo stanica Yıl önce
Strange_ 0ne
Strange_ 0ne Yıl önce
How do you spell the name of the entity in the first story
doris alice
doris alice Yıl önce
Great video ...sleep land for me lol
Deb Yıl önce
so cool i have to hear this for a second time, Thank you Slumber
Nympho Wolf
Nympho Wolf Yıl önce
At the dentist bouts to get a tooth pulled listening to this through my Bluetooth ear bud to help relax me while dentist is working on my mouth.
dark the Wolf
dark the Wolf Yıl önce
I luv yer vids❤️
Macy Z
Macy Z Yıl önce
You are a live saver!! I work 17+ hour days and 9/10 I have you in my ears listening to help my day go by faster!! And then again when I’m ready to go to bed! You are a gift from the gods!!❤️❤️
Hotshotksw Yıl önce
Surprised it took me this long to find this video. Thanks for sharing my story, love your stuff man 👍
shifttt Yıl önce
maybe for next month, could you add some rain sounds in the background?
ComeBacKiki 1
ComeBacKiki 1 Yıl önce
BattleAngel0557 2 aylar önce
Kalvin Labuik
Kalvin Labuik Yıl önce
Wow that happened to me the deer decide to screw my night over pow
Kalvin Labuik
Kalvin Labuik Yıl önce
Nope it's just Vodka Russian Firewater
holy crap 10 hrs!? I can go to sleep, wake up and still listen to this while Im doing my triple S lol
Makenzi Wentworth
Makenzi Wentworth Yıl önce
Jeana Wise
Jeana Wise Yıl önce
Missed this last month so i am listening to it tonight insomnia has a friend a good friend amd that friend is you. THANKS
ThisLazyPanda Yıl önce
Yeah so this should still be on when I wake up in the morning unless I turn it off 😂
sad panda
sad panda Yıl önce
Anyone else think of that weird guy from the game little nightmares when they were listening to the first one😂
Murphy McPoyle
Murphy McPoyle Yıl önce
Story 3- if you know one of them is Mark, just write Mark instead of dickjeff and cockjeff.
kerensa monaghan
kerensa monaghan Yıl önce
Story 7 his names Scott😍 that's my crushes name lol
Marina Zahnen
Marina Zahnen Yıl önce
Okay the first story how do you spell that I wanna see if it is a real thing in a country it sounds very interesting to me. If someone could help that would mean a lot
Chad Casares
Chad Casares Yıl önce
I enjoy your voice SO much more than most youtubers of this genre, but I have to ask that you pay a bit closer attention to detail on your readings. "Viscuous" pronounced as "vicious" and the like. Just small things that I can usually ignore. Otherwise, you're great. Nailing those things would mean perfection.
Anasty_ Arisaka
Anasty_ Arisaka Yıl önce
4:46:00 yes love shroom stories
Evan Albright
Evan Albright Yıl önce
Anybody actually listen to all 10 hours
jennifer McDonald
jennifer McDonald 11 aylar önce
evan albright You bet! Absolutely every minute
Dianna Goosey
Dianna Goosey Yıl önce
THANK YOU!!! I work nights and have a hard time falling asleep in the morning when I get off, so I listen to your stories and they play long enough for me to fall asleep! You are the Best!!!
Simran Jit Kaur
Simran Jit Kaur Yıl önce
Im listening to this while at work! 10 hours?! thank you!!
Madre Verbowski
Madre Verbowski Yıl önce
👍👍👍👍👍 YOUR a beast Slumber!!😉
jennifer McDonald
jennifer McDonald Yıl önce
Thank you very much for this wonderful 10 whole hours of perfectly narrated stories! I know it sounds picky, but I so appreciate your ability to pronounce your words correctly. I get so sick of the people who can’t, or more likely, don’t bother to. Surely, if you wish to make a career of this, it’s worth doing it properly! You certainly do, why can’t others?
typeOhh Yıl önce
Dude. Please. Please. Please add time stamps for a video this big! Most people don't have ten hours to listen straight haha. I'll listen to the first few but then consider this vid watched because I'm not arsed to random search for ages where I left off.
jennifer McDonald
jennifer McDonald Yıl önce
You do realise that this man puts in hours and hours of actual hard work, to put this up for you to enjoy TOTALLY FREE. Instead of thanking him, you complain. I’m sure you weren’t trying to be rude, it was just a suggestion, but after all, he puts in the all time and effort, freely. You can’t even be bothered finding where you left off.
Crystal Lopiccolo
Crystal Lopiccolo Yıl önce
Love so relaxed it broke my insomnia
Laney Yuh
Laney Yuh Yıl önce
First story starts at 1:00 for those trying to get to sleep
venus mae
venus mae Yıl önce
guess i’m staying up for 10 hours😂
David Verigan
David Verigan Yıl önce
When listening to these stories, I just let my imagination take off😁
Kynqy Yıl önce
How long did it take to upload this 😍
Kynqy Yıl önce
Calmly puts me to sleep man thanks for the content
Slumber Reads
Slumber Reads Yıl önce
About a day lmao
Vyrnarcu Yıl önce
This was amazing tbh I've sort of phased out of watching scary stories on TRshow because the quality of most of them is just.. "And the thing that'll always stick with me" as well as garbage pronunciation. Chanced a watch of this one and; just damn. Liked, Subscribed and bugging my friends to check it out. Fantastic work, keep it up
Slumber Reads
Slumber Reads Yıl önce
Candace Johnson
Candace Johnson Yıl önce
Anyone else see the skull with the eye patch on the left side. The skull is in the middle tho🤔😎💯
Mïå MüNDåŸ
Mïå MüNDåŸ Yıl önce
Candace Johnson No.....I see Dogman.
vanniepire666 Yıl önce
Absolutely love these!!! Such a relaxing voice to fall asleep too!
carol sceniak
carol sceniak Yıl önce
Love u and ur channel❣💥😍
Hypebeastcj 3879
Hypebeastcj 3879 Yıl önce
Are these stories true?!
Chrissy Curtis
Chrissy Curtis Yıl önce
I can't believe that skunk story is real! Yuuuuucky ppl!!!! Cops should have found those ppl !!!! Bc it's not normal to have skunks living with you, without its sprayer removed...
McKenzie Armstrong
McKenzie Armstrong Yıl önce
Fourth of July horror stories video?
ItachisTsukiyomi Yıl önce
This channel is my favorite. Used to listen to Mr Nightmare until a few weeks ago. Everything’s fine except for the storyteller’s occasional mispronunciation of words.
Leoj Ts leoj
Leoj Ts leoj Yıl önce
New to channel.absolutely great stories and video !
Nicole W
Nicole W Yıl önce
Poor doggo in story 8, I literally started sobbing. I know it's just a story, but not doggo's never harm the doggo's.
MrsChrisRedfield 4 aylar önce
I get anxious as soon as a dog is in the story lol xx
Hunter Mccurdy
Hunter Mccurdy Yıl önce
Me to sad doggone = sad me
M O N K E Y - T R I A L . . .
M O N K E Y - T R I A L . . . Yıl önce
I'm disappointed. True stories are always better.
natasha Woodbury
natasha Woodbury Yıl önce
I wish I could listen but it's 10 hours! My data on my phone will not let me listen
JoAnn Tafoya
JoAnn Tafoya Yıl önce
Thank You.
Marcella Perez
Marcella Perez Yıl önce
I feel like im the only one that dosent listen to horror stories when i sleep like my chicken shit ass needs all the lights on while sitting in a corner spot so i can see the entire room and i need music to sleep since the silence is too creepy lmao
FireArmageddon Yıl önce
Your voice is also one of those male voices that makes my feminine hormones start to tingle ☺️☺️
Danielle Grills
Danielle Grills Yıl önce
Yeass this will get all threw my night ❤️love you slumber...
Scoot Boot
Scoot Boot Yıl önce
10 hours long? You're spoiling us Slumber
Sandi Poole
Sandi Poole Yıl önce
I have problems sleeping.... but if I plug in my ear buds and go to bed....I go right to sleep. You are great !
jared burns
jared burns Yıl önce
Awake now that shit was great
blue cube Studios Levi
blue cube Studios Levi Yıl önce
Awesome! Love the extra long videos, thanks. 🤪
kareh hartig
kareh hartig Yıl önce
Wow ! Ten hours ! Lol !!! You are loved , thank you !
Deb Yıl önce
superb as always , Thank you :)
Gore Jess
Gore Jess Yıl önce
Yesssss.... I get to fall asleep to some soothing scary stories by none other than "Slumber Reads"... No better way to drift off. 🖤🖤
Karen Whitaker
Karen Whitaker 3 aylar önce
Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg 4 aylar önce
He watches you
dobrivojejeyo stanica
dobrivojejeyo stanica 9 aylar önce
@Pop Murao my eanglish is very bad sorry
Pop Murao
Pop Murao 9 aylar önce
@dobrivojejeyo stanica 1
dobrivojejeyo stanica
dobrivojejeyo stanica Yıl önce
the sound is prfect ...i olways whant to no movies having very loud sound instant can it be paralel sound noise for chiling and whaching horror:) ...just bad ones have laud noises truing 2 say bether then eny movie this is it for horror lovers deep story
Tiina Poskiparta
Tiina Poskiparta Yıl önce
Aaaaaaawwww, I soooo love this!!! Thank you so much for this video, these all so incredible stories and of course incredible voice and you!!! 😊😊😊❤
dinosaur grr
dinosaur grr Yıl önce
Does anyone else like to read the description as he says it in the intro😂
A.C. Van Ronzelen
A.C. Van Ronzelen Yıl önce
SR- YOU Sir, are a LIFESAVER!! My wife and I are both Veterans (Hooah!) and as such suffer various sleep issues. One big one is TRshow's jacked-up "Autoplay" feature that works about as well and makes as much sense as their Monitization policies (meaning its f*cked up like a football bat). Because of that, after we, or one of us FINALLY is able to nod off to some great stories, the video ends abruptly and the sudden silence wakes us with a start. Then the Glorious Slumber Reads, in a stroke of Patriotic AMAZINGNESS, finds a solution for the 4th of July: A 10HR VIDEO!! I just awoke rested after 5hrs and my Beloved still slumbers. THANK YOU GOOD SIR, for this unexpected blessing! Keep up the GREAT work, keep the videos as long as you can (PLEASE!) and if you can repeat these monthly comp vids, then I'll personally write Pope Frankie (I'm Methodist so don't expect alot) and ask for your Sainthood. "Saint Reads"... sounds nice eh?? 😉 In short, good job, great work, and again, THANK YOU!!
Love SteveClark
Love SteveClark 7 aylar önce
@A.C. Van Ronzelen Thank you to you and your wife for your service, and I agree, volunteering at the Veteran's Hospital is so important and necessary. It's the most meaningful way to say "Thank You from the heart."
Love SteveClark
Love SteveClark 7 aylar önce
@marlys mcgregor that is the same exact way I am, I love the words you used to describe it: I am anti-war but will never ever be anti-troops! Wonderful comment.
Evan Albright
Evan Albright Yıl önce
Imagine the paragraphs he used to sent to his wife before they were married
A.C. Van Ronzelen
A.C. Van Ronzelen Yıl önce
@Nicole W I was just doing my job, no need for thanks or "sir". If you're feeling Patriotic though, the VA is ALWAYS in need of kind-hearted volunteers and we (Vets) LOVE telling stories to doe-eyed civilians! Happy 4th and be safe!!
Nicole W
Nicole W Yıl önce
Thank you for your service, sir.
jared burns
jared burns Yıl önce
Finally finished going to sleep now 😴
Jamie Simpson
Jamie Simpson Yıl önce
Loving your vids bro 🤙🏼 Keep up the good work 🏅
Lily Harris
Lily Harris Yıl önce
Theirs not a night I don’t fall asleep to these story’s. I’m actually addicted. My friends hate it but I have to listen to them to fall asleep
FloridaBoi 561
FloridaBoi 561 Yıl önce
Random support comment.
Erika With a K
Erika With a K Yıl önce
I'm 561 WPB also, hey neighbor
Hazyhayley Yıl önce
Mikie Perez
Mikie Perez Yıl önce
Love you er feeding Chihuahua see picy smells sooo bad aaaaggggggghhhhhhh
Katieishere Yıl önce
Omg I'm so pissed at story 6. Fricking summoned it and has the nerve to seem surprised and confused
Luna The Demon Queen
Luna The Demon Queen 7 aylar önce
🤣 glad you enjoyed my writing so much!
Katieishere Yıl önce
This is the only channel where I love mid roll ads. A break reminding me I'm not about to be killed by some weird grey creature or Whatever
jared burns
jared burns Yıl önce
Still going
Shelia-Paulette Roberts
Shelia-Paulette Roberts Yıl önce
Love the stories! You are a great narrator!
Eddy Brickman
Eddy Brickman Yıl önce
Thank you, your narration makes pain at 3:45am. Not as bad.
zombie king 001
zombie king 001 Yıl önce
Awsome video
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