Tom MacDonald ft. DAX - "Blame The Rappers"

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Tom MacDonald

9 aylar önce

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Tom MacDonald
Tom MacDonald 9 aylar önce
“Blame The Rappers” LYRICS (TOM MACDONALD) I’m rapper but I’m losing my respect for the genre How many songs about Xanax and alcohol are we dropping? How many kids we gonna kill ‘for we admit it’s a problem? Probly stop if was one of our sons or one of our daughters We know our demographic is primarily youth We glorify breaking the law to children in school Kids copy what we say and imitate what we do They’ll go to jail for doing the things you told em was cool We put women in our videos, exploiting their bodies While little girls around the world look at they phone while they watch it They need a realistic role model, not just a Barbie They see strippers and escorts but no lawyers or doctors Hey Hip-Hop, what the hell happened? It was power to the people, and we liked that stuff These days you’re promoting thats it’s fun to be an addict, so I’m askin, how could you write that bruh? HOOK You can blame the rappers That you blow up But your favourite songs are about doing drugs So What happens after These kids grow up And who’s to blame for who they’ve become They made it look so cool To shoot those guns And hate the cops And to get too drunk You can’t blame the rappers When you show up And love the songs That make you dumb (DAX) Making music privilege and choice And if you ever get to be successful you must understand the people that you influence are Swayed by what you say and that melodies and you sing make wings, building dreams, and fill voids We are medication straight through voice, some give life , some destroy And even though this money seems nice it can’t come so we must that as hint that there’s other things in life you should enjoy We move mountains We cross states We play roles in presidential debates So don’t you try and tell me making music is for fun and you don’t care about the things that our music help make Man I know I’m not perfect But I’ll change I’m the outcome of the worlds and my pain And this music is pills and I promise this dose that you take won’t make you say HOOK You can blame the rappers That you blow up But your favourite songs are about doing drugs So What happens after These kids grow up And who’s to blame for who they’ve become They made it look so cool To shoot those guns And hate the cops And to get too drunk You can’t blame the rappers When you show up And love the songs That make you dumb (TOM MACDONALD I’m a rapper but I swear that I’m embarrassed Half of these artists can’t even talk, they just mumble the lyrics And the teenagers listen while they rebel from their parents While the rappers tell ‘em pop a pill, buy Gucci and wear it We say screw the police, break the rules, smoke weed By some shoes you don’t need, rep the hood and yo street All these rappers holdin’ guns and now the kids want some Mess around and kill they homie, you can’t clean that blood We encourage being stupid with our music, and we’re normalizing poor morals standard while do it Little boys see the way that the women look in our videos and assume it’s real-life, project that image on little girls It’s un-realistic, if you’re young and you listen, you are one in a million, you are loved, you are different Hey Hip-Hop, I know life moves on But while I’m here, how could you write that, dawg? HOOK You can blame the rappers That you blow up But your favourite songs are about doing drugs So What happens after These kids grow up And who’s to blame for who they’ve become They made it look so cool To shoot those guns And hate the cops And to get too drunk You can’t blame the rappers When you show up And love the songs That make you dumb BRIDGE Dollar bills and poppin’ pulls like party songs It’s not cool in real life Cheap thrills and goin’ till the morning comes See what that feels like HOOK You can blame the rappers That you blow up But your favourite songs are about doing drugs So What happens after These kids grow up And who’s to blame for who they’ve become They made it look so cool To shoot those guns And hate the cops And to get too drunk You can’t blame the rappers When you show up And love the songs That make you dumb
Proud Southern Momma!
Proud Southern Momma! Gün önce
Truth! Absolutely LOVE everything you do! God bless you!
LyLy Roman
LyLy Roman 9 gün önce
Resonates more than ya know. 💙🙏
Justin Lupien
Justin Lupien 11 gün önce
Hero, Legend, Inspiration... real.
B-2 BANGS 12 gün önce
Real shit. Dope Lyrics.
caktikoid 12 gün önce
Fake g eazy
libbs schmidt
libbs schmidt 15 saatler önce
Im for most drugs butt definitely understand his view!
Aubrey Zieff
Aubrey Zieff Gün önce
I love him!🤣 have u noticed he uses "Zanects for best rapper ever, no lives matter, and some other few. Love u Tom! I just 11 and I'm hooked. My mom loves u too! Bought all of ur albums.
Alyssa Landers
Alyssa Landers Gün önce
Truth is so much louder!
James T.
James T. Gün önce
I like a lot of what Tom does, but I think blaming music for violence/drug use is just like blaming video games and movies. As a society we are way less violent than we've ever been in human history. Unless they were playing Call of Duty while watching John Wick and listening to Drill during the Inquisition or Holocaust. If that's the case, well, my bad.
libbs schmidt
libbs schmidt 2 gün önce
Dax 🔥
Lisa Hatz
Lisa Hatz 2 gün önce
You are a GENIOUS Tom!!
Lisa Hatz
Lisa Hatz 2 gün önce
AMEN!! You hit the nail on the head once again Tom!! I love you!
I love Apple Juice
I love Apple Juice 2 gün önce
''They see strippers and escorts but no lawyers or doctors'' this why we dont have good girls no more
Dylan Johnson
Dylan Johnson 3 gün önce
Please. PLEASE DO A TRACK WITH DAX AND HOPSIN. YOU THREE MAKE MORE THAN MUSIC. YOU MAKE ART!!! The world could use it right now considering it's overcrowded with bulls*** lyrics lacking meaning.
Tiffany R
Tiffany R 3 gün önce
Both of your music together and independently is inspiring! Tom, your words are so relatable. you are so brave. Dax, I see a peace in your eyes....I see someone who is selfless and giving.
Danielle Sheffield
Danielle Sheffield 3 gün önce
OMG!!! So super happy. I absolutely love both of! Have been listening to DAX for about 4 months, just listened to Tom MacDonald for the first time last week and cant stop. Absolutely love both of you
InnocentyInsane 3 gün önce
Tom has more views than yellawolf
Rachel Jose
Rachel Jose 4 gün önce
Blame the rappers good song I Don't like rappers, music radio station the rap songs are hurting youth
dudevids gaming
dudevids gaming 4 gün önce
I just realized you sign a lot while you sing. I know sign because of my beautiful son. Cool
dudevids gaming
dudevids gaming 4 gün önce
Two fav artists. Tom and Dax. Love you both
Junior Manning
Junior Manning 4 gün önce
The music industry is toast. We don’t need them. They sign the message or change gangster rapers to sell out. The music production company is finally done. If this doesn’t get censored which is a worry.
Michael McAllister
Michael McAllister 4 gün önce
4 years ago i went to the hospital for attempting suicide cuz of a toxic relationship i was in a year ago i od 3 times 2019 i lost my aunt durning my senior year in highschool facebook was bringing up old memories of me and my ex that only made 2020 worse for me i od from those old memories of me and her then i got sent to the hospital for the 3 time from od after that ive been a month or two or 3 months clean from od ive been about over a month cleaned from drinking ive been a month cleaned from smoking weed ive been a few weeks cleaned from popping xanax tom idk if u will ever see this comment but if u do thank u for helping me get my life back on track thank u for everything that ur doing for this country i love u man
Yung Sinnxr
Yung Sinnxr 4 gün önce
This shit so corny 💀💀💀💀
Ally Clarkston
Ally Clarkston 4 gün önce
Keep doing what your doing and I love your music me and my family does 😁 I love this song btw !!!
Skye Fitton
Skye Fitton 4 gün önce
PREACH!!!! SPITTIN FACTS💯💪🏽🇺🇸👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 love you man keep writing TRUTH
ian snazz
ian snazz 5 gün önce
2 very under rated rappers love the tats tom keep the music flowing !!!
killerbung 5 gün önce
Mmish you luc! You were my boy, sorry I wasn't better hit me promise I will find you
Lindsay Thompson
Lindsay Thompson 5 gün önce
I do not blame any artist for my own personal actions no matter how much a song might hype me up ,it certainly is not their fault and anyone who actually blames their actions on someone else needs to grow the fuck up!
Daniel LaMarche
Daniel LaMarche 5 gün önce
beautiful singing
F14 FPV 5 gün önce
I thank god for you tom!!
David Morey
David Morey 5 gün önce
Tom & Dax. Name a better duo mannnn😎
Eobard Thawne
Eobard Thawne 7 gün önce
This song and "cancer" is gonna go far man. Much love
Daniel T
Daniel T 7 gün önce
God bless these men for speaking the truth.
Kingsquid 7 gün önce
I've listened to the song multiple times. But never payed attention to the video. To me, Tom and Dax look so emotional while performing this. Big kudos to you two. We need more people like these guys. Real rappers
TCR Zed 7 gün önce
bro this shit smack, run another one with dax bro its finna pop
ashwin snyers
ashwin snyers 8 gün önce
P Bella
P Bella 8 gün önce
Ouch That Must Hurt .... That Is How I Felt About Rap... Glad You Are Making A Difference. .Thanks For The Insight About Kids And One Day Yours
Lou Gotti
Lou Gotti 8 gün önce
The lyrics ok but that chorus is hot trash
sefora deluti
sefora deluti 9 gün önce
Holy shit my favorite 2 rappers OMG!!!! Smiled so big when I saw this collab so great full for you both
LyLy Roman
LyLy Roman 9 gün önce
Isaiah Ward
Isaiah Ward 9 gün önce
The only rappers that speak fax I listen to all their songs and all of them are facts
Isaiah Ward
Isaiah Ward 9 gün önce
Bruh a lot of rappers died from xans and drugs
Isaiah Ward
Isaiah Ward 9 gün önce
Y’all better listen to this song and learn everything these two rappers say is fax
Spazz Out
Spazz Out 10 gün önce
If you confess with your tongue that Jesus is Lord and you believe that the father raised him from the dead you will be saved.
Spazz Out
Spazz Out 10 gün önce
Look up Tom McDonald's cousin humma truck God is my rock
Spazz Out
Spazz Out 10 gün önce
Look up Tom McDonald's cousin humma truck blasten off
Spazz Out
Spazz Out 10 gün önce
Look up Tom McDonald's cousin humma truck welcome to Indiana
Isaac Foose
Isaac Foose 10 gün önce
Everyone who disliked this video truly is closed minded not awake an doesn't understand why this song was made
This Is That Guy
This Is That Guy 10 gün önce
most of the probably people who fucked up in life and found out the negative influences they grew up with weren't good for them, found out too late and fell into a state of pure despair where their only solace is seeing other younger people fall for the same tricks just to feel like they're not alone or that they have an excuse for their poor life choices because more people made them. Songs like this pick at the rotten core of those kinds of people, forces them to think about how many stupid things they did to become what they are today. And people complaining about this song keep saying "no ones perfect," as if it absolves them of the fact they're pissed about how their life turned out, like people shouldn't be allowed to have personal standards. Because these kinds of people know exactly why they're mostly isolated from the decent and respectable people they wish they could be, the people they wish they could be friends with or have relationships with, because word gets out, men and women, shitty people, stories are told and people stay the fuck away from them, accountability is inevitable here as well as after we die and they just hate it. Truth we have all sinned but people do have the right to select who they associate with and isn't life great shitty people are left to stew among people just as shitty as they are with no escape. This is what they made themselves for themselves, and people will keep digging and digging into the insecurities, I might not be a perfect man but I damn well made some good choices and I'm a married man with 2 kids and a decent job because of that. Only bad things I've done are ones between me and God, not other people because I don't mess with people and most of all I never pretend or claim to be perfect or sinless, that part simply comes from calling out other things like this song does, people who feel convicted on all points tend to try to deflect in that way because its too painful to admit.
Amy Nunya
Amy Nunya 11 gün önce
This is truth!!! We have to do better with our messages.
Justin Lupien
Justin Lupien 11 gün önce
i cant hear you, we are destroying ourselves over things that no one cares about. lets pick back up in 2000.
GamingWith F101
GamingWith F101 11 gün önce
Tom is soooooo damn good I listening to his music and it makes me want to cry I love the truth
Hizzy Hizzles
Hizzy Hizzles 11 gün önce
I love the lyrics and he has an amazing flow. Most of his songs are extremely good and I would happily listen to him. I just often feel like he spoils the entire song with horrible , terrible hooks and choruses that immediately makes the song feel cheap or childish. This hook for example, was extremely bad and makes me cringe. Good lyrics and flow don't make up for a cringy chorus.
GregoGT500 Shelby
GregoGT500 Shelby 11 gün önce
Cold blooded truth!
JR ?
JR ? 11 gün önce
Best song/ message I've heard!!!
X YOU 12 gün önce
Realest .... I`ve ever heared
Brittany O
Brittany O 12 gün önce
Idgaf being raped by a step father is more traumatizing. Bring beaten didn't help me become a better person. Rappers singing about drugs I chose to do because we are both nuts and need drugs to not lose or grips.. Man..
This Is That Guy
This Is That Guy 10 gün önce
@Brittany O Because it hits you where it hurts and of course you go right into the excuses about bad things being done to you.... is that why you're unable to find a decent man or is it because you've already slept with enough men to build up such a negative reputation that no good man wants you? Poor life choices, those are on you no matter what happened to you, punishing yourself for what someone else did because you thought you deserved it and now you're trapped in a cycle of self affirmation where you think theres no going back now. Its people like you who make the decent among us happier to be us knowing you hate us for simply not falling into the same bullshit that befell you. You can try to blame things that happened to you for why you abuse yourself but that is entirely on you, you made those poor life choices instead of healing from the incidents, and some people end up the same if not even worse than you without having anything like that happen to them. Of course no real father figure, abusive father figure, almost always leads to these problems but of course you would never admit it, you're a part of the problem, how many illegitimate kids do you have, or how many abortions have you had? Yeah, its not hard to dig up every painful truth that might be attached to you.
Brittany O
Brittany O 12 gün önce
Not saying it's nor a good song.. Just pointing out it's like why kids form and join gangs. It usually starts somewhere else.
bombflames 12 gün önce
I hope another song with Dax comes out some day! These 2 Canadians are changing the rap game big time!
Everett Plays
Everett Plays 12 gün önce
why do u have so many haters Thomas
This Is That Guy
This Is That Guy 10 gün önce
cus he hurts all the losers' feelings, they made poor life choices and being told they made poor life choices chaps their hide, they just wanted to exist in the shit they dug themselves in and find solace in more kids making their mistakes, evil bastards are what they are.
GameMaster 11 gün önce
Jeremy Ludick
Jeremy Ludick 13 gün önce
gremlinsmiter 13 gün önce
Wacklemore feat. Dax
Mark Bell
Mark Bell 13 gün önce
Love this
Luis Colon
Luis Colon 14 gün önce
AlisonAnnette is in tears
qikzlyy 14 gün önce
lets go 2 of my favorite rappers on a track
jrpg fan
jrpg fan 14 gün önce
Yes with dax
Chris Ramos
Chris Ramos 14 gün önce
I respect this alot and it's true everything Tom Macdonald says is true I respect this guy, the newer generation rappers are trash
Bamboozled 14 gün önce
If you sing about “WAP” can have a voice with Joe Biden as he showcased with open arms.....
MetalHeart8787 15 gün önce
i Like old school Rap, as i said years ago, I Blame Gangster Rap.
Jeff Rodriguez
Jeff Rodriguez 15 gün önce
I haven't listened to Rap in 5 years...This songs describes what i felt 5 years ago. I can finally say im a fan of a Rapper again. Respect and love to you Tom. ❤️🔥
Asian Guy
Asian Guy 16 gün önce
Lol i liked how dax is featured in this but he still makes raps like that😂
pug gamer 265
pug gamer 265 17 gün önce
First song i ever heard by tom. Awesome song you earned a new fan and i love the message in the song
Spiphy Warfare
Spiphy Warfare 18 gün önce
My fellow Christians may not understand me listening to Tom but man, he has a firm grasp on the truth. I can't help but listen.
This Is That Guy
This Is That Guy 10 gün önce
sugar coated christians wouldn't, we're not trying to baby people or save people, we're telling it like it is, hitting where it hurts the most and digging up every painful insecurity about every poor life choice that makes people into the shitheads they grew up to be. Often it is only when a person is broken down to their lowest point that they'll turn to God and make the right changes to themselves and slowly realize that there is a way back, things will never be like what they were but there can be peace of mind that they can forgive themselves.
JSRHYME Official
JSRHYME Official 18 gün önce
This is my new favorite song
JSRHYME Official
JSRHYME Official 18 gün önce
James McGlown
James McGlown 18 gün önce
This is under rated for real!🎯💯
Larry Wolf
Larry Wolf 18 gün önce
The 2 of you should collab alot more you and dax are my 2 favorite artists today
Scott Ingalls
Scott Ingalls 19 gün önce
Beautiful song, keep up the great work!
Mike Lewis
Mike Lewis 19 gün önce
This is great
J-Latch 19 gün önce
lil leezy
lil leezy 20 gün önce
"They made it look so cool"
lil leezy
lil leezy 20 gün önce
"You can blame the rappers "
lil leezy
lil leezy 20 gün önce
Goons rap lol 6ix9ine and those other goonrap artists
ethan shelton
ethan shelton 20 gün önce
two rappers that have the most important messages in the songs are these two
Jaysen Packard
Jaysen Packard 20 gün önce
More truth than most will admit. I was able to disconnect from it, unfortunately some of my friends didn't, glorified violence and drugs corrupted and ruined them... I stopped listening to rap for the most part since 99, because I became disgusted....... today, this artist, all I can say is fukn A' right!
This Is That Guy
This Is That Guy 10 gün önce
One of the most painful lessons you can ever learn is what happens to people who make bad choices when you've made a right choice, and it tends to result in you outliving them by decades. This is why the older generations are the way they are and it'll be even worse when we become them because of how fucked up people are these days, probably wont be nearly as many of us left to impart that knowledge onto the next.
j246802 20 gün önce
Thank you for pointing out that Xanax is poison.
Azrael Bloodbane
Azrael Bloodbane 20 gün önce
"We are medication straight through voice" that line is so real. You can talk to nearly anyone and ask them a song that saved their life, that gave them hope, and they can name at least one.
Dennis Gutowski
Dennis Gutowski 20 gün önce
Wow... I love this... it's so true, and not just for rap. Most media is also to blame...
george martin
george martin 20 gün önce
Refreshing lyrics. Fuck these new punks, thanks Tom🇺🇸
Undesignatedsurvivor 20 gün önce
I'm a new dad...this song made me cry..because I'm scared. I'm scared the world will swallow my kids up. I pray every day "dear GOD please don't let my kids have to go through what I had to go through and be exposed to the things I was exposed to"...and then I realize they will have it worse, influences all around them worse than I ever did. I feel like I'm the only thing standing between my kids and the way of the world...I want to protect them, but I know I won't be here for them forever. I wish they could stay protected, but all I can do is teach them and help them to be strong for themselves and each other. This song made me cry...because I have hope that there's still people in the world who care about our children's future. Thank you Tom!
This Is That Guy
This Is That Guy 10 gün önce
Same here but this is probably what all parents go through n all u can do is train them up as good as u can and the rest is in God's hands. And I'm definitely working on my lesson setup even though they're only 2 and 4 lol. I'm thinking about starting from an early age because you gotta get to them before other kids do, corrupting them and peer pressuring them into accepting their side over their parents, too many shitty parents raising kids to be even shittier. We wont always be there to protect them but we can give them the peace of mind that we have so they wont be steered in the wrong direction.
dem0n_xiii 21 gün önce
We need more of this kind of music.
Sam Martin
Sam Martin 22 gün önce
Hey how are tou
Trey Bennett
Trey Bennett 22 gün önce
Bro this year has been so messed up if these guys could make another song together it would be crazy. Anyone else agree?
Aidan Rutley
Aidan Rutley 22 gün önce
Who the hell disliked this video, it’s great
This Is That Guy
This Is That Guy 10 gün önce
@Aidan Rutley I'd say more so the kind of shitty people who fell for shitty rap music influence and became brunt out husks of what they once were, men and women. Being inadvertently reminded of their poor life choices that resulted in their downward spiral can't feel very good, and better yet the pressure needs to be applied further.
Aidan Rutley
Aidan Rutley 12 gün önce
@A A true that. I was thinking the same thing but I like it for toms part
Fernando Chiqui
Fernando Chiqui 23 gün önce
Right wing Macklemore
Kelly 23 gün önce
THANK YOU, how true, God bless.
Courtney Conyers
Courtney Conyers 24 gün önce
💯 I shared it on Facebook beautiful
Lor00D 24 gün önce
wtf How did I not see or hear of this collaboration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mask review
mask review 24 gün önce
My two favorite rappers making a song
Seth Dood
Seth Dood 24 gün önce
The world needed to hear this i hope every person passes on this message
jd artistry
jd artistry 25 gün önce
I NEEEED another Tom and Dax collaboration 💕🙏
zero762003 25 gün önce
100% truth. I'm officially hooked.
D3C3P7AKONZ 25 gün önce
more colab's with dax please
troy hooper
troy hooper 25 gün önce
Why am i just now seeing this ...great song tom and dax
Lisa Hatz
Lisa Hatz 25 gün önce
This sure is what today's generation really need! Inspirational!! Keep up the wonderful work! It's what makes you different, more special and the very best Tom!!
Lisa Hatz
Lisa Hatz 25 gün önce
I love you too Dax!!!!!
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