Neymar vs Bayern Munich (13/04/21) | HD 1080i

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Neymar vs Bayern Munich (UEFA Champions League) 20-21 HD 1080i


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Lv Thangmin
Lv Thangmin 3 saatler önce
Over acting boy 🤣
GotEm Dre
GotEm Dre 2 gün önce
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Leandro Oliveira
Leandro Oliveira 2 gün önce
neymar pipocou
Fahim Faisal
Fahim Faisal 3 gün önce
One of the best player in the world ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
akter hossan
akter hossan 3 gün önce
The industrious almanac understandably ban because process resultspreviously heat behind a shocking teeth. obsequious, hurt ankle
Ahsan Habib Khan
Ahsan Habib Khan 3 gün önce
নেইমারের মতো এতো অন্য কোনো প্লেয়ারকে জীবনে দেখি নাই❣️
Manwang Konyak
Manwang Konyak 3 gün önce
Mbappe is the best👍💯
Igor Dias
Igor Dias 4 gün önce
7:10 meu Deus
Thomas Regins
Thomas Regins 4 gün önce
Psg deserves better coach with this players we should be witnessjng fantasy football this year but unfortunatly🥴
sorunke2002 4 gün önce
If only he scored more, the only player to ever combine crazy dribbling skills and devastating finishing is Messi
Jo Jesus
Jo Jesus 5 gün önce
Eu agora eu tô em Aracaju
Afshan Shanz
Afshan Shanz 6 gün önce
What a play maker💥💥
Arun Sanker S
Arun Sanker S 6 gün önce
Then there is Hernandez🔥
LK OP 6 gün önce
É difícil pro Neymar Jr por que sempre fica 2 a 3 marcadores mais ainda ele joga muito muito bom mesmo eu acho que o o Ney precisa de alguém que joga junto com tipo o Mbappé mais ainda falta experiência pro Mbappé mais tenho certeza com o trio MNM vai brilhar
Mardian Al-habsy
Mardian Al-habsy 7 gün önce
Neymar l love you..🇮🇩
Preszy Tinashe
Preszy Tinashe 7 gün önce
Am a girl from England and i love neymar more than my ready to give him what he needs
fayaz 7 gün önce
Dimaria and neymer underrated
FZN 8 gün önce
Great defense by Lucas Hernandez
Diya Kalingoth
Diya Kalingoth 8 gün önce
MJ 8 gün önce
Most entertainment player ever 😍
IZAQUE SPEED 8 gün önce
4:26 Que Coisa Linda De Se Ver.
Kawsar Ahmed Shish
Kawsar Ahmed Shish 9 gün önce
When i see Neymar, it's Not Neymar, i see 2nd Messi. Becouse Messi aand Neymar 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 Same play Scorrer Dribbling Assist Cutting 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Shivam Upadhyay
Shivam Upadhyay 9 gün önce
I am a Bayern fan but Neymar is unexceptional 😍👍
A4C 9 gün önce
guys dont get the adidas predator boots they are demonic im not joking i am very serious change from ur ways, repent of ur sins and live the life God wants u to live and spread the gospel and please dont post things that are against God
Muhammed Musammil
Muhammed Musammil 10 gün önce
NooB GAMER 10 gün önce
Sometimes i ignore mbappe!
hg 10 gün önce
He always be with iPhone
Ubaid Bin Islam Nuhan
Ubaid Bin Islam Nuhan 10 gün önce
how many goal get?? in this match??
thatkidhussein 10 gün önce
What a unlucky good game for him😫😫
ahmd-RMASC 11 gün önce
this guy is fucking underrated
Nahianul Hoque Zumar
Nahianul Hoque Zumar 11 gün önce
Halar ki bhab
Daniel Soutangou
Daniel Soutangou 12 gün önce
Éden Jésus marié
Showket Chowdhury
Showket Chowdhury 12 gün önce
Mesmerising performance by Neymar. He's a joy to watch...
Shomall Lepcha
Shomall Lepcha 12 gün önce
PSG neymar is scary
Dipesh Thapa
Dipesh Thapa 13 gün önce
I think he is a same commentary man who is on galaxy vs alien
Tham Tran
Tham Tran 14 gün önce
Neymar ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Abhinav Shinde
Abhinav Shinde 14 gün önce
Bayern's Nightmare
steven 14 gün önce
Esse Neymar é uma balaca
Bayu Saputra
Bayu Saputra 15 gün önce
Yeemay kotol
Dupil Natam
Dupil Natam 16 gün önce
adu 16 gün önce
Neymar was just really unlucky there.
Raul Gomez
Raul Gomez 16 gün önce
Neymar just destroyed flicks bayern
Mashrafi Rahman
Mashrafi Rahman 17 gün önce
Love you Boos Neymer
Leo Sparkz
Leo Sparkz 17 gün önce
Heitor Demarchi
Heitor Demarchi 17 gün önce
0 goals Ligue 1🚫
Heitor Demarchi
Heitor Demarchi 17 gün önce
In final not play this
Jherson Quito
Jherson Quito 17 gün önce
Deslike solo pasas la jugada del psg
Puspa Shrestha
Puspa Shrestha 18 gün önce
Than what 31 shot 14 on target by Bayern Munich and no lewandowski that day goalkeeper save PSG why not showing that, PSG just played Defence and counter attack,this is just last 20 minutes clip,
Jawad Meskari
Jawad Meskari 18 gün önce
Vous êtes pas prêt avec Messi
Md Kalam khan
Md Kalam khan 18 gün önce
Anwar Mollik
Anwar Mollik 18 gün önce
Abdullahi M
Abdullahi M 18 gün önce
and now with messi. PSG sbout to go nuts this year
Javad Goudarzi
Javad Goudarzi 19 gün önce
Truly an incredible talent. He is better than both Ronaldo and Messi when fit. Neymar is just pure football. He has everything.
Samuel Serrano
Samuel Serrano 19 gün önce
English commentaries are so boring
Md. Mahide Hasan
Md. Mahide Hasan 19 gün önce
Is wow!
Mediac Hedon
Mediac Hedon 19 gün önce
He's still very good, but not as clinical as he was with Barca
onami 19 gün önce
This guy would be a legendary player alongside Messi & Ronaldo if he was not that actor 🤣
Aymaan Alamgir
Aymaan Alamgir 18 gün önce
he is a legendary player; third best of the generation
Aymaan Alamgir
Aymaan Alamgir 18 gün önce
he is a legendary player; third best of the generation
Asifur Asif
Asifur Asif 19 gün önce
Bro i am from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️
Haseeb Shahid
Haseeb Shahid 20 gün önce
scissor at 4:28
Dream to Buy a Pc
Dream to Buy a Pc 20 gün önce
Joyful to watch but missing goals make him weak against goats
kimmkroo 7 gün önce
he aint the goat cause he didnt score thats the difference
Swastik 20 gün önce
These guys literally toyed with Bayern, now imagine Messi playing with them
Tonzim 19 gün önce
Sankar Narayana
Sankar Narayana 19 gün önce
With a great squad they won on away goals.. Bayern were without Lewy, goretzka, süle and gnabry.. PSG ain't going anywhere with poch as their coach
2020 CL SZN
2020 CL SZN 19 gün önce
Love how they signed Nuno Mendes as well considering Bernat been injured for good time. Team looks good bar Wijnaldum he fucking sucks
Gabriel Magalhães
Gabriel Magalhães 20 gün önce
Neymar ❤️
เด็กชายภูวนาถ พหลยุทธ
เด็กชายภูวนาถ พหลยุทธ 20 gün önce
NXD Productions
NXD Productions 20 gün önce
But still Lucas Hernandez handled him brilliantly
Muhammad Zulfahmi
Muhammad Zulfahmi 20 gün önce
Shahalom Ahmmed
Shahalom Ahmmed 21 gün önce
iwashing hilight every 1 i's the neymar
NEYMAR JR 21 gün önce
Raihan Mdgician7
Raihan Mdgician7 21 gün önce
5:16 that's just pure fifa commentary 🤣
NotWorking. exe
NotWorking. exe 22 gün önce
I like how on 3:14 the guy in red lifts up Neymar.
Bruno Gomes
Bruno Gomes 22 gün önce
Bruno Gomes
Bruno Gomes 22 gün önce
Karampal Vlog
Karampal Vlog 24 gün önce
Nice 👍
Feeн ϟ
Feeн ϟ 24 gün önce
Sacanagem não ter saído um gol dele nesse jogo!!!
Nelson Nongthombam
Nelson Nongthombam 24 gün önce
Neymar not goal lukay day
Syed Ayaan
Syed Ayaan 25 gün önce
What happened in last
MOHAMED WAEL 25 gün önce
Neymar ❤❤❤
ANIMAL X LIFE vines 25 gün önce
The reason bayen cannot beat PSG easily because of neymar! He always make pressure on bayern defense
ANIMAL X LIFE vines 22 gün önce
@KAGE-JOKER You are actually a joker! I am talking about UCL final, it was bayern's A Team
KAGE-JOKER 22 gün önce
No it was bayern B team
Bob 25 gün önce
Thanks for not putting annoying music on it. Just 10 minutes of rare not edited footage of exactly what i was looking for
Aldo Ringo
Aldo Ringo 25 gün önce
7:11. He takes the ball on the turn, pursued by two players. He hesitates, takes the ball away from muller, who falls on the ground, then goes past kimmich. He then accelerates with incredible speed, the ball glued to his feet, heading for the Bayern defence. Seeing Mbappe, he slides the ball through Hummell's moving legs.
Eziukasss&NComps JR
Eziukasss&NComps JR 25 gün önce
Aldo Ringo
Aldo Ringo 25 gün önce
Neymar is the only player whose technical skill is parallel to Lionel Messi's. His passing, awareness of the game, shooting, dribbling, touch, is perfection. But on second thoughts, his only problem is that he lacks the final touch, and composure.
Aldo Ringo
Aldo Ringo 25 gün önce
mbappé seemed to have some kind of anxiety issue that day, he looked really depressed for some reason
Sgt Riley
Sgt Riley 25 gün önce
I think he was nervous cuz it was a big opportunity for psg the way he bottled it in the ucl finals
CLASSIC 777 PLAYER 26 gün önce
Ruan Pablo
Ruan Pablo 26 gün önce
3 em cima dele o tempo todo. É incrível como ele consegue abrir o jogo
football fan
football fan 27 gün önce
He deserves a balan d'or🔥 He can handle pressure situation as well💯 He can playmake⭐️ He can score⚡️ He can assist✨️
Sam CR7
Sam CR7 Gün önce
@Eziukasss&NComps JR neymar is way better than coutinho bro cmon..,and one of the best player in the world..ur just hating
saucy9 3 gün önce
Eziukasss&NComps JR
Eziukasss&NComps JR 7 gün önce
@Ariyan borah Peymar Junior🤡🤡
Ariyan borah
Ariyan borah 7 gün önce
@Eziukasss&NComps JR hello kid you are insulting my idol n don't u know that after pele neymar has the highest contribution for Neymar and if ney faces Coutinho he will make him a begginer 🤣🤣🤣
cr 7
cr 7 13 gün önce
handle pressure???he was missing in the ucl final
Tom keifer Shatsang
Tom keifer Shatsang 29 gün önce
He was just out of the world !!!
KILLER ff Aylar önce
Joga de mais
Higor Matheus
Higor Matheus Aylar önce
7:28 boateng tirando de letra KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK
MAGNO MALVADÃO 26 gün önce
Brabão kakakak
Aboubakar Diaby
Aboubakar Diaby Aylar önce
This is so crazy.
abdul musawir vk
abdul musawir vk Aylar önce
Well played psg
Mauro Párraga
Mauro Párraga Aylar önce
Neymar te admiro mucho eres buen tipo y muy simpático saludos desde Argentina
João V. M. Oliveira
João V. M. Oliveira 24 gün önce
Ele mandou beijo pra você de volta.
Aylar önce
sorry what score this matches
apdiQani NeYmaR jR
apdiQani NeYmaR jR Aylar önce
PSG 0-1 Bayern,but PSG qualified
Axel Aquino
Axel Aquino Aylar önce
🔥Amazing Neymar JR vs Lucas Hernández
Manual Neuer is an absolute genius
Lucas Aylar önce
7:11 two on the ground 😂😂😂
Nakiyimba Teopista
Nakiyimba Teopista Aylar önce
Thanks for available updates page
AL7E Clips
AL7E Clips Aylar önce
4:24 so relaxing
JP Aylar önce
_ShaRBHi_ Aylar önce
One and only
sanjok thapa
sanjok thapa Aylar önce
Once upon a time neymar is a dangerous player but today day by day he is going down and down
william pilarte
william pilarte Aylar önce
Jajajaja que le den gracias a Keylor sino se hubieran comido mas de 8 goles en los dos partidos 🤣
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