Koopmans frisian 46 - Sirion de aanloop naar vlieland

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11 yıl önce

De Koopmans frisian 46 genaamd de sirion bij de aanloop naar vlieland. Met 45 - 50 knopen wind tegen en stroom mee kwamen zij de haven van vlieland

Namrata KAWLEKAR 10 aylar önce
Bill From Germany
Bill From Germany 11 aylar önce
Why do these sorts of videos always show a sailing yacht entering harbour under engine with sails stowed? A problem with the engine would have disastrous consequences. The effect of rough seas is to give the diesel tank a good shaking and any crud will quickly find its way to the engine. Primary and secondary filters may stop the crud from reaching the injectors, but could stop the engine through fuel starvation. A reefed mainsail and jib would be advisable.
disklamer 6 aylar önce
@Bill From Germany See above, they responded too.
Bill From Germany
Bill From Germany 6 aylar önce
@disklamer Suggest you reread my comment. Any diesel engine, no matter how reliable, will „flake out“ if it is fed with dirty fuel. The fact that both foresail and main had been lost also calls into question the competence of those involved and the condition of the boat.
Herman zweering
Herman zweering 6 aylar önce
The channel between those island is quite narrow, especially with low tide which it is at the moment of filming. The wind was blowing from the south so we needed to zigzag in the channel which was not possible due to the reason given above. The front sail was already shred to pieces when out on sea, so we retrieved it and tried to stow it away, the staysail you see is not a staysail but the main front that’s demolished.. the main sail upholder broke so the boom came down, this meant we needed to go to port on the engine, the part you see in the video is the only part sailed on engine, further more the whole trip has been done on sail which is ofc more stable and reliable.
disklamer 10 aylar önce
@Bill From Germany That wasn't difficult or even challenging IMO but hey, the Ijsselmeer is full of fearless mofos.
Bill From Germany
Bill From Germany 10 aylar önce
@disklamer Neither the staysail nor the main are properly stowed ready to raise. Since the wind is offshore, ie from the harbour entrance, having the staysail or storm jib plus triple reefed main would have allowed them to turn and run off if the engine did fail. Your comment about a reliable engine made me shake my head. I have been sailing for over 60 years, and any sailor who rerlies solely on his engine in difficult conditions will, sooner or later come to grief. You should note that I was NOT recommending entering harbour under sail, impossible in these conditions anyway as the wind was dead ahead.
saus age
saus age 11 aylar önce
Wow. That boat is high draft out of the water
Tommy Petraglia
Tommy Petraglia Yıl önce
Nice entry, but I'm afraid the judges are going to have to deduct points for the staysail beating itself to shreds on the foredeck
Herman zweering
Herman zweering 6 aylar önce
It’s not a staysail... it’s the frontsail which was already shred to pieces when we retrieved it back in 😓
Leon Scheepers
Leon Scheepers Yıl önce
One of the greatest sea fairing nations on earth
Kurt B
Kurt B Yıl önce
klasse schipper ! duidelijk niet zijn eerste keer ;-)
alexmania911 Yıl önce
no es un velero, es un destructor.
Truth seeker Hill
Truth seeker Hill Yıl önce
Wow! That was a piece of work!😬
Ross Yıl önce
That was the easy part, where’s the docking scene?
Pietje puk
Pietje puk Yıl önce
En de hulpdiensten wagen hun leven wel weer voor dit soort ongein
Donald Vanvliet
Donald Vanvliet 9 aylar önce
ja, en dat dan nog op jouw kosten als belastingbetaler...potvolkoffie...dit kan niet dringend genoeg verboden worden!
Alexander C
Alexander C Yıl önce
These North Sea Iglu captains... meanwhile this was just another normal day at the Atlantic !
Cornelius de Jong
Cornelius de Jong Yıl önce
bla bla bla
Charles Reinhart
Charles Reinhart Yıl önce
The Netherlands, Vikings I think
Willy Witsel
Willy Witsel Yıl önce
Geweldig. Ben daar ook vaak naar binnen gevaren met harde wind. Maar niet met zulke golven. Die stonden alleen aan het begin van de vliesloot
steve austin
steve austin Yıl önce
a good captain would have stayed in port
jimdevalk 3 aylar önce
So make a video of your day in port. That should be great entertainment.
Donald Vanvliet
Donald Vanvliet Yıl önce
De beste stuurlui staan altijd aan wal ;-) Knap gedaan!
Herman zweering
Herman zweering Yıl önce
ofc we rather would have been in port, only no forecast planned this weather for this day so we went out with only 2bft and a sea as flat as a pancake...
Jörg Böhm
Jörg Böhm Yıl önce
Das wünscht sich niemand, da ist der Ritt in den Hafen die Errettung aus höchster Anspannung. Wer das mitgemacht hat, ist ein echter Salzbuckel oder segelt nie wieder. Respekt an die Crew...
FlatlandMando Yıl önce
Imagine the relief after boat & crew return safely
Herman zweering
Herman zweering Yıl önce
you can see us high fiveing each other when safely in port :)
warjacare Yıl önce
Maybe he should have the reefed mainsail hoisted, in case of engine failure.
Herman zweering
Herman zweering Yıl önce
main sail ripped apart.. so no possilbe way to reef it...
FlatlandMando 2 yıl önce
Can't beat a long narrow hull with a heavy keel & a sharp entry to give the boat balance & momentum going to windward. That seems to be why power boats don't do as well in such weather, high C.of G., flattish bottoms for excessive roll & they occupy only the turbulent upper layer of storm waves & have limited lateral plane
vitaliy vasylak
vitaliy vasylak 2 yıl önce
yeah right
yeah right 2 yıl önce
Rather choppy weather there
Siggi Haupt
Siggi Haupt 2 yıl önce
tolle seemännische leistung
patrick 2 yıl önce
it seems to have a broken hallyard for the boom
Herman zweering
Herman zweering Yıl önce
was broken indeed..
Martijn Heil
Martijn Heil 2 yıl önce
Probably lashed down on purpose to prevent it swaying back and forth a bit through the air. You usually can't tighten the boom enough with the mainsheet to prevent any movement whatsoever.
Onur Ozerol
Onur Ozerol 2 yıl önce
nice engine nice hull
Bettje Smit-de Vries
Bettje Smit-de Vries Yıl önce
Ik ben al een oudje 88 maar petje af een stukje zeilkunst 1e klanten. Bettje
guido uyterhaegen
guido uyterhaegen 2 yıl önce
Ik hoop dan altijd maar dat dat motortje blijft draaien nietwaar........bugs are everyware these days,en niet alleen op computers......
guido uyterhaegen
guido uyterhaegen 2 yıl önce
En ze houden vooral van dit type weer......
Andreas Paul
Andreas Paul 2 yıl önce
Es war heftig! Und seht schon gemacht!
120 bpm
120 bpm 2 yıl önce
Sempre alla faccia di quei deficienti che dicono che il motore, sulla barca a vela non serve
bengiman big
bengiman big 3 yıl önce
pot on cap
ChrisCo 3 yıl önce
With a single motor, that was impressive!!!
Evert Versluis
Evert Versluis 3 yıl önce
Knap gedaan. Hoewel grootzeil (half over de railing) aangeeft dat het wel hard eraan toe ging.....
Herman zweering
Herman zweering 2 yıl önce
Evert Versluis kraanlijn was ook kapot 😅
Barry van Vliet
Barry van Vliet 3 yıl önce
Deze Koopmans vind dit niet erg met dit weer ga je niet het water op maar als je eenmaal op zit en dit weer breekt los dat zit je toch goed op zo een koopmans .
KoldingDenmark 3 yıl önce
Well done, he knows how to handle the waves and the angle for the entry of the harbour. Weather can change unexpectedly when you are at sea, who you must how how to do this. I am a sailboat sailor myself.
Putera Usman
Putera Usman 4 yıl önce
i go to the sea with that boat captain anytime..
Herman zweering
Herman zweering 4 yıl önce
so when do you want to sail? the boat is sitting in a harbour for over one year now :(
roccoiiooii 8 yıl önce
Netjes gedaan onder die omstandigheden.
fruithero 8 yıl önce
Hoe bedoel je? Is dit gevaarlijk?
Pim Visser
Pim Visser 8 yıl önce
Idioten blijven er
Donald Vanvliet
Donald Vanvliet Yıl önce
Angsthazen ook.
Tok 59
Tok 59 2 yıl önce
@Ed Huisman geef mij maar mijn ligbad..dan de Waddenzee bij storm😂
Ed Huisman
Ed Huisman 4 yıl önce
Pim Visser is wat te voorbarig.....
MrZweering 9 yıl önce
hahah klopt inderdaad dat hij 16 meter is maar op het moment van aanloop leek het wel 10 :)
M.J. Evers
M.J. Evers 9 yıl önce
16 meter toch?
René van der Ploeg
René van der Ploeg 11 yıl önce
vette video herman!
Jan van harten
Jan van harten 11 yıl önce
Fraaie video!!!! Blij dat wij binnendoor zijn gegaan. Jan
Albert Snoei
Albert Snoei 3 yıl önce
Binnendoor naar Vlieland?
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