Amazing New York City around 1920 in color [A.I. enhanced & Colorized]

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Amazing film footage of New York City about a century ago. This was the time when the motor car had started to rapidly replace horse-and-cart transportation in developed cities across the World. It resulted in cleaner streets, free from horse droppings, but also added to the already existing air polution due to further industrialization. Maybe I should have chosen "Steam and air polution in New York around 1920" as the title. There are plenty of shots of chimneys, factories, trains and tugs belting out huge amounts of steam.

The film shows many well know parts of New York as well as the arrival of the RMS Aquitania (nick named "Ship Beautiful") in New York's harbor. For more detailed information, please refer to the timeline below.

The many original B&W film fragments have been motion-stabilized, individually speed corrected, enhanced and colorized by means of modern Artificial Intelligence video software.

The music is by Megan Wofford.
The tiles are: " Iridescence", "Evolving", "Aroma" and "Dear Mama".
Source: and other.
Filmed by: Paul Strand & Charles Sheeler in 1921.

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Timeline (please help to complete this, thank you!):
00:00 New York Waterfront in 1921
00:25 The greatSinger building on the right
00:32 Staten Island ferry arriving
01:55 Graveyard of Episcopal Trinity Church on Broadway in the Financial District
02:24 J. P. Morgan & Company Building (Built 1913, Architects Trowbridge & Livingston)
02:28 Street market (Possibly Orchard street)
02:48 Fifth Avenue Mansions at 79th Street and 5th Avenue
03:11 American Museum of Natural History (Built 1874, Architect J. Cleaveland Cady)
03:21 Riverside Drive near 105th Street. 325 Riverside Drive (Built 1920)
03:27 View of the Woolworth Building (Built 1913, Architect Cass Gilbert)
04:08 More skyscrapers under construction
04:58 New York, the steam & smoke city.
05:02 View of the Equitable Building (Built 1915, Architect Ernest R. Graham)
05:31 Location (?)
05:59 Screen right, view of buildings along lower Broadway
06:53 View over the river Hudson
07:18 View of the top of Bankers Trust Company Building-14 Wall Street (Built 1912)
07:32 Steam trains galore
07:48 A New York, Ontario, and Western Railway’s 4-6-0 center cab “Camelback” locomotive
07:58 Partial view of the New York Central Railroad’s Weehawken Terminal
08:02 RMS Aquitania arriving in New York Harbor, Pier 21 (?)
08:27 New York City fire boat “Thomas Willet”
08:40 Tugs pushing the RMS Aquitania
10:18 Brooklyn bridge
10:31 Sunset over the Hudson river
11:10 Early traffic, busy streets and congestion at Lower Broadway
11:14 Spire of Trinity Church (Built 1846, Architect Richard Upjohn)
11:24 The Elevated railway ("the "EL") from above: The Sixth Avenue Line at Trinity Place
11:37 View of 6th Avenue from the tower of Trinity Church
11:53 Busy traffic and electric trams
11:59 A beautiful sunset over the Hudson river, operated by New York Railways Corporation

Please help to complete this timetine!
Many thanks to Charles Crawford. See his comment on 5 July.

Rick88888888 2 aylar önce
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university Terra mítica
university Terra mítica 7 gün önce
А где эта кнопка находится,?🧐
GV Channel
GV Channel Aylar önce
Wonderful sharing! I love this content. ♥ ♥ ♥
Follower of God
Follower of God 2 aylar önce
Right,I forgot. But looks like Titanic
🌸Aurea🌸 2 aylar önce
🌸Thank you🌸
Rick88888888 2 aylar önce
@Donald Gomez Thanks I had to trim 20 seconds due to a copyright claim by the BBC for that specific segment.
sun runner
sun runner Gün önce
the city ran on stem. i was a pipe fitter for a short wile . worked on the world trad in the 1970s . yea i know.
Rick88888888 Gün önce
I guess you mean "steam" not "stem"
Ali Khokhar
Ali Khokhar 3 gün önce
"Hairstyles were not the fashion, Hats were".
Joseph LoPiccolo
Joseph LoPiccolo 3 gün önce
The enchanting Isle of Manhattan, circa 100 years ago.
ichabodon 4 gün önce
Amazing, the number of people on the ferry.
Geiza Lemos
Geiza Lemos 6 gün önce
Era muita poluição. Será que melhorou com o tempo,ou piorou...
m p
m p 6 gün önce
1920 a time without television and multimedia . Seeing those highrises for the first time must have been a much stronger impression on the incoming people .
jehu davis
jehu davis 7 gün önce
Just think, Joe Biden was only in Congress 40 years at this time!
Joseph Apate
Joseph Apate 8 gün önce
Many babies were born that year; Russian,German,American,British and Japanese. Crazy to think that in 20 years they would be at each other’s throat.
15. Emanuel Shaju
15. Emanuel Shaju 9 gün önce
I dont know who has taken this video. But thankyou so much.....
A A 9 gün önce
What the cause of the soaring smoke on top of the buildings?
Isabel Conejera
Isabel Conejera 7 gün önce
@ISuckAtBetting IG Qué bueno era ése sistema de calefacción y tal vez de aire acondicionado en verano 🤔
A A 9 gün önce
@ISuckAtBetting IG Thankx
ISuckAtBetting IG
ISuckAtBetting IG 9 gün önce
Steam pipes based heating systems
O.C.G.M 10 gün önce
Look at the wonderful clean modern(at the time) functioning city that the "toxic" patriarchy males built 🤦🏿‍♂️🤯🤣
Cat Man
Cat Man 10 gün önce
They built a beautiful city, what have we done? 🙏🏻
you’ll do nootin • 39 years ago
you’ll do nootin • 39 years ago 5 gün önce
Enhanced it lmfao the entire city looked like a retirement home
Ezza123 11 gün önce
What a horrible time to be alive
E A 12 gün önce
New York looking much better than today! Beautiful old buildings what are demolished today ! All this people are death ! Amazing film clip of history!
Delicious food  vlog
Delicious food vlog 13 gün önce
Looo at the people's attire.
PlanEP 13 gün önce
Anyone else get emotional watching this?
Aangshuman Boro
Aangshuman Boro 14 gün önce
India still not able to achieve this development even in 2021 😂😂😂
Arun Gowda
Arun Gowda 5 gün önce
@Tanmoy Mondal It’ll take another 100 -150 years to change the collective mindset.
Tanmoy Mondal
Tanmoy Mondal 13 gün önce
By the time this video was made,USA enjoyed more than 200+ years of deocracy/independence..just wait for another 30-40 years..
Agent D
Agent D 14 gün önce
Очень классно ! Лайк, подписка .
love and hate
love and hate 14 gün önce
This is so beautifully shot and the colors are so carcinogenic I love it; I think my favorite angle is 11:38.
mayosmith 16 gün önce
Strong n courageous generarion, everyone looks wayyyt more relaxed..sometimes i wish we had no smartphones..internet. social media
Andrea Calza
Andrea Calza 17 gün önce
how distinct the people were, and what a proud and elegant gait
Mark Jordan
Mark Jordan 17 gün önce
imagine not wearing a hat in 1920 you'd stick out like a sore thumb lol
Charlie 502
Charlie 502 18 gün önce
The singer tower was a marvel of Its time. I wish it was never demolished 😢
Елена 18 gün önce
А у нас шла Гражданская война
Tanner Tanner
Tanner Tanner 21 gün önce
Beautiful 😍. Congratulations 👏.
SUTAPA Gupta 21 gün önce
Very nice pictures but weather was very smoky
Cheryl Dahl
Cheryl Dahl 23 gün önce
Most everyone wears dark colors. No TV and internet or smartphones or social media make poeple humble and practical. Dark colors were easier to keep clean... or appear clean :) Very interesting.
SUPER GURU 24 gün önce
is it america tradition to wear suite in all time like that?
Arun Gowda
Arun Gowda 5 gün önce
It’s just that people were classy back then almost everywhere.
bae baebae
bae baebae 20 gün önce
no. it was mostly everywhere back then. just a style.
petitelidi 25 gün önce
Who build that city. And when?
jehu davis
jehu davis 7 gün önce
@O.C.G.M I dont blame you man👌
O.C.G.M 7 gün önce
@jehu davis 🤣...dont look at me brother I been moved out of NYC. I vote conservative at worst libertarianism 🤣
jehu davis
jehu davis 7 gün önce
@O.C.G.M and Democrats Destroyed it
jehu davis
jehu davis 7 gün önce
@petitelidi if you had an answer then why the question?
O.C.G.M 10 gün önce
Men built that city
Vincent Nord
Vincent Nord 25 gün önce
Maybe one of these people is our grandparent. Enjoy life respectfully cause life is short.
G's walk abouts
G's walk abouts 25 gün önce
Seems far fetched that a horse and cart was capable carrying supplies to build those huge stone building
university Terra mítica
university Terra mítica 7 gün önce
И не говорите. Отстроили такие небоскрёбы на горбу у лошадей и людей
Motivasi Amir Hamidi
Motivasi Amir Hamidi 26 gün önce
Skyscraper in 1920' 🙄🙄🙄 Magnificent!
Hurain ka kitchen
Hurain ka kitchen 27 gün önce
World Wide Birthday Celebrations!
World Wide Birthday Celebrations! 27 gün önce
The colour, and the slowing down of the pictures, really brings this to life! Well done!
Aquamarine 29 gün önce
Galing naman kaloka 1900s plang may Sky Scrapers na sila
z_mex 29 gün önce
What beautiful footage of people in the hustle and bustle of NYC. The ending is just lovely....this footage truly makes you see how life is like a vapor. "His breath goeth forth, he returneth to his earth; in that very day his thoughts perish." Psalm 146:4 Jesus says to him, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father, if not by Me. JOHN 14:6
عبدالعزيز اليافعي
عبدالعزيز اليافعي Aylar önce
Nice clothes covering so few unlagele crime
عبدالعزيز اليافعي
عبدالعزيز اليافعي Aylar önce
What is rong with u why all lady wear light clothes like bitch war happen
Arthur Chinaski
Arthur Chinaski 29 gün önce
What are you talking about? What do you mean?
عبدالعزيز اليافعي
عبدالعزيز اليافعي Aylar önce
Mean in 20 century
Baby Blue
Baby Blue Aylar önce
i really like how everyone dresses so nice. The men all with suits and ties. The women well groomed with high heels.
Mohamed mouad
Mohamed mouad Aylar önce
No god but Allah Everything will die Only God will remain May Allah be merciful to us
Daily Addicted
Daily Addicted Aylar önce
Ohh 😯😯 New York 1920 And other countries 2021 but 1920 better than 2021 in poor countries , And now check New York 💖💖💖 Great 👍🏻 I don't know why i like 1920
Lisa Orth
Lisa Orth Aylar önce
There sure was a lot of steam.
Radical Moderate
Radical Moderate Aylar önce
Wow New York City looks more orderly, more cleaner and safer than it does now lol
amir ali
amir ali Aylar önce
that was before democrats destroyed it
Kuya J
Kuya J Aylar önce
Why they need to wear same dress attire? And smoke is everywere? Is LPG not invented yet and they have to use coil in cooking like trains using steam before?
Arthur Chinaski
Arthur Chinaski 29 gün önce
It's called fashion.Steam power was important then.
eduardo cortes
eduardo cortes Aylar önce
Saben porque estan saliendo tantas peliculas de este tipo? en las redes?
university Terra mítica
university Terra mítica 7 gün önce
I tu saves purque?😳dime
miguel seoane
miguel seoane Aylar önce
el que nos da placer nos mata
miguel seoane
miguel seoane Aylar önce
el momento que empezo la polucion
miguel seoane
miguel seoane Aylar önce
europa america 8 dias en barco
miguel seoane
miguel seoane Aylar önce
sucedio mas en un siglo que en toda la vida no teniun que el tren coché pero no tv ni telefhono
miguel seoane
miguel seoane Aylar önce
un poco cambiado y es 1 siglo la vida de 1 o dos
Jann Rambo
Jann Rambo Aylar önce
Too much coal burning ... Now we are facing the consequences
M.N KHAN Aylar önce
Beutiful city in the world
bharat india
bharat india Aylar önce
Everything has been looted from India
Salvatore Aylar önce
@Rick88888888 😂😂
Rick88888888 Aylar önce
Wong comment under the wrong film. This is New York!
ᴀʟᴇx sᴛᴇʟɪᴀɴ
ᴀʟᴇx sᴛᴇʟɪᴀɴ Aylar önce
Alguien hace 100 años en el pasado ,pensó en nosotros en grabar estos cortos . Muchas gracias !
university Terra mítica
university Terra mítica 7 gün önce
A nosotros nadie no grava,esto es la pena,no entramus en estoriya
vincent okeyo
vincent okeyo Aylar önce
Better than african cities 100 years later
George Adams
George Adams 18 gün önce
Any year....
Mark Noah Sotelo
Mark Noah Sotelo Aylar önce
Anyone else feel the unintentional Melancholy as the shadows wipe away all the light from the people on the boat? That’s what time does to us all.
Ron Listhaeghe
Ron Listhaeghe Aylar önce
not much has changed they are all glued to their news papers. reading tones of gossip and lies from who ever controlled the media at the time
Mrs. Lindstrand
Mrs. Lindstrand Aylar önce
Wow, thank you for sharing💝
Ron Listhaeghe
Ron Listhaeghe Aylar önce
every guy wore the same hat
Drakonides the Vigilant
Drakonides the Vigilant 3 gün önce
"I was wearing an onion tied to my belt, as was the fashion at the time..." Grandpa Simpson
Ron Listhaeghe
Ron Listhaeghe 7 gün önce
@Arthur Chinaski thanks for your input :-D
university Terra mítica
university Terra mítica 7 gün önce
Не шляпу одну и ту же,а фасон шляпы один и тот же . Мода.
Arthur Chinaski
Arthur Chinaski 29 gün önce
It was the fashion.
Marianne Lynn Latjow
Marianne Lynn Latjow Aylar önce
I was born and raised in Staten Island and worked in WTC 2. I remember getting off the ferry, seeing the bubbles, having the ship line up perfectly with the dock. Thank you for some of the most beautiful memories I have of home. The days of innonce.
Corto Maltese
Corto Maltese Aylar önce
One different faraway United States.
Who Cares?
Who Cares? Aylar önce
Ignoring all the social issues of the time, this looks aesthetically beautiful and surreal in a strange nostalgic manner.
Jeong-hun Sin
Jeong-hun Sin Aylar önce
Alright, since when did serious men stop wearing a hat?
Suzanne Derringer
Suzanne Derringer 17 gün önce
Women stopped wearing hats too. I think around 1960.
Arthur Chinaski
Arthur Chinaski 29 gün önce
@YOYO CR Everyone wore hats then. Even republicans.
YOYO CR Aylar önce
Hat was a symbol of royalty
Le Anh Nguyet
Le Anh Nguyet Aylar önce
New York City was beautifully classy even 100 years ago ....,
Suzanne Derringer
Suzanne Derringer 17 gün önce
It isn't now, though!
Fatimaxn Barry
Fatimaxn Barry 28 gün önce
Yep. Extremely modern
hellomikie92 Aylar önce
Great video but bad choice of music.
UPDATE NEWS : Global Facts
UPDATE NEWS : Global Facts Aylar önce
USA,,, Smoke They destroyed Earth 100 years ago..
Çok uzaklarda
Çok uzaklarda Aylar önce
I'm 27 years old, my dream has always been to work in New York. I even clean the toilet. My country is unfortunately poor management. Young people are desperate. I live like a refugee in my country. RİP turkey
Çok uzaklarda
Çok uzaklarda Aylar önce
@Otna Coss First of all, we are all human beings, we came to this world as guests and we will leave.
Otna Coss
Otna Coss Aylar önce
@Juan Carlos I live in the US now, but I think it is not about him taking Islam somewhere, it is about people accepting it where they go. As an European born Christian and as a woman, I will accept Islam only in those countries.They are several hundred years behind. I will never accept the way they treat women and children. Leave them alone with their nomad life, and hopefully, they will leave us alone with our life.
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos Aylar önce
@Çok uzaklarda Europe is so beautiful..... it's nothing to do with geography. It's our different cultures. Some religious and some not. Only shitholes are Albania, Kosovo and Bosnia...... and that is 100% thanks to the Ottomans..... please swear that you will never bring Islam to Europe....
Çok uzaklarda
Çok uzaklarda Aylar önce
@Daniel Martin I want to come there how can I come
Çok uzaklarda
Çok uzaklarda Aylar önce
@Juan Carlos That's why it's necessary to start a new country, a new life, I've been thinking about this for months, but I don't know anyone abroad.
j b
j b Aylar önce
new york is in bad shape now becoz of the democrats! sad! but it is true!!!! we need change! never vote a democrat from now on! their goal is to destroy new york! my state! now is dying! GOD BLESS US ALL!
Giuseppe M
Giuseppe M Aylar önce
@Vincent Giasullo 1,000% times better. Democrats want europeans out. Wake up Giasullo! Of course you're a college student. What do you know about paying your way in life?
Vincent Giasullo
Vincent Giasullo Aylar önce
And Republican led states are better with all the issues that they have?
Giuseppe M
Giuseppe M Aylar önce
So right and NY will never be like this again.
Hackd Yoursh!It
Hackd Yoursh!It Aylar önce
Would have been more awesome with the music of 1921 playing instead of the newer music... Kust think everyone in this is dead except for a few probably?.... crazy
Rick88888888 Aylar önce
The music is my choice. I put 1940s music under a film about London during WW-II and got far more complaints than average. The vast majority of viewers simply don't like nor understand (often hissing & crackling) 78rpm wax records music. You wouldn't think so, but also there is hardly any music from the 1920s that is copyright-free.
Massey Aylar önce
Where was I when my grandfather wasn't born yet? Alhamdulilah Allah is the greatest. Quran 76
Arthur Chinaski
Arthur Chinaski 29 gün önce
Please, what has Allah and all that superstitious nonsense to do with this video?
Merc puktun
Merc puktun Aylar önce
When their was no feminism 😍
Arthur Chinaski
Arthur Chinaski 29 gün önce
Who Cares?
Who Cares? Aylar önce
Keep dreaming, lad.
Николай Фоменко
Николай Фоменко Aylar önce
Смотря это видео 1920 года в 2021 году живя в России как будто бы попадаешь в будущее . Вот парадокс
Liz Mitchel
Liz Mitchel 4 gün önce
Да, кремль сделал всё что бы уничтожить рускоговорящее пространство.
사랑아빠의 21 gün önce
Неговори. Америка 1920 года( 100 лет назад) кажется круче и мощнее чем РФ сейчас. Они на 100 лет вперед ушли
Laurence Gagno
Laurence Gagno Aylar önce
All those adults you see if it's 1920 are no longer with us,
Gaurav Chaudhary
Gaurav Chaudhary Aylar önce
cant understand how they built such things at that time….my country still lacks basic infrastructure at most of places.
Fatimaxn Barry
Fatimaxn Barry 28 gün önce
@Gaurav Chaudhary Britain basically stripped India and enriched themselves. It really put India 150 years back. Also the reason countries like India or African countries are behind in infrastructure is mainly due to corruption. Government don't put their people first. We it's getting there.
candyfloss184 Aylar önce
@Juan Carlos dear…please read about the refugee problem that India had to cope up with immediately after gaining her independence due to partition of India. It created a social crisis and mass unrest. No development could be achieved. It’s easy to judge others.
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos Aylar önce
@candyfloss184 India would have nothing without British infrastructure..... stop blaming colonization for all of the world's problems..... it's so tiresome. My country was also colonized by Muhammadists for 780 years.... we excelled after their expulsion. No time for blaming our problems on other people.......
Gaurav Chaudhary
Gaurav Chaudhary Aylar önce
@candyfloss184 maybe true but still we are relying on the British structure be it administrative or infra in some cities...Hope for the best for future!
candyfloss184 Aylar önce
Coz of education…it creates a primary difference. India was steeped into poverty due to its being a British colony.
Facts By Aman Ali
Facts By Aman Ali Aylar önce
Life is to short Respect humanity & love Nature Follow the true path & Die Peacefully 🙏❤
Yana Aylar önce
My favorite country ❤️😌
M.usman Aylar önce
lol! my city even today is not as goodlooking as 1900 newyork😒😒😒😒!
M.usman Aylar önce
@Schwaben Württemberg Capitalism select self- intetested politician and then cycle repeat itself and result is pollution+ destruction!
Schwaben Württemberg
Schwaben Württemberg Aylar önce
Your Politik make Something wrong
Samira Benalia
Samira Benalia Aylar önce
Men were men and women were women by then, but now it's very difficult to know. May Allah have mercy on our souls
Arthur Chinaski
Arthur Chinaski 18 gün önce
@George Adams It's OK. Allah is away on business.
George Adams
George Adams 18 gün önce
@Arthur Chinaski I think they just put a course on you
Samira Benalia
Samira Benalia 26 gün önce
Arthur Chinaski شكرا
Arthur Chinaski
Arthur Chinaski 27 gün önce
@Samira Benalia Good luck with that.
Samira Benalia
Samira Benalia 27 gün önce
Arthur Chinaski maybe for you, but for us Muslims no. Allah is our companion wherever we go. He is the all hearing, all seeing and the provider. Our souls belong to Him and we love that the last word we say before our death is His name.
Tofi Tiedemann
Tofi Tiedemann Aylar önce
Amazing. Roaring twenties📽📽📽
Jeremy Villar
Jeremy Villar Aylar önce
the first song sounds like something from a zelda or final fantasty game
A Aylar önce
Where are you running to? You're dead. What am I doing? I'm dead too.
Sotter joy
Sotter joy Aylar önce
Wow nice sharing friend
insidiousmaximus Aylar önce
people as cattle throughout the ages. eternal slavery
Shane Aylar önce
The funny thing is they could build a high rise faster then we can today
AMH PHARMAWORLD Dr. Alomgir Hussain
AMH PHARMAWORLD Dr. Alomgir Hussain Aylar önce
Maybe people will read my comments after 1000 years .!! I want to tell you guys we are watching you from haven!! Do the good stuffs which connect people and bring more loves and care to each others!!
Павел Рожков
Павел Рожков Aylar önce
like another world
burak alp 13 yıl önce
burak alp 13 yıl önce Aylar önce
With what difficulties did our grandfathers establish this homeland?
umair ahmad
umair ahmad Aylar önce
By dropping atomic bombs
burak alp 13 yıl önce
burak alp 13 yıl önce Aylar önce
EX Hindu Yedurappa
EX Hindu Yedurappa Aylar önce
Turan 🇹🇷🐺
burak alp 13 yıl önce
burak alp 13 yıl önce Aylar önce
i miss old america
Sher De Dahad
Sher De Dahad Aylar önce
You frome ❣ 😀
Dileep Newaskar
Dileep Newaskar Aylar önce
Beautiful 👌classssic/nostalgia I always ❤Love RETRO-METRO
fahim Aylar önce
Is that titanic ship?
Suzanne Derringer
Suzanne Derringer 17 gün önce
Titanic sank long before 1920.
M J Aylar önce
Titanic never reached US..
N N Aylar önce
It’s good to see opportunities were equal and value of life was defined by dedication of hard work, not some ugly strip printed on the street.
Meitei Macha
Meitei Macha Aylar önce
Wow...look at that 5th Ave....100 years ago...
Regch R.
Regch R. Aylar önce
I stopped watching when i reached the part where gigantic smokes are coming from the ships. I feel sad that it has been a long time since us humans have been feeding the Earth with pollutions.. I pray for our mother nature's full recovery and healing soon. Let's make it happen by contributing what we can do.. Greetings from Manila Philippines 🌿
Arthur Chinaski
Arthur Chinaski 29 gün önce
Dont be facile. The technology then was less advanced and there was no knowledge of climate change. But more importantly, had the world not been exactly as it was then in every detail, you wouldn't exist today to condemn it.The arrogance of the present is always with us.
Kicabran Ticta
Kicabran Ticta Aylar önce
Do you think Nikola Tesla was one in those crowds?
Regch R.
Regch R. Aylar önce
@Kicabran Ticta oh is that it?.. Thanks for the knowledge.. That's so interesting.. Wishing you a great day and great health.. Keep safe always 🌿
Kicabran Ticta
Kicabran Ticta Aylar önce
@Regch R. Pozdrav (pronounced as pohzdraff) means “finding you in good health” kinda greeting. Base of the greeting “zdrav” (means healthy), and “po” at the start (means in, or on). It’s the language of Tesla Nikola, Serb language 🇷🇸 .(my language) 👋🏻
Regch R.
Regch R. Aylar önce
@Kicabran Ticta what is pozdrav means.?.. Hi,.. How do you do.. How are you.. Take Care 🌿
Kicabran Ticta
Kicabran Ticta Aylar önce
@Regch R. Pozdrav 🙋🏻‍♂️👍🏼
Regch R.
Regch R. Aylar önce
Very nice thought provoking question.. I think the same thing too.. Greetings from Manila Philippines 🌿
Sanstar Aylar önce
I wish I had a time machine
Imey Aylar önce
That would be a great device or super power to have. Time travel.
Sanstar Aylar önce
Now newyork is full of strange people and rats 😂
Pauline Aylar önce
Beautiful ,Outstandingly Camera 🎥 productions.Everything is so Detailed the smoke, shadows and your eyes wants see every feature up close and zoom in. Love 💕 it. Thank You for sharing
Megan Aylar önce
im astonished by how much has changed in just 100 years.
S n
S n Aylar önce
I saw Don Corleone...
New York (1960-2018)
Wolf Dog
görünümler 39 B
Flying over American Cities 8K Ultra HD Drone Video
Sadakatsiz 32. Bölüm Fragmanı
görünümler 2,8 Mn
Bir Demet Skeç (91.Bölüm) - Çok Güzel Hareketler 2
Çok Güzel Hareketler
görünümler 721 B
LISA(리사) - LALISA @인기가요 inkigayo 20210919
스브스케이팝 / SBS KPOP
görünümler 8 Mn
The New York City Evolution Animation
Myles Zhang
görünümler 3 Mn
Our Daily Bread - Reel 2 (1962)
British Pathé
görünümler 4 Mn
Berlin in July 1945 (HD 1080p color footage)
görünümler 43 Mn
the early 1900's
t bro
görünümler 3 Mn
Sadakatsiz 32. Bölüm Fragmanı
görünümler 2,8 Mn
Bir Demet Skeç (91.Bölüm) - Çok Güzel Hareketler 2
Çok Güzel Hareketler
görünümler 721 B
LISA(리사) - LALISA @인기가요 inkigayo 20210919
스브스케이팝 / SBS KPOP
görünümler 8 Mn
iOS 15 ile Gelen En Önemli 15 Özellik!
görünümler 38 B
Aşk Ağlatır - Silsila Hint Dizisi | 1. Bölüm
Aşk Ağlatır - Silsila
görünümler 305 B
Çok Güzel Hareketler 2 - 91.Bölüm
Çok Güzel Hareketler
görünümler 1 Mn
Yasak Elma 112. Bölüm
Yasak Elma
görünümler 1,2 Mn