He Punished Her for Bad Behavior, She Used Secret Victims Code to Survive |

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He locked her at home and subjected her to a cruel and awful attitude. He took away her phone and cut from all connections. She couldn't take a step away from him. Then she found out a way to let the police know. This is a secret code everyone should know.

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DramatizeMe 2 aylar önce
If you were that police officer, would you guess what was that lady talking about? 😱
Cutie pie Mara _.
Cutie pie Mara _. 19 saatler önce
Carol Linares
Carol Linares 8 gün önce
Thank you ❤️
Maria Ioana
Maria Ioana 12 gün önce
Fabiana Trindade
Fabiana Trindade 14 gün önce
There's a video with a real life 911 call of a woman calling for "pizza" (help). You could at least have mentioned this was based on true events 😐
Yoyo Yara
Yoyo Yara 16 gün önce
Honestly I would
TheMormonSorceress 5 saatler önce
I would never talk to the mother again
Douglas Adair
Douglas Adair Gün önce
I just can't picture how anybody would treat women with such contempt
Douglas Adair
Douglas Adair Gün önce
I became a man when I became a man I knew a man was to be good to women on the other hand many other men have no heart and never treat women with the the grace and charm they deserve
[•Milly•] Gün önce
BeCaUsE i SaId sO
[•Milly•] Gün önce
Him :if i told you not to talk to your mother you have To obey! Me:if i told you to shu-
iidjkg Gün önce
Incredible performance by the actor and actress. Very believable.
Ruby Chaudhary
Ruby Chaudhary Gün önce
What is the type of this life. If this is called married life then It's better to die single
Zoe Barhatkov
Zoe Barhatkov Gün önce
this is a joke he channed the subject and said that she cant go anywere and she isgeting beaten
PIE WONDERS 2 gün önce
I want to be just like this. Women LOVE this kind of man; they always go for this type. Yes WOMEN LOVE THIS!
DE Zulfikar Alwanni
DE Zulfikar Alwanni 2 gün önce
anjrit , sinetron amerika :v
Adenike Oke
Adenike Oke 2 gün önce
People aren't property! You don't own anybody not even the ones you gave birth to. The guys behaviour only shows his own weakness and insecurities. He used his wife as a way to test his manhood by exerting power over her. SHAME!!
Mama 2 gün önce
It's not true that you have nowhere to go if you try to escape an abuser. Go to a police station, go to a hospital, go to a public place. You will be taken care of. Just ask for help, people will help you. Also it's not true that you are nothing without your abuser : you were a valuable person before you met them and you will be a valuable person when you leave them.
ThrustingToTheStarsLOL 2 gün önce
The problem is they wouldn't arrive instantly. By the time the police arrives he would have killed her, or at least, drain every bit of sanity out of her.
Nancy Jain
Nancy Jain 3 gün önce
Wao that's inspiring... I hope all goes well 🤞🏻
Birdie Chidambaran
Birdie Chidambaran 3 gün önce
It is shocking to see so many episodes dealing with the barbarism that goes under the caption "domestic violence" and I was all along under the erroneous impression that such cruelties are meted out to only women in the Indian subcontinent! I was under the impression that women in Western countries are brought up in parental homes with courage, dignity, and individual freedom. More so, in schools and colleges where I imagined they would learn to act independently. But it seems my impressions are far from reality and women are at the receiving end of violence all over the world... Time women woke up to their rights to demand a Society that respects and honours them... Wake up, women...
•Alicornyay• 3 gün önce
Girls arent toys, boys arent wallets. Just remember that
Ila Taylor
Ila Taylor 3 gün önce
Yall got to be joking me with this one.. This is pathetic and a mockery to us survivors if domestic abuse
Ismail Aziz
Ismail Aziz 3 gün önce
I'm 34 a Malaysian Malay Muslim widower man. If I have a beautiful and good wife like this, I will take good care to her for my whole life as a responsible husband.
Rahul Shetty
Rahul Shetty 3 gün önce
The actress is very talented.
Better Health for Women and Men
Better Health for Women and Men 4 gün önce
I been through this. And I was so glad when he went to jail. Women use wisdom Use codes to say your own life
Todd Not
Todd Not 4 gün önce
I wouldn't hesitate for a second. Smashing this guys face in or anyone who treats a woman this way. Grrrrrrrrrrr really makes my blood boil. Guys like this don't even deserve to ever have a gf atall,full stop.
Caroline Chun
Caroline Chun 4 gün önce
Why do some men think women r their property?
sneha A
sneha A 4 gün önce
Whatever the culture is or in any corner of the world it's okay if a man doesn't respect a woman, he is rude, abusive especially a husband,In fact it is a woman's duty to bear with it... Unless and until a woman teaches his children boy or girl how to behave, how to react and how to express the feelings!!!
Gede Febry
Gede Febry 4 gün önce
John is a kind of psycho....
KarenMary Jones
KarenMary Jones 4 gün önce
This is so sad. Hes a pitiful pitiful man
jenjen ytc
jenjen ytc 5 gün önce
All mom should know her own children better than anyone else.
Mrinmoy Banik
Mrinmoy Banik 5 gün önce
Too much over aching!😑
Starrider Kittykat
Starrider Kittykat 6 gün önce
Soup would have went in his lap,water jug over his head!
Bruce Crouser
Bruce Crouser 7 gün önce
No man should treat a woman like that, I would treat her like a qween
Roslizan Bintimalik
Roslizan Bintimalik 7 gün önce
Sick man.
sakib nazmus
sakib nazmus 7 gün önce
busted husband... Loyal wife and she loved her husband but in this situation no one can love a man like him for long time
Pizzagrinder59 Gaming
Pizzagrinder59 Gaming 7 gün önce
Poor her
Angela Caffrey
Angela Caffrey 7 gün önce
Some man can be verbally in what they and words can hurt you to just like fighting with 👐
Carol Lara
Carol Lara 7 gün önce
Who writes this cheesy crap? And who have the affinity for always having men treat women like shit? It seems like the writer themselves have a secret. I'm over this form of misogyny dressed up like someone gives a damn. Why is it always the woman suffering in your dramatization and not men? 🙄
Angela Caffrey
Angela Caffrey 7 gün önce
I like to win because l learn
Napisah Mohammed
Napisah Mohammed 7 gün önce
The guy is a sadist n a psychopath
Shanara Rich
Shanara Rich 8 gün önce
Shanara Rich
Shanara Rich 8 gün önce
that's not how you should treat a lady and that's because I'm turning8Doesn't mean I can't call the cops on you if I'm treating a woman like that you should do that with a bat and kindness your lucky I can't look up because I don't have a phone bye-bye I could call you as I thought but I can't say that word so by piece that should I do that tha
ATflims 8 gün önce
the mom is a G.O.A.T.
Ravi Shankar Kathergamathamby
Ravi Shankar Kathergamathamby 9 gün önce
How did they even get married
Majed done subscribed to every one. Alnaqi
Majed done subscribed to every one. Alnaqi 9 gün önce
is this real or acting
Michelle Le
Michelle Le 8 gün önce
LION CUB 10 gün önce
Horrible thing is that These types of people actually exist in our society By the way this woman is a good actor ❤️
AstroSkys 10 gün önce
If the girl in this video was my wife, I would treat her like a queen. she is so beautiful.
Rose 10 gün önce
Lol i would have beat him if this was my husband
Music_Mania 10 gün önce
The acting is so deadly that I started hating myself for being a man
Jo Music
Jo Music 10 gün önce
This was from a real story right? :O
RedxLilxSleepy 10 gün önce
Plot twist she's actually sick and imagining things
Sharyn 10 gün önce
I never knew about the victims code until I saw this, it should be put out in the public so more people know about it. That includes law enforcement. Fyi. My ex hit me just once. I left him and never looked back.
Gladys Maila
Gladys Maila 11 gün önce
all the abused girls and women must know the tricks of calling the police when it is though, good lady you ditit
Sparks 11 gün önce
I didn't quite understand how the police officer understood the situation 🤔
Kidist Kitaw
Kidist Kitaw 13 gün önce
Smart women. Good job
Kidist Kitaw
Kidist Kitaw 13 gün önce
Wrong husband
Kidist Kitaw
Kidist Kitaw 13 gün önce
I am sorry for happening to you.
Kimberly Davis
Kimberly Davis 13 gün önce
Being in an abusive relationship is terrible and horrible. It's not as easy as people think to get out of an abusive relationship or unhealthy abusive situations. Especially if you don't have money and a vehicle to leave the abusive relationship or abusive situation. You make a report and get a restraining order. It doesn't matter because some abusers will break the restraining order. Sometimes you just have to pack up and move away and not tell anyone where your going.
Aaliyah Hamilton
Aaliyah Hamilton 13 gün önce
This man is so wicked to his wife
Aku Esufali
Aku Esufali 13 gün önce
DramatizeMe 12 gün önce
Thank you, Aku 🤗
Brenda Sanders
Brenda Sanders 13 gün önce
Men from the Middle East are often very controlling by nature. They don't treat women respectfully at all.
Nana 13 gün önce
Really reminds me of someone I know....
Beata Cioncka
Beata Cioncka 13 gün önce
Karma is a bitch! And he is the useless one, among many horrible things! How dare he treat a woman this this way??????? This planet is horrific!
Chitra Shreedharan
Chitra Shreedharan 13 gün önce
What the husband behaved with his wife If the wife starts behaving like this to the husband then only they will understand the value of a person
keionna simmonds
keionna simmonds 13 gün önce
🥰Keionna smmnods☠🦄🦮🍕
Somqi 14 gün önce
lol. She believed his son-in-laws words more than her daughter? What the heck?
Sarah Rodriguez
Sarah Rodriguez 14 gün önce
I seen this on tiktok 😂
Stephen's Animation and Gaming
Stephen's Animation and Gaming 15 gün önce
It’s amazing how they used the same 2 actors for 2 different videos
✨Bubbles ✨ Plays Roblox
✨Bubbles ✨ Plays Roblox 15 gün önce
In the first scene it looked so real I cried for her.
Seraphrius 15 gün önce
Thank you for this. It removes my anxiety. I hope i can be the part of your production. :)
dennis mckown
dennis mckown 15 gün önce
guy is one lazy sob. never could understand being submissive. guess she never had a job
XxsometimesXx 15 gün önce
At the start I would just break up
Tristan Michael
Tristan Michael 15 gün önce
Why is this always a man abusing a woman on this channel any gender can be abusive.
Tv Only
Tv Only 15 gün önce
I'm free of him❤ the actors are amazing, I felt myself at my ex house for a sec. If you're being abused please leave give yourself a chance to have a life.
Ashley Davison
Ashley Davison 16 gün önce
Guys like this should be lock up in jail for the rest of their lives
amber greer
amber greer 16 gün önce
ok how manys newzealanders whatch this
Jun Aranda
Jun Aranda 17 gün önce
8:21 if I was the mom, right here is where I would be at 98% that he is lying. Cause if my daughter was really sick and not taking medications and believe that her husband is a tyrant; and he would say “… take her home, give her medicine, take her to her doctor,” I would ask him, “name of doctor, what meds she on?” Then if he can’t answer those I would say “I don’t believe you, I’m taking her to see a doctor before I give her back to you.” If he can answer those, then to be safe I would check the credentials of the doctor and call the doctor from the website, not from the husband, cause… it hard to not believe my daughter over her husband. Especially, if he kept me in the dark about my daughter.
DH L 17 gün önce
I gotta say while this isnt every guy in the world its enough of them if not to many still.
DH L 17 gün önce
To anyone in abusive relationships your worth more/do more then the abuser or they wouldnt try to degrade and abuse you so often. If you have children. Is that the role model you want for them to have? As a child whose mother was in one from time I was 6 to 13. By time I was 11 I was questioning if she loved us much less herself staying with him. Running out of the house in the middle of the night to call the police and hiding in a neighbours yard till they came. Who would drive him across town or put him in a drunk tank overnight telling him to sober up he was sure to tell her as he beat her again how they just let him go. By the time she was in her late 40s she didnt think she deserved better then piece of shit males to abuse her. So dont do it to yourselves and dont do it to your children
Kimberly Bracken
Kimberly Bracken 17 gün önce
I severed my connection with my family because I was tired of the verbal abuse they I was receiving
Kerry France
Kerry France 18 gün önce
No husband owns their wife she should be able to get help
Debasmita Biswas
Debasmita Biswas 18 gün önce
What kind of mother is she???!!! It felt like she doesn't even know her own daughter...
batul Shakir
batul Shakir 18 gün önce
girl:dont touch me man: no no no man: touching girl
Colleen Vantrease
Colleen Vantrease 18 gün önce
When ,if you or someone else you know is going through a situation like this tell them to get out of it as fast as possible. For your life depends on it . You' ll be glad you did.
Colleen Vantrease
Colleen Vantrease 18 gün önce
I know that I was completely scared 😨😳out of wits .I lived in fear 😱😨😪😕😢. Both of them destroyed my health. I lost too much weight. As far as a future relationship with someone else I don't believe that I will have it . Reason being I don't want to go through that again.
Colleen Vantrease
Colleen Vantrease 18 gün önce
There are ways too many abusive boy friends, 👦husbands in this cruel world 🌎. Who are hateful, disrespectful,harmful, controlling, destructive,hurting towards the people they're supposed to love ,care about. It's a shame that it has to happen this way . Many times over there's women who are killed in the process .I was in a situation like this myself. In his mind I couldn't do things right . Whenever he was around my nerves were shot to pieces . When the police were called they were of no help to me. It sure really truly honestly did seem to me that they took the word of the guys 👦over me . Meaning my ex- husband (who I divorced later on). My ex-boyfriend. I just knew that if either 1 of them would have killed me then maybe something would have been done. They (meaning the guys had mental issues).
Moonandsuny 18 gün önce
This girl is so beautiful mashallah💗💗
Ankita Bhowmick
Ankita Bhowmick 18 gün önce
Whenever a human survives something.... they do one thing brilliantly... that killer smile.
◈•ShadowChris◈• 19 gün önce
Im your husband.. me: ya an abusive one
Amazing Cook Book
Amazing Cook Book 19 gün önce
Well Done Gal
Psycho Hernandez
Psycho Hernandez 19 gün önce
You really don’t know ur kid if they telling you something with proof n all and you jus let them go back into danger n ppl like that are so stupid too how could you let someone walk all over you like that at least fight the MF back
Tired of giorno's theme ngl
Tired of giorno's theme ngl 19 gün önce
This character not the actor, obviously, can't tell the difference between wife and female slave
Gina Chiodo
Gina Chiodo 20 gün önce
I wonder if that actor is a prick in life. He sure plays the part well.
R A 20 gün önce
That’s what I learn about this security Codes You will survived 🙏.
Kenya Jordan
Kenya Jordan 20 gün önce
Oooooo dogssssssssss
Kenya Jordan
Kenya Jordan 20 gün önce
Kenya Jordan
Kenya Jordan 20 gün önce
Theodora 20 gün önce
Brilliant acting xx
Google maps Google maps
Google maps Google maps 20 gün önce
your wife is your very love, not slave
Dr Flaming
Dr Flaming 20 gün önce
Discipline is the way to obey people and respect.
nithya ruba
nithya ruba 20 gün önce
Awesome one
Indra M
Indra M 20 gün önce
Poor lady, I am so sorry for her, her husband is a monster 🤔
Dymphna Stephanie Mccrory
Dymphna Stephanie Mccrory 20 gün önce
Even people in D/S relationship are DISGUSTED BY THIS🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 IDIOTTTTTTTTTTT
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