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Meet Shaolin Master Shi Heng Yi in his serene talk about self-discovery. Learn why rainfall is an essential part of each flowering. And every small step - part of the journey to the highest peek. The hindrances along the way to self-discovery and personal growth are easy to overcome. Learn how from his talk. For more than 30 years, Master Shi Heng Yi has been studying and practicing the interaction between mind and body. His strength is the ability to smoothly combine this knowledge with physical exercises and to practice Martial art -Kung Fu and Qi Gong. He has an academic background but he prefers to live at the Shaolin Temple Europe, Monastery located in Otterberg, Germany. Since 2010 he has been taking care of the settlement and he personifies the sustainable development and spreading the Shaolin culture and philosophy. As a contemporary monk, Master Yi holds a smartphone in the folds of his clothes as he sees no contradiction between living together with ancient knowledge and high technology. “The universal law of being successful and happy at the same time means finding the balance”, says master Yi. And as for flying - yes, he really can do it! He only needs a stick and a little space. We expect him to fly-in and share about the Shaolin way at TEDxVitosha 2020.

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Josh Binder
Josh Binder Yıl önce
Sensual mind Negative mind Slothful mind Unsettled mind Skeptical doubt "Align and structure your life in a way to prevent these hindrances" 1. Recognize 2. Accept 3. Investigate 4. Non-Identity There are 2 mistakes along the way to mastery 1. Not starting 2. Not going all the way
Nohely Melincano
Nohely Melincano 4 gün önce
@Jay Powell I hear that. Thanks for the information 🙏🏽
Trivisha Uchiha
Trivisha Uchiha 5 gün önce
Thank you ✌🏻
Mary Mary
Mary Mary 15 gün önce
Thank you for breaking it down . I appreciate it as I don’t have much time to go back and forth, my mind it too messed up to grasp stuff easily , I often watch these videos 7-10 times to be able to somewhat understand, my intention is always the best but my mind seems to not work as it use to before it got like this 😥
Emil Rosenkvist
Emil Rosenkvist Aylar önce
@SHARKNADO FARTQUAKE nah man that is not it. There is no difference between individuals based on their look. If you chase self-development, everything else will slide along. If you build your own character, you will be more interesting. Develop some principals and learn about moral. That is at least what I have been doing. Muscle is not the only thing they want, they want character!
@Emil Rosenkvist I also have youtube videos :P
Smitty Werben Jaggerman Jenson
Smitty Werben Jaggerman Jenson 2 aylar önce
Almost 14 years ago I participated in a program in the Shaolin temple where he used to live. This guy taught me proper meditation and breathing skills and shared his story with me. Absolutely fantastic person with an unbelievable amount of discipline and a mind which is the strongest I've ever encountered. One time the other 3 guys who were in the temple and I couldn't keep up with him and the monks and we fell behind during the morning routine. As punishment we had to do 500 push ups which sounded completely unreal but he said we won't get to eat unless we finished it. He said all this in a very calm voice and we just did it. He taught me how to achieve anything if you're disciplined and calm enough. 非常谢谢师父!
Mayuri Pandey
Mayuri Pandey 6 gün önce
Omg.... You're so lucky as you got the chance to meet him as a person..... I really want to meet him once in my life
Vaibhav Routh
Vaibhav Routh 13 gün önce
What is the music that is playing at the end?
Gwein Lotusiana
Gwein Lotusiana 14 gün önce
*"Your body can stand almost anything, it is your mind that you have to convince"*
Ohbeccafit 26 gün önce
Charles Wachunas
Charles Wachunas 27 gün önce
@Mateos Mind yes I was locked up... outta trouble of all kinds for over 6 years now... couldn't even put together a year of good behavior at my very disjointed 20's 🙄 Yep...push ups very much helped pass "the time"...we should lock up little kids like y'all will behave and whine less now! 😁
Ah Jun
Ah Jun 2 aylar önce
The most important part is practicing. "I am not the body. I am not the mind. I am not my emotion. It's just that I can see all this three aspect about me"
demi37 28 gün önce
@Sally Ironicyou are the awareness behind them. You are something higher than the body, the mind and the emotion. You are the thing that´s aware of these three things. Pure consciousness.
Sally Ironic
Sally Ironic 28 gün önce
Ok if you are not the body, not the mind and not the emotion, what are you? I want the answers not statements.
m/talk Aylar önce
💟 *That's because you are the Impartial Spectator, the Watcher - the real you is "One" with G'd, your Divine Soul. And therefore your actions will be without the 5 hindrances, based on love, what is needed in the here and now, as "G'd's Spirit" further directs the way you should be.. Salvation comes from true self-realization.* 🙏🏽
Street Hero
Street Hero 2 aylar önce
Even though it is extremely hard 😭😭.
A W 6 aylar önce
This man just made me cry from the deepest part of my soul. I just survived a 15 yr journey that made his words sound like they're straight from God. Everyone should watch this every morning.
Hank Chinaski
Hank Chinaski 14 gün önce
@JulietsMan LMAO.... I genuinely feel sorry for you. Seriously. You must think McDonalds are cathedrals...... sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad.....
JulietsMan 15 gün önce
@Hank Chinaski speak and remove all doubts of your ignorance
Fist Bump
Fist Bump 21 gün önce
Ok dramaqueen
Jordan Turney
Jordan Turney Aylar önce
This man speaks wisdom right from source. To hear these words and know them as fact will make you smart in mind. To feel and practice these words daily will make you wise in being. To embody these words in every moment is to master self. Enjoy the climb your way and thank you for climbing. Your clarity is my peace ✌ 😌
Hybrid Aylar önce
Absolutely same... this video is now my pillar for life
Abdul-Qawiyy Hammed
Abdul-Qawiyy Hammed 2 gün önce
This is so good, I keep recommending it to everyone I know of! My biggest challenge was sensual but I’ve been working on that. Super amazing what happens once you gain clarity
Christiaan Kruger
Christiaan Kruger Yıl önce
Apparently, when you're a Shaolin monk, awesome music emanates from the surroundings whenever you speak.
Adarsh Mishra
Adarsh Mishra 6 saatler önce
Vert Xavier
Vert Xavier 7 gün önce
Evidently, when you've become a Shaolin disciple, you'll sense nature within and around you. 🙏 Amitabha.
JB PracticeTillPro
JB PracticeTillPro 8 gün önce
I literally can’t watch this now
Spicy McHaggins
Spicy McHaggins 8 gün önce
Yes, they are always secretly followed by some flute players...
James Wampler
James Wampler 9 gün önce
Deepika Barman
Deepika Barman 3 aylar önce
I’ve already watched this video like 10 times. Every time I listen to it I learn something new. It keeps me moving forward while still accepting the past.
Horus Hunter
Horus Hunter 14 gün önce
I first watched it about a year ago and much of it seems new even though I just rewatched it a few times again
Corona Virus
Corona Virus Aylar önce
How is it now
Camilla Lilla
Camilla Lilla 6 aylar önce
This human is in complete balance with himself. Phenomenal. Im hypnotized. 🙏🏼
Buddhaneo Siddhananda
Buddhaneo Siddhananda 2 aylar önce
He is certainly more advanced than most..😁😁
SleepMditation Music
SleepMditation Music 2 aylar önce
Can’t get to that place by meditations only This is a long way of gaining experience and clarity, perhaps EXPANDING your comfort zone to the point where you realise that things and simple and complicated. To the point where you think throughly SIMPLE things and simplify the COMPLICATED
Alex Tu
Alex Tu 3 aylar önce
If you prepare for a long time you are prepared :)
SeriusXS 3 aylar önce
seems like ay normal person lol
Beyondreamtime 420
Beyondreamtime 420 3 aylar önce
@Rajdeep Dey I can only meditate and spiritual practice only when I’m stone. If you can’t not maintain a balance with consistency in life , there will be no peace and progress for the mind.
Subham Das
Subham Das 4 aylar önce
This man moves like a lion and speaks straight from his heart.
David Duez
David Duez 3 aylar önce
"All of our lifetimes, all of our lives are too unique to copy the path from someone else" This might be the best quote I've ever heard!
The lazy freak
The lazy freak 7 aylar önce
“You can either experience the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The choice is yours.” - ❤️🔥
Kelly Cassidy
Kelly Cassidy 28 gün önce
Choice is not always ours.... depends on our intentions, ignorance, and honesty. Desipline is not always an option for all people or any other animal or plant.
Skyy Kong
Skyy Kong 28 gün önce
Expressions shape the mind. 💪👍💕Skyy KONGBERG ✍️
Phumzile Ndlovu
Phumzile Ndlovu Aylar önce
@Saroj Poonia would you say the same if it were an Indian?
IndigoChild2.0 2 aylar önce
VoidStorm 24 gün önce
I'm climbing my mountain right now but at the moment it is scattered with distractions and self doubt but I'm doing my best to learn to push through it all. I will make it to the top one day.
AzuremystWoW Gün önce
Me too
holamoco17 4 aylar önce
I love this man, his teaching and his advices, the story he tells is beautiful and insightful. I always feel calm, relaxed and satisfied with happiness after this video. It is perfect to watch when you feel down and insecure.
holamoco17 2 aylar önce
@Brigadier William Wildebeest yo bro
Brigadier William Wildebeest
Brigadier William Wildebeest 2 aylar önce
Nice to see my fellow gamer here 🙃
The Black F.I Guy
The Black F.I Guy 4 aylar önce
I like how he still continues after his time is up but no one stops him. Thank yall for that🙏
Florence 5 aylar önce
I have never heard anyone like him, this magical aura is around him 🙏
solac388 Yıl önce
Took some notes for myself and now sharing them for anyone who might find them valuable :) 5 Hindrances to Self-Mastery 1. Sensual desire (sight/touch/taste/smell/hearing) = Am I addicted? 2. Ill will / aversion = Am I feeling a negative emotion? 3. Dullness / heaviness = Am I unmotivated? 4. Restlessness = Is my mind jumping from though to thought? 5. Sceptical doubt = Am I indecisive? Rain (is the solution) Recognise which one you're experiencing Accept that's what you're experiencing Investigate why you're experiencing it Non-identify with that experience: 'i am not the body, i am not the mind, i am not my emotion' I wish the talk would go on for longer and if he could share stories of people overcoming each of them :)
Owen Teitz
Owen Teitz 3 aylar önce
Thank you for writing this
Mike Lundrigan
Mike Lundrigan 4 aylar önce
Thanks…I copied your notes!
Deela 5 aylar önce
@French Fries we all do from time to time. The answer : " let it rain " And note how it rains- sometimes cloudy, dark and stormy , sometimes heavly pouring, sometimes only drizzling and Sometimes no rain and there's bright sunlight. Desire, anger, apathy, restlessness and doubt are all passing stages of ( untrained) mind is to observe this procession , of transformation, with equanimity .. without getting involved with it/ without feeling guilty/ without wanting to get rid of it.. that's when wisdom arise, about the universal characteristic of our identity of ' self'., impermanence.
xVaiTaLx 5 aylar önce
Ajay Lama
Ajay Lama 5 aylar önce
I am suffering from all the 5 hindrances🤦‍♂😭
Elizabeth Polkey
Elizabeth Polkey Aylar önce
I love how he dives straight in and lets his message speak for its self
Deeds Rae
Deeds Rae 2 aylar önce
I remember when I first seen this talk, it had only a few thousand views. It makes me very happy to know that many people have been listening and learning from this. It has changed my life. I’m very happy with the way things are going in my life now. I wish you all to be your best self and enjoy life.
Alfries MacDonald's
Alfries MacDonald's 2 aylar önce
i just saw it, just now. Im on my journey now
Amberine Rasnerie
Amberine Rasnerie 5 aylar önce
Everything he said makes sense. All too often we are not even aware or have no control about these hindrances once we experience it.
Avril Dixon
Avril Dixon Aylar önce
Absolutely wonderful. Encouraging, helpful and inspiring. What a great young man. Had to share this with my family. Thank you
Jennifer Kehl
Jennifer Kehl 10 aylar önce
"I am not the body. I am not the mind. I am not my emotion." Thank you for that sir.
Susan Dong
Susan Dong 6 aylar önce
@Trifle Great explanation
Vineet Verma
Vineet Verma 8 aylar önce
@Richard Munsch denial of existence makes it easier to cope with reality
Mandarin G
Mandarin G 8 aylar önce
@Professional Punter You are something much bigger, maybe you are the whole universe.
Marco Guarise
Marco Guarise 8 aylar önce
@galileo77 you just use your body, that is why you speak. You just use your mind, that is why you think. You are not them. They are just part of you. They are not the whole you.
Pel Gram
Pel Gram 8 aylar önce
You are the driver and the director of the movie the car is in
NewYorker Joe
NewYorker Joe Aylar önce
The fact that we get free documentaries on TRshow by TEDx Talks is truly a gift 👍 👍 👍
Mixo Mashimbye
Mixo Mashimbye Aylar önce
It truly is, and yet Billions aren't taking advantage of it...
Toni Knowls
Toni Knowls 5 aylar önce
His teaching is deep. I have to listen to it a few times. He didn't tell you what you potentially see at the peak but he adviced you what you may or may not encounter on the climb.
Lúcia maruska
Lúcia maruska 4 aylar önce
Parabéns mestre, tudo que aprendemos é pouco, se conhecermos abrangerá tudo. Gratidão 🙏
SS Sarangdevot
SS Sarangdevot 15 gün önce
when we are going with our compulsions , He has the capability to just make us feel stable, calm and conscious with his ways of life...
thaik56 Yıl önce
Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power. - Lao Tzu
Saadia sabouri
Saadia sabouri Aylar önce
Yaaaaaaaaass . I'll copy this .thank you 💖
H L 10 aylar önce
Agree. My wife can easily master me, but she can never change herself😂
Mitchey S
Mitchey S 11 aylar önce
“To make whole, be whole” John Butler, “Before you try to change the world, clean your room” Jordan Peterson, “I’m starting with the man in the mirror” MJ, I guess there’s a wisdom in this
Kevin S
Kevin S Yıl önce
If only more westerners understands this.
叶昭绎 Yıl önce
Trick2tech videos
Trick2tech videos 6 gün önce
I love this one cleared my mind best ted talk ... TED please bring such more masters please 🙏
Nimasha Amali
Nimasha Amali 28 gün önce
I've been a Buddhist my whole life. I actually know all these facts but the thing is I never knew how to add the practice of dealing with the hindrances in my day to day life. This is great! Probably the best Ted talk I've come across!
Maritza Chavarria
Maritza Chavarria 2 aylar önce
Gracias Maestro por inspirarme a mis 61 años a seguir escalando mi propia montaña. Eres un ser de luz. 💓☘️💞🌺
Learn Things Quickly
Learn Things Quickly 5 aylar önce
The advice in this lecture is actually really good...
mona cojocaru
mona cojocaru 3 aylar önce
his presence filled the room, the audience simply mesmerized, the music, the words, the tone of his voice, his feline movements, 18 minutes of enlightenment!
Great 👍 I have been understanding myself at 26 ages and when I understand myself completely I will share to all mankind through this program.
Karus. 3 aylar önce
14:02 "The problem is, there is no time to see clearly anymore". I'm pretty sure he strategically placed that line for exactly when the timer ran out. Genius.
Uditansu Parida
Uditansu Parida 4 aylar önce
All the positive energy flowing through him towards me his words movement is just giving me peace of mind.
Joanna Vee
Joanna Vee 6 aylar önce
The way he speaks, the way he moves, his gestures, his serenity, his clarity and purposeful words, the invisible wave of energy that seems to emanate from him, sending off an ethereal vibe... My goodness, I want to climb the mountain just to meet him at the peak. I shall see you there one day!
Avril Dixon
Avril Dixon Aylar önce
Wow so beautifully said.
Buddhaneo Siddhananda
Buddhaneo Siddhananda Aylar önce
@dragland7268 "Just relax, it's what Jesus would do..." Robbie Williams
Buddhaneo Siddhananda
Buddhaneo Siddhananda Aylar önce
Look at the message, not the messager...🤗🤗
🌟I Am Fearfully and Siriusly Made🌟
🌟I Am Fearfully and Siriusly Made🌟 Aylar önce
I concur! 😇🙏🏽❤
Alister Stewart
Alister Stewart Aylar önce
One day, or day one. Can only choose one
Reeble Snarfle
Reeble Snarfle 4 aylar önce
One of if not THE best Ted Talks I have ever heard. Shaolin Mastery is seldom seen mass gatherings, because of its' nature. However, this was exquisite mastery indeed in relating to others in such an intimate and meaningful way. Thank you for this presentation. A very powerful and knowledgeable speaker. 🙏
Humming Solace
Humming Solace 24 gün önce
"It is the practice; I am not the body, I am not the mind, I am not my emotion, It's just that I can see all these three aspects about me."
Bra ndim
Bra ndim Aylar önce
"All our lifetimes, all of our lives are too unique to copy the past of someone else" that hit hard.
Mary Mbugua
Mary Mbugua Aylar önce
Simply amazing. It gets you at whichever point you are at life and reminds you where you missed or what you are missing
Govind Premji
Govind Premji Yıl önce
"If any of you chooses to climb that path to clarity, I will be happy to meet you at the peak." I've never heard anything so confident ever before in my life. Best Ted Talk I've seen.
Hope To Recharge Mastermind
Hope To Recharge Mastermind 2 aylar önce
It made me cry!!! So so sweet and genuine.
Nutter Tools
Nutter Tools Yıl önce
@nadeem Asghar yeh because Motorbike is Haram in Islam
Stephen Kong
Stephen Kong Yıl önce
@Bas Waaijer You have seen an enlightened person before?
Bolkya Kavita
Bolkya Kavita Yıl önce
Intense like arrow, Calm like moon, confident like lion, Wisdom like Buddha...
Bolkya Kavita
Bolkya Kavita Yıl önce
Elenitsa Topley
Elenitsa Topley 4 aylar önce
Just what I needed to hear. So grateful 🙏💗
Luz Baron
Luz Baron Aylar önce
I really needed to hear this today. 🙏 Thank you Master and thank you Universe for sending him our way. We're all connected. 😊😇
Reina Méndez
Reina Méndez 2 aylar önce
Excelente enseñanza 🙇🙇🙇
Ednel Monilla
Ednel Monilla 2 aylar önce
Thank you ted talks I learned self mystery,I discover my life slowly thru meditation and watching all your valuable videos to self mastery.I got enlightened my mind through out this my 19 yrs existing in this world ❤️ -Love from Phillppines
Octaveious 9
Octaveious 9 11 aylar önce
School teaches you lessons, then gives you a test.. Life gives you a test, which teaches you a lesson.
jksvnte Aylar önce
Very well said
Nieczerwony 2 aylar önce
School is a science and life is engineering. Scientist learn to build and engineers build to learn
MysticStrike Force
MysticStrike Force 6 aylar önce
And life lesson will not give you papers except your whole body mind and heart.
kelsi f
kelsi f 6 aylar önce
Absolutely 💯 love this! Truth!!!
Kimberley JoAnne Gon-Zales
Kimberley JoAnne Gon-Zales 7 aylar önce
Right i love it
Ms1Mina Aylar önce
This is one of the best TED Talks I've heard. Best inspirational video on TRshow period. Thank you for this, it is so valuable.
Mark Leasure
Mark Leasure 2 aylar önce
Thank you 🙏🏼 for sharing. This was a great life lesson and experience. So powerful 🌱
Rudi Meuwissen
Rudi Meuwissen 5 aylar önce
Thank you Master Shi Heng Yi for the wisdom that you shared with the World. These are needed in today's critical times. 🙏 RJ
R S Aylar önce
When he said "LET IT RAIN" It was so calming dat I had tears in my eyes
owaies mulla
owaies mulla 8 aylar önce
Love the way he ended his speech. *If any of you choose to climb the path of Clarity.... I will be glad to meet u at the peak*👌
im T
im T 5 aylar önce
@Skapelboi clarityhahahaha
Thana Ang
Thana Ang 6 aylar önce
Sadu sadu
Elizabeth D.
Elizabeth D. 6 aylar önce
@rustic35 I don't think I missed your point at all -- I think you missed mine. The reference I made about the peak was to simply point out that the writer meant peak instead of peek. But I then went on to say that it still fit the context. So my point was really about semantics.
rustic35 6 aylar önce
@Elizabeth D. I think you missed my point, some people only think of the peak (the end goal) and miss the journey along the way because they're only focused on the end goal. Focus on what's happening now and the peak will arrive when it's time. If you spend your whole time wanting the peak, the end, then, you'll suffer and miss the opportunity along the way.
Elizabeth D.
Elizabeth D. 6 aylar önce
@rustic35 Let me tell you what I've learned thus far (growing up in a cult and fleeing from it a few years ago). Life is a SERIES of journeys. When you reach the mountain peak, you will KNOW it -- but sometimes it will feel like a pyrrhic victory, because you will be filled with battle scars (figuratively). And yes -- you will thank your lucky stars that you've reach the pinnacle of THAT journey -- because you know that a new one is about to begin. So you prepare yourself for your new journey and all of its ups and downs. And you try your best to enjoy it all the way to the top once again. And each time you reach the mountain peak, you relish the scenery (like Simba did in the Lion King). So you see, there's nothing wrong with relishing the mountaintop once you get there -- there's a feeling of, "I made it," before you begin your next journey. 😉
Joshua Mok
Joshua Mok 4 aylar önce
Been watching this 18 mins Tedx Talk for 4 times, and I still get some new insights every time I watch it! One of the best talk ever! The calmness is what I need the most 😊
akpoedafe valentine
akpoedafe valentine 2 aylar önce
I'm not my mind I'm not my body I'm not my emotions. That's why I can see this aspects clearly.
Benjamin D'souza
Benjamin D'souza 4 aylar önce
WONDERFUL, Master Shi!! Thank you! You're indeed a blessing to the disturbed & rudderless souls on this planet! Bless you!!
Daniel Rust
Daniel Rust 5 aylar önce
When he said let it rain all my anxiety left and I just felt peace.
Gamer4Lyfez 3 aylar önce
@Hank Chinaski You killed me
Hank Chinaski
Hank Chinaski 4 aylar önce
When he said "let it rain" I peed in the sink.
The Nerfed Animator
The Nerfed Animator 5 aylar önce
Be water my friend.
Zithelo Mathunjwa
Zithelo Mathunjwa Yıl önce
When he said: " I am not my body. I am not my mind. I am not my emotions. " i felt baptized. 💛🙌💫
Cecilia Lascano
Cecilia Lascano 11 aylar önce
If this phrase resonated with you, you should try the "Isha Kriya" meditation.
Renyx Ghoul & God Slayer
Renyx Ghoul & God Slayer 11 aylar önce
They make up what is you but they are not you, you must be able to detach or take a step back so you do not get over indulged and drown by it. Just like how some people perform insane actions due to adrenaline, it is because their mind is fogged. For the more violent events at least. Buddha always taught about the idea of treating your body as a shell for your being than actually you.
Andi Mustafa
Andi Mustafa 11 aylar önce
You might want to read 'solve for happy'. Mo gawdat discusses this in his book as well, in a way that helped identify myself a little bit more.
Ashok Hazarika
Ashok Hazarika 11 aylar önce
Me too felt enlighten you
brydamatt10 11 aylar önce
@mindlesstube a soul
france rosemarie
france rosemarie 3 aylar önce
angelina lim
angelina lim Aylar önce
Thank you so so much master.....such profound wisdom unlocked my mind which was stuck for along long time.....
Hank Futch
Hank Futch 6 aylar önce
I never saw things from from outside my own perspective. I actually learned things about myself today, that only I have the power to fix. Thank you
AzuremystWoW Gün önce
Excellent presentation. Are there anymore videos are this man speaking that people know of?
Melanie Liu
Melanie Liu Yıl önce
He never said “um” or “so,” any other filler words/sounds. Amazing.
Jo Desti
Jo Desti 2 aylar önce
It’s almost as if he was hired to do a Ted talk and prepared for it by memorizing his speech
Simon Banes
Simon Banes 3 aylar önce
Always be precise in your speech
The Illusionist
The Illusionist 5 aylar önce
@Melanie Liu 2:12
BO3 5 aylar önce
1:11 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫✌🏾
King Starscream
King Starscream 7 aylar önce
@Melanie Liu I think there are more important things to take from this speech than public speaking skills.
Doreen keita
Doreen keita 27 gün önce
I have watched this man in accountable times. I love Him Soo much. Bless you Sir Master. I now Know my destiny, I am very sure of it.
model 310
model 310 10 gün önce
There was once a young nerd, living alone and in a distraught state. He was in a state of flux between the trappings of his work and his mental state. He came to TRshow seeking for answers where, in a sea of distracting content, he found a wise man speaking of the exact things that were troubling him. He left a self-referential comment on the video which he thought was witty, but was only abstracting his feelings of appreciation, profoundness, and identification with the video.
Yrena Lantigua
Yrena Lantigua 5 aylar önce
Buddha's teachings help me a lot in a very difficult time I was passing in my life. I am not a practicioner but I watch a lot of their seminars and used a lot of the practices and let me out the mud I was in.
Lisa Cory
Lisa Cory 2 aylar önce
No mud, no lotus
Child Of The Light
Child Of The Light 5 aylar önce
Enjoy your time not doing anything 🙂 I love that. Enjoying something means allowing the heart to open up which allows the universe the opportunity to experience itself fully through you.
Rebecca Aldrich
Rebecca Aldrich Yıl önce
This person has invested a lot of patience and time training himself. His presence shows strength.
bigbad lara
bigbad lara 7 aylar önce
@Tamara M drugs =/= bad
Ali Haider
Ali Haider 9 aylar önce
@monky mind if you follow the laws of creater
Ali Haider
Ali Haider 9 aylar önce
@monky mind the created has created human with certain properties . . Strength is one of them that one can tap into . .
Ali Haider
Ali Haider 9 aylar önce
He is also an MBA
Wnuwk Siphon
Wnuwk Siphon Yıl önce
@Foster chance If you knew what a master’s expression looks like you would not make this comment.
Mahshid MPour
Mahshid MPour Aylar önce
You speak about all those things I’ve read about them before, in a very simple and clear way to understand! It’s precious to me. Thank you 🤍
Mahshid MPour
Mahshid MPour Aylar önce
You speak about all those things I’ve read about them before, in a very simple and clear way to understand! It’s precious to me. Thank you 🤍
Deela 5 aylar önce
" training to enjoy your life- even when doing nothing" EVERYONE needs this training.. that's the best preparation of mind for when old age incapacity or a terminal illness might strike you!
Deela 5 aylar önce
@TRshow MG moment of vulnerability. The 'ego' left bare to face it all. But there was no courage or energy or clarity to look sqarely at the turbulent mind or the hurting the usual happened. In my case sliding into a deep pit of depression. Was saved by being able to connect to the Power of The Boddha, still circulating in this world even many centuries after He passed away, through my Faith. Since HE had Conquered All and hence was fearless, so it was a strong rope to cling to when sinking. Frankly I did not have an explanation for many years but now I've studied scriptures and understand some of the mind science as explained by the Buddha.
YouTube MG
YouTube MG 5 aylar önce
@Deela Sounds to me like it was an acute episode of psychosis. If you have a family history of schizophrenia I'd be concerned. Been there, done that...
Deela 5 aylar önce
@Charlena ColeI had a horrible traumatic experience years ago when I was immobilised and sort of trapped in the body thing.. There were many issues to deal with all at once. Severe pain, frustration, fear, anger at my family for not realising my issues, the endless yearning for something comforting including love and attention etc etc . Years later I realised my ambitious, fighter self and the deniel of the present state were major hindrance to healing. I think the core buddhist training is peaceful acceptance of the natural but inevitable body issues like pain, sustanance, sickness, aging, death etc as well as all the of mind issues like grief, fear, rage, frustration, craving etc arising in a most painful way...., and also habitually calming the sense bases so that mind is a good long distance away from falling over the brink. At that time I had none but had a strong faith in the Buddha and it helped me from a total crash. The Buddha's advise is to work out our own protection BEFORE tragedy hits but I was late as I didn't know any Teachings to guide me as a form of had to rebuild inch by inch. "Metta to myself" is a very powerful thought category which can kick start these two areas.
Charlena Cole
Charlena Cole 5 aylar önce
Thankyou for sharing this very awesome
Vikram Chandra
Vikram Chandra Gün önce
Your speech like a peaceful and precious words. Words are powerless in my gratitude.
Garry Bowers
Garry Bowers Yıl önce
I feel Master Shi Heng Yi has told me how I can live again my life stopped on the 4th of march 2019 when my wife passed away suddenly. He has just said how to live again not just exist I will follow what I learnt to day and learn to live again .Thank you so much Master shi Heng Yi
Keon Modi
Keon Modi 2 gün önce
My condolences sir!😔❤️
Saadia sabouri
Saadia sabouri Aylar önce
The same. And I wish you have a great life just keep going and be strong 💖💖💖
jpking2012 Yıl önce
Stay strong for her. She would want you to live and be as happy as possible.
Takeshi Miyagi
Takeshi Miyagi Yıl önce
very sorry for your lost condolences
Energy Vampire Slayer
Energy Vampire Slayer Yıl önce
"Man's Search for Meaning" by Viktor Frankel was a very helpful book for me. Your wife was blessed to have you love her.
Trena Marshalls’ Nails
Trena Marshalls’ Nails 23 gün önce
He’s so peaceful and profound. Just want to give this man a big hug 😊❤️
Veronica Rodriguez
Veronica Rodriguez Aylar önce
He moves me so with his messages it gives me such a clarity about my life and life in general touch me deep within thank you.. Master🙏🏼🌈💕
EricAnthem Aylar önce
This was a welcome reinforcement of my bravery in the face of pressure to pursue convention.
Saadia sabouri
Saadia sabouri Aylar önce
YOU CAN FEEL THE PEACE FROM THIS INCREDIBLE SHOW TALK . This speech touch my soul make me cry yes I do. you Made my day MaSTER SHI HENG YI 🤚🤚 .I will take this speech like a motivating thing for every day 🥺🥺 All my respect and peace from Morocco to you 💖💖
Gerard Le Roux
Gerard Le Roux Yıl önce
The amount of control he displays is phenomenal. He remains calm throughout the entire talk and never gets stuck. Not even with one word. Remarkable.
Fist Bump
Fist Bump 21 gün önce
He's so "enlightened ".. Yet never smiles🙄🤔🤔🤣🤣
Smedley Yıl önce
@Salome Chatterjee He speaks from teleprompter. You can see it scrolling on some shots of the audience.
Smedley Yıl önce
He does have a teleprompter.
Arnexism Scott
Arnexism Scott Yıl önce
@Jonathan yeah that was how I did mine too, you can get reach to him on whatsapp now...him will give you a better solution
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson Yıl önce
Yea he got stuck @4:55 Damn what was I about to say 😐 oh yeah the......😂😂😂😂 lol jk
Aditya Pandey
Aditya Pandey 5 aylar önce
Listening to this is so peaceful, I feel sleep flowing through me.
Gunz N Budder
Gunz N Budder 4 aylar önce
"I am not the Body, I am not the mind, I am not my emotions. It's just that I can see all these three aspects about me."
Christy Yang
Christy Yang 4 aylar önce
I’ve listened to this at least 5 times and I am going to listen to this as part of my daily routine. Thank you, master. 🙏🙏🙏
KingDerrick7634 6 aylar önce
I love this! He has meaning behind every word spoken.
noir2ciel 10 aylar önce
I met him personally in Germany last year. Truly a meeting that has left permanent marks on me. The spirit and energy from him is very fascinating.
kimh khoo
kimh khoo 8 aylar önce
@Winfried that is your opinion of your encounter with theravadian.. 'the 30 traveller..' it doest reflect the essence..
wiw n
wiw n 8 aylar önce
@CHRISTIAN ANDERS LEARNING CHANNEL You apparently don't understand his points; and I can see why. I would not have either, but fortunately, my sister explained to me. His teaching is not conflicting with Christianity.
manoj patil motivation
manoj patil motivation 8 aylar önce
@wiw n thanks, lucid language, words from the heart, I am willing to meet a monk, such a flawless and genuine one
wiw n
wiw n 8 aylar önce
Many monks and meditation masters give out an aura and I think it is because of their true inner calmness that 'transmits' the sense of tranquility and lightness to the audience to let go of the burdens.
Lauch Stange
Lauch Stange 8 aylar önce
That is not a real temple
Kendra I.
Kendra I. 19 gün önce
This is absolutely incredible and beautiful. I needed this. Thank you💙 🕉😏
Jane Nakayama Vblog
Jane Nakayama Vblog 2 aylar önce
very inspiring!!!I learned a lot. Thank you Master Shi Heng Yi!!!
Shavi Gautam
Shavi Gautam 4 aylar önce
I needed to listen the exact words you said. The clarity you provided I really am acknowledge to it Mr. Shi.
Barbara Mazur
Barbara Mazur 4 aylar önce
Beautiful! Thank you. I am climbing from few years and will continue.
Akos Harangozo
Akos Harangozo Yıl önce
He is so grounded in every way and aspect as he talks, moves, breathes. It is simply wonderful.
Goh Binsim
Goh Binsim Yıl önce
@Justin thanks him (cspace) for the noises. Without it, one won't appeciate the silence. :))
Yemisi Aderuku
Yemisi Aderuku Yıl önce
I decree Peace, Love and Light in this community
cspace1234nz Yıl önce
@abderrahim Mand it's ok for you to give your view but not ok for me to give mine ?
abderrahim Mand
abderrahim Mand Yıl önce
​@cspace1234nz I believe that getting on with different views and keeping one's own view to a later time is definitely true. May be you were just distracted by his suit.
Strongsixpack Yıl önce
it's called qi
jm galante
jm galante 5 aylar önce
Very moving, solid ideas, that speak truth. Beautiful spoken to me. I am grateful for this moment in time. I am listening and the wisdom this gifted Shaolin Priest spoke of is much appreciated by a person, j.m. galante
Lewis Morgan
Lewis Morgan 5 aylar önce
You're energy is almost pure I love the way you say about climbing the peek I myself feel so alive on my local valley mountain so at peace buzzing with energy
Shaun Guffey
Shaun Guffey 10 gün önce
Those who always get what they want are lacking in true courage, character and spiritual fortitude. From disappointments and hardships you gain more than you could ever know.
Jay Rose
Jay Rose 5 aylar önce
Great talk! Master Shi Heng Yi is a very wise man! I needed to hear this today! 😊
Gracie Jin
Gracie Jin 5 aylar önce
Agreed. I like to repeatedly listen to his words. Go to Shi Heng Yin online. You will discover a gold mine there
BootySauce Yıl önce
One stoic quote goes well with this talk. “Don’t demand that things happen as you wish, but wish that they happen as they do happen, and you will go on well.” - Epictetus
Computer User
Computer User Yıl önce
Thank you for the wise words, BootySauce
AnToniapaulina Delgado
AnToniapaulina Delgado Yıl önce
@Mustafa Hussein Yes, Jesus Christ my hope of Glory. I can live because HE died. Blessings Mustafa.
cece’s vids
cece’s vids Yıl önce
yield to the dao (the way), in lao tzu’s words
Christoph Resmerowski
Christoph Resmerowski Yıl önce
Whoa - slow down fellow, don't get ahead of yourself there...
Saurav Basu
Saurav Basu Yıl önce
Stoicism at its extreme : " If someone cuts your head, just move on with your legs, behaving as if that was just an everyday thing."
Shreya Srivastava
Shreya Srivastava 27 gün önce
He looks so disciplined. Motivated me to be wake up, do something about the precious gift of life I have got 🙌
Shreya Srivastava
Shreya Srivastava 12 gün önce
@Jason Leal yes, thanks
Jason Leal
Jason Leal 12 gün önce
Don't forget to feel the same way you did when you first heard this. Peace
Priti Jagdale
Priti Jagdale 5 aylar önce
Life begins at the end of your comfort zone... ❤️
jenny 4 aylar önce
Never stop learning, self discovery and personal growth on your journey
Chaya Ramdenee
Chaya Ramdenee 4 aylar önce
Great indeed. Thankyou for this mind blowing talk. A guide to peaceful living.
Blazing SAARITH 10 aylar önce
“A true master, is an eternal student”
Dewyu Nohmi
Dewyu Nohmi 8 aylar önce
@thelordoftime803 Can you please explain with either simplicity or great enough detail that I can understand what it means for *one who knows more, the more they realize they know nothing* (?)
Dewyu Nohmi
Dewyu Nohmi 8 aylar önce
@thelordoftime803 I thought I had that in my playlist. The dunning-kruger effect. I should add it again if it isn't already.
thelordoftime803 8 aylar önce
@Dewyu Nohmi Also, you are talking about the Dunning Kruger psychological effect, not the philosophycal quote. Give that a quick Google.
thelordoftime803 8 aylar önce
@QBNblue your quote is to be taken metaphorically, nobody ever knew everything, but based on Socrates quote I stated above, if you reach ultimate knowledge, you also reach ultimate lack of knowledge.
thelordoftime803 8 aylar önce
@Dewyu Nohmi Socrate's quote is actually "The more I know, the more I realize I know nothing".
Thana Ang
Thana Ang 6 aylar önce
One of the best TED talk, easy to understand. He does not ask or force you to believe but to think by yourself for enlightening
José Pina
José Pina 29 gün önce
Master Shi Heng YI... Thank you very much for your great lesson about our 5 hindrances to self-mastery. I just love it. José Condeça Pina
Barry Coleman
Barry Coleman 5 aylar önce
I’m only just discovering master Shi Heng Yi at a very important moment in my life.
Anita Jonsson
Anita Jonsson 5 aylar önce
Thank you most sincerely. I choose to master myself, develop self discipline, and hopefully to meet you at the peak.
Sincerely_ Yıl önce
"If any of you chooses to climb that path to clarity, I would be very happy to meet you at the peak." What a statement. Such a beautiful speech. Thank you sir!
Сергей Высокин
Сергей Высокин 11 aylar önce
@Aaron Gabrial I am glad you get the joke, bro!
Aaron Gabrial
Aaron Gabrial 11 aylar önce
@akatgn It is not so uncommon to be misunderstood, or overly confident. Which beckons me to ask the questions: Which has a longer life expectancy...Knowledge ~ or Love? To point out fault whether in self or others, is it not grounds on which many can stumble? To recognize, accept and love, whether at a distance or intimate; is it not to accept and hold highly? He knows his place is not to point out flaws, just to merely be gentle in his presentation, so he does not himself falter, and to stir the truth into the mix of others. "The apple of my Eye" to love unconditionally is NOT a common yet rare, SO rare of a trait, it is like finding a specific needle in a needle factory full of needles without a thimble~ He is not just trying to help others, but he is trying to GIVE understanding, so that a Collaboration that is Greatly needed may have a better chance to flourish. A simple collaboration from those who "Are" with those "Whom Will". THEN again, There are so many ways to see since man tries his hardest to perceive, yet will not as long as he is bound to his perceptions~ Therefore, indeed. What do I know? ~ Godspeed
akatgn 11 aylar önce
@Aaron Gabrial yes im certain. His speech is about personal growth, decisiveness, and clarity. That’s why he said he can’t do it for you or show you the way/path @ 8:40. You have to do it yourself and self catering/tailored. It’s crystal clear. All the 5 hindrances deals with spirituality , mindset, feelings, and nothing physical. They might be a byproduct of the physical state but the obstacle is abstract or mental in origin. Desire, for instance, is a derivative of a positive product from the physical realm of obsession (the joy of seeing, smelling, tasting) or temptation as exampled in the video. The story of the travelers is an example of not to let outside/other factors HINDER your path to clarity. It serves as a transition into his 5 HINDRANCES. For example, the third hindrance is an imprisonment of the mind. Restlessness, again is an “unsettled state “of MIND. Notices it deals with the mind a lot? Anything other than the physical realm, thus I don’t believe the master intends for his audience to take his speech in a literal meaning but think critically and spiritually and applies where it is meaningful for personal growth. The mountain is definitely the symbolism of an end-goal of your journey in life and its different for everyone. It is specific and personal so you can’t rely on others to tell you, or dictate what it supposed to be. You have to do it yourself. The speech promotes independency, although we live by interdependent connection, if we want to achieve that goal, we have to learn and overcome those 5 hindrances to make it happen, that’s the irony behind clarity, to be able to decipher and be crystal clear in what we want to achieve despite outside stimuli but we first have to do it internally from out state of mind. You can’t love someone if you first can’t love yourself, and neither can you love yourself if you did not recognize and accept who you are. His speech has endless clues to what I interpret it to mean but if you question my certainty, I can’t give you that satisfaction because it is tailored different for everyone. I can’t speak for its meaning but I believe that’s what he meant. Humbleness and personal interpretation are of different qualities but I hope my interpretation is NOT of a pretentious origin. There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance and I hope that mine didn’t come out as the latter.
Aaron Gabrial
Aaron Gabrial 11 aylar önce
This is a statement which is meant to show selflessness of heart. He is stating though you may not see me, if our spirits are to meet, and you are truly at the top of this mountain, you as well as I, will embrace each other with warmth and welcome in seeing we are now brothers of light.
Aaron Gabrial
Aaron Gabrial 11 aylar önce
@Сергей Высокин Humbleness, is the restraint or imprisonment of ones ego; The purpose of the life journey is not to DESTROY but to LEARN. Without the ego, we cannot have free will~ Thus, we must learn to put the ego Behind us, so that way we may see with clarity.
TAŞ-AŞK | 6.Bölüm (Partner: Burcu BİNİCİ)
TAŞ-AŞK | 6.Bölüm (Partner: Burcu BİNİCİ)