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So in the latest update, the developers made some changes to Diggie's first skill.
It's been a while since his last adjustment and he's been in the unpopular section for quite some time now

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Lensky 3 aylar önce
Diggie was my primary hero that brought me to Mythic, I'm glad Diggie is getting some recognition again.
eugene satimbre
eugene satimbre 2 aylar önce
@Gerene Rhodes just use tank build
Gerene Rhodes
Gerene Rhodes 2 aylar önce
Wow can I ask what build you used? Hehehe I'm still in grandmaster and looking for the hero who can take me to mythic 😅
Gerene Rhodes
Gerene Rhodes 2 aylar önce
Wow can I ask what build you used? Hehehe I'm still in grandmaster and looking for the hero who can take me to mythic 😅
orange 3 aylar önce
And u can't reach legend with Paquito
GusionFast_Hand 3 aylar önce
Jacob Frey
Jacob Frey 3 aylar önce
I kind want diggie to be more of a support than a mage, but any buff or adjustment is good on him since he is underrated anyway.
Fah m
Fah m 3 aylar önce
@The King{ただの王} oh no problem. I'll search in TRshow,
The King{ただの王}
The King{ただの王} 3 aylar önce
@Fah m the old one is a mask and different use(expect conceal) Idk how to explain it
Honorstealer 3 aylar önce
@Fah m we had 3 different roaming items and they were not merged with the boots
Fah m
Fah m 3 aylar önce
@Si Ameno~ Yeah. Totally trash tactic. By the way I don't know about the old roaming system. Since you're and OG can you please tell me how it's different than today's roaming system ? And why would the minions have less HP ? You can explain in short if you don't have time.
Fah m
Fah m 3 aylar önce
@Vanderlei Júnior I don't know, even they don't know probably they just heard there's a diggie strategy where you have to die a lot. But what I heard is, if you die a lot then enemy would be rewarded with with less gold after some time and since diggie always respawns where he is enemy would leave their farm and go to kill him or chase him while your teammates would steal turret, turtle or buff.
Zainal 977
Zainal 977 3 aylar önce
Diggie before :"I'm an egg" Diggie Now:"Killer queen has touch the bush, killer Queen daisan no Bakudan"
Meme Man
Meme Man 3 aylar önce
No no its sheer heart attack
DAVID THE EPIC 3 aylar önce
Zainal 977
Zainal 977 3 aylar önce
@Quang Đỗ lmao hylos is a horse, never in a million year will a horse defeat an egg.
Quang Đỗ
Quang Đỗ 3 aylar önce
@Zainal 977 what are you talking about? Hylos is the best assasin
Zainal 977
Zainal 977 3 aylar önce
@Quang Đỗ nani?! I believe in Shrek Supremacy
Zhekmate Ven
Zhekmate Ven 3 aylar önce
Question: Why does the developers give a 'stacking' passive to heroes like Franco and Diggie who are tank/support heroes? Is it just to increase their damage output? Will we see more tank/support heroes to have these 'stacking' effects?
Fah m
Fah m 3 aylar önce
@bob joe It's for stopping the feeding strategy. And you can check if the bomb is there or not, if not that means someone entered the bush. But I agree his skill should provide vision like Selena or Nana's. Or just change his role to mage/support. But Franko's early game damage is too much for a tank. However in late game it's not a big difference.
bob joe
bob joe 3 aylar önce
I think the design on Franco damage stack is good. But on diggie it’s just bad fit for the role. They could have made the bombs permanent(until used) and increased how many active bombs there could be. Furthermore they could have given it vision capabilities. This would fit the role of support. But no, they just buff damage.
Fah m
Fah m 3 aylar önce
@Haykal Zamri Imagine stacking system on Layla, Eudora, Zilong and some other old heroes
Haykal Zamri
Haykal Zamri 3 aylar önce
They try to revamp old heroes so thats why this hero get this kind of changes. I think yes they want to increase damage output so they can go on their on. I dont think so , that we will have another stacking system passive 😂
Gonzales Rex
Gonzales Rex 3 aylar önce
as a diggie user i recommend the item "Cursed Helmet" in Defense section, cuz that item have "Molten Essence" that will burn them down, and also its good for diggies passive because the passive of the item is active and also it can deal more damage to nearby enemies
Zainal 977
Zainal 977 3 aylar önce
Now I think Diggie is Extremely op -Has a damage first skill -Has CC second skill -Has an Immune+shield Ulti -can provide map to team when dead -can turn into an egg
CeeRie 3 aylar önce
Diggie can also be a counter for Chang'e which can make chang'e's second skill kinda useless
Ezuran 3 aylar önce
He is not extremely op he is just now way more usefull. His ult can only do 2 things, give shield and purify for 3.5 secs. It did not increase ur mov speed or what else and has a 60secs cooldown at all level. 2nd skill is a good cc for dashy heroes to prevent them from escaping or to make then waste their dash skill but it doesnt stun or anything too stall the enemy so u will still need a hero in your team who can stun/knockup/any cc to stop enemy from doing anything. His damage 1stt skill can be dodge but IMO its just soo balance. Plus his ult is not immune its just a purify, you still can die if enemy has many burst damage like karrie, lance, lunox and somehow dangerous to use when facing esmeralda. He is not OP but he is soo good to be in any squad and will be superrrrrr extremely usefull and annoying if enemy use ton of cc heroes. The egg passive is kinda like a bonus but i would always choose not to die but with diggie, if you accidentaly died, u can still be usefull and can still gain assist. So yeah not op, just much usefull or i says balance.
Klyzer 3 aylar önce
-is a bird
Slims-101 3 aylar önce
Been using diggie as a mage with dire hit roam. It's actually OP if you can catch your opponents off guard with your bomb stacks.
Raymark Capua
Raymark Capua 3 aylar önce
Yahh i used earlier with full mage build
Railey Josh Bembo
Railey Josh Bembo 3 aylar önce
I think that makes diggie a more mage damage output that support.
Justine Dela Serna
Justine Dela Serna 3 aylar önce
No its okay . He is very easy to kill without def items anyway
Luis Perez
Luis Perez 3 aylar önce
@Fah m yea even Carmella too
Railey Josh Bembo
Railey Josh Bembo 3 aylar önce
@Fah m Yes, you have a point..
Railey Josh Bembo
Railey Josh Bembo 3 aylar önce
@Haykal Zamri HAHAHAHA Yes, Indeed
Fah m
Fah m 3 aylar önce
Supports are mage nowadays, Kaja, Diggie, Nana, Mathilda.
yugigikaya 3 aylar önce
I agree on the adjustment meant to prevent the feeding strat.
Rosie_iix 3 aylar önce
what i rlly like about diggie is his passive XD its so cute
Slims-101 3 aylar önce
@Criminal S agreed! Moonton really need to work on those heros, instead of revamping all those top tier heros
Slims-101 3 aylar önce
@Nolan Lustica I agree, but as a support hero you're not supposed to KS lol 😂
Nolan Lustica
Nolan Lustica 3 aylar önce
@Slims-101 Rafaela's passive is the worst for me
Nolan Lustica
Nolan Lustica 3 aylar önce
@Slims-101 I disagree. Estes' passive gives him the damage output he lacks. I always get a kill (or KS haha) with it since the enemy thinks that my attack wont hurt
Criminal S
Criminal S 3 aylar önce
@Slims-101 Zhask's passive is useless too
Luis Perez
Luis Perez 3 aylar önce
As a diggie main I approve this new effect, makes diggie more scary
𝚂𝚝𝚛𝚎𝚜𝚜𝚎𝚍 3 aylar önce
Montoon be like : *players* : this hero needs a revamp ! *Montoon* : * slaps a stack system on franko , there you go players ! A balanced hero ! *players* : but we didnt need that on franko..... *Montoon* : *Slaps another stack system on diggie , anything else ? *players* : (╥_╥)👍
No Sus
No Sus 3 aylar önce
I like how Angela got all the kills when lance turret dive and die 🤣🤣
Rushifa 3 aylar önce
The way Elgin plays Diggie makes me anxious lol, luckily his team doesn't trashtalk him.
Ho Lee Fuk
Ho Lee Fuk 3 aylar önce
Jamie Jasen Yatco
Jamie Jasen Yatco 3 aylar önce
They don't tolerate trash talking here
WilzyGaming 3 aylar önce
Looks like this is the comeback of the one of the forgotten heroes. Big improvement to the divelopers for thinking other heroes than the meta heroes
Pheresaul Night
Pheresaul Night 3 aylar önce
10:29 look at the effect on that Granger's special skin!
Pheresaul Night
Pheresaul Night 3 aylar önce
Oh.Sorry guys!it's special skin!sorry!sorry for the inconvenience!
Lorraine 3 aylar önce
Yucant Cme
Yucant Cme 3 aylar önce
That's his special skin
Argie Marin
Argie Marin 3 aylar önce
That isn't...
Gaicer Ace Ramos
Gaicer Ace Ramos 3 aylar önce
I love the new Diggie adjustment his so powerful now🥰
Nocturne Sol
Nocturne Sol 3 aylar önce
Hey, when you are making a video showing heroes and skill damage, or combos. Can you please show us enemy hero builds at the time, and their current amount of HP, Armor, and attack. It would help a lot.
Laucipher 3 aylar önce
I miss Diggie's ticking time bomb that stuns the enemies
Thiago. 3 aylar önce
Really good buffs for Diggie and Atlas. Diggie can be great roamer for some tank/off tank junglers.
Hruaitea Sathing
Hruaitea Sathing 3 aylar önce
At this point Diggie is just A Mage who Like's blowing up people and take their hand to fulfill his Birdly Desires.
BlatantSlander 3 aylar önce
Elgins video is late its 60 stacks now heheh
Ikaa♡ 3 aylar önce
Diggie Yoshikage
MaicaMlbb 3 aylar önce
Every time you view your build to us The Name never Fail to make Me Laugh 🤣❤️
Alpha Epsilon
Alpha Epsilon 3 aylar önce
Although his S1 enhanced and have AOE, his Ult skill kinda not complemented the combo (S2-S1-S1) when facing speedy hero by himself. So, IMHO Diggi should become Quasi Dmg Support and paired with HDPS Mage
Anthony Barredo
Anthony Barredo 3 aylar önce
Watching this really makes me want to play diggie again.
yeahigotyou igotthisoncamera
yeahigotyou igotthisoncamera 3 aylar önce
Should've added a mobility skill like flying for more mvmnt speed. That way he can be more present during teamfights
Wind Sarveda
Wind Sarveda 3 aylar önce
Well he ulty does that
Spark Angel
Spark Angel 3 aylar önce
Opponent team: " Oh they have Diggie mid-lane, that is a weak midlaner, let's focus mid " Diggie: " Are you sure about that ! " Mid-lane turret still standing till the end of the game 🤣
𝚂𝚝𝚛𝚎𝚜𝚜𝚎𝚍 3 aylar önce
*Montoon* : Makes a hero with passive that needs to be activated only after after death *Also montoon* : Punished the hero for dying by removing the stacks players : what do you want us to do here ?! *montoon* : idk lol I'm drunk players : ಠ_ಠ
:O 3 aylar önce
limitation of the passives effectivnesss exists in all heroes. ruby cant lifesteal from auto attack, ling has a massive crit debuff, beatrix cannot crit etc. and just like that diggie is also effected by it, its nothing abnormal
Ghast 3 aylar önce
He can be use as a burst mage now ult for survivability and 2nd skill for CC
MoZ 3 aylar önce
i can't wait for floryn to get buffed. she was my main that brought me to mythic last season, but she's been a bit sidelined this season due to favor nerf
Jomar Anthony Bautista
Jomar Anthony Bautista 3 aylar önce
Would definitely be adjusted before releasing in official server
Mario Homeres
Mario Homeres 3 aylar önce
One thing about diggie's first skill is that it chases enemies!
Paul Villareal
Paul Villareal 3 aylar önce
He is now a liability to the them unlike before when no one cares if he die. His stack feature is limiting and making him a backline property needs to protected.
Kesh Datt
Kesh Datt 3 aylar önce
Diggie is a deadly hero if you know how to use him
Kpop Fever
Kpop Fever 3 aylar önce
I got all of diggie's skin so I guess it would make me wanna use him again
Vibra 3 aylar önce
Personally I don't like this buff too much because it's focused on damage, now I feel that he's still lacking as a support while he's still not good enough to be a damage dealer, but I do like the first skill revamp, and a buff for him is good nonetheless
Nalupy Gollua
Nalupy Gollua 3 aylar önce
12:48 me being triggered that he didn't used his flameshot to kill bea 😬 What if the stack is odd number, what will be the half of it? Like if it's 21, will it be 10 or 11?
Honorstealer 3 aylar önce
It will be 10.5 Kidding
duckk 3 aylar önce
I think A little buff would do. 1% dmg per stack to 1.3-1.5% per stack
Mr NTER 2 aylar önce
i notice while playing diggie (im using this build) first skill is 4seconds and i replace the arcane shoes to magic shoes its 3seconds only (i know im not dumb the boots gives cooldown) and its good for stacking bombs becuz of the low cooldown
Honey juice
Honey juice 3 aylar önce
I use to be a diggie main but I'ved ditched diggie him in my first year for harley and cyclops, but with this buff I think might try mage build diggie soon
Honey juice
Honey juice 3 aylar önce
@BS shut up, I know I'm short 😔
BS 3 aylar önce
So you only play dwarf heroes :D
Honey juice
Honey juice 3 aylar önce
@Yucant Cme I used to be known as ks lord back then back, but now my allies will have diggiephobia for the rest of their lives
Yucant Cme
Yucant Cme 3 aylar önce
Matheus Ferreira
Matheus Ferreira 3 aylar önce
I think The Last talent from mage emblem would have helped with the poking and help stack genius wand
R.T.G 3 aylar önce
I love how I can now hardcarry my team and troll enemy team with diggie now
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang SHORTS
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang SHORTS 3 aylar önce
*Ah yes, my Top 1 Local Diggie have a buff!✨*
Bill YT
Bill YT 3 aylar önce
0:47 that's actually smart move moonton did to prevent diggie feeding strategy.
Toru Sato
Toru Sato 3 aylar önce
@Bill YT The items like cursed helmet, dominance ice etc. used to work on diggie when he officially released but they patched it quickly and now the bug happens again
Bill YT
Bill YT 3 aylar önce
@Rushia's Apostle[1st Apostle of the twelve ] if it's a bug, mooton will fix it sooner or later
Bill YT
Bill YT 3 aylar önce
@Rushia's Apostle[1st Apostle of the twelve ] is that a bug or feature?
Rushia's Apostle[1st Apostle of the twelve ]
Rushia's Apostle[1st Apostle of the twelve ] 3 aylar önce
Tbh as a diggie cursed helm feeder,i dont see how this makes any difference for me lol
Fah m
Fah m 3 aylar önce
Yeah. I met some diggies who just feeds the enemy and always stays in egg form and on top of that steals kills, so their price after death won't go down. And then when losing they write, “Nob team”, “Why am I even supporting this trash team” I mean they just stays in egg form, doesn't even help us with any of their skills or by annoying the enemies, after all they just die in seconds after feeding so much.
Penpen Desarapen
Penpen Desarapen 3 aylar önce
I love it. I use diggie a lot but its difficult to have him when you are left alone in the base. He cannot clear lanes fast enough for me. Especially when all the other team mates are dead. This is a breakthrough for him.
dzEDdy 3 aylar önce
finally thank you Moonton, im using this a Support. now it's Mage time
Jesu Miguel Tan
Jesu Miguel Tan 3 aylar önce
Since Diggie will be gaining stacks on the new update, moonton should add a new thing on diggie's skill or passive, like for an example each stack, the cooldown reduction of diggie's first skill will be reduced, on late game he can spam his first skill... But I think diggie's going to be too OP if that happens...
Clive W
Clive W 3 aylar önce
Yesss!! The cooldown is so long now!! I currenty use the bombs as wards and pokes. Now they are even more useless with the long cooldown.
TheUsualFag 3 aylar önce
Diggie is a very squishy hero and has no escape skill other than it's ult. Even as a semi tank(which covers that weakness) it could still deal a decent amount of damage. I just hope Moontoon doesn't nerf this damage. But most likely his ult will be nerfed....
Mariekert camilo
Mariekert camilo 3 aylar önce
Diggie in mayhem : "Unlimited stacks"
Mr. Pen
Mr. Pen 3 aylar önce
As a DIGGIE Main, this will be a sweet revenge for those who look down on this innocent looking bird.😏😏
Rayon 3 aylar önce
He deals more damage than normal he is more of a mage than a support
Reizsh Felonia
Reizsh Felonia 2 aylar önce
I was a Teemo main and I'm a big of traps.Mage Diggie is gonna fun and irritating at the same time.
wishkyle miralles
wishkyle miralles 3 aylar önce
Diggie full mage build + Dire hit is REAL
AOI 3 aylar önce
Fighting a Diggie and Nana duo would be a headache.
Drag :)
Drag :) 3 aylar önce
I played Diggie 2 months ago, and ended up with 24 matches and 72.2% Winrate lol
Hai Luoyin
Hai Luoyin 3 aylar önce
He's more like a mage than a support now
C.Vanlalhruaizeli Hruaii
C.Vanlalhruaizeli Hruaii 3 aylar önce
I don't know it's good or not about the buff but I enjoy your video a lot u are still funny always make my day ✨✌️
Anthony Barredo
Anthony Barredo 3 aylar önce
I think you need to work on your diggie. If you die during team fights don't stay with the fight. Scout for nearby enemy. If you're playing diggie you should play back line like a MM.
Burn_ Axel
Burn_ Axel 3 aylar önce
Lol diggie is actually really fun to play if you play him competitively…his ultimate can help pull off a lot of plays that can be easily countered by CC skills. In addition, no other Hero in the roster can provide vision while they are waiting to respawn, he can also prevent low HP heroes from recalling to fountain. This adjustment is super cool, hope it makes it to official server so I can diggie bomb 💣 🥚
Joshua Masarita
Joshua Masarita 3 aylar önce
Diggie & Gloo woul be a very good team up.
S4ketnu 3 aylar önce
I think Moonton just want Diggie to be more of a mage than a support.
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