Hermitcraft 8: Episode 3 - BASE PROGRESS!

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Hermitcraft 8: Episode 3 - BASE PROGRESS! Grian back on hermitcraft for episode 3 and is making a sheep farm, improving his starter base and getting elytra

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Laura Baykova
Laura Baykova 14 saatler önce
12:09 me when I break something it's not mine:
Tayoncé Records
Tayoncé Records Gün önce
Grian has been reading people to filth this season lately omg😭
Happy 2 gün önce
you could've created that window look like your face
Miranda Ngai
Miranda Ngai 2 gün önce
I betcha the game is ‘find the egg’
Glare 2 gün önce
Jack Pollock
Jack Pollock 3 gün önce
It's silly that nobody knew creepers can climb, they have been able to since they were implemented
Blu Does Art Stuff
Blu Does Art Stuff 5 gün önce
Boatem pole sacrafices are starting to get satani-
Chippies 5 gün önce
Grian's house should be called the Gri-phony for Grian's Symphony
DeSean Gaopoa
DeSean Gaopoa 6 gün önce
If stand still a goat will attack
Aoife Mcloughlin
Aoife Mcloughlin 6 gün önce
7:12 who knew grain took singing lessons :O
Lazarus Dockett
Lazarus Dockett 7 gün önce
Grian is season 6: I live in a blender and bottle Grian is season 7: I live in a disfunctional mansion, a hobbit hole, and a cave Grian is season 8: I live in a living, screaming house and another cave
Krista Watson
Krista Watson 8 gün önce
you can break bedrock in Minecraft but it takes like more than 159 days in real life I think
Krista Watson
Krista Watson 8 gün önce
The goats will ram back because they can ram
CODE AGENT: V 9 gün önce
BOOM BOOM BOOM + climbing
Elizabeta Macovei
Elizabeta Macovei 10 gün önce
17:00 I had to pause & google that: he got the achievement "Great view from up there" because he travelled 50 blocks while having levitation applied.
Simon Little
Simon Little 11 gün önce
Parents: revise for your GCSEs Me: too busy watching hermitcraft
NatShera 12 gün önce
for real tho I can't unseen the faces in Grian's starter base TvT
NoobXND1 12 gün önce
That head turn tho 18:30
Makayla Carr
Makayla Carr 12 gün önce
6:41 is absolutely hilarious, I wish when I decorated my builds I could get something like that to happen
Taliaaa 12 gün önce
Grian’s Harmonic Wizard’s Tower
TheSeaBucket 12 gün önce
make barge 2.0
Aaditya Sheth
Aaditya Sheth 15 gün önce
7:10 😂😂😂
Melody Bolduc
Melody Bolduc 15 gün önce
Grian is getting a huge head start
Melody Bolduc
Melody Bolduc 15 gün önce
I agree
Stephanie Kessner
Stephanie Kessner 17 gün önce
Bro is this a remix of the new Timelapse music
Captain Rex
Captain Rex 20 gün önce
Grian:I just wrecked scar’s base I-“ State Farm Ad:should file a claim” The timing was perfect😂
ImAGoatBaaah 20 gün önce
Scar did the little girl with the microphone turning meme perfectly...
Fony 22 gün önce
snowballs fly through the air the same way as pearls, so if your in the end and you want to get across islands, i think it would be better to go with the safer option and throw a snow ball first
Jon Stan
Jon Stan 24 gün önce
16:47 the sword name lol
Lillian Koski
Lillian Koski 26 gün önce
I love all the friendly rivalrys that happens on these servers, there so much fun 😂
lucia valdez
lucia valdez 26 gün önce
It's the goatem pole
General Grey
General Grey 27 gün önce
considering you were the first one to kill the dragon, you should of had dibs on that tictac in the end. like to get elytra you kill the dragon and then mark off the tictac teleporter as yours. but eh
The Spooky Kids: Shorts
The Spooky Kids: Shorts 27 gün önce
Grians houses first window: IMA FIRING MA LAZAR!!!!
peace gamer the adopt me player
peace gamer the adopt me player 28 gün önce
Can I join the server I play on bedrock
66plus22 29 gün önce
{Δϲιεƞτ} 29 gün önce
21:36 Dirty mind~
Alexander Seales
Alexander Seales 29 gün önce
go back into the amethyst dome
Planet_Hmm 29 gün önce
What goat do: murder and milk
Bracco Family
Bracco Family Aylar önce
Grian: the blue & the green go really nicely Me: *he knows!!*
Joe Gad
Joe Gad Aylar önce
Season 6: I won’t use elytra
| Prizmarine |
| Prizmarine | Aylar önce
The screaming
That nerd0_0
That nerd0_0 Aylar önce
The screaming windows in harmony
Mayo Aylar önce
Grian be practicing vocals lol
Brody Jensen
Brody Jensen Aylar önce
Grian you realize creepers have been able too climb laters almost since they we added lol 🤣
Liegh :)
Liegh :) Aylar önce
ShardOfAKristal Aylar önce
Grian: "THEY CAN CLIMB LADDERS NOW!" Me who is on bedrock: "that's been there for like, a year dude."
The Genius Tavish
The Genius Tavish Aylar önce
It's been as a bug in java for 6 years.
Cristian Carabali
Cristian Carabali Aylar önce
Grian: where did these spikes coming from. Must have been cum 😩🥛
Antonia Muskat
Antonia Muskat Aylar önce
3rd episode of this series... *Grian manages to get an elytra and rockets* The 500th day of my minecraft world Achievement: *We Need To Go Deeper*
Terracotta kat
Terracotta kat Aylar önce
The Village hidden in the trees
•Kaydio• Aylar önce
coming soon to cookie run: Grian Cookie!
Yann Aylar önce
"the blue and the green match really perfectly" Yeah It does acctually 💙💚 "dnf"
the.meepiest Aylar önce
17:21 *sniff*
SithMaster909 Aylar önce
What season was the Sahara thing again?
OwO Aylar önce
when you read the title as base poggers.
~Autumn_Vibez~ Aylar önce
I can't fly from Xbox with rockets, it's impossible for me ;< (I'm not skilled)
Prathit Prasad
Prathit Prasad Aylar önce
I personally want a kind of war between the Boatempolers vs the Goatempolers🤣
Zoee Islam
Zoee Islam Aylar önce
remember the barge
MissEllie Aylar önce
Torchese Aylar önce
I started watching hermicraft as a joke... but i dont think its a joke anymore
Sillimant Aylar önce
oh lawd the goatse possibilities
jim van dijk
jim van dijk Aylar önce
4:49 thank You for not saying Lets goat WHO thinks same
Rappy M V2
Rappy M V2 Aylar önce
I love how last season it is just 20-26 mins but now it's 30-32
Sam Dedmon
Sam Dedmon Aylar önce
Is there a way to make your audio less surround-sounding? When the proximity chat is on, its extremely disorienting.
pup reivax
pup reivax Aylar önce
The naming of the sword, was very clever, a tiny Easter egg in the video. I loved it
Dax I guess
Dax I guess Aylar önce
oh my gosh i missed so much of this episode because i fell asleep multiple times and now I'm slightly angry! but i can always rewatch the video, luckily
GigaChad Aylar önce
should of been called the goatem boat
Kat Ya
Kat Ya Aylar önce
Blue green dnf
Haley Hinewai Clarke
Haley Hinewai Clarke Aylar önce
Man you can sing
_Hoehn Aylar önce
at 13:17 theres an enderman head thats so rare
humble memes
humble memes Aylar önce
10:50 invent-tree 🤣😂🤣
Sir. Newt
Sir. Newt Aylar önce
This is just the mycelium wars all over again but with moss.
VerifiedIdiot Aylar önce
Is it just me or does Scar sound like Markiplier
Thomas De Old Lim
Thomas De Old Lim Aylar önce
When I saw the goats on the boats i was like “IS THAT A GOATEM POLE” I was correct
ezDonuts Aylar önce
A faster way to get a elytra is to drink red bull
Dawn Holmes
Dawn Holmes Aylar önce
I never saw the face's entil you showed me and now I can't unsee it
ChristinewhoYT Aylar önce
I just realised that I have never watched the last season, and i mean season 7, oopsie.
TigerDahlia Aylar önce
7 min mark had me rofl XD
Super Cameron Bros
Super Cameron Bros Aylar önce
Keith Graham
Keith Graham Aylar önce
Honestly, finding a beacon in the end does not seem worth it at all. Elytra is a way better end loot.
orineu Aylar önce
i think the faces are adorable.
lannnyyy Aylar önce
12:24 is that a grian i see? Aha..
Anthem Aylar önce
He is great at vocalizing 7:12
So so close to 7 mil
Hibiscus Flowers
Hibiscus Flowers Aylar önce
Grian: man that enderman farm is powerful Philza’s enderman farm: *P a t h e t i c*
AG7 2 aylar önce
Once you see the faces you cannot unsee them
SB_lee 2 aylar önce
Its episode 3 of my binge to catch up with hermitcraft and I rlly should've predicted that he wouldve already started an actual goat sacrificing cult, along with a singing overgrown house💀
part 1 of the boatem pole eating goats as a sacrifice
Max Reiff
Max Reiff 2 aylar önce
What I love about hermitcraft that things like the Dream SMP doesn't have is that hermitcraft is much more friendly and there are no prisons and robbing each other and burning down bases.
𝐩𝐡𝐢𝐥𝐨𝐜𝐚𝐥𝐲 11 gün önce
well the dsmp is more scripted and has actual lore and stuff while hermit craft is more just for fun and stuff :)
Nathan Tryon
Nathan Tryon 2 aylar önce
11:55 always have, grian
Loona the hellhound
Loona the hellhound 2 aylar önce
Grian you didn’t answer Geminitay😑
Tzen Hyn is a qt
Tzen Hyn is a qt 2 aylar önce
Grian please make a video on how to build ur starter base!!!
Caitlin G.
Caitlin G. 2 aylar önce
Katsumi Ru
Katsumi Ru 2 aylar önce
ur mom
ur mom 2 aylar önce
The face is 'O'
Black feather
Black feather 2 aylar önce
"The *blue* and the *green* match really well" *SoMe TiMeS aLl i ThInK aBoUt Is YoUuUu*
s J
s J 2 aylar önce
these peoples starter houses look better than what i could do in the entire game //
WheatleyInABox 2 aylar önce
Advikaa Sri
Advikaa Sri 2 aylar önce
GOATEM POLE!!! It's a Goatem Pole
jackthebot 2 aylar önce
Your base is looking much discusting then others
SEF379 2 aylar önce
Is it just me or has anyone thought a shulker was a shulker box, and was suprised when it got hit?
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