Music heals the heart and blood vessels🌿 Calming music restores the nervous system, relaxing

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Enjoy Life

Enjoy Life

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The study found that listening to relaxing music of the patient's choice resulted in "significant pain relief and increased mobility." Researchers believe that music relieves pain because listening to music activates opioids, the body's natural painkillers. Music itself is a medicine.
Music heals the heart and blood vessels 🌿 Calming music restores the nervous system, relaxing
🌿 Music for relaxation, meditation, study, reading, massage, spa or sleep. This music is ideal for dealing with anxiety, stress or insomnia as it promotes relaxation and helps eliminate bad vibes. They can also use this music as a background for meditation or relaxing in their sleep.
🌿Welcome to the new relaxing music live on the Enjoy Life channel. They can turn down the video volume and start doing whatever they want, like studying, working, reading... or just relaxing or sleeping soundly.
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“We have a wide selection of relaxing and soothing music to help you get the most out of your massage, meditation, yoga or other relaxation session. With a variety of options, from classic to contemporary, there is something for everyone.”
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This playlist has relaxing music for massage, meditation and relaxation. Music is played on the piano or keyboards, so listening to it calms and pacifies. Whether you're looking for massage, meditation, or relaxation music, this is the perfect playlist!
If you suffer from stress, anxiety, or even insomnia, there is a good chance that your problems can be solved with the help of such relaxing music. Years of research and scientific studies have shown that listening to music is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress and anxiety. It has also been shown to increase concentration and productivity. With these melodies
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🌿On our channel you will find relaxing music for: sleep, meditation, yoga, zen, spa, massage, study and concentration...
🌿 To improve relaxation and concentration, our music uses brain waves such as alpha waves, beta waves, delta waves and theta waves.
🌿 You can also go to other cultures as we have shamanic music, indian music, chinese music, tibetan music with tibetan bowls, etc.
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@enjoylifeandloveyourself 7 aylar önce
The scariest thing for every person is waking up every day. And realize in my life there is no one and nothing to wait and try. 🌿🌿
@tamemedown5545 7 aylar önce
That is me. No one to wake up to, no one to look forward to seeing, no one to make plans with and try new things or see new places. Just me. Alone and lonely as hell. If I disappeared, no one would notice and no one would care.
@enjoylifeandloveyourself 7 aylar önce
@@tamemedown5545 Don't blame yourself too much. keep trying to get ahead. people will understand you and respect you
@janicegaona7760 7 aylar önce
​@@tamemedown5545 pa
@josiecruz5110 7 aylar önce
@@tamemedown5545 life is made out of moments.. all is changing every time.. keep trying and you’ll find a new tribe to love.. open your heart for the new moments and people to come.. Hope, faith and self-believe. You are special.. Sending you love ❤
@karenrandall6725 7 aylar önce
@@tamemedown5545 I feel that way sometimes, more so when I was younger. But I have not been calm for many years. I'm 67. I should have done things differently, but it's the past. And tomorrow might never come...because who knows what is going to happen? Being with yourself in the present moment is sometimes, like always, is hard to learn. But learn while you are young. It sucks sometimes down the road of life, but it's your life. Only You can change it. Good luck. Nobody said it was going to be easy. I am sending positive energy and brighter skies. Keep the faith.
@user-ly2dt4sw2v 6 aylar önce
1:48 Очень красиво, такая музыка умиротворяет и лечит самые глубины нашего сознания. Благодарю Вас за Вашу любовь к прекрасному.
@rutereis644 7 aylar önce
Esse som dos pássaros é muito maravilhoso ❤
@user-no9iv5xh2x 6 aylar önce
@melodiousnaturereverie 5 aylar önce
To anybody reading this, I pray that whatever is hurting you or whatever you are constantly stressing about gets better. may peace and calmness fill your life. ❤
@user-bs5qz1du2r 2 aylar önce
@bgmpeacefulsounds Aylar önce
This video is a beautiful reminder of the incredible healing power of music. The gentle melodies and calming sounds have the ability to mend not only our physical well-being but also our inner peace. It's a testament to the profound impact music has on our hearts and souls. To all my fellow viewers, may this music touch your lives and bring you relaxation and rejuvenation. Let it be a source of comfort and tranquility, not only for your heart and nerves but for your entire being. Wishing you moments of pure serenity and restoration as you immerse yourself in this soothing experience. 🎶💚🌿✨
@user-jd2mk3em3s 6 aylar önce
Благодарю за божественные звуки, за красоту нашей Планеты,Мира,Любви, Света ❤❤❤
@silmarapereira9026 3 aylar önce
Excelente muito bom , me senti mais leve e o ❤ muito calmo ,
@enjoylifeandloveyourself 3 aylar önce
thank you
@user-in7be7xx9u 7 aylar önce
Моя душа наслаждается звуками природы, музыкой ❤ благодарю мир, всех и все🌹🥰
@silvanasiqueira5825 6 aylar önce
traz uma paz interior maravilhosa 😍
@martajsantos2427 7 aylar önce
❤muito relaxante acalma a mente. Gratidão
@HealingNatureClips-yz4rn 6 aylar önce
This sound is so wonderful. The person who is reading this comment , i wish you great success , health , love and happiness !
@paulgay1743 3 aylar önce
Merci pour toi aussi
@wheeloffortunemystictarot 7 aylar önce
So calming! 💜💚
@enjoylifeandloveyourself 7 aylar önce
Music heals the heart and blood vessels🌿 Calming music restores the nervous system, relaxing
@FindYourSelf8686 6 aylar önce
I hope those who listen to this will sleep well and wake up with more positive energy. I wish you all peace and happiness ✨
@MindGenieHypnotherapy 6 aylar önce
Love this. Use with hypnotherapy and energy clients to help relax and let go! Thank you! 😍🤩😘✨
@user-tg7qb2gj8z 4 aylar önce
Спасибо большое за Красоту Творчества, за Талант, за Несломімость. Будьте сильны Силой Господа, будьте здоровы, красивы, радостны, всем-- душевного здоровья и тишины. Спасибо, что Вы есть. Умейте сберегать энергию жизни, умейте отдыхать- спать. Обнимаю всех сердцем.
@AMMY_STUDIO 7 aylar önce
This is amazing Beautiful video & comforting Music ... Anyone who is going under stress this music helps you calm your nerves... don't worry.. the pain you feeling is temporary, close your eyes and remember tomorrow is a new day, a fresh start ! Take deep breathes, you going to be alright. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness, peace, and abundance !
@JesusRodriguez-ow5lr 6 aylar önce
@lovesings2us 6 aylar önce
@olgaleticialoolagos6707 3 aylar önce
Es una terapia fabulosa. me ayuda mucho a relajarme y trasportarme al espacio , excelente!!
@enjoylifeandloveyourself 3 aylar önce
@krystyna4430 5 aylar önce
Przepiękna uspakajaca melodia Video clip super Gratuluję
@CalmYourMind9999 7 aylar önce
For anyone reading this, IT'S GOING TO BE OKAY. I pray that whatever is hurting you or whatever is constantly stressing you out will get better. May dark thoughts, excessive thoughts and doubts leave your mind right now and clarity and understanding replace confusion. I declare peace and calm to fill your life.💯💯❤❤
@marildasanderbarreirossand8550 2 aylar önce
@xanaburlona9832 2 aylar önce
Muchas gracias para las personas de tan buen corazón y tan buenos sentimientos.. Quien tiene un momento para dedicar a los demás y compartir tan buenos deseos, se merece lo mejor y estoy segura que Dios esto lo tendrá en cuenta. Mis mejores deseos para ti y para todos los que en estos momentos compartan esta melodia y estos minutos de paz y armonía.
@user-dq8zt6xz2r 6 aylar önce
Благодарю! Не знаю, лечит или нет, а вот в поток входить точно помогает. Над эскизами думала-думала, аж мозги сломала, а включила это видео фоном, и о чудо - все само придумалось.
@KatariaGujjar 3 aylar önce
This music sounds melodious and calm but just adds more to my depression, to be honest.
@carlosmendez4661 6 aylar önce
Sonidos musicales y gorjeos maravillosos, me dan paz, me ayudan a seguir, me retraen a mi infancia que pase en zona rural de San Luis, argentina. Muchísimas gracias, felicitaciones y mucha suerte en la vida.
@PeacefulMelody029 6 aylar önce
If you are reading this, I want you to know that you are beautiful, that you are loved, that you are calm and that everything will be fine. Peace be with you my friend
@CBel2 3 aylar önce
Всем добрым людям уважение огромное и пожелание здравия,света в душе,мира и добра.
@marilynperezmontandon7329 4 aylar önce
Gracias Infinitas! 🙏🏻❤️☺️
@peacefulpianomusic 5 aylar önce
To the person reading this here, I wish you the best sleep when you need to sleep, and you who are too stressed, I wish you the most stress-reduced day ... Take care of yourself you deserve the best ❤
@enjoylifeandloveyourself 5 aylar önce
Good night
@xanaburlona9832 2 aylar önce
Mis mejores deseos para usted también y que Dios le conceda la paz la armonía y la felicidad que se merece.
@Moodzik88 4 aylar önce
so peacful. music IS healing and the world needs healing. Bless! 🙌
@peacefulmelody6868 7 aylar önce
Gracias por su música. Pude llorar todo durante una hora y hasta este momento. Que todos tengan éxito en enfrentar contra todos la batalla en la que nos encontramos. Dios es bueno
@user-xn8cx5mi8f 7 aylar önce
Oi tudo bem continua sempre mandar estes vídeos porque nos faz bem a mente ❤
@roxanareyesgonzalez2689 4 aylar önce
"La música es para el alma lo que la gimnasia es para el cuerpo"- Platón. Mil gracias por compartir este hermoso vidéo musical .
@enjoylifeandloveyourself 4 aylar önce
@relaxingmusicandcraft 7 aylar önce
Incredibly beautiful music. Thank you!
@kunkhmer16828 7 aylar önce
Music heals the heart and blood vessels🌿😘
@johannavillanueva2783 7 aylar önce
La música relajante cura el corazón ❤️🤩 Ami me ase hacer llorar por qué hay personas que no les importa la naturaleza y la estamos acabando 😢 es triste 😢 pero nose porque las personitas no ayudan la naturaleza y la tierra se está acabando ❤es muy bonito 😍 la naturaleza 😻🏞️
@concentracionycalma 7 aylar önce
Totalmente Johanna, a mí también me pone triste ver cómo la sociedad vive tan de espaldas a ella. Cómo llegamos a escondernos del sol cuándo es uno de los elementos principales de vida...
@mindspace-music 7 aylar önce
Wow, Relaxation goes deep! Thank you, new sub!
@user-tg7qb2gj8z 4 aylar önce
Красивы леса, пахнет грибами, просторы от земли і до Небес, прекрасны эті струны душі, ізліваюшіе эті нежные повторы, уговаріваюшіе всех к Отдохновенію. Спасибо большое, Уважаемый і Талантливый Человек, Маэстро і Художник, Сергей Владимирович Чекалін.
@louisewinning2281 3 aylar önce
Where is this? Its beautiful. What country?
@irmatorijarodriguez3243 7 aylar önce
Me encanta la naturaleza y me relaja mucho gracias
@slavicastanojevic9889 5 aylar önce
Hvala na ovim predivnim zvucima melem za dušu👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
@alenamiller7973 7 aylar önce
Память это наш дар.Часто,находясь в мгновении,мы не осознаем его ценность. Позже вспоминая его,мы можем погрузиться в прожитый миг и получить удовольствие.
@ilonkamur 6 aylar önce
Вау, як гарно сказано
@xaos66 3 aylar önce
Earth is so beautiful .. It's so sad that we are born here and we destroy this beauty... I hope that someday people will live on Earth in full harmony with it ❤
@Victoriakennedy-fy2yd 7 aylar önce
Lovely what a wonderful sound ❤️
@mustafaekici9526 5 aylar önce
@jesusenriquelopezramirez8543 6 aylar önce
Honor y GLORIA A DIOS 🙏🙏🙏
@simonecostagomes7664 5 aylar önce
Restitui , meu pai, na saúde de minha filha , em todas as áreas.
@hideralmosawi1606 7 aylar önce
What a wonderful view of the nature with an amazing music
@enjoylifeandloveyourself 7 aylar önce
thank you
@svetlanapetrova4808 7 aylar önce
Настя, какая вы красива! Выходите в эфир почаще! Супер тренировка! Спасибо!
@user-mk4wj1zp7z 4 aylar önce
The visuals in this are so beautiful that I had to face my computer screen while doing my Qi Gong exercises. As advertised, it did decrease my stiffness, and the Lee Holden Qi Gong is also very helpful. Cable TV has captured my attention since 1985 with sight and sound, but music creates its own visuals when you listen, particularly with lights off or dimmed.
@luzverzago3475 7 aylar önce
Ay mi corazón! Que ganas de llorar por todo y por nada 🥲 me encantaaaaaa!😍🥰
@mustafaekici9526 5 aylar önce
İyi geceler ❤
@mindfulnessmusic1321 7 aylar önce
이 피아노 연주는 마치 마음을 닦아내고 정화시키는 힐링의 역할을 해주는 것 같아요. 마음 속 깊은 곳에서 부터 확장되는 영감과 정서를 느낄 수 있어요.
@agnieszkakwasniewicz 7 aylar önce
Dzięki! 🥰
@concentracionycalma 7 aylar önce
Un lugar maravilloso ❤
@wanderingscapes9568 7 aylar önce
Research has shown that listening to nature sounds and frequencies can even help to boost our immune system, reduce inflammation, and improve our overall health. As someone who has personally experienced the healing power of nature sounds and frequencies, I can attest to their incredible ability to soothe the mind, calm the body, and restore balance to our lives. Thank you for sharing this beautiful video with us, and for reminding us of the incredible healing power of nature.🌸🌸
@user-tg7qb2gj8z 4 aylar önce
Как все прекрасно! Спасібо! За мужественных, несломимых, преодолевающих і достігаюшіх. Только тогда о спасеніі людей, Господі, Твоей Земли.
@user-kb7fq6qw4t 3 aylar önce
@enjoylifeandloveyourself 2 aylar önce
thank you so much
@lisamarieanderson-mg1kb 5 aylar önce
So beautiful 💚💚💚💚
@anamyra5099 3 aylar önce
Gratidão 🙌🙏🤗💐
@rutereis644 7 aylar önce
Quero parabenizar por essa música tão linda 😅
@alejandramacaya4807 7 aylar önce
Que bella melodía sana el alma 💗
@analourdessantanaojeda2389 7 aylar önce
Gracias ❤🙏
@moethet18 7 aylar önce
the best music track I have ever heard - loving it... thank you ☺
@dalvacmoraes1323 7 aylar önce
Musica relaxante, obrigada.
@enjoylifeandloveyourself 7 aylar önce
thank you so much
@jorgehumbertozumayasilvas1330 5 aylar önce
Bendiciones 🙏
@Meli-ov2re 6 aylar önce
que hermoso seria vivir rodeada entre tanto verde...... los ruidos de los pajaros, belleza natural, lo que daria por vivir en un lugar asi trabajando a distancia y con paz mental ante todo. La paz no tiene precio. seria tan sanador.
@marialuisacustodiopachas7032 4 aylar önce
Musica relajante jque hace dormir, muy buena paRa los nervios, y el canto de pajarito es extraordinario. Muchas gracias
@enjoylifeandloveyourself 4 aylar önce
@yarkiaantunez1938 5 aylar önce
@promesasdedios9463 6 aylar önce
Cuando el corazón y el alma. Se an cansado de tanto esperar... Un solo respiro de paz en medio de la tormenta. Es todo lo que necesitan para saber que siguen con vida y que hay esperanza. Dios bendiga tu vida. Hombre o mujer. Sigue adelante. F.F.T.
@max-ip8xg 7 aylar önce
awesome study and worship background music ☝✝♥📖♥🙏🏻
@angelalopez8216 7 aylar önce
Qué lugares tan hermosos como está música tan linda😍
@concentracionycalma 7 aylar önce
Yo estoy embobada y pensando cómo sería vivir en un lugar así 😅
@AleeceFauber 6 aylar önce
чудесная природа!
@magicway3092 7 aylar önce
So great video. Full watched. Wish you all the best.🤍❤️‍🔥🤍
@honeybear6582 7 aylar önce
Marvelous 💖💖💖 lovely ❤❤
@elchinaliyev4201 7 aylar önce
Женщина которая взяла на этом свете всё для женского счастья
@AmazingEarthYT 7 aylar önce
Beautiful Video!
@nadialarabi8179 7 aylar önce
La nature les oiseaux une oxygène pour l humanité 🙏❤❤❤
@rishutsukada6852 6 aylar önce
@enjoylifeandloveyourself 6 aylar önce
@Arhijurijus 6 aylar önce
@mustafaekici9526 5 aylar önce
Senin gibi ❤
@kelly5719 6 aylar önce
Gracias por brindarnos estás dulces melodías para meditar muy profundo en el creador de esta maravillosa naturaleza Dios de amor el dueño del universo y agradecerle por todo .
@user-tb5jg1ge2m 5 aylar önce
Вот такой мир я люблю... Я в таком мире выросла... Где он сейчас остался...
@fabioamaraldifini 7 aylar önce
Вы определенно знаете, как создавать расслабляющую и лечебную музыку, которая вызывает самые глубокие эмоции и пробуждает самые прекрасные воспоминания...
@zorandziknicdzile 7 aylar önce
Vrlo opustajuca i lekovita muzika .Cestitke autoru!
@user-ly5sn3jt7y 7 aylar önce
Я вспоминаю детство и папу
@fabioamaraldifini 7 aylar önce
Скъпа Елена, този тип мелодия събужда най-дълбоките емоции в сърцата ни и носи мир на душите ни. Гушкам те.
@princessdeliabautista7498 29 gün önce
I am enjoy my life listening to you music you are so sweet and beautiful music classic song l really love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️🇵🇭🇵🇭☝️☝️☝️🙏
@relaxingsoftmusic4303 7 aylar önce
This sound is so wonderful. The person who is reading this comment, I wish you great success, health, love, and happiness!🙏🙏🙏♥♥♥
@valerieseverin7051 7 aylar önce
and to you x
@user-bs5qz1du2r 2 aylar önce
@ghyslainebouchereau1000 7 aylar önce
J’ai oublié de vous demander d’indiquer sur vos infos d’où viennent vos magnifiques images ? Merci ❤😊
@user-nz6yq2uk9s 7 aylar önce
Да, красавица, а глазки, то какие яркие и уверенние👍🎵🎵🎵
@randallford8199 5 aylar önce
Piano touches my soul. Hope there's piano in the after life of my new life.
@enjoylifeandloveyourself 5 aylar önce
yeah. thank you for listening
@josiecruz5110 7 aylar önce
Anybody knows which birds are singing here in this playlist? There’s a particular one that I hear from my house which is very similar. Always wanted to know, but I never spotted it. I can only hear it 😌 Thanks!
@user-tg7qb2gj8z 4 aylar önce
Красив лес в любое время года, летом он наполнен плодами, цветом ізуірудным, весной ароматами і буйством цветенія. Спасібо за любование природой і Музыкой Тіхой радості.
@sunnykwl 3 aylar önce
@user-tg7qb2gj8z 4 aylar önce
Істінное наслажденіе слушать Музыку с закрытыми глазами.
@jcampb4 4 aylar önce
Life IS hard. It gets even harder when you give up ....
@madisonjones6407 7 aylar önce
@user-sv2fd3mr1k 5 aylar önce
Я люблю тебя матушка природа, будь хранима Богом!
@blazydzil800 7 aylar önce
Very beautiful
@domnicasora810 7 aylar önce
Foarte frumos !
@lusinegrigoryan1342 7 aylar önce
Спасибо. Господу. Богу. Аминь. Красота и. Покой. Аминь. Аллилуйя🙏🙏🙏🙏😇😇😇😇🎁🎁🎁🌹🌳🕊🕊🕊
@FABIOJUDICEDURUY-hj6fi 7 aylar önce
GOSTEI NATUREZA ! DEVE E TEM Q. SER RESPEITADA !!!🕊🦅🦆🦉🐸🦖🐳🦎🐍🐲🐉🦕🦖🐳🐚🐬🐟🐠🐡🐌🐙🐛🐌🦋🦑🦐🦀🐚🐜🐝🐞🦗🕷🕸️🦂💐🌸💮🏵🌹🥀🌱🌲🌳🌴🌵🌾🌿☘️🍀🍁🍂🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🐏🐏🐏😎😎😎😎😎😎
@angelsmalakies611 3 aylar önce
gracias por existir
@user-tg7qb2gj8z 4 aylar önce
Музыка оздоровления, исцеления, вдохновения, пробуждения і спасения. Прывітанне ўсім і кожнаму, і покій на душу.
@francoisewastiau3016 6 aylar önce
Musique ❤🎉bonne detente merci
@c-historia 7 aylar önce
musica meravigliosa 🌿
@_Dalin212 7 aylar önce
❤ saludos 🤗
@SoothingChristmasMusic321 5 aylar önce
Right now, there are people all over the world who are just like you. They're either lonely, they're missing somebody, they're depressed, they're hurt, they're scarred from the past, they're having personal issues no one knows about, they have secrets you wouldn't believe. They wish, they dream and they hope. And right now, they are sitting here reading these words, and I'm writing this for you so you don't feel alone anymore. Always remember, don't be depressed about the past, don't worry about the future, and just focus on today. If today's not so great don't worry! Tomorrow's a new chance. If you are reading this, be sure to share this around to make others feel better. Have a nice day!"
@suzannelesperance1963 7 aylar önce
Beautiful scène i like this
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Music for Body and Spirit - Meditation Music
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Dance of Life: Relaxing Fantasy Music for Relaxation & Meditation
Ayten Rasul & Morko - Görmedim Sen Gibi (Akustik)
MEF - Mazi (Official Video)
görünümler 183 B
Emir Can İğrek - Boşuna Nefes Tüketme (Official Video)
görünümler 86 Mn
Mustafa Ceceli & Didar - Sana Yandım
Mustafa Ceceli
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