The crown prince bumps into his long-lost twin | The King’s Affection Ep 1 [ENG SUB]

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The Swoon

The Swoon

Aylar önce

*rubs eyes* Two crown princes? Either we’re seeing double, or there’s trouble on the horizon. After all, you don’t need to be a royal expert to know that there can only be one heir to the throne… 🤔

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The Swoon
The Swoon Aylar önce
That Spiderman meme but make it K-drama 😧👉 👈😧
Jaladhi Patel
Jaladhi Patel Aylar önce
Y’all are good at comments
One Six
One Six 7 gün önce
The child actress and actor is really good.the girl stole my heart with her acting
Koji Papaya
Koji Papaya 14 gün önce
I'm so sorry, I think it is a good show but the premise was dumb. The part where her brother dies could have been easily prevented by just communicating. They had a lot of chance, the guard and the prince...
Su Wah
Su Wah 16 gün önce
Are they both twin in real life or she played both roles
kyh_ jhae
kyh_ jhae 19 gün önce
Choi Myungbeen grew up to a great actress. I wonder how her singing abilities changed from her We Kid Days to this days.
Jan Luca Grüneberg
Jan Luca Grüneberg 19 gün önce
Can someone tell me the name of the Song? Must be a piece of Classics?
Carol Yara
Carol Yara 9 gün önce
@Jan Luca Grüneberg Sim,eu digo o mesmo,esse é um dos melhores doramas que já assisti e a história é muito cativante, com certeza quandi terminar irei assistir novamente Eu só espero que o final não acabe como "O Palhaço Coroado "
Jan Luca Grüneberg
Jan Luca Grüneberg 9 gün önce
@Carol Yara I Just watched 3 episodes, and I can tell you it's the best historical K-Drama I have ever seen. Love the child actors. Greetings from Germany.
Carol Yara
Carol Yara 9 gün önce
Eu também gostaria de saber,ela é tão emocionante,e na cena dos dois se vendo da pra sentir
Tawan Paradize
Tawan Paradize 20 gün önce
I like the fat boy, the servant who follows the crown prince.
MΔRCO 25 gün önce
It be very much interesting if Dami twin didn't die at all💔
𝖈𝖔𝖓𝖘𝖙𝖆𝖓𝖙𝖎𝖕𝖚𝖗𝖕𝖑𝖊💜👑 25 gün önce
can you also post the full episodes because my Netflix doesn't work
Wani Wani
Wani Wani 25 gün önce
I'm seeing good future for her as actress she's makes me cry with her acting scene .
winteriee 25 gün önce
But even if you're fraternal twins, you can't be identical looking tho
Abbie Yee
Abbie Yee Aylar önce
The young lee dami, i thought shes IU but when i chked, the movie is 2021😊theres a resemblance that made me confused😆😉✌️
Oluebube Ezenwosu
Oluebube Ezenwosu Aylar önce
I would have loved to see the two of them growing up as siblings😭
Arianne Diurnal
Arianne Diurnal Aylar önce
It start here now I'm patiently waiting for every episodes KINGS AFFECTION!
Emrys Merlin
Emrys Merlin Aylar önce
super love it. the kids are amazing good actors. specially the sidekick of the Prince 😱
Dreams & Teddy Bears
Dreams & Teddy Bears Aylar önce
Did they actually use a set of fraternal twins as a set of child actors? If so, that's cool AF!
Yeon Kim
Yeon Kim 7 gün önce
@zero two choi myung bin :)
zero two
zero two 7 gün önce
@Yeon Kim what's her name po
Yeon Kim
Yeon Kim Aylar önce
nope, the royal twins are played by the same actress! and she acted wonderfully.
honeygirlzlinus Julia
honeygirlzlinus Julia Aylar önce
I read the manga and wasn’t that impressed with the way the original FL was depicted. It was whiny girl and woman who pushed into throne because her twin brother dead in newborn. But I am happy the way the directors and screenwriter change the plots. It was more logical and well development.
bakugo Aylar önce
@honeygirlzlinus Julia ok thanks!
honeygirlzlinus Julia
honeygirlzlinus Julia Aylar önce
@bakugo It is an ambiguous ending. I think the drama adaption will go to different interpretations or revamp the storyline based on the early episodes I've watched. Trust me the drama is better than the original manhwa.
bakugo Aylar önce
Can u give a spoiler above that is this a happy or sad ending?
Francesca Aylar önce
Why do they look alike? Were they separated at birth orr?
Jaezl 2.0
Jaezl 2.0 Aylar önce
mohd khairil fitri
mohd khairil fitri Aylar önce
What's the real name the young actress??
Joe Weeb
Joe Weeb Aylar önce
please also check her movie "My First Client" you will love her more
Ailurophile 21
Ailurophile 21 Aylar önce
Choi myungbin
Passion👩‍✈️ Aylar önce
Biologically it's not possible to brother and sister are identical twins 🤯🤯
Dimitra Tsoumpri
Dimitra Tsoumpri 10 gün önce
I don't know about theoretical biology but I know a pair of twins (man and woman, they are adults now) that if they wear a beanie you can barely tell them apart. It's socking!
Passion👩‍✈️ Aylar önce
@Cheenee Karla Corado I appreciate your knowledge but semi identical twins rarely survive and they to be brother and sister to be alike is nearly impossible
Cheenee Karla Corado
Cheenee Karla Corado Aylar önce
I would like to add that although most cases about the identical twins shows that they share the same facial features and whatnot, it is also possible for fraternal twins to look similar as well. I admit that I am not that knowledgeable in the field of science but I assume that the twins in this drama are fraternal twins, and for the sake of the plot, they made them look extremely similar (I am also aware that the twins are portrayed by only one child actress).
Cheenee Karla Corado
Cheenee Karla Corado Aylar önce
Yes. Biologically speaking, when we say "twins", we are referring to how they are formed-not how they look like externally. What you just described as the girl-girl and boy-boy twins could either be classified as "identical twins" or "fraternal twins", whereas the girl-boy twins will always fall under the "fraternal twins" or in rare cases, "semi-identical twins".
Passion👩‍✈️ Aylar önce
Yess in real life you never see two identical twins to be brother and sister 🙄 But it can be Brother-Brother or Sister-Sister
Nyi Penasaran Pelet gadis nakal bucin Suju ♡
Nyi Penasaran Pelet gadis nakal bucin Suju ♡ Aylar önce
OST ~ Shadow of you 🎎 Super Junior KRY Kyuhyun · Ryeowook · Yesung
สุทธิดา สายศักดา
สุทธิดา สายศักดา Aylar önce
Jourdan Yambao
Jourdan Yambao Aylar önce
Is she the daughter role in A gentleman and young lady?
Joe Weeb
Joe Weeb Aylar önce
Yup! Lee Jae-Ni. Her real name is Choi Myung-Bin, You should also check her movie "My First Client" where you see her great acting more..
Sue Ellen
Sue Ellen Aylar önce
OMG..the young Dami/Lee Hwi is so talented...
Shiella Mae Lozada
Shiella Mae Lozada Aylar önce
This will be next viral kdram 2021💜❤😍😂
james tay
james tay Aylar önce
The young actress will be rewarded at the end of the year, I bet.
Fond Pond
Fond Pond Aylar önce
Even though what me brought here was the grown up cast after watching them for 2eps I was like what noo I wanna see more of them!!!!😩💗
Fond Pond
Fond Pond Aylar önce
Just watched this day before yesterday and I'm totally gushing over them. The young cast, their story, acting, cuteness they just nailed it tbh!!!! ❤
Camila! Aylar önce
Just started watching today and ohmygod, I was crying the first two episodes. These child actors did amazing. Can't wait to see them in future projects as they get older!
D Wade
D Wade Aylar önce
What a gripping start! The upcoming episodes are going to be amazing
Marco Garcia
Marco Garcia Aylar önce
Excelente video y saludos desde Lima Perú
nadaa Aylar önce
i feel bad for lee hwi (the real lee hwi) bcs he died without knowing the truth :((( huhuhu miss you lee hwi T___T
nadaa Aylar önce
@MUSCOVADO SUGAR yeahhh i hope so
But honestly I think he is actually alive. That's only my theory
Sincerely, Sanskriti
Sincerely, Sanskriti Aylar önce
I'm so excited for this drama!! Finally we'll get to see rowoon
Lee Know
Lee Know Aylar önce
I feel so bad for Dami. She went through a lot in just a short period of time. She discovered that she was an abandoned princess and she lost the people she cares about and who cares about her. Now she has to live as a man/king! She's missing out on a lot of things :(
Ichimura Kohaku
Ichimura Kohaku Aylar önce
Are they the same actor?? Because they look so much alike! 😱
Mizhan 26 gün önce
yes. the real is the girl.
A B B Y Aylar önce
The child actress both nailed the characters 😮😮
Stephanie Page
Stephanie Page Aylar önce
I can't find king affection on Netflix? They keep take it off?
studio wà 케피문
studio wà 케피문 Aylar önce
Can you please upload behind the scenes for the first two episodes with the child actor scene :) I want to watch it so badly, the younger leehwi/dami and the crown princess really did a good job for the heartbreaking scenes. Funnily, I wish the whole drama was about their "10 years ago".
Мөнхжин С
Мөнхжин С Aylar önce
قناة الرعب The horror
قناة الرعب The horror Aylar önce
Denis Karngong
Denis Karngong Aylar önce
Haven't watched it yet. But those kids are breathtakingly beautiful.
Ro Ra Ro
Ro Ra Ro Aylar önce
Subtitulos en español por favor
TheOfficialSongKang Aylar önce
AHH! I'm off topic but NEVERTHELESS got removed from Netflix!
Nia Aylar önce
Thats bs
G O B I K A Aylar önce
다빈 Aylar önce
The child actors did such a great job, especially during ep. 2. I would’ve gladly watched a whole drama centered around them ☺️
Jan Luca Grüneberg
Jan Luca Grüneberg 9 gün önce
Totally agree!
Nur Amani Qistina
Nur Amani Qistina Aylar önce
Nvm I already found him
Nur Amani Qistina
Nur Amani Qistina Aylar önce
Hello may I ask do you know the boy name, I mean the one who with dami (the girl) that wear cyan dress
Vhanes Ayn
Vhanes Ayn Aylar önce
@다빈 thank you
다빈 Aylar önce
@Vhanes Ayn Choi Myungbin
Seelia Aylar önce
Ah! The King's Affection, available now on Netflix! ❤❤❤ I just started this drama the other day! Wow! I was hooked within 10 mins! The first episode was so good! This young actress is going places! She played both parts so well.
Paula Wanton
Paula Wanton Aylar önce
Traduzcan esta Serie “ al Español, por Favor” tendrá más Audiencia.”!Gracias.”!
Onlyliveonxe Aylar önce
va a salir en netflix latinoamerica el 22 de octubre!
Misha Aylar önce
giving props to the actress who played young lee hwi and the dual roles because she had so many emotional scenes in episode 2 yet she was able to nail all of them to the point where i was crying and sympathizing for her
Daniela Sanchez
Daniela Sanchez Aylar önce
the girl kinda reminds me of Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things. Just her face shape.
Aiyu Lee
Aiyu Lee Aylar önce
Finally you saying it I've been wondering where I'd seen her
Gabriela Jauregui
Gabriela Jauregui Aylar önce
me encanto este kdrama esperando los prosimos episodios
wild flower
wild flower Aylar önce
Literally it should be "The queen's affection"!!!
wild flower
wild flower Aylar önce
@ppjskh yeah..I know what it is and watched 2 episodes already..just kidding that's it
*THE* Drama fan
*THE* Drama fan Aylar önce
@wild flower but SHE is the KING!!!
ppjskh Aylar önce
@wild flower you obviously don't know the plot of this drama then...
wild flower
wild flower Aylar önce
@Seelia she is a girl indeed lol
Seelia Aylar önce
No, because she's a King. 😊
eunice lee
eunice lee Aylar önce
The child actors are so cute
i_treasure_u_forever Aylar önce
Love this drama. I can't wait for Monday and Tuesday!!!
Siti Khadijah
Siti Khadijah Aylar önce
i hv watched the first two episodes and it's worth to watch it. can't wait for the next episode!! im started to stan rowoon starting from extraordinary you. im really looking forward to see him in saeguk drama. even the director praised him although him being tall hshshhshsh.
jdorak Aylar önce
The 1st 2 episodes have set the tone for the series. So far it looks very interesting & I'm eagerly waiting for next episode. I have to say that the recent crop of child actors have been brilliant, from 'Lovers of the Red Sky' to this one, the child actors showcased during the 1st episode have done an excellent job. The future of KDrama world sure is bright
I was Cinderella
I was Cinderella Aylar önce
These 2 are the only ongoing watchable drama that I'm loving actually
Rosemary's Exotics EBooks™¶
Rosemary's Exotics EBooks™¶ Aylar önce
I loved the first two episodes released and there is no doubt I will love upcoming ones! Their childhood resemblance is everything, double trouble for the Crown Princess! Muaah💋!!
Anonymous Traveler
Anonymous Traveler Aylar önce
One of the most gripping first episodes I have seen in a K-drama. Very well done.
Mr Sunshine
Mr Sunshine Aylar önce
Fond Pond
Fond Pond Aylar önce
wild flower
wild flower Aylar önce
Ashikha s
Ashikha s Aylar önce
Alyssa Aylar önce
Sir and ma’am you look extremely alike, please stop for a moment so I can process
Alyssa Aylar önce
Not seeing the episode yet I am so confused, but hey at least the set is really pretty
Seelia Aylar önce
It's available on Netflix.
Game Mobile
Game Mobile Aylar önce
2 tập đầu thấy ổn lắm
Game Mobile
Game Mobile Aylar önce
@RORO.. 🕊️ k hiểu nói gì luôn VIETNAM'S
oxi corn
oxi corn Aylar önce
Dara 21
Dara 21 Aylar önce
First again
matina shakya
matina shakya Aylar önce
Simon David Palaganas
Simon David Palaganas Aylar önce
phome myat paing
phome myat paing Aylar önce
Jung._.TaeJun^^ Aylar önce
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