Real Madrid v Barcelona (1-3) | Gavi Stars In Xavi Revolution | Spanish Super Cup Final Highlights

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10 aylar önce

Eighteen-year-old Gavi stars with a goal and two assists as Xavi clinches his first trophy as Barcelona manager.
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@stuart_edward 10 aylar önce
A goal and 2 assists from Gavi in this magnitude of a game is crazy😳
@Latimish 10 aylar önce
All with his 'weaker foot'
@jamilxsxjj80 8 aylar önce
Gavi own us😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
@manandhiman918 8 aylar önce
Unbelievable for a foul merchant lol
@ManuelNeuerGoat 8 aylar önce
@@manandhiman918 your a messi fan but your talking trash about gavi? Wtf
@6a30yashsarwate9 4 aylar önce
he is a fake barca fan
@ziadmohammad4542 10 aylar önce
The fact that gavi was involved in every single shot and attack was incredible
@arkadiuszkawak6379 5 aylar önce
Lewandowski as well
@melvinost8272 10 aylar önce
Yes, Barcelona's attack were good. But my god, it's so good to see a solid, functioning defence in place again. Kounde & Araujo were fantastic. And Balde at LB is going to be some talent - reminds me at times of a young Dani Alves bombing forward. Just needs a little composure in the final third and he'll start scoring goals too
@randomsimpsonsquotes6033 10 aylar önce
The speed he had was insane
@wkdxcrimex 10 aylar önce
Good replacement for alba both are similar
@Fred93Eng 10 aylar önce
Who played RB?
@jimbobjason8296 10 aylar önce
@@Fred93Eng they both did
@alexm.s4000 10 aylar önce
Kounde was mid. Not bad but nothing special today. We dont talk about christensen enough. Very solid player
@jimbojimbo6873 10 aylar önce
Everyone forgot how good Lewandowski is
@spursfan7134 10 aylar önce
Disappointing how he never got a ballon dor
@XJokermanX 10 aylar önce
Nobody forgot??
@iJaxy10 10 aylar önce
Who has forgotten how good lewandowski is
@yusufluhar5881 10 aylar önce
@@spursfan7134 well he did win it in 2020, it doesnt matter if it wasnt awarded, we all know he won it. He has won a Ballon dor to most people, just a shame they didnt make it official.
@RickyIsABoT2 10 aylar önce
Well done to Barcelona ,amazing display from Gavi!
@jout738 9 aylar önce
That Gavi Pedri goal was beitiful. Pass from Lewandowski to Gavi who spots Pedri there and Pedri gets in there to score great goal. Good game from Gavi with two assists and one goal.
@_haeoxo0182 7 aylar önce
i couldn’t forget this gavi in this match , so incredible … i hope he’s comeback like this again
@davidwussah4312 10 aylar önce
Gavi is an incredible young talent
@virusumf 10 aylar önce
Well done Barca, really happy for Xavi to win a trophy with the team
@purpledragons1146 10 aylar önce
Is the Supercopa really a trophy? It doesn't even take place in Spain.
@ericcrusher3794 10 aylar önce
@@purpledragons1146 well it’s a trophy so it’s a trophy 😂
@jonathana6943 10 aylar önce
It's the winners and runners up of la liga and copa del rey
@purpledragons1146 10 aylar önce
@@ericcrusher3794 It literally takes place in Saudi Arabia. It doesn't even count as a domestic trophy.
@cammyboyd8362 10 aylar önce
@@purpledragons1146 so cause it takes place in saudi arabia it isn't a trophy? grow up
@PogMiguel 4 aylar önce
Today another El Clasico, can't wait. Vamos Barca!! Nuestro dia!
@charlesomane3759 10 aylar önce
Those Barcelona young players have so much potential i hope they reach it like the previous generation
@sseruwoozarobert791 10 aylar önce
Fantastic play from Barcelona's, extraordinary play from Gavi , Pedri, Lewandowski & De Jong!!🎉🎉🎉
@danielobraz2553 10 aylar önce
@hamzik2255 10 aylar önce
2:19 balde was blazing right there what a player 💯
@monstanoisebomb5996 5 aylar önce
The pass was mustard 👌
@hamzik2255 5 aylar önce
@@monstanoisebomb5996 yeah but dembele as always messes up.
@user-ld5fb4ic6b 10 aylar önce
Gavi and Pedri are the truthfull inheritants of Iniesta and Xavi. The history rewrite himself again. The bad thing is that Leva has come too late. But they still have some young defenders and middlefielders, i wish the direction shows more patience on Xavi as people do with Arteta.
@diamantneziri8095 10 aylar önce
Everyone has been raving about Pedri, but honestly I’ve been saying Gavi for a long time. Especially in the World Cup too he plays well talented. I hope he keeps growing and becomes one for the future!
@RetroWayne8760 10 aylar önce
Gavi and Pedri them two are going to massive for the future of Barcelona.
@FoodGurudevs 10 aylar önce
Gavi &Pedri.. what a pair 🔥🔥🔥
@maryodraguti5085 10 aylar önce
Gavi is the "New Messi" for Barcelona. Top player
@No-ck4rz 10 aylar önce
With gavi and Pedri, I have hope for the next generation of footballers
@matthewbryant958 10 aylar önce
How good is Gavi tho 😮 absolute quality
@RealestChosenOne 10 aylar önce
The fact that Barcelona and Real Madrid don't have Messi and Ronaldo anymore makes me sad...
@apexheat6553 10 aylar önce
All the greatest stories have an ending
@willsmith5172 10 aylar önce
Stop being a nostolgic fan,it is in the past and we all miss those moments but blame Ronaldo and Barcelona.
@OfficialGobbledyGooker 10 aylar önce
We don't truly appreciate things till they're gone...
@akgo2684 10 aylar önce
Gavi and Pedri are some players wow
@anotherhappylanding4746 10 aylar önce
It's exactly why, barca should mainly focus on young players, rather than buying themselves into debt
@spursfan7134 10 aylar önce
Amazing young talent
@randomdaveUK 10 aylar önce
The new iniesta and xavi?
@Kyle_P2022 10 aylar önce
@@randomdaveUK no
@urstube6901 10 aylar önce
@@randomdaveUK nowhere near, nowhere close, just no
@akgo2684 10 aylar önce
So glad for Barca... After a tough few years.
@gdogg4002 10 aylar önce
Wow that pace of Balde is unreal
@jeffersoncristobal6386 4 aylar önce
I remembered a certain young guy wearing the Barca 30 shirt. I hope he still thrives today.
@kotv4342 10 aylar önce
Gavi looks like the ultimate baller.
@premierfootballchat 10 aylar önce
Gavi is a special player
@hipbo962 10 aylar önce
2:21 . That pace isnt human
@KZ-og6kw 10 aylar önce
Sonic in disguise
@bigh8788 10 aylar önce
Watch Mbappe run
@hipbo962 10 aylar önce
@@bigh8788 I have lol but he isnt in this video
@Sasquatch10 10 aylar önce
@@KZ-og6kw Or dash from The Incredibles.
@imgaybut977 10 aylar önce
@@bigh8788 Watch Bale run. We can keep adding names
@Art-cq8oe 4 aylar önce
That burst of pace by balde is worth watching more than once
@EzziiG 10 aylar önce
It's all about the Defence. Barca has always been a good attacking team but the defence has let them down but now with a solid defence we might see the old Barca again. I can't wait for the Barca v Man Utd game.
@terrygrimshaw4399 10 aylar önce
As a man United fan I’m actually shivering at the fact off what we are up against
@drellamusic3622 10 aylar önce a Barcelona fan, I'm delighted about this tie. 2 big teams who need to come back to the top, with great history behind and new projects. I hope we go through but, if not, at least we'll play against a great team and it would be an exciting tie to watch. Good luck
@musicbox9295 10 aylar önce
United is as organised as ever they should eat up barca
@eggfriedreus793 10 aylar önce
Either way it should be a great game!
@vujhvjvgvfujk9888 10 aylar önce
Both teams are in incredible form right now. This years europa league is easily the best we will see.
@ROBSONCRUZO13 10 aylar önce
TBH two biggest clubs by history from England face two biggest clubs in Spain in next round but sadly real v Liverpool will be over 1st leg way liverpool r playing and just picking up injury after injurys but barca vs united be good one both in good form and crazy seeing barca in europa sure not been in it before money problems maybe history
@thomasswords9120 10 aylar önce
Gavi and Pedri are definitely next xavi and iniesta world class talent
@cormacfox2254 10 aylar önce
Fair play to Barcelona
@miltonalmeida4601 10 aylar önce
Gavi is pure Gold, future ballon d'or in coming years for sure 👑👌🏾💪🏾
@sab-vl4jg 10 aylar önce
Failed to deliver against Morocco!!
@ionutconstantin7575 10 aylar önce
Awesome performance for Barca😍
@kaimorris2970 10 aylar önce
Barcas pace was incredible
@derrellparmar7112 10 aylar önce
Lewandowski is top 10 strikers of all time and top 3 of this generation it’s not even close this guys insane
@luckyluke4435 8 aylar önce
This time no1
@brandonbishop8262 10 aylar önce
Lewandowski what a player
@iandeeley9033 10 aylar önce
Congratulations to Barcelona!
@akgo2684 10 aylar önce
Gavi is so clutch. My gosh
@FokusEnzo 10 aylar önce
the 2 magicians at it again Gavi and Pedri 😍
@whitecross_fc 10 aylar önce
This Barca and Utd game is actually going to be a very interesting game after all.
@TSF15152 10 aylar önce
Marcus Rashford
@gumdeo 10 aylar önce
@zabdi5710 10 aylar önce
@@TSF15152 he played couple of times against barcelona ghosting in every single one of them
@OnePieceOfATheory 10 aylar önce
@@zabdi5710you mean the two times where he didn’t start?
@maxima8157 10 aylar önce
@@OnePieceOfATheoryhe started in both games and ghosted
@Luxurzx 10 aylar önce
Gavi masterclass
@marvntreyhdblog 10 aylar önce
Scary how gavi and Pedro are playing beyond their years
@januszszlachcic5587 10 aylar önce
Lewy on a monster mode
@chalkyboy7 9 aylar önce
May not be the same as the 2016-2019 days when the goats were there but it’s still fun to watch an el Classico
@jeremyngan7166 10 aylar önce
Pedri, Gavi, Bellingham, Musiala, Wirtz, etc... The future of midfeilders are amazing!
@belhajkhaledadam6707 10 aylar önce
imagine just having bellingham, pedri and gavi in the midfield and messi and lewandowski in the attack 👽👽👽👽
@JonLakeOfficial 10 aylar önce
Starting to think Man United vs Barca is gunna be one of the best Europa League ties ever!
@ballartem 10 aylar önce
Xavi’s first trophy 🤩
@thomasswords9120 10 aylar önce
Brilliant performance by barca delighted they won
@GLITCHED-GAMING 5 aylar önce
Great game 🙏🏻❤️💙 visca barca 🪄💪🏼
@willsmith5172 10 aylar önce
Balde’s pass reminds me of Kdb’s pass against Bournemouth 🥶
@Pessidog10 10 aylar önce
Kdb only shows up against Mickey Mouse teams like Bournemouth. Where was he against United or Liverpool? Belgian Tom Davies…..
@thetoffeecentral2612 10 aylar önce
@@Pessidog10 that’s harsh on Tom Davies
@dagotowka9191 10 aylar önce
@@Pessidog10 the amount of world class games Vs Liverpool kdb has is crazy
@olliered9924 10 aylar önce
@@Pessidog10 he has had good games vs Liverpool mate he is the player I fear the most when we play city he also turned up against real madrid in ucl before btw
@hotrizzla7070 10 aylar önce
@@Pessidog10 he assisted twice against liverpool
@tonboy8518 10 aylar önce
Did anyone else notice how Bt sport commentator was very careful not to say the location of the match - they almost always say it at any final match
@apollobx709 10 aylar önce
lewandowski, pedri, gavi quite a trio
@funkychicken4509 10 aylar önce
old dog with his two pups, what a scene
@Harrymaguirenolookdefence 10 aylar önce
@@funkychicken4509 😂
@Xavier-yt7wq 10 aylar önce
Ye it's a great trio but u don't think we will ever see a Barcelona trio as close to Messi, Suarez and Neymar
@AGComps8 10 aylar önce
@@funkychicken4509 ☠️😂
@belhajkhaledadam6707 10 aylar önce
@@Xavier-yt7wq just imagine having messi neymar lewandowski in the attack and gavi , pedri and maybe bellingham in the midfield
@youtubebias6315 10 aylar önce
Real Madrid is a ageing club and am really proud of Barcelona for their fantastic performance today
@bailey3276 10 aylar önce
People have been saying that for 5 years yet we won the treble last season 😂😂😂
@drewarchibald7178 10 aylar önce
@bailey3276 Real have never won the treble.
@dakopper77 10 aylar önce
Madrid will find a way to cheat..haha Madrid. Barca 😎
@bailey3276 10 aylar önce
@kobdash i literally said in my message above^^
@bensinferno4863 8 aylar önce
Balde has been cooking like crazy that entire back line is just fully set
@samuelkarori1285 10 aylar önce
2:19 That speed ⚡️⚡️💀💀
@salimbegg5570 10 aylar önce
Gavi’s goal was very similar to iniestas goal against Netherlands in the 2010 World Cup final 🤔😳
@GIBBO4182 10 aylar önce
1:50 great tackle/touch here
@jufref 10 aylar önce
Great through ball
@homer88100 10 aylar önce
That’s what your mam said 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
@simplyd8972 10 aylar önce
That balde has incredible speed
@bigt5161 10 aylar önce
Props to barca really doing well big ups
@karlbolton4381 10 aylar önce
Well done Barcelona
@johnwoolveridge699 10 aylar önce
Gavi and Pedri are very very good aren't they
@abdullahjavaid6695 10 aylar önce
Gavi is Xavi's regen Pedri is Iniesta's regen
@celticfan67 10 aylar önce
As unthinkable as it is, Jota will one day leave Celtic. It needs to be to Barca. He’s made for that club 🇵🇹🍀
@davidferguson1785 10 aylar önce
🤣🤣🤣 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
@Pessidog10 10 aylar önce
He should join a big team, like Liverpool…..
@stephenwatt1118 10 aylar önce
Am a celtic fan but your deluded mate jota plays in the spl haha our best player aye but nowhere near barcas level he's got a long way to go he's no got the same potential as a tierney or van dijk either in my opinion😂
@celticfan67 10 aylar önce
@@stephenwatt1118 everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but that’s horrendously false
@stephenwatt1118 10 aylar önce
@@celticfan67 I love jota just being realistic mate some celtic and rangers fans are deluded and in my opinion he would struggle in the english prem maybe do okay for a mid table side it a push but to say he's good enough for barca is insane come on now different levels playing against trash like st mirren every week and winning 5nil he has done well few games in europe but there's no chance any proper big teams going to buy him.
@whitecrowuk575 10 aylar önce
Dembele not visible but it was actually good for the team that he didn’t act as a playmaker
@Sasquatch10 10 aylar önce
No Barca fan was suprised since he played well the last game. Every good Dembele performance is followed up by 2/3 bad ones. He's inconsistency personified.
@adelbudeiri9547 10 aylar önce
@user-wv1dx7gh5w 10 aylar önce
I feel for the owner in a way. I also was a softie and maybe still am. I understand her feelings but what hurts me more is how people used this softball
@abadirabdo10 10 aylar önce
Gavi is distended for success
@Alaska363 10 aylar önce
@franklynonyia1449 10 aylar önce
My God the pace on Balde though
@zabdi5710 10 aylar önce
i watched it live i freaked tf out i thought he teleported 10 meters lol
@tayorrichmond7978 10 aylar önce
Just look at that speed at 2:20
@ThomasWilliams89 10 aylar önce
Vamos Barca!
@gumdeo 10 aylar önce
Some shocking defending from Madrid.
@a.khorsand5381 10 aylar önce
Balde is becoming like Alphonso Davis
@hanifzulfan729 10 aylar önce
what a defense by madrid
@shanebristow1955 10 aylar önce
Gavi is so good
@abdouseyedieng5515 10 aylar önce
What a run 🏃‍♂️ by Baldé vs Calvaran
@jaimeleonguzman4328 10 aylar önce
Calvaran????? lol 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
@abdouseyedieng5515 10 aylar önce
@@jaimeleonguzman4328 I know is Carvajal it’s keyboard mistake and I don’t even notice
@zabdi5710 10 aylar önce
@@jaimeleonguzman4328 yeah rafael varane took control of carvajal's body
@findalin4857 10 aylar önce
Gavi giving me young messi vibes
@oftheuchihaclan8325 10 aylar önce
Man Utd Vs Barcelona will be epic. As a Man Utd fan, Barcelona look brilliant.
@dnnlxbye2418 8 aylar önce
gavi and Pedri Best players 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
@robinrobert7287 10 aylar önce
💙💜. Xaviball 🔥🔥🔥💯
@esthermunkondya1251 10 aylar önce
Barca will always be my favorite come rain come sunshine 😘😘
@armaankamal5902 10 aylar önce
can we please talk about good busquets was this game man. seriously
@omalone1169 10 aylar önce
@arronblack7046 10 aylar önce
The boy Gavi is going to be pretty fcking special 😎
@friendie5 10 aylar önce
Pedri and gavi next iniesta and xavi 🥰
@RenardoGivans 2 aylar önce
Gavi underrated
@mayankrajput8600 8 aylar önce
the most played part , fuc*ing wholesome 😂😂😎😎
@MrRadomiak11 10 aylar önce
For last 10 years it is:Messi Number 1,Ronaldo Number 2 and Lewangoalski Number 3....and this is the fact...and no one can change this....only God....Amen😌🌜
@zubaerzahid4306 4 aylar önce
This is Why I like xavi
@emank03 10 aylar önce
@stannats2637 10 aylar önce
It’s a new beginning for FCB
@harrycallahan9143 10 aylar önce
Absolute shocking defending.
@VeryIntellijent 10 aylar önce
This...everyone is raving about Barca (and rightly so they played well) but WTF were Madrid doing.
@harrycallahan9143 10 aylar önce
@@VeryIntellijent I know lol terrible, they looked like they couldn't even be bothered, average teams would have looked good against this defense.
@AGComps8 10 aylar önce
Yeah lmao , without alaba they often don't maintain shape , he's a leader which influences militao too & then comes Rudiger ,that guy can't play in back 4 , every Chelsea fan knows that 😭😂
@messiahbotchway6032 10 aylar önce
I miss ronaldo messi el classico great times of football
@ataladin87 10 aylar önce
Good to see small teams fighting so hard against big teams only to lose in the end, Hard luck Vardrid.
@bradadoo4107 10 aylar önce
@martincaicedo6035 10 aylar önce
Cry more 😭😭😭 Barca >>>>> Vardrid
@zabdi5710 10 aylar önce
that small team have won 8 laliga out of 15 past laligas lol.
@ataladin87 10 aylar önce
@@zabdi5710 my comment was mocking madrid.
@Sasquatch10 10 aylar önce
@@ataladin87 😂😂
@miguelaltunagajr6379 10 aylar önce
Madrid looked burnt-out or not there yet whislt Barca was spectacular and they are in great shape. I'm wondering if the World Cup is still weighing on some madrid players
@picturesq 10 aylar önce
Barca had more players at the world cup than real
@kphan2484 10 aylar önce
Barca sent the most players to the WC while Benzema literally stayed home
@ahmedmohhammed4733 10 aylar önce
I still struggle to understand how people compare penzema to lewandowski😂 lewa clear and its been like that for a decade
@darkestdetail4441 10 aylar önce
Suarez clear of both
@jjrc7424 10 aylar önce
benteke clear of all three
@DazzaKush 10 aylar önce
Heskey clear of all 4
@ahmedmohhammed4733 10 aylar önce
But everyone knows danny ings clears all 5
@ahmedmohhammed4733 10 aylar önce
@@darkestdetail4441 if ur talking about biting players then ye🤣
@davids8127 10 aylar önce
Carvajal single handedly lost this for Real. He is 31, cant keep up with these young wingers.
@andrewgyenfie7299 5 aylar önce
I miss busi already 🥺
@testadalord01432 10 aylar önce
Can’t believe we’re about to get beaten by a team who can’t even beat a bunch of 9 year olds led by Sergio Busquets on life support… Great win for Barça though, dunno how much the prize money is but I hope it at least pays for the lights for a bit
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