That's how easy my grandmother makes apple pie. Elegantly tasty and fast

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Einfache Rezepte

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That's how easy my grandmother makes apple pie. Elegantly tasty and fast
A simple and delicious cake recipe that you will love, a combination of delicious apples and fluffy dough. You will bake this cake every day, every weekend, every time your friends come over.
20 grams of yeast
3 tbsp flour
500g flour
300ml milk
1 tablespoon of sugar
45 g cornstarch
12 g vanilla sugar
pinch of salt
1 egg
2-3 apples
1 tbsp cinnamon
70 grams of butter
150 grams of raw sugar
Bake: 180°C / 356°F 25 mins.
Baking pan diameter: 27 cm x 22 cm
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Lidia 8 aylar önce
Drożdżowe, jabłkowo-cynamonowe "różyczki" - wyglądają smakowicie😁. Dziękuję za przepis i serdecznie pozdrawiam👋👋👋👋👍
Tatiane Rodrigues
Tatiane Rodrigues 7 aylar önce
Nossa que perfeito, deu vontade de fazer 💗
Loriann Smith Morelli
Loriann Smith Morelli Yıl önce
This was beautiful to watch. I love that the buns look like apple roses. I will definitely try this when I make my apple pies in the fall. This will be a beautiful addition to my tradition.
Jawi Owo
Jawi Owo Yıl önce
To jest ciasto drożdżowe z jabłkami. Szarlotkę robimy na cieście kruchym!
Karla Peitl Miller
Karla Peitl Miller Yıl önce
Que delicia!!! Parabéns!! Uma delícia de assistir! Nos faz querer cozinhar de uma forma diferente! Abraços do Brasil 🇧🇷
Grace Goodenough
Grace Goodenough 7 aylar önce
When I was a kid, stretched this dough into a baking sheet, stuffed the apple slices into the dough, closely together in rows. Then put sugar, cinnamon and melted butter on top and baked. Called it apple kuchen and loved it! This is the recipe that I was looking for, have apples and promised my daughter I'd make her some. Thanks.
Dorothy Willis
Dorothy Willis Yıl önce
It's not really what I'd call a pie, but it looks pretty and delicious!
Surly Ogre
Surly Ogre Yıl önce
I agree... it's more like apple cinnamon rolls. edit: cinnamon apple rolls?
voz 17
voz 17 Yıl önce
Mouth watering! I take exception to terms, easy and fast. LOL It would take me an afternoon.
Jenny Smith
Jenny Smith Yıl önce
@Surly Ogre I was going to say, an apple and cinnamon scroll, but no matter what they are called, they look very nice. Might have to make some
Jennifer Daniels
Jennifer Daniels Yıl önce
@Surly Ogre I've had cinnamon rolls with raisins and apple chunks in them before.
Radhia Deedou
Radhia Deedou Yıl önce
@voz 17 I agree with you both, it's definitely not a pie and it would take hours, but the video is lovely and it looks delicious
Jane Cristina
Jane Cristina Yıl önce
Beautiful!!! Deu água na boca 🙏
eda cordeiro
eda cordeiro Yıl önce
Gostei da receita, gostei da doceira, gostei da calma e tranquilidade da doceira e gostei do doce pronto. Ficaram lindos!
Magdalena Ślęzak
Magdalena Ślęzak 7 aylar önce
TAKIEJ WERSJI Szarlotki nie jadłam🤗ale chyba Najwyższy CZAS 👍 BARDZO mi się Podoba 👍 DZIĘKUJĘ BARDZO 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Mark Wagnon
Mark Wagnon Yıl önce
This reminds me of something my mom used to make with left over pie crust. She'd combine the remaining dough, roll it out, spread it with butter then sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on it. She'd roll it into a log and cut it. The dough was firmer/less fluffy than yours and the result was dense, almost crunchy/flaky cinnamon roll like things she called pie crackers. Anywhere the butter/cinnamon/sugar oozed out would be deliciously caramelized.
J Parker
J Parker Yıl önce
Exactly how both my mother and grandmother made them for us as kids. Wonderful memories.
ThisDream Yıl önce
Called "pet de soeur". The crust in this recipe was raised, but they are very similar. Not a pie, though.
animerlon Yıl önce
@ThisDream 😄 I was going to say that. Are you in Québec by any chance? For those who need a translation, it means 'nun's fart'.
Johannah MacBain
Johannah MacBain Yıl önce
My grandmother did that
ThisDream Yıl önce
@animerlon Or "sister's fart". ;-)
Maria Faria
Maria Faria 10 aylar önce
Que delícia deu água na boca parabéns pela receita
Shirley Laboy
Shirley Laboy Yıl önce
Absolutely beautiful. It's a joy to watch you prepare and present your recipes. Thank you for sharing. 🙂
Raechelle Bennett
Raechelle Bennett Yıl önce
I absolutely loved your patient and lovely way of preparing and baking these delicious apple pies. In Canada we make our cinnamon rolls like this, but instead of apples, we use raisins. Thank you for sharing 🌹🙏
Bias Hacker
Bias Hacker Yıl önce
Yes I thought that was a cinnamon roll.
Jordan Jones
Jordan Jones Yıl önce
That’s how we do cinnamon rolls in the US too. The donut shop by my house does cinnamon apple rolls like this.
Nunya Bisniss
Nunya Bisniss Yıl önce
Raisins for apple ROSE rolls??? 😉😂
Assort TV Official
Assort TV Official Yıl önce
Good 👍 👍 👍 one
Raechelle Bennett
Raechelle Bennett Yıl önce
@Paige Turnner No worries Paige. Classic bread cinnamon rolls are made with a yeast dough, rolled out to about 1cm thick, buttered, then a generous amount anount of brown sugar over the butter, then sprinkled with cinnamon Ll over, and finally a scattered layer of raisins. Then it's rolled up into a log, cut into approx 4-5cm width pieces and placed side by side into a buttered baking dish. Once they rise to double, they're placed in a oven to bake. That is a classic cinnamon roll. If you don't like raisins (dried grapes), you could use dried currants, cranberries, diced apples, or nothing at all. Some top the baked cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting. 🍥
Татьяна Горчинская
Татьяна Горчинская Yıl önce
Как же я люблю пироги с яблоками! А это что то новенькое! Надо приготовить .
Lindi Xavier
Lindi Xavier Yıl önce
Que coisa mais linda ❤️
Dale Ann Harsh
Dale Ann Harsh Yıl önce
Our family doesn't use yeast in the pie crust..... but I'd sure make use of that dough for sweet rolls and it looks like it would be much easier than the recipe I currently have. Thanks for introducing me to this new version!
Sandarah Catmom
Sandarah Catmom Yıl önce
Nope, my mom never used yeast or milk in pie crust and neither do I. This looks doughy for my tastes. I like a thin, more flaky crust. And more apples.
Clacroix Yıl önce
@Sandarah Catmom the yeast makes it rise, causing it to be more doughy, like a cinnamon roll. Pie crust doesn’t have yeast in it, nor does it rise and is more flaky because you fold butter into it.
Stefan Yıl önce
Well she used yeast but someone managed to kill it in the process, which is why the dough didn't rise at all on the oven. So it's almost like a yeast free dough after all 🤷🏼‍♂️😅
Mary Ann the Nytowl
Mary Ann the Nytowl Yıl önce
@Stefan it certainly rose twice when it was rested each time. 🤔
Francisco Alfaro
Francisco Alfaro Yıl önce
Wow! That looks DELICIOUS, thank you for sharing your grandma's 👵 recipe 🍎 I'll have to bake it soon!😊
figmo397 Yıl önce
I'd call those "Apple Cinnamon Buns" rather than "Apple Pie," but they sure do look delicious!
Ann Welch
Ann Welch Yıl önce
I thought that was apple strudel. It's not apple pie !
Ann Welch
Ann Welch Yıl önce
Maybe apple Pizza LOL
Charlotte Kearn
Charlotte Kearn Yıl önce
Yes, cinnamon rolls with apples.
epencil Yıl önce
@Charlotte Kearn Yeah, this is one of those youtube channels of intentionally ambiguous provenance... usually they're korean or something but this one looks latin american I think. No one who speaks english as a first language would ever call these cinnamon rolls "apple pies" 🤣. Maybe I'll post my "grandma's" famous 'apple tacos' recipe and see if anyone notices they're turnovers.
Charlotte Kearn
Charlotte Kearn Yıl önce
@epencil yeah, apple taco's, sounds delicious 😜 just no hot sauce. What ever anyone wants to call them it still is something I want to eat.🍎🍎
Sonia Feijo
Sonia Feijo 10 aylar önce
Cada receita sua, é um show à parte! Parabéns mulher maravilhosa! Deus a abençoe! Porto Alegre-Rio Grande do Sul-BRASIL 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
falldew Yıl önce
Изглеждат страхотно. Браво на баба!
pax Yıl önce
Looks so yummy! I would definitely have that for breakfast😍
xdra31 Yıl önce
Thank you for showing this. Looks delicious, so easy and quick, I will definitely try it.
Maria Jose de Jesus da Encarnacao
Maria Jose de Jesus da Encarnacao Yıl önce
Super fácil, rápido e deu água na boca.
Christopher Yıl önce
Hello👋🏻😃 Nice Comment..
Guaraciaba Amorim
Guaraciaba Amorim Yıl önce
Parabéns pela receitas , isso é um dom de Deus 👏💕
Вячеслав Бурковский
Вячеслав Бурковский Yıl önce
SLIPSHOTsJo Yıl önce
Absolutely beautiful! Such care in the preparation of the ingredients and the assembly of the rolls! Thank you for sharing! 💕
Bando Yıl önce
In Australia we call those scrolls. They come in all kinds of flavours, both sweet and savoury. My favourite are apple & custard, but pizza scrolls are good, too.
animerlon Yıl önce
You've whetted my appetite & sparked my imagination. I see rounds of baking in my future, trying out various combos i come up with. I also see pounds slowly accumulating on various places on my body. ☹️ Thanks muchly.
Ira Sheva
Ira Sheva 10 aylar önce
Yes, I would like to try it salt with tomato and garlic and with mushrooms
Dünyanın Enleri 😶‍🌫️
Dünyanın Enleri 😶‍🌫️ 10 aylar önce
This isn't apple pie, it's apple bread !!!
Christa Neu
Christa Neu 8 aylar önce
​@animerlon 9i>iiiii>>I 8 999 Ohio no in z Co
animerlon 8 aylar önce
@Christa Neu ???? 😕
Елена Алешкова
Елена Алешкова 9 aylar önce
Посмотрела, и такая ностальгия по детству пробрала! У меня мама была мастерицей по части выпечки! Очень похожие рулетики пекла, только еще и со с сливой и абрикосами. А тесто она раскатывала, мазала маслом, посыпала сахаром с корицей, и уж потом разрезала на полоски. А бывало, и просто в рулетах запекала, а потом резала. Вкусно было всегда! Спасибо, что детство напомнили! Тоже испеку обязательно!
Valeria Affonso
Valeria Affonso 10 aylar önce
Adoro as receitas e os seus utensílios. Tudo de bom gosto, além de dar uma calma, o que preciso muito na cozinha, pois não sou grande cozinheira...gosto, mas sou meio atrapalhada. 🤭🇧🇷
наталья малкова
наталья малкова 11 aylar önce
Наши бабушки знали много интересного, замечательного, умного!!! А пекли и варили....даже сейчас сладко вспоминать,!!! Спасибо Вам за рецепт!!!
Kati ́s Küche
Kati ́s Küche Yıl önce
Ein großes Bravo an deine Großmutter, sieht sehr lecker aus der Kuchen 😘
Stella Gaber
Stella Gaber 11 aylar önce
Amo l'eleganza, la perizia di questa donna in ogni gesto ❤️🙏
Paul Stemmet
Paul Stemmet 11 aylar önce
Looks great, I’m just picturing this with hot custard poured over. Will definitely try it and even the dough looks like a quick and easy way to make a simple Danish without too much hassle.
Betty Nemet
Betty Nemet 11 aylar önce
My dear mama used to make us kids a special dessert, it was her delicious homemade cake still warm from the oven with her wonderful custard poured over it. Us kids called it puddin' cake, you reminded me of that, thank you. 😊 😋
Suely castanho dias
Suely castanho dias 11 aylar önce
Fácil, deliciosa e linda! Receita de vó mesmo!
NevadaGrace Yıl önce
Simply beautiful! Thank you for sharing her recipe!
Me Hughes
Me Hughes Yıl önce
What a clever GrandMother❣️ The best recipes are ones passed lovingly though family-Thank-you for sharing yours. And, for showing me I am not the only one who pares apples that way🍎 utilizing every morsel 🍏; D
aisedora galin
aisedora galin Yıl önce
Koki Yıl önce
Wow !! Estoy viendo tu vídeo antes de dormir y ya me veo mañana haciendo tu receta. Se ve deliciosa y fácil. Mi familia la disfrutará mucho. Gracias por compartir la receta de la abuela. Saludos
Евгения Гамаюн
Евгения Гамаюн Yıl önce
Красота какая получилась! У Вашей бабушки отличный вкус! Представляю, как это должно быть вкусно! Спасибо Вам за хорошенький рецепт!💖🌹💝
Valmaci Assuncao
Valmaci Assuncao Yıl önce
Gosto muito das suas receitas, também faço minhas receitas sem trigo,sou Brasileira me chamo valmaci um abraço.obrigada por colocar a legenda em português.
Mel Greier
Mel Greier Yıl önce
Right up until you cut the dough into strips, I would’ve sworn it was my mother (born and raised in Switzerland) making this masterpiece! I will definitely be making this!!
Vivian Ramsay
Vivian Ramsay Yıl önce
Apple pie rolls!! Delicious looking! Thank you for the recipe! Very nice video demonstration! Look forward to seeing more!😊😊
Елена Гончарова
Елена Гончарова Yıl önce
Чудесно) Привычные ингредиенты ,и необычная форма пирога)Все гениальное ПРОСТО!!
Neusa Wai
Neusa Wai Yıl önce
Thank you
Insidious Gorilla
Insidious Gorilla Yıl önce
This recipe is so delicious I bake it for the neighbors three times a week. I’m not surprised!
Tyler Thompson
Tyler Thompson Yıl önce
Are you trying to make your neighbors fat or what? 3x a week thats more than kindness you have some sort of ulterior motive here, do you work for big insulin?
Insidious Gorilla
Insidious Gorilla Yıl önce
@Tyler Thompson it’s a meme for this channel. Read their thumbnails. 😆
James Murphy
James Murphy Yıl önce
This was absolute art. Thank you. What a video. What a presentation. What a recipe.
Галина Фа
Галина Фа Yıl önce
Вспомнила бабушкины пироги, булочки, хлеб. Самое доброе время. Будьте добрыми бабушками.
Cecil S.
Cecil S. Yıl önce
I love the use of both an old weighted scale and a modern stand mixer. Modern innovation and "dont fix it if it aint broke"
Mat Med Mig
Mat Med Mig Yıl önce
Delicious and easy to make recipe! Nicely done both in cooking method and filming! Thanks for sharing!👍👍👍😋😋😋
Biblioteca do Condado
Biblioteca do Condado Yıl önce
A avó dela usava uma batedeira planetária de massa, bem antiquado, amei
Eric S
Eric S Yıl önce
This looks DELICIOUS! Not complicated to make. I will try this. Thank you!!!
Margentina Fernández
Margentina Fernández 11 aylar önce
Me gustó mucho, es diferente, se ve una masa riquísima!!!!GRACIAS ❤
Sonia T
Sonia T Yıl önce
That looks incredible 😍
styx53ocean Yıl önce
I make apple cinnamon rolls the exact same way. Definitely going to try this recipe, after I convert the measurements.
maria graciela arraras pizarro
maria graciela arraras pizarro Yıl önce
Me encantó la receta. Para mí algo diferente, la hice y me quedo deliciosa, fue muy bienvenida en mi casa. Muchas gracias ! La haré muchas veces más. Saludos !
SweetPotatoMac Yıl önce
I will definitely have to try this recipe! It looks so delicious! Viele Dank!
Cida Sorrentino
Cida Sorrentino Yıl önce
Parabéns receita , de quem faz c/ carinho e sem egoismo de familia, 💯
Celia Souza
Celia Souza Yıl önce
Que lindo 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️
M Matson
M Matson Yıl önce
I loved this video! The older cooking utensils made me sigh, remembering my childhood. Thank your grandmother for this recipe. I loved the twist and can't wait to make this!
Evelia Rizo Flores
Evelia Rizo Flores 10 aylar önce
Qué sorpresa tan agradable de éste pan de manzana inigualable! Es que, en serio, mis respetos, eres una Máster en la panadería. Que alegría haberte encontrado! Gracias por compartir tu sabiduría. Un abrazo!!
Ludmila Slizheuskaya
Ludmila Slizheuskaya Yıl önce
Спасибо, замечательный отрывной пирог. Удобно кушать и красиво смотрится , как букет из роз.
Tamara Konstatinovna
Tamara Konstatinovna 8 aylar önce
Ну если только СМОТРИЦЦА! Кстати, это на каком языке?!
Ludmila Slizheuskaya
Ludmila Slizheuskaya 8 aylar önce
@Tamara Konstatinovna На ОШИБОЧНОМ. А Вы решили поумничать, продемонстрировать грамотность? Спасибо, что указали на ошибку.
Lucinha Mendes
Lucinha Mendes Yıl önce
Coisa mais linda👏👏👏👏
Forever in my heart
Forever in my heart 10 aylar önce
Amazing recipes 😍!!! Thank you so much for sharing so delicious 😋
Edmea Ramos da Silva
Edmea Ramos da Silva 11 aylar önce
Maravilha! Beleza ver fazer.... sonho comer.... ❤💙💚💛💜💖❤💙💚💜💖👄👄👄
Robert Beining
Robert Beining Yıl önce
Absolutely beautiful and fortunately I have finely tuned smellavision . . . yumm! They are heavenly. Absolutely my next big baking adventure, can't wait. Thank you for the amazing presentation and recipe.
J G Yıl önce
Not as easy as promised but it looks delicious.
ToitaFeeds Yıl önce
Браво! Прекрасный рецепт! Очень вкусно и красиво! 👍👍👍😋😋😋💞🌺
Anne-Marie Perjean
Anne-Marie Perjean 11 aylar önce
C'est vraiment très agréable de voir vos vidéos, car vous prenez le temps de bien nous montrer la façon de la réaliser, merci.😊😊😛😛
Penny pink
Penny pink Yıl önce
Love those old scales and that looked delicious. I will make that definitely in the Autumn when I harvest my old apple tree 🌳 Thank you for sharing. 🇬🇧
Любовь Леонидовна
Любовь Леонидовна 6 aylar önce
Спасибо большое.обязательно спеку эти чудесные булочки. Умничка!!!
Нина Калинина
Нина Калинина Yıl önce
Спасибо за рецепт!!!❤❤❤
Нина Калинина
Нина Калинина Yıl önce
Приготовила по вашему рецепту с яблоками, очень понравился. Еще раз спасибо!!! 🍎🍎🍎
Lindi Xavier
Lindi Xavier Yıl önce
Amei 💕
Jazzy Taste
Jazzy Taste Yıl önce
This pie is gorgeous, thank you for the recipe!
Fatmira Fatmira
Fatmira Fatmira Yıl önce
Bravo shume e mire bekime
Мамины вкусные рецепты
Мамины вкусные рецепты Yıl önce
This is NOT PIE!
Sarah Wright
Sarah Wright 9 aylar önce
Hey, I make apple-cinnamon rolls like this instead of plain cinnamon rolls sometimes! Very cool.
Geraldo Malheiros
Geraldo Malheiros Yıl önce
Maravilhoso !! Abraços aqui do Brasil!!
Helena Nováková
Helena Nováková Yıl önce
To jsou krásné Růžičky a musí to být moc dobrý šikovná
Готовим с Натой
Готовим с Натой 11 aylar önce
Обожаю выпечку с яблоками.
LostInMySpace Yıl önce
In the United States and other countires we make cinnamon rolls almost exactly the same way. Roll out the dough, brush butter, and sprinle with mixture of sugar and cinnamon. One step further, one could slice apples, or dice apples into small squares laid on top of the dough, then roll the dough up into a log, then cut into 2 1/2 inches, and bake. And instead of apples, you could sprinkle toasted pecan nuts, then roll up into log, cut into lenghts, and bake. THUMBS UP!!!
Лариса Фардзинова
Лариса Фардзинова Yıl önce
А зачем кукурузную муку
BeccaB Bea
BeccaB Bea Yıl önce
It looks so delicious, unfortunately, way too much for two of us, I would look like a blimp if I started making this without company. They are like Chelsea Buns but using apples as well and I love Chelsea Buns. The one thing I could change though is to use real cooking apples, like Bramleys, they taste so much nicer than using eating apples. Now I wonder when my son and his family intend to visit?
Monica Hamm
Monica Hamm Yıl önce
exactly my thoughts as I was watching this. It is a cinnamon roll with apples. It needs walnuts and diced granny smith apples, not eating apples, and definitely the log roll-up and slice procedure.!
muurrarium Yıl önce
Where do you think those recepies originated? In the land that grew apples naturally, or the land that had to import them? ;) (As well as the people that knew how to bake with them.)
Monica Hamm
Monica Hamm Yıl önce
@muurrarium apples originated in China....... and slowly made their way across the world.....Europeans did not invent apples...... and now they are everywhere even everywhere in the US since we have perfect apple growing climate in most of the US..... so what's with the know-it-all-we-are-better-than-you-attitude attack ?????????
JANE Carol Hogue
JANE Carol Hogue Yıl önce
Absolutely beautiful and looks delicious
Зара Зара
Зара Зара 7 aylar önce
У вас прям эстетика во всем))все так аккуратно ,красиво,прям залипла)))
Людмила Булыгина
Людмила Булыгина Yıl önce
Просто шикарно!!! Спасибо! Попробую обязательно!
Annafaith 10 aylar önce
This looks amazing and so easy. thank you!
Sonia King
Sonia King Yıl önce
Definately going to try this one! Thank u! Looks amazing!
Kristi Talk
Kristi Talk Yıl önce
But they’re Apple cinnamon rolls. If you spread a little apple/apple cider jam in there or apple butter, next level yum! 🤤
Ben Fletcher
Ben Fletcher Yıl önce
Regardless of if it’s actually pie or not, they look great!
J Kardi
J Kardi Yıl önce
Imagine how good this would be with caramel buns 😍
Ildete Silva
Ildete Silva 11 aylar önce
Parabéns. Maravilhoso. ..sucesso💗
Ang H
Ang H Yıl önce
Looks more like a apple cinnamon roll rather than an apple pie, but I will most definitely try it regardless. I bet it’s delicious!
Bahtına Yıl önce
Looks so delicious 🥰 thanks for sharing this beautiful recipe 😊❤ wish you a wonderful day 🤗👋👋
Jai Ghosh
Jai Ghosh Yıl önce
I did not know that without a pie dish and glazed apples one can make a beautiful apple pie like this 👍❤
elizabeth may
elizabeth may Yıl önce
What a brilliant idea. I am definitely going to make this.
Maria Ester Ayala
Maria Ester Ayala 10 aylar önce
Excelente receta 👌 es algo diferente de saborear una tarta de manzanas en realidad para mí sería rollos de manzana felicitaciones lo haré sin falta Gracias
Whippy99 Yıl önce
Gosh, they look delicious. Not what I’d call a pie, but who cares?! 😊
JD2 Yıl önce
That looks absolutely scrumptious!
Claudete Louzada
Claudete Louzada Yıl önce
Esse eu vou fazer Muito bom .
S. Johnson
S. Johnson Yıl önce
Can’t wait to try this! Thanks 😊
4foldway Yıl önce
Those look lovely, and not terribly difficult-lots of steps, but no particular part seems especially hard. Thank you! It’s not a pie, mind you, and nothing like a pie. Those are cinnamon-apple rolls.
Jude Andon
Jude Andon Yıl önce
Tbh there isn't really a hard and fast definition of a 'pie' - e.g. one dictionary entry defines it as "a baked dish of fruit, or meat and vegetables, typically with a top and base of pastry". This is certainly not a typical pie, and it's very true that there are other terms like 'buns' or 'scrolls' or 'swirls' that are certainly more appropriate than 'pie' - but honestly if someone calls this a 'pie', you can't say they're wrong.
Nada Cabak
Nada Cabak 10 aylar önce
Hvala na prilogu ❤
Tércia Dêgelo Garcia
Tércia Dêgelo Garcia 11 aylar önce
Q capricho 🙏🏻✨✨👏👏👏
GabeAsterd Yıl önce
Looks tasty. For the people wondering about the pie thing. I'm guessing translation error. They translated whatever is German for "Apple Pastry" and got "Apple pie". I've made much worse translation mistakes.
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