Keep Your Pets Safe! *Viral Gadgets and Hacks For Happy Cats and Dogs*

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Are you a caring pet owner? If so, then we're sure that you want your pet to be the happiest. With these cool gadgets, you can pamper your dog, cat, or even a hamster all day long. We have tools for cleaning pets, making them a massage, and playing smart games with them. Try these gadgets or create your own crafts for pets which will cost you no money.
00:19 Donat or ladle for a dog to prevent it run away through the fence
00:45 Dog umbrella for a comfortable walk in the rain
01:07 Happy ball with cat mint to cheer your fluffy friend up
01:39 Bathtime is more relaxing with a special dog brush
02:02 Interactive dog toy for smart pets
02:54 Animals don't mind a nice massage either
03:20 Which one a cat would prefer: mice or feathers?
04:02 Special dog boots or even balloons can protect pet paws
04:44 Cats need time for solitude. So they'd like these litter boxes
05:53 With a pet carrier your dog is always with you
06:43 Licking mat to distract a dog during bath
07:20 What a funny cat brush!
08:11 A perfect spa day for a dog
09:00 Fascinating hamster maze

Cool Tool
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