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''ReNo9Prod'' brings to you new compilation about - The Full Match - Lionel Messi ft C.Ronaldo vs Ailens Team (Part 1,2,3) HD!
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OLAY 4 saatler önce
Ayla Altinay
Ayla Altinay 4 saatler önce
Imagine Ronaldo did the SUIIIIII celebration that would have made it LEGENDARY
Nothing Nothing
Nothing Nothing 4 saatler önce
This is brilliant I like it fabu 👌👌👌👌👌
6231- Ajuwan
6231- Ajuwan 8 saatler önce
Idk why but I get scared when I watch this🙂💀
Ronaldo Dominic
Ronaldo Dominic 8 saatler önce
But something is lacking...
Sbusiso Brenkworth Zulu
Sbusiso Brenkworth Zulu 9 saatler önce
Jim Beglin gave his all in this commentary. Absolutely fantastic
mert can
mert can 10 saatler önce
ilk defa izledim müthişti
maximilan max
maximilan max 17 saatler önce
pessi is finished now 😂
Alien Network
Alien Network 18 saatler önce
just now finding this
Hannan Gün önce
Did ronaldo and messi actually filmed this or all of this is edited?
Krishna Panchal
Krishna Panchal Gün önce
Sleut galaxy11
Romesh frank
Romesh frank Gün önce
First goal by messi❤
João Fernandez
João Fernandez Gün önce
when you realise you need a fucking alien invasion so cr/ and messi can play in the same team.
Nick Styles
Nick Styles Gün önce
Entonces tenías que salvar el mundo y elegiste llevar a Moses?
19:24 The scene every Football fan would die for to watch. The moment Messi & Ronaldo play together in sync
Anzil Majeed
Anzil Majeed Gün önce
Messi entry🔥
Scarred C ops
Scarred C ops Gün önce
i like how alan smith is commenting on 3 1 like hes from the other planet
Brazzy Gün önce
is he famous
Brazzy Gün önce
whos the guy who levitated the ball?havent seen him before
Omik Hasan Sohel
Omik Hasan Sohel 2 gün önce
Match winning goal from Ronaldo thats he is the game changer and messi unstoppable
Omik Hasan Sohel
Omik Hasan Sohel 2 gün önce
Im a messi fan but Ronaldo was the most qualified person to lead the team as he has been leading the team for over a decade. And he is elder than messi so Ronaldo deserve it
Basamma Chavan
Basamma Chavan 2 gün önce
Messi : 2 assists and 1 goal 😁 even Samsung knows his playing style properly
John Odhiambo
John Odhiambo 2 gün önce
Xzone 2 gün önce
The new season of Galactik Football looks cool.
Brian Pham
Brian Pham 3 gün önce
This is so amazing and so cool 😮
THE Scene
THE Scene 3 gün önce
عامل زي باريس دلوقتي 😂
rewinder2008 3 gün önce
This is a good promo for Warframe
Andrew Ovo
Andrew Ovo 4 gün önce
So funny, football can not save humanity, Jesus paid the price already.
Carlos Eduardo
Carlos Eduardo 4 gün önce
Samsung realizou o sonho dos fãs de futebol em poder ver o CR7 e o Messi jogando juntos!
Rauta Rauta
Rauta Rauta 4 gün önce
3:24, the moment Nick Fury came to roll in Messi & cristiano to the Avengers. Btw i wonder how Many galaxys s11 You have to sell to Pay a comercial like this.
MoGhoッ 4 gün önce
This is just sendokai champions best cartoon ever 🔥💯
Daniel Valença
Daniel Valença 4 gün önce
Messi: 1 goal and 2 assist. Man of the match as always
Sadheedh Umar
Sadheedh Umar 4 gün önce
This is obviously fake. Cristiano didn't do the siuuuu at 19:40.
Rafiq masum Ritonga
Rafiq masum Ritonga 5 gün önce
Kalo bersatu messi sama ronaldo enak di lihat
Tikon Tiki
Tikon Tiki 5 gün önce
Nice way to advertise your product but not entertaining
J Costa
J Costa 5 gün önce
Their sales went down cause they didn’t make Ronaldo the captain
Æñur4g 5 gün önce
Watching messi and Ronaldo playing on one side is still a dream!
Paballo Morudu
Paballo Morudu 3 gün önce
Two Bulls can't coexist
Xu Trần Đình
Xu Trần Đình 5 gün önce
The Alien:"We will conquer your planet, destroy it badly!" Human:"Ok, football save the planet goes brrrr"
Rico 5 gün önce
Plot Twist... Messi is the Alien's Commander who act like people and now Ronaldo Lead The World to face Aliens... what a Movie will be HAHAHAHAHA
Asura SeeDzenDao
Asura SeeDzenDao 6 gün önce
чуть планету не проиграли almost lost the planet u-i-i-i-h
Jiji Valiyatotil
Jiji Valiyatotil 6 gün önce
Captain messi 💁🙆🤘
The only time where doping (physical enhancer) is allowed!!
Kalpesh blog
Kalpesh blog 6 gün önce
Last seen 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Stevo C
Stevo C 6 gün önce
World governments: "We need to pick and assemble the best 11 footballers on the planet to save the world!" Beckenbaur: "OK. Get me Victor Moses, Landon Donovan and Oscar" World governments: "Dafuck you talking about Bro?"
Sajed Mohamedbilal
Sajed Mohamedbilal 6 gün önce
No its not a game its just a movie
🇿 🇴 🇭 🇦 🇮 🇧
🇿 🇴 🇭 🇦 🇮 🇧 7 gün önce
They just wanted Ronaldo back
Goke Ekundayo
Goke Ekundayo 7 gün önce
Messi and Ronaldo Playing against their home planet
Pablo Gonzo
Pablo Gonzo 7 gün önce
Zlatan, forgive them, they don't know what they're doing!
ChubbyChecker182 7 gün önce
Wayne Rooney, Saviour Of The Universe
HyoSeo Kwon
HyoSeo Kwon 7 gün önce
청용이형~ 형이 거기서 왜나와???
Zayd Zulqurnain
Zayd Zulqurnain 7 gün önce
They should've brought the best players of all time not just current ones. Then they could get Sir Alex managing and players like Beckham and Maradona on the pitch.
AliasOne 7 gün önce
do u even defend bruh ?
E. B.
E. B. 7 gün önce
Juma Sam
Juma Sam 7 gün önce
Just watched an ad for a whooping 21 minutes...can't believe me self
Admiringmessi 7 gün önce
Messi is playing against himself
Anti-Life Galactus
Anti-Life Galactus 7 gün önce
Should have bought the Shaolin Soccer Team. They dont need enhancements since they are already enhanced.
se Hu
se Hu 8 gün önce
Beckenbauer, Ronaldo and Messi...
Adis Gluhalic
Adis Gluhalic 8 gün önce
They shoulda add Ronaldos SIUUU celebration that would be awesome haha I just got here from CR7 debut in United
Parsa Dal
Parsa Dal 8 gün önce
Zunair Nazir
Zunair Nazir 8 gün önce
Ronaldo being selfish before half time😂
Flurin Federer
Flurin Federer 8 gün önce
i mean the video is good but i still think its a copy of Inazuma Eleven 2 if you dont know it go watch it
Hoang Vu Nguyen
Hoang Vu Nguyen 8 gün önce
I wouldnt be surprised if PSG signs the aliens
불평해서바뀐건없다 8 gün önce
1:57 이새끼 뭐야?
Wayne dookie
Wayne dookie 8 gün önce
Falcao LOL
501st Brix
501st Brix 9 gün önce
Does any one find it annoying how the galaxy 11 has 13 players
Alone Lonely
Alone Lonely 9 gün önce
old... times...
Madsholm2505 9 gün önce
this really doesnt look animated. IN the start.
Snoop Dog
Snoop Dog 9 gün önce
No dispect, but this team will lose to the Aliens!
Corazon 9 gün önce
I watch this with beer and some Snack
714 9 gün önce
One of the few ads I want to watch
Slavco Severino
Slavco Severino 9 gün önce
Messi saved England with the first goal for Galaxy team, to fight back and pumping the moral team, then Falcao scored the second before Rooney equalised the game, and Ronaldo did overhead kick for the winning goal. Messi, the most assist, respectfully, he could be Man of the Match. getting his name on the scoresheet, creating most goals and chances as well for his team. such a reliable playmaker..
The idea is copied from chota bheem!! Lol
ecshady14 9 gün önce
Weihan Luo
Weihan Luo 9 gün önce
goosebumps! especially when I saw a Chinese player
Luis Salazar Canario
Luis Salazar Canario 9 gün önce
ronaldo zzz
Luis Salazar Canario
Luis Salazar Canario 9 gün önce
messi god
Flix ⚡
Flix ⚡ 9 gün önce
what is this shit
Jalan Jalan
Jalan Jalan 10 gün önce
50 years later they are coming back!!! Lol 🤣
Sohag Hossain
Sohag Hossain 10 gün önce
Messi is an alien btw😅
Beppe Lazzaroni
Beppe Lazzaroni 10 gün önce
PSG waiting for alien invasion.....
Henry Prendergast
Henry Prendergast 10 gün önce
Man got so mad he quick sold his whole team 😂😂
lonewolf kINg
lonewolf kINg 10 gün önce
Americans be like: wtf is this n who are these people
kelvin mabada
kelvin mabada 10 gün önce
Wow That was amaizing
kelvin mabada
kelvin mabada 10 gün önce
So we are depending god to bring aliens so messi & ronaldo can fight using footbal
Manjeet Singh
Manjeet Singh 10 gün önce
Meanwhile players in this advertisement We use apple Iphone
Manjeet Singh
Manjeet Singh 10 gün önce
Aliens after watching MESSI :- Are you sure he is a human
Wills Noar
Wills Noar 10 gün önce
"He saved us, he kept us all alive " CR7
Reporter  888
Reporter 888 11 gün önce
Ruben Victor Bustos
Ruben Victor Bustos 11 gün önce
shit!! not a single comment in Spanish or Portuguese !! ,, What cold breasts gentlemen ! ¡¡mierda!! ni un solo comentario en español o portugués !! ,, ¡¡Qué pechos fríos señores !! This is how the damn money corrupts everything and stuipda people are corrupted by technology, lies and false distraction ,,, go ,, run ,, for your new shitty phone, which is promoted by the stars!! , that's how you feel like a little less miserable and slaves of their sad lives Así es como el maldito dinero lo corrompe todo y la gente estúpida se corrompe con la tecnología, las mentiras y las falsas distracciones, ve, corre, por tu nuevo teléfono de mierda, que es promovido por las estrellas!!, así se sienten un poco menos miserables y esclavos de sus tristes vidas
lautaro palavidini
lautaro palavidini 11 gün önce
lautaro palavidini
lautaro palavidini 11 gün önce
Gracias por salvarnos Messi
Matthias Kalweit
Matthias Kalweit 11 gün önce
The matter here is there is no defender
A K 11 gün önce
they should have included zlatan ibrahimovic.
Julita Najuwa
Julita Najuwa 11 gün önce
Ngl I thought it was real people for the first 6 mins because i play this video on 360p but then i realized it's not. But this is so good tho
M.Hassan Rizwan
M.Hassan Rizwan 11 gün önce
Well first thing that Its a animation they weren't playing in real and they didn't even played in real understand guys that's isn't but the starting of the movie the scene where they finding footballers they were real
M.Hassan Rizwan
M.Hassan Rizwan 11 gün önce
Ronaldo and Messi be like:- ahhh.... finally Worthy enemy....our battle will be legendary!!
Mahesh MP
Mahesh MP 11 gün önce
ronaldo is the best captian
Dxnz 11 gün önce
Ben Mateariki
Ben Mateariki 11 gün önce
Mariam F. AlHamli
Mariam F. AlHamli 11 gün önce
Ronaldo is the best one ☝️
Arda Kaya
Arda Kaya 12 gün önce
El Tigre
American Spirit
American Spirit 12 gün önce
The slippery mitten undeniably copy because mind especially separate aside a alleged need. brief, hospitable grandmother
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