Learn How To Sample in 13 Mins | Tutorial for FL Studio

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Navie D

Navie D

Yıl önce

Learn How To Sample in 13 Mins | Tutorial for FL Studio | Understanding how to sample can be a tricky thing, no matter if you use FL Studio, Ableton, Logic, or any other DAW. When sampling, you might have an idea in your head as to what you want to do when making a beat, but you might find that the sample itself doesn't really work the way you want it to, and your beat ends up sounding subpar.
If this is a problem you run into when you are trying to understand how to sample, this 3 step process that I am showing you in this tutorial video may help you understand where you are going wrong. Sampling in FL Studio will become easier for you once you watch this video!
Also, if you want a good resource for great samples, head down here
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Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
Whats your opinion on looping? Is it lazy? Or is it just as valid as chopping?
Nate Yıl önce
This was fantastic video to watch. As someone who can both “make beats from scratch” and make “sample based beats” fairly well, I thoroughly enjoyed the in-depth descriptions of small key elements like chopping so it sounds “musically correct” without technically being perfect, etc. Do more sample shit.
24Rival Yıl önce
As someone who makes sample based beats this is a game changer. Thank you Navie D.
r Yıl önce
Fernando Hafez
Fernando Hafez Yıl önce
Navie's hands in every single video be like: 👏🤲👐🤝
50Cal Beats
50Cal Beats Yıl önce
So glad to see someone making tutorials who puts a huge emphasis on subjectivity. Been going back through your videos and can easily say they've been exponentially more helpful than a majority of other FL tutorial makers for trap/hiphop, if only because you leave everything up to experimentation and don't try to force weird rules on your viewers. It also helps that your tips are genuinely unique and not on the "this was a cool a year ago and now I'm making a video on it just for the views even though everyone else has a similar video" bandwagon.
SYNTHXX Yıl önce
i always wait for your videos. you explain things way better than anyone :)
Obakeng Sefawa
Obakeng Sefawa
Of all the fl tutorials I've watched, you're the most easy to understand and just overall great at teaching. And damn that beard is fire.
Tapwater Studios
Tapwater Studios Yıl önce
Thanks for another informative tutorial vid, Navie! I've never been that confident with my sampling, but have recently been trying more in the FL playlist. The first technique was very helpful. I wasn't aware about what NewTime really did, but it looks like it will help me out with problems I have been running into. Thanks again. You always put out quality content, man.
Scribbler Jones
Scribbler Jones Yıl önce
First video I've seen about sampling in FL Studio - I've wanted to learn to make beats, but just now getting around to it. Sampling is something I've been really curious about - and this video gave me a lot to go on.
Man you are really an awesome teacher. The way you explain things makes perfect sense to me instead of coming across as overly complex. I subscribed!
Sky High English Language School
Sky High English Language School
very straight to the point and acurate! nice tutorial man! cheers!
Beats by Big Joe
Beats by Big Joe Yıl önce
I cant emphasize enough how amazing this tutorial and your channel is. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and wish you nothing but continued success. Thanks again!
The Dufflebag Show
The Dufflebag Show Yıl önce
this is such a nice paced, professionally done, concise and easy to understand video man thank you 🥂
Stuart O'R
Stuart O'R Yıl önce
This video is a game changer, I never knew that qunatize trick. Great tutorial, very well explained.
FoxxRyan Yıl önce
I learn faster from your videos. Thank you. And out of the 50 sampling videos I’ve watched in the past two days, you were the only one to show us how to quantize the sample. I appreciate you.
Thank you for making these videos, much appreciated.
Jake Trotter
Jake Trotter Yıl önce
That quantize trick though 👀
Raoulz Nedle
Raoulz Nedle Yıl önce
Excellent tutorials and straight to the point. Thanks Navi
Don SamoKwan
Don SamoKwan Yıl önce
Great going man. I like your channel content. This is a great tutorial for beginners like myself. I remade a beat to loop as a sample and was not sure how I was to go about it properly with chopping it up.
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