I flew with birds. You can too.

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Tom Scott

Tom Scott

Aylar önce

In southern France, there's a man called Christian who flies a microlight aircraft, alongside flocks of birds. And he takes passengers. ■ More about Fly With Birds: www.flywithbirds.com/

Camera: Simon Gillouin
Editor: Michelle Martin mrsmmartin
Producer: Axel Zeiliger block8production.com

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Tom Scott
Tom Scott Aylar önce
I realise that "you can too" is ignoring things like health and wealth, and I did worry about that; as ever, the need to make the title clickable, but short and honest, is a bit of a battle. And also, to be clear, this isn't an advert: I paid for my flight and my camera operator's flight!
_ Catofbaskerville _
_ Catofbaskerville _ 5 gün önce
thanks for you beeing so honest
RWBHere Aylar önce
Thanks Tom. You did this so we don't have to. But many of us want to do it. 🙂👍
RWBHere Aylar önce
@Steven H True. Some people even take offence at apologies. 🙄
RWBHere Aylar önce
@Powers FPV Are you CGI? 🤣
RWBHere Aylar önce
@BibiBosh Erm..... this video is also interesting to many people. 😉
Charles jones
Charles jones Aylar önce
The passion that Frenchman has for his birds is admirable. His dedication is amazing
Karen Plath
Karen Plath Aylar önce
This is fabulous!
Ernest Bywater
Ernest Bywater Aylar önce
GOOeysan Aylar önce
@Shiznit304 wikipedia said yes
Shiznit304 Aylar önce
Is chinaman derogatory term?
fsikijelfes Aylar önce
@riksa underrated
Ephemeralis Aylar önce
How in the world do you manage to make such consistently compelling videos with massively different themes and experiences each time? It's insane.
Leo Aylar önce
@Maleah Lock I'm rich as hell and I could never have the ambition, energy, time, or creativity to do what Tom does. It's a lot more than just money.
Maleah Lock
Maleah Lock Aylar önce
Huntracony Aylar önce
Money, employees, passion, and experience.
comrade susi wolf
comrade susi wolf Aylar önce
@Dingus you assume that i have hands
comrade susi wolf
comrade susi wolf Aylar önce
@Vigilant Cosmic Penguin indeed.
kozuki zaki
kozuki zaki Aylar önce
As someone who took 4 years of U.S. Highschool French, but is still getting familiar with the language, his French was so easy to follow and understand, super articulate. Very awesome video also!
megs Aylar önce
viperz888 Aylar önce
Actually, some of the transition isn’t correct
kozuki zaki
kozuki zaki Aylar önce
@רויט סאשא I'm so confused how native speakers are saying it wasn't clear. Sure I can't speak to how accurate it is, but I can say if it's easy to understand 😂
רויט סאשא
רויט סאשא Aylar önce
I studied French to GCSE in the UK and even though I wasn't very good, I agree, it was very easy and clear to follow along
Alolan Starboy
Alolan Starboy Aylar önce
Cool and?
gordonrunsurbathon Aylar önce
Tom, thank you for keeping the original French with subtitles rather than dubbing - I find it preferable to listen or read to the original language!
Real Talk
Real Talk 22 gün önce
Hardly anyone on TRshow DUBS audio.... Getting subs is difficult enough.
Kri 26 gün önce
I'm guessing that it's probably cheaper too
Palider 28 gün önce
@redorange Exactly what I was going to say.
Phil Denfer
Phil Denfer Aylar önce
I'm French and I don't understand how you can stand our horrible accent on videos where we speak in English. It's good that sometimes when people just doesn't speak English at all, you're ok with them speaking French, adding subtitles.
Sharcy Aylar önce
There’s people who would call it “risky” or “foolish” to release a video almost entirely in subtitles to an english-speaking audience. We have strange stigmas in our societies
The Tim Traveller
The Tim Traveller Aylar önce
This is in France?! *books tickets immediately* Incredible video Tom. What an experience, and what spectacular footage! p.s. congratulations on the 5m subscribers that you're about to hit as I type this
pendragnx Aylar önce
oh hey, it's Tim! Love your videos as well
Melody Mathilde
Melody Mathilde Aylar önce
We are all wanting and needing a collab from you two!
Rami Abdelal
Rami Abdelal Aylar önce
only 5? wtf youtube
DFK Aylar önce
Hey Tim, I worked at this place for two years (2019.2021). If you have any questions about it let me know ! :)
afterburner94 Aylar önce
Tim en vol dans quelques mois? Allez on y croit!
mekkio77 Aylar önce
Until now I never realized how little flapping is needed to keep a bird in the air. In human terms, it's like imagining that one would need to run in order to cover distances when in reality you can simply walk from point A to point B. That gets the job done. I thought this because from the ground we can only watch birds take off and in order to get to flight, that's where the big flaps come in. But the minute you are settled in the sky, you don't need to give off that much power. I guess this is why some birds can cover hundreds of miles in a day.
Garrus Vakarian
Garrus Vakarian 5 gün önce
Like swimming, once you get going, you can stop moving your legs much and go for a long distance. Just maintain your speed, not race.
Dan t.
Dan t. 14 gün önce
@607 I understand what you mean and I agree.
Ashok Revanna
Ashok Revanna Aylar önce
That's why they invented cruise control for automobiles.
ZebraGoBoom Aylar önce
@Commenter it's an irony of sorts, still
Timothy Cater
Timothy Cater Aylar önce
​@James England I've wondered for a while if there is a link between the usual ranges birds fly and how much effort it takes for them to take off. it seems like the further they go the less graceful the takeoff.
Grinsekotze Aylar önce
I really like it when interviews are done in the interviewee's native language. Please keep doing that, Tom
Randomturtle001 25 gün önce
I like this too, it gives the person being questioned an opportunity to give a more detailed, natural flowing answer.
jameswalker199 Aylar önce
I'm not a fan, personally. I struggle to read the subtitles fast enough before they change, on top of that I take longer to read words with similar shaped letters, so I have to keep winding back or pausing to read the text. I like to hear the sound of other languages, but dyslexia is still a bugger
Splash Africa
Splash Africa Aylar önce
I didn't know this was a thing
mnkeymasta Aylar önce
*angrily shakes fist at Nintendo dubbing English over Japanese game dev interviews*
Chadivich Aylar önce
Came for microlight flying, stayed for conservation and animal husbandry. What a nice surprise!
Oz Grinfeld-Faru
Oz Grinfeld-Faru Aylar önce
Wow. As a glider pilot I'm used to flying with birds from time to time, but, wow. This is just a whole other level of intimacy with these amazing animals. Amazing.
Hicknopunk Aylar önce
Birds generally consider things above them as threats. Flying with them is totally plausible. Other than your noise, they would have literally nothing to fear.
cornishcactus Aylar önce
We fly with birds all the time with toy gliders on cliffs, but OMFG does it wind up the twitcher's and do-gooders with our evilness. We've recently been kicked off one of the UK's best slope sites. It's a huge 3d area, it's not like the birds can't easily avoid us if they wanted too. All they see is a odd shaped bird that's a bit rubbish at flying.
Sam Aylar önce
On my second ever flight in a glider I was in a thermal with two birds who were fighting in the air. Amazing expeirence!
namibj Aylar önce
@Gabriel Straus Low differential velocity makes contact fairly harmless. Think bumping into someone's shoulder while walking alongside them.
Random guy in an glider
Random guy in an glider Aylar önce
hey im an flight Student here ! its awesome to share an thermal with an falcon. they are even smart enough to realice where an sailplane circels there is an thermal
Joseph Oliveira
Joseph Oliveira Aylar önce
This video brought back strong memories of a movie from my childhood, "Fly Away Home", which was inspired by the life of Bill Lishman, a Canadian sculptor who did something similar.
Judith Remkes
Judith Remkes 9 gün önce
This whole video through, I was thinking "Oh what's the title of that movie?!" So, thank You!
Invasion of the Dawgs
Invasion of the Dawgs Aylar önce
Someone had to say it
key_v Aylar önce
The song jumped into my head when I saw this video
Jeremy Christopher
Jeremy Christopher Aylar önce
Yes I remember this!!!
DuskPunkZebra Aylar önce
I thought exactly that!
Fred U.
Fred U. Aylar önce
As a former hang glider pilot, ultralight pilot, microlight pilot and paraglider pilot, this video really strikes home. I've never had the luck to fly with a bird, but perhaps as close as one can get to fly like a bird, especially the unpowered versions. This video brings tears to my eyes.
Sebastián Vélez
Sebastián Vélez Aylar önce
Where did you fly? I fly paraglider mostly in south America and no flight goes by when I don't share thermals with vultures hawks and the occasional 🦅
Hauke Walden
Hauke Walden Aylar önce
Go to Algodonales in Andalusia. Flying with vultures is guaranteed there! :)
Flyingby Aylar önce
Do you still fly? I haven’t even completed my glider license yet and have already flown together with birds in thermals. I’m sure you might still experience it at some point!
sgtjawa Aylar önce
I remember hearing about this guy decades ago-- I'm really glad he's still around and still doing this!
Pilotwisco Aylar önce
As a kid and obsessed with all things aviation, I loved the movie “Fly Away Home”. This guy is the real deal of that movie.
SectionNyne Aylar önce
The real deal of the movie "Fly Away Home" is actually a Canadian named Bill Lishman who did something similar with geese back in the mid 80s. The Jeff Daniels, father character in the movie is based on Bill himself.
BL Aylar önce
Being able to pet the birds mid flight must be a magical feeling..
RaymondHng Aylar önce
@Mark Wright Seagulls are the B-52s.
Mark Wright
Mark Wright Aylar önce
@cornishcactus Seagulls are a different breed, literally. :) They're the bombers of the bird world. They have to have multiple hatches for dropping loads on their victims, many anai for their many different attacks :)
cornishcactus Aylar önce
@fenrar36 try seagulls, one of the barstewards must have exploded all over a fair few cars in the carpark today. I've also seen one aim a perfect mid air gut drop to land on an ice cream then pull a stall turn to grab it before it even hit the floor.
LH Aylar önce
I would be very tempted to gently grab it mid-flight, put it on my lap for some pats and give it a well-earned rest 😂
Chewy99 Aylar önce
That looks so crazy like touching a fish swimming with you it’s like no difference it’s insane
jennivamp5 Aylar önce
I remember watching a film about a family who raised geese and taught them to fly using a glider when I was young. I think it was called fly away home. I wonder if this guy was part of the inspiration.
DownSouthNeighbor Aylar önce
Came here for this, yep, Fly Away Home. I've watched it many times, amazing, memorable movie. A true work of art.
key_v Aylar önce
@Freecell82 me too!
Freecell82 Aylar önce
God yes I was so young when I saw that. I badly need to rewatch it. I can still remember that song that plays in the end.
Luke Orlando
Luke Orlando Aylar önce
I watched Fly Away Home with my daughter only just last weekend. It is on Netflix
possessedllama Aylar önce
I had the same thought, but the film predates this guy's flying by 3 years.
plebcrabslayer Aylar önce
3:00 One takes for granted that flying is "just what birds do." Watching them in flight up close, from an as-literal-as-possible bird's-eye view, renews one's appreciation of both the mechanics of flight, and of the long and meticulous path that evolution has taken and continues to take. Thanks, Tom! :D
PoobLord Aylar önce
This is amazing it’s incredible how people can dedicate there lives to helping animals that most wouldn’t even bat an eye to.
🌟 Wander the Nomad
🌟 Wander the Nomad Aylar önce
@♜Pinned±①②①②②③⑤①⑧⓪⑧ Begone bot
Owlman145 Aylar önce
Started listening to this while doing something else, didn't even realize it was in two languages until I looked and saw subtitles (fluent in both). Funny how the mind works sometimes.
Leandrometfan Aylar önce
I know right!!
Soken50 Aylar önce
@Brick Strange, I can translate from French to English and vice-versa for myself almost seamlessly but as soon as I try to speak either of them I forget words in both despite one of them being the one I was born in (it's French, nobody's perfect ;) )
Brick Aylar önce
I've had similar experiences. I speak English and Polish... But I can't translate! People think because I speak both it's easy, but my brain is like a HD with two operating systems! One or the other, but not both.
Emm Mercury
Emm Mercury Aylar önce
Watching Tom reach out to gently pet the birds brings me so much joy (:
Vigilant Cosmic Penguin
Vigilant Cosmic Penguin Aylar önce
That's like a dream.
Vyl Bird
Vyl Bird Aylar önce
The bird seems annoyed at having aerodynamic surfaces disturbed.
Medium D Speaks
Medium D Speaks Aylar önce
I love when you cover people who speaks languages I've tried learning, as I can choose not to look at the subtitles mostly but as I am learning a fully new topic, I end up learning new words like "gosling" and "micro light aircraft" . Hope to see more from France, Italy, Czechia or one day China or Japan
_Zdex007 Aylar önce
@Ancalìmon Loweene Motorized ultra light if you want to go shorter.
Ancalìmon Loweene
Ancalìmon Loweene Aylar önce
ULM stands for Ultra Léger Motorisé ! Rough translation would be "ultra light with an engine"
Ancalìmon Loweene
Ancalìmon Loweene Aylar önce
@minirop the ultra refers to the weight! it's ultra light !
minirop Aylar önce
it's funny how in English is "micro" but in French it's "ultra". x)
Lars Bahner
Lars Bahner Aylar önce
Actually, the relationship with birds in the air goes even deeper than that this very special, very close relationship with the birds in this video. I am a paraglider pilot and when we fly in thermals with birds, we follow the same traffic rules. We see the birds - usually birds of prey, but also sea gulls and the like - as pilots, and they see us a pilots. Sometimes you can come up a litttle to close to a wild bird and they will let you know that you are too close. Or they will just fly away. But birds don't normally see us a threat in the air. If you can fly, then you are a bird. I don't believe most birds like to be touched the way you do, though. That's probably just because these particular geese are somewhat domesticated.
Neeha Aylar önce
That moment when those birds were redirected from a pilot to another was amaazing - it shows an amazing feat of trust and intimacy of the birds with the pilots. It's just amazing how they could do that automatically, without much 'orders' and with an animal not usually being a pet!
Hannah Moss
Hannah Moss Aylar önce
Freecell82 Aylar önce
It's the same damn plane even!
Unisex Bathroom
Unisex Bathroom Aylar önce
i fully support this frenchman taking tourists out with these birds to fund his conservation efforts. what a hero
a void
a void Aylar önce
Tom Scott is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.
jameswalker199 Aylar önce
The problem is that I hate the coffee flavoured ones
Emelie Aylar önce
@Nethiuz If I bought a box of chocolates, I would never expect that! So it works ;)
Danny Ramírez
Danny Ramírez Aylar önce
One would expect nothing but chocolate coming out of that box 👀
Nethiuz Aylar önce
What if it's a box of one type?
Paul Haynes
Paul Haynes Aylar önce
@James Mason now that's philosophy!
Miroslav Milan
Miroslav Milan Aylar önce
This was seriously mind-blowing. I expected some goof chasing birds around. This was an entirely different level of experience that I had no idea was even possible. I had a huge smile on my face throughout the whole video and I wasn’t even flying.
Gerard Dip
Gerard Dip Aylar önce
This is literally one of the coolest things you’ve covered, Tom.
Tigrou7777 Aylar önce
As a French person, it's really a pleasure to listen to a Tom Scott video with some parts in my mother tongue.
Suchiththa W
Suchiththa W Aylar önce
Tom, this was genuinely touching. I honestly wish I could go do something like this, to experience flight in this way and experience the joy of being with the birds. Thank you for highlighting this man's story and the possibilities in the world.
Dantali0n Aylar önce
Its people like this that make me realise that humanity still has a change, simply heartwarming.
clray123 Aylar önce
@SK19 But those statistical indicators can change in the other direction too, if our "leaders" intensify their efforts to destroy real economy and everyone's life in general while increasing "investments" in military technology (aka direct physical destruction of goods and services).
SK19 Aylar önce
@clray123 Or if you look at statistical indicators, rather than listening to the news. We have always been trending in the right direction and will continue to.
clray123 Aylar önce
If you ignore our dumb "leaders", politicians and all sorts of "experts", humanity is doing all right.
Jazmi Hashim
Jazmi Hashim Aylar önce
Honestly im crying. To see such a passionate person spend his life preserving the birds generations
Ben Webb
Ben Webb Aylar önce
What a legend. If only more people had this level of respect and compassion for animals. Liberté, égalité, fraternité.
KiyokaMakibi Aylar önce
To be able to touch a bird that’s in flight? Incredible! Those close ups of them in flight were amazing!
EJGilb Aylar önce
Fascinating as always Tom. Congrats on the imminent 5m subs! Cheers, and here's to many more years of you tubing, I hope.
Robert K
Robert K Aylar önce
That is really cool, and it is amazing that a person can become a generational guardian for birds like this.
Alexander Roderick
Alexander Roderick Aylar önce
I have to imagine that you need a big (in relative terms) two-person aircraft like that because the passenger has to be replaced by fuel and supplies for the longer flights. I would wonder about the logistics of supplying en-route, because setting down for gas at even small airfields with a flock of birds in formation would be a recipe for bird strikes.
chaysefox Aylar önce
It could be reasonable that there's a chaser car on the ground carrying supplies to minimize weight on the plane and maximize fuel and flight time.
Vinterbjörk Aylar önce
It started kind of weird with letting birds out on the runway, but turned into such an wholesome story!
Kas Aylar önce
Tom you bring us such unique and amazing things that happen in this glorious world of ours. So close to 5 million subscribers too. Well-deserved.
Siggy Aylar önce
I have always loved watching birds in flight, I can't imagine how incredible this experience must have been!
Oscar Gill
Oscar Gill Aylar önce
I didn't expect it to look that cool! I can only imagine how cool it would be in person! I wonder what the birds are thinking when they see that... "What the- what are these humans doing? I didn't know they could fly! This is freaking me out what do I do?"
Fenn7 Aylar önce
This may be my favorite video you've done (and that's really saying something, since you make consistently interesting and awesome videos!) You looked so happy being able to fly the birds and and pet them mid-flight!
RecumbentRocks2 Aylar önce
Another amazing video Tom, you are getting to do and see things we would all love to try. Thanks for sharing these experiences. Touching a bird in flight has to be up there as a unique experience.
fugithegreat Aylar önce
Tom Scott is living the life! And that guy's passion to dedicate his life to helping these geese is very inspiring.
Spiritus Aylar önce
This is just so wholesome. He’s committed so much of his life to helping these birds - I’ve never seen anything quite like this. Just so, so cool.
Callum Aylar önce
Spectacular display! We're used to thinking of humanity as separate from nature, but this proves how close we really are to animals.
kirwanqueren Aylar önce
This is something I will have to do some day. I love geese, and I would love to fly with them. Well done, Tom
Zariah Aspen
Zariah Aspen Aylar önce
Watching Tom reach out to gently pet the birds brings me so much joy (:
Zariah Aspen
Zariah Aspen Aylar önce
Watching Tom reach out to gently pet the birds brings me so much joy (:
Shortbread Head
Shortbread Head Aylar önce
Watching this made me happier than I thought it could
Firenter Aylar önce
Sometimes people just stumble into their passions and incredible things happen, I love it!
No Neck
No Neck Aylar önce
His passion for what he's doing for those birds is an incredible connection between human an animal, and for the preservation of the species.....i hope someone will carry on his legacy
ahre Aylar önce
such a great video, I never knew that this was even possible! this really cheered me up, thanks for the amazing video! and congrats on the 5m, well deserved 💜
JadenAnjara Aylar önce
That’s one level of trust with animals I wish I’ll be able to have one day, of course not with geese but with my future dog for example
Brian Carver
Brian Carver Aylar önce
Congratulations Tom, at the end I saw your experience and tears. I have been wanting to do this almost forever. One day I will. I run a duck rescue and these birds are very special. Of course I handle domestics and not wild ones.
Kitebuggy Aylar önce
I guess we can say from your reaction, this was an experience you will never forget. Amazing.
Pavel Medbery
Pavel Medbery Aylar önce
This is probably one of the coolest things I've seen in a while. Thanks Tom.
Austin Crain
Austin Crain Aylar önce
Too cool! Its amazing that he’s even able to recognize the birds body language and vocalizations from his experience with them. What a cool connection between human and birds
aspzx Aylar önce
What an incredible guy.
Shivani •
Shivani • Aylar önce
Tom Scott never disappoints
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