Killer Threatens Surviving Victim BUT His Own Mom Turns Against Him | The Real Friday the 13th

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“I told myself: I’m not going down without a fight”
On Friday the 13th, best friends Misty Cockerill and Tanya Smith are walking home from a high school party when they suddenly bump into a stranger, and things quickly go dark. While Misty wakes up in the hospital, investigators arrive at the crime scene and receive a disturbing phone call from a man claiming to be the attacker: time is running out almost as soon as the cat and mouse chase begins. This is what happened in Abbotsford, British Columbia, in 2002.
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loveforeignaccents 7 aylar önce
Good on his own mother for calling in on the tip line about him. So glad Misty was able to move on with her life and how honorable for her to name her baby after Tanya. Good episode, guys! Have a good one and see ya next time.
LeeAnn aka Tilly
LeeAnn aka Tilly 7 aylar önce
Damn well now I don't have to watch bc u just told me everything lol.last time I look at comments as I watch lol
Bobbie Shea
Bobbie Shea 7 aylar önce
Backpain In Your Area
Backpain In Your Area 7 aylar önce
She was a bad mother. I would never do this to my son. Can you imagine the shame that would bring to the family? It would make me look so bad to the public.
Maria McLaren
Maria McLaren 7 aylar önce
​@Backpain In Your Areawow! That's selfish to the extreme and messed up.
GloryGlory Hole’allelujah
GloryGlory Hole’allelujah 7 aylar önce
Duuuude. Props to his mom for likely saving more lives! Too often you see monsters being protected by almost equally monstrous parents.
Dizzy Wells
Dizzy Wells 7 aylar önce
That's crazy sorry but I'm not turn my child in that's wild disloyal
Selene Thanatos
Selene Thanatos 7 aylar önce
@Dizzy Wells it takes a lot of strength to do the right thing in this case. If it were me, I truly don't know if I'd have the strength to turn in a loved one. But don't dress that weakness up as loyalty. It is a moral failing, an understandable one, but still a failing. I'm not saying you're a bad person, I don't think I (or most people) could do it either. Just own up to it and don't justify it. The world could use less blind loyalty.
Erinski 7 aylar önce
Actually chuckled when she said "You know the judge can see you, right?" when he tried to intimidate her while she took the stand. She's very tough.
Only Change is certain
Only Change is certain 6 aylar önce
She thought it.
TheMightyBalian 5 aylar önce
@Only Change is certain Correct but she did say it in the video. He never said she said it in the courtroom.
Blue line
Blue line 3 aylar önce
Thought not said
LifeInPink999 2 aylar önce
@TheMightyBalian I believe when you give testimony you can’t speak to the accused or at least will be stopped from doing so. If convicted the victims or the families can say what they want to say to a now convicted offender at the end of the trial. A courtroom has its rules so it’s better to make your declaration without insulting or engaging in any way with the offender because you may be asked to leave the courtroom and then it’s just prolonging something no victim could describe as a nice experience sure you get the person to pay but you must describe what happens to you and questioned about it, not something easy for victims of assault, rape and intent of murder.
Molly 7 aylar önce
To hear misty named her daughter after her lost friend warmed my heart. You could tell she loved Tania so much. And her memory has lived on that little girl definitely has a guardian angel.
Byunniq 6 aylar önce
Kinda creepy...but sure
Molly 6 aylar önce
@Byunniq only if you look at it that way!
christian heidt
christian heidt 6 aylar önce
Yeah hit me too 🥲
Jade McQueen
Jade McQueen 6 aylar önce
@Byunniq so you don't have anyone in your family named after other people?
Byunniq 6 aylar önce
@Jade McQueen no. Not at all. Actually. 🤷🏾‍♀️
Wyzasukitan 7 aylar önce
Shoutout to Driver’s mother, she is almost as much a hero as Misty is. It takes incredible strength and moral conviction to turn your own child in to police, and I would venture to say 90% of parents of criminals would refuse to do this or flat out aid and abet their evil children, and/or do everything in their power to impede any investigation. At best, most of these monsters’ parents will disavow their spawn after the fact (ie trial and conviction) but would never have initially brought them to face justice themselves. As I said, Mama Driver is pretty heroic herself. She’s the reason Tanya’s murderer wound up behind bars.
Samantha Fairweather
Samantha Fairweather 7 aylar önce
His mother is an absolute legend in her own right. The world needs more people like her and Misty.
Iris Greene
Iris Greene 7 aylar önce
Was on Reddit thread today where similar scenario was posed, and the vast majority said they’d keep quiet because it would “hurt too many people if the truth were known.” Congrats everybody, we’re in a world chock full of psychopaths.
D D L 7 aylar önce
@Iris Greene a tread of weirdos and trolls..
Servantof God
Servantof God 7 aylar önce
One of my coworkers told me he'd go to jail to save his children. When I asked what if your children turned murderers. Said he would do it either way. I don't know what's up with people these days but if my kid (I don't have any btw) murdered someone then they need to face the consequences and I refuse to acknowledge them as my kid from that point on
n a i
n a i 6 aylar önce
people are crazy. if my kid was a rapist, serial killer, psychopath. i would not even consider that my kid anymore. blood ≠ family.
June Erasmus
June Erasmus 6 aylar önce
Anomaly 5 aylar önce
uh if you actually put perspective into it then yes she did.. when it's your parent, they're for you, on your side, so for them to report you for a crime, knowing that it could put you in prison for the rest of your life, obviously that's "turning against you", doesn't mean the mom was in the wrong, she 100% was in the right, but you're quick to overreact for no reason and cry about a youtube title because you don't know how to change perspectives
BaristaZ 5 aylar önce
​@Anomalyno, when it's a parent, their job is to love you but also discipline you. So if you commit a crime, you will be turned in, it's not betrayal, it's being a parent. If it puts you in prison for the rest of your life and you truly did it, then so be it. You get prison, you shouldn't have thought of that before you decided to strangle a stranger to death. Yall are sickos for really trying to paint the mom in a bad light
Grace TT
Grace TT 4 aylar önce
@Anomaly well the kid turned against her actually
Nekomimi 4 aylar önce
@Anomalyyes she was his parent but that doesn’t mean you were on the child’s side when you were loving him
Orls 4 aylar önce
@BaristaZ agree
Annika Bjornson
Annika Bjornson 7 aylar önce
Sometimes mothers surprise us. I knew one that found out her son was bragging about crimes he had committed so she went to his high school, checked him out and took him straight to the police. I admired her so much.
Janiya Braxton
Janiya Braxton 4 aylar önce
Do you remember the video
Janiya Braxton
Janiya Braxton 4 aylar önce
@Icelily you are obviously not one of those people
Janiya Braxton
Janiya Braxton 4 aylar önce
@Icelily you out here responding to other people’s comments and that’s very telling. You have a nice day though. Remember to worry about yourself instead of making passive aggressive replies to questions not directed towards you☺️
AmandaabnamA 7 aylar önce
Always gives props to parents/family that dont hide and protect killers and rapists
Blood Peach
Blood Peach 7 aylar önce
O you who believe! Stand firmly for justice, as witnesses to Allah, even if against yourselves, or your parents, or your relatives. Whether one is rich or poor, Allah takes care of both. So do not follow your desires, lest you swerve. If you deviate, or turn away - then Allah is Aware of what you do Quran 4:135
Meredith isme
Meredith isme 6 aylar önce
@Blood Peach go away troll
Blood Peach
Blood Peach 6 aylar önce
@Meredith isme no trolling, just showing that the sentiment of standing for justice, even if you need to speak out against the wrongdoers in your family, is presented in Islam in a beautiful way
Regina Fowler
Regina Fowler 7 aylar önce
It's amazing to me that he attended Tanya's funeral, watched the cops dust the phone for prints but then stupidly left his fingerprint on a piece of tape. Was there a reason he chose that house to throw the wrench and letter through the window? Was it a former victim? A potential victim? It has to take a strong woman to call the police and tell them that she thinks it's her own son they are looking for....especially when the crime is rape and murder. I feel sorry for her. No woman wants to know that kind of evil, muchless know, that they gave birth to it.
James L
James L 7 aylar önce
I hope he’s never free. Violent sex offenders and kidnappers should be in prison for life with no parole. Never let them out
L C 7 aylar önce
He died so
Joi Juaire-Darfler
Joi Juaire-Darfler 7 aylar önce
@L C Obviously not soon enough though!
E H-I 7 aylar önce
@Joi Juaire-Darfler exactly.
cuties nursery
cuties nursery 7 aylar önce
*death penalty
Linda Casey
Linda Casey 7 aylar önce
What it must be like to have a child who grows up to be a sadistical murderer. I just can't get my head around it. 😭
Catch 22
Catch 22 7 aylar önce
Have you seen the Paris Bennett case? He killed his little sister and told his mom he did it to spite her.
Samantha Fairweather
Samantha Fairweather 7 aylar önce
@Catch 22 I've heard about that case. And his mum still stood by him. Bit she won't ever let him meet his younger brother, or ever forgive what he did to his sister.
Linda Casey
Linda Casey 7 aylar önce
@Catch 22 Yes, absoIuteIy sickening
L. Kre
L. Kre 7 aylar önce
Don't think she's standing by him anymore. When the truth came out, after all of his lies and bs trying to blame everything on his Mom, he admitted it was just jealousy that caused him to murder his baby sister. Paris Bennett is a dangerous, duplicitous psychopath, too bad he didn't get the death penalty.
Catherine ameli
Catherine ameli 7 aylar önce
@Samantha Fairweather I don’t have any children (yet, hopefully), but can someone who does explain why you would still have anything to do with a son who killed your daughter?
Jayjay Llasos Campos
Jayjay Llasos Campos 4 aylar önce
She might have been his mom, but she is also a woman. She feels for all the girls/women in the community. For sure, she put herself in their situation. What a brave mother. It must have been very hard to turn in your own child. I would do the same.
Anfal Ayub
Anfal Ayub Aylar önce
Yes look at this mother soo brave And on the other hand in junko farotu case the killer mother saved him and now he is living his life
Apples 7 aylar önce
Misty is so strong, it’s deeply inspiring. I can’t imagine how much courage it took to try and kill your much stronger attacker, fail, survive, and then testify against them in court.
S Chris Dellopoulos
S Chris Dellopoulos 7 aylar önce
Good for Misty! She fought back and tried to save her friend. A hero. Wish all of these creeps would meet someone to give em a cracking. Well put together video. Good writing, footage and editing. New sub here!
Tete Louise
Tete Louise 7 aylar önce
I just subscribed after watching this video, too! I agree it's really a very well done piece!
Catherine Syme
Catherine Syme 7 aylar önce
Fantastic narrator too!
Eyes4Kayde 7 aylar önce
Thank God for that mom. The love of a mother is through good and bad. I love my children enough that if they do something terrible I would 100% turn them into the police.
Chi Lo
Chi Lo 7 aylar önce
That’s right!
Mansfield Family
Mansfield Family 7 aylar önce
Yes. Nailed it.
The Cursed Queen
The Cursed Queen 6 aylar önce
how's that through good and bad? isn't it only love through good?
Mansfield Family
Mansfield Family 6 aylar önce
@The Cursed Queen if you love someone you will not support them in doing what is wrong. So turning in one’s child to the police is love in this case, because it keeps them from continuing to do something wrong, and forces them to be accountable, which is part of love.
Meredith isme
Meredith isme 6 aylar önce
@The Cursed Queen only psychopath would cover for a criminal
Samantha Fairweather
Samantha Fairweather 7 aylar önce
His mum is an absolute legend!! That woman deserves a medal. Not many mother's would've done what she did. Misty is an amazing and strong woman, who hasn't let what this "thing" done to her hold her back. Facing him in court would've been difficult, yet she did so with courage and grace. Personally,I don't think I'd be brave enough to do what she did. Misty could've run away when he was attacking Tanya, yet she didn't want to leave her friend behind. I hope she realizes that she did all she could to try and save her friends life. And I'm sure Tanya's family agrees. Doing what he did was bad enough, however, the desecration of Tanya's grave takes it to another level. I'm so glad that justice was served in this case, and I hope his death was long and painful. I don't normally wish I'll on the dead, bit I'll make an exception in this case. May he rot in hell. And may Tanya rest in love and peace.
Catherine Syme
Catherine Syme 7 aylar önce
Amen 🙏
D D L 7 aylar önce
Most moms WOULD stop their son from FUTURE multiple evil crimes of THOS KIND! Maybemny family members will try to shield their member frompating the price for a PAST crime but not future crimes not crimes of THOS nature Just my belief
The Mad Murf
The Mad Murf 7 aylar önce
"Guilty guys will run to a lawyer." ANYONE, regardless of guilt, should run to a lawyer.
ChristophProbst 4 aylar önce
TRUTH! There was an episode of "The Nightmare Next Door" named "Co-Ed Confidential" where the police suspected the boyfriend of murder. The boyfriend immediately hired an attorney, listened to the attorney, and moved back home in another state. The police felt he MUST be guilty. In the end, he wasn't guilty. The police and victim's family were perplexed why he hired an attorney when he wasn't guilty and even seemed to blame him that they didn't have any other suspects because they spent so much time investigating him. The young man did it right. Hire an attorney.
Lucia Rangel
Lucia Rangel 4 aylar önce
Yup..Exactly 👏
Natalie 7 aylar önce
Misty = the friend everyone needs ❤
Theresa Diaz
Theresa Diaz 7 aylar önce
Good on the mom for turning him in and the girl putting up a fight to survive is very smart and brave
Tania Van Cromvoirt
Tania Van Cromvoirt 7 aylar önce
I so agree with you. I have a son who went off the rails for a while. I told him if I caught wind that he is involved with something or doing something I have no worries telling the police. He has turned his life around. He lost his best friend to drugs.
Multi's Place
Multi's Place 4 aylar önce
This guy was so confident in himself. Literally, his note read, "HEY GUYS I'M BAD I WILL STRIKE AGAIN ONE DAY I WILL NOT BE CAUGHT I WILL NOT MOVE FROM ABBOTSFORD" Then he got shut down by his mom.
black bear
black bear Aylar önce
serves him right, it must have hurt more after he was even taunting the police only to be turned in by his own mother. in the end he got player by his own game
Digitalhunny 5 aylar önce
Fun Fact: Here in Canada, the label 'Dangerous offender' has replaced both 'habitual offender' & 'dangerous sexual offender' labels. If one is sentenced as a 'dangerous offender' they must wait 7 years, to apply for parole. Compassion goes to way too far in favor of criminals, here in Canada. Nowhere near far enough, for victims. 😣 Personally, I wish that those monsters convicted under the label would be locked up, with the only key to their cell tossed into the deepest depths of a mega city's sewer, never ever to be seen again!
Tete Louise
Tete Louise 7 aylar önce
He attacked the WRONG girl! She got revenge for each of his victims, got him locked up forever, and named her daughter after her best friend, who was lost so senselessly.....and much too soon. I'd also like to mention how difficult it must've been for that man's own mother to call him in....thank you to her, it must have hurt her so much to know her own son was a monster. It's terrible to love someone when you know that they hurt others, I know. Rip to Tanya....& you go girl to Misty ♡
Minotaur 11 gün önce
Yeah you're right, he attacked the wrong girl. He should've attacked another girl who wouldn't of fought back and he would've been more successful.
oliver sunshine
oliver sunshine 6 aylar önce
“Guilty people will run to a lawyer” While that may have been true in that case DON’T TALK TO THE COPS WITHOUT A LAWYER PRESENT! Even if you are innocent they can spin your words and you have the right to have one
James L
James L 7 aylar önce
Murderers should be in prison for life with no parole until they die. Never let them out
Alicent Hightower
Alicent Hightower 7 aylar önce
Same with rapists and pedos.
Maria McLaren
Maria McLaren 7 aylar önce
Depends on the case some murders are understandable such as killing someone who abused you for years or who was raping or killing kids etc, but murders that were for pleasure (sickos) yes definitely.
Anomaly 5 aylar önce
intentional murderers*, someone who texts and drives and accidentally hits and kills someone is 100% at fault, and are technically a murderer, but very different than someone who premeditates and plans a murder
MyNextUserName 7 aylar önce
OMG. If I were his mother and learned my child had done this, I would have strangled him with my bare hands and called the cops to come put me in an insane asylum. Applause to the mother who could think straighter than I'm capable of under these conditions.
Eminem 7 aylar önce
You’d see god the instant you put your hands on him
Sarah Rachel Powell
Sarah Rachel Powell 6 aylar önce
“If I learned by son had committed murder, then I too would have to commit murder” 😂 I got your back!
Luis Guzman
Luis Guzman 6 aylar önce
You wouldn’t do anything I promise that
MyNextUserName 6 aylar önce
@Luis Guzman Nope. You are wrong about that. I've studied enough psychology to know how very difficult, layered and intricate parenting is. Only the most unselfish people should do it. Parents are totally responsible for how their child turned out. They were there throughout their child's life, made all the decisions, should have paid attention, taught their children much better, and intervened when needed. Those parents supplied both the genetics and environment for that child. And if that child does something THIS level of atrocious, it absolutely is the parent's fault for not paying attention, not knowing who and what their kid was and becoming, and not getting them help. Yes, I'd strangle the monster I made to keep him from harming another person, and I'd go do the time for messing up my own child's chance of a good life. I think screwing up one's kid is one of the most disgusting crimes on Earth and the parents who do it seldom get a bigger punishment than prison visits with their kid. But they were probably the only ones in the mess who made any free-willed decisions. The mentally ill child didn't because no one chooses to be crazy. The victims certainly didn't make the choices. Just the parents of the monster who decided their own lives were more important than the innocent kid who needed their attention. Poor parenting is a largely unpunished crime. Monsters are made, not born. Ask any psych pro.
LLAP 13 gün önce
Misty is a shining example of the fact we have no choice in becoming a victim, but we do have a choice whether we remain one. Proud of you Misty 💜
Sara Love
Sara Love 6 aylar önce
I'm so thankful that the mom turned him in. That must have been SO HARD for her to do. No one wants their child to be a horrible person, but just because they are your kid doesn't mean they get a free pass. Had Brian Laundries parents done the same thing, it would have gone WAY differently
Angel 7 aylar önce
Part that hit me the hardest was when she woke up and realized that even though she did EVERYTHING anyone could do to save her friend that her friend didn't make it. I couldn't imagine
sweetlover1234.7 years ago
sweetlover1234.7 years ago Aylar önce
That mom is a life saver, who knows how many lives would have been talken if it weren't for her, it must be truly heartbreaking having to turn in her son after finding out his sick crime but that brave woman did the right thing. ❤
Crystal 🇺🇸
Crystal 🇺🇸 7 aylar önce
Misty is such a good friend. Her level of love and loyalty towards Tanya - I want a friendship like that
C Note
C Note 2 aylar önce
You probably do. With me and my friends we all moan and can bitch. We can also have really big arguements can have fights. But I know that if I was ever in danger they would risk there life to try and save me. I know that you probably have them people in your life. But sometimes it is hard to see them qualities in your friends.
YVR Barb
YVR Barb Aylar önce
I worked on this case. It was one of those files that you only see once in a career. I’m happy that Misty has been able to triumph over her trauma. ❤
Roseanne Stone
Roseanne Stone 7 aylar önce
Bless his mother. She saved so many lives from her own son. Misty is a warrior,I lnow Tanya is proud of her.
Jackie Edmondson
Jackie Edmondson 7 aylar önce
The mother is a hero for calling her son in.👏👏👏🙏
NotoriousEmu 6 aylar önce
I have my own horror story about this man after a close call. I live in this city and was a teenager at this time. This was a scary time for every one. Driver consistently made threats mocked the police.
Lady T
Lady T 7 aylar önce
I love your narration. Thanks for the quality content.
Unseen 7 aylar önce
Thanks for watching! ❤️
Catherine Syme
Catherine Syme 7 aylar önce
I have to agree! His narration is right up there with the late Peter Thomas!
L. Jane Clifton Rozell
L. Jane Clifton Rozell Aylar önce
You are a survivor I pray for you and your family and what a beautiful name for your daughter. I can see you out there fighting for everyone nobody should have to go through what you went through. My prayers are with you.❤
printedwit 7 aylar önce
as always, an excellent rehashing and retelling of extant information, in a way that - like no other - celebrates the hero and protagonist of the story: the victim. thank ya'll.
loveforeignaccents 7 aylar önce
Thanks for the upload!!! Still watching but currently at the gravesite part, and not only was this guy an absolute monster, but he was beyond sick in the head. What a psycho!!! Glad at least Misty made it, but poor Tanya and her family that had to live with this tragic death of such a young lady. Have to see what ends up happening now.
Lyric Berlin
Lyric Berlin 7 aylar önce
Driver died in prison on 23 August 2021 of natural causes.
Debs Delight
Debs Delight 7 aylar önce
I wonder what happened to him that let those demons in.
Alicent Hightower
Alicent Hightower 7 aylar önce
@Debs Delight ..."demons"? really?
Linda Hamilton
Linda Hamilton Aylar önce
Can ya imagine being the mother of this person or anyone like him?? The fear and horror of finding out it's your child doing this ?? I'd be just like her so as one mother to the next u are appreciated and given much respect!!
Scooby Doo
Scooby Doo 6 aylar önce
Greatest respect to your work for placing the focus on the victims and survivors, not the insignificant & forgettable offenders. Thank you for acting as a vehicle for survivors to lend strength, support, and courage to other survivors. Rest brightly in paradise Tanya. My ongoing love & compassion to Misty, those who love her, and all who love the beautiful Tanya.
Ms Solange - Disney & travel explorer 🐻
Ms Solange - Disney & travel explorer 🐻 7 aylar önce
This is a heartbreaking tragedy, hope that her friend Rest In Peace. 😢
💥molly!💥 2 aylar önce
If I was a suspect, guilty or not, I will NEVER do a lie detector test. They are so unreliable, have let guilty criminals walk free while an innocent person is in jail
Alex Megalos
Alex Megalos 7 aylar önce
Hi there, I remember this. I am sad to say the Canadian justice is not what it seems. People that are rapest, murders and traitors do not spend life in prison. There was a person in Alberta who raped and killed. He as I believe is living in Vancouver BC now. Just is stupid in Canada, and the victims are still hurt in the future by these people getting released. If they show remorse, if they show understanding in what they did, the Canadian justice system will let them go. It is so sad.
Catherine Syme
Catherine Syme 7 aylar önce
It’s the same here in New Zealand, soft on criminals and no justice for the victims
Jo White
Jo White 6 aylar önce
It’s the same here in Australia 🇦🇺 too
Megs Aylar önce
Brilliant!!! What an incredible woman that vile creatures mother was, goodness knows what she'd been going through with him, she basically lost the same son twice 😣😐 and misty, omg what a brave young girl. There's nothing else to say, except once again Thank you 💞👍.
Raiders of Exploration
Raiders of Exploration 7 aylar önce
Just by seeing how many people call the police with tips just shows the sheer panic from the public.
LenaOnMeAlways 6 aylar önce
Thank you to Terry's mom for turning him in and thank you to Misty for her strength and courage to stand against Terry to save and protect her community from anymore harm. She's a true hero. My prayers to her best friend Tania's family and friends for their loss. 🙏
gelena mccain
gelena mccain Aylar önce
Glad his mom called and both of these girls are fighters, even if you don’t think you will make it FIGHT. Never give up easy, use your fight or flight. What I always told my child,but to mess with someone’s headstone afterwards that’s just beyond insane. Glad that finger print got you since you thought you were so smart along with Misty.
Scott Newton
Scott Newton 7 aylar önce
Bad things would have continued to happen if these 2 good people had done nothing. Fortunately Misty and Driver's mum were the good people who took action. Who knows how many lives they have saved.
Alaryicjude 4 aylar önce
You don't know how relieved I was to read that this monster was 💀. Thank the gods he can never do harm again. Bless Misty and both Tanyas. What a beautiful was to honor your friend. I hope they have the best life!
Dawn foster
Dawn foster 2 aylar önce
Misty was so amazingly brave from almost losing her life trying to save her friend, to the point of being so strong having to testify against him in court she is such a strong warrior
Dudius McThude
Dudius McThude 28 gün önce
“I might not live tonight; I’m not going down without a fight.” I pray if ever presented with a situation where someone is trying to take me, that I realize any cooperation could lead to my demise, and I am able to fight like her.
Carl Stevens
Carl Stevens 7 aylar önce
His mum was the real one, good on her, what a freak though, picking on young girls. 🤬
Anomaly 5 aylar önce
the age and gender don't really matter tho, a life is a life and murder is murder, all should be punished the same unless of course it was especially sadistic or something
K. Jones
K. Jones 6 aylar önce
"I didn't save her?" Broke me so bad.
M K 6 aylar önce
I've previously seen Misty tell her story on I Survived... At the end of the episode, they touch on the fact that he taunted Misty & defaced Tanya's headstone, but they don't give a detailed account like they do here. It's horrifying what he put those girls through & to continue the attacks & trauma even after is inhumane & unfathomable. (He carried that heavy stone & placed it on a car in broad daylight & NO ONE saw him, that was just luck, unfortunately. He doesn't deserve to see sunlight ever again. Saying something that his own mother knew his evil enough to believe it could b him & turn him in.
Charmainia #1
Charmainia #1 7 aylar önce
Great job on this heart breaking story.
Annacolleen Etters
Annacolleen Etters 28 gün önce
Thank you so much for making these videos only about the victims and what they suffered. It makes me angry when other content creators tell about the criminals hard childhoods! Many killers and rapists have siblings, or grow up in many foster homes, or are childhood survivors. Their siblings go on to live lives and don't hurt others, many kids who have had parents who were so bad, you wouldn't want them to have a cat. They simply make the decision to never hurt another person. It is that easy.
hatednyc 6 aylar önce
“Innocent guys proclaim their innocence… guilty guys run to their lawyers…” That kind of thinking is what puts the innocent behind bars. Did someone end Terry the way he did Tanya?!
aBbie rEynolds
aBbie rEynolds 6 aylar önce
Yeah I kind of winced at that part, always always get a lawyer, even if you know you're innocent.
oafish blowfish
oafish blowfish 7 aylar önce
This was the first video I`ve watched on this channel, but it certainly won`t be the last. Clear, cohesive facts, no irrelevant commentary, excellent video & audio quality, which is to be commended. Great work, uploader. Also, of course, my condolences to Tanya`s family & other close ones, especially Misty. Misty is imo a strong woman as well as a true friend, risking her own life for Tanya. And about the horrid individual who was identified as the perpetrator, I truly hope his death was as slow & painful as possible.
MintheFur 6 aylar önce
When he described the girl attacking him to protect her best friend, I started crying because I would do anything for mine
Tawnya Luke
Tawnya Luke 7 aylar önce
Any good mother worth her salt would turn in a criminal child. You give birth and raise up a child with your values. At least, that's what we're supposed to do. If we then betray those values by covering a crime for a child you are no longer the parent in this dynamic. You've abandoned your morals and values and traded places with your child in the parent/child dynamic. I would turn my children in in a heartbeat. It is my duty to protect them from themselves and to protect other people's children from them. That's the right thing to do. Misty is a strong person and this mom did the hard thing. Turn in a child to protect others.
Butter Robot
Butter Robot 7 aylar önce
His mom is the real hero here
Viper Aylar önce
I love these stories of justice and victim strength truly
Sarah Sophia
Sarah Sophia 5 gün önce
wow misty is so brave , she tried to save her friend
OfficialMeganKeys 4 gün önce
13:04, Oh my Lord! His mother phoned the police! Bless her heart and soul! She’s truly an angel! I can imagine that when she was phoning the tip line, she was mortified!
becca coleman
becca coleman 7 aylar önce
Seriously, these videos are top notch quality!
Ashley VALENTINE 7 aylar önce
Death penalty for all savage rapist and murderers!!!
Mandy Lloyd
Mandy Lloyd 6 aylar önce
That results in more dead rape victims - if you give rapists the death penalty or a life sentence in jail, you take away the main incentive to keep her alive. The perpetrator is more inclined to ensure their is no witness. I understand where you are coming from, but it unfortunately is not an effective solution xx
OneEra 13 gün önce
@Mandy Lloyd That's silly. A penality should lower crimes and discourage criminals from such acts. The current system isn't working or helping anyone. We must consider victims and the community at large who are always in constant fear because the criminals will chill in a cell for few years then released again to the world outside.
Bubba Kemp
Bubba Kemp 6 aylar önce
What a brave lady! God bless her!🙏🙏🙏
lynsay31 3 aylar önce
This is making me cry because it's so heart breaking about how this psycho attacked these young girls and how they fought back hard and it wasn't enough to save them both. The only thing on her mind was how she didn't save her friend. It warms my heart to know his own mom turned him in. Again I still don't know how his mom someone that knew him but didn't know what he was capable of doing?
Krystal Norman
Krystal Norman 7 aylar önce
I’d heard her story before on I survived, I’ve seen the episode many times during the years but I never heard of it anywhere except I survived. Thanks for telling the story here!
Maria Da Silva
Maria Da Silva 6 aylar önce
Good on his mum for having the courage to denounce her own son this is something i would do if one of my children ever did this terrible he killed but someone else killed him what goes around comes around!!!
GJ 7 aylar önce
💔How awful for those girls, for all his victims. Bless Misty and his mother’s hearts. Truly narcisstic sadist psycho looked completely normal. Scary world.
Linda Holtzhausen
Linda Holtzhausen 7 aylar önce
Thankyou for his mother, that she did not protec him but hand him over. What a great mom. Thanks lady.
Ma. Ofelia Gaufo
Ma. Ofelia Gaufo 6 aylar önce
Salute to Misty for being such a brave and a loving friend to Tanya up until the end to make sure that Tanya gets the justice she deserved👏
Erin Jones
Erin Jones 6 aylar önce
I work in Abbotsford not far from the mall they mention and I was 13 when this was happening living in the town over. Scary to think I was running around with youth groups and my friends doing dumb stuff while this was happening 😳.....
noh 7 aylar önce
These videos are very suspenseful, and i feel like you should have more subscribers
Hudsyn ♡
Hudsyn ♡ 4 aylar önce
I live right near Abbotsford and I can’t imagine the feeling of knowing someone so dangerous is out there ready to strike again. I’m glad he got what he deserved. Rip Tanja ❤
Hear MeOut
Hear MeOut 7 aylar önce
“He’s been denied parole ever since.” ??? 😡😡😡 He should never even be considered for parole. If that sick f*ck is ever released and I come into contact with him, parole won’t even be a worry any longer. Canaduh is one screwed up place. 🥴
Joe Green
Joe Green 7 aylar önce
What would you do??
Hear MeOut
Hear MeOut 7 aylar önce
@Joe Green Use your imagination. 😉
Joe Green
Joe Green 7 aylar önce
@Hear MeOut tell us lol
lolitahaze14 7 aylar önce
Have you heard of Karla Homolka. Or that documentary called Dear Zachary. Canada sucks
dawn 6 aylar önce
uhm hes dead.... did you not watch till the very end lmao
Cat Lovely
Cat Lovely 7 aylar önce
I’ve just discovered and subscribed to your channel Thank you for such great content, so excellently & professionally presented. Its true crime survivors are so inspirational!
julie cooper
julie cooper 7 aylar önce
If the cops only realised the siren can be heard blocks away,don't put sirens on when trying to catch a criminal.
No Wire Hangers
No Wire Hangers 7 aylar önce
They do know this. You must be very young
Peter Piper
Peter Piper 29 gün önce
Makes more sense.
Evie Hammond
Evie Hammond 7 aylar önce
Everyone should be fortunate enough to have a friend like Misty.
Robin McInarnay
Robin McInarnay 7 aylar önce
I love seeing these incredibly strong women that *choose* to be survivors, refusing to be forever associated with their attacker and be labeled a victim. It's inspirational to see women like Kara Robinson, Sayeh Rivazfar, & Lisa McVey with so much left to give that they go on to serve and protect in a career in law enforcement. Truly amazing.
NickoNerd 7 aylar önce
what is this comment? Are you shaming the victims who suffer severe mental health issues from situations like that? Nobody "CHOOSES" to become a victim or how they suffer jerk.
ohmyday 7 aylar önce
@NickoNerd I think he/she just says those women are so strong to overcome horrible things like that so he/she love them. Not mention about who cannot overcome the “disaster”. While I think there is nothing wrong with people who still hate those shit criminals and suffered for life but that is sad and nothing to admire/love about that part. There for I do not suprise this person only talk about those who progress better. P/s: I admire who can progress on their life after that but I don’t think I can let some shit like that out of my mind for my whole life. I will want that monster die in pain.
Cynthia Pressley
Cynthia Pressley 6 aylar önce
Good for you, Misty! You were very brave that night. RIP TANYA😪
Jam de la Pearl
Jam de la Pearl 5 aylar önce
@4:30 I'm mad asf for her like imagine you tried to fight for your friend and wake up in the hospital and no one's telling you where your friend is??? One of the more annoying parts of life are when these types of people get away with it or succeed rather.. Sure it strengthens you but it's like a stab in the heart
Josh 7 aylar önce
This is a wild case. Awesome content!
AnthonyandBigSis 3 aylar önce
2:32 the cops name is Mcclown? Or am I hearing wrong. Either way I'd be putting police near pay phones. Also Misty is so brave and a good friend she stayed with her friend knowing she would possibly suffer the same fate. What a amazing true friend and human being. She also helped put that disgusting creep away. Great video and story. RIP Tanya.
Kangana Sarma
Kangana Sarma 3 aylar önce
Lmao it's Kevin MacLoed
💀My True Crime Library💀
💀My True Crime Library💀 7 aylar önce
The Fraser Valley in BC is an incredibly beautiful place but there are a LOT of infamous killers who operated in the area. I'm from Chilliwack (very close to Abbotsford). Keith Hunter Jesperson is from our town, Clifford Olson killed 11 kids in the area, Russell Williams was posted to Chilliwack's military base. And of course Terri Driver. A bit further north you have The Highway of Tears murders and to the west was Robert Pickton's farm of horrors.
Rosa Galdamez
Rosa Galdamez 7 aylar önce
Omg thats terrible 😱
💀My True Crime Library💀
💀My True Crime Library💀 6 aylar önce
@Kate :3 yes that's crazy
goatbut29 14 gün önce
Nice work again, Unseen! Your story telling is a polite change from the same ole. You and Mike (terdy tree dollars) are my favorites now!
Katie Cooper
Katie Cooper 7 aylar önce
Omg I live in the area but I’ve never heard about this case! This guy’s insane!
Christa 7 aylar önce
Samantha Gomez
Samantha Gomez 7 aylar önce
Wow really
Kelli Smith
Kelli Smith 7 aylar önce
Me too. Only 20 minutes away.
Carla Thiessen
Carla Thiessen 3 aylar önce
He really was creepy as heck. All teenage girls in Abbotsford were on edge for a very ling time. So scary. He worked with my group of teens volunteering at the western Canada Summer Games. He offered me a ride once. Thank God I said No. Misty is a very strong woman. I can only imagine how hard it was to go through all of that.
Wild At Heart
Wild At Heart 7 aylar önce
Traveling in pairs didn’t help these two girls 😢
Pagliacci's ghost
Pagliacci's ghost Aylar önce
It took alot of courage for his mother to come forward and tell the police about her son. If ive said it once, ive said it a thousand times,, the world needs more Dexters....
charry verhage
charry verhage 5 aylar önce
MY GOD, MISTY YOU ARE SO BRAVE YOU WILL DO WONDERFUL THINGS IN YOUR LIFE FOR MANY PEOPLE. I feel so bad for the criminal's mom, but (mom) please remember it's not your fault move forward and help others you'll find a new family you'll be happy again.
John Leerssen
John Leerssen 6 aylar önce
Mother is so brave to do right thing.
Linda Hamilton
Linda Hamilton Aylar önce
Just a side note, THANK GOODNESS that detective trusted his gut instinct and didn't let this case die. Or just let them out and innocent person away from crimes he didn't commit!!!
Erin Beitlich
Erin Beitlich 7 aylar önce
I feel like all phone booths in the area should’ve been under 24 he surveillance by detectives and police once they learned the calls were being made from booths. It would’ve been impossible for him to realize there was an officer or undercover car in every single area
CatherineHPN Aylar önce
His mom didn’t turn against him, she made the difficult decision to turn him in.
Scottish McMillan
Scottish McMillan 10 gün önce
It always boggles my mind that no matter how tragic the terror situation is, people always beg for someone else to make it better for them. Not a single one of them will think about defending himself or carrying a weapon responsibly. It’s always just “come and save me, come and save me“. Good luck with that.
Jessica Tracy
Jessica Tracy 2 aylar önce
I was a teenager in Chilliwack, 20 min outside of Abbotsford, during this time. It was devastating and terrifying. I couldn't believe something like this was happening in small town Canada. And then there was Robert Pickton.
Wow 4 aylar önce
Rest in peace to those who had to go through this. 💔
gelena mccain
gelena mccain Aylar önce
Glad his mom called and both of these girls are fighter, even if you don’t make it fight. Never give up easy, use your fight or flight.
Cherry Love
Cherry Love 7 aylar önce
Always have a lawyer though, even if you're innocent. Last thing you need is to have your rights violated
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