The Pit Stop AS6 E12 | Trixie Mattel & Symone Crown an All-Star! | RPDR All Stars

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RuPaul's Drag Race

Aylar önce

Don’t let the smooth taste fool ya, baby. Season 13 Winner Symone joins @Trixie Mattel to break down the Grand Finale of All Stars 6, and induct a new superstar into the Drag Race Hall of Fame!

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X-Bey Collection
X-Bey Collection 2 gün önce
Symoooooonnneeeee! ♥
Blow Jabba dahut
Blow Jabba dahut 5 gün önce
Trinity should have won
Tamara Karlas
Tamara Karlas 8 gün önce
Whenever Trixie’s head does a bobble I imagine that wig tumbling down and her just being snatched bald looking down at it in shock
JeraldMiller 11 gün önce
Trixie, you need to have Kylie on your TRshow channel doing makeup together…
Nic Chauvin
Nic Chauvin 12 gün önce
Trixie and Symone work really well together. I hope we see them pair up more.
Kodi Mark
Kodi Mark 18 gün önce
hey trixie i love you… i love you right?? i hate tbis look, hate hate hate it. the heals the makeup the shoulders. hate. obsessed with you girly. hate this look
Jacqui Patricia
Jacqui Patricia 25 gün önce
Kylie did look gorgeous, but that was not an eleganza extravaganza look to me. I just didn't feel like it took it all the way there. The lip sync outfit she wore felt more like a finale runway to me!
Michelle Campbell
Michelle Campbell 27 gün önce
Kylie was the best look? In another bodysuit? I don’t think.
Angel Gabriel
Angel Gabriel Aylar önce
I'm not entirely sure they realized that the "who buys dinner" is actually about escorting, not a free meal...
Chadique Edwards
Chadique Edwards Aylar önce
Symone is gorgeous 😍
Jennifer Casper
Jennifer Casper Aylar önce
You two seriously have the most delightful chemistry!
Panzers Aylar önce
wtf i just wanted to see guido do a pit stop and say his one liner
Jenny Watson
Jenny Watson Aylar önce
This colour story is reminding me of mimi's mouth eyes.
Ree Slays
Ree Slays Aylar önce
Two of my fav queens from the franchise 🥰🥰
memoryB Aylar önce
remember how Bob the drag queen and Trixie predicted these four finalists in the first pit stop? True professionals.
Indigo Horsnell
Indigo Horsnell Aylar önce
what season was symone in?
V666 Aylar önce
Symone's dress, I live. 😍
H P Aylar önce
Political win.
Alef Rodrigo
Alef Rodrigo Aylar önce
Symone n cansa de ser feia scr
Jamie Breez
Jamie Breez Aylar önce
I thought Trixie said what country too Simone!!! Luv u girls!!
Alex Sanderson
Alex Sanderson Aylar önce
You ain’t never smoked a weed?
Yasmin Richardson
Yasmin Richardson Aylar önce
We get it Trixie, you like weed now you are sooo cool *eye roll*
Bojo Mendoza
Bojo Mendoza Aylar önce
Bojo Mendoza
Bojo Mendoza Aylar önce
symone’s “pfftt DEAD???” is sending me!!!!!
Bojo Mendoza
Bojo Mendoza Aylar önce
symone is such a good co-host. she’s so natural and SO funny. i love her!
Mark Aylar önce
Rajah's final look was stunning
Rion Austermann
Rion Austermann Aylar önce
Simone = boring!
Tiffany Kudlic
Tiffany Kudlic Aylar önce
not gonna lie...i cried a bit when Kylie won cause i was so happy for her and her journey and i cheered for her the whole time...she deserved it
N. A.
N. A. Aylar önce
Trixie is actually really freaking funny! I never truly appreciated how quick her wit is but she really does a great job hosting this show.
Em Casalena
Em Casalena Aylar önce
Symone is so pretty every time I see her omg
brittaneyjwright Aylar önce
Oh how I love Symone! That's my Arkansas queen! 👑
Julian Wooten
Julian Wooten Aylar önce
I've missed having Symone on TV.
Ghoztring Aylar önce
Symone is so fucking beautiful. Jesus Christ!
nowelalalalala Aylar önce
MESMERISED by miss symoneee 😩😍 the skin, the legs, the makeup 🤤
Lucas Chadwick
Lucas Chadwick Aylar önce
They are so good together
Gucci R
Gucci R Aylar önce
I'm gonna be completely honest and say this finale was just not it for me. I didn't like the song, and I wasn't a huuuggee fan of the finale runways. The final lip sync was really good, eureka's speech brought me to tears. I'm happy Kylie won, she definitely deserved it. But Trinity was my #1 and Ra'jah came in a strong 2nd
Adriana Aylar önce
I got spoiled an hour before I watched the episode. I was wondering how Kylie won over everyone else, and then I saw her save herself from the fall. Brilliant.
Kitten Withawhip Stan
Kitten Withawhip Stan Aylar önce
symone’s charisma is guuuuushing! 2021 is the year of AMAZING winners. all hail symone and kylie 💕
juan esteban ospina soto
juan esteban ospina soto Aylar önce
loved watchning this two together my god
Mr Baseball Cap
Mr Baseball Cap Aylar önce
The editor missed that back footage of ginger wearing the "clashing patterns" look. Hmmmm
Mikey's Aylar önce
Nods. them legs go ALL the way up.
Billy BluBear
Billy BluBear Aylar önce
A transwoman wining has me crying my eyes out in happiness, as a transman!! Yay kylie 💙💖
Isaac Carrasco
Isaac Carrasco Aylar önce
Idk what it is but I freaking love Trixie and Symone together. I love both of them and they both give off good energy ❤
Katie Colip
Katie Colip Aylar önce
Trixie and Symone's laughs give equal but opposite energies
Chanel Ash
Chanel Ash Aylar önce
Kylie didn't stand out to me. Why is everyone gagging so?
Chanel Ash
Chanel Ash Aylar önce
@MOON boy bye..
MOON Aylar önce
okay cry about it
Chanel Ash
Chanel Ash Aylar önce
The outfit was WEAK and so was the performance smh
CaitlinAeRee Aylar önce
Sometimes I wonder if Symone baths in vaseline or oil before appearances because she's always so shimmery lol
Michael Shaver
Michael Shaver Aylar önce
whats going on with the RuPauls dragrace sign? lol
Lizzie Jimenez
Lizzie Jimenez Aylar önce
Kylie was one of my faves and she really proved herself throughout the entire season but I can't help but feel bad for Ra'jah who did a complete 180 from her original season
Dom Carr
Dom Carr Aylar önce
Dolly Parton be blessing all stars contestants with the win 🏆✨🙏👸
Law Abo
Law Abo Aylar önce
i wanna see Symone subbing or guesting in UNHhhh
George Harris
George Harris Aylar önce
What about the other girls, any mention of the other talented queens?
Art of Joy
Art of Joy Aylar önce
I think rajah did the best on this challenge! The win was deserved though!
Alex Sanderson
Alex Sanderson Aylar önce
You ain’t never smoked a weed? 👁👄👁
kayabooks Aylar önce
catch trixie doing some of the inside jokes she has with katya and then stopping cause she realizes symone's not following ALSO SYMONE'S LEGS WHAT
Kiwi Aylar önce
Now that they mentioned it, why HASNT Lil Nas been a guest judge on drag race?! Agents and publicists need to be contacted this exact instant
Lets do it
Lets do it Aylar önce
Thats hairstyle is just 🤣🤣🤣
TM Aylar önce
The current f*cking reigning, Symone😍😍😍😍😍😍
Taye Tired247
Taye Tired247 Aylar önce
At least ik If it's dark and I dont have a torch I can always use symone's legs to light the way
LaRhonda Mickles
LaRhonda Mickles Aylar önce
So RuPaul is trying to get some trans redemption 🤔
SeaGreenie Aylar önce
How did they not read Kylie's finale runway look? It was... so basic. Everything else this episode from her was great, but the USA-esque finale runway was SO boring and basic.
Jared Pedro
Jared Pedro Aylar önce
Trixie is serving Mimi Imfurst realness
שחף שביט
שחף שביט Aylar önce
Gottmik should have won
cass Aylar önce
Trixie is serving Effie Trinket
Bluealty Aylar önce
Jesus, the way i love symone aaaaaa this bitch is everything!
Ali Reyes
Ali Reyes Aylar önce
I love Kylie and I'm super happy she won. However, seeing everyone going through hoops to praise her finale look it's comical, mawma lets keep it real it was a corset with some fabric hanging. Did she looked beautiful? Of course, I mean when doesn't she? Was it up to par? No. The look she came in for the lipsync was 10 times better. Like she switched them for I don't know what reason.
song hyeong
song hyeong Aylar önce
• P • A • I • M • O • N
• P • A • I • M • O • N Aylar önce
I feel like she wore the american flag look because it fit the challenge
TJ Jones
TJ Jones Aylar önce
Simone is the best!! Absolutely love her.
Kristen Williams
Kristen Williams Aylar önce
I’m dead 🪦⚰️👀❗️💯😂🤣 Tricked soooo dramatic she took a lip sync && turned it into a horror movie 🎥 😱🤯
thot juice
thot juice Aylar önce
omg Symone’s legssss, ugh PERFECT 😩😩😩😩😩
Rhi Aylar önce
I honestly would've picked gingers lipstick. She won over 60k and she's tough competition like its a win win
Gucci R
Gucci R Aylar önce
That's a valid point
Asha Pacey
Asha Pacey Aylar önce
Okay Okay I just
Jules Aylar önce
I apparently can't even watch a recap of Kylie winning without crying.
Mimosa Tarabeshi
Mimosa Tarabeshi Aylar önce
Trixie giving an All Stars Mimi Imfurst look lol
Dalton Urda
Dalton Urda Aylar önce
Did anyone else get Lala Ri’s bag look from Gingers eleganza?
ケイリーたん Aylar önce
green = for rent!!!!! :x
Marcelo Junior
Marcelo Junior Aylar önce
This was so so good
Lucy Wright
Lucy Wright Aylar önce
SYMONEEEEEE!!! She is the best BEST guest on the pitstop. The chemistry between these two is legendary, iconic, genuine, genius, GLORIOUS!! Please can we have an entire series of these two... I live. 😍
Joxel Custodio
Joxel Custodio Aylar önce
I feel like Ginger should’ve won. Only thing she lacked on was the runway looks but she slayed the whole season.
That shade of green bandana is actually for daddies (if worn on left), or for boys looking for daddies (if worn on right)
babie ghurl
babie ghurl Aylar önce
The top 4 queens are great and honestly as I'm watching the episode, I thought to myself that I'll be happy whoever will win because I really cannot pick who should win because they're all so great. But congratulations to Kylie 💖
DamienSaysRAWR Aylar önce
Kylie’s Finale Eleganza Hair is a Wigs By Vanity owned by Willam. Saw that exact unit in one of his Wigs Videos.
S La
S La Aylar önce
S14 please have either Bob, Trixie, or Symone doing The Pit Stop
Its Me
Its Me Aylar önce beaitiful..just stunning😍
DanDaMan Aylar önce
Trixie giving us that loofa sponge realness that I need from her
Chris Moody
Chris Moody Aylar önce
these two are like the best from each end of the spectrum, LOVE
Chris Moody
Chris Moody Aylar önce
TRIXIE: what'd you think of ginger? SYMONE: .......... ........ ......... ..... ummm L O L
Shannon Jackson
Shannon Jackson Aylar önce
OK but can we please talk about Trixies mimi I'm first's interpretation on this episode. I couldn't take my eyes off her 🤣
Inspiration, Move me Brightly
Inspiration, Move me Brightly Aylar önce
I so wanted Ginger to win but the more I watched the more I realized Sonique really was the most deserving
John Hollander
John Hollander Aylar önce
Simone is love and light and LEGS. Good God A’mighty
Aldrich Acueza
Aldrich Acueza Aylar önce
But who is Ms. Paul?
Giovanni David
Giovanni David Aylar önce
My sun sign ( Trixie ) and my moon sign ( Symone ) having a convo. EVERYTHING
tristajeanette Aylar önce
Kylie's final look...the face and hair and bust were next level stunning but I wish it went into a train or something to elevate it to what could be considered a best drag moment.
Dee TW
Dee TW Aylar önce
Rajah & Kylie my top 2 favs, was gonna be happy happy with either of them winning 🥰
Keren W
Keren W Aylar önce
Symone ♥️♥️
Ohemmehey Aylar önce
Trixie is giving me a very Mimi Imfurst moment here with that eye makeup
Millie Boon
Millie Boon Aylar önce
Tkb definitely smashed it
Jose Aylar önce
Pit stop is feeling more and more fake every episode
Jason Burnett
Jason Burnett Aylar önce
Come through with that Mimi Imfurst makeup realness! 😂
Michelle G
Michelle G Aylar önce
My new drag name is Ms Chelle
Kalaida Marie
Kalaida Marie Aylar önce
Trixie you look so pretty!!! Love this hair and look on you!
Brad Miller
Brad Miller Aylar önce
I can't tell if this is Trixie's best Thorgy impression, or Thorgy's best Trixie impression.
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